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I watch the Eclipse teaser clip… a bunch of times

Dear Rob,

When I heard there would be a 10 second teaser clip for the Eclipse trailer I was excited and a little confuzzeled. I mean why is there a teaser clip for a trailer? Isn’t that the purpose of a trailer to be a teaser for the movie? But I wasn’t about to ask questions. We’ve had about zero exclusives from Eclipse so I was glad to take anything I was given. Beggars can’t be choosers after all, right?

I was hoping for some sort of awesome montage or something to really show us the crazy awesome intense-ness (cause that’s a word) that is Eclipse. It seems as though I was forgetting it was only TEN seconds. As in TEN, the small little number ten. So in my infinite wisdom since I hadn’t seen it all day I told UC I would record my reaction and show you all… here’s me and the 10 second teaser clip for Eclipse

please love my hipster glasses with me

Yea that was it, ten seconds. I don’t know what I was expecting maybe a crazy red tinted action sequence where someone gets their head ripped off while newborn baby vampire’s wail in the background? Well if that’s the case, my expectations were a big FAT fail.

You looks good though Rob, all 2 seconds I saw you. I was too busy being distracted by Taylor’s fake beer gut and the khaki korts. Also did Taylor get a majority (of the 10 seconds) of the dialogue and Kristen got NONE? Hmmmm the trailer is already divided Team Edward and Team Jacob.

And now the real trailer will be out today? What was the teaser for again?

One more time!

What did you think? Was it a big ol 10 seconds worth of box tease? Will I need to do this all over again with the REAL trailer? Say no. How should I hang those windows behind me? Does Jacob look a little stubby?

After the jump, oh yes- it’s TIME… the REAL DEAL. THE REAL TRAILER:

Are you still going to see Remember Me to see this on the big screen? I WILL!!

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  1. My favorite part of the trailer was the gratuitous shirtless shot of Jacob standing on the mountain. I had The Sound of Music flashbacks.

    We were discussing on the forum yesterday, why didn’t we get a gratuitous sparklepeen shot?

    Can I just say (without being “thumbs downed”), I am kind of tired of seeing Taycob shirtless? Yes, you have a great body. Yes, we know you worked hard to keep the part of Jacob. Now can you please put a damn shirt on!!

    • Poor guy, I bet you he would love nothing better than be allowed to keep his shirt on…in October.
      Please notify the script writer that keeping a young guy shirtless over extended periods of time in freezing temperatures may be considered “cruel and unususal punishment” by the UN!

  2. I was expecting more (I don’t know why, because ten seconds is ten seconds) so I was very underwhelmed. But twitter went into overload and I fangirled about it nonetheless.
    I can’t wait for the ACTUAL trailer!

    • I’ll be back to fangirl harder (twss) for the full tease later…

    • I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed??

      Sorry. Had to.

      • I think you can in Europe.

        • Yay the upthumbs are BACK, had to giv’ you one for that comment Shleeeigh!

      • 2 references to 10TIHAY in the same week? I ❤ you all!

  3. they were playing just the tip with us. *sigh*

  4. Oh my God.
    I love you.
    That was hilaaaaar!
    “Is he fat there?” totally made me LOL.
    Seriously though: it was so pointless and so full of cockblock . . . or boxblock, whatevs.
    It didn’t even get me excited for the trailer.
    Which is live in 47 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

    • 30 more minutes!!!

      And yes, he kinda looks like he’s got a beer belly in that shot. Apparently forgot to contract his abs in that one.

      • ‘Does Jacob look a little stubby?’- the answer is yes!

        • small man – yes

      • 15 mins? **pant pant** give me more ROBWARD!

      • He’s been eating too much Häagen-Dazs ever since Bella turned him down.

        • HA! Oh, Alice.

    • seriously wtf?! it was a weird angle that made him look a little paunchy around the middle. how can a 6 pack simultaneously be a beer gut??

      • What? I’ve had a 6-pack and gut for YEARS!

      • Atleast he doesn’t have a keg, that would be scary.

  5. I love how you can see Jacob reflected in the the hipster glasses!

    OK – does the teaser sound like it rhymes to any one else? If you put Edward and Jacob’s dialogue together will you get a rhyming couplet? I think you will.

    • Let’s take those lines and start a sonnet!

      “I know the consequences of this choice you’re making
      I’m gonna fight for you until your heart stops beating

      Choose you must between sparkles and fur
      on the subject your boyfriend and best friend do not concur”

      Okay… I sound like a combination of Master Yoda and a 13-year old who just discovered Shakespeare.

      Whatever! Who’s with me? Add more lines!

      • Ha! So Brilliant!

        Perhaps this is a sonnet about Twilight as written by Master Yoda?

        • A sonnet by Master Yoda about Twilight would so rule… I’ll get to it immediately!

          (Job? What job? Oh, you mean that place that gives me money every month?)

