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The Roblosophy of Robesssion

Hmm. Did I put on pants today?

Dear Rob,

Yesterday, in conversation with fellow Gossip Girl lover Too_Far_Gone, I confessed that my current passion for Ed Westwick is greater than my passion for you *hides.* Hey- You can hardly blame me! I had just watched this video (and :26 in particular) and my life was ruled by “muted purples” Monday night. And all I’ve had from you lately is Hanes T-shirts paired with dress pants and fluffy, longish hair. You know how I feel about your unkempt look- I’m okay with a little rough around the edges, but if you start to look like there are probably pit stains under your arms and your breath smells like 3 day old coffee and cigarettes, well, stuffy Upper East Side clad Chuck Bass starts to look wayyyyy better.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been moments in this press tour that I’ve done a double take. “Wait, is that Rob? Wow- from that angle he looks less Oscar the Grouch and more like the guy I started this blog for.” Even seeing you at the Jimmy Fallon show last week barely got my temperature rising. I can handle the press call & interview outfits you wore- which were clearly picked out by you and TomStu early in the morning while you were still drunk from the night before, because the night before still hadn’t ended, or after you woke from your afternoon nap, 5 minutes before running out the door for your evening TV appearances- but I cannot handle your hair.

I miss the days of DEP in your hair

I’ve never liked it long. I’ve never been a fan of “Sex Drive” Rob- and even back then at least someone forced you to style it with a little gel or maybe some mousse. But now? It’s like if Mr. Darcy found a time machine and was transported from the 1800s to TODAY- maybe it works on set at Bel Ami, but need it under control now! It’s 2010! Slicked back 50s hair is the look for men right now!

Enough bitching, I did want to get Roblosophical with you today. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been feeling your “look” as of late, but I haven’t been consumed with the Remember Me press, interviews, articles & videos as I have been with your other work (named: Twilight) Sure, sure, I’ve seen the MAJOR interviews. I WENT to New York and saw you on Fallon. I watched The View, Jon Stewart, Myspace’s Artist to Artist and….. ugh… that might be it. Oh- I DID just read some random article on some Kansas City site (seriously- THEY got an interview and we didn’t?), but I honestly think that’s the extent of it. I have a few emails sitting in my inbox of interviews to check out from friends of friends. I actually have a real life FRIEND who interviewed you and I haven’t even read her interview yet. What is going on? Is it that I’m tired of reading and hearing the same questions over and over again? How many times can you answer “Do you regret Twilight.” “How crazy is your life right now?” “Do you fear Remember Me not being accepted by your fans?”  Or…. am I more obsessed with the idea of you as Edward than I realized? Dun dun DUNNNNN And since this movie is NOT about Edward….then I just don’t care as much?

The thing is.. I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen comments here on LTR where other people have confessed that they haven’t seen all the interviews or read all the articles yet. I’ve gotten emails & confessions from readers to the same tune. What has gotten INTO us!? Is it the winter blues ? We’re going through the Rob Pattinson blues? Despite you being EVERYWHERE in the media, on billboards on our ways to work, popping up on every website we visit, we’re just numb because we’ve been hearing about this movie for like… nine months? And despite the media frenzy around you right now, it’s NOTHING compared to last summer- the summer of Remember Me?

I don’t know. I do know that in my conversation with Too_Far_Gone yesterday I did a little math. And it looked like this:

My love for Sexwick > Rob Pattinson currently

Well, that is until she reminded me while I was deep into my you-tubing of Chuck & Blair’s sexiest scenes, that all that will probably be thrown out the window come Friday night.

Too_Far_Gone: Well, wait until Friday night when we see Remember Me. We’ll be back at square one….
Me: oh yeah.. I forgot.. crap… sex against the wall. in a shower… spaghetti. His thing in a bra… hmm
Too_Far_Gone: ummm yes. scuse me while i… go pass out in the ladies bathroom just thinking about his sparklepeen.

See? Sparklepeen! You’ll never escape Edward. Never. In the meantime, let’s see if Remember Me ignites a lost passion in me Friday night. I’ll be happy if I stay up half the night watching & reading all the interviews I’ve missed over the past week!


So, let’s get Roblosophical (Are you new? That’s the Philosophy of Rob. It’s when we get deep. That’s what she said. Read more here!) Have you watched & devoured EVERYTHING about Rob in Remember Me like you have with the Twi franchise? If so- you get to be his fans of the day. If not, why? Unsure like me? Winter blues? Not sure you’re gonna like Remember Me? Can’t handle 1800’s hair Rob? Discuss!

We keep talking about it but you buy your tickets yet? You can buy them (here) in advance on Fandango.

Anndddddd don’t forget to participate in “Remember Me Saturday” this weekend! Who is going again Saturday!? Check out the Remember Me Saturday website for more details

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  1. Last night, I officially caught up with ALL things Rob + RM…I love watching them as he always starts out nervously and then eases into the interview…
    My fav is hearning him laugh. When ever I hear him laugh I blush…I feel in love with him even more after watching the Artist on Artist interview…it was so endearing…swooooon,.
    As of the Edward vs. Rob vs. Robward…..I love Rob, dirty Rob RM Rob, Twilight Rob, just Rob any way or how….I like his hair in the interviews and I’m not a fan of the undershirt thing but…I’m not looking at his shirt….ifyouknowwhatImsayin’

    • “Iknowwhatyouaresayin” and WHAT shirt ? 🙂

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t lost it for Rob…or is in the process of losing it…my robsession can last for years……he is a hot, talented actor and singer…blah blah blah…..and I wish he would come out with a an album or something but I like him blah blah bla… likey him long time.

      • WAIT…WHAT…HE HAD ON A SHIRT…HE HAD ON CLOTHES?!?!?!? Well, crap. Now I have to go back & re-watch the interviews to see what ya’ll are talking about. Guess I wasn’t exactly focusing on his attire I was too busy listening to his voice & picturing him…YouKnowWhereI’mGoingAndIKnowYouDo!!!!!

    • I am totally with you on this! But I also understand UC! A passion never lasts years and years. You just have to see if it turns into Love.

      And UC, believe me I already had my Rob LOW, just after New Moon. I didn´t care that much anymore, and some pictures just made me Meh… The picture with that fan at England was meh, and Robear at the telethon actually made me Arghhh and I started to re-think the love. So I started to see other people LOL to be more specific: I got IN LOVE with James McAvoy. The affair lasted me only 2 months though! Now I just really like James, and will follow his career as much as I can without obsessing.

      And let me tell you, over the years I fell in love with some great guys (David Duchovny, Milo Ventimiglia, Hugh laurie, Shia LaBeouf, Zachary Quinto, and some more), but the thing is even though I still love them I never really fall in love again multiples times with the same one… unless you are ROBERT PATTINSON.

      With Robert it’s been different. I Keep falling in LOVE, and as long as we have new stuff (not the same old questions about the same old things). I mean once I finished watching everything James McAvoy related, I started to miss Rob. Then came Details photoshoot, then came BIEL video of the photoshoot and the Robsessed one…

      Considering Rob’s career decisions and choice, I think I’ll fall in love a few more times and I guess that it is already urning into LOVE, you now the one that lasts, but without the crazy obsession ALL THE TIME… And He’s also been doing fantastic work choices, and that makes it pretty easy for me to want to follow him… (I would not say the same if I was a Taylor Lautner fan I’m afraid)

      • Vivi,
        You brought me out of lurkdom!
        I am so with you on the James McAvoy, David Duchovny (*sigh) theme…..esp. Duchovny. He was my last big obsession…until *obv* Rob!
        I was feeling the Rob-low myself today, probably just too much anticipation for Remember Me Saturday….and quite possibly waking up to friggin SNOW on March 11th for godssake…..anyhow, not feeling guilty about spending my whole evening online when it’s such crap outside, and hoping to find alot of chats about the Eclipse trailer, I ran across a vid (actually 2 by same person) on youtube that I have to share; It truly made my heart (and other places) sing.
        Anyhow, you all may already have seen them, but if not, and you love to see yummy Rob set to great music and are in the privacy of your home due to what some might consider explicit lyrics & um, precipitation…..go see twilightsHorizons 2 vids (sorry, I suck @ linking):

        Touch It
        & I touch myself

        I literally almost became a non-smoker as I couldn’t tear myself away long enough to step outside for the last hour or so! Hmmm….maybe I could replace one addiction w/another…… Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed this site, hiding in the shadows, but am happy to be outed 🙂

    • No honey you’re not the only one. I love everything about Rob, my robsession started a year ago! 🙂 He still takes my breath away each time I see him, sigh. I think I’m in this for life…haha! What, I guess til death do us part.

