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Remember Me – The Soundtrack fit for college radio circa 2001

Oh hello time machine in cd form, thank you for taking me back to 2001

Dear Rob,

You know how much we love to talk about music around here and well any excuse to talk about it in relation to you and your movies is a welcome post for me to write! When I first saw that screening of Remember Me back in November all they had were some temp tracks and I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to use in the final cut of the movie. I knew if Alex Patsavas and Chop Shop were attached we’d end up with something pretty awesome, as if their usual M.O. And I think for the most part the soundtrack for Remember Me is no different minus a few tracks I could have left off.

Most of this music and these bands were popular in the late 90s early 00s when this movie takes place. Which made me really have to dig to find these songs on the interwebs to share with you guys, so listen to the video or open the link in a new window to listen.  BUUUTTT I gotta say some of these are kinda painful to listen while others make me want to hug my ipod.Ya win some, ya lose some right?

So let’s get to it, shall we?

*SPOILER ALERT!!! If you want to remain a virgin I may say a couple things about scenes in RM. FYI*

1. Alien Lover – Luscious Jackson

The lyrics seem appropriate as they’re pretty alien to each other for a while. All I can picture when I listen to this is college dorm rooms in the late 90s which I guess is pretty much perfect for this movie.

2. Play On – Kottonmouth Kings

(Video NSFW)
This is like the early 2000s version of crap like Slipknot and Insane Clown Posse. Named the “Band of the Year” by “High Times Magazine” I’m sure you can see why after you listen. I can see this being put in the jail scene or maybe walking in the alley before the rumble/fight.

3. Kandles (iTunes link) – National Skyline
This is definitely more in my wheel house, late 90s shoe gaze, dream pop!? Yes, please! And of course this means this song is no where (legal) online that I can link to besides it’s iTunes link. This definitely fits brooding Tyler way more than that rap-rock stuff. Imagine the Tyler riding his bicycle in the rain scene.

4. Soft Shoulder – Ani Difranco

This will probably most definitely be a song for Emilie’s character Ally. Ani Defrano was like every stereotypical English Lit/Women’s Studies major college girls music, this soundtrack wouldn’t have been complete without it, for reals. It’s too bad there’s no Ally going to Lillith Fair scene, this would have ruled. Most likely probably just when she gets all huffy with her Dad and leaves.

Follow the cut, trust me it gets better. I swear!

5. Have Mercy – Two Ton Boa
Never heard of these folks/person in my life and there’s nothing on Wiki about them. BUT I did find the official website where you can listen to the entire version of Have Mercy on their player a la blogspot. This sounds like a Tyler/Alley song but is kinda meh… maybe it’ll turn out to be a keeper.

6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd – Ed Harcourt

Oh Ed… sing to me with your luscious locks and your luscious voice. I just want to skip down the block hand in hand with Robert Pattinson while this song plays… wait… I mean maybe Emilie will in the movie… damn, reality… oh and Ed says “moist” and that always makes me want to barf. But this is such a great inclusion.

7. Why Did We Ever Meet – The Promise Ring

NOW we’re talking! Now, I’m paying attention. I think we all know my penchant for the emo or should I say the REAL emo. This song is from one of the hallmark albums of the genre, “Nothing Feels Good.” If you don’t have it, you really should own it and appreciate it and then you can thank me! I really can’t wait to see where this lands in the film.

8. You Can See Me – Supergrass

Supergrass will always remind me of my RA, Sean in 2002 with his weird dog that got sprayed by a skunk. So this is pretty much crazy hippie liberal arts college student stuff. Or maybe it’s actually Britpop from the late 90s that hippie RA’s with an old Ford Explorer listened to stuff.

9. Sea Of Teeth – Sparklehorse

This is quite sad actually since Mark (the lead singer) committed suicide this last Saturday. This song is just too beautiful for words about how everything just might be out of reach or unattainable. This should end up in a sweet love scene, maybe that shadow puppets part? I would die from swooning.

