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6 degrees of separation from (banging) Rob

I was searching around for something new to post today and I came across a letter submitted to us last May. Yes. I said May. And it’s a good one. Get ready:

This is just so upsetting...

Dear Rob

Hi, it’s me. Carrie. Remember me? I’m the crazy hot fan who unexpectedly found herself abstinent due to her insatiable desire to bed you, and only you. I’m just writing to let you know that I have been unfaithful. Well, I wouldn’t really classify it as being unfaithful, because the way I see it as that even though I did bang some other guy on the weekend, in actual fact I was ultimately banging you. Yeah, so I know you’re probably thinking I’m a little bit more crazy than normal, but there was good reasoning behind it and I’m going to break it down for you right here and now. So it goes like this:

I’m out with the girls on Saturday night, and let’s be honest, I’m a little bit frisky. I’d been watching Twilight earlier, the version with the directors commentary, replaying over and over the bits where you say stuff like “saucy” and “garden burger”. You know how it always gets me in the mood. So I’m out and about, and in my travels to and from the bar, I run into a lovely young gentleman, who, I soon discover by his accent, is from the United States. In my mildly intoxicated state I find this enthralling, because you my darling Rob, have spent a lot of time and lived (albeit only temporarily) and worked in the States.

The gentleman and I get along like a house on fire. He’s charming, interesting, and more importantly, super hot. Even though he totally wasn’t my normal type. Instead of having ‘untidy, bronze coloured hair’ or just plain messy out of control sandy brown locks, or ‘topaz coloured eyes’ or sex me up green eyes (as you know I usually prefer in my men), he instead had a buzz cut (hmm, kinda like Kellan actually), nice warm brown eyes, and was super built. So I was at first a little disconcerted that I found myself so attracted to this guy. I was soon to find out why.

In our discussions about his travels and what on earth he was doing wandering so far from home, he revealed that he was originally from Texas. Yeah, I know, not super significant. But it was just after he said this that he took his jacket off, and I happened to notice the colourful tattoo on his upper arm, oddly of the letters ASU intertwined around each other. After enquiry upon the significance of those letters, he proudly told me that it was in tribute to the University (or college, as the yanks call it) he’d attended. “ASU?” I inquire. “Yes,” he replies proudly, “Arizona State University.” Rob, I was absolutely floored.

And that’s when I knew that I would be banging this guy tonight.

You see, he went to Arizona State, which as I am sure you have deduced, is in the state of Arizona. Which is where Stephenie Meyer was raised. Stephenie Meyer, who wrote Twilight. Which were then adapted into a movie. Which you starred in. Rob, it was six degrees of separation from you. So in a way, when we were going at it later on, I was really doing you, not him.

So I feel that I can truthfully say that I have been and will always remain to be faithful to you, Rob. Though I’m sure that you can understand, that until you come to realise that I exist and fall desperately, madly, passionately (unconditionally and irrevocably) in love with me, that a girl has needs, y’know? And as long as I can continue to find the six degrees of separation from you I can have guilt free sex with as many guys as I want. Which works out well for you, cos when we do finally do the nasty, Rob, I’m gonna have a whole wealth of experience and a real bag of tricks to surprise you with. But thanks to my kegel exercises, you’ll never know just how I learned them…

No longer abstinent but still yours in mind, body and soul,

So how are YOU 6 degrees separated from Rob?

Psst: We’re always looking for fan letters to Rob! Even if it takes us almost a year to post them, we love to! E-mail us!

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Pics from Robsessed



  1. bhahah I tried to remain abstinent……but it really didn’t work for me either…you know, being married and all……
    love the honesty in this letter Carrie.

    p.s. those pics of Rob are HOOOOOT, good morning Mr. Beautiful ❤ ❤ ❤

    • btw when I said “tried” I don’t mean that in all honesty…..I mean it didn’t really work out for even a day, especially after Saturday Morning delight vids…..swoooooon

      • Misty, I love your “Good morning Mr. Beautiful” ….so true ❤

    • Question. Am I cheating on Rob when I go at it with 6’1″ slender, overwhelmingly English blood-lined, brown haired, green then blue then green eyed MrBritluvr? OK, he can’t grow a beard to save his life, but otherwise? I’d hate to think that I’m cheating on Mr Beautiful even if it is with hubby.

      Does make it easier to fantasize I must admit. I just keep the screams of “Rob” in my head…

      Off to do some Kegals!

    • Mr. Beautiful!

      Love it! =)

  2. “But thanks to my kegel exercises, you’ll never know just how I learned them”. kegel exercises=win!
    Aha soooo going to do kegel exercises, just like Kstew.
    Rob, when we meet, I will show you a diffrent stroke.
    Love all the way from the land of Heineken
    xoxox Me.

