Posted by: Bekah | February 27, 2010

Letters FROM Rob


As we continue with “Spring Cleaning out the LTR inbox” I came across this letter submitted back in APRIL. Yes, when we write you and say we love a letter and are going to “hang on to it,” we really DO mean that! Funny how something written almost a year ago is still relevant to today!

Dear Luscious LTR Ladies:

A few weeks ago I “outed” myself at work and it has been great. Basically, these two women at work are now surprising me with all kinds of Twilight/Rob stuff on a regular basis and I’m loving every minute of it. Today was no exception:

When I walked into my office, one of my co-workers passed me a handwritten note she had received from one of our customers. When she read the note, she came running to me to share. I think you can tell why. What SHE thought was a letter from a customer was clearly a secret messaged, funneled through my workplace, for me from Rob.

Real letter from "Rob"

Yes, it is true – it has finally happened! I received my first direct letter from Rob today at work. We now have proof that he does actually read LTR and intends to answer each and every one of us individually. In order to protect the more private parts (snicker snicker) of the letter, I have cleverly changed my name to Rachel, disguised LTR with a psuedonym (Opticon USA – very non-discript, right?) and removed all references to “in bed”. I think you can insert this phrase at key points in the letter to get the true flavor of the letter, ie. I’m committed to meticulous detail (in bed), staying flexible (in bed), and providing excellent results (in bed) so that your role can be simple and enjoyable (in bed). You get the drift.

Now, run to your mailboxes because I know your letter from Rob is on its way!

Forever crazy in love,


PS: I think you can see how HHH makes his way into every single crevice of my daily life. When will the insanity stop? I hope never!

We hope never too, Byrdie!

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  1. A letter of Rob…*swoon* I could need one today. Well, any day really. Great post Byrdie! Forever crazy in love as well here. 😉

    • Cath, I LOVE your “forever crazy in love”, here the same and we sound like 14y old teens BUT who cares? lol

      • I know right? Who cares?! Rob brings us joy and so much more! I like being 14 y old that way…

        • Cath, what about RM in Netherlands, really 11th march?Subtitles, right?

          • Yeah, March 11 WITH subtitles. Can’t wait!

      • you speak right out of my heart rg… Right out of it…

        P.s. I added you on msn!

      • I’m shooting for 18 cuz I don’t want to scare The Beautiful One when he comes round to deliver my letter.

        I’m sure he’ll totally buy into my being 18.

  2. “When will this insanity stop? I hope never!”
    Byrdie, KUDOS!

    This is an occasion to say how much I love that writing-Rob-pic, the banner!
    I LOVE it, he seems so DEDICATED !!!
    One of his best features, the dedication to EVERYTHING he “DOES” or will “DO”!

    • Yes, the banner is truly brillz!

    • So dedicated! Swoon.

  3. “I’m committed to meticulous detail, staying flexible, and providing excellent results so that your role can be simple and enjoyable”.

    Well, if that isn’t the best offer ever! Thanks, Rob I fully intend to take you up on that! My role doesn’t have to be ‘simple’, but enjoyable is a given (with you involved).

  4. Wow Bridie, Im so mad jealous! I cant WAIT until Rob shows up in my office!!!

  5. Rob and his true love TomStu and some girl with a hoody at JFK airport:

    I choose to only see the RobStu reunion. 😉

    • Hi Cath, I choose as well. I choose to have selective vision.

      • Cath and Drsaka,
        Did you see the robsten letters at Vampire Club?

        Scarier than us, right?


        • Hi ML! No, will go and read them now though…Am scared now.
          The whole concept of Robsten letters makes me feel sick anyway.
          Thank for the tip ML. Will let you know what I think of them.
          Hugs back!

        • Lion, have you got an exact link to those letters? Can’t find them. Guess I’m not fully awake yet, I blame it on Saturday.

          • I couldn’t find them either, where are they?

          • Cath and Drsaka ~

            When I opened the link Cath provided above I found the short letters/notes from robsteners…below the JFK photo. I hope that helps…the letters were just short comments about how happy people are to see them together. Whatevs.


          • Lion; yeah these comments were terrible, those were all Robstens out there. Bleegh. Selective vision all the way baby.
            RobStu Forever! 😉

      • I have just surfaced and what do I find, but Kstew with Rob in NY…why, why, why is she there….Noooooooooooooooo, it’s bad enough knowing he’s not in London anymore, but this…bet TomStu is not happy about having to share RP with mullethead…….am very sad right now and also I have a mouth like a badgers bottom!!!! Need full fat coke and resolve, in same glass me thinks. Soooooooo depressed I’m going back to bed to have me a little sulk.