      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…untill death do us part!

      • …but SB – what if he loses his hair? what if he moves to LA and loses his accent? what if he stopped drinking beer and became a health freak and started hanging out with Richard Simmons? are you that committed? huh? are you? what if? what if? what if? 😉

        • I’m not SB BUT…hell YES…I am that committed!!!!

          • Melronin, for that…
            THUMBS UP!

        • And for that comment you get thumbs up!!! Rob with Richard Simmons, hahaha!

          • Cathhhhhhhhh!

            You haven't posted a music vid or anything lately. Do you have a Richard Simmons/Rpattz mash up hidden somewhere you can share? Say yes, please oh please?

          • Julessssssss! ❤ back!
            I wish I had a Richard Simmons/Rob mash, but I couldn't find one. If I'd had the talent of Biel, oh the endless possibilities, haha.
            Even searched YT for Let's Get Physical/Rob mash up, wasn't out there. Then I started thinking sports/fitness and found this one. which has NOTHING to do with Richard S. or anything, but is all RM and I love the song. So esp. for you:

          • Cath! I LOVE IT!!!
            Thank you. Now I’m even more excited to see RM.
            Robler is gonna kill me.

            Thumbs up! Sorry I can’t give a real one, I tried 🙂

        • I’m not SB, either, but Hell yeah I’m that committed too. Maybe I need to BE committed…to the ‘nut-hut’!!! Oooohhhhh Rob’s nut-hut…that sounds really dirty!!! sorry. been one of those days!! I don’t care if he has FF-Hair (Fresh F***ed hair), tamed hair, 50’s greased hair, or no hair. He’s effing HOT, and he’s a wonderful actor, & I still love him!!!!!

        • In the voice of Bella I say : “It doesn’t matter.”

          Yes I’m that committed and possibly a little nutty :-). I don’t care, he put me under a spell and I’m trapped for life, there’s no way out for me.

          And that my friends is my melodramatic spiel today.

          • hahaha, and that’s why I heart you. Nuts n all.
            I’ll never be totally over Rob either, I just have my down moments. He’s my first and only real celeb crush. Weird.

    • While my SQUEE factor isn’t has high (read: not glass-breaking level, merely glass-cracking.) for Remember Me as it is for all things Twilight, that has nothing to do w/ my lack of love for Rob. I absolutely adore him! Any outfit, any hairstyle, he makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him! And I am just like you Misty-Whenever I watch a Rob interview I get a goofy grin on my face and start blushing and giggling like a loon! Heaven forbid I ever meet him. Who knows what would happen then!

  2. Hey UC, I had no idea you had been living in my brain as of late?

    I am on a major Rob low (no, not Rob Lowe) – I haven’t watched a single RM interview but for Jimmy Fallon because Jimmy Fallon is adorkable and I love him. I might have watched more for him than for Rob if I’m honest. I saw Rob in real life at the BAFTAs and that’s when this all began, I was SO underwhelmed, I was shocked at my own lack of reaction. I thought I cry or vom or something, instead I was cool, there he was, there I was, he giggled, I melted, but it was nothing compared what I thought would happen (ie. something similar to that Twilight biology class deleted scene.)

    Let’s talk Remember Me, I have hardly any interest in seeing this. In fact, the only thing that has started to draw me in was the soundtrack (more specifically your post on it yesterday). I’ll probably see it at the cinema, but it certainly won’t be take-a-day-off-work-to-see-it affair. However, that’s exactly what I’ve done for Eclipse. I’ve taken a day off work so I can see it. Twice.

    In light of this mounting evidence, I’m starting to worry it really is Robward I’m into! I’m so confused and scared!

    Am I alone? Please help me!

    PS: Sorry for the essay post, these feelings have been bothering me for a while and it’s nice to vent.
    PPS: Remember Rob’s sex hair from the Twilight promo? WHERE DID THAT GO?

    • Ooops fail. I’m so distressed I give bad HTML.

    • Well you’re certainly not alone in having booked a day off work for Eclipse. I already let my boss know I won’t be in that day.

      I was having the same concerns as you re: possibly being in love with Robward. But then I watched some RM press junket stuff and realized that while I love Robward, it really is Rob that I’m in into.
      I’m always gonna be more excited for Twilight Saga stuff though, because I genuinely love those books. So maybe it’s just that? You love the books and therefore are most excited for his appearance in the corresponding movies.

      ..did this even make any sense?

    • Sheeeligh –

      I am right there with ya. . . I watched the interviews ONCE, as opposed to the 13, 000,000 times before. I am definitely not counting down the days to RM, even though I couldn’t wait to see Rob having fake sex. I haven’t even listened to the music yet. With New Moon, I had all Moon’s soundtrack artists’, predictions to what the chosen songs may or may not sound like.

      Maybe it’s the Robsten/RobStu factor, i.e. he’s taken, maybe, will we ever REALLY know???

      When I watched the interviews, I got the WOW Rob would be totally fun to hang out with, as opposed to the previous I want to bang Rob.

      Instead of Robsession, I am having Robdepression. . .

      • oops, it’s Shleeeigh. So sorry. Not enough coffee.

        • Heh, no worries!
          OMG, Robdepression, THAT’S what this is! It was somewhat eased with Robward earlier though. Even if it was for about a second.

  3. I totally agree about the hair. It needs to be fixed, pronto.
    That said, I’m actually really excited for RM! Maybe it’s because I read the script and have high hopes for the movie?
    Either way, after having to be so secretive about my obsession for so long, it’s nice to be able to be openly enthusiastic about him.

  4. I never watch all of his interviews.
    Even the ones from Twilight related tours. The questions become so repetitive. I just wait for someone (meaning you, UC!) to tell me about a particularly awesome and funny interview, and then I make sure to watch it.

    So don’t let me down, UC. I’m counting on you!

    BTW- Rob as Edward always gets me excited. I haven’t even watched all of the trailers available for RM.
    But I am ridiculously excited about this 10 second Eclipse trailer they are supposed to be releasing today. I will watch it over and over, in slow-motion, and I will study the screen caps and then I’ll discuss it on the blogs.

  5. I have forgotten all the HTML I once knew from back in middle school when I was making webpages on geocities, but here:

    I find that this helps.

    • Dear everyone please ignore my above comment. That twitpic gave me actual butterflies.

      • Ikr? Just when he starts to slip away… he drags me back.

      • Shleeeigh,
        I want to give you the thumbs up for the “actual butterflies” comment, but wordpress won’t let me.


        • ML – WordPress grounded you too?
          When I get my privilege back, imma go thumbs up crazy!

          • Jules, what do you mean with being grounded??? I can do it with certain comments and not with others. *cry* Did we do something wrong or has everyone this problem? I want answers! 😉

          • I mean it feels like we’re being punished by our parents for being naughty or disobedient.
            I have no idea why some people can use their thumbs while we can’t.

          • It’s a sad, sad situation. I want to be able to say that Rob wants to marry a comment. Am going to withdraw here. It’s so frustrating. Jules, maybe someone else is punishing us…

            Dear Rob,

            Are you behind this? Have you pulled a few strings at WordPress? Have we’ve been too naughty??? Didn’t you want to marry all these comments?
            Please give us back our thumbing up ability.
            We promise to be good, um, we’ll try at least.



          • …or we’ll take your thumb, Rob. Who can resist this?

          • OMG Rome Rob! Have mercy…Thumbs up times 100!

