Posted by: Bekah | March 12, 2010

Remember Me Friday

Dear Rob,

TODAY IS THE DAY! Are you scared? Nervous? Snervous (Scared AND nervous?) Well don’t be. You’re gonna do fine. I’m gonna swoon over your sexy scenes and cry over the ending, even though I have no idea why. So just sit back, relax & enjoy this RobPorn I’ve prepared for you and everyone else excited that today is FINALLY Remember Me Friday!

After the jump, continue the Remember Me excitement with MORE RobPorn courtesy of amazing RobPorn maker, JodieO

See you in the shower. I’ll bring the spaghetti!


Who is excited!? Are you seeing the movie tonight!? Me & a bunch of gals are grabbing dinner (I’ll probably order spaghetti- or dessert first) and then hitting the late show. I can’t wait!!!!

Think there’s gonna be a line? Grab ticket in advance just in case!

Anndddddd don’t forget to participate in “Remember Me Saturday” this weekend! Who is going again Saturday!? Check out the Remember Me Saturday website for more details

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  1. I haven’t read the post yet, but I had to say: I almost had a panic attack this morning!!!
    I checked at 8 – no post!
    I checked at 8:15 – no post
    I checked every 5 mins ’till now and … Phew!
    I had no idea I was so addicted to this site.

    • Jules…you toooooo…they are going to kill us…Oh I’m gonna die….

    • LOL Jules, I did the same, only a few more times than that…..*blushes

      • My God, Misty, I literally freaked!! I was like “is Moon & UC okay?”
        Then I headed over to LTT to check and there was a new post, that only freaked me out further, cuz then I knew they were okay but still no post!
        I feel like a crack ho or smth.

        • Are we all doing the same things at the same time???!!! Girls…he DID pull a spell on us…and these LTR girls bewitched us…I need a preast!

          • LOL @ Melronin. We’re done for.

        • OMG I thought the same thing…I hope they are ok, what if something happened to MOON how would UC know??? They live on oppsoties sides of the country….then I started feeling REALLY guilty and terrible: do I only care b/c I need to get my Rob fix in for the day…where else am I going to get it AND my LTR girls?!? PLease UC and MOON don’t let ANYTHING every happen and don’t swtich teams…Team Rob forever!!!

          I heart EVERYONE’s like valentine’s day today on this RM Friday.

          • hahaha…… believe me.. I DO Think about that… How would I find out if something happened to Moon? I don’t have her roommates phone #s.. but I do have her parents house #. so I think I’d start there! Plus we have a ton of mutual friends in LA (and by a ton I think I mean 2)

        • I clearly don’t know my grammar, ARE Moon and UC okay? Told you I was freaked out!

          • we’re fine!
            we’re just idiots sometimes

          • Oh, I finally realised that. Thank God!
            I was just correcting my grammar fail from up above

      • Me too!!!!!! Early times at work are so boring with out Moon and UC!!

    • withdrawal symptoms for several minutes! thank you UC and Moon!

      • Ha! Drsaka, hope you’re doing better now after RM porn. I loovvvvvve the last pic! Rob singing, oh my…

        • yes, all the pics helped!

      • Hi Drsaka!!!!

        • Hi SB!

          • dang guys im gonna need to hand out some xanax next time! we’ve had some mess ups with the scheduling function on the blog this week but all is fine!! we’re ok!!

            if we’re ever jacked up we’ll send out an SOS via twitter, the forum or someone we know. so no worries!!

            now let’s look at that robporn again!

  2. UC my dearest…you almost gave me a heartattack. First time I could get to you so soon…and there was nothing???
    Thank God…you saved my day!!! I will get to you as soon as I check out the “letter”

    Come on little Suzies…wake up…IT’S HIS BIG DAY!!!

    • UC what have you done to me??? I can’t stay away from you one lousy day…shit my condition is worse then I thought…woman you are sooooo gonna kill me with your posts, and I won’t even seeeeeee the movie… OMG…guys I’m not feeling ok…send a doctor.

  3. You know RM doesn’t come out her in the UK for another couple of weeks. I think. I’m not totally sure of the date. Badfan. It’s like Eclipse not being out here until 9th July. But it’s OK, it’s not like the main character is really English or anything. Oh, wait… Anyone in London want to go find out if Summit has an office here and ‘pay them a visit?’

    • OK I knew RM wasn’t out in the UK for another few weeks (my inner rob-geek tells me 2nd April) but Eclipse is 9th July?! What the?!?

      If I leave now I can meet you in an hour, let’s go kick some Summit butt. I’ve already booked 1st July off work!!

      • I just checked IMDB – definitely 9th July release for Eclipse and 2nd April for Remember Me in the UK. They have a list of release dates on there for all the countries if other want to check.

        Seriously, I’m going to have to not read LTT/LTR from the minute Eclipse is released in the US until the moment I see it. That’s a WHOLE WEEK AND A HALF! Does Summit have any idea what that will do to me?! Seriosly, the more I think about it the more pissed I get!

        • I can’t believe they aren’t doing a simultaneous release, what is this, 1994?

          I may or may not have flown 10,000 miles to see New Moon a couple of days early, not sure my Rob-fun will stretch that far this time.

          Any UK peeps fancy a road trip to Portugal on 30th?! Italy might be nice in June…

    • RM coming in France an effing MONTH later, had the ridiculous curiosity to check other European countries, eastern has it NOW!!! Summit FAIL!!! Might as well do a short trip to a decent close country who watches RM with the rest of the world.
      Don’t think Summit exists in London (they were a small studio I think at the beginning) but look for the movies’ UK distributor, in France is the same for Twi and RM.