      • I like your sonnet more than I like the trailer. Ed needs to lighten up.

        • I’ m afraid this will be more of “middleaged Edward looking pained with gruesome makeup and silly lines”. But it’s OK. I’ll squint at the screen and wait for leg hitch…

          • I might adopt that strategy.

          • That sounds like an excellent strategy.

          • I was happy to see Edward in a black vneck and his hair was gorge, too.


          • Time to start managing expectations. Again.

  6. moon ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3<3 ❤ ❤ ❤
    < 3 3<3< 3< u
    pls do the same thing for the trailer too
    u are so lovely
    and absolutely Taylor get the majotiry part
    plus i hate that bitch Bella so much
    it was 9 second cuz at the end they are going to kiss i guess

    • You’re in my mind che!!! Thought I was the only one that hatted Bella… (no we are not all like her…a bit retarded I mean) and I’m really sick of watching Taylor without a shirt, is this the only thing this guy has to offer???

      • While I don’t think it’s the ONLY thing, I do think it’s a hell of a thing… I think he put on even more muscle mass for this movie as in the book Jacob is still growing.

        Oh BTW…Aragorn, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

        • Ah my fellowelf…about that Aragornporn remark of yesterday…girl…been there done that…xxxxrated that’s all I can tell you. You think it’s possible to have Aragorn and Robert in the same dream…with me??? Or you could come too???
          I’ll share with you…lol!!!

          • Where might one find such wonders?

  7. 10 seconds…

    Taylor more buffed again?
    Bella has a wig!
    Edward looks good as always, grey shirt =win!
    Mountains are always there
    the sunglasses are cool

    MOON is pretty!

    • mountains are always there
      ❤ RG

      • SO, the full trailer is out! I just watched it and …only twice! 😦

        Nothing new,.. eccept Edward seems hotter, the rest…well, I’m sort of disappointed a bit, BUT perhaps it’s a good sign, who knows…
        When the NM trailer came out, I loved it and at least the film NOT so much, perhaps this time they are not giving away the best scenes in a trailer, my 2 cents!
        AND I still prefer Rachel as Victoria and I love to see Dakota again!

        • RG I saw it…eeeeeehhhh it was ok…had higher expectations…Edward is gorgeous as always…for the rest…ja…ok…I prefer Rachel too…why were the Volturi there??? Are they in the book…I remembered them showing up in BD again.

          • The Volturi were there to deal with the newborn outbreak in Seattle, just a patrol of them. But I agree, it is easy to confuse the end of Eclipse with the end of BD: Woods with a sprinkling of snow, the exakt same setting, good vampires facing the Volturi, the wolves on the scene…. Stephenie re-used her material like a good re-cycler!

        • RG:: can it even be possible for Edward to get hotter, just when you think h Rob is the hottest man walking the Earth, right?!?
          me likey for long time..>>>>>>>.is the “official” trailer for E out yet?

          • it’s out and he looks very hot…especially with the black TEE…all yummy!Don’t remember a black Tee on Edward BUT I remember well a black TEE on ROB 🙂

        • What Robgirl said, “maybe Summit isn’t giving away all the best scenes.”


          • Oh, how I hope that’s true. This is why I don’t like to watch the trailers, because I assume they’re teasing with the best bits (TWSS).

          • Summitt isn’t putting out on the first date.

      • che…what happened to your avatar from yesterday? This one is ???, why you cut off his chest and the o-face? jkjk 🙂

        • ….because we want to see his LONG legs……mmm omg I’m going to hell

          • I’ll will wait for you there…lol, love his legs!!!!

          • Oh shoot, you said “long” again. I am done for now Misty!

        • i thought u would like this more 🙂
          and yes yes yes Edward in Balck t-shirt total win
          but i’m not sure about the trailer i thought there would me more action
          still waitin’ for the tent scene
          and i want back Rachel.she was wonderfull plus her hair was the best

          • RIGHT, the new Victoria sported the second wig on set! Looks like red Shirley Temple! 😦

    • Haven’t watched the vid…to diff at work. Why is the real trailer coming out in 30mins I thought that it was going to be shown with RM film tomorrow. I’m confused, and to be honest I’m not really that bothered about it. Have had my fill of Kstew and Lautner, and from what you all are saying not much Rob in it so……..
      Did anyone read the article in Esquire? Rather good, and apparently everyone who’s worked with Kstew have said that’s she’s too stubborn, too ambitious and too sensitive…….she sounds like a barrel of laughs. Good article re. Rob, not so good re. RM! Though not really about RM which was just mentioned (said it was v. bad) in passing.

      • mine! I personally give a sh*t on reviews, I saw so many films that had eccellent critics and I was just bored and vice versa, I will love to see RM and I’m sooo p…… off that I have to wait now AND to check out where the heck I can see Rob non-dubbed!
        Look at S.Bullock, she was the best and the worse actress in just one day! wtf!