    • What are Kegel Exercises????

      • mmmmmm… pelvic floor exercises. Never heard them called kegel before.

        • well i think not to know much about it, can only be good news, right?

          • Apparently, after you’ve had a baby they suggest you do pelvic floor exercises. Have just been trying them out (not because I’ve just had a baby, I’m still at work!). That’s one weird exercise……if feels kinda strange!

          • Apparently he was at the Half Moon last night (his sister was singing) with Kstew….. no TomStu (according to twitter), and no photos of them there (well not yet!)

            If it had been LA do you think that people would have waited until the next day to say they’d seen them or do you think that it would have been all over twitter straight away, thus causing hoards of fans and paps to decend on the club. I honestly don’t think that we British buy into this whole ‘cult of celebs’ in the same why that say people in the USA do (no offence intended to the gals from over the pond). Or maybe it’s just that he goes to places that are frequented by people who don’t give a crap about who or what you are, nor are they the usual celeb hotspots.

          • This is what Operarose was saying yesterday about Brits not buying into celebrity, and I’m applauding you all for that, letting Rob go out and not be mobbed whilst in London! Keep up that restraint, girls. I know you can do it.

        • M!M!M! – I read your post last night about the pubs. I couldn’t play yesterday, you know, work and such. Anyway, I found this pic that will cheer you up:

          • oh dear-

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

            thanks, that’s really cheered me up!

            He was over at the Half Moon last night in Putney, this is not a place I’ve been (thank god, I don’t think i could take anymore RP in places I drink when I’m not there). Don’t go that way cos it’s one of those places that’s are a bit of a pain to get to, though I have sent the odd night that way staying with friends.

          • 😦 lol

          • I’m glad that he’s able to go out and enjoy life! But it would be better if he were enjoying life, right here with me!!!

          • I know, right. That scowl is precious!

            M!M!M! How do people keep track of his pub crawls so well? And when does he make time for smexy time with all that crawling?

            Dear Rob,

            Keep drinking.




          • Rob’s getting me quite frustrated here, have to cross that channel if he continues to hit the pubs. Grrrr…But he’ll be over in NYC in a couple of days. He’s already doing interviews this Saturday. But about that sighting;KStew was there as well. No TomStu. Poor Tom, Rob leaves him hanging for K. 😉

          • bhahahahahah

            Dear Rob,
            what are you thinking?????

          • well he’s going to be gone soon, isn’t he over in NY Monday.

            Actually, don’t you think that it’s really good that he can get out and about in London without people taking photos of him or bothering him. He was down on Oxford Street last week shopping and nobody bothered him, didn’t get into the papers etc, I’m sure this was true cos a friend told me he been in the shop where her sister worked.

            Also those twittering where he’s been are doing this after the event, which means he’s not getting hounded by the twi-hards / tweens. He should defo move back to London, at least he can live his life pretty much how he wants…..and maybe I’ll get to see him in one of those bloody pubs!

          • Mine! So true, he SHOULD move back to LONDON!!!No offense, but he seems to be much more happier in his hometown!

          • what a sourpuss. Does she think that glaring and scowling is sexy? As my grandmother used to say, stop making ugly faces or your face will stay like that. With her no one would even notice.

        • I did these when I was pregnant. It’s supposed to help with childbirth. I never thought it would help with sex though. 😉

          • sb you are such a perv 😉
            but I still love you.

          • Hi B! Wait, what did I say? That’s what my OB said, that it was for childbirth! Gosh this stuff is in my pregnancy book! I remember laughing out loud when I read and saw the pictures. Haha.

            OK but if you say I’m a perv, alright, I’m cool with that.

      • This is Kegel exercise:

        • Too.Much.Information…

          • Hey, what’s with the thumbs down? I only meant that the Wiki answer sounded so ‘clinical’… that barbell thing looked scary, LOL!

      • The exercises are supposed to provide a better ‘experience’ if you get what I mean.

        • Ooooh. Thanks Drsaka. Anything to please The Rob, you know, on the off chance we meet up behind that dumpster.

          • The exercises can’t hurt in that department. Better is better!

          • Hi Jules~

            “Anything to please the Rob?” Ok, I will go with this the first time we do it, but after that I want ‘mine,’ too. LOL

            Clearly, I live in a fantasy world.


          • ML, that’s the hook, you see. First you do anything, then you get yours, over and over and over…
            We’re talking BIJ here.

          • and Jules gets credit for the ref today!

          • oh and Jules, I believe the exercises are supposed to ‘benefit’ the woman. too!

          • How? Hoooow? I’ll take all the help I can get. In preparation.

            Sex ed moment on LTR.
            I just love this blog.

