Posted by: Bekah | March 2, 2010

How Robert Pattinson’s films may lead to harder stuff

Today lion confesses that she may not be so innocent anymore….

Dear Rob,

What started out as an innocent little vampire movie has led me to some interesting things.  Do you have any idea what’s happened to me since I first saw Twilight in July 2009?  It’s a sweet little PG-13 thing, right?  Uh, no!

Well, for starters, I read porn now.  Some people call it fanfic, but it’s actually porn because anything that you read that instantly makes you wanna rip off your clothes to do your DH (of 14 years) in the middle of the day on the kitchen floor, is just porn.  Thanks, Rob!  I never would have read “fanfic” if it wasn’t for you, and I’m not sorry about any of this, but I am a little worried about myself.  Is this normal?

I’ve also taken to reading and watching all of the books that your films are based on, such as “Bel Ami,” “Water for Elephants,” etc…as well as watching films that you’ve mentioned, just in passing, such as Godard’s “Prenom’ Carmen” and “Last Tango in Paris.”  Remember, You and Kristen bonded over “Last Tango in Paris,” and although I’d seen it 20 years ago, it took on new meaning when I saw it last week.  Can I just say that a stick of butter and a sexual act that is not legal in some states appears in Last Tango?   See Rob, more porn.  Everything you do or say somehow leads to porn.

Is this your legacy?  I don’t even know if it’s possible for you not to be sexy.  For example, you tried not to be sexy in “How to Be,” but when I saw you do pushups…sexy.  When you talked to yourself in the mirror, again…sexy…and adorable.   In Little Ashes, you kiss a man (and other sexual things) and even that did unspeakable things to me.  If “Bel Ami” delivers on the sex, I may be in the same Sexual Addiction program as Tiger Woods.

Worried, but not shy or cowardly

To the LTR girls: So has your little crush on Rob lead to harder, more serious things?  I’d love to know…or not…

To those of you who have no hit the “harder stuff,” you can at least take a peek at what you’re missing. These fanmade vids are incredible:

From Wide Awake:

From The Office and (NSFW- aka HOT):

UC here- Yes. I saw Rob on Fallon last night. Yes. I saw the back of his head and his ass in between all the photographers running through the crowd at the Remember Me premiere. Yes. I had an amazing time meeting all the new LTT/LTR friends. Yes. My feet hate me and will never forgive me for what I put them through. Yes. I will talk about it more later. Yes. I’m tired. XO

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  1. Lion- yes, I stumbled down the same path as you. I had no idea. really no idea, that anything like fanfic existed. And I couldn’t believe the content (believe this- I’m not complaining).

    Really, what was life like before Rob and all the new things/feelings I’ve experienced? I can’t remember.

    • drsaka,
      when I first heard about fanfic, I thought Eeww, this can’t be good. I was thinking sexy Twilight stories written by twelve year-olds. Little did I know..

      • yeah, the writers of the MA stuff are NOT 12 yr olds-

  2. Duh, I am jealous of your Rob-watching UC.
    I don’t think there’ll ever be a chance for me to see
    him when I all the way down here unless I travel to go to a premiere … but that would mean completely exposing myself to all my friends and family for the complete fangirl I am.

    • I’m totally in the same situation. I’d have been in New York last night were it not for the fact that I would have had to explain to my mother why I was going, and who with.
      And then she might have had me committed. It would have been lose-lose for sure.

      • My explanation? Book Club.

  3. UC- can’t wait for your tale. Was it you who yelled out ‘please’????

    • Oh the “please?” LOL

      • And Jimmy and Rob thought someone was saying “squeeze!” Lol

  4. Rob is simply everytime and everwhere SEX on LEGS!
    the end!

    ❤ lion!

    • I like to call him ” Sex Walking”..we should “tag team” again and add “Sex Walking with LONG LEGS”

      ❤ robgirl

      • Mister “Sex Walking with LONG LEGS and WONKY FEET” !!!

        Tag Team, YES!

        • RG- did you see the pic of (maybe tipsy) Rob slipping in the slush? Wonkiness this there!

          • Yes! lol….gotta love him!

          • where the heck are all these you pics ya’ll are refering to?!?!?! I wanna see them but I can’t seem to find them. Apparently I’m not looking in the right place. Please help a sister-in-Rob out!!!

          • all sorts of yummy stuff:

          • Thanks Drsaka for the link. LOVE all the delicious Rob goodness!!! 😀

    • He’s walking sex!!!

  5. Cute letter Lion…I think Twilight (Rob playing Edward more than the actual books/movie) has ruined a lot of people’s PG13 lives….I too have turned from out-going, fun -oving girl to a read-a-holic and hermit crab….constantly googling, read any script, book or interview Rob has anything to do with…..on another note::

    Dear Rob,
    Just wondering wtf was SHE doing there last night, looking all sad and pouty (her normal self)….anyone else in the world would be thrilled to be at your side (for example me)….wtf?!?

    heart broken,
    p.s. Misty is BOTHERED.

    • (I’m prepared for the thumbsdowns)
      Did you see what SHE was wearing? and her hair? I hated it.

      Dear Rob,
      You could do much better.
      Love Jess

      • I’m subscribbing to everything you said

        • Very odd clothing choice- at first glance I couldn’t tell what she was wearing! Odd odd odd.

      • ML- great letter. FFs? I read them, even the angsty (non) porn ones. Yup, blame the Rob!
        M!M!M! – I’m constantly trying to cheer you up! Haha! On her legs? I think they recycled the yellow/gold purse into leggings.

        • Jules……hahahaha, I think you may be right about those pants….someone should have alerted the fashion police!

          Thanks to you and brother Iz, I’m managing to keep my pecker up!

        • That’s where the bag went to!

      • Satin high heels,lace leggings, knot-shirt and leather jacket, not so bad, although she can do much better, matter of taste I guess, in theory she can wear everything,young and skinny as she is….BUT the hair totally ruined the look, it looked just bad! What happened?

        • RG – I’m not a fan of the knotted shirt look, it makes me think trailer trash (she’s not). I guess it just her style. If I absolutely had to wear those pants, I would have chosen a tank/fitted t-shirt or bustier, but that’s just me.