          • I tried for the last several days to give thumbs ups but it won’t let me either. It says it does then it takes it away. You’re right, just like my parents use to do with things like oh i don’t know TRUST!!!! Yes, Melinda, we trust you…oh wait, nevermind, on second thought no we don’t…we were just kidding!!!!!

    • oh sweet jesus. died.
      i was reading uc’s letter today thinkin i was definately not as excited about all the rm coverage as new moon. have been having meh days myself, the details thing, the baftas hair, mulletsten being everywhere and i thought how wouldn’t it be great to be over him and get my life back…

      but then i saw that, hair, fingers, jaw, smoking.

  6. I also had a roblosophy moment with myself and was happy to realise that I’m not so much into him anymore. But in my case I think it’s about me telling to myself that’s just pathetic and wanting desperately to ditch this guy from my mind, so that has nothing to do with any Ed Westwick or Edward, I was never into Ed(ward) anyway. Also have watched just a couple of interviews but that might just be for holyday reasons. Don’t feel the need to watch more either, must say the journalists are a MAJOR FAIL (WTF with the same boring questions over and over!!! Enough!!! Please!!! Have mercy!!!). I know by heart all the Twi interviews (not NM) not because of Twi reasons but because he was so fresh and adorkable and also there was no LTR to cover the robsession (haven’t discovered it yet).

    And the hair, oh, so Rob. I went to a hairdresser today, trying to cut the 2 months waiting line, in vain, and all I could think was Rob, the hairdresser had pretty much the same hair length as Rob only sooo well styled (I know it sounds ridiculous in a feminine way but it’s not, it was just a great mess) and all I could think of was Rob could have had great hair but the thought of seeing a hair artist just didn’t cross his mind, he doesn’t even care, so Rob. But in the same time, I never fell for his hair, never thought it was smexy or smth, it was all about his personality, so I don’t really care.

    This being said, I’m afraid Remember Me might do big damages to me (answer in a month when it comes out in Fr) and I’d still LOVE to meet him, and will probably fall over and over again.

    • just read the other (confessions) comments. Well, in my case, it’ll be quite the opposite I guess. I got bored when trying to watch Twilight or NM a second time (NM was probably the film which seemed the longest eva to me with all the wolfs and stuff zzzzzz) but I’ll have to fight really hard the urge to watch Remember Me over and over and probably brilliantly fail.
      end of the session to the psychiatrist not because I want to but because I put you through a lot today, reading an endless boring comment.

      • Here goes endless boring comment no2:

        I’m on a “meh”-level with Rob, too. Haven’t watched ANY Remember Me stuff except for that one trailer ages ago, I don’t digg the hair at all and I can’t even remember the last time I day-dreamt about him… It’s kind of sad, really.

        Yeah I’ve been ridiculously busy lately, but that doesn’t count! 6 months ago I would have given up hours of precious sleep to watch EVERYTHING about him. Now I just watch the most important stuff (and not even that.) It’s almost like a “If I must…” situation.

        I’m still pretty sure that he will turn my world upside-down with RM, though. So I don’t feel that bad for skipping on my fan-duties.
        We’ll see in a month…

      • I so agree MP. I think I’ll see RM a lot more than his Twilight stuff.
        And I don’t watch all interviews of him either, would get boring. Moderation is the secret. 😉

  7. Like TOFT, I’ve never watched everything as its too repetitive. I am excited for the Eclipse trailer and I’m excited for RE- I think he looks amazing in what we’re seen and I’m looking forward to his portrayal of Tyler.

    That being said, I’m not a fan of that white t-shirt either, UC- he looks under dressed, why didn’t he just take it off?? hahaha

    I am a fan, however, of the grey suit- ummmmmmmm.

    What we need is a great word vomit interview!

    Dear Rob,
    Please, please bring back the inappropriate topics, more of the giggle and smile and more of you in the grey suit!

    • I agree on the word vomit and I think those soulless PR jerks (yeah, I’m looking at you, bitchface blonde PR lady who won’t let Rob out of her clutches) have told him what’s what and we’ll get less real Rob this time ’round (Esp with Eclipse since you-know-who will be doing press with him).

      Bel Ami isn’t being produced by Summit, right? We may actually get real Rob word vomit next year.

  8. Hi MP- how are you?
    Why do you think RM will ‘do big damages to me’? Is that good or bad damages?

    I’d still love to meet him too!

    • good or bad, depends how you look at it. bad from my point of view because it will probably throw me back into the robsssion black hole and I’ll probably enjoy every moment of it.
      happy to talk to you again draska.

      and yes, we need some great word womit and other Robisms!
      Rob, we’re saying this for you, it’s pure altruism, you know.
      Otherwise, you can just be drunk and friendly in a dingy bar in London, that could also do it for me.

  9. i read and watched almost every interview and love them so much and adore the white the script watched all clips and read some reviews too,spoiled so much still can’t wait to see the Movie.
    u don’t like the hair, this hair ?what’s wrong with u girl?this could be my all time fav. gif

    p.s.C’mon there are so many attrective guys out there and Ed could be for u but pls UC don’t bring him here.i can understand Seth Cohen but Chuck Bass..he is so swagger

    • well that was the only glory hair moment I guess. thanks for sharing.

    • just want to show there is still life, no need to be hopeless 🙂

      • che…that’s the strangest avatar I have ever seen, I feel quite dizzy looking at it, 🙂

        • I was wondering where you were RG. But I haven’t actually made it down to the bottom of all the posts yet, so I’m sure I’ll find you further down 🙂

          • haha, I succeed with staying away…for one hour!
            (well, not true, I’m working and it would be a lot weird to post during a professional meeting, although….hahahah)

        • yesss the gif.
          i’m looking for ONE specific avatar but still haven’t find
          i guess the badget what he had drawn for charity or something,it was like fetus.i’d thought he really had affected by Dali when i saw it but surprised when i saw one of the Rm behind the scene clip that he and Ruby were there and he was drawing something and then i read he kinda like to drawing and realized that just after playing Dali
          i’m interested in drawing too so this makes me love him more AGAİN

      • and..that’s the best gif I’ve seen this ..ahem..week! Great hair action…

    • Oooh! love that gif – thanks for posting.

      I’m still here for Rob…. hope the rest of you girls are too!

    • yep THAT hair. I hate when you brush your hands and pull hair back and it looks like it could be in a ponytail. NOT FOR ME

      dont’ worry- this is a blog about Rob.. but I’m not promising letterstochuckbass won’t exist some day:)

      • hahaha good luck with the letterstochuckbass UC
        and not the ponytail but how about that

      • Che – You’re not helping the cause today! haha

        *heads over to letterstoalex for today’s dose of LOL.

      • Wowza, I love the pulling back of the hair into a pony tail look! I might have been tricked into thinking this is a good look by, erm, this:

        • Shleeeigh, OMG, I love Orlando as Will. But don’t think Rob can pull of that look. Johnny Depp can, Orlands looks better with it as well…and some handsome fella I know as well. I like Rob’s hair shortish, but not cropped like after Twilight. Doesn’t look bad, but not for me. (Sorry Rob…)

          • Hmmm, I think Rob has the jaw to pull off a ponytail. I’m going to hedge my bets right here, right now: if Rob ever has a pony tail, I think it will look hot You can hold me to this and berate me if a) this happens and b) it’s an epic fail!

    • Che,
      I heart you for that gif.

      Thank you!

    • That GIF. Too much to handle. I can’t help it, I like my men crazy-haired, haha.
      It’s a problem…

  10. Hey guys, its afternoon at last…so happy to be here…
    This morning befor work (ok every morning) I read the rest of yesterdays comments…some of you say that NM is not good…ok…no oscarmovie, but it was beautifully done,ok the general opinion is that it was not good. Girls, I ask, what about Breaking Dawn??? Sorry, I found the book terrible, ridiculous…this will need a hellofadirector (say Peter Jacksonkind) to make a decent movie out of it. I really am afraid what it might do to Robert. That’s just me!

    Also I have to explain myself to some of you…I said yesterday that I WAS ONLY TOOOO HAPPY TO WASTE MY TIME MISERABLY IN EVERYTHING ROBRELATED.
    I was reffering to the hewillneverknowthatIexist factor and the ammount of work we all have to do…in no way I was reffering to LTR…guys…you gave meaning to my robsession…sorry if I offended someone.