  3. So honest. So funny.
    Thanks for sharing, Carrie!

  4. I’m just trying to work out the six degrees of separation from that guy in the toga at the bar on Saturday… Rob is totally in to period costumes, right?

  5. Dear Rob,
    As I commented earlier this week, I have a scar on my bottom lip from biting it so hard to keep from hollering out your name… so I’m not being unfaithful to you either. I just have to close my eyes and keep quiet ’cause honey, it’s always you that I picture in my mind during those times…

    Forever yours faithfully,

    • You’re so funny.

      • Thanks niahid! I try.

        And I meant to say pictured not picture. Can’t type worth crap…

      • I actually got it right the first time… picture sounds better. Whatever.

        • LOL! can we be BFF?

          • Sure! Would love to have a new BFF! lol.

    • Oh dear lord, girl… I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    • I so know what you mean….sheesh. It’s hard to control.

    • Bahahaah! Me too Tupelo. I bite my lip or my knuckles. Darn!

      • LOL @ SB.
        Is your brother-in-law’s name Rob, by any chance? Or Ron? Or anything close to that? ‘Cause I’m considering that setup you mentioned the other day.
        If I had my own Rob/Ron, I could just say it, out loud.

        • HAHA, sorry, my husband’s twin is not named Rob.

          You could still scream Rob during youknowwhat….just improvise. Say:

          Oh Rob….I’m robbed or be like Rob…oh honey Rob me(love me, rub me), oops. LOL

          OK I sound like a dirty old woman, I assure you all I’m not any of those. I’ll shut up now.

          • SB- its okay, you’re just suggesting scenarios for during ‘the pleasure of being Robbed’.

          • SB – I like your suggestions, they can apply with any DH/SO/Self-love situation.

            Drsaka, THUMBS UP for “the pleasure of being Robbed”

          • still the best movie title ever.

          • Jules, hey whatever works :-).

            Ya know, it’s so hard(twss) I think no guy will measure up to Rob. I’m just saying….I have a tendency to compare every guy to him, not that I’m looking at other guys, just in general. Haha.

    • Tupelo,
      I heart you,

      • Lion: I heart you too girl but I think you need to work on your spelling (like Rob said he needs to) ’cause you got your name wrong!

      • ML – I saw loin. I quivered.

        • Loin? Oh my…

          Let the lip biting commence…

      • Freudian typo award of the day!

  6. Off topic, but I went to the osteopath last week- knee hurts from running- and she told me I have one leg longer than the other! 30 years old how did I never realise this? Now when I look it’s so obvious! One leg is even wonky below the knee.
    I didn’t listen to the exersize suggestions to busy supressing the info that Rob has same condition.
    Normal right?

    Also Carrie sounds Hilar.

    • I think you should call him to talk about it.

      • running to the osteopath now…

        • Oooohh shame shame Minuit!!
          * gasps in mock outrage*
          I may have to start a support group for Rob and others of our kind.

        • Walk, dont run..

    • Then one have one degree of separation from Rob!!!

      • you have… gah

    • LOL, well that is awesome!!!! Forgive me, am I saying the right sentiment?

      At least you got some similarity with him.

      • Hey SB just had to LOL at your comment! & I hate typing those three letters but in this case there’s no other option! ❤ you!!!

        • i ❤ u too!

  7. Dear Rob,

    For the last three days I have been seeing Remember Me trailers on almost every station multiple times a day. While I am glad Scummit is promoting your new flick, it saddens me because all the other women out there get to see you and Emile in that sexy kissing laying in the bed scene. That makes me feel like no matter how faithful I am to you (and all the other women here on LTR are faithful to you) that you are now being whored out to the rest of the world. It is a sad day. I will cry later after a few beers.


    • I don’t want to share, either, Athena.

    • “After a few beers” always a win in my book!

  8. How normal is it to have a tattoo dedicated to your university?

    • I know right.

      • I think for men it’s more likely…but normal?!? um…

        • uuuummmm….

    • Don’t know about universities… but around here I’ve seen a tat dedicated to the memory of Ronnie VanZant, lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd…

      Must be a southern (U.S.) thing!

      • Haha, yes it is.

        • SB, haha is right. I have no room to talk tho… I almost got one once that said “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God”!

          • wow! Did you get another tattoo instead?

          • Drsaka: Yeah, I did. I got a teddy bear on my left hip. I could still put those words around it tho. Or maybe the initials R.P. What do you think?

          • it would demostrate your dedication to the HHH.

          • Yeah, would love to put those initials there but they may be kind of difficult to explain… (especially to my DH).

          • Isn’t that your license plate though? 😉

            I got a tattoo that lasted for 3 months, I went to Kenya, Africa in 2000 and came home with the tattoo, my parents were of course mortified!