        • Agree RG – there are many good films I would have missed if I’d listened to the film critics……and some crap films I’ve seen because those self-same-critics have given them the thumbs up.

          Still the article was quite good.

          Off topic…..AC Milan got their arses kicked last night by the Mighty Reds………Am I happy……yes I am!….

          Sorry about that ladies, just wanted to share my joy with you! 🙂

          • Mine! + RG I subscribe to eberything you say and look soooo forward to RM this Friday….I can’t wait to have my ROb in a dark room again…

          • Dear Rob,

            If it doesn’t go well at showbiz, you can always have a career as sex phone operator. I can watch Eclipse with my eyes close ( ‘coz i’ve seen Kris’
            ” acting” enough for one lifetime ) and still be shivering with joy.

            Here’s hoping RM his box office,

          • Dear Rob,

            If it doesn’t go well at showbiz, you can always have a career as sex phone operator. I can watch Eclipse with my eyes close ( ‘coz i’ve seen Kris’
            “acting” enough for one lifetime ) and still be shivering with joy.

            Here’s hoping RM hits box office,

      • i guess that was the same artical who says
        ‘despite growing up in Hollywood and having acted half her life still insists on playing the outsider’ for Kstew and i couldn’t agree more

        p.s. cong. for ManU. i’m so exciting about next week for inter game and freaking out for the possible fail
        i need your opinian as a football fan pls give me hope we’re gonna win too right

      • “Stubborn, ambitious and too sensitive?” Well, that explains a lot…thanks for sharing, MINE!!!

    • this is exactly the 4 thoughts you could have had in 10 seconds.

  8. I thought this 10 seconds was a teaser for the 90 second teaser trailer for the proper length trailer. Am I wrong? Either way, I’m tired of getting jerked around by Summit. Between this and 30 different versions of the DVD I’m getting real sick of their jackassery.

    • i so agree about the dvd versions…i’m so worried about getting a version i’ll i only want to own one copy..fangirl fail?

    • Summit sucks for making so many different versions of the dvd. It’s such blatant, unapologetic GREED. The sad thing is, there will be plenty of people who go for it and buy every dvd. It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      That said, I’ll be buying the Target version (even though there’s no Itunes download this time-BOO!) .

      • Bah! The itunes version was the only reason I bought the DVD to begin with!

      • There’s no download this time?! Well, that is complete fuckary.

        @Jodie, you’re so right about Summit. And yet I can’t contain my addiction. They’re the worst kind of dealer. Stop exploiting my lack of self control, Summit!

        • That’s the worst part. They know they can get away with fucking us over because we’ll still totally throw our money at them.

      • Dazzled, I pre-ordered my NM dvd from! After I saw the million versions & choices I was a bit pissed at Summit because, like you said (or someone said) it is obvious they are going to milk this for all it’s worth. I’m a bit worried that the movie Eclipse won’t live up to expectations of the book. BD, I really don’t care much about because, quite obviously, there really isn’t that much to expect. The book really did seem like it was recycled from Eclipse…or at least the ending was. I agree with something that was said yesterday or the day before (I’ve had a REALLY shitty week so haven’t really kept up…sorry) that Meyer seemed to be grasping at straws with Breaking Dawn. It’s kinda sad, because the series in general had loads of potential. I’ve read what she posted of Midnight Sun & loved it…in fact I liked it better than most of the Twilight Saga books. I figure she’ll finish it & publish it just because it’s a cash cow!! I’m a bit worried that Summit has gotten so greedy that they may even try to make a movie out of that one, too…even though it would be Twilight.

        Sorry, I got WAY off subject. The Eclipse trailer…that’s what today is about. SORRY!!! I watched it twice. Too much Jacob…too much Bella (of course ANY Stewpot is too much for me)…and not even CLOSE to enough Rob (I mean Edward!!) He does look rather Roblicious. I’m looking forward to seeing Eclipse just to see how badly they hack up the book! I swear if they screw up the scene where Jacob kisses Bella & she punches him I’m gonna Sehr verärgert (very angry). I’ll be even angrier if they leave that out all together. It’s the ONE scene I’m excited about because I want to see Edward all deadly velvet angry!!!!

        ANYWAY, Ok, I got stuff to do so I’m gonna let ya’ll comment on my rant if anyone so wishes to do so!! lol Again, sorry….just one of those days/weeks for me!! I hope that everyone sees the pic I posted & enjoys it. It certainly helped start my weekend off right!! Have a great one ya’ll!!!

    • I agree with MsLiss, ” i so agree about the dvd versions…i’m so worried about getting a version i’ll i only want to own one copy..fangirl fail?”

      I posted a comment late yesterday on LTT wondering if UC & Moon (or someone else) might do a breakdown for us to know which might be the best version to order. Damn Summit and their marketing GREED!