    And last but not least…my love to Munich girl…ich bin ein Berliner but Munich is great, was there on christmas 09. Wanted to ask you if you by any chance were among the 20.000 screaming girls in the Arena in Nov 09 for NM???

    Now I can read todays letter…see you after the reading.

    • I am with you on this! I thought New Moon was good. I just watched it again last night and I loved it! I did not like Breaking Dawn. AT.ALL. I thought the whole baby was weird and the Volturi “battle” was boring and took too long to get through. I am not looking forward to this movie. Period. I hope you are not right about it maybe being bad for Rob. *sad face*

      I think I saw the comment that you are referring to from yesterday and maybe I commented? I thought you were being a bit sarcastic. Was it the comment about “who said this was a waste of time?” I simply was trying to say that it was not a waste of time and that no one could tell me it was a waste of time and I didn’t want you to think it was a waste of time! ugh! Remember – It’s Normal!

      • Oh no I didn’t mean for it to sound sarcastic…I just am a bit freaking out some days of my robsession you know…not being able to concentrate on anything else but HIM and without it having any meaning because he just will never know that I exist…I am a very melodramatic Greek crazy person I guess… we have a saying here: I WILL BECOME THE EARTH FOR YOU TO WALK ON…well that’s how I feel for Robert…
        It’s just a bit frustrating some times…well I would do anything for love I guess, no limitts at all…he actually would be a lucky guy…LOL

        • “he actually would be a lucky guy…LOL”

          Of that… I am sure… you still have the love for him!

          And I am thankful… LOL…. would not be having a good day if it weren’t for Rob and LTR

  11. I agree with you about Rob’s general scruffiness. He looks like Kramer from Seinfeld on this press tour.

    I’ve watched more of the Remember Me stuff than I did the New Moon press. Maybe because he’s not dragging around Bitchface and Jailbait with him this time.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Down with bitchface!!! bhahahahah I heart u!

    • LMFAO! Yeah, he only dragged bitchface to the premiere, and they weren’t even photographed together. So perhaps “beardface” is more appropriate.

  12. I get it, I get it UC, I’ve been there too, but we are maybe out of sync because as of now I am entertaining two simultaneous revived crushes – one on Edward, re-reading Twilight, and the other on Rob, after watching the trailers from Remember me.

    He is just….oooh, I don’t know, I just love him and I can’t wait to see RM! Maybe he will finally get to do some acting that is worth crap and I will get to see new sides of him. Plus the romance and the scenes in which that modesty patch was used can’t be all bad… 🙂 You will snap out of it, it is merely spring fatigue!

  13. Cuttin’ sweet Rob a little slack for his appearance in New York. I just keep thinking that almost everything we saw him do was happening in the middle of the night for him (like 8 hour time difference from England, right?). Can you say “exhaustion”? Anyway…still love listening to his voice, still love seeing him when and wherever and still looking forward to Remember Me ’cause I got a chance to read some of the script and I LOVE IT!

  14. I agree. My Robarometer has been hovering around ‘meh’ for the past few weeks. I still think he’s hawt and all that, but the hyperventilation episodes have definintely taken a vacation. It makes me sad, it’s like falling out of love after you’ve been in a relationship for some time… I hope it will come back. Fingers crossed for RM!

  15. It’s a little unfair to compare Sexwick to Rob. Westwick personifies mysterious, bad boy sex. So we get these great visions of him swirling in our head. Not to mention Ed has signed on for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, swoon. Rob on the other hand has played less than spectacular roles. Yeah, Edward Cullen (whom I love) but you gotta admit, he’s a weenie at times. So Ed wins that hands down. Maybe Tyler will give us a Brooklyn version of Chuck Bass in plaid (fingers crossed).

    I still love Rob. But I also love alot of other men
    too. I equate them all to fave pieces of clothing. The first time you get that favorite blazer you wear the crap out of it, nothing you wear looks as good. Then you one day you go to your closet and see there are lots of pieces and you start wearing different things again. You find yourself going to that blazer every now and again and being happy, but it just doesn’t go w/everything you own anymore but that’s really okay. It doesn’t have to.

    • haha, love the closet metaphor!

    • that was…. BEAUTIFUL!

  16. “I’ve gotten emails & confessions from readers to the same tune. What has gotten INTO us!? Is it the winter blues ? We’re going through the Rob Pattinson blues?”

    I think it’s Kstew, she sucked the mojo right out of him.

    • Jules – For me it all started the day I opened my browser and discovered RP had spilt his guts to The Sun re. Kstew. (I now know this didn’t quite happen the way the Sun reported). Up until then I was convinced that they were ‘friends with benefits’ the fact that they are obviously serious, kinda disappointed me, I don’t know why, but I thought he’d have better taste than to throw his lot in with a sulky teenager with a serious attitude problem. Since that morning, I’ve slowly lost interest in him, I still think he is heart-breakingly beautiful, and he’s more than the sum of his hair, it is what it is! I’m fed up of the interviews, it’s just the same shit different day. He’s more polished now and he’s beginning to lose his ’08 adorkable self. It had to happen he can’t stay the same forever, it’s just not possible. Saying all this I still find him interesting, I would still love to go and get shitfaced with him and I will probably go and see RM even though this is not really my type of film.
      I can honestly say I have not maintained this level of nuttiness for anyone else.
      My previous obsessions are as follows:
      1. Frankie Boyle – 2 weeks;
      2. Sean Hughes – 3 weeks;
      3. Rhod Gillbert – 3 weeks (he’s my most recent i.e. before Rob) –
      You can see from my list that my obsessions are usually with comedians and very short lived.
      My Robsession is now coming close to five months. Whether I can maintain this is another matter, and only time will tell 

      • Mine! who is “The Sun” a newspaper, magazine, tabloid???? and from where???

        Because I heard about an interview too where Rob talks about his relationship with Mullsten, but for a British tabloid…I can’t believe he would sell his soul to the devil like that……..I hope what you are refering to is totes different…maybe you could post the link for me?!?


        • M!M!M! – I read about that article. The Sun claimed he said a whole lot of stuff which he didn’t, but apparently he did say something:

          ps: I hate linking to GC as they claim to be about debunking rumours but then they print regular celeb stories for hits anyway. UGH!

        • Misty – I was referring to the crap that is The Sun (newspaper – and I use that word loosely…it’s not a newspaper at all but a tabloid and it’s one of the worst kind second only to the News of the World). Rob was asked at the BAFTAs if he was ‘at the BAFTAs with Kstew’ and he said ‘yes we are together’ from that the reporter (also using that term loosely) assumed (reporters words) that Rob meant he was with Kstew as a couple…RP never said that they were a couple and the other quotes from him were I believe made up. However, this article in The Sun was then taken and used in every other article in the universe on the Kstew/RPatzz are they/aren’t they.

          • mine!
            thanks….my heart just skipped a beat
            (although I am not that delusional to think he isn’t really with HER but I will pretend he isn’t until he says they’re official….it will disappointment me greatly when that day comes…that MAY shake my robsession …I really don’t like her at all….and it’s not jealousy it’s the whole twitiching, skinny boy legs, biting lip, bitchface thing I hate..oh and her mullet and bad dye job). end of rant.

          • LOL@ Misty – my disdain for Kstew started when my 13 yr old niece (who all loved things Twilight, before there were movies) cried when she heard Kstew refer to the fans as retarded for going crazy about a movie that hadn’t been made yet.

          • yeh i think the mehness definately began in around new year, with the picture of them on isle of wight and my slow painful acceptance that they seem to be serious, that definalty kind of changed my perception of him.
            “but I thought he’d have better taste than to throw his lot in with a sulky teenager with a serious attitude problem.” … sums it up

    • K doesn’t do his mojo lot’s of good, that’s for sure…But he’ll get over that, haha.
      I believe in Rob!