          • Jess,I agree, a black longer tank and different shoes…

        • RG…. I insist you take another look at those pants, they appear to be made from some hideous gold swirly vileness. Those pants could never be described… ‘a good look’ not by a long stretch of the imagination and I’m sorry RG they don’t even fit in to the ‘not bad’ category. I’m having a bit of a rant today, aren’t I. Soz, I’m just offended by bad clothes, particularly when someone like her (she’s got the youth, the body and the money) wears something that ugly. Someone needs to take her in hand and I don’t mean Rob!!!!

          • Rant away M! Its a very odd ’80’s take off type look, isn’t it?

          • 80s fashion should stay in the bloody 80s where it belongs. From what I can tell it was a bad look then and is still a bad look today.

          • Mine! I’m not a style expert, I just can say I like something or not and this outfit is surely not my fav., but I like a lot of stuff she wore and perhaps I’m the only one, who liked all her dresses during the NM junket, especially the one in London. Anyway it’s difficult to agree about fashion…
            I really didn’t like her hair at all, it’s growing out and all, two colours and it’s surely difficult to style, but yesterday it looked sort of blowsy ( I hope that’s the right word).
            I loved Emily’s dress, but not a fan of her hair-styling either…so it’s just me, I’m weird, I guess… 🙂

          • RG, I wasn’t questioning your fashion sense, nor your right to an opinion, nor was I ranting at you my dear. I’m just having a rant about those pants.

            But I have to say I tend not to like most of the stuff she wears. Personally I think she’s got little style for someone so young. I prefer her RL style rather than her Red Carpet style. She should stick to what she looks good in and it’s not most of the vile dresses she wears nor those bloody horrible pants from last night 🙂

          • I was trying hard not to look at her, now I want to see what she wore.

          • I don’t think she likes being female. She tries to look just like Rob (not last night, of course) and seems to hate having to try to look good. Remember how quickly she ditched the dress at the NM premiere? There are pics of Rob in his suit, with her in -what else-a hoodie and T. How the Hale did she win a style award???

          • Mine! I have NO fashion sense at all, I have only ROB-SENSE
            said that, I don’t know who chose her stuff and I don’t care.
            You don’t like her pants? So I’m with YOU, because I like YOU 🙂

          • RG….I don’t believe a word of it, you just have to look at that beautiful picture of you to see you have great fashion sense and obviously lots of ROB SENSE. Didn’t mean to sound like a bitch –

            soz lovely Robgirl.

          • mine! lol…thx and back!<3
            Let's talk about Rob's fashion sense, no wait…let's talk just about Rob! Didn't he look sweet, happy and ALL ADORABLE?
            At least, it was HIS night!!!

          • RG I have to say my fav was Rob up that tree. Wasn’t loving that shirt he was wearing at the RMP, but it was difficult to tell, other than that he was looking his usual heart-breakingly beautiful self….sigh…..

            The View ……aired yet? Time confusion again!

          • The View is just coming on now-

        • Can you post the pic? I can’t see. All I saw was her hair and I hate to say, I’m a fan of Kristen but I don’t love the hair!!!! It looks so messy.


        • Where is Minuit Passé? She always has a chic Parisienne perspective on the fashion of Ms. Stewart.

          • I know, TOO, I miss her input too.

          • *waves*

            to Minuit.

      • Not to add insult to injury, but her shirt was an inside-out concert T; the one that has the guitar across the front. Nice…

        • I didn’t notice that, but thanks for pointing it out!
          Who let her on the red carpet looking like that?
          I mean, really.

          And what’s with the thumbs downs? I’m not sure how your comment was insulting.

          • No biggie, Jess. Someone has thumbs down all the comments that critisise the leggings.

            Back to FFs, PORN and ROB!

    • I know, you think she would have just sneeked in rather than walk the red carpet, inconsiderate girl!! I logged on this morning to find out what was being said re. RM, and all I got was oooooo Kstew with RP at RM, Kstew walks the red carpet. I DON’T CARE but I do want to know about the film. and WTF was those things on her legs?????????? She looked like she’s borrowed Bianca’s leggings from Eastenders….chav or what!

      Well I’m just going to have to accept that he’s a foolish boy afterall if he’s really going out with misery….I’m sure she must be really lovely underneath all that attitude. This will require more ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ from IZ to cheer me up again.

      On a brighter note, it’s lovely weather here in London, and it’s the first time in about 4 months I’ve been able to eat my lunch outside without freezing my arse off!

      • Mine:: Well I’m just going to have to accept that he’s a foolish boy afterall if he’s really going out with misery…

        I called my best friend and I said the same to her and I also feel dissapointed about that, is this normal????????…sorry gotta go

      • “She looked like she’s borrowed Bianca’s leggings from Eastenders….chav or what!

        I am with you all the way on this comment Mine! (And all the others too …).

        • @ English Girl-
          IT FITS KSTEW !!!

          fyi- you’ll need to explan to the rest of the Yanks what CHAV is..
          The closest thing we have to CHAV as a description would be this chick called SNOOKIE (from Jersey Shore)

      • Have not heard the word “chav” in AGES. Brings back hilar memories. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    • I’m bothered too..why does she tag along with her sourpuss ? Stay home and get high. For the life of me I don’t see the attraction to her at all. I’m just glad I didn’t see her there, I had an amazing day and her miserable self didn’t detract from it.

      • Hey DTD, did you get a free ticket to see the film? If so can you tell me if it was any good, I’m getting really fed up of Premiere talk (re. kstew at said premiere) and no talk about what the actual film was like. Enquiring minds and all that 🙂


        • No!! I wasn’t in the pen, and was only there for about fifteen minutes. I wish I had known they were giving them out.

    • LMAO, “Misty is bothered”!

      I love that!

      • awe….thanks ladies….

    • Misty,

  6. I haven’t read any of the fanfic. Yet.
    But I have to agree with drsaka. I don’t remember what my life was like before all of this!

    • LBR- life before Rob- what was I doing? What happened then? I’m not sure any more!

      Watch out- the fanfic can be really addictive.

      • Draska, ML,
        I’d never heard of fanfic until I found this site but I have to confess I’m not a fan…..started to read wide awake (I think that’s what it was called) and only got about 20 pages into it before I had to stop. I’ve notice a few others, but it’s the same thing I only get a few pages in and I get bored. Maybe I’m being a bit of a snob but it all seems quite badly written and repetitive……or maybe I’m just reading the wrong fanfic??