      • MM Twi Lex did a break donw of the diff versions but I’m Down Under so that does help me! if you’re in the US you’ll find it really helpful 🙂

        p.s. anyone reading ‘love in the ruins’? OMG its great!! 🙂

        • Thank you ML! I will check out Twi Lex and see if I can find it! 🙂

  9. Dear Rob,

    After hours of debate yesterday, we all finally came to our senses and to the conclusion that we all love you, we all are crazy about you, we all worship the ground you are walking on. Once in a while we try to cool down our obsession for you (mainly because you ignore us…yeah really) but as soon as we see a little picture of you, a little hair or hear you say a little sex word (like Bel Ami… with a French accent) it’s over. So we decided that you
    CAN HAVE US ALL…one at a time, two three or…you know Bel Amistyle…what ever you want. We come in different shapes, sizes, ages, languages…I promise you, you will not get bored with us.
    So tell us where and when and we will be there!!!

    On behalf of all LTR girls
    Yours forever

    PS. About that teasertrailer!!! Why is Taylordude more in it then you??? But I’ll take what I can get as long as you are in it.

    • AWESOME avatar!!! So now Rob is hotter than Aragon? jk 🙂

      • That thumbsdown was me. The power is back & I have (ab)used it!

        • thumbs up for using your power! lol…and ROB is HOTTER!!! 🙂

  10. i am in Australia and i’m sitting up waiting for the trailor…cos 10 secs just does not cut it!! thank god we only had to wait 24hrs. so i can break it down and therfore enjoy it on the BIG Screen @ RM on Sat.

  11. oh and whats with Jacobs cargo Steph never mentioned khaki cargo shorts..hhmm..maybe they were on Sale at walmart?..cos like it costs a lot to kit out an exploding werewolf….

    • It’s an homage to SM. She loves khaki.

      • She totally squeed when she saw Jacob in khaki jorts!

        • SMeyer has a clause in her contract that says every movie must include prominently featured khaki or the deal is off.

          • Khaki and no sex.

          • katie s, LOL “khaki and no sex!”

          • khaki=no sex
            khaki=dad pants

      • It was either that or the sleeveless white button up for Edward.

        • or the taupe sweater

          • Noooooo!!!

          • thank god we haven’t seen a suit on Robward… for a change….yet?
            no tweed..but still serious with murderous new born vamps running around town.

  12. You rule! That is all.

  13. The 10 second trailer did nothing for me. Too short. Your 3 1/2 minute movie was much, much better. And the coining of korts. Love you!

    But as for the windows in your background – I suggest that you place photos (of Rob? no – real people in your real life!) in some of the panes and use it like a super funky picture frame. My sister in law did that with Curious George cartoons for my niece’s bedroom and it looks awesome.

    Just a little random design advice. MG is more than just a horn dog for a 23 year old bi guy.

    • Milfy – owning your your horn doggedness makes me heart you so much more than I already do.

      • MG bi guy?!? I don’t know ANYTHING about this…please explain…

        • You know…
          Stu/Stew its all th esame in the dark!

    • Miffy – What/Which bi boy????!!!!!!!

      • whoops sorry I mean to type Milfy 🙂

  14. Real trailer. YAY!!! Now that is a good tease. Spoiler alert: she picks Edward.

    • Well, I guess that spoils it. Now I don’t have to see it. Right.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you spoiled it!!!! 😉

  15. OMFG!!!! squee! i’m going back to watch it again yeah Edward!

  16. That teaser told me one thing: He be knowing…stuff.
    Annnnd done.

    PFFT. Try harder Summit. Try harder.

    ps. you’re perrrrtty. >.<

    • hold the phone! I didn’t see the new ‘trailer’
      ohhh ok… *nods*

      How many times did they use love in this one? I should go count. brb

      • Two ‘Loves’, one ‘Forever’ and a torn Edward. Sigh.

        ps. Is it just me, or does Dakota’s line sound a bit ghetto? “The Volturri don’t be givin second chances…ya heard? Word.” I’m not complaining. lololol

        Why am I not as excited as I wanted to be? Maybe if I watch it 5 more times I’ll feel it.

        • That’s what I’m saying…no excitement there…but Robward in a black t-shirt comment by shleeeigh is a good reason (maybe) to get excited.

          • for shizzle!

        • I’m not as excited either. Eclipse is my fav book of the series, I should be salivating but I only feel a mild heart flutter.

          • mine also, though I don’t like the Bella character in this book, actually I don’t like the character full stop.

          • Yeah, Bella can be a bit annoying sometimes. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy fan fics, Bella is strong and confident in a lot of them, or at the very least, she’s not just pining for Edward.

          • I agree. whytf would two gorgeous men be fighting over one plain girl?

            is her pussy made of gold? someone please explain this to me.