10. Andvari – Sigur Ros

We’re obviously now into the swoonable section of the soundtrack. If there’s only one band on this soundtrack that you can learn more about or buy their albums than it is most definitely Sigur Ros. So dreamy, so ethereal, so perfect for a long drive by the ocean or sitting in your backyard looking at stars. What scene will this be in? I can only imagine something super dreamy, or just a floating image of Rob’s head, ya know the stuff good movies are made out of.

11. Parasol – The Sea And Cake

Continuing on with the “sad bastard music” portion of the soundtrack we have The Sea and Cake who bring us another slow jam to be brooding and wistfully look out the window. Hmmm sounds like perfect RPattz material.

12. Soul Brother – Us3
LastFM preview
You’ll probably know them best from that old school joint “Cantaloop” (biddy biddy bop!) but this is a nice little jam to see thrown in here. I love me some old school hip hop vibes and this might just be perfect for Tyler making Ally dinner before the infamous spaghetti shower. Hmmmm…

13. Open Wide – Long Hind Legs
Blip FM (just hit play next to the title)
Besides combining the song title and the artist to get something  sounding totally pervy and some equally risque search results on videos for this it’s pretty good. I love this kind of throw back sound. It’s so new wave and Joy Division and other awesomeness rolled into one. I gotta add this to my list to search for the vinyl of.

14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me – Fonda

Fonda brings the dream-like vibes with this song and fits in perfectly with Tyler’s broodiness and self loathing.

Seriously, if you love dreampop/shoegaze/indie pop than the 2nd half of this soundtrack is for you. Full of B-Sides and bands you should know minus a few near the front of this soundtrack. I almost wouldn’t buy this based on a couple of picks that were included. I get that we’re going for a soundtrack that encompasses the movie and not just the Best-Of dreampop/shoegaze/indiepop compilation that I would have drooled over but still, Luscious Jackson??

Actually this entire album plays like what you would have heard on a college radio station circa 2001. So bravo, since it’s a perfect portrait of what what Tyler and Alley probably would have heard while at NYU that year. So well played, Chop Shop, well played indeed friends. But seriously can we stop with the Kottonmouth Kings? That was just uncalled for.

Off to think about college in 2001,

Whaddya think? Are there any tracks that take you back? Did anyone go to NYU in the early 00s? Was this on your college radio? Who wants to geek out with me over The Promise Ring and Sigur Ros?

We keep talking about it but you buy your tickets yet? You can buy them (here) in advance on Fandango.

Anndddddd there’s a campaign going around to make Saturday March 13th, “Remember Me Saturday.” The idea is to go back and see the movie again (assuming you’re seeing it Friday night) and bring your family and friends- yes, even your grandpa. Having trouble getting the man in your life to give a crap about this movie? How about printing a picture out of Emile De Ravin, who has been looking smokin’ lately, and telling him that he’ll get to see her in some sex scenes? Oh, and make sure NOT to mention that Rob is in the movie. Then he’ll probably go with you for sure! Check out the Remember Me Saturday website for more details

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  1. I’m still a virgin! (haven’t said that in a while) Scrolled to the bottom, quickest read of a LTR in ages 🙂 I won’t look, I can’t, holding fingers in ears, I’m going in untouched, lalalalalalala……


    • Well Cazza…

      I think my virginity is growing back……
      and I know that’s got nothing to do with what you’re talking about, but that’s how I’m feeling today!

      • haha
        I love your direct talking style.

        • Why, thank you my dear! 🙂

      • I wouldn’t worry, you’re not missing much 🙂 (did I just say that out loud?)

    • Me too I am trying to stay as virgin as possible!

      I scrolled all the way to the bottom too! Thanks for the warning Moon!

    • Cazza,
      I respect you for staying a virgin.