        • Some of it is good and some not so good. The Twilight related ones use the same characters/traits as in the original material and the challenge for the writer is to come up with new situations and twists to put the characters through. It can get repetitive, but some of the writing and characterizations are good.

        • I always hear about this one called The Office. Which I think is the one referenced in the first picture. It seems to be really popular, so I’m guessing it’s a good one?

          • Its on the end of the spectrum of fanfic that Lion is referring to.

          • It is good but I think it’s been taken off the site, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

            I’m kind of a prude but it has a great story so I read it all the way, that’s what she said.

        • Mine,
          You are not a snob. It is poorly written, but it still “works.”


        • Read the University of Edward Masen-it will change your mind. I can’t say enough good things about this fic.

          • Dante and Beatrice

          • that’s a really good one!

          • Yup, UoEM is fantastically written! One of my all time favs fics.

      • Yes, it’s so addicting. You won’t get much done, trust me. You’ll be staying up tyil 3 am reading.

        • SB – I know, I’ve found myself reading on my phone at 3am.
          *shakes head in disgust at myself

          • LOL, you know I even printed a bunch of them once!!! Ha!

          • HAHA! On rare occasions when I take the subway to work, I print out chapters to read on there. I’ve never printed an entire story though.

  7. stayed up & watched Rob on Jimmy Fallon. LOVED it!! I’ve actually never seen Jimmy Fallon but I think I’ll start recording it at night. He’s hysterical! I LOVED Rob on here. So cute & giggly. I love that he keeps saying he doesn’t really know what the movie’s about & then gets the other person to explain it. I hope he does put out an album & I think it’s wonderful that he gave his sister, Lizzie, props for being a ‘wonderful’ artist. I absolutely loved the Bothered thing. I had to look it up before I watched the show so I’d know what the hooplah was all about! sorry. I have an 11yr to get up in the mornings so late nights aren’t really my thing anymore!! I thought Rob looked terrified up in the tree, but it was still just so funny!! My favourite had to be when the audience was yellling “Please” for Rob to make & release an music album & neither he nor Jimmy could figure out what they were saying! Hey UC, was that you who yelled out??? I nearly hurt myself trying not to laugh too loud when Jimmy suggested Twi(t) Stripe as the band for him & Kristen. (not such a great idea) and Rob was speechless except to say that sounds really bad. like something really bad, I don’t even want to talk about that! How funny. The interview was entirely too short, but then again, I’d like to have the entire show with him only & I guess that just isn’t feasible! Oh well. There’s an idea…someone do a one hour show with no one else but Rob!! That would get put on DVD from my DVR & be brought out everytime I was having a bad day!!

    Ok, now to read todays blog & maybe comment on it, but first I think I’m going back to bed!! I only got about 2 hrs sleep last night & here I sit at the laptom!! I was really hoping to be the 1st to comment today, but once again, I’m not quick enough!! Oh well!!:-D Maybe tomorrow!!:-D

  8. Good letter Lion – same for me Fanfic was totally not on my radar till Rob.

    The first thing I read was The Office – man that should win the nobel prize for literature LOL

  9. Great letter, Lion! I was totally clueless about fanfic until Rob. I can’t say that I’d change a thing though!! My hubby doesn’t seem to mind!! I’ve GOT to catch up on my reading!! Seems I’m falling behind! Anyone have any sugguestions?!?

  10. My Rob LOVE led me to a NOT-SHY and NOT-COUGARLY beautiful LION-girl!

    Films, books, thoughts, jokes…..THIS MAN is soooo inspiring, as I said, I love HIS BRAIN!

    Dear Rob,
    you seemed SO HAPPY yesterday!

    P.S. Why so nervous on Fallon? You did a GOOD job!

    • Dear Rob,

      Can I eff your brain ( and your body while at it )?
      I promise I won’t be sulky and sad whenever i’m with you till the day I’d die.

      Love you just as you are

    • I ❤ you back, RG!!

  11. Went to the Red Carpet last night. Yelled at Tom Stu! He looked but hurried away. Saw KStew run across the street from the red carpet to the theater with her head down. Don’t know why she was in such a “chipper” way.

    Then Rob!!! He came over the human pens they had created for crowd control – there were 6 areas. My GF & I were in area 2 (that sounds like a sci fi show!) He came to our area and despite all intention to act reasonably, we all surged forward and tried to touch him. My GF managed to do it – she stroked his left hand!!! Then she got yelled at, we didn’t care! He was incredibly smiley and happy looking. He signed all kinds of crap that people shoved at him – he just scrawled a big R on things. The security moved him along too quickly; it was all over in a matter of seconds – maybe 20 or 30? My GF got a picture of him – I don’t know how to add a picture to a post or I’d put it here – I’ll email to UC & Moon later & they can post it.

    A few minutes later, Emilie walked past our little human containment section. Much more subdued reaction from the crowd 😉 She looked beautiful and she was incredibly gracious, too. I told her that I love her in Lost this season even though she is crazy and she laughed and answered me, so I was pretty stoked.

    Unfortunately, Pierce Brosnan was not paraded past the zoo animals (that’s us). That made me very sad – he was my very first celeb crush. But, then Summit did something very nice – they gave all of us passes to see the movie at a theater a block away. It was very good, but very sad.

    After the movie, my GF & I walked past the Plaza, where they had the afterparty, but we didn’t try to get in or wait for anyone to leave it – it was after 10pm & our feet hurt. Instead, we went to a bar to celebrate. Feeling very rough this morning, but very happy

    • Yeh…TomStu was there! No mention of him being at the premiere of RM only bloody KStew. What was the film like? I’m fed up of reading about Kstew at the premiere and no mention of the bloody film. Only seen one review on Robsessed so far.

    • Excellent reporting! And congrats to you to have seen him up close (well, closer than I ever will!).

      I’m glad to hear that TomStu was there-
      Any reaction, Cath?

    • Thank you so much for sharing, the signing autographs..I saw some Rob “R’s” not even recognizable as such…lol….and I love it that he talked so nice about his fans!

    • I was there too with my husband. We didn’t get to the premiere until about 7:00 because we went to Fallon. I was ready to leave b/c I could barely walk anymore, but my husband dragged me over to the “human pens” (ha!) and we saw Rob walking down, signing things. The pens were already packed, so we just walked down and stood next the end of the pens, nearest the theater, where all the photogs were waiting. They all started following Rob, and we just followed behind them-Rob was about five feet in front of us. We walked like this until he went into the theater-it was very short but felt much longer, *sigh*. It really was a thrill, to see him so close-he is so beautiful and charming, it just kills me.

