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It takes a TEAM to write about Rob…

Dear Rob and LTR-ers,

I had all this lovely Rob porn all created for this Friday to try to help alleviate the Winter Blues UC and I were both talking about yesterday and as I was about to go upload it to here I get some sort of weird computer virus something and I got scared and tried to run a virus scan but it was acting all wonky so I turned it off. And now I’m wondering how the crap I’m going to post anything at all.

So mobile wordpress I went and well as you can see the results are awful. I guess I never expected this day to come, who get’s computer viruses in the year 2010? Um, me I guess.

ugh this sucks

7:00 am Update UC TO THE RESCUE actually… Katiebird to the rescue:

Why yes, this guy WAS in GQ at some point...

Hey Rob,

I know that it is weird to get an email from me, since you and I usually talk and spend quite a bit of time together, in my dreams. Like last night was great (that’s what I said). I know that you don’t know this, because it actually has never come up, when we are together (in my dreams). I know that you think of me as this amazing, mysterious woman, who is single, (in my dreams with you, I am single and slightly younger, so please continue to go with this) but actually in reality, I am married to a great guy. So, why am I writing you, you ask?

My guy said the most amazing thing about you this morning, before I went to work, and I just had to tell you!! We are getting ready to move back to Chicago, from Michigan, so my guy is working on packing up things around the house. (Don’t worry, I’ll give you my forwarding address, so that we can meet up, next time you’re in Chitown) I kind of wish that he would ask me first, before packing some things, like my Twilight books, but he told me what box that they are in, in case I need a fix before Eclipse comes out. (He is so sweet!) This morning I woke up, I mean literally sat up in bed in a panic, wondering if in his haste to clear things out, that he might have accidently, throw out his stack of magazines, in the office. I didn’t want to wake my guy in his sleep, but I was wondering if I needed to go thru the trash can in the garage, for a certain magazine, from April of last year. I took a shower, had some coffee, and tried to think about how to approach him about this, without being laughed at. Because of my time constraints before going to work, I needed to get right to the point, so I just went with honesty, “Love, don’t laugh at me about this, but did you throw out all of your magazines that were sitting in a stack, in your office?” He looked at me with a smirk, and said, “No love, I didn’t throw your favorite magazine out. I kept it some place safe.” I didn’t want to hurt his ego so I had to ask,”You don’t hate me for wanting to keep that GQ magazine with Rob?” Here is where it gets interesting. His reply was, “Are you kidding me? I have the utmost respect for Robert Pattinson. I should thank that guy.” See Rob, he is starting to understand us!

I can only guess that he is slowly coming to the realization that because of you, Twilight, and some serious long nights reading Fanfiction, based on you and Twilight, that his life in our bedroom, had greatly improved for the better. I know, I know, that this sounds like I am cheating on us, but really, you are just in my dreams, and my guy is pretty amazing.

I mean, like a year ago ago, when my head was buried in the Twilight series, and I was impatiently waiting for the movie on DVD, I mistakingly mentioned you in passing. My guy has no idea just how much time I spend looking at pictures/videos of you, but he did notice my reaction to his GQ magazine when it arrived, with your face on the cover. My face kind of gave my feelings away, when he showed it to me. Sorry, but you really out did yourself with that photo shoot. My guy, at that time, and the months following, refused to call you by your right name, and in fact most of the time, you were referred to, as “a tool”. The fact that he wants to thank you, is a really big deal.

This is why I feel so complied to tell you about this revelation. I promise, this will be the last time, that I will speak of this. I don’t want to ruin your mood, when we “see” each other again. See you soon, baby.


Your katiebird

One of our super awesome forum mods JodieO is celebrating a birthday today and some of the ladies in the Forum made her a special treat…

So…. Rob is in a new movie. Have you heard? Did you buy your tickets yet? You can buy them in advance on Fandango.

Anndddddd there’s a campaign going around to make Saturday March 13th, “Remember Me Saturday.” The idea is to go back and see the movie again (assuming you’re seeing it Friday night) and bring your family and friends- yes, even your grandpa. Having trouble getting the man in your life to give a crap about this movie? How about printing a picture out of Emile De Ravin, who has been looking smokin’ lately, and telling him that he’ll get to see her in some sex scenes? Oh, and make sure NOT to mention that Rob is in the movie. Then he’ll probably go with you for sure! Check out the Remember Me Saturday website for more details

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter

Pic from Robsesssed



  1. Good letter, katiebird!
    Every LTR’s SO should band together and thank Mr. Robert Pattinson for increasing our libidos 100 fold. From Katiebird’s letter, it sounds like at least one of the SOs understands the benefits of Rob.