      • 🙂

    • I wanted to try that too, but it is kinda hard to do when Rm starts on the 23rd here in Germany! Life sucks…

  2. awwwww fu(K!!!

    I can’t see any of the vids AGAIN!!!!

    where is everyone?!?

    • that’s weird that you can’t see them.
      i’m in canada and sometimes it won’t let me view them since i’m outside the US. but the last few times i’ve been able to.

      maybe wordpress is cockblocking you.

      • Jess & Misty – I can see the vids but I can’t give a blasted thumbs up. What’s that all about? Weird.

  3. Moon! Thanks for all the music! ‘sad bastard music’ hahahaha, you’re so right! Thanks!

    (just off topic- check out the interviews with Rob about RM over at Robsessed. Remember our discussion of Lent?- Well, an interviewer asks him a question from a fan about what he couldn’t give up for Lent- his answer is all Rob).

    • Beeeeeeeeeerrrr !!! Hahahahaha, oh Rob, so NO lent for you! ❤

      • wasn’t that funny!!!???

        • That was the best interview. It was so adorable, so funny, so ROB!! I love the last question & his answer. I’m glad to see he has a sense of humour about it all!!

          I haven’t gotten to the bottom of the page, yet, but I’m posting the link to the interview on YouTube. Sorry if someone else already did it.

          Loved todays blog. I didn’t listen to all the music but I did listen to a couple songs (or part of them anyway). I really want to stay as ”pure’ as possible for the movie but curiousity got the best of me!! Thanks for the music Moon!! 😀

          • thanks for the link. What a great interview!!!

    • what interview? what interview? omg i have to work, you’re killing me.

      • Relax baby, I’ll send it to you….lol

    • Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.

  4. Thanks for an informative post on the music! And for not spoiling much of the movie at all!

    I wasn’t necessarily planning on buying the soundtrack – maybe after I see the movie. I’m still waiting to buy tix online from my local theatre – their site is not letting me buy tix for Friday yet.

    Am I the only person to be just a little skeeved out by “Remember Me Saturday”? The Twifandom is almost like Rob’s codependent mousey girlfriend who just wants him to love her. Maybe I’m a little cranky this morning, but RMS seems like so much like the “Respect Rob” nonsense. Are we gonna have Eclipse Friday? Bel Ami Sunday? OK, I’ll stop now.

    • YTU – I agree when I first read about the RM Saturday, it kinda made me feel that all is not right with the world, it all seems a little nuts/odd/dare I say pathetic………and Why?

      I’m not getting why people feel that returning on the Saturday is going to help prove he can act and/or RM is a good film.

      Or am I completely getting this wrong and the reason is something I just don’t get?

      • mine! I read somewhere that the box offices make their “countings” on the saturday numbers, so the fandom will try to increase that number to support the film, to make it become a success for him. I saw a twitter msg from Rob to Summit where he was grateful and said thanks or so.
        That was the explanation in my badest english, I hope it makes some sense.

        • RG – it makes perfect sense and that is also what I read, but I still think it’s a bit odd (especially RP condoning it). Srly he’d rather it scored high at the box office because people really wanted to see it on its own merit . This way the film is now open to condemnation by others (haters of RP who don’t think he can act) because the box office numbers have been artificially inflated by fangirls rather than serious film goers.

          • I really have the feeling Summit and people are paranoid about the success of the film as it was the case for New Moon. They just need to chill down, of course all the crazies will go see the movie several times, of course the public will be mostly made up of crazies than movie goers (not that the latter won’t go to see it, but the number of crazies is def. superior no matter the occasion) and of course the thing will be huuge, making Rob an unattainable star and the crazies will be more crazy (probably me included unfortunately). So people who are freakin’ out about it, just chill, really.

          • Minuit, I don’t think I’m freaking out about it, I just thought it was a really odd thing to do, i.e. have a campaign to induce people to go see a film regardless of it’s merit, and that RP would thank people for doing so.