      On the way home, there were two girls on our train who were giddy and giggling, and they had a signed poster of Rob. My husband started talking to them, and asked them if they’d been at the Premiere, they said no, they’d seen him at the Today show and he’d signed things, then they’d waited six hours at the premiere to see him. They were so high on Rob, they didn’t even wonder why this strange man was so interested in their day.

      • Thanks DtD!<3

        "High on Rob" is the perfect description for his effect on ME as well!

        • Thanks D2D….so happy for you and you have a nice DH!!!!

          How was RM? Good acting? Well written? Believable?

          Don’t know why I care exactly about writing, acting, et…, since the vampire movie worked SO WELL for me, why shouldn’t RM?


          • Unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket:(. We were only there for a bout fifteen minutes, and weren’t in the pens, so I didn’t even know they were giving them out. But I saw Rob, so it’s ok.

      • @ Dazzled-
        What a cool hubbie you have to go with you and tolerate all that high pitched screaming..He deserves a medal of bravery— cuz I would never do it again (ran into something similar when I seen him on Letterman last yr.) — I tell you, those Pattinson screams could be used as our next secret defense weapon against Afghanastan.. the terrorist would go MAD.. really. My fillings almost came loose.

        TOM STU!! my little cupcake!!! (le sigh). —– is on tour with Robbie! hurray –I got a picture of them at JFK ..Little Ms Sunshine (aka Kstew) was with as well.

        Tom Stu shaved the beard! So spring must be just around the corner!!..
        Puxatony Phil’s got nothin on Pattinson/Sturridge when they cut off the beard. Warm weather IS near! ..

        So, Robbie’s got the two Stu’s/Stews with him on tour!

        He must love his Stewu’s..

        • Did you stake out JFK?? That’s dedicated.

          Yes, yesterday was an amaaaazing day…there was a lot of screaming (of course) but the worst part was the hanging around, waiting for the taping. It was like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. But it was worth it! I’d only do it for you, Rob!!

  12. I laugh quietly to myself when so called friends laugh at my interest in Twilight. If only they knew that there was more to it. That yes, on discovering the FF side of life, I sit at my computer pretending to surf the internet with my legs always crossed in case that *tingly sensation* appears again – and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Beautiful Bastard you are my life now……


  13. Lion, great letter. I’m sure many of us can relate to that.

  14. Truer words have not been spoken, Lion. And obviously we’re all on the edge of our seat awaiting Bel Ami. Can’t wait to find out what fantastic NSFW fanfic vids they’ll mash up out of THAT.

    • Bella,
      “NSFW” is my new favorite acronym. When I see NSFW, I know I’m in the right place.


  15. Well, since Rob has enterred my brain, things have definitely been ‘different’, and my hubby has benefited enormously!!LOL!

  16. Lion-
    My husband calls fanfic porn too-when he gets home I’m usually reading (fanfic, duh) and he rolls his eyes and says ” still reading porn..”. I haven’t graduated to real porn, because if Rob/Edward isn’t in it, I don’t care about it. But I do tend to like the more hardcore fics.

    **May I insert a little PSA here? If you read fanfic please write an email to asking them to allow MA rated fics. So many great stories have been pulled b/c of their ridiculous story guidelines, which currently don’t allow MA rated fics. See the Fanfic thread in the forum for details. Maybe if enough people do this, they’ll make a change.Thanks, PSA over.**

    And in answer to your question, Lion, NO, it is not possible for Rob not to be sexy. I’d take him as Art, as Daniel Gale, or any which way. I was at Jimmy Fallon and the premiere yesterday, and I’m more hopelessly smitten than ever.

    • Another lucky girl! Hopefully you’ll tell us MORE! 🙂

    • Lucky,lucky girl.
      You have seen him twice, right?

      • This was the first time I’ve seen Rob. My husband saw him during RM filming and got a pic for me.

    • Tell, tell!!

    • D2D,
      Thanks for your note and the PSA.

      Do tell about your Jimmy Fallon experience. Was this your first time seeing Rob?

      yours in robporn, etc…


      • I don’t want to say too much if UC will be writing a post about it tomorrow, but I will say I was so excited that I screamed at the top of my lungs, like a little fangirl, when they showed the Bothered clip with Rob in it. And even more when he walked out. I’ve never screamed so much. My husband sat there smirking at me. It was amazing.

        At the end of day, my feet hurt so much I walked through Grand Central in stocking feet, but it was 100% worth it.

        • Your husband is such a darling! That’s so sweet of him to come with you.

    • D2D I am so jealous!!!!! Please tell us more!!! We want deets!

  17. Dear Kristen,
    You looked sad and sulky in every public appearance. Fame, money, Rob , nice wardrobe don’t make you happy? Do you still in love with Oregano?
    I kind of worry you have suicidal tendency. Be happy, you got your whole life ahead of you.
    Enjoy life.

    Me, who don’t understand

    • and don’t forget a pretty successful movie career for a 19 yr old-

    • She’s probably pissy cuz she can’t smoke a “J”..
      So, someone please bake the girl a happy meal ( aka: a maryjane brownie) and stuff in her mouth so she can be smiley again.

  18. Lion, love your letter! I’m with you on this!

    FTR I don’t think he can be NOT sexy. LOL. Everything about him is sexy. It is hard(twss) for me to not think of him this way. He’s just so hot, it doesn’t matter what time of the day, whatever he’s wearing!

    Watching Twilight has opened my eyes to Rob so I’m so grateful to Stephenie Meyer for that! After Twilight came FF and then watching all of Rob’s previous movies and whatever other info or tidbit I can gather about him.

    Btw all you that saw him in person yesterday, I’m so happy for you! And a little jealous!

  19. @mine have u seen this? 😀
    he dosen’t look like at all

    • che, I just spotted that and was going to post to you about it….hahahaha I said it was only a matter of time. And trust me when they’ve finished he’ll be unrecognizable. MTs waxworks are not good. I know some who really like them, but personally I think they stink, none of the waxworks ever look like who they are supposed to be….well not really, maybe if you squint your eyes and look at them sideways, in the dark! 🙂

      • yes @mine i remember what u said so that’s why u were the first thing what i thought when i’ve seen this and u were right it doesn’t look good,thanx for warning but u can visit MT when it finishes, check it out and let us know 🙂

    • that’s kinda scary looking!

