Posted by: themoonisdown | February 28, 2010

The return of “fun” Rob! Video and the resulting shenanigans

Dear Rob,

Remember how we lamented the lose of “fun Rob” aka you being unfiltered, giggly and most of all funny in your interviews. Well you and Emilie recently sat down with MTV to talk about Remember Me and well all I can say is Fun Rob is back! You discuss: “love scenes,” sex toys made out of hair dryers (yowza! that sex is defs on fire!), a ball “sack” and most importantly a modestly pouch fashioned out of ladies underpinnings!

Needless to say some pals (who will rename nameless) and I had to figure out the logistics of making such a pouch and really it was just to figure out if you were more of an A or G… please let us know some day!

I’m a D!

Be honest, did you try it out yourself, How many drinks do you think we had before this, what cup size do you think he went for?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter



  1. Yeah the video was awesome. I think I melted when he said: “There’s looooots of Sex.” or “Bel Ami”…

    Funny Rob is back and I love it! Please more.

  2. Brilliant! I think I paused that video about 3 times, put my hands over my face, and got 2nd hand embarrassed for him. That was only Day One of the Remember Me fest. If we got ass cracks and ball sacks on Day One, imagine what he’ll say by the time he gets to the Daily Show or The View! Love it!

    Oh, and I kind of hope he isn’t above a B. Is that too much information?

    • A B? Get a magnifying glass out! (See my response below for why…)

      ( P.S.I’m not taking the mick out of B cups as I effing hate having my ‘comedy inflatables’ & will be letting the surgeon have at them as soon as I’m healthy enough for surgery, I only WISH I had B cups)

      • beakerj,
        I hope you get “healthy enough” soon.

    • Supposing the modesty patch is made to give the guy some privacy, not hold his gear in place in case he gets excited, I would think size B would be perfectly adequate. If he gets excited, I don’t know what would hold him… πŸ˜‰

    • JenE
      I’m with you, I think he’s just getting warmed up and should be in prime form by the time he’s on Jon Stewart.


  3. Oh man. I cannot wait to watch this when my downloads have reset tomorrow! hahah

  4. I laughed sooo hard watching this interview….

    Love the part where he said, that Emilie was FINE with doing the bed scenes with him….
    I can TOTALLY understand you!
    I’d have no problems either!!!


    • Sex scenes with Rob… That would be my death! (but thats such a wonderful way to die)

  5. who had the job of taping the bra to his junk?

    thats awkward
    “what do you do for a living?”
    “i hide robert pattinsons junk”

    i love saying that

    • lol…and

      Who sacrifices her bra? πŸ™‚

      • Kristen?


        • Hers will not cover it. She’s an A-. πŸ˜‰

          • it’ll prob cover one ball.

            mine would cover, both, his junk AND assβ€”and probably part of his abdomen. *snort*

        • Too small. LOL

    • lol lol lol lol, oh sweetie, you cracked me up. yes, we all want that job, no wait, i want to do the bed scenes. Of course, Emelie had no trouble with those scenes. She couldn’t wait, and wanted MORE. Will people wonder what I’m laughing about when I watch the bed scenes at the movies?

    • I could take that job on a more permanent basis…as in permanent residence like..

    • I want that job!

  6. BEL AMI! Everytime he talks about that film, I’m getting “nervous”….lol
    LOVE LOVE his little “breakdown” of the film, (society critics, politics, and the power of social climbing…)

    by just sayin: “People went NUTS”!
    Rob’s applied logic …..TOO funny!

  7. This is exactely what I thought when the bras came up. What cups??? Not that I’d die to know or that it mattered, plus we already had a preview with Rob in Japan, but somehow MTV gets the best of Rob and then just fails at asking the funny question. it’s like Laura Culpepper with the underwears shopping. What kind of underwear? Well we also know the answer (Thanks Rob) but it would just be more fun to see him answer.

    I don’t know if it’s because you had enough of all the questions in Europe about sex (or lack of), or simply want to break your Twi image, but I really appreciate the story/word vomit.

    Everyone enjoy the entertaining coming(!) week.

    • well BIJ Rob …was surely not an A-cup, NOT that I want to know it….nooooooooo

      • Admit it rg you’re thinking about it though…. HAHAHA

        • well………….mhmmm……..NO! πŸ™‚

          by the way, you have two avatars today…???