          • LadyN – I vote it’s gold-plated.
            Maybe Edward want to sprinkle it with sparkles?

            The idea of gold-plated, sparkled poon is very disturbing.

  17. Guys…why do I have the feeling that we all are a bit disappointed? Why do I have a feeling that even Robert would like to end all this Twilightaffair??? Are we maybe a bit over Edward and soooooooo into Robert??? Is it because we like grownupRobert better and are soooo excited to see him in movies like Bel Ami??? Is it because we are no teens any more??? Just asking!!!

    • Personally, I’m still a big ol’ fangirl. I may try to contain it better (until the premiere when I will again act like a complete loser), but in my heart I still squee like a 12 year-old.

      • Yup. Robward def brings out the squeeing twelve year-old in me.

  18. Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Robward in a black t-shirt.
    Yes, that is enough to get me excited for the entire movie.

    • *shivers* ok, i’m excited. That did it.

      • Rob in any movie is enough to get me excitied too!! *biting nails

    • Shleeeigh,
      I said what you said (way at the top) about the black t, but it bears repeating, rigth?

      • haha, I said it as well, but this is a thing that has to be often repeaten, black tee, black tee, black tee…………<3

        • It looks like he’s wearing some sort of chain around his neck, too, RG.

          • NO, that’s the grey Tee under the black…you know…he is lazy at all!!!!

        • It took 3 movies but finally it happened!!

          • Now, if he’ll just smile I’ll be happy. Come on Edward, you can do it…that’s what she said.

      • You did, Lion? I guess I never read the top comments. I’m always part of the -‘late comments located at the very bottom whereabosolutelynothinghappens’- group. I’m surprised they’re read at all. :-/

  19. Robward makes my girlie parts happy.

    That’s my intelligent commentary about the trailer.

    And yes, I’m totally excited to see it on the big screen tomorrow. purrrrrr

  20. HOLY BALLS Moon I couldn’t stop laughing when you said “Are those khaki jorts?”

    Teaser trailor did one thing…give you some Edward and Jacob. I’m okay with that.

    I love the full trailor but dammit where is Riley, the newborns, the other Cullens, and the damn fight scene? I wanted a montage dammit.

  21. Robward makes my girlie parts happy.
    oh Katie..i love it! i agree!
    Edward is thinks its time to re read eclipse..that’s normal right?

    • Ms..I’m going to reread eclipse too…it’s very normal…they aren’t well written book but they are fun and entertaining….plus I imagine Rob for Edward and ME for Bella and it makes the stroy that much better…..I think I will read it over the my vacation next week…


      • *waves* to Misty!

        Have fun on holyday!

      • enjoy the croissants and the sun Misty. like your avi.

      • misty…have fun ❤

      • Have fun Misty! Where are you going?

  22. On a positive note…. Kristen’s wig doesn’t look too obvious in this.

    • I totally agree about Kristen’s wig. I was expecting Jasper-style horror.

      Also, I am a huuuuuuuge traitor and watched her on Leno last night. She’s starting to win me over. She was kind of adorable last night. Don’t hate.

      • Yeah maybe she read our comments about her bitchface and acted nicer to win us back/over/again…whatever…

      • Katie i’m so glad you mentioned this she was stunning! **crickets**
        note her mullet is growing out ..phew! and she had clevage1..has she ever done that before?..she looked great and came across really well in the seems she is really proud of this JJ movie.

      • The problem with Kristen is that as soon as she sort of wins me over, she does something not so adorable soon after, which reminds me why I don’t really like her. She makes it hard to love her. While Rob makes it quite easy to love him. But maybe if she’ll stay gracious from now on. It would be easier to like her, esp. with Eclipse coming out and such.

        • Cath, don’t count on it……

          I haven’t watched it, can’t bring myself to watch her anymore. Was she being interviewed alone? I read an interview with her and Dakota….which said she was behaving nicely for once, wonder if it’s because she was with a (girl)friend and not with RP and trying to impress.
          I’m afraid she’s never going to win me over, mainly because I’ve never really rated her has an actress/or found her particularly interesting (I’m talking pre-twilight). Strangely I used to think that she was incredibly unattractive, I don’t anymore, she appears to be growing into her looks, though I think she may have a chin problem when she gets older.

          • I agree, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for her to win Miss Congeniality.

          • hey @mine i heart your comments about Kstew
            i haven’t watch her on Leno yet,going to tonight
            but i saw JJ on leno and thought Omg she acts totaly like JJ it seems she really get into on this role

        • Cath y M!M!M! – I think Kristen is kinda like that boyfriend you’re on the verge of dumping. He’s been acting like a douche (or smth) so you know it’s time, then he does something totally sweet and you get all soft again and start rethinking your decision, BUT, inevitably, he goes back to his true douchy (or smth) self and you shake your head in disgust and end the whole thing.