    • I hate it! 🙂

    • I think the eyes are not the same.

      Anyway, it’s kind of creepy. But if he’s gonna be at Madame Tussaud’s well I want a pic taken with him, haha. I guess that’s the closest I can get to Rob.

    • Maybe once it’s painted and whatnot, it will be better. If if does end up looking like him, they should produce more and sell them to the general public.

      Or maybe someone should make a Real Rob Doll:

      This is about as close to the real thing as we’ll ever get.

      • ohh @dazzled i had a mistake and clicked the link,realdolls.. just gross
        and it dosen’t seams like ROB at all
        i guess it was just Beckham who looked like himself

      • OK I’ll have one of those dolls if it’s available.

    • Bouffant Rob

  20. Dear Rob,

    I saw you yesterday morning and what a perfect way to start my day. I thought I missed you and got up so fast and jumped off my bed when I saw what time it was. I was in such a rush I tripped on the bedsheets and fell on the floor!

    Then in the evening, I saw you again and what a perfect way to end my day, to sleep right after seeing your face and hearing you talk! You are so amazing! I slept really well!

    Thanks for filling my entire day of you.


    • I wouldn’t complain if everyday was Rob day SB!

  21. u seen tomstu last night? 😀

    • nice sweater….lol

      • that is THE most ugliest sweater I’ve seen in a long time…..hahahaha

        • Mine! we finally AGREE today….lol…looks like kindergarten!

          • Looks like something my grandmother would wear.

          • Oh Tom, sometime I wonder about you.

          • Sometimes, damnit.

    • Duckies and tulips?? I hope that one item of clothing Rob never borrows.

      • awesomely bad sweater!!!

        • Sweet, sweet TomStu.He’s wearing the tulips especially for me. Aw, I know he loved me, after Rob that is. 😉 I had a crazy day…Ugh… Rob was the only good thing about it…I am so tired. (Loved your guys comments, but I can’t even type anymore LOL)

          And congrats to all you lovely ladies who saw Rob love. Am so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing your stories!

          • LEAVE TOM STU ALONE!!
            THAT LITTLE CUPCAKE is MINE all MINE!! :))
            ps. did anyone see him the shitous sweater?

    • That sweater! What a joker!

    • He must’ve won a bet for wearing that. Honestly. But no-one gives him loads of crap for what he wears, do they? Oh no it’s sweet when he does it…if Kristen had worn this sweater a riot would have broken out….spot the sarcasm…& the little truth contained in it.

      See Stew & Stu have a deep oneness…

      • Truth!

      • well TomStu didn’t win a style award……… and judging from that jumper, a style award wont be coming his way any time soon!!!!! 🙂

        • I’m having TomStu visions, told you I’m in a resort where a lot of E come(!) skiing and I see TomStu everytime a guy with similar hairstyle starts speaking E. TomStu stop being so tricky!

          • I can so relate, MP. Whenever I see a guy with a trucker cap who looks like him I turn me head on the street. Ha!

          • MP…..aren’t you supposed to be up a mountain? 🙂 remember watch out for those pesky bushes……have a lovely H.

          • well TomStu visions are better than other visions!!! just saying and youknowwhatImean!!!!
            Have a nice time “there”!!!

          • ha I think I missed you. Is it normal?
            @Cath imagine if they speak English. Faker TomStu everywhere.
            @mine! I am all day on the mountain, all tweed serious about skiing. Now I’m just supposed to be out for dinner, but I can’t move.
            @robgirl, I only have good visions.

          • We were wondering where you were because we’ve missed you. Skiing! Have a great time!

          • @ TOO What? Where? What did I miss (except missing you)?

    • Holy cow, I hope Rob doesn’t borrow that sweater. 🙂

      He’s kind of cute though! Nah, what am I saying, I love Rob. I can’t cheat!

    • That hearts sweater was a cast off from his sister I read…
      (she probably last wore it when she was 12). She’s like 21 now.
      oye veh! tomstu, no wonder no one will cast you. So I’m writing you this letter:

      Dear Tom Stu:
      whats wrong with you! wake up boy!! your hanging with the #1 A lister now.
      I know your trying not to be typical british middle class.. but GOD!! .. seeing you like that makes me want to go shopping for you. I’d get you black jeans and a thick black turtle neck sweater/jumper and some black boots, and you’ll look a bit more macho.. like a guy!! cuz you’re a 24 yr old man! –All that booze you and your BFF Robbie consume must have pickled your brain! AUUGh

      (but I still luv you!).. my little cup cake

  22. Oh yes. Everything Rob leads to porn. Especially in my world… And especially with movies like RM and BA coming up… I love Rob sex scenes…

    The Office brings back so many good old memories. I lost my porn-virginity to this one. And it was worth every single second. And dare I say, that it was better than any other first time anybody had *ahem*

    Damn am I glad I have TCS to release some pressure…

  23. The View- he looks great in gray. The angle of the camera makes his already large fee even bigger (not a bad thing necessarily).

    He has a bit of word vomit- but he was really cute.

    • Squeeee!!!!!! He is so awesome! He looks so handsome in that suit!

      Don’t you think he dazzled all those women? LOL I think so!

      He took my breath away again. I’m done for the day. Sigh.

    • damn it! can’t watch it but saw a pic and looks perfect

    • ok just sayin’ OMG

    • I thought that that was a really subdued Q&A. Joy asked her one question about the Details article and then sat there with her arms crossed. No Whoopi today. BW- said something about fangs twice (nice research).

      But Rob looked and sounded fantastic and his remark about age- way to give hope to the older lady fans, Rob!

      • Don’t forget Betty White, drsaka! LOL.

        • I didn’t, I was trying not to spoil! How about the modesty (bra) cup being see-through????!!!!!

          • Hahaha, I know. Imagine having that job, taping it to Rob. (omg, that rhymes, could be a really cool poem)

            To only have that job
            Taping the bra
            To the Rob

            But how weird is it that they didn’t have something more professional available? Maybe they were hoping he’d go commando…

          • I wondered about that too- unprepared on purpose and only having a sheer bra available? Hmmmmmmm…….

            Unprepared or brillinat!

          • Cath, I would do that job for free.

            My hands would be shaking so much though but I think I’ll get the job done.