      • Where did you check it, MP? I was going to see it in Netherlands, but they moved the premiere date. I also googled romanian, russian and polish cinema listings, but nothing. (although on remembermefilm page/unofficial those dates still stand) It looks like Europe is considered secondary again.

        • All the Eclipse release dates are here:


        • and that’s RM

          But better check before you book your train/flight. where are you from?

          • Thanks, but most of those dates are wrong. I checked actual cinema listings in most of the countries. Greece is my only hope now and since I have weekend of I might as well go there.
            I’m from Slovenia, that’s south of Austria and east of Italy and our release date is april 15 and it looks like I’ll go to see Rob speak italian or german next week…I hate it, but can’t wait another month. I’ve read the script so even if I don’t understand every word, I have to see the pretty

          • MP! Is the releasesdate in France April 8??? Same as in Belgium. We have to week 3 weeks here, April 1. Come on over to A’dam, we’d have a Robparty and eat some junkfood out of the wall! 😉
            (imagine that, hahaha)

          • Jellybean, Romania is tomorrow, there are recent posters with the date. And Eastern countries have the decency not to dub. All of the sudden I feel like visiting Bucarest. Otherwise I think in big cities you can find the original version in every country(???), except later. *fu(k*

            Cath haha Robparty in Amsterdam with the food from the wall sounds great. Although a preview in Bucarest or Budapest (let’s say a certain week) could also be nice.


            You’re right! I couldn’t find it yesterday. I think I was on the same page yesterday, but RM was not there. Maybe it was another movie theatre. I wouldn’t know, since I don’t speak romanian at all.

          • You found it. Must say I’m impressed. And did you see that if you click on the movie and scroll down and can see the other cinemas. So are you really going?

          • MP; Budapest during a certain week sounds verrrrry tempting…
            To hell with the food in the wall…haha…

          • No, I’m not going this weekend. The airline ticket+taxes is almost 600 euros and that’s just to much. (The hotels are cheap, they start around 50 for 4 stars, centrally located.) As an airport employee I could get discounted stand by tickets, but I can’t pick them up during weekend. I just called and they said NO. I’ll try next week, as soon as I have a day and a half off. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I decide.
            Now I wish I didn’t spend all morning sleeping and googled some more instead.
            And since I live around 4hrs drive from Budapest, a friend&I plan to go hang around movie set if we find out when and where exactly. See you there then?? 😉

          • I’ve been to Bucarest and i’d say 4 stars are more around 200 but anyhoo that’s not the point since the trip to the movies is so expensive. So Budapest why not, but I’m all for London trips!!!!!!! the more the better. Because I think chances to run into drunk friendly Rob are waaay bigger than for Budapest where he’ll probably go wisely out for dinner with the cast. so lemme know about your plans.

          • Drunk Rob AND London are driving me crazy MP. Crazy, I tell you.
            Images of it are haunting my dreams, haha. Beanies and Heines everywhere. (And TomStu in a duck sweater…) 😉

          • so let’s go crazy together in london!!!

            TomStu if you’re lurking, please bring on the ducks on drunk nights out for me and Cath. Oh yeah, don’t forget Rob also. I’m sure he’s the kind to get lost in his own city.

          • go for it, MP and Cath!!!!!!

      • Hi, everybody. I’m lurking this site for two months. and now I can’t stand, must speak.
        It’s so sad to said, but Hungary almost in Eastern Europe, and here isn’t RM until 6th may. And I’m sick of it. Shame on all the film-moguls in my country. Maybe I’ll go to Wien, there will be RM on 25th march. Why oh why they do it with me ????

        • oh NO!!!! that is the WORST news!!!!!!!!!!!

        • On the other side, HHH will grace your country with his presence. What else would you like? Rob in person AND RM premiere. That’s just too much for one country. And of course I’m kidding!

        • HI twmmy! welcome out of lurking!!

          also european gals can i come visit?! i want to see rob in another country than my own!!

          • Sure, come on over Moon! Rob and Amsterdam and a tour of the Heine brewery. Woot!

          • You’re welcome, but I might have to kidnap Rob first. He doesn’t usually lurk around my place…unfortunately. 😦

          • yeah, come on, even though Rob doesn’t hang out around here either. Bad Rob!

          • you’re welcome! just come! 🙂

        • welcome, twmmy!

    • ….another 2 weeks here as well, since the Netherlands failured!!! Will never forget it, Cath, just saying, and since the male main actor is english and european, I just can’t get it!It was the same for NM, but I wasn’t that bothered like TODAY!!!

      • Hahaha, BAD RG, you’re making me cry here. 😉

        Like I ain’t suffering from it!!! Ha! I blame Rob. LOL. He should have took care us Europeans could have seen it NOW! Bloody Brits… (no offense, I love you guys, tongue in cheek here!)

        Dear Rob,

        Do something about it now. Otherwise I’ll arrange a life long Heineken ban for you. (or at least for Lent) So you pull some strings or I will…

        Desperate time, desperate measures,


      • The Netherlands failured? Damn that sucks!

    • 30 april! u no what that means?
      probably the dvd would be came out in the US on that day
      sure i would watch it on internet with a very love quality cuz there is no way i can wait 2 months
      so pls don’t complain

  4. JodieO, you’re my hero.

    Pretty sure it’s very clear that Rob’s a boob guy.
    There’s “Sat AM Delight” and “How I Fell for Rob” on Sundays, so can we have like.. RobPorn Fridays?