          • SB, it’s a bumper sticker on the back of my truck…

    • Bella,

      Having an ASU tattoo? I guess it’s no stranger than wanting to have my own tattoo with a certain persons initials..ugh, can’t believe I just admitted that, but he doesn’t like tattoos…and can’t believe I admitted that either.

      *hides face*

      • ML, hi! I miss u!

        I dare you to have a certain 23-yr-old British heartrob’s initials tattooed on you!

        🙂 Maybe if you do it, I’ll do it, but then my husband will divorce me for sure. Then your husband will divorce you too and then we can both be spinsters galivanting around London, looking for him. LOL

        • LOL. Good plan, SB and I miss you, too.

          • lion..I like your idea, some creepy “Rob-I-love-you-foreva&eva-tatoo”, but WHERE the heck is THE place to write that? Plus I already feel like I’ve written this sentence on my FRONT!

            MISS YOU!!!!!!

          • That’s the prob, Robgirl…where does one put such tat…dunno? Not an easy thing to be private about…

            I love that you feel you’ve already “written ths sentance on your front.”

            miss you

          • I would write it on my inner thigh… Or right above my hipbone. But not smth like “Rob I want to marry you/love you foreva and eva” but something deeper (twss).

            Maybe when I go to Kosovo this summer I’ll get a Rob-tattoo (of course only with Henna). hahhahaha

            Thats sooo not normal!

          • How about on your forehead? Just kidding.

            No how about on your thigh or on your ankle? Regardless where you put it, DH will see it anyway.

        • London bound?!?

          I have two words..When and where?

          Off to pack my shit!

          • Sure we can always take one more! Come with us!

      • Rob doesn’t like tattoos??? Not on others or not on himself? Hmm, what a shame. Rob with a cool tat, could get used to that.

        • Cath, here you go…

          • Jules..I LOVE YOU, one of my fav.videos!!!!!! 1000 THUMBS UP!!!

          • Thanks Jules!!! Rob’s amused and scared at the same time, haha. I remember this vid. Just the shirt alone. LOL.

          • Haha, I have that saved :-).

          • “I love him. Shutup”

            Fav. line of that video and can totes relate to that girl.

        • Cath, she made him blush!!!!!

          • and thanks, Jules, I haven’t seen that in a while!

          • Blush, did you say blush…??? ;-)(I really have developed this weird fetish, must be that the guys I liked never had that ability, we always want what we can’t have…ha!)

          • I Love how he says ” Jesus Christ!”

          • Cath, the blush is good. I love it when Rob blushes, he’s so freaking adorable! Awww. LOL

      • Rob doesn’t like tattoos?

        Dear Rob, I dont like them either…you can undress me (actually I’ll do that myself) and you can see for yourself…*wink,wink*

    • If you’re an athlete of any kind or even just a frat boy, it’s quite common. Most of the frat idiots do it when they’re enebriated.

  9. Dear Rob,
    I’m abstinent and still faithful to you.
    crazy huh 😀

  10. I don’t know about the six degrees of seperation and all, but Rob plays a starring role in most sexual activity I partake in.

    I have had to forcibly stop myself from calling out his name during The Act…..I don’t think my husband would enjoy that, being that he has already threatened to facepunch The Precious if we ever ran into him. *I, of course, to preserve the Pretty, would hop right in front of that fist*

    God, I need help.

    • Aawwww. Bless you

    • Kat…you don’t need help…because if you need help, then WE all do…so in REALITY::it looks like to me that the majority of people are doing the same thing we are, then we are in the norm! lol

      • Misty,

        I tried explaning my obsession to someone recently and said “oh there are tons of other woman who feel just as I do”…they didn’t get it.

        I’m so glad I have you guys.


        • True, ML & Misty.
          This place is my support group.

          • Mine, too, JUles…so you glad you are here!

        • Lion, it’s probably best not to try to explain to others unless they are already there. We need some kind of secret handshake or sign so we can recognize the sisterhood, something other than tattooing “I ❤ Rob on our foreheads . . .

          • You are so right, T.O.O.

            So, secret handshake it is and I’d like to give Rob a secret handshake.

    • I don’t want help! 🙂

    • The Act, The Precious, The Pretty.

      Excellent choice of words!

  11. Since I discovered YOU and fanfiction, Rob, abstinent is the last thing I’ve been. But it’s always you in my head.My husband has kind of figured this out, but I tell him he should be grateful to you, not resentful.

    In fact, I’ve told him he should write you a thank you note, but I don’t think he’s there yet.

    • LOL. I think my husband’s starting to figure out the truth too… ‘Cause he’s been getting way more ‘attention’ from me in recent months. He’s not complaining…..

