Posted by: themoonisdown | March 1, 2010

Free advice for Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Fallon


Dear Rob,

I’ve already written to Jimmy Fallon about how much of a Twilight Fanboy he is so since you’re scheduled to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight, I gotta tell you how much this means to me as a fan of Jimmy and well I guess of you but mostly of Jimmy. He’s taken over for Conan in the Late Night spot and kept me watching with his hilarious antics like “Lick it for Ten” where people lick random stuff for ten bucks, Live Charades, Karaoke and “Real Housewives of Late Night.” It’s always super fun and way better than a normal interview on chat shows when the celebs participate in the fun stuff… so I’ve come up with a few ideas if you want to have some fun…

Things you could lick for ten:

This could be you... licking balls!

  • The socks a Twihard has been wearing while sleeping in line outside of the theater where the red carpet event for RM will be
  • The microwaved carrot you told us about once
  • The armpit or a hole in the Stoli shirt
  • The part in KStews hair after a transatlantic flight
  • TomStu’s puffy white sneakers

This looks like the face of a man who is BOTHERED! This wallpaper, it bothers you!

Songs you can Karaoke:

  • Straight Outta Compton (for your love of NWA)
  • Anything by Justin Beiber (in honor of UC being in the audience, bitch!)
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (ya know start getting in some subliminal marketing for Eclipse)

All those are great and fine and all but really the hallmark of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is his reoccurring episodes of Robert is Bothered where Jimmy dresses up in a costume that makes him look like the Edward version of you complete with Cullen Crest wrist band, sits in a tree and talks about stuff that bothers him. It’s practically a national holiday amongst my friends when Jimmy does a new episode of Bothered. So why don’t you just make a couples girls dreams come true and do BOTHERED with Jimmy. Here are a couple things you could be Bothered about…

This tree, it bothers me!

  • Those commercials for Parenthood (the new show on NBC) – Are they all parents? Isn’t that one guy from PUNK’D? Man, that dude from Six Feet Under got old! Can Ron Howard and Brian Grazer be more of an egomaniacal that they get top billing above the talent and they’re just the producers?!Who cares?! BOTHERED!

More Bothered after the jump


  • Peeps – those marshmallow shaped Easter treats – Are they a marshmallow or a sugar coasted candy? When you open the package and against your better judgment, eat one, get a stomach ache and then go back 10 minutes later to eat the last one and it’s already stale and hard. BOTHERED!
  • The end of the Olympics– You got used to being able to watch Estonia vs China in Curling at 3 in the morning. You became an expert on all the rules of two man luge, you tried out speed skating on the pond behind you house, you even know all the lyrics to Oh Canada now and just when you were getting measured for your own men’s figure skating outfit (plaid and sequins of course) they take it all away. BOTHERED!

Pumpkins are just dumb, fat squashes!

  • Frozen Yogurt – It’s not ice cream and it’s not yogurt. What is this icy dairy product? BOTHERED!

So, I hope you hear my plea but if not, you’re also gonna be on the same show with HALL and eff-ing OATES!!! If you haven’t already you should start growing a mustache in honor of the these god’s of the 80s music scene. Also try to jump in on backup vocals to Private Eyes, if you can. Ya know, cause that wouldn’t make me bothered AT ALL!

Also if you see UC in the audience give her a special wink and maybe mouth what room number at the No-tell Motel you’re staying in so she can come over and uh… “interview” you… yea. Don’t worry about me, I’ll just be here crying while i rearrange my living room listening to Justin Beiber* on repeat.


PS If you haven’t seen all the episodes of Robert is Bothered, than seriously GO NOW!!!!

So will you be watching Jimmy tonight to see Robert HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed, lighting candles, praying) Bothered?! Are we hella jealous of UC and all the other gals who get to see Rob at Jimmy tonight (YES!!!), Jimmy fans what do you want to see Rob do the most on the show?

*I lied you caught me, it’ll be Never Think and Let Me Sign on repeat

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter



  1. Oh I can’t wait how he will react to the bothered topic. I am sure it will come up sooner or later…

    • and yes I am very jealous of those girls who get to see him tonight. They better provide videos and pictures or I will be BOTHERED!

  2. Dear Rob,
    This is going to be a great week; I’m very excited and anticipating some great word vomit. I can’t wait to see what you do on Jimmy Fallon- please, please, please be bothered.

    ‘Also try to jump in on backup vocals to Private Eyes, if you can. ‘- that would be beyond spectacular.

