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Rob is a Golden Girl at heart

My what lovely hands you have Rob... and what a lovely bootaaaayyy

Dear Rob,

It happens every time… I’ll go a few days… a week… maybe even a few weeks and have MEH feelings towards you. And I feel like maybe I’m getting over you and then WHAM you do it to me again… and again… and again. Today is no different. What I was expecting to be a nails on the chalkboard experience watching you and Emilie on The View with those old hags turned out to reveal yet another thing that makes me love you just a little bit more. When asked about liking older women you mentioned thinking Betty White being one of the sexiest women in America.

Seriously, BETTY FREAKING WHITE?! Betty “ROSE NYLUND” White, Betty “ST OLAF” White?!!! I couldn’t agree more. Oh how you tease me so.

I’ve watched the Golden Girls as long as I can remember, in college my friends and I had a standing date every afternoon to watch reruns of the girls. We even went to a speaking engagement Rue McClanahan had near our school, during our Senior year at every senior event me and my friends would dress as the Golden Girls, I even have a koozie of the girls. And we know THAT’s commitment.

From the episode where Dorothy tutors the neighborhood hooligan

Back to Betty White though, besides being a total steel lady fox, she has comedy chops that kick all modern comediennes in the butt. Even when she’s caught coming out of the Doctor’s office by TMZ she’s got a zinger. She’s one of those people who’s always on and doesn’t even have to try to be funny.

For you to joke like this with me is just cruel. Now I demand you dump KStew or TomStu or whoever you’re with this week and get with Betty White. She’s got more happening than anyone you’ve ever been with: she’s funny, she’s a GILF, she smiles, she’s got a mean curler set hairdo, she can tell a mean story about St. Olaf, everyone wants her to host SNL, and she can take a direct tackle in football,Β  I demand this happen now. Oh and I also demand Betty White hosts SNL this year. I mean JfreakingLO hosted why not a REAL actress/comedienne?!

Loving you more, if possible,

Now sing it with me after the cut!

No lie when I was a kid I thought it said “… and the heart attack would say…” Hey, they were old can you blame me?!

So pretty much Rob and Betty White is the hottest thing ever, right? What would their celebrity name be? Robetty? Bettert? All I know is it would be AWESOME! Any fave GG episodes??

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  1. OMG, I’m actually gonna get to be the 1st to comment!! LOVE the letter, Moon!! I agree wholeheartedly that Rob suprises me everytime I turn around!! I was worried about the interview on The View but when he said that about Betty White, I thought, Oh Lord those of us who aren’t 19 or even in our 20’s might have a chance!! I LOVED the Golden Girls, too. I use to watch it with my grandparents & it’s got to be some of my fondest memories with my late grandfather! I also think she should host SNL!! Oh how I love Rob & all the things he says!! It’s just so adorable & makes people love him more. Betty White would most definitly be a HUGE step up from KStew (as someone yesterday called her Stewpot. I think that’s my new name for her. Maybe it will catch on like Kstew!! One can only hope, since Stewpot is more appropriate!!)

    Anyway, love the post today. Maybe we’ll see him hanging out with Betty White soon!! Here’s an idea, why not have Rob & Betty host SNL TOGETHER!!! That would be classic!!!

    • SNL co-host of Rob + Betty:: best I dea I heard all year!!!

    • I used to watch GG with my grandmother too. We had an in-law apartment for her so I would hang out with her and watch bad tv. She was more Sophia than Rose, though.

      I agree, Betty would be a real catch for you, Rob. She’s always well-dressed, smiling and wouldn’t be caught dead in a pot bikini.

      • Betty is sexxxxy… .. in a timeless naughty kinda way.
        Maybe he’ll be doing a movie with her soon?

  2. It was a gigglefest for me yesterday as I watch Fallon (again)and the harpies on the view.

    Joy’s face on the realization of HOW half of a bra would cover his junk was priceless.

    On another note, if I was a 19 girl and my rumored boyfriend was on TV
    (and interviews) always talking about “older the better” wouldnt make me feel very secure.

    • Sorry ” the more age the better”

    • I was thinking that too. I’d probably be a little annoyed.
      Maybe it’s all part of their ‘deny, deny, deny’ scheme.

      • Even so, even with the denial …..wouldnt it still sting a little bit?
        When all you would want to do is kiss him in the center of times square like when the war was over??

        I would tat his nickname on my ass (flippy?)and wear a tshirt that said ” yeah, I hit that” ALL. THE. TIME.

        • TRUE! Madonna did that with Guy R., it was one of her best idea eva!

          • Robgirl,

            THAT was Madonna’s Longest relationship, ever. She tends to go through them

        • I’d kill me if Rob was my bf and I’d to pretend he’s not.
          How could you resist showing him of??? Beyond me, guess I’m shallower than K. I also smile a lot more, even on my worst days. If I’d dated Rob I’ve smiled so much I’d get all wrinkly because of it. And it glow and sparkle like a regular vampire. K looks more miserable now than she was with Micheal, very odd, while Rob looks happy. I’m team RobStu. πŸ˜‰

          • Cath….hell yes…team RobStu all the way.

          • Cath – I have so much love for you. I’m shipping RobStu, hell yeah.

          • Me too Cath. If he was my BF I’ll be the happiest, smiliest, jolliest girl on the planet!!!!

          • Word! Even if I’d to share him with you and all the other girls here and only got to see him a day in the year I’d be all smiles the rest of the year. We’re just grateful of the Rob…

          • Cath, yes I have no problems sharing. I’ll still be happy!

          • Count me in team RobStu as well.
            Order of the Plaid.. Long may they live.

      • She doesn’t care, it’s not like he really meant it!

        • KStew doesn’t care about much anyway. Not about her hair, clothes or her behavior. But I’m kinda over her, will be happy when Rob will see the light. It’s certainly not the great romance of the century imo.

          • One can but hope that Rob sees the light, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.

            I read somewhere that he was asked if he was happy that his gf had turned up to support him on his big night and his reply was ‘yes, it’s nice’… is this true? According to tweets sent out at the RM P he was in an hurry to sit next to her and they were cuddly and kissy through out the film!!!