  17. Totally agree and I hate to say it, I’ve been a little blase about Rob recently. Sometimes it feels like I’m about to break up with him, you know the feeling you used to get with a boyfriend when you knew the relationship just wasn’t working anymore *sniffle*. I’m just hoping this is not the case. Bring me something special Rob, otherwise I’ll have to throw you off the Titanic like I did with Leo.


  18. I don’t blame the hair or anything. It’s just…it’s already been almost a year. I have an obsession-span of 3 months at most, so this thing has already been dragging on way too long. I still think he’s hot and I’d still do him behind a dumpster. Obviously. But I gave up on following his every move a long time ago. But I still love LTR long time 🙂

  19. I guess I am still very fresh in love and there’s NOTHING I don’t like about Robert…I absolutely love his hair (always went crazy about long messedup hair and I like Mr.Darcy too) whatever he does is fine with me…

    You’ll see girls you will all be back at stage one after you see RM…you just can’t escape him so easily.

    Oh and I love it soooooo much that he seems not to care about his looks and what we all think about him…I guess he believes much more in himself then he wants us to know.

  20. Glad I’m not the only one in a low point. For me at this point, a lot of it is due to how busy RL is. Right now work is extremely busy, stressful, and interesting. I just don’t have time to Robsess. And I’m *gasp* currently more interested in work stuff.

    Also, I think it’s natural that the Rob high wears off. Obviously, I still think he’s sexy and adorkable, but I’m just not going to spend the time watching and reading everything anymore. It’s almost a relief–I can still be a fan, but in a saner way, less threatening to my career and home life. Remember Me looks great, but I don’t know if it will be enough to rekindle the crazed fangirl in me. Is this sad?

    P.S. I don’t get the Ed Westwick thing.

    • have you watched Gossip Girl? I didn’t get it until I did..

      • That was the way I was, too. But he totally hooks you immediately on GG… Chuck Bass is red effin HOT and the scenes with him and Blair really should be on Showtime and not the CW.

      • sorry UC but I’d rather eat my own head!

      • You know, there’s something about the name of that show that I just can’t get past. And I’m glad, ’cause I really don’t need even more distractions!

  21. Seriously though, I love GG as well and I enjoy Chuck Bass, not so much Ed.
    I’m excited to see RM and will most likely see it more than once in the theater.
    I’m just mildly curious about the 10 secs. of Eclipse. I’m not even excited about seeing the leg hitch as I once was. The R/k thing kinda dampened my excitement for the saga. I don’t want to feel like a voyeur when watching these movies.

    I haven’t watched all the RM press tour interviews but I didn’t watch all NM or Twilight either so that’s neither here nor there. In one of the interviews, Rob did mention needing a hair cut and not having time to get one though.

  22. UC, may I have your attention please, can you focus on the legs and especially the shoes in the photo below?
    Now I know he wants to be this trendy urban guy, but I’m pretty sure 80 yo ladies would kill to have said shoes. Also his height and weight used to be trendy back in the days, circa 1920, just look how the skinnies fit him 🙂

    P.S. You know I like you a lot lot for this space and your sense of humour.

    • ewwwwwwwww

    • Sweet Jesus, my eyes are burning (heehee) is that a recent photo….why, why, why would anybody put those things on their feet……Sorry UC but you really cannot compare (i physically shuddered when I scrolled downwards) this person (that’s the nicest thing I can think to say about him….not loving this guy at all) to the lovely! There is absolutely no competition.

    • Oh God, I remember seeing that pic. Ew indeed. And then wearing a James Dean shirt. Blasphemy!

      • My Thumbs thingy is still not working, Damnit!

        THUMBS UP: Minuit, M!M!M! & Cath (balsphemy indeed!).

        • Yeah mine is not working either….odd.

          • HAHA! I wrote BALSphemy.
            Jeeze, it’s like I’m a 12 yr old boy sometimes.

          • Awesome typo. See, this is the kind of comment you want to thumb up. I’m starting to notice that I was kind of addicted to thumbing up…It’s kind of unsettling, haha.

        • I’m going to type is balsphemy from now on – just in honor of that epic awesome typo!

          • I dare you, TLG. 😛

    • Oh wow…..he’s wearing loafers. 🙂

    • MP, I will take the shiteous Nikes over those loafers anyday!!!!!


      • SB


        omg shiteous Nikes

      • Now I need a fix….need to see the shiteous Nikes. Someone post it please! 🙂

    • LOL MP, just realized you wrote ‘his height and weight used to be trendy…in the 1920’s’…hahaha. Too funny!

    • let’s pretend that picture doesn’t exist and instead focus on the video i posted above

  23. Only because tiffanized mentioned it (i will not say it out loud but…) I’m not such a fan of Bitchface myself…good point…

    this Edpicture is terrible…how can anyone compare Robert to Ed????

    • i’m NOT comparing them. I just am feeling Ed more than Rob right now.

  24. Really ???

    I don’t feel that at all… Quite the contrary actually !

    I’m soooo looking forward to seeing Rob is something other than Twilight ! I’m trying to keep spoiler-free, so that is a bit difficult but all interviews I have seen so far are great. He’s just funny and smart and sexy (but not really well dressed, that is true!). I love the hair.

    The BAFTA thing was not so good but apart from that he was gorgeous in the Early Show, in the View, in Jimmy Fallon’s tree… GORGEOUS…

    • There never was before and never will be anyone but Rob for me, I’m just not a celebrity-follower at all. If it’s not Rob, it’s no one.
      I have tried to only watch the promos that don’t have spoilers, but what I’ve seen, I’ve loved. Come on, the gray suit hotness makes up for the white T shirt and the torn cuff on the jacket, which aren’t faults anyway, they’re Rob’s signature hoboliciousness.
      And he did say on the Early Show that was on Robsessed yesterday that he really wanted a haircut but needed to keep it the way it is for Bel Ami.
      I really don’t care if the fangirls all drop away like dead flies, I love being in a very small, exclusive club, although if LTR were to drop away I would be very sad indeed.

      • And what’s with the rubberized thumbs-up? I click and it bounces off. Did I reach my thumbs-up quota or what?

        • Haha TOO, I guess we did reach our quota…But it’s strange, some comments I CAN thumb up, others bounce back. What’s up???

      • +1

      • Love what you said, T.O.O. I’ve never followed any celeb in my life, but Rob…and it’s great to be in your company. I’ve got your email if LTR/LTT (sadly) goes away.


        • Likewise, lion! ❤

      • TOO,
        I also have never had such an intense “fascination” with a celebrity before. I’ve had some celeb crushes, but nothing like how it’s been with Rob.

        And I also don’t understand the negativity about his “frumpy” attire and hair. That’s how he’s always been! I thought we all loved this about him. I love his shirts with holes, his dirty jeans, his never brushed hair. He’s all guy.

        Don’t get me wrong…that grey suit and all of his Twi premier black skinny suits were brilliant. But I love Rob’s hobo non-style.

  25. I’m too lazy to put in any actual effort to being a “real fangirl”. I saw him on Jimmy and The Daily Show because I watch them anyway. But… he’s just not really doing it for me anymore. Honestly, I’m fickle. My celeb crushes never last all that long. I probably would’ve been well over him long ago had it not been for LTR/LTT and the ladies I’ve befriended via Twitter. I still think he’s pretty, I’ll probably see Remember Me and I’ll see Eclipse too, of course – but… butterflies are gone.

    But, that said… stern GQ Rob still does it for me. Yum.

    • Oh Yum. Me too…me too…

  26. UC ~ I thinks it’s inevitible that sooner or later, every girl stumbles across Chuck Bass and has a fleeting dirty thought or two! Me, I would welcome them both with open arms (and other parts!)

    • BOTH… yum 🙂

      • UH, YEAH!!!

  27. Girls, is the line getting shorter …? 🙂

    I have no doubts, no critics, many ups, no downs, so to speak, I still love the whole package!