          • why two? I can only see one…
            But I just uploaded a new one but it takes a few minutes until it is in full effect I guess.

    • Thanks for the BIJ ref! Yes, if he had only said the cup size, then we’d have more conformation and could chose to believe even more strongly.

      Do you remembeer the discussion we had about modesty patches?

      • I couldn’t really tell if they were saying modesty “patch” or “pouch”. With Emilie’s Australian accent it almost sounds similar. “Pouch” seems more evocative somehow . . .

        • I agree with pouch for men- and if you remember, it carries precious cargo (I think I said cargo, before?, but I know I said ‘precious’).

          • The Precioussss

          • Precious cargo indeed!

            I would donate my bra but I don’t think it will be big enough!

    • Why oh why couldn’t the interviewer be quicker on his toes to ask the question we all want to know the answer to! Oh well, maybe an audience member will ask the question like the one who asked him about his misbuttoned shirts! Anyone going to the premiere of RM? Get in line and ask, come on!

      • If you go over to robsessed there are requests from people interviewing Rob for questions- perhaps cup size used is an appropriate one???

  8. oh i laughed and teared up with 2nd hand embrassment too!. He’s back and giggling and sharing stories wiht no filter…just the way we know and love him. thank you thank you. i can’t wait to see RM.

    **loved the way emilie had to give him the correct word ‘modesty patch’, surely he has several for his current filming of Bel Ami**

    Dear Emilie,
    I’m friends with your sister.
    Think we could catch up and umm you bring Rob?
    love me

  9. Dear Rob,

    By God, Rob I love you man!!!!
    You’re just to good to be true. Who in the world can reveal behind the scene that he wore half bra as Ball sack in sex scene on interview and still manage to make the ladies go gaga.
    By the way, Emilie surely totally fine doing t he sex ( scene) ..well duh… just look at your self.
    Stay as you are, don’t let anything, even the scowly mullet change you.

    Love you just as you are

    • PS . I can listen to you all night saying Bel Ami/Guy de Maupassant/Bouffant .
      PPS. Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ses soir?

    • Love you just as you are!

      here the same
      thx niahad

  10. moon and UC thanks for the visual!

    • They’re too good to us!

  11. I’m sooo happy Fun Rob is back, i’m giving everyone thumbs up today

    • niahad, don’t wanna do the buzzkiller, everybody says…FUN Rob is back…I mean, he didn’t give TV interviews since NM, but we “saw/heard” him….and to me

      Rob is ALWAYS FUNNY!

      • To me NM promo just meh~. No Fun Rob there

        • Rob P.’s sex toys, cups in hotel rooms, the Taylor-doll-toilet-brush and tons of other Robwords???
          ok..perhaps I’m just too much in LOVE, he’s never meh’ to me…, I know I’m lame

          • That’s normal πŸ˜‰

          • no u’re not lame and yes there was quite funny moments
            Rob is always funny
            if it’s like that at RM, i’m trying to imagine how’s gonna be at BA?
            the movie or press junket either way i’ll be dead πŸ™‚

  12. Um…where does one apply for the junk tucking job? What kind of bra was it? Was it the run of the mill nude cotton bra? Maybe black lace? Electric blue satin?

    Anyone else catch when Emilie said “There was no sodomizing?” haha. I wish Rob would have elaborated on butt sex…that would be hilarious.

    Funny Rob is so WIN. Rob talking about anything remotely sexual is very WIN.

    • Maybe the one with padding, in case his junk get excited during the act.
      RM is PG 13 after all.

    • no no, we vote for a sheer bra!

  13. Moon&UC no u didn’t!!!
    this pic just killed me ladies
    and Rob? i’d laughed whole night even when i fell asleep i guess and still laughin’
    he is just aDorKable

  14. Oh the joy! Fun, word vomit Rob is back! Moon and UC- those were my first thoughts as well. We were afraid that he’d be more reserved and cautious in what he said and how he said it- not so! Yeah! Long live the word vomit- we love you!

    Thanks for the visual girls- Rob also gave us quite the demonstration of how the modesty cup (well, it was a bra cup!) went on and around his ‘ass crack’.

    I’m so happy- this week should be excellent.

    He’s back!

    • the demonstration was HILAR! lol

      • Wasn’t it? It also showcased his very long legs?