          • Ha Jules! I love your comparison!!! Rob and I want to invite you to our 1 year anniversary party today! (March 11 I had a Robdream, rest is Rob history… 😉 ) The drinks are in the corner, help yourself, snacks are in the kitchen! Extra cake for your awesome comment!

          • If only RP could see this.

            The buzz at the mo seems to be whether he’ll turn up to one of her Premieres….can’t see how, one is tonight in LA and the other is in NY on 17th he’s supposed to be doing the red carpet in London that day – sadly I will not be in London…..*shakes head in disbelief*, – so unless he’s managed to master the time/space continuum it seems unlikely that he’s going to make either premiere to be with sulky knickers! Though I suppose he could have flown over last night……hmmmmm……

          • Oh M!M!M! – are you going to see Marcus Foster tonight?
            You should, HHH could show up, you know.

            Cath – Happy Robniversary! Extra cake? Sure, I’ll take some.

          • M!M!M!-sulky knickers-hahahahahahaha!

          • Jules….evil, evil, evil…….I’m leaving London tonight and wont be back for about two weeks…well about a week ‘n’ half…then I’m off on holiday…..absolutely no chance of bumping into RP before he goes off to Europe which I think is week after next?
            The Pigalle Club down on pickyrwilly (ok piccadilly)…it’s not really my kinda place…’s a high price version of the Jazz Cafe……… It’s one of those odd places that looks a bit seedy from outside (well I always thought it did) though don’t get me wrong I do tend to frequent the seedy (pubs) and don’t have any problems with seedy (Pubs), generally, the seedier the better I say….*cough*
            Anyway, if i spent £10 on the ticket (or £45 if I want to have dinner….*yeah right* ) RP will not be there, if I don’t go the rest of you can rest assured that he will be there and so the LTR London branch should get themselves down there pronto…I’m jinxed!

          • Happy Robversarry Cath!!!! XOXOXO

          • Thanks SB!!! Ten days left till yours!!! Woot!
            ❤ you back!!! If Rob comes over to celebrate, you're totally invited! (If only in my dreams. LOL)

          • sulky knickers is TOTALLY my new nickname for kristen

          • Cath, well after I got done talking to you I told DH about my “robversarry” and he shook his head and said “oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh” ala-southernbelle style! 🙂

            Yipee 10 more days til mine! I think I’m gonna reward myself, and maybe a little something for Rob too.

            Rob, thank you, you’ve enriched my life in so many ways you’ll never know!

          • Oh Happy Anniversary RobCath!


        • Cath,

          I had those same mixed feelings yesterday when I read some blurb about her being more “accepting and comfortable” (or whatever bullshit she said) about the paparazzi and fame and blee blah bloo; but then I remembered how she really is a controlling bitchface and made a fast return to KStew Hatetown USA.

      • no hate at all, I like your comments, but this time you should have posted a warning smth like “80’s horrible outfit plus leopard b!tch shoes, don’t watch if you’re easily shocked !”. I will never understand this girl’s dressed-up outfits. She should just take the Converse and the skinnies everywhere, at least it’s simple and not ridiculous.

        • MP Agree, though I haven’t watched this vid I’m with you re. her style of dress……converse, skinnies, tees, etc – she looks good in those. In pretty much everything else, I always feel that someone should have given her a once over before allowing her to leave the house. Sometimes you just want to shout at her….

          “HAVE YOU NOT LOOKED IN A MIRROR……go home immediately and change”

          • I haven’t watched the vid either. I have little interest in Kstew, unless it relates to Rob. I’ll see pics later, I’m sure.

        • MP – I changed my name. It’s official. I’d rather him be with a cool French girl than a sullen American one. National loyalties be damned. 😉

          • TLG- nice name change!! MP will be pleased!!!!

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
            TLG how was your London trip, dunno if you talked about it. And I thought you were English.

      • I just watched the Leno interview. I have to admit, if she’s like that in real life, I can see why Rob likes her. She was funny and charming and self-deprecating but not as embarrassed as she normally seems. Plus, I thought she looked great. She’s a beautiful girl, really. I just prefer the cleaned-up smiling version of her.

        I appreciated when she said she wears her heart on her sleeve and that’s why she’s not so media-poised. I get that – I’m that sort of person IRL too and I don’t think I’d handle the media scrutiny well at age 19 either.

        So, what I’m essentially saying is, I’ll cut her more slack.

  23. If only the trailer had a little bit more of Robward…

  24. Tweedless Edward!!! YAY

    Thank god that that costume designer finally got to her senses!

    • I know!!! What is so difficult about dressing him in a t-shirt and jeans?? What a relief.

    • Yeah right? He looks so much better not dressed as a grandpa!!