        • M!- Selective vision is the way to go.

          • Drsaka – yes I think this is definitely the only way I will be able to deal with this abhorrent situation.

            Do you think the mulletface is going to be at the RM premier?…..*tuts in disgust!*

          • I don’t know- but it’ll be great to see him at the premiere!

        • Yeah, Mine, don’t be sad! Just focus on TomStu. You can do it!

          • I’m trying, I’m really trying……

          • Awww. MMM, I want to cheer you up but I’ve got nothing. Just ship RobStu, best advice from Drsaka and ML.
            I’m curious though, with this openly travelling together bit, are they officially coming out or something? LOL!
            Sadly this is more of a spectacle and less of a relationship.

          • Cath, I just woke up to your link. Clearly Rob did not take our advice on what to give up for Lent.

          • Jules, he did disregard all our suggestions. He did say that he never listens to anybody! We tried!

    • i officially hate Kstew.damn she is the luckiset b*tch out there

      • luckiest
        and @mine i absolutely share your anger,i know they are together and i know he can’t be a monk but i don’t wanna see pictures of them apart from Twilight saga


    • Until today, I was frustrated that age has affected my vision in a negative way. Bifocals are a bitch. But now I’m HAPPY since I am only able to focus on one person in that pic…

      and you KNOW WHO I MEAN!!

    • And really, IS THERE anyone else in that pic??? I think not.

  6. I got a letter from Rob, too.

    It reads:

    Dear Homeowner,

    I will be in your area on 3/2/10 for general maintenance from 8 – 5 and will need access to all areas of your home.


    HOme Maintenance Supplier

    Rob is coming over on Tues…I’m so excited.

    • Wow, that’s fantastic, mountainlion! “All areas” and “from 8-5” — so generous!

    • He is in the US after all Lion, great that he scheduled you in! He’s such a sweetheart!

    • ML- use the hours (8-5) well and efficiently.

    • LMAO!<3

  7. AH, Byrdie! How I miss you!
    Don’t even see her on Twitter anymore.
    Hey – suppose that’s because Rob actually came & got her?!!
    Hope swells in my bosom (and other feelings in other places) at the thought that one day, I too will have a turn…

    • @kitttatt your avi is killing me girl! Awesome!

  8. thanks byrdie for sharing this with us!
    I especially have to give you a special thanks because I sincerely thought I am a crazy Fangirl for the stuff I did past week (read at TCS)… But knowing that others are just like me, makes m feel “normal”.

    Oh how I love LTR and my girls here for making me feel that way.

    Dear UC and Moon,
    should I send my letter for “albanian independence day” which is on the 28th of november these days because you need a bit more time? 😉
    Lots of love,

    last but not least I have two Saturday video goodies for you girls over at
    and I want to add sooo much more because I am sooo excited right now but I need to shut up until Monday so I will.

    Only one thing though: All my prayers go to the people in Chile. I can’t imagine what those people have to go through. A eaerthquake that was 8.8 strong which makes it even worse than the one in haiti! 😦

  9. Cool you gotta love it. Rob writes a letter. When will he show up at the office.

  10. Ha ha ha!! I love it! Byrdie’s got some awesome co-workers!

  11. I’m going to have selective vision here! I don’t see Kristen Stewart!! Ok, I see her, but I’m sticking with the delusion that they just happen to be in the same airport at the same time by total accident!! I mean, she’s American & she was in London for the BAFTAs so of course she was just coming home (though she could’ve gotten lost somewhere…ANYWHERE & many of us would have been ok with that!) and Rob has to come here to do all the Remember Me stuff. So you see, it is quite feasible that it is merely coincidence that they ran into each other at the airport in NY (Yes I realize both major airports are MASSIVE…I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of being thru both more than once. One of the necessities of flying internationally from the east coast!!) Now as for him carrying her bag…of course when they ran into each other he was a perfect English gentleman & carried her bag. She’s too much of a cry baby to carry her own bag & I think she enjoys all the attention she’s getting from riding Rob’s perverbial coattails!! Sorry. I’m ranting. I hope I don’t offend too many “KStew” fans (hahaha) & I hope I don’t get too many thumbs downs for talking crap about her!! Again HA HA HA.

    One last thing about Kristen…I think of her the same way I will think of any girls that date my son in the future….bi*ch you are not good enough for him so stay the hell away! Yes, Kristen, you are not good enough for our Rob so please GO AWAY!!!!!