        Dear Rob,
        Thank you for being you.

        • the whole man is a showcase…hands, legs, laugh, eyes, everything is always in “action”…lol
          by the way the shirt …it was all buttoned up, damn!

        • Can I quote you on that?
          I’ll tell you tomorrow for what.


        • Ahhhhh, someone said long again~!!!!!!

    • His demonstration of the hair-dryer sex toy was also very charming, IMO.

  15. one of the things what i like about him is how he uses his hands so much when he he try to visualize it for us.i mean i am like that and i know latin people do that a lot .
    Rob, i love that and this gives us so much hand porn but pls don’t underestimate our imagination. not at this one

    • Given what he was doing with his hands re the modesty patch ( & his being size L in underwear I am very familiar with) I’d say he needed at least a 32 HH-J cup. I.e one of mine. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Love those hands with those beautiful long fingers.. I bet he doesn’t need a modesty patch, he could just use the one hand for that and put the other on his co-star! (that’s what she said…)

  16. The green balls on the table look like giant weed. Wonder if Rob drooled at it πŸ˜€

    • I was distracted by those as well (and that’s difficult with Rob in the frame)- what the heck are they and why are they so big?

    • Actually, they are garden burgers. In a state of decline… πŸ™‚

      • haha!

    • Haha, oh my goodness, you are hilarious! I have those in my living room too, only mine are brown. Similar bowl though. It’s a hit with visitors, they end up tossing them around.

  17. I’m just watching another older funny interview. rob cracks me up…
    I think I’ll make a summary and post it asap.

  18. I googled ” modestly pouch ” bc I don’t know what that is and what it’s for. I saw only ugly pictures when I gooled the word.
    Can someone plse explain to me what that is so I can ” get” the joke? Giggly Rob=always win!

    • Hi natashadushi- a modesty pouch or patch is a flesh colored covering for the genital area for actors/actresses in a scene. Its used so that their privates don’t actually touch the other person privates.

      We were joking about a modesty pouch for Rob a couple of weeks ago and now he talks about on. Coincidence???

      • Thank you Draska!

  19. Pssst! TheOldOne…wanna talk some more TStu/KStew? I think we’re on to something…

    • All i can think of when the airport pic emerge is pissing contest between Stew and Stu. Go Stu , you were there first an you will be last. πŸ™‚
      And the yellow bag has to go, I don’t care whose it is.

      • I think Stu & Stew are an item. They’ve both decided that Rob is now out of their league & are taking solace in each other. They’re soulmates.

      • LOL on the yellow bag! I was wondering who owns it.

    • Oh, yes, you know it happens all the time. A girl is going out with a guy, guy’s friend is always hanging around, girl and guy’s friend start getting along really well since they have something in common, feelings develop, and before you know it, they’re an item! Voila, pair them off (bye-bye, seeya later) and our favorite guy is up for grabs again. Me first!

      • TOO- awesome logic tree! But there will be lots of jostling for head of the queue! be prepared!

        • Sharpening elbows now.

          • ready steady go-

  20. bwahahahahhaha ohhh I would’ve payed him in single bills tucked in his bra-cup strap to see that!!! awww man! lucky emily!

    ohhh Rob, only you make a bra on your junk sexy.

    • Emilie*

      ps. howtf would a hair drier be used as a sex toy? *picturing it really hard* this is intriguing.

      • as Moon and UC said- that would really be ‘sex on fire’

        • …the pubs would be silky smooth and de-frizzed. LOL

  21. Looved it! Yay to ass cracks and ball sacks! Fun Rob is back, and now I remember why I fell for him in the first place… πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks UC & Moon for the visual!!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time – laughing until I was crying!
    ….and Rob… thank you for being you and for letting us have a peak into your world where modesty pouches are made from bra cups and sex toys are made of hair dryers!


    We had a great time doing it. Now who can guess which “bra” is mine?

    I always knew I’d go down in LTR history, I just didn’t know it would be like this. I’m glad to have run the bra test to see–in fact–which bra size Rob actually is. The jury is out…

    What size is Rob?


    xo Ash

    • Oh lawd! Seriously Ash!

      And just so ya’ll know, G-cup = DDDD-cup…………justsayin.