    • After the Details mag shoot I’ve got it in my head that Rob’s an ass man too. Just sayin’.

      • oo, good point.
        how did i forget about that?

        • blame it on the Remember Me Fever. We all know the only cure; its Kuhglockenheilung. (if you don’t know what that is, ask RobGirl)

          • robgirl – translation please 🙂

          • You had to bring up the kuhglockenheilung again, didn’t you! Ha!

          • I think it means, “well hung,” right?

            I actually have no idea, but I wanted to say well hung.

          • that’s the ONLY cure! hilar!

  5. “See you in the shower. I’ll bring the spaghetti!”

    Love all the pics, but that last line, totally killed me!!

    Doing my part by seeing it on Saturday.

    Too excited for words!!

  6. hilarious
    thanx so much
    see u in the shower lol

  7. omg omg omg::: Rob in a movie w/o “bitchface” (thanks to Tiff. for Mullsten’s new name) and he looks so adorable, notice I didn’t say adorakable…..omg, omg, omg………

    Dear Rob,
    When you hear me moan out loud in the theatre, please don’t be embarr. You should be proud to be so fuckin’ HOT!!!!! And when I cry uncontrolably at the end of Rm tonight….I know it’s just a movie… can hold me in your arms and make it better.

    • Misty…darling…can you moan and cry uncotrolably for me toooooo!!!
      UC where’s that shower… I’m comming…bringing the sauce!!!

      • lol I told my firends there is no need to be second hane embarr for me, I already am for myself…but I can’t help it I LOVE ROB!!!

        • Hunny believe me, I’m probably to old for this…I’m a grown up woman for God’s sake, I thought I had it all under controll…and then this guy showes up and all my friends think I’m gaga, they want to put me on drugs/medicin…in an asylum,
          AND I’M DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THEY THINK…so don’t be embarrased at all…enjoy every minute of it.

          • Shit…forgot the little propper english I know today…maybe I seriously need some…lovedrugs…don’t know…I need something (ahhhhhhhhh that reminds me of ComicCon08hairporn)

  8. Now…my beloved eatmyjorts…where are you precioussss
    Your thumbdown yesterday broke my heart…it was like it came straight from Aragorn. Please don’t hate me…I couldn’t hang on to Aragorn anymore hunny…I love him so much but lets face it Robert took over every single cell of my existence (and that’s something Edward wouldn’t have said better).
    You know we will find Aragorn in MiddleEarth…always… I’ll meet you there whenever you want.

    This is especially for you (and everyone who wants to escape reality for a few moments)…


    (don’t know if it works but pls type it…and watch it…it’s worth the trubble…trust me)

    • Seeing as I’m only into Rob for the eyebrows (hi Bert & Ernie *waves*) you can have him & I’ll take Aragorn off your hands…There’s no hatred here…things change, more for me, hee hee hee…

      Fantastic video…almost worth your avatar change! Scruffy Aragorn is the best.

      It’s about time I watched those movies again I think…if you’re not watching your copies much at the moment maybe you could post them to me?

  9. I bow to you, UC! You make Rob/Tyler out to be the best boyfriend ever, and I make him out to be a creepy perv. =) Maybe he’s both?

    • The best boyfriends are a little creepy (i.e. Edward).

  10. JodieO – you’re hilar, I’ve yet to recover from the valentine heart, now these! HA!

    About RM, I’m seeing it in 4 hours! I took the day off, not just for the movie (or so I’m telling myself).

    • Have fun Jules!!!(and all other LTR gals) So jealous right here, have to wait 3 weeks…Living vicariously trough all of you!

      • word. living vicariously through all of you.
        Have fun Jules.

        • oh, and the day off, of course it’s not useless, it’s for spending quality time on LTR 🙂

    • Have fun Jules!!!! ❤

      • Okay guys, I’m at the theater, in the room and there is NO ONE here yet. I get to pick the best seat and I’m only 30 mins early!
        Granted, it’s the middle of the day, so…

        • wowowoow jules have fun
          so jealous

        • hahaha love it, it’s like tweeting an important event. and it is an important event. I think I’m living the excitement through you. ANd sound a bit retarded, I know, but I can’t help it.

          • Jules didn’t make it. Too much hot shower action…
            Yoohooooo Jules dear, was it too much for you???
            Please report back, haha.

          • iPhone fail.

            Girls, I made it out alive.
            There were technical difficulties (WTF) and the movie started late.
            My hands are literally shaking as I type this (my third attempt).
            OMFG!!! Reading the script does not prepare you for the reality onscreen.
            UC hasn’t see it, so no spoilers, but all I can say is:
            I need a stiff drink and a cig (and I’m not even a smoker) to make it through the night.


            Robler <3<3

          • @ cath hahahahahaha
            @ jules wow, what why? I know, no spoilers, but just, is it because of Rob or the script?

          • Aw Jules, it obv. ran havoc on your emotions.
            Have a drink if you need it! Thanks for reporting back!

            I have a feeling I might need that too after RM. Hmmm, maybe I should pack a flask. Now off for some fun as well. No RM fun though. *Cry*

          • God, it’s everything!!!!
            It’s the script/ending
            it’s the relationships
            it’s seeing Rob in bed
            it’s seeing Rob without Edward makeup on the big screen. I saw his other movies on vid.
            It’s being in an almost empty theater WITH ROB on the screen. There is a looooooot of Rob in this movie.