    Love ya,

    PS- loved your giggly explanation of your allergy comment.

    • what was his “explanation”?

      • Its over on robsessed- essentially he’s says it was a joke.

        • “Apparently people are very sensitive about vaginas”. Hahaha.

        • the joke about being allergic to Vag is this: ” I’m allergic to vaginas…they make me swell!!”
          My wonderful hubby filled me in on the entire joke. I actually ask him what the heck does it mean when a straight guy makes a comment like I’m allergic to vagina (when he’s being photographed with a bunch of naked & semi-naked woman)? Once I heard the rest of the joke, I totally understood! and I just had to have a good laugh!! Then of course came the question from the husband What on earth made you ask that? So I told him & he rolled his eyes at me & said I should’ve known. Of course he also got a bit ‘frisky’ & ask me if I wanted to see his allergic reaction (*sigh* too bad it wasn’t Rob—although I imagined it was!!)

          ***Hands my ticket straigh to Hell to the driver of my handbasket! At least my driver looks like Rob so it’s all good & worth it!!!!!***

    • Hi draka, first of all I’m off to watch Goodmorning. Want to know all about this giggly explanation. Hoping for some blushing! Totally Rob this week. Yay!

    • Dr oh were can i find the explanation on his allergy? i HAVE to hear that!

  3. PSS- I’m waiting for you to show up on the Today Show- please hurry up.

    • It was Good Morning America. I hope you didn’t miss him!

      • didn’t miss him- I think it was the Today show- but anyway, he looked and sounded fantastic.

        • Robsessed said there might be spoilers in the interview, so with my purity ring vows I wasn’t sure I should watch–what do you think, will it give away anything important about the Remember Me plot? Or will I stay virtuous if I watch it?

          • If you hate any kind of spoiler, stay away, there was one little ❀

          • Yes there was a spoiler. I’m so spoiled! πŸ™‚

          • The spoiler can be taken two different ways, but if you don’t want any hints- stay away.

  4. I got to meet UC & lots of other LTT/LTR girls last night. What a blast. But boy did it make me regret my screen name – I’ve never been more embarrassed than when I had to introduce myself to 20 with the “Hi, I’m Milfy Goodness”

    I really hope Rob does Bothered with Jimmy. I’m not one of the girls with tix to Fallon, so I’ll find out at 12:30am (or really tmrw when I watch)

    Hopefully I’ll get some good pix at the red carpet tonight & I’ll share tmrw.

    • I guess it’s not really something you think about when you choose a screen name. That’s so funny though!

      Have fun at the premiere!! I’m envious beyond belief.

      • don’t be envious! I’ll probably see next to nothing and be cold. But if I don’t go, I’ll never know how little I can see or how cold I can get πŸ˜‰

        • Hilar!
          Hope it all goes well and we need reports pronto!
          If a city could talk I could tell you London is ‘bothered’ and pining and doesn’t want to share!! I don’t care if this is the first sunny day since FOREVER.

          • GGGP- sharing is caring! Don’t worry, we only got him for a short time.

          • Haha too true and at least he’ll be out and about in NYC. Which reminds me I’m also unexpectedly bothered by the Olympics ending too.

        • I hope that you get to see him, please report back!
          And that’s funny about introducing yourself by your screen name!

    • Been there! Telling peeps in RL I’m superhumanmoron isn’t what I had in mind….

    • Back when I was young and cute, I used the name “girltiffany” for everything. At some point–I’m guessing it was around 30–I couldn’t pull of the “girl” end of things and had to change it up. I still have “girltiffany” as a login for some stuff and am BOTHERED every time I have to tell people.

    • This is why I want to change my name to either PussyCat or Danger.

    • Milfy Goodness, you mean they wouldn’t recognize you from your WonderWoman outfit? You look just like that, right?

    • Haha you’re so funny Milfy!!!!

      Can you imagine if you met Rob and you said “Hi my name is Milfy!” Can you imagine his expression? I’m sure he’ll get it.

  5. I hope this appearance lives up to my expectations!
    I’m gonna be really bothered if he doesn’t do a Bothered skit.

    • Lmao! Really, really bothered!

  6. OMG–I wish I lived in New York so we could call be LTR Besties and stalk Rob when ever he’s in town…he will making rounds to the Today show, the View…what else???? omg I am soooo jealous…

    Dear Rob,
    Please ask Jimmy is he’s BOTHERED by Jersey Shore..wouldn’t that be a better idea then making fun of you while sitting in a tree? You could tell suggest that he could gel up his hair, get a spray tan, sit in some Deli, order a panini and get BOTHERED about why “bologna” is spelled like this instead of “balonie”.

    p.s. I’m still on Team Leave Rob Alone *lmfao

    • Misty- I’d forgotten about that website-
      Thanks for the reminder!