    Maybe we can declare a day as ‘International Appreciation of Robert Pattinson Day’.

    And sorry Moon, about the computer fail. It happens to all of us, one time or another.

    • Hooray for the “International Pattinson day”, Rob already has the FLAG on!!!


    • You are right. There should be some official day where we celebrate what Rob has brought to our love lives, besides his birthday!!

  2. Awwh, thanks Guys!

    And not to make myself easy or anything, but I’M HERE BOBBY! COME AND GET ME! Bring your manbangs and the guitar and I’ll blow off my own birthday party!

    • Happy Birthday, JodieO. Bobby would be a nice present!!!

    • Happy Birthday, Jodie!!!

    • Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Jodie!!!

    • Hope you have some fun times!! Happy Birthday!

    • Happy birthday Jodie!

    • Happy birthday Jodie!

      “he spotted a sweater even more hideous than his own” -> you forum girls rule!

    • *clears throat
      Happy birfday to you, happy birfday to you, happy birfday dear JodieOooooooooo
      Happy birfday to you!!!!!!

    • Happy bday! x x x

      • Awwh! Thanks everybody! Y’all are the best!

    • Happy Birthday, JodieO…hope you and Bobby hook up soon.

      • That’s what I’ll be thinking when I blow out my candles!

  3. Weird friday…

    – Moon got a virus , ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    – the virus scan was wonky
    – Rob was/is/will be wonky
    – my eyes are burning cause of that yellow “thing”


    • RG- you didn’t like the yellow Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels’ tour t-shirt????
      Did did kinda clash with gold bag he was carrying. I wonder if Rob isn’t a bit color blind??? Or more likely, just doesn’t care! And we love him for that!

      • I kinda like that T….me thinks it suits him.

        • it takes a strong man to wear bright yellow!! Haha

          • Hell, yes!

          • Or he could just wear this, and save himself the trouble, cause black goes with everything, right?

            Also, lets the people who dont know yet that he’s “BIJ” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • chryredlipstik- thanks for pointing that out! Its perfect!

      • I LOVE the tee, wonder what happened to it, because I’ve the same in white, and it exists also in black…lol……so or TomStu is on “yellow” these days (remember the tulip thing..) or somebody washed the shirt together with a yellow rag and Rob thought, wow, that’s a cool colour, the paps will go wild with MY shirt and not shoot another TEE that somebody else wore at some airport around NY….and youknowwhoImean

      • Drsaka, it did clash, but we don’t care. AND as you and I both know, the bag’s Tom’s anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • hahaha

      • I think he doesn’t care, he seems to be very laid back. He looks great in anything!

        • Well said SB ๐Ÿ™‚

          I concur.

          • Mine, I think Rob can wear a burlap sack and I will still find him sexy. My perspective must have been altered completely, forever!

          • Mine also, but I look the view from here ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Mine also, but I like the view from here.

      • I heart his SW shirt, I actually got a black one. He’s out there professing his love of The Stones, this man’s too much. He’s putting way too much effort in to being Rob, haha.

        • Yay Cath! I think Rob is a walking advertisement!

          • SB, have you seen the new Bel Ami pics on Robsessed? I like the costume, but the hat seems too small. Hmmm.
            But then there comes the third picture of hoodie Rob!!! His jeans. Oh my…No comment…(button down)

          • Cath, yes I’ve seen them!!!! He’s so sexy!!!!! LOL

            Love the pic too that you are referring too. I’m always making a mental note of his clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. International Robert Pattinson appreciation day is a great idea drsaka! I`ve got a travelday today, just passed the airport, and was sorely tempted to hop on a plane to London. Instead I pulled out my phone and wrote this! We should totally have a LTR meeting one day in London though, ON Robpreciation Day! Yay!

    • Ugh, this was me, I swear I’m not a monster, hahaha. Guess my IPhone didn’t recognize my avatar. Scary. Hate posting on the go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • HAHA!! Glad to know that’s not a pic of the REAL you, Cath.
      That happened to me once, but I’d spelt my email wrong. I got a different monster.
      I’m attached to my purple squiggly guy, Purple’s good.

      ps: we missed you yesterday.

      • It’s the little monster who rears it’s ugly head when I see an esp. ‘nice’ picture of Rob, Jules. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Missed you all too! LTR is such a lovely little family. We should think about adopting. I happen to know a cute 23-year old boy who’s up for that. Who’s with me???

        • Now that’s a idea, Cath!

        • OK me!!!!

          • I’m in!