            Most of all the movie tugs at your heart, and much more for us, the Robsessed.

            Never thought I’d type these words, but I can’t help it: I’m going back tomorrow, I might have missed something.

          • thanks for the report Jules!!!! ‘ll go tomorrow!

  11. I am SO glad I was not the only one having anxiety attacks becuase the post was so late!!! I thought, “OH GOD, did they forget us today??” I mean I know it’s Remember Me Friday but surely they didn’t forget us!! PHEW!!! I was THRILLED when I got the email with the latest post!! AND may I just say that OMG It was SO worth the wait. Nothing like RobPorn!!!!

    I can’t wait to see the movie Monday. ( I might get to see it tomorrow in Atlanta with my baby sisters!!! EVEN BETTER!!)

    Well, back to drooling on my laptop over the beautiful RobPorn.

    Thanks for the post!! ❤

    • You’re set for Monday too? Girl we are so lame…LOL.

  12. Hahahah! Oh, Jodie.

    I’m thrilled to see this movie tonight. It gave me an excellent excuse to have a girl’s night. And I have a feeling I will be the girl bawling my eyes out through the whole movie. Damn you, RPattz and your brooding sensitivity!!!

    • I am sure I’ll be crying too. I cry easily. I’m gonna bring a ton of tissues, I am just one hormonal girl. LOL

  13. PS: thank you Moon, UC, JodieO and all the other regular contributors for taking time from
    RL to feed my addiction.

    • you’re welcome from me, and ditto right back at ya. We’re all enablers here. Thank god.

  14. Seeing it tonight in Houston, Texas with 4 other gals!!! I hope the film does well, just for Rob’s sake. We are meeting for pre-movie drinks, then movie and then post-movie drinks….do you get the visual?!

    I’m going in a virgin on this one and hopefully coming out as a woman 🙂


    • You can bet on it Cazza…it’s impossible to stay a virgin after watching Robert…well do his thing…remember to pay attention to the perfection of his whispering sex voice…you’ll tell me tomorrow…at what point exactly you became a woman!

      • I think I “became a woman” after looking at your avatar, melronin. That is one hot pic of Rob!

        • Love you….yeah…him in a black tee…looking soooo trubled…he sooo needs me. Took a hell of a man though to make me send Aragorn to Middle Earth…

          • It’s okay…I was there waiting for him. I’ll keep him warm 🙂

    • Cazza, I’m guessing your first time will be gooood!

    • cazza, I think you’ve prepared yourself well for your first time….and if it doesn’t will be good, it’s just HIS fault! lol

  15. It’s finally here! I’m seeing it in 4 1/2 hours (and then again…right after. Have my ticket for the second showing in 7 hours). Seeing it with DH on Saturday and with my daughter on Monday. Can you say Robsessed? I can and I DON’T want any 12 step program to get over it!!

  16. i loove the 2nd one. not because of the kid – the jaw. that jaw porn is just … wowzas awesome.

  17. SORRY EVERYONE! I had the post scheduled for 9:28 pm TONIGHT.

    I FAIL at blogging. this is the 2nd time this week we’ve done this (Moon was the 1st time!)

    so… I posted this WHILE driving. NOT SAFE

    Don’t worry- I pulled over.

    • Really?! That IS commitment! What great dealers, I mean bloggers. 🙂

      • LOL Katie S…dealers…that’s the right word…UC pleasepleaseplease don’t make us go find our shots somewhere else…I was so in the middle of a stroke that I actually thought to post a comment in a Taylorteamrelatedblogg…didn’t do it…didn’t do it…
        You have to save me from myself girls…

    • that’s comittment indeed! maybe it’s the pre ROb Me excitement, I’m preparing myself to a lot of other “fails” after you’ve seen it, but it will totally be understandable.

    • and I love you for your dedication and LTR is my addiction, and that’s sometimes not safe at all, as I commented various time while driving as well!

      Have FUN tonite!

    • Thanks UC for driving safe and remembering us on RM Friday too!!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, but please drive safely! We value you!

  18. No anxiety attack on my part UC, though I got here unusually early, ’cause you gotta respect a woman’s right to have a sleep-in once in a while if she wants to, right?

    Hilarious captions, as usual – and so true to form. You really live inside Rob’s brain, don’t you? Love him with Ruby – those were the best pictures from RM and I really want to see those scenes.

    Am I excited? YES! Do I have trepidations about what I am about to experience? Definitely. But here goes anyway.

  19. also . CRAP: I wanted to do a brill Post about RM on Monday.. but if only the US is seeing it this weekend… that will leave so many ppl out….

    Let’s do a spontaneous vote. Thumbs UP if we should talk about it on Monday or next week (and put SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t yet seen)
    Thumbs DOWN if we should wait for a few weeks (when the US may not care anymore)

    Ugh. the hard life of a blogger…:)

    • Well, I’m u decided about a RM post.I don’t want to ruin it for Cath, Mine!, Minuit, RG and others but I also want to talk about it when it’s fresh in my mind.

      I’m good either way, if you choose to wait, I’ll just see it again in 3 weeks and talk about it then.

      • Jules,
        You are the nicest person and I don’t want to ruin it for Robgirl, minuit, Cath, Mine, jellybeanrainbow…I hope I didn’t miss anyone I ❤ u!

        I'm with you on this, I'll see the movie in 3 weeks or whenever.