      • yes I’ve seen it before but I’m still waiting for UC and MOON to make a “Leave Robert Pattinson ALone” video…like the one Chris Crocker (Leave Britnet Spears Alone) did on youtube..I can’t post the link at work (youtube is blocked)….

        • I so thought about doing one (well not really…) but I also waited for UC and Moon to make one cause that would be hilarious!

  7. Just saw him signing autographs outside the Today show- he looks fantastic and has major sideburns going on.

    • Saw the Access H.interview,he looked fantastic as well and he gave a hilar “explanation” about his vagina joke….I’m still laughing soooo hard,

      Dear Rob,
      I just love you
      the end

      P.S. The world is REALLY a weird place! πŸ™‚

  8. Ok NY, can you please give him back now, London just isn’t the same without him.

    • hahaha i feel your pain @mine
      at least he was at the east side of atlantic for me

  9. I will definitely watch tonight. I miss him on GMA this morning so I could make it to work on time… FANFAIL!

  10. I bet anyone 10 bucks Rob has already licked the last 4 on that list…

    • That’s how the Stoli shirt got all the holes in it in the first place. I have a pug with a fetish for licking fabric, and he’s licked a hole in his bed and in my sofa.

    • Eww.

      Hey, you changed your name back, beakerjorts.

      • What? I never noticed that. All fixed I think….

  11. Congrats to UC for being in the audience. Major Squees.

    I swear to Jesus he better grow some humor and do Bothered. He’s been talking about bra cups and ball sacks lately so maybe that’s a good sign. Plus if he’s funny on Jimmy, maybe he can so SNL?

    He looked quite delicious on Today but also a bit sleepy but made up for it when he mentioned himself being naked.

    • I caught that too!

  12. Oh, still so much to watch! What am I doing here???
    πŸ˜‰ Rob all over the place!

    • The Today show clip is already up on Robsessed- excellent work!

  13. Wow, he looked great!He also said something about the Details shoot and that no one wanted to see a nekkid shoot of him- well, we all disagree extremely strongly, Rob (esp RG).

    Loved how one of his shirt collars was sticking out and didn’t his shoulders look really broad?

    • Just saw it. He looks real good, very well rested. And very relaxed with the interview, he has grown up, hasn’t he? So proud of him. Read some reviews of RM which were really praising him as well. Aw, Rob. I’m just swooning now, can’t help it. What’s not to like?

      And yeah, we strongly disagree about the naked shoot Rob. Hahaha..!
      He’s still so polite though, I’d rather not do any interviews, saying to Matt Lauer that he didn’t meant it the wrong way. Awwww. Humble and polite. I want to eat him with a spoon and lots of cream. (Sorry…)

      • LOL yes me too Cath….about the spoon and lots of ice cream.

        Or I’ll settle for whipped cream on him…that’s fine too.

        • Rob, whipped cream and icecream. You’re killing me here SB. Can I just say chocolate sauce though??? πŸ˜‰

          • Yes chocolate too, I posted something like that a month ago here. πŸ™‚ We are bad!!!

            Now what else are we gonna think of? Of course if you have ice cream, you gotta have chocolate syrup to top it off!

          • All of that…and a whole lotta of ROB. (And yes, SB, we are bad, but it’s all good, haha)

    • DEAR ROB!

      YOU!…..laying NEKKID in the bathtub, showing US some DETAILS!
      ME, still irritated!

      P.S The girls….who cares?

    • drsaka…one day he looks skinny, one day NOT…, even his shoulders are ONE enigma…lol

      • didn’t you think his shoulders looked broader than before? Or was it just the jacket?

        • well, his shoulders are broad since this summer…lol…plus the jacket πŸ™‚

          • I think sometimes it depends on what he’s wearing. However in NM it seems his shoulder is broader anyway, he had to work out so he buffed out. He’s adorable and desirable no matter what right?

          • yes, he is!

    • Just read that he even picked up the posters when fans dropped them with signing. Sigh…

      Rob, stop being SO cute. Stop it!

      • ‘Rob, stop being SO cute. Stop it!’ I know, right?

        I’ve decided that I’m hot and BOTHERED by Rob!

        • wise decision!!!

      • Ahhhhh….this is too much Cath!!!!