        • Let’s sign those adoption papers asap! (P.S. Is it very wrong to talk about adopting someone who we wanted to have as our groupie just two days ago??? Ah, never mind)

          Dear Rob,

          Who’s your mommy?



          P.S. Sorry Clare, but I’m sure you understand we are a different kind of mommy…ahem…;-)

          • I don’t want to be his mommy unless he’s afflicted with the Oedipus complex.

  5. Katiebird – Love your letter. I also underestimated my husband. I thought he would be jealous that I found Rob so hot. But just the other day we were watching t.v. and I had to run upstairs and put my little one to bed. My husband announces that “my guy” is on t.v.


    I wasn’t aware that he knew about my Robsession. I was hoping he just thought it was a Twilight obsession.

    Sure enough, I came downstairs and he had paused the Remember Me trailer so I could watch it. Awww! (He also admitted he thought Rob was pretty good in Twilight.)

    PS – I also live in Michigan. Can I move with you?

    • Well, we actually made the move in January, so I am now officially here in Chicago. I feel really lucky this week, because my man sat thru all of the late night interviews, and kept quiet, because he knew he would be reaping the benefits later.

      Moon and UC, if you are ever in town, please, please, contact me so I can shower you with presents and/or drinks somewhere. I would love to meet you.

      • I second what katiebird said, if Moon, UC or any of you cool people are in Denver area, I’ll buy you drinks. I’d love to meet you.

        p.s. loved your letter to Rob, Katiebird and your husband is a total sweetheart.

        • Thanks Lion!!! My sister lives in Denver, so maybe the next time I’m there visiting, we could hook up?

          • I’d love that!!!! Let me know.

  6. Sorry Ladies – off topic just for a mo:

    โ€˜I put a spell on youโ€™

    Am loving this version and an Haiti charity single โ€“ downloadable from Monday.

    Shane MacGowan, Nick Cage (though his eyebrows are taking on Denis Healey proportions and his hair appears to have left the building) Johnny Depp, Chrissie Hynde, Paloma Faith and Glen Matlock. Johnny Depp is looking rather f-ing amazing I would like to point out โ€“ beanie, plaid shirt, little black glasses, fag hanging out of mouthโ€ฆโ€ฆthis man is soooo hot, am hoping Rob is still looking this good 20 years from now. They should have thrown Rob into this mix – him and Johnny together, playing guitar….*sigh*โ€ฆโ€ฆI would pay good money to see that!

    • Shane MacGowan has always scared me though I did like some of The Pogues songs! Chrissie Hynde looked and sounded great.
      That;s for pointing out that vid!

      • OMG Drsaka…..Shane MacGowan is a poet.

        I live very close to a pub called ‘Filthy McNasties’ well it used to be called ‘Filthy McNasties Whiskey Cafe’ but they appear to have dropped the ‘whiskey cafe’ part now. Anyway, this used to be Shane’s local (before my time I’m afraid) and I remember one of the barmen telling me that they eventually had to bar him from the pub because half their cliental had developed an habit ..โ€ฆ. not sure how true that story is, but he was pretty wild back in the day.

        Shane MacGowan = Genius

        • OMG!!! M!M!M! – I live near a pub called Philty McNasty’s. Different spelling, different country, same nasty connotation! HA!

          • hmmmmm….we could be twins ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Indeed, we are sisters from another mister.

            So, are you up to task this weekend? I’m looking forward to hearing that you’ve met (stalked) HHH at a pub sometime this weekend.
            Please don’t disappoint me.

          • Jules – I will be out and about this weekend, but you can bet your life that if I’m anywhere near a RP Watering Hole, I’ll be in the one next door or down the street!

            If only he’d release some kind bulletin updating his general whereabouts, doesn’t have to give exact location, just area and from that I’m pretty sure I could workout possible places he could be spending his time.

          • Good luck, M!x3 and report back. please!!

          • Well, as you’re our official London Affiliate, wish you nothing but success! There is a coffee table book to be made.

          • I want that bulletin too AND that coffee table book!

          • we’ve got a lot of projects now including the coffee table book ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Oh God, I might quit my day job. How about naming that bulletin the Rob Report? I’ll volunteer to be a fulltime Rob reporter. I’m even willing to infiltrate movie sets and pretend I’m the modesty pouch tape girl, ahem. Sacrifices…

            Are you up for photography for the coffee table book??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I agree that he’s got a lot of talent, but it was the reports of the wild behavior that scared me! I’m surprised that he’s alive (and thats a good surprise!).

          • I always liked him for his wild side, don’t know what that says about me, other than, I suppose, I do like a bad boy!

            Never crushed on him, just love his songs/music…

            Wonder why I like Rob so much, he hardly falls into the bad boy category ?