          • That about them being cuddly was all tweeted by Robsten, Krisbians and other shippers. They never have any proof. Why is that at the afterparty Rob was mingling with all other guests and K was standing somewhere being sulky according to other rapports? And they left in seperate cars. It’s so tiresome. I’ll go back to focussing on Rob and pretending she doesn’t exist in my little bubble. πŸ˜‰

          • Cath,

            One million thumbs up for you!!!

            She’s not in my bubble either.

          • Thanks Tiger, we think alike! And like you wrote in an earlier post I would want to kiss Rob in the middle of Times Square as well! Who wouldn’t??? Only that girl with the bad hair who doesn’t even exist outside our bubbles! Who again? πŸ˜‰

    • I know right? LOL.

  3. Dear LTR Ladies,

    Thank you for being a friend,
    We traveled down the road and back again,
    Your heart is true your a pal and companion….

    And if you threw a party,
    invitied everyone you knew…
    You would be the biggest gift to me
    and the card attached would say: THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!

    p.s. that’s how I remember it from back in the day

    • p.s. I can’t say I have a favourite GG episode….I LOVE them all…soooo funny and thanks for bringing back great memories!

      I ❀ Rob + GG

    • LOL, that’s cool misty!!!

      I think we’re all on the way to becoming Golden Girls!!! Well take it as a metaphor because I’m not even 30 yet!

      • I think we should rename ourselves Rob’s GG. How about that?

        • Hahah yes Cath, I love that!

  4. The Betty White comment was the best part of the interview. Well, except for the suit he was wearing. Did you see those pants?!!!!!

    I swear I couldn’t focus on anything but how tight they were in all the right places (ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo).

    Seriously, I thought the peen was gonna bust out. I was watching closely.

    • *grumbles* Great, now I HAVE to watch the interview in its entirety. Thanks a lot. πŸ˜‰

      • It’s worth it. I wasn’t even listening to the old bats on the show. His pants are mesmorizing.

    • I just mentioned that down below the outstanding memory for me of the last couple of days those grey trousers !!!! ha ha

      • grey trousers win!!!

    • Hahaha, you’re right and I did the same comment, sorry, I didn’t read yours..
      HIS pants dazzled me……lol……good that he crossed his legs sometimes, it was not PG13 at all!
      Hooray for the tight grey slim cut suit!

      • ohhhh….I was alergic to his pants…they gave me a fever,

        BTW I saw a pic of him in the “grey pants” with his hand in his pocket on Popsugar…someone should post it (popsugar is blocked at my work)…because it looks like he might me “stroking” or “adjusting” his man parts….twsssssss!!


        • oooooooo, I’m off to have a look, is this pic as good as Rob BIJ?

          • I think it rivals BIJ. I’m waiting for decent screen caps.

          • well, it really dosen’t show how “BIG in JAPAN” he is, shall I say…but it’s fun to see hom touching I am offically crazy. B-o-n-e-r-f-i-e-d crazy!

            please someone find it, other wose I will have to do it when I get home…

          • OMG…have you seen the trouser action over at Robsessed….pin strip pants….just scroll down you can’t miss it! I really don’t think that it’s normal to check out the pant area before the face !!!

          • OMG…those pants……I think I’m now residing in the Upper circles of Hell….new address Second Circle of Hell (lust)…..if you’re interested I think you’ll find Kstew lurking in the Fifth Circle of Hell (wrathful and sullenness)..

            I think Dante may have met Kstew prior to writing the Divine Comedy….
            β€œIn the swamp-like water of the river styx, ………, …..the sullen lie gurgling beneath the water, withdrawn “into a black sulkiness which can find no joy in God or man or the universe.”


          • Have just seen the blue pinstripes over at robsessed and I’m not ashamed to say that my eyes nearly popped out, he’s totes channeling the BIJ look in those babies.

          • Mine! putting the Circles of Hell, Mullsten and gray pants’ lust in the same sentence EPIC BRILZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • GGGP…..isn’t he just!

        • WHAT?? LINK PLEASE….

        • Misty, to speak in Rob’s language

          THIS pants are a real CURSE! I HATE them!

        • Misty,

          “B-O-N-E-R-F-I-E-D?”…I ❀ you for using that word today.


          • lion, my comment just made me laugh, is this normal???

      • Ha! I think we posted at the same time. We’re just a couple of pervs!!!!

        • hahaha..well, it was worthy to post it various times πŸ™‚
          THAT pants could become part of the ROB HALL OF FAME!!!!

          • BiJ references all the way and no drsaka and MP. What a shame! And oh these pants…He wears them well. Great shoes too.
            Rob has some great bodyparts…ahem…LOL.

    • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the pants, the pants are killing me!!!!

      • I know, me too…

  5. The Golden girls with the golden BOY! Hilar!

    The View, I didn’t know the show at all, and all I can say…I saw some really TIGHT grey PANTS!

    Emily looked good, he looked beautiful as always, he laughed, made jokes, his family in the audience (good trick, and for ME…

    The world was FINE!

  6. Loving Rob’s grey suit – espesh the fitted trousers and by fitted I mean TIGHT – whoa go Rob I do love a lanky bloke.

  7. I ❀ The Golden Girls!! I'm with you, Moon, if Rob was kidding… well, that's just plain cruel. No one likes a tease, Rob!!

  8. My gay roommate and I sang the Golden Girls theme song all through college. Good times!

    This is indeed endearing Rob at its best. It almost makes up for the vajayjay statement.

  9. I loooooooooove the Golden Girls!! Oh Rose and her silly ways. Sophia and her pearls of wisdom. Dorothy and her sarcasm (hit it!) And Blanche and her whorish ways. *sigh* Thank YOU for being a friend.