      • luckily my husband is easy-going. The other day he whispered to me “stop thinking about him.” I had to laugh because of course, I was.

        • “Stop thinking about him”

          Sorry darlin’, don’t think I could if I tried! (And I don’t think I wanna try)…

      • My husband just thinks I am reaching my sexual peak and that is why I practically attack him when he walks through the door. I agree with him, of course. I wouldn’t dare admit to him that is has anything to do with Jawporn and the “books” I’m reading online. He thinks I’m recently into saving money by not purchasing books but just finding the “online version”. It’s called fanfiction, honey!

        • I have attacked my husband the minute he walked in the door…. Never got any further than the rug in front of the door!

          And can you guess what brought this on?

          The answer: Looking at about 2 hours worth of Robporn on youtube. I had just finished watching that 10 minute vid set to the KOL’s “Sex on Fire”.

          DH was shocked to say the least but happy…

          • Omgoodness, that Sex on Fire on Rob always gets me going.

            Btw my hubby got that KOL’s CD for me for Valentines! I srsly have no idea how he knew I liked them!

        • LOL, I’m sure the guys like being attacked!

          • Yeah, I think they do…

    • My DH is in denial, he thinks it all in his prowess. LOL.

      Don’t get me wrong, my DH is good-looking(good enough to be a moviestar I guess) but of course he’s not Rob. He has been making weird comments to me like asking saying “who are you thinking about?” or once he said “is this a Rob thing?” I’m a bad liar. Anyway, he still thinks Rob is insignificant to our relationship so it didn’t faze him and he’s back to being in denial.

    • D2D-
      A thank you letter from your DH to Rob would be great to see at ltr???

      • I agree…

      • ooh..good idea-I’ll try, though I doubt it will be truly heartfelt.

        • In an email, I told my hubs to hurry up and write his thank you to Rob-here’s his reply:

          “He should write me a thank you note… for letting you waste so much
          time and devotion.”

          Not looking good for that note.

  12. I think the b/w pic has (on purpose or accidentally…?) the only possible subtitle….



    • Hell yes!

    • tag team????? lol

      • YES misty, Rob’s tagged…, ahem..WHAT team? lol

        • you + me girl!!!!!!!!!!!! w/ rob…”Tag Team” bhahahahahah

    • Robgirl, nice avi.

      • thx Jules, it’s my WILDER ME with bangs 🙂

        • RG- its a great avatar!

          • Agreed! Love it!

    • RG- its the best possible tag for the picture!

    • On the banging….

      YES! YES! YES!

    • Robgirl,
      You are the observant person I’ve ever met.

      I love that about you.

      • thx, it’s not true at all, he’s just my favourite object (read MAN !) to study!….and there’s soooooo much to observe……ahemmm

        LOVE back

  13. Hahah! Brilliant, Carrie. And completely Normal.

  14. So we’ve been (generally) faithful to Rob, but has he been faithful to us????

    Hanging around with nekkid women for 12 hours, the yet-to-be-seen activities in RM and BA, and the are they or aren’t they thing that I won’t mention.

    Rob stop cheating on me!! (well, all of us!!).

    • Esp. stop cheating on us with a particular someone…Bad Rob, you should only cheat on us with TomStu!

      • hahaha!

  15. Six degrees of separation with a baseball jacket:

    Has to be talking to Phil the Manager, he with cup of tea in hand, me with alcohol in hand, about the state of the world, Rob, LA pap chases, Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley, America in general, whilst Bobby Long strummed on his guitar in the living room, wearing his baseball jacket that he then wore whilst out walking with Rob et al on the Isle of Wight. I touched that baseball jacket, Rob has probably wiped his hands on that jacket…………


    • Cazza, that are only 2 degrees of separation…YOU – JACKET – ROB !!!!
      me is sooo jealous!<3

      • I guess you are right, two degrees, is better than six ❤

  16. I just read on Robsessed that Rob’s been to a gig with Starsailor singer James Walsh, apparently his sister Lizzy sang with him. I’ve interviewed Starsailor once, so two degrees(or one?)! Yay! Not that’s it’s any real use to me. LOL.

    • Cath- that’s great! Any connection is better than no connection!
      Do you interview musicians a lot???

      • Drsaka, it was years ago, at a music festival. And yes, I interview quite a lot of them, esp. during summer, with all the festivals and such. That’s why I’m always saying (not really meaning it) that he should’ve remained a musician. It would’ve been much easier to get acces, LOL. Now he’s a big Hollywood player. *sulk* 😉

        • That’s still great, Cath! Musicians are interesting (well, some of them anyway- haha).

          • I know, some of them. And some of them can be a pain in the *ss, hahaha, won’t go farther OT then that. 🙂

        • Access? to what in particular?