            I’m sure it will be big but it would be better if it’s big for the right reasons. I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll venture out to the cinema to see it or whether I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD…..It’s the second hand embarassement of being see queing to get in. Maybe I should just get over myself. On the other hand, I’d have no problems standing in line to see Bel Ami…odd that, isn’t it?

          • Minuit, you’re right but I don’t think Summit is able to “chill”, just look at the blond-PR-woman-“agent”-with the weird face and the chewing-gum 🙂

          • RG – who’s that?

          • Mine!
            No, no, I wasn’t talking about you at all, I just said above I’m with you on that (the thumbs up comment) I was talking about Summit and the fandom.And I agree they shouldn’t add the encourgaing the fan stuff because that won’t give Rob more credibility, but I have the feeling this film will be a block buster in terms of sales because all the girls will go see it. That doens’t mean it won’t appeal to movie goers, but I think it will be them+the crazies.
            Can you wait for the DVD, because this film will stick in theaters for a while, I’m sure. For NM, I’ve waited for ages to see it in cinema, and it was still soo embarassing considering there were only a couple of people in a small room.

          • mine! the blond biotch with the strange face, watching over Rob on the red carpet of NM and RM….and it was joke!

            Summit cannot relax, Rob is their golden cow to milk, he made increase the whole company about 500%!

            I saw a german report where a jounalist talked about HOW many influence Summit has over anything he will be asked, actually she asked him 2 or 3 “hot” questions and afterwards Summit deleted the interview and she was quasi fired from the red carpet! You got the idea…

          • Did you go and see NM, I didn’t think you did. I’m sure I told you I went, but I was armed with a 13year old so didn’t feel too embarrassed…and did spend a lot of the film sniggering, it was rather bad…but still good fun.

            I realised after I said it, that I’d misunderstood you, should read slower 🙂

            I think I could wait for the DVD because I feel like I’ve seen the film already considering the amount of clips that have been released. Also, I’ve read the script so I know how it ends blah blah blah. It’s essentially not the type of film I would pay to watch at the cinema (it’s a DVD type film for me) I think if I do go and see RM it will be a few weeks after it’s been released when the excitements died down….also less embarrassing me thinks. I’m waiting for Bel Ami…for obvious reasons 🙂

          • @mine…’armed with a thirteen year old’ haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The true weapon of mass destruction….

        • Huh? Rob isn’t on Twitter. I can’t imagine that he is gushing about Remember Me Saturday. When Matt Lauer brought it up on the Today show here in the States, he almost seemed embarrassed (um, he should).

          The support of the Twicrazies sorta defeats its own purpose. They want to “support Rob” but in their efforts, end up making him seem like a joke. And the people who are reluctant to see him as a decent actor outside of Twilight just look at the crazies and hold it against him. KWIM?

          Also, when they say at the end of the weekend what the box office take was, aren’t they including Thursday midnight showings and Friday showings in that number? So if you see it Friday, it should be included.

          Anyway, I think I’m overthinking it. I want to be Normal, not lumped in with women who come up with Respect Rob and Remember Me Saturday craziness. Normal, I said! 😉

          • he twittered from the twilight (summit) twitter account I belive.

          • Mine, thanks for that – I follow Twilight on Twitter and I don’t remember ever seeing it. Musta missed it. Or it didn’t happen. 🙂

          • mine! You’re right, it was from a Summit account! TLG, you can find it on robsessed.

    • Thumbs up for that.

      • Thanks – when I try to thumbs up anyone today, it takes it back. I promise, I’m a thumbs up whore so you’d have at least 1 by now.

        • Here the same since yesterday, and I’d prefer if the whole thumbs-thing would not exist at all.

          • RG – me too, i feel like everyone is always thumb-downing me 🙂

          • M!M!M! – I thumbs up you all the time. LOL
            My thumbing thingy doesn’t work either, it feels like an important privilege has been revoked! WordPress grounded us.