    On another note…do I still count as “normal” that I’ve recently come to the realization that I would rather see Rob get with Betty, then to continue to bang the Stew? **Disclaimer**Thumbs down me all you want, but those stupid gold pants that reminded me of “Bad Sandy” from Grease that she wore to Rob’s premier just pissed me off. And Betty is a sassy biatch that still knows how to smile. I believe I will have to start a “fan page” on facebook. On top of the “Betty White on SNL”, we can now have “Betty White on Rob”…. Something tells me I’m going to get racked through the coals on this one….. πŸ˜‰

    • Absolutely bloody not…..I agree wholeheartedly with you re. those hideous gold swirly pants…..seriously don’t get me started again, I think the ladies may ban me from the site.

      More irritating than those flipping pants, was the fact that she stopped for a photo shoot whilst on the red carpet, thus detracting from the bloody film as all anyone could talk about was the fact that she’d turned up for the RM P to support her man…*sticks fingers down throat*…she should have done what Rob did at the Lovely Bones P, he sneaked in, didn’t walk the carpet cos he didn’t want any of the limelight to be detracted from the real star…..he’s so sweet and thoughtful, isn’t he !

      I would also like to note that the yellow bag was Rob’s bag and he wasn’t carrying it for Kstew!

      Anyway, obvious that they are together…crying same if you ask me….but I suppose he must be happy with her, I mean you wouldn’t go out of your way to spend time with her otherwise.

      Now I’m just being mean, I’m sure she’s lovely really.

      I’m afraid GGs must have passed me by, don’t think I’ve ever watched it. Sounds good though.

      • Honestly I really liked her up until the “Gold Pants” fiasco. It just irked me that she was there (who am I to care though….I’m sure they are together, and she was there like a good gf would be to support someone she cares about), but at the same time it’s like, why now? She sulks her way down the red carpet, looking like she just rolled out of bed. At first I thought she was just being her badass self, but now it’s like, for cripes sake IT’S YOUR JOB. brush your damn hair for crying out loud, and flipping your t-shirt inside out doesn’t count as “dressing up”. She was at a frigging premier, not a pub. And it did detract from the premier. I think that’s why it bothered me so much. She had to have known that it would be turned into an “all about her” moment, how could she not? Maybe that was their way of going public. I don’t know. I would think that there would be a better time and place to do it though.
        But like I said, I certainly don’t have a damn right to get riled up about any of this. It’s really none of my business…

        And you MUST find a way to watch GG!! It’s sarcastic goodness that can’t help but make you smile. πŸ™‚

        • I’ve never really been a fan of hers, but she’s never ‘bothered’ me cos I’ve not had a really strong opinion on her one way or the other, but recently she’s been getting on my nerves, I think it’s the bloody mush on her…… she always looks so miserable……


          • Word. I would look like a smiling idiot all of the time. πŸ˜‰

          • She’s getting grumpier by the day thanks to her boyfriend’s allergies and preference for Golden Girls. Can’t blame her.

            She sticks around, however, for the ‘tight pants…’

      • I don’t think you’re mean, and I doubt that she’s really lovely. Why is she suddenly all over the place, getting bs awards and walking red carpets for movies she’s not even in? She had to know it would divert attention from Rob and the film.

        As for the gold pants, she changed out of them, into her usual jeans and sneakers. What does she have against looking decent??

        • D2D – where did you spot that…i.e. the change……..actually I’m sure she looked tons better once she removed those god awful pants.

          What happened to TomStu and his family? did any of them walk the carpet? If so why no pictures I wonder?

          I think Kstew walking the red carpet was just another way for them to show that they are in fact *sobs hysterically* a couple. 😦

        • I think that’s what’s annoying me. The fact that’s she’s everywhere. I liked her more when she was like Big Foot. Talked about when it’s not around, and when you catch those tiny glimpses it’s more fun.

          And seriously?? She changed out of those stupid Lindsey Lohan leggings and into jeans?? AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t she ever want to look good for her man (I am punching the keyboard as I type…”her man”….wtf)?? It’s like she skipped over the looking all done up, to the “comfortable zone”. Maybe I would feel better about this whole sitch if she got fat. That would be GLORIOUS. (I’m so mean!) πŸ˜€

          • No kidding. I wore shoes that hurt so much by the end of the day, I was almost crying. But they looked good. And I don’t even know Rob.

            Put some effort in, mullet.

            God Rob, you can do so much better!!!

          • Omg, “Put some effort in, mullet.”….I am dying!!! Freaking hilarious! But then again, it’s kind of like an oxymoron. If you have a mullet, I’m guessing you’re not going to put much effort into anything (as far as appearance) πŸ™‚ And ENOUGH with the tight pants!! I’m sorry, but every time I see her in her supertight skinny jeans, I just think to myself, ‘that can’t be comfortable’. I just don’t get it. Since when did washing/brushing your hair, and dressing like a non-homeless person become a bad thing??

          • Rob’s just one of those nice guys who has a gf who’s kind of a bitch. I know couples like that. It’s sad, but it happens. I’m already saving some champagne for the day he’ll see the light. That’ll be a good day. Keeping the faith here. πŸ™‚

          • Cath-I’m with you. We’ll have to celebrate when that day finally comes.

    • You aren’t going to be raked over the coals!!! I think we all agree about the hideousness of Stewpot’s horrendous premiere outfit!! I won’t get started on her outfits. The jeans weren’t too much better than the 1970 curtain pants. Someone PLEASE get her a fashion cordnator!!!
      I too, must not be “normal” as I would rather see Rob with Betty White than with the always brooding Stewpot.
      I also don’t understand why she was even there. She HAD to know her presence would take away from Rob, Emilie, & the rest of the cast (which seems rather selfish & somewhat desparate). What kills me, is that there’s all these pics of the RM premiere but they are mostly of the Stewpot & then all this crap about how she was there with Rob but could you please show me just 1 pic of her actually WITH ROB at the premiere?! I’m serious. I’ve looked & I can’t find one with them together. I found pics of him & Emilie & the little girl from the movie, but not him & Stewpot. She seems to there ALONE. There are a couple pics that have been edited (photoshoped whatever) to put them together, but they clearly were not taken with the 2 of them side by side. Her presence there completely overshadowed everything to do with the movie itself & the actors who actually starred in it. Why didn’t she just stay home?? I also think (or would hope be a better word) that maybe she & Rob aren’t really together & perhaps that’s the reason for all the sulky, pouty pics. Maybe she realizes that Rob is the superstar & she’s never going to quite make it to that status so she’s doing everything she has to do to keep her name in the media. If she is, indeed, with Rob, then my God SMILE!!!! What a change that would be…to see Stewpot smiling!!