    I saw the interviews, I love to see him, to listen to his voice, to hear him laughing and thinking about the best “new” answer to the same lame questions.
    I don’t care much about hairstyling or his fashion sense, I think he’s a very unique guy with an endearing personality and that’s why I love him.
    The end of my Rob-speech! thanks…lol

    • omg I hope so…could you imagine we’d be the only one left!!!!! bhahahah *evil laugh

      but I’d let my LTR friends line hop any day

      • Oh Robgirl, at last…I thought I was fighting for our baby alone today…I so agry with you totally…love you

      • don’t worry I’m coming (!) should the opportunity arise (!) 🙂

        • that’s what she said

    • “thinking about the best “new” answer to the same lame questions ”
      yes RG that’s what was i thinking about .how u can blame him for intv. he doesn’t ask, he just try to answer differently and i always love to listen him and no matter why he kinda always surprises me, like never get bored with him
      belive me i have serious problems about getting bored so fast and he’s the first person ok celebrity who always surprises me and makes me curious about what’s next..
      another little sweet deatil; he feels responsable and sorry for global warming cuz he’s so hot 🙂
      this Q. was kinda lame but works with Rob all the way

    • Line getting shorter. LOL! Thumbs up for that!

    • Robgirl – thank god you are here and are still a Rob girl! I feel the same way, he still does it for me! I still giggle like a schoolgirl when I watch him in interviews, I still melt when he plays with his hair or smiles. I still tingle when I look at the VF pics. I can’t wait to see RM this weekend. And I still don’t understand why there are ladies out there that don’t get IT!

      • Totes!

        I look at him and *swoon* – don’t care what he’s wearing or how dirty he looks. It started with Twilight, but went way beyond that when I saw how goofy and self-conscious he is, how giggly and embarrassingly shy he can be. He won me over ~snaps fingers~ like THAT.

    • I have ups and many downs (not in losing my roblove), but my feelings/craziness for Rob doesn’t waver. When I mean down I mean I get a high and then after that I feel so detached from Rob(duh right?). Am I making sense? Rob made me insane!

      Anyway, fine with me if the line is getting longer!!! LOL

      • Perfect sense…rollercoaster…the one minute you feel so good in your roblove and the other you’re trying to get a little rehab cause you feel going nuts and then up again!

      • Oh SB, I ❤ you, you DO make sense, feel exactly the same. He made us insane. Bad Rob, haha.

        • HAHA Bad Rob….what a bad, bad boy he is, lol. Gotta love him. Sigh. I thought I wore out my Gilmore Girls DVDs but nowadays my Twi DVD is the one really wearing out. ( forgot about Dean for now(since Rob). Sometimes I just fast forward to Rob/Edward scenes just so I could see him. And yeah I know that sounds a little pathetic. 🙂

          • Totally normal SB!

    • Girls! GIRLS! Stop it, I GOT IT, the line is NOT getting shorter, you obviously have all PMS or so! Thanks for destroying my little illusion! 🙂

      • Oh RG, how I heart you.
        I’m not out of lust with Rob at all. I’m just not excited about the rest of the Twilight Saga, though I will see them anyway.

        I felt a little bad when he said that the only people he wants to impress were his family and friends in reference to his movies. At first I thought he meant in his personal life, but he didn’t. 😦
        What about impressing the fans so we’d keep supporting him? Then again, you can never take anything Rob says too seriously.

        • well, I guess if I would be a star like him (will never happen…lol) and I’d have to fullfil the expectations of all people “interested” in me, I’d prolly hide the whole day under my bed! So, he got payed well and all, but to be aware of the “media and private-documentary” of his last 3 years is not easy at all, so get him seriously or not, in the end it’s the same!I have no expectations at all, I’m weird…..

          • I have no expectations for Rob as a person. As much as he seems approachable and down-to-earth, none of us know him so it would be unfair to expect anything from him personally.

            Rob as an actor though, has to bring it! As much as I like him, he is fallible and I can still critisise something he said.
            I’ll see his movies regardless. I’ll crush on him regardless. I’ll meet him behind the dumpster regardless.

    • RG – don’t be silly, of course the lines not getting shorter 🙂
      It’s just that some of us are still recovering from Kstew/RPatz….(ME) and some of us are still getting use to him being a little better at interviews….(ME) and some of us are still getting over the ‘OMG did he just say that’ moments which are getting fewer and fewer…….(actually that would be ME again)….but I still want to drink the bar dry with him.

      I have to say I’ve never been that interested in the idea of shagging him, it’s always been about the drinking / chatting for me…..I’m older than he is and I’ve done the younger guy thing, it doesn’t work….so for me it’s always been about the brain…*yeh who am i kidding*… seriously.

      • LOL…you are not serious…God I hope you are not all under 18 here…and really hope that there are some over 23 (besides the fact that we all froze at 23)…just saying that I went to heaven when he said that he would date older women and the older the sexier!!! I’m totally not ashamed of it…nooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyy!

        • hey i’m six months older than him but totaly frozen at 23
          he is the first guy i liked -younger than me- i always thought no way i can’t consider to even think someone is handsome who is younger than me.
          i had so strict thoughts about that but has changed with Rob as so many things.

          @mine i absolutely agree with u the most thing i really would love to do with him is to chat. ok i wouldn’t say no to other thing too:)

          • You’re so funny, thinking a guy 6 months younger than you is too young! Wait until you’re my age . . . .

      • M!M!M! – It only has to work for one night, silly.

        • And it takes one night to decide if one night is enough Jules, ifyouknowwhatImean…;-)

      • Mine!I’m sort of glad we share the same love but NOT the same INTERESTS!
        love to hear that! jkjk 🙂

        • RG – When are you going to London? I’m counting on you meeting Rob so I can live vicariously and such.

      • MMM:
        “have to say I’ve never been that interested in the idea of shagging him,”

        Me either, but I’d settle for some hot foreplay.

        (did I just say that)

    • i love his eyes,lips,hair and …u know…can’t talk about other(private )parts i haven’t seen yet:)
      but feel so jelaous and can’t get it how a man’s hands could be that perfect

      • che..whoever gave that gif a name, was an “expert”, what about the new “Another man ” outtakes posted today, best outtakes eva!!!!

        • well RG we are at the minority part today who likes almost everything about Rob
          if there is more GQ outtakes pls send them and Details,Vogue,Another Man….

          • I hope you are counting me in…

        • well, I am a tecnical disaster, I can only send pics, not post them…lol
          so contact me if you like to have the outtakes

          • RG thanx so much u are so lovely
            but my words were for magazines i was telling to them not to keep outtakes for theirselves and share with us
            of course i saw them cuz i’m total addict:)
            and belive me u can’t be more tecnical disaster then me

    • You’re one dedicated fan RG.
      Rob’s very lucky to have you as fan.
      To be honest, I had My Rob Low after New Moon Promo and the mullet had nothing to do with it. It’s just over saturation. My Robsession rises again after pics of him on Bel Ami set and RM Promo ( JF and Daily Show)
      I’m still undecided about seeing Eclipse though, I had enough of Edward Cullen. I want to see more Rob Pattinson playing other character.

  28. to me the whole press junket RM was very well .the whole 3 minuets viedos was good-considering him beign jet lag ..he was sweet and the hair&White t-shirt really worked for me.and i didn’t like the premier look but the grey suit at the View made me speechless. plus i loved printed interviews so much as always.i love how he talks about Tyler and relate himself,talks about beign a rebel or not to accept yourself as a part of the world or feeling fake.. i don’t know, eventhough we don’t have anything comman but maybe being early 20s makes me understand and,relate and love him more.
    and there was so many sweet things i can’t little details buying a complete collection of the works of Dostoyevsky
    or like this :
    ‘What do you do when a girl doesn’t want to go out with you, like in the movie?’
    I say: “Do you have any idea how many girls would want to go out with me, you idiot” (laughs)

    plus don’t ever forget the half bra thing

    i love Rob absolutely not Robward but i’m so glad he played Edward and the whole Twilight crazyness made him famous so i get a chance to know him

  29. Robward for me. Always has been, always will be.


    I’m SO scared of BD though…I’m not sure HOW this movie can not be complete and utter ridiculousness. Poor Robward, poor poor Robward.