  25. Guys I’ll miss you a lot…have to go back to work…I know I’ll miss all the good stuff you’re writing after dark. Ahhh I hate working in the afternoon have to get me a computer to work (this will be the end of my business).
    I am sooo sad though cause most of you will probably see RM tomorrow while I believe it or not, have to wait probably untill the dvd comes out. Yeah…life sucks…so please remember me tomorrow. filakia…

  26. LOL – Moon you crack me up! Should not be watching this at work… watched it again and had to lol some more.

    Trailer for Eclipse- was not jumping up and down… maybe today is my day to be cranky? IDK My friend at work said she got goosebumps watching it. Hmmm… and she was not referring to Robward (again I don’t get it).

  27. This reminds me of the do-wop song Remember, remember me. Great song. You gotta love it. Lets Rob is bettet than his last outing.

  28. I loved watching you watch the teaser and I held my breath through the trailer – Rob still makes me stop breathing after all but seriously, the fan trailer I watched after that was better. I want to see that movie. No, I want to go back in time and see the movie Twilight should’ve been (as reflected in this imaginary world trailer.
    excuse the clumsy cut and paste link, couldn’t get the button to work.

  29. I had waaaay more fun watching Moon watch it than actually watching it myself. Ten seconds of Edward whispering, shirtless Jacob (shocking!) and Bella’s bad wig. At least there was no stuttering or licking of lips.

    I’m not going to watch the trailer released today. And after reading LTR, I’m going media blackout until tomorrow night after I see Remember Me. I’m tired of spoilers and anticlimatic teasers. I want to see the Eclipse trailer on the big screen right before I see Rob have wallsex.

    • sounds like a great plan!

    • Good luck with the blackout, TLG.
      I’m off tomorrow so I’m going to the first showing of RM I can get to, that will be at 1:00pm est! Holy crap, 24h left!

  30. I liked the trailer — but never enough Rob for me. I’m mildly concerned with how they’re going to try and keep up his 17 year old appearance, especially when they begin filming BD. I mean, he doesn’t look 23 let alone 17.

    • yeah..Rob actually said this himself in a RM interview recently. He said he can’t really play 17 now let alone later for BD! But hey we have to go with it right? I think the trailor makes us remember our book days and take us back to our Edward fantasties before they switched to full on ROB fantasties.!! he he

  31. I tough it was sort of anti-climatic… not much action in it. And I guess that after seeing Robler (or TyRob?) and RobDeroy, I’m spoiled for Edward. Was he always this freaking pale? Well, I always was more of a Rob fan, than a Edward fan.

    A few more considerations:

    – Taycob is annoying, as always (the always overexposed muscles, the strange voice). And looks way too like a kid next to Kirten and Rob.

    – Don’t know about Bryce Dallas as Victoria.

    – Robs get hotter and hotter.

    – Don’t have a opinion on Bella/Kirsten. Didn’t remember about the wig until someone wrote abou it, so I guess it is all right

    – The costumes already seem WAY better.

    – Can’t wait for REMEMBER ME and BEL AMI!

    • Man, sorry about the typos! :cringe: ===> it’s thought, not tough; Kirsten, not Kirten.

  32. I was sitting in a work meeting when it was released so I got to watch it 1 hour later than it was released. And believe me I watched it multiple times. Until my mobile phones battery broke down!
    I can’t wait for June to come!!

  33. I don’t know if anyone wants to do this, but you can download the Eclipse trailer here.
    I will have some screenshots and some audiobites online laters.

    • Thanks Bleriana! I want the one with Edward in the black v-neck.

  34. Just a little something to help start the weekend off right!!! Enjoy. 😀 I know it’s only Thurs, but this starts my weekend!!!!

    • I like this! This helps get the weekend off to a great start!

  35. Is it too bad that I’m not happy about this trailer (the big one)? Is it just me or Summit people somehow think we’re kindergartners and won’t notice bad wigs, badly written dialogs or change of cast? Have I grown up? Is the hype off? PMS? Am I alone in this feeling? (talks like Lilu Dallas) pleeeaaase hewp

    • I agree, Alice. Summit does insult our intelligence.

  36. Hi Ladies!

    I rarely comment here, but I’m pretty active in the Forum. I was wondering if there were any Twi/Rob fans in the greater San Diego area who would like to meet up to go see Remember Me? Find me in the Forum or comment back. Thanks!

    • it isn’t SD but we’re only a train ride away… we’re getting together in LA!!! lemme know!

      • Which day, Moon? Unfortunately I’m not available Friday, but perhaps Sat. or Sunday…? Oh and thank you!

    • and likewise.. if there are any other Twimilfs or Robcats in atlanta.. woodstock to be exact.. lets get together and go see remember me!! 🙂

      hit me up

  37. Ya know, my first thought after watching the full trailer was this: I miss Rachelle. Then I wondered why Bella and Edward were sharing a bag of Fritos in bed. And helloooo, copstache! Still, it was little underwhelming.