        Rob you’re really killing us here. It hurts to even look at him, but I can’t stop looking.

        • Hi SB! I know right? It really is too much. He made my day though!
          How are you btw? Will write you soon!

          • I’m good Cath, how ru? I will wait for your email.

  14. I love Jimmy Fallon. LOVE. Tonight’s going to be a giggle-athon like no other.

  15. I missed all the morning interviews because of work….thank Jesus for DVR!!!!! I have plenty of things to watch when I get home.

    Please Lord,
    Let Rob do a Bothered skit with Jimmy. Please?!

  16. Thye socks and the bowling ball ar cool. The Rob picture is great. He looks like well lets just say weird.

  17. I can not wait for Jimmy Fallon tonight! Love him and with Rob on the show Double WIN! Can’t wait to see what Jimmy has Rob do. There had better be a “bothered” episode!

    On Today, Rob did look good and at ease. I’m so glad that he appreciates his role in Twilight.

    The press junket pictures – he looks goooood! His hair looks hot. Love his hair.

    • Hair almost looks like it did on his Twilight press tour circa 2008.

      • Exactly. The hair. *sigh*

      • What is so funny is that we all know EXACTLY what you mean by “Twilight press tour circa 2008” hair. LOL That’s either funny or pathetic, not sure which. πŸ˜‰

        • It’s normal.

          • Yes, very normal.

  18. Oh Rob,

    I beg you to sing with The Roots or you could read some poetry while they back you up. I think they are the coolest last night show band in the history of late night tv.

    If not, please bother me.


    • Lion, I love The Roots, so that combi sounds like an excellent idea.

    • You and me are gonna be talking while he’s on!!!!

      No drooling on the laptop please!

  19. I hope they make him lick the bothered tree. The original one, of course.

    Can’t wait for all this lovely footage to show up on the interwebs tomorrow!

  20. btw girls *The Robert Pattinson birthday project* started! Go and see what that means over at

    • I absolutely LOVE this! I am def gonna send you something for your project & how cool would it be for you to be the one to hand it over! Great idea! Be prepared for LOTS of email & stuff!! Brilliant, absolutely briliant!!

      • I kind of feel like a stalker but somebody has to do it right? Wonder what his parents will think…. :S

        • who cares what his mum & dad think?!?! LOL JUST KIDDING Actually I think they appreciate his fans!! I know I would. Heck, I’d be PROUD if it were my kid!!!

          • Yeah or they’re going to think that I am crazy and really need an intervention… We’ll see…
            I went shopping with a friend of mine today and let her smell the perfume I want to buy for rob (ice touch by mexx) and she loved loved loved it. Maybe just because I didn’t tell her who it is for…

          • Just tell his parents that it’s from his fans on his favourite blog LTR & they’ll understand & appreciate the gift!! I mean, we all know he reads this blog every day!!!!!!! He has to!! πŸ˜€

          • Well Moon and UC still haven’t told me if they are coworking on this with me so we’ll see. I have no clue what I am going to do…

          • … If noboy coworks that is.
            Anyway I am excited for this and for me to see London.. Woooo!

  21. Remember when Jimmy hosted MTV awards and sang Nelly’s “It’s getting hot in here.”???

    Want to see a duet of this with Rob (remember Rob saying Twilight fans are “hawt-hawties”) OKAY can you picture it?

    Here is Jimmy singing @ 4:10 and talking to Nelly @ 4:30–very funny Insert Rob and OMG! I could die happy! Have fun UC!

    • When did he say that ?!?

  22. I haven’t seen any rob interviews yet 😦 completely unable to sort out time differences between here and there….. It’s all too confusing. What’s left? Premier, Fallon and the View….is that everything? Will he return to London then? Enquiring minds need to know πŸ™‚

    • mine! lol, about your second “turn-back-to-Europe-request”, I guess he will “join us” HERE again on wednesday and I can totally understand your NEED πŸ™‚

    • Hey M!M!M!, He was on the Today Show this morning. I DVR’d it & just watched it. It was fantastic!! I LOVE that he said no one wanted to see him naked…yeah right!! WRONG!! He’s on The Daily SHow with Jon Stewart tomorrow at 11pm eastern time ( I don’t know where you’re located, sorry), then there’s something on Access Hollywood about the Premier of Remember Me on Wed at 1am Eastern (speaking of Remember Me, I LOVE that he said he couldn’t say the name right. How very Rob!!). Those are the shows that I have set to record that aren’t already mentioned here. I hope it helps you a bit!! πŸ˜€

      • The daily show gets Shown in the uk a day later, so Wednesday 3rd on more4 at 8.30pm, sky at the ready!!