    • Half Moon in Putney….do you know about this place, it’s quite famous, I believe, it’s got quite an history. Some v. famous bands have played there. Never been myself. 😦

      • Apparently James Walsh played there last week as well. There are some movies out there on YT. Not from yesterday night though. Yet.

    • That’s awesome! Tell me more!

      • Well, Starsailor, British band, they’re really good, they came out around the same time as Coldplay here in Europe, but never really hit it that big worldwide, a good run in Europe though. Apparently their singer, great voice and really nice guy(and cute, is doing solo stuff now, band is on a break.) Haven’t heard a lot about that, but loved Starsailor. Totally down to earth, very easy to talk to. I spoke to them for about 20 minutes for a newspaper I worked for in 2002. He’s also a great U2 fan which didn’t hurt.

        • I vaguely remember their one song that was a semi-hit here in the US.

          • Could be Silence Is Easy in the US. This was their biggest hit over here. Such an underrated band, they deserved the succes of Coldplay.

        • Cath, thx for sharing, I love them as well!

          • Great taste RG, all the girls here have great taste, I mean, to be on topic again. Appreciating the Rob equals good taste. At least it does here on LTR. 🙂

          • Love your new avi btw!

          • CATH….I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song…and as you said, totally underrated!!!

          • I heart the song too RG. Hugs back!

        • Thanks Cath, that’s awesome!!!!

  17. So how are YOU 6 degrees separated from Rob?

    Hmmm, well last year I sent him some stuff, I felt really dumb after doing it but hey he got it. So I guess that’s my degree of separation.

    Btw I absolutely love that black and white picture of him up there! Oh Rob, I stared at that photo for a long time last night, and then you came(twss) and visited me in my dreams.

    • Cute story SB, hope it was a good dream! And glad he received what you send him!

      • Hey Cath, I’ll email it to you. 🙂 And tell me all of yours too.

        • Great idea SB!

    • awesome story sb! Mind telling me what you send him? Or when you send him? (I plan to actually give him smth for his birthday so that will be my degree of seperation)

      • I sent him something for his birthday last year :-). I mulled things over for weeks before I even sent it.

        What are you gonna send him? Pls don’t send him sock and underwear! LOL, just kidding.

        • Socks and underwear! That’s hilarious! We should band together and send him a big box of socks and underwear: “To Rob, Happy Birthday, thought you could use these, love from LTR”.

          • Haha yeah for sure!

            But didn’t he just shopped for underwear and socks a few weeks ago? Moon and UC posted it here.

          • Yeah, but since he doesn’t do laundry he needs more all the time!

          • …or he needs more because there is so much of him.

        • Gosh now you ruined my surprise! Now when Rob comes over tomorrow he will find out what I will send him… j/k

          I have this thing called “The Robert Pattinson birthday project” (I know it’s cheesy) planned. I’ll reveal the details on the 28th of February over at TCS because it will officially start on the 1st of March. But hell I am sooo excited! Hopefully it will turn out the way I want it to.
          Moon and UC have already been asked to do this with me so I hope they’ll be part of this.

          So wait until the 28th and I’ll reveal the whole deal behind “The Robert Pattinson birthday project”

          *giggles like a little school girl*

          p.s. Sb would you mind sending me your msn/e-mail/any means of contact to ? I’ll add you to my ‘real’ mail then because I don’t feel that comforable making it public…

          Lots of love,

          • Hey B sweetie, no problem. I’ll email you! I think that’s sweet what you’re doing, organizing something for his birthday. So what if it’s cheesy, it’s the thought that counts right? I was thinking of sending something again but I’m having second thoughts(again). LOL

            I can’t wait to see what you’re sending him. Hotpockets? LOL, jk.

          • well I am having second thoughts too. Actually I already feel like a stalker…
            On the other side I am so excited about it that I really want to do it…
            I am caught in between… (twss)

        • Eeek I meant to say socks! Obviously no one just wears a sock! Pfft. Sorry.

          • I can imagine wearing just one sock, you know, to keep a certain appendage warm . . .

          • hahaha!

            T.O.O, I just got a picture of a certain sock puppet in my head. Not nice.

          • TOO – you are naughty!!!! I<3 you!


          • The Red Hot Chili Peppers used to wear one sock on stage and not on their feet.

    • SB-
      Did you get any kind of reply? Did you ask for a pic or anything?

      • I got something but it was not personal, not something he wrote.

        • What?
          must be that b**** all up in his business!

    • Honi, I LOVE your dreams! ❤

      • I love them too. The anesthesia from the other day probably fueled my Robdreams evenmore! LOL, I have to tell you about it later.