    However, I watched it two more times and feel a lot more optimistic about how the movie will turn out, even with this editor switch. I don’t think it should be too difficult to get this right.

  38. OMG, the black v-neck tee…omg. I am speechless. Brings back so many memories. Rob please tell me that’s the one?! Rob I am biting my fingernails now! Swoon.

    I didn’t really like the 10 sec trailer, too short but my thought was it was better than nothing. The second one was really good and I’m very excited to see this movie and Robward!!!! Eclipse is my favorite of all the books.

    I guess I missed some pretty interesting convos this morning, RL has been taking a toll on me. Y’all have a nice afternoon!

    Btw I’m a bad fan, I haven’t even pre-ordered NM yet. I don’t know which version to get! Any suggestions? Last yr I only got the one fr Target, it had 2 dvds. I heard some had 3, bummer. I want one that has a lot of stuff in it to watch, so please suggest away.

    And RM, squee….I’m coming (twss) Rob! Hang in there til Monday!


    • SB: I purchased the Target Twilight version and if there was something better I was not aware of it. It sounds like the Target version is going to be the best as well with New Moon. The Walmart version sounds to have exclusive Eclipse stuff on it, but not as much New Moon extras. The Walmart version doesn’t seem to have the audio commentary from Chris Weitz, which all the other stores have. It could just not be mentioned in the description though. Target Exclusive bonus disc content includes: Deleted Scenes, Introducing the Volturi Featurette, Frame by Frame: From Storyboard to Screen Featurette, Fandamonium: A Look at the Die Hard Fans, and The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon Featurette.

      Decisions, decisions, decisions!

      • I was just reading the description of all the versions available and now I’m “Bothered”. Why do they have to put out so many versions all with different options? I guess they expect us to purchase all of them.

      • So I guess I’m going with the Target version again….

        I agree, why so many choices? I can’t afford to get every single one of them! Why not just make one and let it be? Let it be, let it be…LOL

        Maybe I’m too late to pre-order now.

        Although, my DH hinted to me that he “ordered” something that I really want and no matter how much I tickled and bugged him, he won’t tell me. So I’m kind of thinking he got me the DVD and I don’t want to pre-order because then I’ll have 2!

    • In addition to what KB said is included in the Target version of New Moon, it also comes in a limited special edition film cell (which I assume means a tin case) that is exclusively at Target. If you pre-order you will save about $10 on the DVD & that will basically cover the shipping if you go with the 2-3 day delivery. standard delivery is only about $3 & overnight delivery was like $14 or something. I went with the 2-3 day delivery (by total accident…or that’s the story I told my husband as it was his credit card that it went on…happy late Valentine’s Day to me!!!!!!! 😀 ) but if it’s pre-ordered it’s guarenteed to be delivered the day it is released!! All the extras plus the commemorative limited special edition thing was what decided it for me!!!!

      I hope I’ve been of help…at least a little!! 😀

  39. soooo there was too much of a glare on the screen in my computer room so here’s me closing the blinds, turning the screen to the corner, putting a thick fleece blanket over the monitor and my head and shifting the mouse so i can pause and replay FORTY NINE TIMES.
    I take back what i said about the teaser yesterday about David Slade not being able to satisfy me like CDubs. i cant wait until June 30th.
    PLUS robward looks SMOKIN’
    here’s how it goes in Rob hotness
    Eclipse>Twilight>New Moon

    loved it 🙂

  40. wait wait wait: that was the pre trailer? I’m confused.
    if that was the actual trailer, i feel like it will be that good of a movie (just my opinion).

    In other non twilight related news, REMEMBER ME TOMORROW!

    YAAAAY 😀

  41. Moon I forgot to tell you I like when you go video, that and the window.

  42. I love love love love love THE TRAILER!!!!!!And yes I agree with many of you Edward has gotten Hotter;)Im so excited to see Eclipse for about 5,000,000,000 reasons 1.It was my favoriate book in the series and I always worried that they would make the movie suck because I personally didnt like New Moon or Twilight as movies(the only thing I liked was seeing Rob)But from what Ive seen of Eclipse from the trailer Im not dissapointed.2.Rob looks hotter like weve all basically decided.3.Its twilight and twilight is AMAZING.Those are just a few good reasons for going to see Eclipse if your like me.

    Another thing I want to say is Moon you are very pretty.
    Also its raining very hard where I live and I want my Edward to come find me now….Cause I feel like Im in forks…Ooo maybe I should go read.Yep Im going to read hmmmmmmm Im so much like Bella to bad theres no Edwards.:(

  43. This was awesome. You guys have me anxious for June 30 2010. Wow!!!! This is WOW!!!!!!!! Ive gotta watch it again and rob looks crazy hot!!!! In a secound im going to go see Remeber Me!!!! I totally love you guys for putting the trailer up!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

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