  23. This is one exciting week! Lots of Rob appearances!!!! What am I doing here, I should be in New York!!!!

    I saw all the recent interviews, including the one from this morning! Squee! So cute, I feel like I’m in a high now. Haha, thanks Rob for making my morning so special, I was looking forward to seeing your face again and to hear you talk.

    Love the messy hair, the same old clothes, shoes and everything! πŸ™‚

    • He NEVER disappoints! ❀

      • Oh hey there sis-in-Rob, I finally saw your new avatar! Love it!

        Yes so far Rob has not dissapointed me. After a year of me crushing on him, we’re still going strong! Haha!

        • My love is getting even stronger, he bought a new pair of jeans for the Promo Tour!!! πŸ™‚

          • Hey yeah!!!! And he’s prolly wearing those socks he bought some weeks ago.

            My love will never fade! And I’m so normal!!!!

            I just wonder how long am I gonna be in this state of love or infatuation. Not that I’m complaining or anything. So glad I have y’all to commiserate with.

      • “He never disappoints!”
        That’s what she said!!!

  24. Would they dare make a “Bothered” skit about vaginas? Too controversial? I can see Jimmy and Rob in matching Edward clothes sitting in the tree:
    “You know what bothers me? Vaginas!”
    “Yeah, me, too.”
    “They’re kind of ugly!”
    “They make me swell and itch.”
    “They make me hot.”
    ” And BOTHERED.”

    • LMAO! Hilarious!!! ❀

    • LOL! I guess we just have to wait and see. I really do hope they make a Bothered skit, any will do.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking!


    • I love you!

  25. Girlies I have some picture goodies for ya!
    Rob at the today show! *Swoon*

  26. Dear Rob,
    nished watching The Today Show! Rob you were fantastic! You never disappoint! You were your gorgeous, rumpled, giggly self!! I completely disagree that no one wants to see you naked! I know LOTS of people who wouldn’t mind seeing a photo shoot of you naked!! (for that matter, I know lots of people…myself included…who’d like to see you naked in person!!).

    I think one of my favourite parts was when you said you can’t seem to say Remember Me right! That was great!!

    We love you so much!! Keep being awsome!!

    Melinda & the LTR ladies!!

  27. I am wayy too excited for tonight’s Jimmy Falon.

    He BETTER do/participate in Bothered!!!
    I’ll be bothered if he doesn’t!



  28. ladies don’t know if u’ve seen these but the last video is wonderfull


      • yummy right πŸ™‚

        • I surrender, as well.

  29. Gosh Moon, here I was thinking, “I couldn’t love these LTT/LTR gals anymore than I do,” and you go and come up with this!!
    By the way, thanks for the news update. I thought I might explode just from watching Rob mumble his way through the Today Show this morning – can I tell my boss I was late because I had to see how his hair looked? – and now Jimmy. I love Jimmy and his show…and his Bothered bits. (twss)
    Your idea for the two of them doing the bit together is pure GENIUS!! So my vote is for that. Having Taylor race him on those mini bikes was genius, but let’s face it – Rob could never manage that. For a multitude of reasons. So let’s pray for Bothered! Or at least a show-and-tell of his modesty patch made from half a bra! Win-win!

  30. Holy tamoley, first the best hockey game I’ve seen in I-don’t-even-know-how-long yesterday, and now HHH on Jimmy tonight. This is the best week EVER!!! πŸ˜€

    • Hey, Abs, haven’t seen you around. If it’s already the best week ever and it’s only Monday, just wait until the rest of the interviews and appearances come out!
      The male family units enjoyed the hockey game from all reports, but I girled out yesterday and saw “An Education” instead. Great movie! I hope Rob and Carey Mulligan get to work together some day.
      Did you see beakerj changed her name to eatmyjorts? Just sayin’ the beaker name is now up for grabs, you know, if you want to match your avatar. Absolutelybeaker? Beakervic?

      • T.O.O., when I saw “An Education” I thought the same about Carey and Rob…we’ll see.

        Have a great week and fun tonight watching Jimmy & Rob.


        • Hey, there lion. Unfortunately I’m incapable of staying up late to watch late night shows, even when Rob is involved, a) because I’m old and I get grumpy if I don’t get my 8 hours, and b) because I would be outing myself. So it’s Robsessed in the morning, although I would love to see the whole show. No DVR technology chez moi.