        • Mine isn’t working either!

    • I like your comment. I saw the movie last week. I hope non-Rob fans go to see it because it is a good movie. And Summit is fine – they even got a shout out at the Oscars for distributing the Hurt Locker (since film distribution is still their primary business)

  5. Sigur Ros.

    That is all.

    I love them, they are, hands down, my favourite band OF ALL TIME. I will always love them, and when I’m (hopefully) an old, fat woman sitting in a home and trying to remember the name of that boy I used to be obsessed with once (Ron someone?) I will still listen to their music and it will still move me to tears like it does now. I actually feel lucky that I’m alive now and I get to hear it. F’real. It’s them and Nick Drake, the only things I would save if my house were on fire (sorry budgie!).

    Now y’all go and listen to Hoppipolla and think about what’s important to you and shed a few tears!

    • me toooo.
      love love love!

      • Yay! Sigur Ros love in! Have you heard the new Jonsi solo stuff? It’s pretty good too. I saw Sigur Ros live in London a couple of years ago and it was so amazing!

        • Nope, but I will have a listen for sure! Thanks.

  6. andvari was released on takk in 2005…but either way I’m not going to ever complain about sigur ros on a soundtrack. They’re my favorite band and as you said if there’s any band worth checking out on this soundtrack it’s them! Ágætis byrjun or ( ) are closer to the time setting of the movie though. But AB tracks have been used a lot in other movies and ( ) is so dark and intense at times. I can’t wait to see where they place andvari, the track is beautiful, as is pretty much all their music anyway 😉

    • Love you. Seriously!

      • oh yay!!! another sigur ros fan!! lets be besties lol 😉

        I love that there’s SR love two posts in a row!

        • Lets! Honestly though, sometimes I think I love them in entirely unhealthy amounts! I’m sure you understand this considering we are both on a blog about a boy that we also love in entirely unhealthy amounts 😉

          • Shleeeigh off topic, but since you’re around, may I ask you if you’ve been to any gigs lately ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo and would you like to share? But it’s OK if you don’t feel like it, I can completely understand.

          • Sadly no, I used to live right up near the Garage where Man Bangs played recently, youknowthegig, but I didn’t even realise he was playing! I have been such an incredible fanfail recently. his is honestly not a ploy to get lax and ‘ironically’ run into Rob, although I’d TOTALLY take it should the universe decide to bestow that on me.

          • Shleeeigh – I live down the other end of Upper Street (Angel end as opposed to Highbury & Islington end). I wasn’t aware that BL was still in London, nor that he was playing The Garage, I thought he’d gone over to the US after he played Hoxton Bar & Grill in Jan. If I’d realized he was still around I’d have kept a closer eye on what he was up to…actually convinced I saw him (BL) in the Angel the next day, but I didn’t have my glasses on so it could have been anyone!! 🙂
            Unfortunately, that night I stayed in and watched the football (England v Egypt…sad I know), usually I go up that end to watch it, I could have been in the pub pretty much across the road, well just round the corner, I could have bumped into him, I could have seduced him with my charms…*ahem*….wishful thinking of course….

          • @Shleeeigh sorry to hear the universe haven’t been with you or with mine!. and that wasn’t the only gig lately. here’s to better days, or nights.

            @mine! I’m sure you would have charmed him if of course you had your fabulous glasses so you can actually recognize him but even if you mistake him for someone else, the worst it can happen is to charm some Rob looking guy.

  7. Thanks Moon for all your effort to post the tracks!

    All in all that’s not my music at all, but I’m sure when I’ve seen the movie, some of them will be “fulfilled” with Rob and his acting, so I will buy what’s in my “HEART” 🙂

    The song that I really like is the one from the shower scene, but you haven’t post it, I found a version some days ago, I guess that could become my favourite!