          • Rob defies all categorization.

          • Drsaka, never a truer word said.

      • TRUTH!

  7. Happy Birthday JodieO!!!

  8. My husband has said Rob is a pretty decent actor but is not attractive at all. Yeah I’m tempted to have him committed. I can’t wait for the day that he starts to appreciate him!!!
    Happy Bday JodieO!!

  9. My husband knows Rob is part of our lives now, and he (grudgingly) accepts it. He knows if he’s on tv (even the Kids Choice Awards) we’re watching it. He knows if he’s in a movie, we’re seeing it. He’s actually become rather accepting of it.

    He is my Rob-enabler, whether he likes it or not. He buys many of my magazines, and knows that the bottom drawer in my night table is my porn drawer. He called and got our Jimmy Fallon tix, after I gambled on Rob being on on March second and lost. If he sees or hears anything about Rob, he tells me.

    All s/o’s should realize the positive impact Rob has on their lives and be thankful.Thankful for happier,
    hornier wives and girlfriends.

    • Happy Birthday, JodieO!

    • Speaking of Rob on tv, is anyone else feeling all lackluster about Oscar’s (Sun night) since there will be no Rob?

      • Well what’s the point of watching it if he’s not gonna be there? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • I know SB, but I’m still going to watch it! I’m totally rooting for Colin Firth, he deserves that Oscar. I saw A Single Man yesterday and it was truly great. The performance of a lifetime for him. Am still blown away.
          All those great British actors and Rob’s a part of them, hope they’ll get to work together some time. Rob and Colin. Dream team!

          • Everything Cath said!!!

            I’ll still watch and I do love Colin and I did love “An Education.”

          • Lion, still have to see An Education, it seems liks such a great movie, but it’s on limited release here! But indeed, A Single Man, it blew me away. The young actor in it, Nicholas Hoult, was also great in it.

          • Oh if Colin’s there then I’m definitely watching. I didn’t know he’s gonna be there.

  10. Happy birthday JodieO!

    And really, Rob is starting to grow on men. That, or men are starting to realize that this won’t blow over so easily. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend paraded his new sunglasses before me. “Look! I look just like that Robert Patterson of yours!” (They do indeed look like the RayBans – my guy did his homework!)

    • Perhaps the menfolk have FINALLY come full circle and realised the positive effect HHH is having on their relationships!

  11. Moon, I hope your computer is ok. :/


    And Katiebird, you are not alone. I recently had the same moment of freak out when I misplaced my GQ and Details. Now… after much ranting and raving I found the GQ under my bed (obviously!), but the Details was still missing. Now, this was completely unnerving because of its content and the fact that I live with my parents… and grandfather. I found it out in the family room. Yeah. Time to move.

    • I actually have a basket under my night stand, where all of my magazines are stored, so nothing goes missing. It’s not hidden, but it’s not completely out there.

      When I brought the Details mag home, I have been trying to encourage my man to read it, because I think that he might like seeing the naked women. Plus, I want to see his reaction to Rob’s allergy.

      • My VF, GQ and Details proudly sit on my coffee table.
        I’m single. <— that, and I have no shame when it comes to RobPorn.

      • My husband loves all the pics of the naked women….ah, he said it’s “art”. Yah whatever right? LOL

    • LOL, that’s a funny story Katie!!!!

      At least your mom didn’t go thru your robporn!!!! I don’t even like with her and when she came here the last time, she saw my robporn!!!!! She was messing around with my laptop! She was like, “oh he’s so handsome, this guy from twilight!”

      Now I learned that when she is coming to make sure to hide my laptop and whatever incriminating evidence she may find. She’s such a snoop.

  12. Thanks ladies, for letting me be apart of the TEAM.
    Glad I could be of service, in your time of need.

    Oh Rob, if you’re reading this, last night was great, again… You never disappoint me.

  13. I love that your guy and Rob are finally getting along, katiebird!
    I think the future boyfriend has two years before Rob enters the bedroom picture.

  14. Katebird,

    You are a lucky lady who has a very intelligent and supportive hubs. I am very happy for you.

    While my hubs is awesome sauce in so many ways, he takes a turn for the douche when it comes to Rob/Twi stuff. It’s so weird, hubs has really never been jealous – even when we were in college and I was pissed at him so I flirted with some guy at a party to “get back” at him – not jealous. And the hubs is a total cutie so even if Rob and I were to meet, it’s more likely that Rob would want to hook up with the hubs than me (if Stu/Stew is as interchangeable as we think). What perplexes me the most is that he has seen the bennies of his wife being a Twi/FF lover, so why can’t he embrace it and be supportive? Le sigh.