      • I had no idea EMJ=BJ (wait, that didn’t come out right………) πŸ˜›

        • PS, I’ve been around, just haven’t been commenting. It’s like the comments reach the hundreds before I’ve even finished eating my cereal in the morning!!! I can’t keep up. I feel so old.

          • Aw Abs, don’t feel old! Just think of Rob in that Bothered tree!

          • Don’t be shy! I’m old and have all kinds of irrelevant and boring things to say, but it doesn’t stop me! I’m just amusing myself!
            (I don’t mean to imply YOU would ever say anything irrelevant or boring). It’s all cool.

        • Tee hee! I tried to say be some form of Beaker…he deserves to be named. Just not ‘beautiful Beaker’ as that’s what hubs calls me & it would be WEIRD.
          I’m not sure everyone else has worked it out either. I had a twidentity crisis.

      • Do it, do it! Beaker deserves to be named…

        • Oh & there’s that comment. I’m so lame.

          • you’re lame, and I’m old, and we’re all just one big happy family.

  31. Jimmy and Rob sitting in a tree…
    Ladies!!! Our dreams came true. Look at the pic!!!

    P.S. Rob, you’re totally lurking, aren’t you, you liked the idea of sitting in the Bothered tree, haha.

    • Oh Cath, that’s great!!!!! He looks like he’s barely holding on! This is going to be great!

      • he certainly appears to have a rather tenuous hold on that bloody tree, I suspect he may be visiting the hospital shortly. Rob in a cast, interesting…..

        I have now managed to watch some of the recent interviews, I note with interest that all interviewers have been told not to ask anything personal re. Kstew. It’s all looking very much like they are together…..bloody hell!

        • It’s just standard policy mine, it’s a Summit movie. It’s not really because of KStew. And remember what drsaka said: selective vision. Just think TomStu. Ha! (And Tom will be with Rob long after K has gone, trust!)

      • I have found the ideal antidote for my Kstew blues, IZ version of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ …..this is the best version EVER…this man had the most amazing voice…I’ve now got it playing on loop and I have never been happier…….

        • Good for you Mine!

    • lol cath thank u that’s fantastic

    • Yay!!!! He is so adorable!!!! Look at that smile!

  32. I can’t wait. Rob’s such a great sport! And please don’t fall out of the tree Rob!

    • It looks like he is almost falling, but he’s laughing too! How cute is this day!!!??

      • Too darn cute!

    • Are you gonna be able to see it tonight? I can’t wait, my husband’s home tonight(night off) and I guess I’ll be spending my night anticipating and watching Rob instead. Haha, I already warned him!

      • I’ll be right there with you, SB. Thanks for the cutest photo, ever!!!

  33. First pics of RM premiere:

  34. I KNOW what he could lick for $10, but he’s already said in that “Details” interview he hates it and .. and thus we can assume he will NEVER go there…

    He could lick TomStu’s beard covered in catsup for 10.00 hows that?

  35. Oh Jimmy, you sound just like Gordon Ramsey in these bits

  36. I’m here Drsaka…

    • I’m here-

      • cool.

  37. sweet!

  38. Jimmy & Rob sittin in a tree….la la

    Jimmy has a major crush on Rob, too.

    ps I heard UC yell

    • Did she yell ‘please’????

  39. Thoughts:
    That was much too short!

    He looked simultaneously hot and awkward in the tree and cute!

    Lasers out of his eyes- the true impregnating stare!

    The Georges Duroy sideburns- wow!

    He watched hte first half of the first episode of ‘Lost’ and it as too much for him!

    Best slightly dirty quote, speaking about Emilie’s character- she gets deep with her (I think Fallon said this).

    He was very giggly!

    The squeeze/please thing was cute.

    The Twi (t) Strips is not a good name for a band.

    What did you think?

    • Too short…agree!

      I loved him in the tree, especially his expressions.

      Loved how adoringly he looked at the audience.

      TwiStripes (Strips) = major fail, but maybe it would work for a kstew only band.

      Impregnating stare? WIN!

      Tell me the Emilie dirty quote…I may have zoned out there for a sec.

      Good night, Drsaka…

      p.s. more later.

      • ‘night!

  40. 962098694879 kinds of awsome!!!! the “bothered” tree has moved me to comment! after MONTHS of lurking and LMFAO at the posts and comments from all of you lovely folks the mans attempt at funny has driven me to give in and start commenting (lets just hope it dosent get me fired)


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