  8. Moon,
    I love this post and your social analysis, Supergrass = mostly hippie liberal arts college :), reminds me of some of the reasons I love this blog, smart and funny, not just being ecstatic in front of the “smexy”.
    I was in college in 2001 hanging out with a whole lot of musicians but probably in another galaxy because even if I know the songs/bands, none of them remind me of that time. Probably the drinks didn’t help either.

    • Supergrass is the only one I know…….

      I was obviously listening to completely different music to everyone else….so bloody typical!

      • I like Supergrass and Britpop in general.

  9. Had all the good intensions to stay away from anything Robrelated today, little rehabattempt, but it turns out I’m not only Robsessed I’m also a LTRaddict…ok great…it seems that I DON’T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO STAY AWAY FROM YOU ANY MORE…I’m so desperately trying to focus on work (where I have to be in a few minutes) instead I get creazy just by seeing a little pic of Robert (for which I desperately search of course) and i am like obsessed to read todays letter on LTR…c
    don’t have the time to listen to the music though, but I am so jealous of all you guys who will hear the music first hand in the movie this weekend…

    • we are all LTR addicts here. i’m always saying I’ll wait till evening (afternoon in the US) to comment, but I briliantly fail every day. I think we should put up a jobs board or smth for people who will be fired.

      • OMG , you do the same? I’m not the only lame that tries to wait…….and why I don’t feel better now? 🙂

        • You won’t feel better my robgirl, cause your mind is fixed on commenting on LTR the moment you wake up…we just all make such a stupid effort to get in as late as possible just to prove that WE ARE ONLY SOOOO HAPPY TO WASTE OUR TIME MISERABLY on everything Robrelated…really love you all for making me feel that I’m not alone in this

      • As you see I’m still here instead of work and you have a good point there about the jobs board minuit passe (thank God I have no boss over my head but I should at least be able to SEE my clients when I’m talking to them).

      • HAHA, well technically it’s already afternoon your time.

        I have been coming here later everyday so I thought today I will get here earlier, before my day gets even more hectic.

      • Minuit – I am so with you re. Job board I am seriously going to need a new one soon. Last week I realised that I did absolutely zero work Thursday and Friday afternoon. oh and lookie lookie it’s no different today!

        RG – LMAO you try to wait!

        • well, I have no boss to watch me, let’s just say I’m watching myself getting nuts about everything PLUS I’m managing 10 things simultaneously, sort of idiot behaving!

    • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Still loving Aragorn.

    • Me, too, Ginormous project due today and I got about 2 hours of sleep last night and what am I doing? LTR- that’s right!!!!

      • OT, drsaka, the Early show interview is up…and I LOVE what he said about Bel Ami in the end! That film is going to be GREAT! ❤

        • He’s wearing the grey suit!!!!! Sweet interview!

      • So with you, Drsaka.

        My boss wants to talk to me and I’m making him wait, while I write you.

        The sad part is, I really don’t care…I’m so happy at ltr.


  10. So who’s watching RM on Friday? Sadly I have to wait til Monday since I can’t find a sitter to watch my toddler and my hubby works night. :-(. Oh well, Monday will be here soon enough but I wanted to go on the opening night so I can support Rob more.

    I just realized that 2001 year sigficance in the RM last week. I kind of have an idea about the story line but I didn’t read the ending and I sort of skimmed through the whole thing. So if I go back to 2001, I’d say that year was pretty significant in my life too, the events of that year that affected me and my family, the entire American(and other nationalities) population. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the music, I didn’t listen to them yet, trying to stay a virgin, if that’s even possible.

    • I’m going Friday! And probably Tuesday night too. I won’t be going Saturday, though. I’ve been careful not to watch any scenes or read any reviews (even though I read the script) so it will all be new to me. Supposedly the script was changed, so I’m hoping the ending id different than the one I read.

      The soundtrack is meh,ok. There are a few good songs and some , um, not so good. Not great enough for me to buy it.