      If I were with him, hell I’d always have a smile on my face…regardless of whether there were cameras in my face or not. You wouldn’t be able to beat the smile off my face if he was man!!!! πŸ˜€

      • Well put Melinda. πŸ™‚ You would think that she would be at least smiling to be there (especially if you are there to support someone). I just don’t get it. Wtf does she have to be so miserable about? I think her pants are too tight. If I were wearing pants that are practically a leotard I would be crabby too.

        • She’s crabby . in. every. designer .outfit.

      • I agree. It’s all just publicity stunt. Maybe Rob can’t stand her anymore, he took it all for work sake. I can’t see anything romantic between them.Friends maybe, but not so much besties, as him and Tom. She’s too intimidated to Rob. Call me Fat, hag, idiot, if you want. That’s my 2 cent.
        I think there’s some kind of rivalry between her and Rob.
        I used to be on I don’t give a crapSten, now i’m Nonsten. I just had enough of Twilight and the subplot “A

        • Some days I’m a Idontgiveacrapsten, but some days I’m really a Nonsten. It’s much too angsty for me, be a couple, look happy together or just quit it. But I also just don’t like Stew. I’ve tried, oh my, I’ve tried…She makes it impossible…

          • She said in one interview ” I’m so not Bella”
            She’s right. Bella smiles and live her life to the fullest.

          • What exactly is a nonsten? I always thought it was someone who didn’t believe there was a relationship between R/k. I’m now hearing (on twitter, by robstens) that a nonsten is someone who knows there is a relationship and is against it AND hates the stew.
            Can I just be a Robertsten or at the very least a RobEttsten? I love Betty!

          • Your description is right Jules, but really, let’s forget all those names. Just be Robersten or a RobEttsten, that’s fun. I’m a RobStu and in my dreams I’m a RobMeste….;-)

      • “I also think (or would hope be a better word) that maybe she & Rob aren’t really together & perhaps that’s the reason for all the sulky, pouty pics. Maybe she realizes that Rob is the superstar & she’s never going to quite make it to that status so she’s doing everything she has to do to keep her name in the media.”

        And she’s thinking ” hey, i’m the great actress here, why does he get to be the superstar ” or ” I lose to a drunk idiot?”. I always see Stew as very competitive person.
        I’m with you. It’s all just publicity stunt. Maybe Rob can’t stand her anymore, he took it all for work sake. I can’t see anything romantic between them. Friends maybe, but not so much besties, as him and Tom. She’s too intimidated to Rob. That’s my 2 cent.
        I also think maybe there’s some kind of rivalry between her and Rob.
        I used to be on I don’t give a crapSten, now i’m Nonsten. I had enough of Twilight and the subplot “ARE THEY/AREN’T THEY”.

        I just wanna have fun ogling Rob in all his glory and read LTR girl hilarious comments.

  10. I love the GG. Rose, so endearingly doltish!
    Did Dorothy and Stan end up back together? The reruns I saw weren’t always in proper sequence.

    • Dorothy ended up with Blanche’s uncle Lucas, played by Leslie Neilson. Stan drove her to the wedding.

      I may have watched it once or twice…

      • Katie, thanks. I haven’t seen that episode.

    • The GG were one of the most known sitcoms from the states even here!!!
      SOOOOO COOL!!!

    • They’re still on nowadays, now I want to start watching them again!

      I love how they are all very provocative! LOL.

      • SB – I don’t think they’re on here. I’ll check but if they are, it’ll likely be during the day when I’m at work.

        • Jules, where do you live?

          I notice it is on here some late afternoons and also really late at night.

          • SB – I’m in T.O. Canada

  11. Oh. My. God.

    This is like the letter to end all letters for me. I can’t tell you how much I love Golden Girls. Truly. It’s probably broken up relationships because I have them on DVD and throw them in whenever I get a little down. Or bored. Or want to giggle. Or just miss my Grandma.

    Hearing Rob say that about Betty White made me SUPER fall in love with him. My infatuation isn’t always strong (as you girls well understand), but if I was in the audience at The View, I would have stood up from my seat, walked on stage, punched security, and straddled him on that couch. No lie.

  12. I loved the GG when I was little. Still do! Sophia was pretty bad ass too! And yeah, it made me Rob, again, even more!

    But what about the Daily Show??? Woot! Jon referring to himself as JStew. Classic! Hahaha.
    And Rob giggling overload and the little Whew sound he made while looking directly in the camera responding to the squeeling audience. I wish I’d knew how to make great gifs. A gif of that one would be great.

    Oh Rob, let me the count the ways that I love you…

    • THAT show is my favourite from the tour, I just saw it and that guy is really FUNNY!
      And….Rob as a dentist… πŸ™‚

      You make me look “COOL”…lol

      • My fave as well RG! I love Jon Stewart, you can catch his shows online at his site. You could see Rob liked him and the show too. And yeah, dentist Rob, all I could think of was: Lord, have mercy; to only have such a dentist… I’m not a big fan of dentists, but if Rob was my dentist, I’d had the best teeth in the history of man. Gaw!

        And Robs squee in the camera is haunting me now. In a good way though!

        • Cath, I didn’t know the “JStew” at all…lol, and I’ve to check it out, “Now, L&G, DAD is coming…” SOOO funny or the part where he talked about the guards…… or the Mandarine in NY….I just love it!
          and Rob’s squee in the camera…priceless! All in all = my fav!

          • RG The Daily Show is all kinds of WIN, I can’t wait to watch it tonight ( in the uk).

            DentistRob has ff written all over it…so to speak.