        • That Betty White comment has had me laughing all day! He’s got quite an age range! lol

          I always want to scream “THERE ARE NO FANGS IN TWILIGHT!!!” Obviously she’s not a fan but BW did seem to be a little dazzled with Rob.

          I love that look Rob gets on his face while someone is asking him a question–you can see the wheels turning. Then he blurts out an answer that is ‘he didn’t just say that, did he?’ He adds so much color to my life!

          • I thought about that too when Barbara said that!!!! Apparently she’s never seen the film read the books. Sounds like she didn’t.

      • I just finished watching “The View” interview. I am always annoyed when it is so obvious they know nothing about “Twilight” and ask about playing a vampires with fangs. I was totally pissed when Oprah had Stephenie Meyer on to talk about Twilight and it was so obvious she hadn’t even looked at the first page! For someone with a book club for crying out loud, you think she would be slightly curious on why it is so popular. I think she only talked about it because her staff was driving her crazy.
        I never watch the View and only watched today because Rob was on. They asked for all of these questions from the fans and only asked one. I am glad that Walters did make a point to say she did see Remember Me and that Rob was good in it. Felt sorry for Emilie though, she seemed to be just an after thought. She is so nice and sweet and was practically ignored. Bad job View, bad, bad, bad.

        • I’ve only seen a few clips, but I agree I was expecting something on the lines of Loose Women over here in England. The few occasions that i have inadvertantly watched LW, usually due to illness and inability to find remote control, these women kinda go for the jugular, serious amount of leg pulling, it’s a terrible programme, but I think they would have eaten him alive.

          I would really love to see Rob on ‘Later with Jonathan Ross’, his talk show is really good, unfortunatly he’s leaving the Beeb 😦

          • I love Johnathan Ross! Sorry to hear he is leaving. Rats! I only just found his program on BBC America and now record it every Friday night. Maybe he’ll have him on before his final show.

        • I completely agree. The interview was horrible, but I still loved every minute of Rob. Twice Barbara mentioned fangs. Get it together Barbara.

        • It was really subdued- I think on purpose. Joy usually is very loud and asks all sorts of stuff- it was odd, but it was great to see Rob.

          • Did you see how Joy was just sitting there all content? And she said that “you are so cute” to Rob!

            They were very mellow today!

      • Maybe it was subdued because his family was there. LOL.

  24. Lion, fanfic ruined my life. But in a good way.
    I realized when I sent you those Isle Esme “missing moment” stories that I had, in fact, become an internet porn provider. This is what Twilight and Rob have turned me into!

    And dare we ponder what it was about Last Tango in Paris that Rob and the Stew bonded over? My mind is going to some very inappropriate places with that, and I’ll say no more.

    Enjoy all the Rob this week!

    • TOO- not sure I want to know anything about that bonding moment-

      • The butter. They both like their Hot Pockets with a little butter.

        • Yeah, that must be it.

        • D2D – Now it all makes sense.

    • T.O.O.

      Here’s to being the best internet porn provider, ever. Thanks! I’m ruined.


      • Your friendly neighborhood pusher, at your service!

  25. why he looks like better than premier?
    so fancy
    luv that

  26. “I may be in the same Sexual Addiction program as Tiger Woods.”
    Hahaha – I was wondering if they have this programs in other countries (no, not for me you pervs) but it seems a bit too much.

    And yes, my (craziness) acute fondness lead to other stuff (LTR) which is lovely and great and fun but pretty hard-core considering I check it religiously even when I’m on holyday. But this is normal, I’m sure. I don’t get the fanfic craziness though.

    ML thanks for entertaining us with your letters.

    • Hey MP! Thought you were on vacation? Or did you miss Rob too much? 😉

    • MP,
      I’m on “holyday,” too…but can’t stay away from you all and HHH.


      • I seriously love this site, even whilst on holiday you all still finding time to check the site…..heehee!

        • For me, it wouldn’t be a holiday without you guys.

          • 🙂

    • MP and ML- please don’t stay away too long!!

    • MINUIT!!!!! ❤ kisses

    • Hey there MP! *blows kisses*

  27. My copy of “Bel Ami” came in just the other day but I can’t get into reading it yet with all of the press for Remember Me and darling Rob all over the TV and Internet right now.
    My DH was annoyed last night when I had to admit to not making our appointment for getting our taxes done. I told him that if Robert was our accountant I would have made the appointment in January. LOL! I got and eye roll for that comment.
    I am adding to my Netflix que “Last Tango” and “Prenom Carmen” if they have them. I have only read one bit of fanfic. I would love to have the links to some of the stories you are talking about. Bring them on, I think I can keep up.

    • Hi Sjaantje,
      Prenom is one of Rob’s favorite movies, so let’s talk after you’ve seen it and I hope it’s available for you.

      I’ll let some of the experts here (T.O.O.) give you the list of best fanfic/porn. Some is better than others…Univ. of Edward Masen has bits of poetry, pop culture, current music references, scotch…it covers a lot and it’s sexy, but I’m not an expert.


      • Is there a fanfiction thread on the LTT/LTR forum, mountainlion? Is that a good place to look for recommendations? Otherwise, maybe we could have a featured “story of the day” to spread the wealth. I need to figure out how to get paid for pushing Twi-porn, like all good internet porn providers! Since I’m not making money by working at my job.

        • Thanks T.O.O. *looks over shoulder at hubby*
          I’ll look into some of the recommended stories, later.

      • Hey Lion – Unfortunately, Prenom Carmen isn’t available on Netflix 😦 but Last Tango was. I’ll have to see if I can find Prenom through another site and let you know as soon as I get a chance to watch it. I have a program that converts DVD’s to ipod files so I can watch movies while I work out. Makes it go by so much faster.

        • Sjaantje,
          I wish I owned a copy…I’d send it to you…good luck finding it.

          Very best,
          p.s. This may be considered a NSFW(out) movie….lol

  28. Some of you h00rs–you know who you are–have gotten me hooked on Hockeyward. So in the midst of my Hockeyward lust, I have to go back and re-read Wide Awake and The Office? And I might as well re-read The Submissive and The Dominant as well. See you guys in a couple of weeks.

    • we’ll know where your mind will be if you re-read all that!

  29. Not on subject, but what do ya’ll do when someone makes fun of Rob?

    I for the first time got laughed at because I’m a 25 yr old mother/professional with a Rob calander.