    • I so totally agry…how can this book possibly be made into a decent movie I don’t know. Honestly this pregnant situation and stuff is freaking me out. Poor Robward indeed. I remember an interview where he actually admitts to S.M. that he doesn’t like BD at all.

      reading all comments I made a little trip on memorylane and saw the ComicCon 08 interviews and the pictures of VF 09…oh and him at the Rome Filmfestival 08…you know the one he puts his finger in his mouth….

      Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls get serious…you have just bin hit by winter and work and boredom and him not being around so much (yeah and this Kstew thing)…get it together he needs us now more then ever…forget this Edperson already!!!

  30. It was that freaking Details spread that did me in. I’m gonna need either nakedRob or a sex tape at this point to get my heart rate up again.

  31. Sexwick is a hottie! And that’s pretty much all I can say about him because I haven’t watched any interviews.

    I really loved Chuck Bass in season 1, but then the whole “I’m serious… Basserious! And I’m always whispering”-thing got a bit much for me. ‘Constipated’ is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see Chuck… And then ‘sexy’…

    Sexy constipation! That’s my new nickname for him and another thing to add to my “things I wish I had never thought”-collection.

  32. Hello UC! Where’s Moon? Where’s LTT today? Everything ok?

    • I think she just forgot to schedule it. Don’t worry- I fired her

      • haha, you are soooo funny!!!and please…do not!!!lol

      • She’s back! Cardiac averted!

  33. I think overexposure can be a problem. Rob’s well aware that people could get fed up with him.
    Even the general public. He stated that in some RM interviews, didn’t he? At some point the hype will settle down and then everthing Rob will get a little more special I think.

  34. “did I put pants on today?” hahaha. Too funny. I feel like that most mornings.

    Just a quick comment and then I’m back to the mountain of work I’ve got today: Although the proverbial Robfire might be more smouldering than raging right now for many of us, I’m sure when June 30th comes rolling around that fire will consume us all once again -if this Friday doesn’t take care of said fire on its own.

    • I’m sure no one would mind at all if he forgot them.

  35. The passion and obsession ebbs and flows (it HAS to, or else I’d never ever get anything done at work or IRL!!!) and during those moments when I’m not so attached to Rob and needing to watch all his interviews and look at his pics…I actually feel quite alright, more productive lol. But the love, the love will always be there… ❤
    I love his hair even if its all messy and I'm not THAT psyched about RM although Im sure I will watch it several times fastforwarding to the juicy parts. I think my full on robsession will rear its head the nearer Eclipse comes… gah

  36. Che…you made me think…girls if you had to pick just ONE part of him (I know it’s not possible but plssss play along) what would it be?

    For me it would deffinitely be those HANDS…OMG these fingers…I can’t stop thinking what they would do to me!!!

    • His eyes. Srsly, those are the sexiest part

  37. The short answer to your question is: I’m a shallow bitch and I like movie/photoshoot* Rob better than real life Rob. There, I said it. I feel better now.

    I’ve not seen a whole lot of his RM press because I want to sorta remain a RM virgin until Friday night (got my tix last night – woot!).

    But his real life looks have been hiding the pretty and I need the pretty. So I contain myself to photo shoots, pix in costume (thank you Bel Ami!) and clips from movies. Oh, and LTR. Always LTR.

    *Excludes Entertainment Weekly Rob. I never like that guy.

  38. I ❤ sparklepeen

    • Long live the sparklepeen!!!!!

  39. hello all robward lovers

    • No offense to Twihards. I think i had enough of Kristen’s “great acting” in one lifetime.

    • major wig fail on mulletsten worse than jasper in new moon

    • This 10 second teaser did nothing to tease me. At all. All I gleaned from this was bad wig. Bad.

  40. To be honest I just stop by LTR for you gals and your witty posts.

    I could take or leave Rob. (Sigh. yes. let the thumbsdowns begin.) Save for a few squeal-worthy moments when he’s Robward in Twilight and NM.

    As for Ed Westwick, I have to admit I do have a bit of “admiration” for his, ah, work. He has some amazing on-screen chemistry with Blair that I can only wish Robward and Bella/Stew had on screen. And he just seems more polished and confident in real life. Confidence is a major +. Yes, Rob can seem adorable/down to earth but can get old.

    • *but it can get old.

      and I’ll add the disclaimer that I loved Vanity Fair Rob. Who wouldn’t?!

    • if Ed/Bella had one ounce of the chemistry chuck/Blair have, I’d ‘ship Robsten. Promise

      • Ooh, I don’t know if I could — you’re a stronger woman than I.

        Part of me wonders WHAT he sees in her besides their mutual love for dirty clothes and lumberjack plaid.

        I look at her and think, “Really? Really? She’s such a pouty, angsty teenager. A GIRL. A sour-faced “oh, woe is me, life is so hard when you’re famous as hell and screwing the hottest man on the planet” brat. (Like how I don’t hold back there?)

        Is it that she “gets” all the insanity surrounding them? He can take comfort in that? That she knows what he deals with on a daily basis? That has to be it, right?

        • Right!!! He just needs someone to understand what he’s going through. Can anyone explain to me though, how can she have such a bitchy face (always)??? I mean my face would be glowing like a…vampire…if I had this man!!! (persenaly I so much like to live in a worls where all this is just gossip and Robert is single).

        • Rob’s just going to his bitch phase. He’ll get over it. There’s no way to understand it, it’s just as much as an enigma as he is himself.

          • Bitch is right!

            I recently watched an old episode of Jimmy Kimmel from November when the three of them were on to promote NM and she was SO SO SO snotty. Rob and Taylor were easy going and enjoying themselves and she was sitting there between them with the MOST NEGATIVE body language, very agitated; her crossed leg was flying up and down, arms crossed – I couldn’t stop noticing how angry she seemed. It was very distracting – I could barely pay attention to Rob and how big his feet were in those gorgeous Prada shoes!! 😀

          • I remember that interview in particular, without going back to look at it again, because it seemed like Rob kept looking at Kristen to see her reaction to the questions or see what she thought first, before answering himself, or to get her approval. Which made me think she was the one totally controlling the relationship.

          • OMG, seems I lost my ability to type proper English today in my post above. I was doing too many things at once I guess. *shameface*

            Anyhoodle, I remember that interview too, she was totally making fun of that girl who asked Rob a question about his particular way of buttoning shirts. KStew loves making fun of people. Any of guys ever saw this one?:

          • she was such a bitch in that jimmy kimmel interview, when he joked about not knowing anything about the clip they were to introduce and she snapped “oh come on we’ve all been prepped”
            thats when i went thinking she was kind of cool, to thinking oh my god what the f does he see in her. (i hated her more that she had louboutins on cos you know she didn’t appreicate them!)

          • I stand by my assumption that as the youngest boy in a house full of women, he’s used to being bossed around. I’m guessing she wears the (ripped, stained) pants in that relationship.

          • Cath, I’d never seen that. Wow.

            TLG- I think that may be why I don’t enjoy the pics of them in mags together. The picture stories always depict her as being in control. He’s either gazing at her like he’s henpecked or he’s looking at her adoringly while she stares off in the distance ignoring him.
            The HB pic (I’m not sure if it was only an out take as I haven’t seen the actual mag) where he’s on his knees in front of her and she’s looking away from him made me cringe a little.

          • Jules, every single HB photoshoot pic made me cringe. The Sears Studio Portrait engagement pix were the worst. Absolutely atrocious. All I can figure is that she has to be waaaaay cooler in real life than she seems in the press. Or that he can’t really get laid right now outside of her without him 2nd guessing if the girl likes him or Edward. At least with her, she’s pretty much in the same boat (well, without legions of screaming girls chasing her).

          • i think the only thing u can’t judge people is love.i mean it’s not logical at all.normally u can’t count reasons why u fall for someone
            haven’t u ever fallen for someone then realized wtf i saw on him?
            it’s so obvious he’s liked her from the begining and the whole twilight thing made them closer and i totaly understand that.
            clearly can say i would feel same if there was some other girl too..jealous and hate
            i hate thinking that but it looks she has the control on the relationship
            which normally it wouldn’t be a problem (cuz i prefer to have the control too.)but she is just 19.. c’mon Rob get over it ,i hope u do after the saga ends.