        • LOVE YOU BACK!
          and I don’t care, I like to be “informed” about Rob and RM!

          thanks Jules, you are very nice!

          • LOL @ RG and ML – UC is the nice one for giving us a choice and running this fab blog for us.

            ❤ you guys too!

      • I don’t really want spoilers but I don’t mind if y’all talk about it here. I prolly won’t see it til Monday night or Tues morning. I’ll just avoid coming here til then I guess. I know that’s lame right…I’m in the USA and I am waiting til Monday. Such is a life of a young mother with no help around her. 😦

    • If you come up with a 10000 thumbsup it probbably will be me. REMEMBER ME??? I WILL NOT SEE THIS MOVIE FOR HOW LONG I DON’T KNOW…SO I NEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD YOU GUYS TO FEED ME WITH INFO!!!!

      • M, aren’t you living in Greece? And if yes, what world are you exactely living in 🙂 ? Checked imdb earlier, it’s out in Gr. today I think.

    • I don’t care about movie spoilers and I spoil myself with anything I can outside the movies world. And i like my desert first. So if you have to do it, do it, you’ll have fun and I’ll probably just call someone at the distributor’s to tell them how lame they are, need to spill my frustration somehow. But that’s only me, don’t want to ruin it for the other RM virgins either.

    • I have to wait until April 7th anyway, just go ahead! 😉

      • I’m sorry, Alice.

        • haha, the way you said it, like someone has died. you’re right, this is tweed serious. i’m laughing at me and at everybody who’s now suffering and complaining about the RM Europe fail!

    • I don’t care about spoilers as well, I read the script, I saw all trailers and the scenes behind the camera about shooting it (30min?) and what else can I say……I will enjoy the film although I feel I’ve already seen it, and… minuit said , “I want my dessert first” as well!
      So thumbs up for spoiling ALL 🙂

      • I always read things ahead of time too. I’ve been known to peek at the end of a book or two I my time. I have a wee problem with delayed gratification. If the regulars have no problems with the spoilers, then post away!!!

        • haha, that’s why I never read thriller-books, I read the first and the last page, that’s it…….as I said, I’m a weird girl!

    • Post away – I’m a total spoiler whore when it comes to anything Twi but I’m determined to keep my RM V-plates.

      Just make sure there are big BIG F-off spoiler alerts, pretty please x

    • Awwww UC, you guys are the sweetest!!! But like all other EuroRobs
      here; you should have your fun when RM is fresh in your mind (and heart) We can take it, maybe do another RM post at the beginning of April, when France/ Belgium/Netherlands/UK and Germany have been incl. in the RM fun too!
      Maybe we could do a combined letter of us Euro’s fangirling about RM!
      Your concern is so touching. Heart you all!!!

      • I shall refer to myself as an EuroRob. Sounds like something fancy.

        • It does, doesn’t it? Didn’t even realise that. EuroRobs we are!

      • May I change my name in “Eurorobgirl” or “spoileryesrobgirl” or “ltrrobgirl”?
        I cannot even type that properly……but like AliceNaA said…EuroRob sounds really FANCY!!!! love that!

        • Please feel free EuroRobgirl86…;-)

    • OMG you HAVE to talk about it on Monday! I don’t mind if you do, I’ll just skip that post. Go for it! I wouldn’t want to be the reason you all held back! Touched by your concern though! x x x x

    • It opens here in Scandinavia on the 12th of March. Got back from seeing it last night, too overwhelmed to come in here and talk about it, but by Monday I will have gained perspective and will be DYING for a break-it-down session. Pleeaase?

  20. UC… atleast you know you have addicts 🙂 hehe.. I checked LTR like 15 times before you posted.. and then like 10 times since. I am SUPPOSED to be working.. but bah! who can do that with a new dose of Robgasms on the way???

    I can’t even go tonight (I am not taking a 4 year old, and there is no one to watch her..) but I am buying a ticket for tonight so I can help with the opening weekend sales. Your Welcome Rob. hehehe

  21. I am on countdown – going to the 4:10 show (less than 7 hours – *squeee).

    Here’s a little b/w Tybert to get us prepped:


    • He just does NOT play fair with those eyes…

      • not even a little bit fair

    • This one is better, from the same person….

      Umm..I have to excuse myself…. =)

      • OMGOMGOMG…what????? Seriously this is going to haunt me bigtime for a very long time…

        • I know! That makes two of us….
          *hides face in shame*

      • OMG! I was not prepared for that!!!! I need a cold shower, a cold drink!!!! OMG.

        Excuse me, I have to go now!

      • Woah! That photo should probably come with a warning… good lord.

  22. I am sooooo going to fire myself…shit…I have to go earn my food again…I’m always loosing your bests….goooddd
    I will try to check on you after work again…I’m guessing we will be a lot fewer this evening…have fun girls…have a lot of robgasmssss for all of us poor notseeingRMtonight.

  23. Robporn days are the best on LTR! LOVE.THEM.ALL.

  24. I am showing this post to my hubs. He is always telling me that Rob is gay, so here is proof that he is sooo a “boob” man. I love that he is checking out Emilie and she really has no boobs to look at, there is hope for me yet!

    Love the post UC, even if it was late!! 🙂

    Great Robporn JodieO. I vote yes for Robporn Fridays!

    • Hey girl, I’ll show this to DH too. He also says that Rob is gay….LOL. So not true!

      So yeah thanks, there’s hope for me too, I don’t have much to show for either!