    • You just smile and think about all the amazing stuff ImaginationRob will be doing to you later.

      • And of course: great letter Lion! I love you for admitting to read twi-porn.

    • I happens to me every now and then. I just ignore them. 🙂 I just try and think they are totally missing out~!

    • You have to encourage the anti-Rob people like I do. Agree with them, and tell them they are totally right, there’s nothing special about him, he’s just another mediocre actor. The fewer people slobbering over him, the better, and the more exclusive I feel!

    • SBOSG~

      Tell ’em to “shudupinyourface.”


  30. Ugghh. I don’t even have to say it anymore…you know how I feel about the FF. Makes it difficult for me to enjoy your “harder” stuff (TWSS).

    PS Lion, Rob’s a doll and all but have you seen #HotAlex? YUMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm No FF needed to enjoy the hotness.


  31. This is why I love “letters to rob” – your thoughts on things are just the way I think! Thought Rob long and lean body looked hot in “Bad mothers handbook”, the kiss in “little ashes” – soooo sexy! I’ve read one fanfic – “master of the universe” – cant get enough of it!I’ll probably read more FF after that one! But most of all I really don’t like the Stew!!! I WANT to like her for Robs sake, since he so obviously love her, but I just cannot get past her selfish attitude towards “things”. Her attitude toward the fans ( sometimes she says nice things about fans but they ring so fake and untrue – she doesn’t come across believable!!!) makes me see RED.
    and pleeeeeeeeeease…….do not get me started on what she looks like and dresses like! I think she looks beautiful – no I really do! Cute face and body – but no class! She looks like country bumkin trying to dress up for red carpet (by the way have you ever seen pics of her father – well maybe then you’d understand why she’s turned out the way she has…and dresses the way she does). Her body language too is so funny – she has hand movements that reminds me of a “rapper from the hood”!!
    Now let me end this rant with something more inspiring – this has been One wonderful week FULL of beautiful Rob interviews and pics – me is soooooo happy!!! I look so forward to Remember me!

    • I totally agree with you about Kristen. Although I was a teeny bit offended at the country bumpkin comment being from Southeast Tennessee and all! It’s all good though. I completely understand the point you were getting at. I haven’t seen her father, but it would be interesting to see where she gets her style ( or lack there-of). Anyway, I try to like her but she makes it so difficult. I think for me it’s the fact that in 95% of interviews she’s has an air of “I’m above this” and “God I’d rather be anywhere but here” or “I have better things to do with my time than waste it doing these interviews”. This added to the way she treats fans really just make it impossible for me to like her or respect her. I don’t think she’s that great of an actress ( I really don’t think she’s good at all). She acts the same in interviews as she does as Bella & it seems like she isn’t really “acting” at all. She’s just being herself & reading lines. That’s what bothers me the most I suppose. At least Rob ACTS. He is a character onscreen & someone completely different offscreen. It shows versitility. Something Kristen Stewart seriously lacks.

      Sorry if that pisses some off. Just my opinion & I was glad to see someone else who felt the same way. I don’t mean to upset anyone or offend anyone!

    • Ugh..i really wish i liked kristen too…It would make my life so much easier…LOL
      I just want her to be playful and happy that she is with Rob…I know it is crazy but every time there is another”confirmation”that they are BF/GF i get depressed. i know he crushed on her for a long time-before twilight audition-I just wish I could like her…something anything
      honest to god, she looked horrible at the premiere. How a girl with a stick figure managed to look like she has fat hips and thighs in those god awful pants and the shirt??? the whole tied on one side ALL THE TIME that looked stiff and huge and made her look even more flat chested…okay I get it…she doesnt care how she looks but that is the problem. I wish she did….well. rob is happy.He likes her. Whatever. ha
      Did y’all see the pix of Kristen flying back to LA? She is wearing Rob’s white transparent henley. Yup…another damn “confirmation”

  32. I don’t comment much but once in a while I feel so zesty about certain stuff that I just gota come out of lurkdom.

    I was looking forward to Remember Me red carpet photos so much and was so excited for Rob but when I spotted the Kristen’s sloppy hair,I just switched off my computer and went to bed. Her presence just ruined it all – it just became twilight all over again. Gosh ! the words ‘ love is blind and opposites attract ‘ have never found the right circumstance as this. Anyway most people love them together – that should mean something. She is such a surly little twat – just my opinion sorry kristen fans she makes it difficult to like her

    • I think Perez Hilton said it best on one his post… he called her a “sour-pussy”. She should have a permanent smile on her face…. she is young, pretty and has F*CKHAWT Rob in her bed.

    • I agree, Marie. She always seems so sour. WHY? What the heck does she have to be all pissy & pouty about? Maybe she DOESN’T have Rob & that’s why she always looks like she’s miserable. I LOVE that you called her a surly little twat!!! That made me laugh…which I desperately needed today!! (DH has been a total ass for 2 days now. I’m about ready to beat him in his sleep just for fun!! I’m only kinda kidding!!) Thanks for the laugh!!

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like this about Stewpot. Like you girls I want to like her because HE obviously thinks the world of her but ….there is something about the girl I seriously cannot stand. I thi nk I would tolerate her more if she actually looked/behaved as if she even LIKED him. Recent pictures/interviews she comes across as being irritated by him. I just cannot get my head round the things she says about him in interviews…well the rare occasion when she deigns to give an opinion/comment. All in all it’s a very very odd relationship all the more so given the sort of arty,sophisticated group of people that Rob has as friends. he’s like a square peg in a round hole. Oh well…roll on when Twilight is done…

        • Oops I meant to say SHE’S a ‘square peg in a round hole’ LOL!

  33. I just started reading FF two days ago. I have to say I am totes hooked on MOTU. It definitely got me all hot and bothered. Unfortunately, I only got to read the edited version. Can’t seem to figure out how to get the full version yet but I’ll keep tryin. Are the other stories just as good? Can’t wait to find out…who needs more than a couple of hours of sleep anyway. Totes consumed with all things that are Rob.

    • Look it up on “Twilighted” instead of Apparently there’s a big shakeup as lion mentioned where is making authors either edit their stories for graphic content, or take them down altogether, so more of the unedited stories are moving to Twilighted, or they are showing up on the author’s personal webpage or some other site. Too bad for us Twi-porn addicts as seems the most accessible. There are many stories that aren’t graphic, though, but are still absolutely wonderful and well-written. If you would like a list of recommendations, go to a site called “The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster” where they review stories, and give tips on writing and characterizations. WARNING: Fanfiction can become more addictive than crack!