  18. This post really cracked me up. Awesome Carrie! (You are not Carrie Underwood right?)

    btw Why do I have the feeling that everyone is kinda cheating on Rob besides me? 😛

    Yeah it is hard (twss) to remain abstinent and if you can’t…. just imagine it is Rob and you’ll be fine. But please do not scream “Rob” in the throes of passion. That would be utterly embarrassing and well not so good.

    I’m not cheating on Rob evaaa,

    • What about screaming Edward or Robward?
      >>>Reads too much fan fic

      • Thats only fine as long as your hubbys/bf/friends with benefits name is Edward/Robward/Anyward.
        This rule also applies for girls who have the awesome advance that their bf/hubs/whatevas name is Rob/Robert or anything else that could be mistaken for it.


        Women: “Yes… oh Rob… oh Rob…”
        Hubs(lets pretend his name is Bob): “Did you just say Rob?”
        Women: “No I said Bob! I said Bob!”

        Yeah that situation would be weird…

        Other names: Ron(hahahhaha)

    • What? You’re not cheating on Rob? 😉

      • I know its hard (twss) to believe but I am not cheating on Rob. Being single has it’s benefits too 😉

        • I am single, too, but I do NOT call “being faithful to Rob cuz there’s no one else” a benefit. *le sigh*

  19. Has anyone seen that new website called, “Please Rob Me?”

    My sentiments exactly….

    • Yeah, bit this one’s about scary robbers, checking out on Twitter if you’re on vacation. The only Robber who can break and enter my house is: Rob. No scary other guys. Rob can Rob me blind every single day if he’d care to. Which he doesn’t. *cry*

      • Thanks for explaining that to me, Cath.

        Totes appreciate it.

        Just got swept away with the name.


      • “Rob can Rob me blind every single day” – me thinks that’s a euphemism for something.

        • You’re very welcome ML. What makes you think so drsaka, hahaha?

          • wild guess

    • No, but now that you mentioned it, I’ll check.

      Do you happen to be at Starbucks? 🙂

      • No, wireless is in the house…Yeah!!!

    • Please Rob, Rob me of anything you want….take anything you want. I beg you!

      Have mercy!


    • Yeah, Rob’s already stolen my sanity. He can have the material things as well.

      • My point exactly!

        Dear Rob,
        If this is about my soul, take it! I don’t want it without you.

  20. Didn’t have time to read the comments…I need to be ‘banging Rob’ not just ‘6 degrees from banging Rob’. Geez.
    Way off topic and then I’ll bbl…me, SaritaPagita, and MeteorMuse will be going to a Jackson signing and 100 Monkeys concert a week from Saturday! Feel free to be second-hand embarrassed for us! 🙂

  21. I live in AZ and have seen Stephanie twice. Once at a book signing, the other at a Blue October concert. So I feel like I am almost holding hands with Rob 🙂

    • Hey Nicole! I live in AZ too!!

  22. This doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s post, but with all the talk about thinking of Rob when we’re with our s/o’s, here’s a reminder of how we should really be treating our hubs/bfs:

    My husband sent it to me-dream on, darling.

    • yeah, no.
      What a world, written by a man perhaps????

      • Undoubtedly. What really made me laugh was the part about “unusual practices”.

    • OMG. Serious? Seriously?? What a world indeed…

    • LOL!

      I don’t usually say this but I saved it for situations such as these: HELL no!

  23. Dear Rob,
    Can I lick your stubble, please? Please.


    • or any part, really. Pleeeeease?

      • sorry girls…NO…he’s already tagged for TODAY….ask the Misty-and-me-team!

    • Can I lick your lips Rob? Please? 😉

      • sb we’re twins srsly. I just wrote exactly the same sentence as you in a mail… Hahahahah

        • LOL, good!

          Well his lips are so lickable and kissable, I just can’t resist!

  24. I have a friend who works for Taylor swift and she went out with Taylor for about a week so I guess I was 3 degrees of separation from HHH for a little while. I guess that counts for something huh?

  25. three degrees of separation. i met this russian tv show host who interviewed hugh jackman (when he was promoting wolverine) and that was right before jackman hung out with Rob in Japan during Karaoke

  26. So, today I was sitting on the bus going to work and this guy gets on…….tall and slender, dark haired, the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, wearing a dark peacoat and a beanie (the exact same kind that Rob has) and has stubble (not a 5 o’clock shadow but an actual stubble) with the longest, thickest eyelashes……..I just couldn’t stop staring……he reminded me so much of Rob. My mouth was wide open, drooling…….6 degrees seperated from Rob???

  27. My flatmate went to school with the chick who played Cho Chang in Harry Potter. Fact. Is that, like, 3 degrees of separation?

    I practically know him! Emm, sort of. Or not.

    Love this letter Carrie!!