      When are you gonna see RM? I hope you get someone to watch the kids so you can have some alone time with Rob! I was planning on Monday but something came up, but we’ll see, I may still be able to go this weekend.

      • Hey lady, I just replied to one of your other comments cause I was wondering how you are doing! I am hoping to go to RM sometime this week. It is spring break for us so I have all the kids home all day (please pray for me) :). My 20 year old neice is coming to town, so I was hoping to talk her into going with me. I am not sure if she is a Rob fan or not, but the chances are good with a 20 year old right!? I hope you find a babysitter! You need some alone time with Rob too. I will share him this one time because I am so nice!!

        • Hey shortie bestie! Yay spring break! What about us, don’t we get a break? lol. I hope your niece goes with you, that’ll be fun. You’re so nice for wanting to share Rob w/ me. Btw, can I get your email? I think you have a different name in the forum right but I can’t remember now. Please PM me there your email address so we can keep in touch.


  25. JodieO – Love your captions! You always crack me up.

    (I also thought Rob was trying to look down Emilie shirt when I saw those pictures. Such a perv!)

    • Awww, look at how he was looking at Emilie, he loves her. They’re soulmates!!

      • Jules, LOL. Kristen will not be happy if that happened :-).

        • It’s just funny to me because whenever there is a pic of Rob looking at Kristen the way he’s looking at Emilie in those pics, you hear all the responses such as the one made.

        • Ok people. It’s also funny that someone thumbs me down for something so insignificant! FTR I don’t hate Kristen. I like her, I like Emilie too. I was just joking….geez chillax.

  26. Funny Rob Porn makes my heart swell.

    Aw hell I am so ready to see that movie and see some Rob sexin’!

    Target is so going to run out of batteries. TeeHee.

  27. Everybody sounds so excited today and I’m happy for all you girls, to watch RM tonite!

    I’m expecting that everybody here will LOVE the film and ROB!
    I had 5 quite happy 5 minutes here this week, hoping that the famous dumpster line was getting shorter and I’ve a feeling that after tonite this line will be soooo much longer to be wrapped around the equator TWICE!

    So, go out , have tons of fun and make sure that you’ll sport a 1st,2nd or 3rd embarrassing behaviour, just as you LIKE!

    I promise, I’ll be proud of you! 🙂

  28. JodieO – your captions are priceless. Thx so much!!

    Now a roba-a-sophiclal question:

    If Rob is as big a fan of the tatas as he appears to be, why in the world would he date a flat chested girl when he could “lit-trally” have any girl on the planet?

    Riddle me that batman.

    • As a Nonsten, I have often asked that very question. ;P

      • It’s because he’s never clapped eyes on my bodacious tatas.

  29. Go! Go se RM right NOW! Saw it last night. Sooo good!!

    • Ah! Important question: Should I bring tissues?

      • yes

      • Depends on your normal level of waterworks, but I’d say yes!

        • Oh god, I’m so screwed. (twss)

    • you are the first LTR gal eva to have seen it (it’s like the first man walking on the moon) and you just drop it like that??? I am so moved, it’s a historical moment!

      • just realised moon has seen a test version. moon, you are my idol! and how did you landed straight in the panel?

      • Is there a prize invloved? I like things.

        • haha You’ll have to ask Rob. I hear he’s giving away his Tyler stuff, but you never know when he wants to break up with the jitterbug.

      • a few of us saw it at the premiere on march 1st – does that not count for first LTR viewing?

        • Oh that counts double. I think I missed some things here. You mean you saw the movie in the same room with HHH ???

    • You already saw it last night? It was showing already in TN?

      • Advanced Screening. 😉

  30. Dear Ron,
    I was reading FF, MOTU’s update to be exact, on my iphone this morning on the train. I never look up from my phone. Why should I? The goods are in the palm of my hand.

    My nosed itched so I looked up to scratch when I saw your face on a metro newspaper. My eyes widened. You were in my palm and then you were in front of me. Weirrrrd.

    I wanted a metro IMMEDIATELY and regretted declining one like I always do! There is trash all over the floor on the train so I thought someone, anyone might’ve dropped a copy on the ground. I look down and there you are…looking up at me from the cover. (not your best pic btw, but that’s ok. ILU anyway.)

    After I toed you with my boot to grab you, careful not to step on your face, I finally had your 2D dirty face in my hands.

    I can’t wait for the ‘sweaty and hot secksy scene’ as the journalist described it. ‘It wasn’t so bad,’ she said. But really, she’s just a bitch. Nevermind her. Any movie is brilliant with your nekkid bum, bra covered junk on a big screen.

    Thanks for making my morning a mini adventure. ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’. 😉

    LadyN on the Redline train.

    • That’s the best review I’ve read so far.

    • excellent effort LadyN and a good payoff!

    • sounds so good for a morning trip on the metro.

    • I just saw the Metro- hahaha not the best pic ever of Rob, but nice to see his face in an unexpected location!

  31. My favorite line in an RM review today is:

    A more “adult” romantic melodrama that pushes the boundaries of how sexual you can get without earning an R-rating.

    yes, please.


    • thats how ‘deep’ the lemon is?!?!

      oh my… extra pair of panties it is then!

    • YES! PLEASE!!!!!!! ❤

    • When I was looking at showtimes online for RM, I saw it said it’s PG-13. I thought this was an R-rated movie???

      • I wish it was “R” SB.