        • Honey if Rob was my dentist I will darn be there everyday. He can work on me anytime!!!! Haha!

          That was hilarious how Jon referred to himself as Jstew. LOL. Hmmm, he must have known something!

      • That was my fave too. I’d love to see Rob face Stephen Colbert-he’s so funny and sarcastic, I think they’d be great together.

        I wish journalists and talk show hosts would do a little homework, though. We all know Rob plays piano and guitar, and no, Barbara, the Twilight vamps don’t have fangs. Come up with some new questions! We all you can’t ask about The Mullet Who Must Not Be Named, but come on-surely you can find something new to ask.

        I’d love to see Rob do a one-on-one with Barbara Walters or someone like that -an hour of real conversation with Rob. These 5 minute interviews aren’t enough.

        • I’d like to seem him on ‘Later with Jonathan Ross.’…but if it’s going to happen it’s got to be soon. The fantastic Ross is leaving the Beeb and Rob will be somewhere over in Europe in a few weeks…come on Mr Ross leave the Beeb with a bang and get Rob on.

          • I’d love that too!

          • You make me wonder if there will be Remember Me promo in Europe at all–it seems it’s only been in New York?

          • I don’t think there will be, quite a shame. Pierce and Rob could do the red carpet in London, but I didn’t hear anything about such a thing. He’s more than welcome to come on over to Amsterdam as well, the premiere is here even one day before the US. Um, I know, not going to happen. (Rob, we do have the original Heineken here though, would you change your mind and we’re like the British, not impressed by celebs, you could totally hang here, back in the day Brad Pitt even had an appartment here, come on over. A girl can dream, sigh)

          • I would truly love to see Robert appear on Graham Norton’s naughty late night chat show. Anybody seen him on BBC America? Swear all you like with (alcoholic) beverage in hand? Discuss whatever you fancy – no filters? I think it would be wild.

        • D2D, I think Colbert would eat him alive. I don’t think the giggles could stand up to Colbert’s style, unfortunately.

          • I think he could handle himself. He’s so easy-going and affable, I think Colbert would go easy on him. He’s not really a heartless Republican, he just plays one on tv.

      • Jon Stewart is brilliant and adding Rob to mix makes my head want to explode.

    • I heart JStew. He called Bella A SELFISH WHORE. Rob just giggling the whole interview, luckily his giggle is sexy, I could play and listen to it in a loop.
      That is just made of all kinds of win

      • “It did make sense!” Rob, you are hilar! πŸ™‚

  13. I laugh so hard my stomach hurt. God, this man is made for pleasure.
    And if Rob ever admitted that he watch Golden Girls, i’ll spontaneously combust.
    FanFic anyone? πŸ™‚

  14. Moon, the pics of Rob with the girls are so perfect! And how I love the GGs. I watched them as a child when they were not re-runs as I have always had a fondness for funny ladies. I can barely say thank you to someone without the theme song playing in my head. So Rob and GG = WIN! Also, coining the term GILF = double win.

    • I forgot to mention the GILF comment in my post. This made me LOL, too! I just want to say it all the time now. GILF!

  15. Rob was great on the view and I noticed the grey pants right away (how could you not they were tight). He killed me when he said that about Betty White. Seriously, I died.

    Did you notice when they mentioned his family was there, the cute little shy boy look he gave. Awwww! So sweet. I don’t get why my non-web friends don’t see this in Rob. Thank god for LTR!

    • “I don’t get why my non-web friends don’t see this in Rob. Thank god for LTR!”

      Hear, hear!

    • The suit was like the Mod suits the Beatles used to wear in the sixties, and I was back to hoping again that Rob would play John Lennon.

      • Does anybody know if it’s right, that his suit was DIOR HOMME by Hedi Slimane? It was sooo HOT! πŸ™‚

        • Could be Dior, but Hedi Slimane no longer designs for them RG. His last collection for them was in 2007. But they could be designer ‘vintage’. It was a great suit, I so agree!

          • right, but I thought or “vintage” or DIOR HOMME or Hedi’s own line, I know that Hedi did some suits for him, have to check it out…lol

        • RG i appoint u as a fashion guru at LTR

          and again those trousers just killed me.
          to me it was the best Rob since new moon premier


        • Ya know honey, Rob can wear Walmart couture and he would still look smokin’ hot!!!!

          • Truer words never have been spoken!

          • And he has worn Walmart, very happily.

  16. The View interview was so painful – ugh! I thought answering Betty White was genius. He is getting good at avoiding dumb/annoying questions. I hate they brought up Details/naked girls in front of his Mom and sisters…how mortifying.

    We all rejoice when Fun Rob appears. Hooray!

    • The View is ALWAYS painful, no matter who they are interviewing!

      Elisabeth Hasselbeck is like nails to a chalkboard…pure pain and suffering whenever she opens her mouth. Or any of them, really. Except for possibly Joy Behar, who appears to at least have a pea-sized brain which is more than I can say for the rest of them…

      (clearly I’m in a bitchy mood today.)

      Hurray for Rob’s answers though, he handled the View better than most can!

      • I’m with you on this. Maybe I’m in a bitchy mood today, too, though.

        I never watch The View, but I was not impressed with the questioning, but loved Rob and all his giggly responses.

        Like when Barbara asked him if he really had a allergy and he sarcastically replied that yes he did and it was horrible. (After looking at her in disbelief)

        • I loved how he handled that question! And all the questions, really.

        • Agreed…that moment was priceless. Way to go Rob… great answer to a really, really stupid question!

  17. My parents didn’t want us watching MTV or The Simpsons, yet we were allowed to watch a show about fornicating geriatrics. And I loved it.

    • Yes I think I remember Blanche bring somekind of Uber 80’s Cougar/Sabre!

      • *being

    • Hahaha, that’s so funny! My parents were the same! We were allowed to watch Three’s Company and Golden Girls, hahah, what were they thinking?

      Yet I wasn’t allowed to watch Beavis and Butthead and MTV!!!!

    • “…..yet we were allowed to watch a show about fornicating geriatrics.”
      Everyone at work wants to know why I am laughing my ass off now!