  28. ……..yes and I so want to join in on the buying of new underwear and socks for his birthday……we can leave a card saying”in preperation of your next movie (don’t know who will visit in that caravan but we thought it would be better if you were all set and ready…!!!)

    the ladies at LTR”

    What do you think???

  29. Carrie, I’m with you!

    This is the only way I bang Rob. I wouldn’t actually DO him!!
    I just don’t consider myself mentally capable of being able to have HIM once and then have to live with the memory of it all.
    I can barely function as it is….

    I’d love to, however, touch, =) shake his hand, get his autograph, and take a picture with him someday. Not necessarily in that order.
    I know, I know, he was already a merely 20ft from me…I just didn’t have a chance.

    However, next time we’re in close proximity, I too, will have a bag of tricks! =)

    Dear Rob,
    Look after my heart, I gave it to you when you came to beautiful sunny San Diego. Remember?


  30. Uhm… I’ve been to Chicago. I hear Rob has been to Chicago. Is that ONE DEGREE?!!!

    Twilight Six Degrees – So I was watching a tiny bit of The Messengers on Lifetime two nights ago. I had no idea John Corbett and Dylan McDermott were in that! I can now link anyone in Sex and the City and Steel Magnolias to Twilight!

  31. I’m 5 delicious degrees away from ROB:

    1. My fiance is friends with
    2. Robert Pressly, first cousin to
    3. actress Jaime Pressly who was in Can’t Hardly Wait with
    4. Peter Facinelli who duh… was in these two movies with
    5. Robert Pattinson, my baby daddy

    Love this post because I always tell my fiance “everything connects to Twilight”

    The other day he foolishly said I couldn’t connect Top Gun to Twilight. I had to break his heart with the news that Meg Ryan was in Top Gun and In The Land of Women with our KStew. Boo Yah!

  32. Connections to Rob:

    I live in AZ, as does Stephiepoo!
    I own a pink sleeping bag, Rob was in a pap pic with a pink sleeping bag.

    It was practically meant to be, if only I was a few years younger, a little less married and without a caravan of children.

    Dear Carrie,

    Love the letter, but seriously do not sleep with any more guys with ASU tattoos! Not so cool here in AZ, I can tell you that! Guys with phoenix tattoos who call you tigerkitten are OK.

    • funny!

      I know Carrie, lister to her, she actually has a point.

    • When you said caravan of children I totally pictured you driving a van full of kids! 🙂

  33. I love how the words “banging this guy tonight” show up right under Rob’s picture almost like a caption. Like it was planned that way!

    • omg i am so brilliant aren’t i? for being accidentally brilliant?

  34. Woot! Rob will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Tuesday!!!

  35. So here’s my 3 degrees of seperation from Rob.

    1. My friend is friends with
    2. A girl who hangs out with TomStu
    3. Who is Rob’s one true love

    Too bad I live in India. Hopefully, I’ll be going to London for Uni by september and I can reduce the degrees to zero*fingers crossed*

  36. OMG. I stumbled upon this site completely by accident & it will most definitly be saved in my favourites & checked out every day! I haven’t laughed so hard in all my 31 yrs!! Bless my husband he just ignores me while, I’m sure, wondering what the hell is wrong with me!! I LOVE this site! Your blogs are wonderful. I love Good morning Mr Beautiful, cuz Dear GOD he truly is a BEAUTIFUL MAN!!! I’ve never had a celeb crush til now & it’s a bit crazy. Wish I lived in London or California, but I’m a Southern Girl living in Southeast Tennessee (apparently complete with southern accent…or so I’m told by my stepdad’s family who are from Phoenix, AZ! I LOVE to visit them in hopes of meeting Mrs. Meyer some day) God Rob is gorgeous & I don’t consider that I’m “cheating on my hubby when we’re goin’ at it & I happen to be wishing & imagining it were Rob! How terrible is that?!?!?! Hopefully not too bad!

    Anyway, I just HAD to write to say I LOVE this site & keep up the great work! =D Wonderful wonderful site!

    Melinda =D ❤

    • Welcome to the family!

  37. Hehehe thanks guys, I’m glad my slutty antics are keeping you amused 🙂 Well, I should say my former slutty antics, seeing as I’ve been officially celibate for the last six months. And yes, it may be for Reb related reasons… But I’ll save that for another letter.
    carrie xx

  38. Love this! Surprisingly, I have my 6 degrees from Rob as well, not even 6 actually. A good friend of mine is from Arizona and is a Mormon, and her family used to attend the same church that Stephenie Myers family attended. She doesn’t ever remember meeting her (they moved ages ago) but her parents remember Stephenie’s parents. So there, you see, I practically know Rob personally, hahahahahaha.

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