      • I’m going Friday also. I warned my GF that we may be seeing it twice! But, we probably won’t. I also have not watched anything but the trailer seen in the theater.

      • Yay for you! Wish I can go Friday….and then if I do, I know I won’t be able to sleep that night.

        I want to see it more than once too. :-). Once with me and maybe 2 times with some crazy girlfriends.

    • SB, I feel your pain, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has to wait til Monday to go see it. I don’t really need a babysitter since my son is 11 & quite capable of staying home alone for 3 hrs plus my 16yr old stepson will be here. But that is the reason I can’t go…because the boys will be here & they have no desire to go see Rob onscreen. Plus my hubby says he refuses to be my Rob-enabler 😦
      So my sister-in-law (who is just as Robssessed as the rest of us) & I are going Monday to a matinee!! 😀

      • Wait, I forgot, is matinee the earliest show?

        • yes it’s the afternoon shows. You know the shows that cost less so that those of us who don’t have a magic money tree growing in the backyard can actually afford to go & get popcorn and a drink!! LOL

    • SB – I’m going on Friday.
      No plans to go on Saturday.
      I live a 5 minute walk from the theater so I may make a repeat visit during week sometime.

      • Lucky you! The theater is not far from me, it’s so very tempting. They went a little crazy there though when Twilight came out. The line to go inside was all the way into the street pretty much, after wrapping around in the parking lot. My friend who went on opening night told me this story, that time I wasn’t into Twi or Rob yet.

        • I’ve never been to see a movie more than once at the theater. I read this script and fell in love with it.
          I saw New Moon 3 weeks after it had been out (I’m such a bad fan) but it was the best! I had one friend with me and there were only 4 other people in the room, 200+ capacity room felt like my own private viewing.
          Can’t wait that long for RM and I will see it more than once.

    • SB, I’m going Friday for sure…


      • That’s great! I’m sending my virtual self to you to take along.

        • SB,
          I really wish you could go with me!!!!

          I’m taking a woman who hasn’t seen the light (of Rob)…yet…what a silly human.


          • LOL! Ok I think I know who this woman is. 🙂

          • I am in the same boat. Going with two friends that don’t love Rob. Honestly, I do not know why they are still my friends.

  11. Lets hope Rob acts better in this one than in New Moon and Twilight. Or it could be a real bite in the New Moon for we will surely remember me. The twilight’s last gleaming. Chop shop si the place they nake stolen cars into new ones?

    • hahahahaha

  12. Now guys I seriously have to go…you drive me nuts…

    Eatmyjorts you are so sweet but I am in big trubble guys…
    As my best friend said I commited high treason by having Aragorn as my avi in the middle of sooooo robsessed girls and she will never speek to me again unless I change it…didn’t thought it that way…you think Robert will hate me tooooooo?????

    • Stand firm! It’s not like all the ladies on here only love Rob & no-one else. HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaThere’s room for some Ranger hottie……….

  13. Good Morning All! Love all the comments today!

    I am still a virgin – wanted to read the post and watch the vids, but when I go to see the movie I want it to be like the first time!

    I plan to go Friday to see RM and will not be participating in the RM Saturday. I’m going to see the movie because I want to, not because I’m supporting Rob or some shiz. I want to see it because he is in it and because I think it looks good.

    Now, get to work everyone!

  14. I have not listened to the songs because I don’t want to spoil my Remember Me experience however, hearing the names of the bands I am even more psyched to see this movie. My 20’s were the 90’s and so were a lot of these bands.

    Thanks for the post!

  15. I’m going to see it this weekend at some point, 90% for Rob and 10% to see how the 9/11 story is handled. As a 9/11 survivor, I’m interested to see what they do to accurately portray the mindset of New Yorkers during that time.

    I’m bringing Kleenex, that’s for sure!!!

  16. Moon,
    Thanks for the education, girl. Love it and can’t believe US3 is going to be in RM. I love that music so, so much.