  24. I LOVED THIS!!!!! I saw it last night with my sister-in-law & we both were laughing so hard we were crying! We kept backing it up to his demo on how the bra was attached just to see his demo & hear him say ass crack!! I adore his word vomit! It’s just one of the many things that makes him ROB!!

    Dear Rob,
    PLEASE don’t ever change! You’re inability to edit is one of the most endearing qualities about you! Don’t let Hollywood turn you into another diplomatic, politically correct robot! We LOVE that you are so NORMAL & don’t seem to give a damn what you say. It’s so hot & sexy!! Also, we love that you are so animated when you speak. The hand gestures are perfect, as are your beautiful long perfect hands & fingers!!!

    All my Love,

    • Hi Melinda, that is a classic interview with Rob, to be cherished. It has all the things we love about him.

      BTW- if you’re still having problems with changing your avatr;
      try and it should get you to the correct site.

      • OMG drsaka & RB, I FINALLY GOT THE DAMN AVATAR WEBSITE TO WORK FOR ME!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! πŸ˜€ THANK YOU!!! I swear my husband thought I was having a heart attack or something when it finally opened! then he just rolled his eyes & told me I was crazy! oh well. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!

        sorry, I know this has nothing to do with Rob, but I HAD to say thanks!

        • happy to help

  25. This is the entire 4+ min interview with Rob & Emilie. It is HYSTERICAL! There are so many things he says & does & he giggles thru half of it. It’s great. I didn’t see this link anywhere on here so I thought I would share it for all of you to enjoy. Not that I think most or all of you haven’t already seen it, but just in case!!


  26. I think Rob had to wear a 38 D. LOL. Did I get that size right? I had to make up for something!

    • Um, SB, Yes that’s really I size…I should know. I’ve been in that size since I was 14, and I HATE IT!! Might not be so bad if I were taller than 5’3″ & wore clothing a few sizes bigger. I’ve thought about letting a Dr take much of them away (maybe donate them to my little sisters who weren’t quite so well endowed!!) LMAO The way I see it, they got the cute looks & are insanely tall (one is 6′ the other is 5’10”) and all I got were these damn boobs…which are of no use at all & are simply here for decorative purposes only!! I guess they have their perks…the hubby seems to like them! ;-D For me they are a real pain in my back & neck & shoulders & wallet!!

      • I feel your pain.

      • Sorry honey but I can’t say I feel your pain! I’m 5’1 and I don’t have much to show for in the chest area. LOL. I’m probably like Emilie de Ravin in that department, same height too.

        Thank goodness my husband is not a boob guy cause I can’t give him anything much in that department :-). Most of the time I don’t even wear a bra even when I go out.

        And yea I do know it’s a size….a have a good friend who wears that size but I was making light of Rob’s predicament.

    • Hi SB and TOO- I found our previous discussion about modesty pouches-

      and I called the poch as holding ‘the precious package’.

      • that of course is pouch

      • I’m laughing because I had the exact same LoTR moment in that post! I had forgotten.

        • Haha! Its a fun post, then and now.

      • Bwahahahaha!!!! Thanks Drsaka! What an interesting convo!

  27. Oh my gahhhhh….I laughed so hard after watching that interview. See, this is one reason why I love Rob so much. No filter! He’s so hilarious and so real, not some diva actor. πŸ™‚

    FTR I totally imagined him wearing bra/fake modesty pouch!!!! The moment he said it, it just hit my imagination and filled my senses!

    He’s so comfortable talking about such mundane or even controversial stuff. Haha.

    Love you Rob, don’t ever change!

  28. YAY my avi is what I wanted for today!! I have so many pics of this gorgeous man-candy I might just have to change the avi every other day or so!! THANKS SO MUCH TO YA’LL FOR HELPING MY FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT UP!!

    And, SB, the interview was the best one I’ve seen in while. I can’t wait to see him on Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show, & The View and any others he does. I have my DVR set to record them so if I fall asleep (NOT LIKELY) I’ll be able to watch them in the morning!! Even if I don’t fall asleep, I’ll be able to watch them over & over & over & over…..

  29. Just watched the interview again for the third time. Yep, still hilarious!

    I did feel a little sorry for Emilie, though, because the interview guy was obviously WAY more focused on Rob. She didn’t really get a chance to talk about her own role in the movie.