    Ok, I’m done ranting!! I hope to get to get my letter from Rob soon.

    • Wait, what? He’s carrying her bag? I need to look at these pics closer.

      • He’s carrying a gold or yellow bag that might be hers.

        • Okay, I noticed it now. He was carrying a similar coloured bag on his return trip to London after Twilight. Perhaps he likes that colour?
          I’m going to go ahead and say that the bag belongs to TomStu.

        • He has a similar one…tons of pics, it might be her’s….he is just a gentleman!

    • @ Melinda
      we must be twins !

      • Marie, I always knew I had a twin!! 😀 I’m glad no one is mad at my jabs at the precious KStew (dripping with sarcasm). As for the yellow bag, I hope it’s his & not hers but if it were hers I was just saying he’s such a gentleman that he would carry it for her…most likely so he didn’t have to hear her whine about how heavy it is & so forth.

        Like I said, she isn’t good enough for our Rob so she needs to move along!!!!!!! 😀

    • thumbs it’s not the first time we seein’ Rob with a weird looks really lovely compare with the ‘coindicencely there mullet’


  12. HHH makes his way into every single crevice of MY daily life as well!!

    I hope it never stops, I’ve never been so happy, or should I say more insane? obsessed? delusional? Oh well, anything will do.

    Crazy how he came (twss) into my life as The Incomparable Edward Cullen and completely took over my excistence.

    Dear Rob,
    Thank you for being unique in all your intoxicating sexiness. I ❤ you!
    Take good care of yourself. =)

    • yeah, Rob, thanks for being UNIQUE!!!!!! ❤

  13. Biel does it again. An awesome video of her!!
    And 2 other great one’s today over at TCS!

  14. Dear Robgirl,
    please send me your msn (if you have one) to
    I’ll add you and we’ll talk. I need to talk to somebody about something, but I can’t say it here until Monday.


    • I have no msn, B. I have only the email adress, so you have to contact me…sorry

  15. Ok, I have a stupid question…totally unrelated to Rob. How the heck do I change my little Avi on here???? I have the perfect pic of Rob that I want to put up but I can’t figure out how to change the dang thing. It’s really starting to piss me off!! Please help. Please please pretty please!!

    • Hi Melinda…lol..the avi…go to you have to sign in and can choose your avi, it’s simple, if you have problems, you can mail to me , my email is above ❤

      • Hey RG, I tried to go to that web address & it tells me it doesn’t exist. GRRRRRRRR

  16. I love the Rob. I love the Stew. Nuff said before I’m booed off the page.

    • Is Rob Stew & Stu’s cover? Discuss.

      • BeakerJorts, I LOVE this idea. TomStu and KStew coincidentally visiting London at the same time? I think not. Coincidentally travelling at the same time? I think not. Coincidentally “just visiting” with Rob? I think not! Please let it be true!

  17. Rob talks impro modesty pouches for his bal sac during RM promo today(what he said):

    Rob baby, I love your non existent filter!

    • LOL @cath i absolutely agree he just killed me with ‘half bra’ thing
      luv him for that

    • Oh Cath! Wow! That was a classic! I hope someone remembers that we had a discussion about modesty pouches and here is Rob, talking about them! And he demonstrates! He’s all giggly and he says ‘ass crack’. Oh, this is a keeper!

  18. OMG Thank you so much “Rachel”lol(:This is so amazing im going to die if i get a letter from him i mean sure i got an email from Kristen but she is a skank so to get a letter from Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im going to faint for sure….x_x If i dont die(:


    OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. I LOVED that interview. I swear I laughed til I was in tears! I especially liked the demonstration of the “modesty patch” and it was all up his ass crack! LMAO. TOO funny. He’s so brutally honest & I absolutely LOVE that about him. I think it’s part of the charm…he has no filter just says what he’s thinking & really doesn’t seem to give a sh*t what anybody thinks! It’s great!! Oh Rob, I love your wit!! oh wait, I love everything about you!! *sigh*

    (no I am not crazy…ok not TOO crazy. I don’t care what my husband & kids say!! LOL I’m just crazy about Mr. Beautiful)

    • If your crazy, then we’re all crazy! Love when Rob’s word vomit comes out. He was so relaxed and giggly in the interviews.

      • I know. That’s one of my favourite aspects of him. He’s so honest & giggly & I adore his word vomit! IT’S just so NORMAL!!!! It makes you feel like if you ran into him in a restaurant or a store you could walk up to him & talk to him like he was an old friend!!

  20. bwahahahahah robert the cutie 🙂

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