    But enough about me…

    Happy Birthday, JodieO!

    • My hubs is semi-douche too. He totally makes fun of me for liking “that teeny bopper BS”, but he realizes he has reaped some bennies as well.
      The other day, he had this convo with our mutual friend.
      Hubs: “Hey Julie, did you read /watch Twilight?”
      Julie: “Yes I did.”
      Hubs: “Did it make you all horny too?”
      Julie “Yes it did.”
      Hubs:” Hmmmm, I don’t know how I feel about that.”

      So he is still on the fence as to whether or not be thankful to Robward for firing up the ‘ol wife.

  15. Happy Birthday JodieO! Here’s to hoping you and Bobby find each other!

    Katiebird – you are one lucky girl to have a guy like that. I also find you very lucky to have Rob in your dreams that often!

    Moon – I hope you get your PC fixed soon. I seriously am missing that Robporn you mentioned. Thanks for teasing me.

  16. Sad panda at the Rob Porn we’re missing – hope the virus gets fixed.

    I agree Rob is like gasoline to a libido.

    Anyone ever accidently yelled Rob’s name in the throws of passion? LOL

    • Answer to your question, well….uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. LOL. Let’s just say I had to bite a pillow.

      • LOL@ SB – Were you covered in feathers?

        ps: I’m (soooo) not being productive at work today.

        • Hey Jules, TGIF!!!!!

          No the feathers stayed inside the pillow, my fangs were not strong enough! Haha. No I don’t have fangs, and neither does Edward, but he does have really sharp teeth! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Now you made me think of the broken bed, ummm I mean bed frame. *blushing*

          • HA HA! You crack me up.
            Yup, TGIF indeed. After spending the past few days being Robbed (oh gawd, so much Rob) I need a little libation this weekend.

          • Jules, what kind of libation(s) are you talking about for the wekend? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • A bit of goose? a couple of beers? a shot or two of patron? you know, whatever the girls are having. I NEED something to take the edge off, I’ve been viewing a LOT of RobPorn this week.

    • Well, sometimes I’ll have a running dialogue with Rob, in my head, but no, I have not said Rob’s name by mistake. Thank God!

      My husband looks a lot like Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, and my man has said in the past, “Just don’t say Dean or Edward by mistake in bed.” He is so funny sometimes.

      • That’s funny you said Jensen Ackles because my DH looks a little like Jared Padalecki. Same show, Supernatural! My DH has long, floppy hair like Jared’s. Jensen’s also very cute, I’ve always liked him too.

        LOL, yeah please don’t say “Dean.” I won’t say “Sam.”

      • Dean? As in Steve/Dean? He knows Rob’s bodyguard’s name?

        • TOO – Dean Winchester is the name of the character of Jenses Ackles in the show Supernatural. Sam is Jared Padalecki :-).

          • Oops I meant to say Jensen, not Jenses!!! LOL

          • Thanks, you know I’m a pop culture moron, except when it comes to Rob. Is it beyond hysterical that I thought it was Dean the Bodyguard’s name that someone would yell in the heat of the moment?

          • TOO, yes you are hysterically funny! You were thinking of Rob’s bodyguard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODIE!!!!!

    May you have many, many more birthdays to come!!!! XOXOXO


    • BTW Jodie, Bobbby is looking mighty hot in that pic!!!! Don’t you love that his lip is sticking out? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just for you!

      • That’s not all that’s sticking out!

  18. Katiebird that’s a great post!!!! I can kind of relate. However my man still is in denial, he doesn’t think Rob is helping him at all. He thinks he is just hot on his own and seducing me…bahaha. He’s pretty good at tolerating my robsession though, most of the time. He’s the one that introduced me to Twilight(the movie) and bought me the first book too. At that time I was sort of in a funk and he thought I needed a “hobby.” Well yeah it’s a hobby alright, this robsession has taken over my life!!!!

    Anyway good luck on the move! Don’t you feel attached to that GQ mag and to the Twilight books? I do. To the point I don’t even want to lend them to anyone. The mags stay in a space under the bed though. LOL. And all the Twi books stay in my bookstand(right by my bed).

    • SB~
      Speaking of attachments to the books, on my flight home on Tues. night I chose to carry Twilight (wasn’t even reading it) on the plane just in case the flight went down…

      ikr, I’m crazy?


      • LOL, no you’re not crazy! I would have done the same thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        My mother borrowed Twilight last yr(book) and eventhough she was my own flesh and blood, I had second thoughts of lending it to her! I reluctantly let her borrow it, but I kept thinking omg that book is in the bathroom getting wet, or maybe on the floor and the cats(she has cats) were chewing on it, etc. etc. I was glad to get it back in one piece.