  30. Great post today! So so happy to see Rob ‘back to normal’ because he has definitely been ‘m.i.a.’ for some time now. I wonder why? well,,,whatever the reasons I am just so happy to see he’s still there. This MTV video was just brilliant, unfiltered, honest, happy go lucky Rob at his best. And how nice was Emlie…calm, joking, laughing, laid back…not trying to upstage him or put him down…a nice, easy, friendly, professional relationship.
    I pray that Rob gets really good reviews for this film(well all of them in fact) because he had so much crap to deal with while filming this and I so want him to break away from Twilight because he has garnered no respect from that association at all even though it was Twilight that has given him so much exposure. A double edged sword to be sure.
    As for ‘she who cannot be named’ I really hope she stays away from the premiere…sorry to be cruel here….but I don’t like the girl…am I allowed to say that here? I would be crucified on other sites for even mentioning her name in a bad light but that’s MY feeling towards her. This is ROB’S moment..let HIS fans enjoy it.

    • go bettsy!

    • Absolutely, Bettsy, you say anything you want about Kristen (gag gag gag) (sorry, I vomitted a little just typing her name). I don’t think many of us here like her either. I, personally, can’t stand the b*tch & I think she needs to stay away from Rob before she rubs off on him & he ends up a mindless Hollywood robot (just like her). Besides, as I’ve stated before, I don’t think she’s good enough for our Rob! You will definitly NOT be crucified for stating that you don’t like the girl. I don’t like her either. Most of us on here don’t like her! πŸ˜€

      Now that that’s off my chest!! I, too, hope he gets great reviews for Remember Me as well as all his future endeavors. (Of course even if it gets bad reviews I’ll be going to see it & really, I’ve noticed that movies that get poor reviews are generally better than movies that get great reviews because the people that review movies are idiots most of the time!! ha ha) I am a fan of Twilight (the books) but I completely agree that it is a double edged sword for him. I’m glad to see him in something that isn’t sterotyped for Twilight. This is a huge leap for him & I hope it only gets better!! I LOVE to see his interviews. They’re so honest & pure. It’s great!! I especially love his word vomit & hand gestures & demonstrations &…oh heck I love everything about him!! πŸ˜€

  31. I may or may not have recently put on my bra and thought to myself about it being Rob’s ball sack on my chest.

    *hops into handbasket and sets off for hell*

    • oh dear, everything reminds us of Robisms now- Sign of insanity, but a very pleasant way to go.

    • Hahaha, I had the urge to do the same thing….with the bra of course!

  32. Absolutely, Bettsy, you say anything you want about Kristen (gag gag gag) (sorry, I vomitted a little just typing her name). I don’t think many of us here like her either. I, personally, can’t stand the b*tch & I think she needs to stay away from Rob before she rubs off on him & he ends up a mindless Hollywood robot (just like her). Besides, as I’ve stated before, I don’t think she’s good enough for our Rob! You will definitly NOT be crucified for stating that you don’t like the girl. I don’t like her either. Most of us on here don’t like her! πŸ˜€

    Now that that’s off my chest!! I, too, hope he gets great reviews for Remember Me as well as all his future endeavors. (Of course even if it gets bad reviews I’ll be going to see it & really, I’ve noticed that movies that get poor reviews are generally better than movies that get great reviews because the people that review movies are idiots most of the time!! ha ha) I am a fan of Twilight (the books) but I completely agree that it is a double edged sword for him. I’m glad to see him in something that isn’t sterotyped for Twilight. This is a huge leap for him & I hope it only gets better!! I LOVE to see his interviews. They’re so honest & pure. It’s great!! I especially love his word vomit & hand gestures & demonstrations &…oh heck I love everything about him!! πŸ˜€

    Poochimama- I’m right there with you in the handbasket to hell! I did the same thing this morning! LMAO!!!!!

    • I love the Stew. Can we still be friends please?

      • of course. hey to each their own right?!?! Everyone is entitled to their opinions! That’s just mine!! πŸ˜€

    • I don’t like or dislike the Stew, Melinda, but I disagree that she is a “Hollywood Robot”. There are lots of other actresses or wannabe-actresses that fit that, but she at least tries to keep her independent-mindedness apart from the hype. I think I would rather it be her with HHH, despite what I said above, than if he were going out with various ditzy models and actresses, screwing around, and having affairs that are splashed all over the gossip rags. At least they’re both on the same wavelength about staying out of that world. My opinion, just for the record.