      • Thank u so much for the info and the WARNING but it’s too late, I’m totes addicted. There is no going back it has sucked me in.

    • Fanfiction is like crack — I never thought I’d get hooked. I even thought it was a little weird at first. But, how many times can you read the Twi-series??? lol
      I read my first fanfic back in July … and now I’m officially hooked! It’s the Edwards you fall in love with…*sigh*
      In fact — I’m so addicted, I decided to try and write one of my own. *blush*

      I’m not saying it’s Pulitzer-prize winning material (haha), but I have written ‘other things’ – so, I’m not a complete rookie … oh, and I’m not 12. 😉

      Here is the link:

      And – a short summary: Edward Cullen is intrigued by the new student at college, Bella Swan. But why is Bella really in Forks? Is Edward Cullen in danger? Will her secrets be revealed? Before it’s too late for both of them

      Give it a try — if not mine, then someone else’s — there are sooooo many good ones out there … wow, I totally feel like a dealer/pusher. lol

      • FF IS crack…just another way Twilight has changed my life. Never heard of ff and now I cant get enough of it. I am soffia27 on ff and I have over 300 stories favorited(no i havent read them all) anyway, if someone wants to check out my list go ahead there are some really good ones…I love lots of them but I really love EP probably my favorite of all time (including U oEM, MotU, the office , wide awake,CW&IA etc etc.)…I have sort of stopped reading Edward as vampire as much and prefer the human ones…but if you like Dark Vampire Edwards try Abyss, Wicked Angel both good.
        favorite “Edwards” ever..EVER are Art after 5 and EP edwards I love them!!!!!! the one that reminds me the most of Rob though is Help Wanted
        some that are really well written, the Blessing and the Curse and Univ of Edward Masen I could go on and on I have probably left out some really good ones oh well,…check out my page on ff to see a lot more if you want lots of good ff to choose from

        • oops Wicked Angel..not a vampire a hit man LOL abd I forgot about one of my favorites of all time Tropic of Virgo

  34. He is an alien sent to seduce all the women of the world…what else explains this transgression? Progression? I am pushing 40 and I am a total horndog ALL THE TIME (I have been with Mr. VitR for 20 years) and my path to this current state is the exact same as yours. WTF? If this is Rob’s legacy I guess I am OK with that…in fact I am more than OK with that.

    • Thanks for your note, VitR70…glad to know I’m not alone in my transgression/progression/robsession.


  35. I have so much to say in relation to Rob and porn it’s not even funny. So I am going to write Rob myself about it. Great letter and I will be copying you with my own Fanfic confessions once I can walk away form all of Rob’s PR for RM

    All I want to know is did Moon’s ovaries explode last night when she watched Jimmy? That was amazing and I was thinking of her during the clash of the Titans in the Tree.

    • Itsallhappenning~
      Yes, do write with your own fanfic confessions…love to know.


  36. I’m pacing myself through all the new interviews and photos leading up to Remember Me, but the LOLz from Fallon last night did indeed get me (hot and) BOTHERED.

    P.S. Loved all the audience screams, too. Way to represent UC and co.!

  37. Yeah my daughter and her friends call her cankle queen, they are a really funny group to listen to while they discuss HHH and the Stew.

  38. Did anyone watch Robbie and whatsher name on “THE VIEW” this morning?
    I did..and… Joy Behar asked him about the “Details” interview.. (you know the aka: The Vagina Monologue, as its now called). ;))

    Robbie did confirm that he was allergic to “Vaginas”….. Joy thought he was joking.. but sadly not. — ah well.

    His father looked like he wanted to sink in his chair.. I bet Nick Frenkel wanted to double kill him. The head of Summit Ent. probably pooped a brick over that.

    I hope Pattinson never changes.. truly… unintentional funny is the best kind of funny.

    • I think he amuses himself by stirring it up a little. I agree, I love his quirky personality.

    • FYI Clare Pattinson said her husband’s sick (Get well soon Rob’s Dad) but uncle was there at The View. Guy looks so much like Dick, he must be paternal uncle.

      I loved loved loved Robert’s comment about Betty White when asked if he would consider dating an older woman! WIN! And best interview IMO is Jimmy Fallon – so far. Jon Stewart was way too fangirlish and that was weird…

  39. Lion,
    I couldn’t have said it better. Those are my feelings exactly!!!! I think he must be a hypnotist (sp) because, I can’t break the hypnotic spell he has on me. I’ve tried to quit him for a day but, it’s impossible. I’ve become addicted to the fanfic too and feel dirty watching it so much just to see Rob. I could go on and on but, you obviously know exactly how I feel. Great letter!

    • RobLover~

      He has me hynotized, too…I haven’t tried to quit him…I’m too scared of the withdrawal….

      I love that you said you tried to quit him for a day!!! LOL

      Do go on and on, I’d love to hear.



      • I know I’ve become too Robsessed when I’m hiding my web surfing for anthing new Robert Pattinson with my husband of 21 years (I was married at 18) sitting just a few feet from me. I erase my search history nightly.

        Like I said earlier, I tried to quit him for one day telling myself, I’m almost 40 and should not be so obsessed with someone nearly young enough to be my son but, he is so damn sexy I can’t seem to control myself and have to see his beautiful self in some form or another everyday! That one day was too painful that I couldn’t make it the whole day and had to immediately after work get my Rob fix!!!! Oh well, I guess I’m not strong enough to fight his hypnotic hold on me because, here I am again (sigh).

  40. I saw this a few minutes ago. It’s the “exit interview” from The View with Rob & Emilie. It’s too cute. Rob says something then realizes he probably shouldn’t have said it & laughs while saying “oh gawd i shouldn’t of said that”. TOO ADORABLE!!!!!

    Here’s the link:


  41. This was so cute. Got the link from a facebook page (an awesome one I might add) – Twilight FanFic Addicts!

    I think there are a whole lot of us that are experiencing things for the first time… all because of ROB!

    I too am now a ‘porn-loving’ fan fic addict and it’s all Rob’s fault! It’s just not right that anyone look that damn sexy all the time… even when the man looks ‘bad’, he looks oh so good!

  42. He looks absolutly fantastic in that grey suit!

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