        Plus the other thing that bothered me, well I felt like she was getting inside my head, she would know I was daydreaming of Rob. Haha.

        • That’s a good story, SB, especially the part about the cats chewing on the book and that your mom would get inside your head and know the truth.

      • It’s times like these I wish I could delete my post…ugh.

        • NO WAY, ML.
          I love that we can’t edit here. We have to own our words. Every. Single. One. haha
          Sometimes, I re-read and get embarrassed about what I’d written or see a typo, but then I figure it makes us closer to Rob, he has little mouth/brain filter, afterall.

          See? There is a bright side.


          • Thanks, Jules. I needed that.

        • Why would you want to delete it? I don’t see anything wrong with what you said.

    • I feel like such a poor excuse for a rob fan.

      I don’t have any mags/pics of him in the flat. I don’t have the twilight books (though I have read them).

      I don’t even keep robporn on my laptop (too worried someone will find it)!

      oooooo I’ve just remembered there is a copy of the film under the TV (though it’s not mine it belongs to the flat-mate).

      • Mine – wow I’m stepping up an intervention here!!!!

        I used to have more until my 2-year old found some of them and ripped them to pieces!!!!! I was so upset! Now I make sure she doesn’t know where they are. Anyway, I have the books, a twilight blanket(with B&E), a Rob pillow(my little bro made it), a bunch of mags, a huge robporn, NM candies, a huge framed poster of Rob(photo fr the Oscar’s last yr)…hmm I may be missing some more. Oh well. LOL. I could always use more Rob stuff.

        I am a little extreme. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. At least I don’t have any pattinson pants.

        • Sorry SB blame the iPhone!

          • Bad, bad Iphone!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Wow SB – You have quite the collection!
          All I have: the 4 books, the dvd, the 1st soundtrack, an Edward bookmark and the Twilight movie illustrated book.

          Sadly (or not) I haven’t re-read any of the books since I discovered fanfic.

          • Oh and the 3 mags I mentioned earlier, got those as well.

          • Jules what ff are u reading right now?

          • Currently: MoTU, UoEM, Laid Bare, Hide & Drink, I Don’t Exist, The Training, Elysium, Fractured Hearts, Edward Wallbanger, Expectations and Other Moving Pieces…
            Those are my current favs. There are others that have been completed that I’ve read and loved.
            Thank goodness most of these update once weekly or I’d have no life.

        • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODIEO!! Hope you have a great day!!

          SouthernBelle, I have the blankie (only mine just has Rob on it, my sister made it for me for Christmas cuz she LUVS me!!), I have the mags, I have the books (hubby bought all of them for me), I have the movies (well, will have NM when it comes out…hubby pre-ordered it for me for Valentine’s Day), & I have the NM candies from Valentine’s Day thanks to my bestest friend. She works at Wal-Mart & got me 3 of the 4 New Moon candy boxes with the message hearts!! (she conveniently left out the box with Bella cuz neither of us like Stewpot!!) So, I suppose I’m just as Robssessed as you SB!!! My blanket is by far my favourite!! So, SouthernBelle, you definintly aren’t the only one!! I don’t have a problem, I’m not addicted to Rob…I don’t need therapy, I don’t need an intervention. An intervention implies that I have a problem/addiction, which, as I already stated, I don’t have!!
          My hubs says that the first step to recovery is to admit I have a problem/addiction (which I don’t)…but if did have a problem/addiction (which I don’t), I wouldn’t want it fixed! I like my problem/addiction…not that I have a problem/addiction!!!
          Sorry, I’m rambling! Rob makes me do that!! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Oh I also have RobPorn hiding in a file on the laptop!!

          • I don’t need help either! lol And yup I’ll continue to collect as long as it’s not too ridiculous.

            I forgot to say I have a shirt, it’s hot pink and it says “I love boys that sparkle.” It’s supposed to be Edward of course. I’ve worn it many times, people do a double look, usually women who are into Twi get it right away, most people don’t. I don’t feel bad wearing it, I look so young most of the time people think I’m 17! So they just think I’m a crazy teenager who’s into Twilight. Pfft.

            Btw Melinda, I was just at FYE and I saw the NM blankets were on sale now for $14. It’s Edward on it. I was so tempted to buy it.