  18. Dang it, you’ve done it again! Rob and Betty White = magic! Betty has had a resurgence lately…first the Snickers commercial, then the campaign to get her hosting SNL and now Rob’s pronouncing his fan love for her on The View!
    Felt bad for Emilie in that interview. It was so obvious that those old ladies just needed an excuse to invite Rob on, so…
    I love the idea of Rob and Betty on SNL together. They could do a romantic duet!! Oh, I can see it now…friggin hilarious!
    Rob says his bit on JF showed why he’s not a comedian, but I think he’s got the chops to be funny. Teaming him up with Betty would be a dream.
    Speaking of dreams, I had my first Rob dream last night. *sigh* I’ve been trying real hard (TWSS) to have a Rob dream forever, and was finally successful. Guess all it takes was reading an excerpt from Just This Once. Dayum.
    I think TomStu was there too, which was creepy. Hm. Love you girls!

  19. Picture it…last week, late at night. I am on the chat with JodieO and PinkPixieChick laughing my ASS off over the Golden Girls.

    Even though Jodie and I live in different towns and timezones we watch late night TV on Hallmark together.

    Seriously, they have like 5 episodes back to back. It’s glorious.

    What is my favorite? I could no sooner choose a star in the heavens.

    PS. yeah, the interview was great yesterday and can you blame Rob have you seen Betty in her day? She’s a dish!!

    • Wow, classic beauty.
      Rob, if you like that kinde of beauty. What’re you doing with U No Poo

    • Yay! Love, love, love that woman!

      The letter today made me so happy. ❀

  20. Yes, Betty WHite kills it on TMZ, kills it! Loved this and yes RP and BW would be unstopable.

  21. Love Betty White. She’s my old lady girlcrush. Time to start, yes?

    • Squee! I would volunteer to write the first letter.

    • Rob + Betty = Bettybert.

      • awww the Bettyberty babies! >.<

      • I can get behind the Bettybert shippers!

        Hey, at least Betty White SMILES most of the time!..
        Never seen her wear a bitchface like some others.

  22. I love Rob too in those grey tight suit pants and what they reveal. First thing I noticed!
    If Rob likes women that are bubbly, funny and smiling (and according to him that’s what makes them sexy – no matter what age) then WHY is he liking the Stew? I don’t get it…..

    • Maybe she’s bubbly, funny and smiling in private….She certainly doesn’t display any of these traits in view of the public.

      Am trying to be nice about her now, cos I’ve just spent the last two days slagging her off…..

  23. Betty White made a statement about Rob saying she was the sexiest woman in America. “Now THAT’S a comedy line. I’m so flattered. When are going out? He hasn’t even called yet. I’ll be waiting, Rob dear.” I had a great laugh at that!! She’s so classy!!!! πŸ˜€

    • Awww, do you have a link to that or did you read it somewhere?? I love that woman for real.

      • I read it somewhere. Part of it was on sociallite-life, but not the entire statement. I don’t remember where it was now & my computer erases the history any time I log off. Sorry.

        • “my computer erases the history any time I log off”

          Because of RobPorn?? ;D

          Thanks, I will try to find it.

          • No, not because of RobPorn. My DH can’t get into my screen, it’s password protected because of my kids & I really couldn’t care less if my hubby saw my RobPorn. (esp since he’s been such an ass for the last 3 days—my husband, not rob!!) In fact, I’m quite certain my hubby’s seen my rob files & I don’t think he cares…nor do I care if he cares!! (I’m not terribly happy with the DH right now & if he doesn’t change his attitude I’m gonna change it for him with the help of a frying pan to his head while he sleeps!! I’M kinda KIDDING!) Sorry. Back to why my computer erases the history…apparently I set it up that way & now my genius self can’t remember how to change it back. Oh well. one of these days I’m going to sit down & figure out how to put it back…maybe!!

      • It’s also on robsessed Katie :-). It was there this morning.

    • At least we know now why Edward wasn’t phased by the older Bella-in-the-mirror…

      • LMAO, that’s right!!!!!

      • Oh Jorts, you kill me! πŸ™‚

  24. Sorry, “vibrant” is the word he uses. Bubbly, funny and smiling is my interpretation of the word “vibrant”….

  25. Okay I am CONVINCED rob meant to say Barbra Walters not Betty White in an attempt to flatter her. He got his old ladies confused!! Watch the interview again. I can almost see the point where he realizes he made a mistake and just decides to go with it. Please tell me you guys noticed this.

  26. Okay hear me out friends. I am CONVINCED that rob meant to say Barbra Walters in an attempt to flatter and charm
    her (oh rob I know you so well) but accidently says Betty White. He got his old ladies confused!!! Easy mistake but watch the intervew again you can almost see the point where he realizes his mistake but decides to just go with it. Please tell me you guys see it!!

    • Barbara would have died… did you see her?
      SO embarrassing!
      Did she even notice Emilie?

  27. Oops sorry about the double
    comment didn’t think the first one posted yikes damn iPhone.

  28. BAWH! slick.
    Yeah, choose the cute old woman Rob. Divert the attention off pissing your gf off. Ohhh he’s such a ‘good’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘careful,’ boyfriend. He’s too good. You don’t deserve him Kstew. No… really.

    *annnnnnd waits for the thumbs down*

    ps. I totally agree with him though. Betty’s a bombshell.

    • Thumbs up for “keepin’ it REAL”!

  29. OMG I don’t even know where to begin about all the interviews.

    All I wanted to say was I was/am smitten once again. And the tight pants, oolala. I’m sorry but I looked where I wasn’t supposed to look, I’m a terrible person!!! LOL. Sorry, I tried but come on, the pants were super tight, in all the right places too!

    You know I wonder if Rob ever read I Love LA? Because the character(Grace) and Rob (in the story)watches Golden Girls all the time remember? What do you all think girls? Those that read I Love LA? πŸ™‚ That was like their cuddly/lovey dovey show. Haha.