  17. One day, I play to listen to this. I might even like it. I was on school in 2001 too after all.

    PS this was entirely too complex to steal from you, just so you know.

    • Hey Janetrigs!
      i missed your awesome comments. Glad you’re back again!

      • THANKS! Please excuse all spelling and bad grammer

        • Eric too? Swoon. Oh no, now I will be asking myself if I’d step over Aragorn to get to Eric or vv?

  18. Yeah I am still suffering from internet-loss… it sucks big time! I’m so depressed I actually need a Rob overdose tomorrow to make up for it.

    And not having an internet connection means not being able to look at the videos. 😦

    Today at work I took the opportunity to buy my Rm tickets! Only 2 weeks to go.

    @Melinda I saw your answer to my post too late hun. I’m sorry. You lived in germany for a while? Do you speak german aswell? That means we have 5 germans in here… Wooooo!
    I live in munich which is def germany’s most beautiful city! write me an mail and we can talk…

    I think I’ll die if internet doesn’t work tomorrow,

    • Hey B, I was wondering what happened to you!

      • Nothing wrong really just internet not working until tomorrow…. 😦 I was so desperate I actually spent 5(!) hours in the library on the computer. Just to get my Robdose. Damn I’m an addict…

        btw honey you got mail. Maybe you should check 😉

        • Hmm, I don’t see any mail from you.

  19. Thanks for the music education today! I actually wiki’ed that shit to learn more about the emo movement.

    I will soon own some Sunny Day Real Estate and Promise Ring.

    Whoever said this blog was just a big waste of my time????

    • I never said that!

    • Absolutely no one said that. No way…

  20. Just have to tell y’all, I’m actually rather concerned about remember me coming out. There’s a rather large part of me that doesn’t like the idea about other people, “robnewbies” seeing him as Tyler.
    Tyler is obviously much more like Rob than Edward (which is the only role most people have seen him as). So, our Rob, not the crappy tabloidish image of him, is going to be much more exposed!
    I realised today that some people around me actually are going to watch rememer me, that’s a bit scary. I might be crazy (oh, there’s probably no doubt about that) but I feel like I love Rob to such extent that it’s like showing everyone around what’s inside me.

    I nearly had a heart failure today when I saw this HUGE remember me poster on the subway station – like I’d wrung myself inside out for everyone to see.

  21. Andvari is from the album takk which wasn’t released until 2006 if I remember correctly. Agaetis Byrjun on the other hand, was released in 1999 (in iceland) and through fatcat records in the uk the following year in 2000. They could of chosen something off of that record at least!

    On another note, sigur ros has the best song titles ever.

    In Norse mythology, Andvari (Old Norse “careful one”[1]) is a dwarf who lives underneath a waterfall and has the power to change himself into a fish at will. Andvari had a magical ring Andvarinaut, which helped him become wealthy.

    Using a net provided by Ran, Loki catches him as a pike and forces him to give up his gold and Andvarinaut. Andvari cursed the stolen gold which would destroy anyone who possessed it. After the deaths of Brynhild and Sigurd, Gunnar left Andvari’s gold in a cave. Years later, Andvari discovered the cave and his lost gold, although his ring was lost forever.

  22. Variety Magazine (the movie industry trade) posted their review on Robbies film.
    they mention something about B.O. ?
    What the heck is that about. ??

  23. I haven’t heard luscious Jackson since that “naked eye” song

  24. Mine3, see this film because firstly its good (read the script, like the cast, so far people who seen it are very positive) and worth supporting and second you get to support Rob carreer in real life.

    Be open minded and try not to think too thorough and serious. Peace

    I didn’t encourage people to see NM, because it was badly done, but for RM I will and have. Twilght movies doesn’t need to be promote but RM does by Rob fans foremost who love him and knows he can act pre Twilight and by supporting RM , Rob will have more power to do films he love.

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