          • I’m sure the New Moon Edward blanket is great, but I’m quite partial to the one my little sister made!! I might just have to make a run to FYE to check out the blanket though!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • mine! don’t you worry. I don’t have anything Rob and even less Twi, still don’t know what’s the leg hitch in Eclipse everybody is talking about, but i trust I’ll find out in June. Never bothered to save any Robporn, too messy/lazy to add smth to organise on my computer. threw away all Rob magasines, as I do with all the weekly mags, again, don’t want to have things to stock. so I think there’s always worst.
        SB and ML you’re sweet and hilarious.

        • Liar! jkjk ๐Ÿ™‚

          • RG I was thinking the same thing. lol

          • Think think all you want and RG I suspect you still didn’t get over me not sending you any Robporn in exchange for you kindly giving us free access to your Robporn fine collection. But we already established you’re our official dealer, nobody can compete with that ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hello MP! Thanks for the compliment!

          • your Twilight book story is funny. glad to know the cats didn’t like it and you got it back sound and safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • There’s just something about my mom and dad’s cat’s. They are not cute animals! They are kind of verocious and they bite and scratch. I’m glad they didn’t get to my Twilight.

        • minuit…I’m busted ! โค

    • Yes, I do feel attached to the books. My Twilight and New Moon are paperback, and my Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are hardback. I was thinking about replacing the first two with the hardback versions, and donating them to a book charity, but I am too attached because there is probably tear stains in New Moon, anyway.

      • The first two books I have are also paperback, wow we have so much in common! I can’t part with them. I feel the same way as you.

        • Great minds think alike!!

  19. I love yellow t-shirt, airport, beanie Rob! I wanna cuddle him!

    Happy Birthday, JodieO! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Do you ever have day where you wish Rob would just man up and realize he is supposed to be with you? Today is one of those days for me. *sigh*
    I think I spent too much time analyzing his BIJ pic last night on Twitter. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy Bday Jodes!!!

    • Hi SS! We missed you! How ru feeling?

      • Aww thanks. I’ve been MIA I suppose. Today is a better day. I finally got some medicine for the morning sickness so we’ll see if it makes a difference. I’ve spent the last 10 days puking, sleeping, and attempting to eat something that I will inevitably puke. Fun times in the Strand house.

        • Have you tried ginger? That always worked for me when I was having those morning sickness. Also they have those lollipops called preggy pops or something, they worked too.

          Anyway, I’ll email you. Sorry, I promise it will get better!

  21. anyone been over to Robsessed and seen the afterparty photos?
    Kstew actually looks like she may be smiling!!!!!!

    • Just saw those Mine and they’re so odd. Rob’s getting his friendly flirt on (I’m jealous!) and Kristen is just sitting there. I don’t know. If they’re a couple, it’s so strange, I’m stubborn today and say I’m not convinced. I love wishful thinking.
      Too much photo’s these last days of girls posing for pics with Rob. It’s not fair I tell you…*cry* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. HAPPY BURFDAY JODIE! from another sometimes “Jodie”.

    GREAT letter KatieBird. I am jealous of you and your man.

    #Moon, your computer is LAME

  23. Good Morning and afternoon (depending on where you are!!) everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Katiebird, that great post rings true to me! My lovely husband refers to Rob as “THE GREAT UNWASHED” or at times “YOUR SEXY BOY VAMPIRE” but he is forever bemused by how smitten I am over someone that I — chronologically anyway — could have birthed. Yes, I’d have been 13, but technically, I could have. This isn’t new to him, since I’ve been also harboring lustful desires for Chuck Bass since Gossip Girl started a few years ago. I keep my Rob magazines by my bed, and yesterday found the latest issue of Details MISSING. Panic and heart failure ensued. I immediately assumed it was a home invasion — someone broke in! Took my Details but left the LCD televisions and laptops!! Who would do such a thing?!?? I immediately tried to determine if I had enough time to run to Barnes and Noble before picking my daughter up from kindergarten.

    Then it hit me.

    I went into the bathroom. There it was. SULLIED BY MY HUSBAND AND HIS MORNING TWOSIE.

    How dare he? Did he know this was just completely unacceptable? I grabbed it and stormed out of the bathroom irrationally enraged at him, determined to call him at work and raise holy hell.

    I didn’t.

    I let it go because, well, he puts up with a lot from me and my various shenanigans and I love him for that. So if he wants to read the Details 10th anniversary issue, that’s OK.

    Happy Friday ~ one week until RM!

    • “I went into the bathroom. There it was. SULLIED BY MY HUSBAND AND HIS MORNING TWOSIE.”
      Oh lordy, that’s funny.
      Reminds me of the Seinfeld when George takes the book into the bookstore bathroom and it gets “flagged”.

      • EXACTLY!