          • That is the only logical reason, TLG. It has to be the insane overwhelming fan-frenzy that keeps them kind of bound together. It *must* be frightening, to be mobbed like that wherever you go. So in that essence, I guess she is one of the few that can relate to him on that level.

            Then she closes her eyes and pretends she’s with Nikki Reed.

        • @pumagirlsf — Agree with you 100%. I oft wonder what he sees in her.

          BUT — I am thinking maybe the ‘appeal’ is wearing off. Why do I think this? Well – it seems she is the one following him around nowadays (ex: in UK for new years, stayed in London after bafta’s, followed him to NYC (and he brought TomStu, now how romantic could THAT have been? lol) … and, she looks positively miserable (more-than-usual) when she’s not around him, whereas he looks happy-as-can-be, even when she is not around him.

          So – am I delusional? Or, do you girls agree? Do you think he is tiring of her????

      • if Ed/Bella had one ounce of the chemistry chuck/Blair have, I’d ’ship Robsten. Promise”

        UC – Sorry, I still couldn’t do it.

  41. UC,
    The video of Ed is the best I’ve seen of him. Thanks!

    I still ❤ Rob, hard.

  42. WOW…can’t wait for all of you to leave Rob for any Johnny-Chuck-James-or-whoever-come-lately. Just leaves more Rob for me. Not Robward…not Edward…just plain ole adorkable, goofy, socially inept but intelligent Rob.

    But slicked-back, slimey Ed Westwick…no thanks. That would be like taking Zac Efron in Rob’s place, if you couldn’t get the real thing. Yew.

    • I’m sorry roblioness this will never happen…you just have to get in line…and fight for him..

  43. UC, I’m with ya girl on the Ed westwick/chuck bass thing. I fell for him watching the second season and the whole chuck/Blair cat and mouse game. I think it’s the whole bad boy thing but I still think adorkable Rob wins my heart! Especially since he does have so many looks! Love,love , love your posts! They keep me happy!! Can’t wait until Friday!!!

  44. Ed Westwick who? Chuck Bass Nsync?
    No thank you

  45. Closing for today (greekmanwillkillmeoutofjealousy and you LTR girls are to blame…lol)…
    UC…ok after telling you so much about hating Ed and soo
    loving Rob, I have to admit that the Chuck/Blair affair is kind of hot and that Chuck is a dirty dirty boy…BUT… I have just to think about Robert and my brain goes crazy and my heart stops beating and ICANNOTBREATH and my whole body…well just explodes…JUST THINKING OF HIM…

    Thanks for today guys…filakia (kisses in Greek)

    • whispers *Team Aragorn*, hee hee.

      Someone please make Aragornporn…just because it sounds funny.

  46. I just got back from my daughter’s field trip, so I haven’t read any replies. Sorry if this is repetitive.

    I don’t feel my Robsession waning even a teensy bit. I was so excited to see Rob in the flesh, I got to NBC c. 12:30 and just waited until they gave out tickets at 3:00. Then more waiting. My hands were shaking when they finally seated us. I walked to the premiere on feet that were practically bleeding, but went home a happy camper because I Saw Rob.

    I’m excited about RM (but more excited about Bel Ami). I still spend hours a day online on Rob-related things. And I LOVE his hair right now. I had a small panic attack when that woman on The Early Show asked if he’d shave his head for a role and he said yes. Never do this, Rob. Please.

    To anyone who feels their Rob mojo is fading-you know it’s just a matter of time before he wears a particular outfit, does his hair a certain way or does another photoshoot and you’re done for all over again.

    • So true.

      • D2D,

    • D2D – I missed it. Did you attend the premiere? Did you already report on this??

      • I wish I could say I attended the premiere! I was there for about 15 minutes, just as Rob was walking down the barricades signing. We ( me & hubs) stuck close to the photographers who were following Rob, and walked about five feet behind him until he entered the theater. Close enough to see his beautiful face and sex hair in all its glory!

        • Awww – good story anyway! Also, I love that you were with your husband. Is he a unicorn? Or just really in love with d2d?

          • haha, I wouldn’t call him a unicorn, just a great husband. He’s very good about my obsessions.

  47. @TOO “Which made me think she was the one totally controlling the relationship.”

    Totally wanted to throw up in my mouth a little at the mere thought of that.

    • Yeah, don’t think too hard about it. About how he always seemed kind of insecure about his relationships in the little bits he would let slip in interviews. About how she seems like the mean girl queen bee type, she-who-must-be-obeyed. About how she rid herself of Oregano and moved into the same hotel as him in Vancouver. No, don’t think about it.

      • Hahahahahaha, yeah – I won’t think about ANY of that…. Instead I’ll think about how I’d open palm slap her in the eye if I came close enough to.

        God, I just… Ugh. I don’t get it. Seriously DON’T GET IT.

      • hahaha TOO
        i heart u
        and hate the queen bee

      • from what people say about her lack of sense of humour and her getting pissed of for nothing, she does seam the kind of annoying never happy girlfriend. So with KStew and the others who were screaming at him (cf Ellen interview) seams like Rob is not doing very well with girls.
        did I mention I’m an easy-going type of girl? 🙂

        • Oh, minuit, who can we get to introduce you two, cuz I know he’s gonna love you when he meets you. I feel like a yenta.

          • TOO you’re TOO nice and I love you TOO! 🙂

        • Hi Minuit……Rob should take charge and ‘kick her too the curb!!!’ and hang with you instead. I’d certainly be able to deal with it better than the idea of him with Kstew 🙂

          • or he can hang with you, love the idea also. i’d come “visit London” every week. 🙂
            P.S. you know you have the bestest chances to meet him, so what are you waiting for?????????????

          • I’m totally shipping Minuit and Rob now!

          • I think you’re all crazy but I soooo love the idea of any LTR gal+Rob! One of us just has to take one for the team.

          • Robuit.

      • Remember Nina Schubert?
        She looks like has the same character as KStew more or less. Yeah, Rob loves women who takes charge. But then the woman seems to fed up and dump him or the other way around. But hey , he’s 23, what do you expect?
        My two cents.

  48. Oh UC, (the Ed guy) nice try..but really…. he is NO match for Rob. Made me laugh though……
    I must admit I have my moments too when I think this is all too much crazy – more because I wonder where my sanity has gone and I need it back…..but never doubting Rob (not even when I understood he’s with the Mullet which I must agree is a deal breaker)! I LOVE Rob!Dirty, clean, drunk, sober, serious, silly, word vomit, eloquent, happy, sad, long hair, short hair…….don’t matter. I SEE him!
    I really do have a fav Rob though and that’s when he sends off sexy vibes and is flirty (…those eyes…YUM) – something that he did alot of pre-Twilight and a little while after. Now that he’s “getting some”, he doesn’t do that so often anymore…and I miss it…….maybe that’s what you ladies are missing too?????

  49. This is for you UC:

    • um. i have fallen in love with you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  50. Variety Magazine (industry trade) review of Remember Me came out – So can someone tell me what they mean by “B.O.” in this article? WTF???

    To quote some of it:
    ” “Remember Me,” a grave romantic drama with grandiose thematic intentions. Framed in a portentous manner with a calamitous ending that will only come as a surprise to those who haven’t been paying attention…It is precisely the young female fans of star Robert Pattinson who will react most wrenchingly to this doomed romance, which should enjoy a short but sweet B.O. life.””
    Ok, I think that was rude to mention Robbie’s B.O issues, the guy sweats because I he’s probably nervous.. but was it necessary to mention it in a movie review? honestly now.. might as well mentioned his “sparkle peen”.. or something else outrageous. ….B.O? WTF?

    • bo=box office.

      • In light of that clarification, Hermes, your last paragraph is esp adorable and hilarious!

      • Thanks Dazzle for the clarification …

        re: B.O. = my oops.
        Honestly now.. why don’t they just come out and say BOX OFFICE!
        B.O. could be taken another way you know..

        I’m not as hip as would like to be :((
        ok, back to making my homemade chicken soup!!

    • …and I wouldn’t read that unless you want serious spoilers!!

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