    I loved his interview last night too! It was hilarious, lots of funny things again, like the dentist/podiatrist comment. The hotel comment! Squee!

  30. Dear Rob,

    You must have been lurking here to know about our fascination with the peen/sparklepeen(ahem). Is that why you wore those super-tight pants yesterday on the view? Are you torturing us? Killing us softly with your tight pants, killing us softly!?


    • Mmm, softly…. I will disrespect him softly.

      • He was lucky I wasn’t there yesterday! I would have srsly attacked him!!!!!

        Just kidding, if I ever meet you Rob someday, I will hang on to what little dignity I have left. I promise. I might just blow a kiss and you better catch it!

        • I had those attack thoughts as well. A sexy kind of attack…
          Oh, what is that boy doing to us SB?

          • Cath, frankly he is making me insane. And he’s making me lose all my inhibitions, I may have to dismiss my “southernbelle” screen name! I don’t know if it really applies that much to my demeanor anymore!

          • Hahaha SB, I’m picturing us pulling out our hair out of frustration. I know the feeling. Insane is good, let’s get straightjackets and book a padded room, BUT with Rob in it. That’s my kind of crazy. Rob and a padded room. (may have to lose those straightjackets then, way too restricted, otherwise I’d go crazy for real)Are you with me? πŸ˜‰

          • Cath, yeah I’m totally with you. LOL, your comment on the padded room and straightjackets!!! I don’t know why but it reminded me of a scene from “Final Destination.”

            Am I gonna be banging my head on the padded walls?

            I am pulling my hair out….check out my avatar!!! See what Rob’s doing to me? LOL

          • Don’t bang your head against the wall SB! You’ll black out and miss the Rob! And in the meantime I’ve thought of a fanfic called: The Asylum of Dr. Pattinson.

        • OMG, now he’s playing with us (I wish). Rob talking about being ‘broody’:

          Oh, Rob, don’t toy with our emotions. My poor ovaries… They can’t handle such statements.

          P.S. Pattypat, I’ll forgive you anything, but sourpuss baby’s aren’t included. πŸ˜‰

          • Are your ovaries about to implode too!????


          • No, they’re weeping SB…haha. (Sorry, am kind of giddy today)

    • Dear Rob,

      You’re a bad boy.



      • Cath – did you read the tweets from Rob through @twilight about Remember Me Saturday?

        • He tweeted? For real? Where? πŸ™‚

          • Here ya go SB:

            (Will make you even crazier though…) πŸ™‚

          • After I saw Jules say that I quickly looked for it online and I found it!!!

            Crazy is an understatement!!! Geez I feel like I’m 16 all over again! Btw LOL on your “weeping ovaries” comment! I now have a new nickname for you! That sounds like a lovely name for a band don’t you think? Let’s start a band dedicated to Rob. HAHA!

          • Best idea ever!!! Surest way to meet him as well! Will need to relocate though. Rehearsing trough webcam is a little bit tedious. You play guitar and piano. I sang in bands and play some guitar as well. Who’s joining us? πŸ˜‰

            Dear Rob,

            Want to be the first Weeping Ovaries groupie?
            (You know you want to)


            Weeping Ovaries

          • I’d like to be The Weeping Ovaries! I can play the guitar a little and I can sing. I still have an open challenge to write the song, Mullet of the Heart.’ (I’ll get on that).

          • Cath, WOOOOT!!! Yay on the band, yes I play guitar and piano, although I’m a little rusty now. And actually my guitar needs new strings! Haha.

            I can only imagine the type of music we’ll be playing in the Weeping Ovaries band!!!!

          • I read the tweets- our welcome Rob. Not a problem to support you in this- RM looks really good.

          • Cath, btw I sing too, I’m on youtube! LOL.

            And ok I won’t bang my head on the wall.

          • Double Woot!!! And ‘Mullet Of The Heart’, bring it on drsaka!
            Rob will be our biggest fan! He’ll want to ride on the tour bus with us, hang out backstage all of the time. We won’t be able to get rid of him. And that’s a good thing. We’ll make sure there always are enough Heines and Hot Pockets around. Taking care of our biggest fan. πŸ˜‰

          • We would have to decide the duties of a groupie. For ref, read: Pamela Des Barres, ‘I’m with the Band’. This si pretty hardcore groupie duties, so we should tailor-make the job for Rob, let’s discuss! jk jk

            Rob would have to fully understand the duties of being a groupie for The Weeping Ovaries.

          • Cath has the craft services rider all complete.

            Type of music? The Weeping Ovaries sounds a bit country. So a bit country and blues, but has to be rock as well?
            I’m thinking John Hiatt, Steve Forbert and maybe some Van the Man in the mix.

            And of course, extremely well writtien songs!

          • Sounds good, sounds good. Also need some M&M’s in the mix on the rider, just because, haha.

            And hahaha, I’m sure Rob will make a great groupie. He can read that book, read some articles about her, sure he’ll like it…ahem…
            He’s a quick learner…

            But we need a drummer and a bass guitarist still! Also: can Rob play in the band as well, too much talent to let it go to waste. Imagine those duets girls! And TomStu as roadie?

          • This is shaping up nicely! I could switch to the bass, if need be. Would we be better than Art’s band in HTB??

            (I felt I had to get the groupie duties out in the open).

            just sent you an email

          • Cath and Drsaka I guess I’ll be working on what we are gonna wear too! Hahah!

            Can we be sort of like the female version of KOL?

          • The Weeping Ovaries are on their way! (Now if only we’d be able to play together and have good songs- just details anyway).

            The female version of KOL! hahahaha

  31. HELP i lost my copy of the office if any of you peeps have it saved will you PLEASE *gets on knees* Please please please send it to me!!

  32. Yeah, just read it Jules. He’s too lovable, isn’t he??? It’s kind of terrrible really. If he gets ANY cuter I can’t handle it. Then I have to go into Rob rehab. I feel like Rob rehab is in my future. Him tweeting that AND him talking about being broody, it is too much…

    Rob have mercy on us girls…


    • Cath – steady on, my friend, steady on.
      No fembot explosions if we can help it.
      The man is too much, seriously.