  32. Thanks for the fabulous Robporn, JodieO. You’re lit’rally a genius!

    I’m sneaking off in about an hour or so to catch the very first showing of the morning (11:15) just because it’s the only time I can go by myself without anyone else taking note of my Robsession, not because I’m that dedicated of a fan. And to give myself a birthday treat! I’ll be back to give my impression by the afternoon. See ya later!

    • Happy Birthday TOO! and…I’m waiting for you!<3

    • T.O.O.,
      Happy Birthday, Honey.
      p.s. please let me know how you like RM

    • Happy Sparkling Birthday TOO!!!
      And you spend it with Rob in the dark! I’m sure he’ll come! For you!
      sorry I just couldn’t resist the 14 yo joke

    • Happy Birthday honey! Enjoy your day!

    • I’m back! And thank you so much for the B-day wishes, y’all are so sweet, and it was great spending it in the dark with Rob, for sure!

      OK, no spoilers: I loved this movie! A movie with Rob in every scene, practically. I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t cringe in second-hand embarrassment at his actiing, in his first “real” movie, but I need not have worried. He’s great! He’s humorous, he’s angry, he’s brooding, he’s lustful and sexy (!!), he’s sweet, he tries and fails to cook and wash dishes. What more could you want? Hotness? So hot!
      If anyone was thinking they didn’t need to see it, they’re wrong!
      If you have avoided spoilers, continue avoiding them.
      That’s my first impression.

      • Thanks TOO for the report.
        I was also afraid for the acting after seeing the trailer. But I trust your appreciation and Jules’ and I’ll consider any bad critique just being written by a bold fat jelous guy.
        Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

        • Thanks again, minuit. And yes, the bad critiques will all be from bald fat jealous guys, and maybe they can complain about the plot or the pacing, but Rob is great, and the movie is not a trite romance at all!

          • Completeley agree with you, T.O.O.

      • happy Bday TOO
        u’re a lucky gal but u deserve it

        • Thanks, che. Your time will come, just hold on and don’t look at spoilers!

      • T.O.O.
        I trust you implicitly…


        • Thanks, ML. I sort of feel like breathing a big sigh of relief: Rob can carry a whole movie himself, and we can look forward to some really great things in his future! So I trust HIM implicitly now!

      • I agree with everything you said, TOO and happy bday!

        • Thanks, Jules!

      • TOO thanks for the report and Happy Birthday!!!!

        • Thanks, drsaka!

      • Thanks for the report!!!! That’s awesome you got to see it. I’m so jealous! Are you gonna see it again?

  33. Work is seriously cutting into my LTR time…..

    I’m going to be seeing RM in 6 hours! Gah! Can’t wait. And what is all this talk of crying? Am I going to be crying about Rob? NO! NO! NO!

    Love the Robporn. I like the ones with Emilie at the premier- HaHa!

  34. Bought my ticket yesterday and was surprised to see that there were some midnight showings available in SF last night – didn’t know that was going to happen. I feel like a bad fan for waiting until this morning, but a jobless girl has to budget. Seeing it in an hour! 🙂

    • You didn’t go to the 11:15 at the Metreon, by any chance?

      • Daly City is closer for me, so I went there at 10:50 today. However, had I known that a reader of LTR/LTT would have been at the Metreon this morning, I would have totes gone there instead.

        • Next time, maybe?
          I was looking surreptitiously at the people in the audience, wondering, is that an LTR-er? Who else would be there on a rainy morning!

          • I saw it today at Bay Street in Emeryville — left work early with “a migraine” to do so — it was SOOOO WORTH IT!

  35. Where is Bobbygee? Someone go comment some weird crap on his blog to make him come back! And by someone I obviously mean anyone but me.

    • Alice, he’s surely at the theatre now attending RM with some popcorn in his hand!
      You know, we made him LOVE that guy! lol

  36. Seems we are lucky in Luxembourg, we have a special Ladies Night in one of our main cinemas here on tuesday 16. for Remember Me, thoughtful isnt’it?
    Already got my tickets for my girlsgroup .

  37. hahah “Mr.Sparkel”Love it(:

  38. Is anybody still out there or are you all of for RM???
    MP…cherie… I live in a little city very far away from Athens…we have one lousy cinema here and it certainly does not play RM today…that’s the worls I’m living in.

    Where is my fellowelf today???
    RG…you rock with your comments girl!!!

    • Is Jules going to comment/report directly from cinema???

    • oh sorry about that *in a sad sad voice* I understand your pain.

    • thanks schätzchen, das ist lieb von dir! A small place far away from Athen? I understand your pain as well, come back to Berlin girl!

      • Would so much love to go back to Berlin…am afraid that’s impossible…I’ll just have to wait for a chance to go to Athens for a weekend and then I will have my chance with Robert…Greece ia mainly about Athens guys…only if one of you lives in a small city where really nothing ever happens can feel my dispare… Thanks for the support though…means a lot…

        • I’m glad that you found us girls here at LTR! ❤

  39. MoTU has been updated…chap 74 is out

  40. Dear Rob

    I guess I’m a little to late for anightchat with my girls. So that leaves just me and you…that’s totally fine by me. The line is soooo short this time of the day and I have you all by myself…ahhhh…I make it up to you hunny. Well as you see I am one of the few who can’t see your beloved RM today…that’s fine…I’ll keep you company since you said it makes you sick watching yourself on screen…I don’t want you to get a panicattack again!
    Don’t worry baby, you can count on all of us, twilighters or robsessed, we all adore you and will support whatever work you’ll do…now since we are alone let’s get busy…

    • let’s get busy…lol
      know what?
      I think your avatar and my pic will make an awesome couple!

      • Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Schatzi…you look gorgeous…down with Robsten and Robler…
        It’s time for Robgirl…

        • thanks for your selfless support on a sad RM-not-for-us evening like that! Rob & Mel doesn’t sound bad as well 🙂

      • Robgirl,
        Your avatars do look great together.


  41. I just saw Remember Me and WOW. Just, wow.

    • Plssssssssssssssssss tell me something…anything…how was it, how was he??? PLSSSSS.

    • no spoilers please!!! I have gone THIS far and am only a few hours away!

      • Why didn’t you see it last Monday UC?

  42. Is my fellowelf still giving me the thumbsdown…I live in hell here sister not being able to participate in RMSat…or RManything…and you are breaking my heart about Aragorn??? Achhhhhhhhhhh please tell me you will forgive me!!!

    • LMAO.

      • SB…I’m afraid I will make a fool out of myself but this is the first time in my life I do this commentthing…so (pls don’t you all laugh) I don’t know what LMAO means…

        • Haha, sorry. LMAO means laughing my ass off.

          • OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Okkkk….love you

          • Btw is that Rob on your avatar?


    • Hands Melronin a paper bag…breathe…breathe…I’m here now (see above)….just busy at work…I now consider that you have handed the REAL Precious over to ma for safe keeping. I’m just making him some nice Kingly Jorts…

      • Ma? ME! Damn you Freud. *shakes fist*

  43. Thank you for all the lovely robporn!!! That made me smile to see him checking out Emilie’s boobage!!!! LOL.

    I had planned on seeing RM on Monday but something came up, I think I may still be able to watch it. I’m hoping, really hoping!!! But I don’t want spoilers either.

    • Hope you’ll be able to catch Rob this weekend SB! Catching Rob, sounds like fun, haha!

      • Hey thanks, it all depends on if I can find someone to babysit. I hope.

        • Hey shortie bestie! I hope you can find a babysitter! The joys of motherhood. Hey just make the hubs stay home and find some cool chicas to go with you!

          • Hey shorties bestie! Hubby is staying home w her either on Mon or Tuesday and my 2 GF can’t go that day but I will probably go with them some other time! My one friend even talked to my husband, she said she needs me and that DH and her DH should go on a “date” and take all the children with them!

      • He’s contagious.

        Please breath on me, Rob.

        That is all.

        • Hahaha!!
          ML, you’re too much!
          I’m on such a Robhigh right now, it’s pathetic.

        • hey 2 of u i haven’t read other comments yet so did u see it?
          pls pls pls tell something

          • I haven’t seen it…but will in 2 hours, Che…Jules saw it and so did T.O.O…see her comments somewhere near the bottom of this page.

            love you all,

  44. Guys I just asked How was it and How was he…there are no spoilers hidden in answers for that…I just want him sooo much to be good/perfect/wonderful/amazing…that’s all I asked for…

    • melronin….Rob is wonderful, good, not perfect but amazing and BEAUTIFUL !!!

      P.S. I didn’ t see the film! 🙂

  45. Do y’all realize that Rob’s touching Emilie’s boobs in the shower pic above? Squee….check it out!

    Sorry, I’m such a perv but it’s the 1st thing I noticed. Hmm, I wonder why I noticed that?

    • Imagine the full potential of those fingers….mmm..

      • Oh yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss…I am so going to pay for this…this is gonna cost me…I will say his name out loud in my sleep and then… jealousgreekman will leave me…those fingers are gonna kill me…

        • This is normal right?

        • LOL, poorjealousgreekman….I should say the same for my SO.

          Yes btw totes normal! Omgosh especially after that R-rated pic above!!!!

  46. James Bond-cool you gotta love it Pierce Bronsan. I hope Rob doesn’t stink the joint out. Good cast lets see

    • There you are! No, he doesn’t stink the joint out, FYI.

  47. I went, I saw, I liked it–I really, really liked it! Be sure to take some tissues. It was so good to see Rob expanding his talent….

    Nice RobPorn. He just can’t help his roving eyes. Gay? Pishhh!!!

  48. Guys…need to say something, don’t want to sound too melodramatic…I grew up in Berlin (huge city) had to move back to Greece (little shitty city) felt for a long time like drowning in this great hole of nothing…you opened the world to me…thanks so much…
    UC and MOON…you should know that your blogg is much more then a meetingpoint for the Robsessed…it’s a healingplace…it’s therapy…
    love you all

    • amen.. this place is the first place I go when I turn on my computer in the morning.. wish we could all meet up in RL for coffee once a week! They’d kick all us pervs out of the coffeeshop! lol

      but its nice to have a place to meet people, and we all have atleast one thing in common..

      • We kinda are meeting up for coffee, since we probably all have a coffee in hand when booting up LTR in the morning. It’s a virtual coffee house, full of snickering ladies perving out together over a guy.

  49. Just got back home after watching Remember Me – loved it. Go see it ASAP people. Go NOW!

  50. My contribution to the Remember Me weekend?
    Taking a complete Twilight/Rob-virgin (gasp! Ikr?), 5 friends and my mum plus 3 siblings to watch Remember me first on the 24th (release date in Germany) then on Friday and Sunday!
    See the (spoiler free) reasons to watch Remember me. (you can also use them to convince somebody to go with you)

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