  24. Did you guys miss me? I know I did…

    Moon, I can feel your pain. In fact I’m having exactly the same problem which is the reason I am on my mobile phone all the time. But that is not really satisfying my needs (twss). So today I went to the local library to do the new TCS post and stalk my websites…
    Congratulations UC and Moon your websites are officially considered Porn. Frankly I wasn’t allowed to enter the site! So funny…
    Anyhow what’s a girl gotta do then? I made a summary of the Remember me promo. Go and see that at

    And I really am jealous of everyone living in the US and A. They get to see Remember me so much earlier than the germans.

    Hope everyone is fine and doesn’t have the same computer fail me and Moon have.

    Lots of love,

    • Hey Bleriana, I was on TheColdShower, & I noticed you said something about the days til RM in Germany. Where are you located? I lived in Wuerzburg for almost 4 years when I was a teen. My stepdad was stationed at Leighton Barracks (Army Post). It was by far my favourite place to live & I still miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tennessee & I do consider it home but I have to admit I long to visit my old stomping grounds!!!!!

  25. I keep one of the books with me pretty much at all times. I’ve been driving around a dog-eared copy of Breaking Dawn for months. Why? I don’t know. Just in case of…something, I don’t know.

    I’ve found my VF mag laying around the house a couple of times. I think I’m subconsciously trying to out myself to the hubby. I really don’t think he would mind as long as he is benefitting, I’m just not ready to expose myself yet.

    BTW- There are no words for the new Bel Ami set pictures. None.

  26. Those jeans…

    Dear Rob,

    Stop being so deliciously Rob.

    Yours in frustration,


    • Ahhh, now I see the ripped jeans pic (of course he has something like 5 shirts on!!!!)

    • oh that pic!!!
      but I still managed to notice the jeans which probably aren’t very used to washing machines and stuff, have now been ironed!!! wow, so much zeal!

      • Hi MP, waves! how’s the skiing?

        • hey draska! Skiing is fangasmic as always and tweed serious since I managed to have fines (!) and also ending (sad! sad! sad!) but I miss you guys!

          • well, welcome back for when your vaca is done.
            The leg hitch- first real time that Edward makes a real move on Bella by hitching her leg over his hip as they’re on her bed (I think). Previously, he was fairly chaste with her. The leg hitch has become kinda like a milestone in their relationship.

          • in the german edition there wasn’t a hitchleg, i had a hard time to find out what it is…just sayin
            the jeans-Rob of today is HOT!

    • Oh gosh, he’s just drippin hot. Even when he dresses like a hobo. Sigh.

      • Truer words have never been spoken, SB… I swear – he makes my skin burn.

      • Even H&M took his style into their new collection! not kidding…
        they have plaid shirts with like 3 layers or something!!
        I’ll post pictiures as soon as I get on my computer again…

    • That pic… his fly is BEGGING to be unzipped.

      • Unzipped with… teeth.

      • Squee!!!!! Button-fly!

        • Those are harder to do with teeth… but I’m sure that anyone here would still manage quite nicely.

          • I’m sure it won’t be a problem ;-). We got skills!

          • Oh yes, SB, we’d figure something out to deal with those buttons with our teeth!! I’ve found (with my hubby’s button fly) if you jerk hard enough they all just pop right open!!
            Yes, I know…TMI!!! sorry!! As for Rob’s button fly pic, my GAWT they look like they’re about to pop open at any moment anyway!! *sigh* Now I have mental images that are VERY inappropriate…but OH SO NICE!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I cursed outloud at my workstation when I opened that pic. Was not prepared.

      • LOL!

  27. Thank you everyone for your birthday (or burfday) wishes! You are all so sweet and I’m mailing each of you a piece of birthday cake! I’m sorry I can’t reply individually, but sadly the NYC trip has put me way behind on my work.

    Thumbs down for real life! BOOO!

  28. Moon, I hope your computer gets well soon!!! I def need my RobPorn fix!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess I’ll have to settle for what’s already on my computer…which is quite nice!!

  29. OK, I know this one is from a while back but totes worth the walk down memory lane for those who have seen it and for those who haven’t, enjoy!

  30. Great letter Katiebird!

    Rob and I spend a lot of time together as well.
    In my dreams of course!

  31. Lady Diana once said that in her marriage to Charles,from the very beginning that they were always three, Charles, Diana and Camilla.
    That’s how it is in my marriage too – me, Rob and husband and it works fine! Very harmonious – thanks to a very patient, understanding and accepting husband. He just says …”as long as it makes you happy”!

  32. Anyone have the original piccie from the graphic? Thanks in advance!

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