      • Ok, I see your point. I know there are other ‘mindless robot’ actresses & wanna-be’s! I just don’t don’t care for her in general. If she’s with him, then best of luck. But it just seems that she’s kinda riding his coattails because he’s generated a ton more publicity than she has. I’m also very happy that he isn’t flaunting around a different bimbo every other week or out man-whoring around (at least not publicly lol). I like that he tries to stay out of the limelight & is trying to stay ‘real’. it’s nice to see. it’s a nice change. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. That was not my intention. I was only stating my personal opinion of “the Stew”.
        Sorry. I still love all ya’ll for sure though! This is my favourite blog! It’s the absolute best!! πŸ˜€

        • No worries! To each his (or her) own, and you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion, especially here. Thumbs up to Rob for keeping it real, and I hope he can continue to keep it up. (TWSS)

      • I feel the same way as you. Honestly I’d rather him be with her than any other Hollywood robot or whatever it is y’all called them!

  33. Gah, I couldn’t just sit here when he is so close. My kids will think I’ve gone bonkers but I just booked a train ticket to NYC for the o’nite train arriving ~2am. It’s only a little over 3 hours from here. Plan to check out as much as I can and take as many pics as possible before heading home sometime Tuesday.

    Will let ya know how it goes and what I get to see. Hmmmm. Rob in the flesh… Wouldn’t mind seeing some flesh, but then a tuxed Rob is sweet eye candy as well!!

    Wish me luck.

    • Good luck, BritLuvr- I hope that you get great pictures! Where are you? I’m about 3 hours from NYC as well-

      • Right down I-95 in Maryland. Takes about 4 hours by car but (thankfully) a bit less by train.

        And you are..?

        • about three hours in the opposite direction in Boston-

          • Place of my birth. Sigh…

    • hey lucky britluvr
      have fun!

  34. @ Melinda and Che
    Phew thanks girls LOL! and of course I respect those that don’t have a problem with her…to each their own! All the feedback so far via Tweets seems to be fantastic…finger crossed!

  35. Well speaking of Remember Me, I have 2 girlfriends who want to go with me to see it. I said yes but then again I’m having second thoughts….maybe I should just go by myself. I’m too worried these 2 girls will embarrass me. I’m pretty sure they will be loud and obnoxious, especially the older one. LOL.

    Oh the video above, I think I’ve seen it like 10x now. Makes me laugh every time. Rob is giggly and cute! His mannerisms are adorable, gosh I think I got it down pat.

    • lol SB take them with u.we need more and more people to see it. just try to endure the embarrassment, plus i’m sure they will be dazzled when Tyler comes to scene and u can go by yourself another time πŸ™‚

      and yes i guess i’ve watched it 10 times too and still makes me laugh

      • Che, ok we’ll see. I don’t want more people tagging along though, 3 of us is enough! I can’t handle screaming and hair-pulling and trying to kiss the posters at the movie theatre! What do you call it, is it called a standee? Haha sorry I forgot.

        I’m pretty sure my girlfriends will watch it more than once, or twice!

        Also my DH mentioned he wanted to go….and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO! I said go on your own! In reality I was thinking his ego might get hurt if he sees how I react to Rob.

  36. I absolutly adore the way he just says what he thinks
    “ass crack”
    Its cute and so very rare I love him for that….then again I love him for many reasons but that is defenintly an important one.

    I LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hes so unique and modest and wow I could list alot of things here…..



    This link was on my facebook page today. It’s not terribly funny but towards the end of it Rob says something about Emilie de Ravine having balls. It’s cute. He’s answer a question about whether he connected well with Emilie because of the great chemistry they seem to have on screen. I liked it just because it was about someone other than Kristen Stewart (finally) and not about Twilight! I hope it will open.

  38. @Melinda
    I so get where you are coming from…luv the comments! And thanks for sharing the video…<3 racing…

    I am also loving today's post ladies! That interview about what goes on behind those love scenes is just so real…he does it with such ease and fun! Happy Rob is my fav! Cute Rob is my fav! Sexy & Soothing Rob voice is my fav! OMG! ALL of Rob is my fav!

  39. Good god.. hose that boy down before he explodes!

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