    • Cath come on, we don’t need help(yet)!!!!

      We’re all in this together! LOL

      • Agree SB. But doesn’t it somehow sound grand as well?
        Rob Rehab. Sounds too good. Am afraid it’s not really a rehab, sounds like a sort of spa where Rob pampers you…OMG, the withdrawal after all this Rob goodness these past days, so happy that there’s LTR. πŸ™‚

        • A Robspa!!!! Are there gonna be clones of Rob there pampering us???Giving us massages and stuff?

          My hubby is gagging from all my happiness and giddiness for the past 2-3 days of Rob exposure. Gosh, imagine how I will be if I meet him in RL? This is just me seeing him on TV! How much more in RL!

          Cath, we really have to meet Rob….come on now, pull some strings!!!

          • I’m willing to even pull freaking ropes SB, haha. IF I ever get to do an interview you’re my PA (and all other gals ofcourse.) πŸ˜‰ But I’m afraid that we wouldn’t survive meething him. We’ll explode of all the squeeing afterwards…And the spa, no clones, only the real stuff please, haha. Massages…OMG…Sigh…
            Am now thinking of his hands! Thanks SB! And your poor hubby…gagging. LOL.

          • Cath, hey now, I am relinquishing that PA title. It has to be me, you already said it, can’t take it back!!!!! I’ll PA for free!

            Someday when you get to interview him and I’m there, yeah as a PA, just gag me so I can’t scream, please? LOL

          • You’re totally my PA! For free it is, meeting Rob is enough of a payment don’t you think? LOL at the gagging, Rob’s going to be completely distracted by a gagged SouthernBelle. Won’t get anything coherent out of him, haha.

          • Cath, LOL, now that you mentioned it, the gagging sounds a little too “bondage” don’t you think?

            He will be distracted all right….

            Rob: Umm, why is that girl gagged?

            Cath: Oh, her, pfft, that’s so she can’t fangirl and scream and ruin my interview!

            Rob: *big wide eyes*, oh…okay. It’s going to be really hard for me to concentrate.

  33. Hi everybody- not too coherent and here for a short time- Please don’t forget Betty White as on-the-make Sue Ann Nivens in one the the best sitcoms of all time- The Mary Tyler Moore show- she was hilarious in it.

    Rob- you just gave all the cougars- sabre tooths hope. Even if it was a jk- I’ don’t care.

    Remember the day before yesterday when we were discussing the modesty pouch again? I said I voted for a sheer bra? Well, on the View he said it was a see-through bra used as the modesty (bra) cup! Coincidence???? Or lurking??? Jk jk

    I loved the gray suit-killed me.

    If there are BIJ photos in the gray suit, please let me know. Its of vital (hello Betty White- he described her as having vitality) importance.

    • How are you? I’m glad you popped in today!

      • Hope everything’s well drsaka!

    • YOu are so right, drsaka (re sheer bra)…Rob must be lurking here.

      I’m glad you are coherent.


    • I’m okay but sluggish and woozy. Much better than last time. Its hard to focus. thanks for your concern.

      Are there really BIJ pics in the gray suit? Please post a link!!!!

  34. oh check out the Early Show pics- completely devastating.

  35. Seen Robbie on the Jon Stewart show yesterday —
    He said that he had to leave the hotel he was staying at cuz the fan girls found out where he was and now he’s staying somewhere else. Stewarts mouth dropped open, Robbie kinda indicated that’s “typical”.. ie.- he has to change hotels a few times. no biggy. just a day in the life..

    oye veh. ~ Fame does have its price.
    On one hand, you have the world at your feet. On the other hand, you can’t really get out and enjoy it.

    A prisoner in a golden cage.

    • Hermes,
      I thought he said on Jstew that he was at the Mandarin Hotel and no on ever found him there…which is great! Just wanna confirm that I’m not hearing things.

      • That’s what I heard him say, too, lion. He was laughing because no one figured it out, and he was leaving town the next day. I’ll have to listen again. As if I wouldn’t anyway!

        • You guys are right about that. And any excuse to watch it again. And again.

  36. Don’t know if this will work or not.
    A vid from popsugar of Robbie and Tom Stu… leaving JFK together ! hurry, no little miss sunshine in sight (aka kstew).
    I’v also copied the url as well.

  37. UC/Moon– ps.. that pic. you have of Rob with the golden girls = a big big win..

    heh heh … “GG tutors the neighborhood hooligan”…

  38. FACT: I only ever watched the Golden Girls because Summer and Anna loved it in The OC. I kinda loved it too πŸ™‚

  39. Booo, sadsies. Can’t see the clip of The View in my country 😦

    • Can’t you see the clips from The View on Robsessed from YouTube Abs? Try it there!

  40. Oh Rob…

    P.S. LOVING today’s pictures and captions!

  41. Please check the third or the 4th pic down

    • Great pics! Thanks for the link. Good God he’s effing HAWT!!!!!! He has the most beautiful eyes, lashes, jaw, hands, oh who am I kidding….he has the most beautiful everything!! I love that he is wearing pinstripe trousers, dress shoes & a POW/MIA T-shirt!! That is the classic Rob I LOVE!!! πŸ˜€

  42. and I think there’s a big stain on his t-shirt (paired with the pants and dress shoes.

    waves- Hi Rob, awesome as always!

  43. I love it Rob meets the golden girls. Betty White and Rob grerat couple. The Mary Tyler Moores show. How about Kristen and Lou Grant or better yet. The old babes have it. Lots of found TV memories.

    • Sue Ann Nivens gives up the Lou Grant hunt and goes after the new copy boy, Rob, in the newsroom; but of course Rob is interested in Mary, or better yet, Rhoda! Comedy ensues!

    • I like pairing KStew off with Lou Grant. They can be grumpy together.

  44. […] to satiate your all your Hot Pockets desires. Fine. And so what I’m a little older…not Betty White old, just more…mature (read: experienced). Maybe Alice won’t throw us a fairy tale wedding […]

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