Posted by: themoonisdown | February 20, 2010

It’s all in the Details, Details, Details!!

Dear LTR-ers,

It’s been a wild week with a controversial and HOT HOT HOT photoshoot in details so what better way to wind down the week than with some Saturday morning delights? As if we had ANY doubt that video maker superstar Biel wouldn’t come through with a video featuring the super sexy Details pictures. Have no fear cause it’s already here! And she uses a song by The XX! WIN!

It’s almost like being there with UC all over again…

I love when he’s tapping his feet sitting on the couch

And of course the behind the scenes of the Details shoot video

Will this ever get old?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. This will NEVER get old!!!
    some Rob-nekkid-shoot could beat it!
    hey Drsaka it’s your turn!

    P.S. biel should work for Rob!!!

    • hey RG- I’m trying to tie MP from yesterday in mentioning Rob’s B.I.J. so the competition will go on!

      • I just furnished you a fit occasion, TIE… 29′, love you BOTH!

    • Robgirls’s observation from the other day still rings true! The wrong persons are nekkid in the Details shoot!

  2. Am I a bad person for not finding every single one of those Details shots HAWT? I mean there are a few that are bangin’ but some I cannot dig.

    • I’m probably bad too, because as HOT as he is, IMHO this photoshoot doesn’t do it for me:( I wish he was the one naked !!! He looks bored to death in some shots. He looks like he needs a nap in some of them. Yeah, he was hangover.. I know… I LOVE the Eclipse pictures that came out though:) All that manfur can drive anyone one of us wild!!

      Sorry ladies I didn’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade. So I’m stepping out:) Have FUN! Much love to you all:)

    • To me some are hot, some not… (no rhyme intended..sorry)

    • There’s a lot of them I don’t like. His eyes look dead. He looks uncomfortable and unhappy in some of them.

      • yeah he was hungover….they should have done the photo shoot the day before::

        If Drunk Rob = Favourite Rob, then hangover Rob = limp dick (or “semi” hot photos) lol

        I love how Math = Rob too…

    • No you’re not alone. I feel the same.

      • Oh sorry, I misread your comment. Disregard my previous comment please. 🙂 I do find most of them hot and sexy. Not all, but most of them.

    • Some pictures are hot, some are not but can we agree that this two videos are definitly H.O.T. !!!

      Biel did a great job again and you all know how much I love me some behind the scenes.

      My only request now: A one hour long behind the scenes ala “Vanity Fair”…

      • ahhhhhhh one hour long vanity fair vid minus mullet would be EPIC..

        1 up for that!

        • Think of me if a video like that comes out!
          I think I will start a petition or write a letter to Detail magazine…


          Dear UC and Moon,
          would you be so kind and give us the video of the “meeting”. I sooo know you have it…

          Love and kisses,

    • Personally, this one just creeps the hell out of me.

      His smile looks so forced and … there’s something else too, but I can’t put my finger on it.
      But I do love most of the other pics.

      • Oh now I know!
        He looks too tame, almost like a baby.

        The more I look at it, the more it freaks me out.

        • It reminds me of a bobble head. Totally detached.

          • I’m sorry Snapped, it was an iPhone error, I meant to give you a loving thumbs up because that was totally the methaphor I was looking for.

      • I find that one very creepy as well.

    • I think Rob is enough of an actor to overcome a hangover enough to make different facial expressions if he wanted to. The intention for the “look” of the photoshoot was to have him look bored and “unattainable” even with the nekkid girls draped all over him. In the video he is smiling, etc., they just didn’t choose any of those shots for the photos in the mag.

      • totally intentional

      • Yep I agree he was doing exactly what he was asked to do and I think the hungover comment he made was just his quirky sense of humor. I’m sure it was a bit uncomfortable but come on he has done the modeling thing and he is a pro!

    • Thank you Jayde et al for putting my thoughts out in the open. I got here late today as RL called until a few moments ago but I definitely get the chills (not the good kind) when I look at most of these pics. IMHO, these do not show our fine young one at his best. I know it’s the “look” that they were probably going for as Details is a very edgy mag, but he is soooo much more gorgeous than what I see here.

      I’d put these on the shelf along with the single pic of him in Vogue. Not feelin’ it!!

  3. Dear UC and Moon,

    is it coincidence or fate that I chose the same video as a Saturday highlight?
    I love Biel’s videos. They put a whole different emotion to the motion…

    • this was so sweet of you, dear!! many thanks, you’re always too kind with my stuff (I just left some love on your site)

      • No I have to thank you so much for creating awesome videos and generally being the lovable person you are!
        Expect a mail from me these days.

      • Why the different spelling of “Biel” – “Byel” ?

        • Cause she is just cool like that!

        • lol, no, nothing to do with “cool”, but with an unintended misspelling. I didn’t even noticed until one friend told me when the vid was already uploaded some hours ago (I also wrote wrong Crystalised on the credits). Definitely this wasn’t my best day

  4. MJ glitter shoe? FAIL. Detail details details…you are killing me!
    Gaah why so hot Rob? Robme this instant! Le sigh that’s all.

    • sweet avatar natashadushi

      1 up for that

  5. Ha! its exactly +29 (above); its a tie!
    Would Rob appreciate the effort we go to for him??

    • I read that he loves any kind of competition! He laughs like a 5y old when HE WINS, according to the interviewer! So….YES!!!

      • and surely the most silliest ones are his FAV’s!

    • Drsaka, you did it! The B.I.J face off is really on now! I can’t wait to see Min’s counter strike.
      Morning, Robgirl!

      • “morning” Jules, it’s 4pm

      • The real story is that I woke up at 8:21 am, logged on and I wasn’t coherent enough to come up with something funny to say! I’ll try again tomorrow until I topped the Rob’ big in Japan napkins to go along with the sparkle peen cake.

        So for right now, we tie in the time competition, but MP is ahead in the funny reference portion of the competition.

        • you can always take the pic as reference for an official sparklepeen cake with the right mesures. the goodies around rob never stop extending.

          • ‘the goodies around rob never stop extending.’ There’s some wishful thinking!

            Minuit- the challenge remains with you having a slight lead. Our technical scores are equal, but you have a better artistic impression score.

            And good evening/nght, BTW. Should we hold off of round 2 until Monday???

        • drsaka, sent you a mail<3

          • sent you one back-

  6. I just heart Rob tapping his feet, those b/w shoes are made for that though. And my oh my, that man has got long legs…

    • …..talking about long legs, I’m really allergic to the b/w outtake, where he has draped himself on that table, with that face ! I HATE IT!

      • yeah I am very allergic to them too…
        It makes my whole body shake…

        P.s. My new mantra:
        It’s not porn as long as it’s only black and white…

        • RG: I don’t know what that pic is an out take…
          that pic enduces anaphylactic shock because I am so allergic to it…

          Ble: I think I’m going to use that mantra too, but I want to also include colour pics as long as Rob is in them……yum.

        • Right, Bleriana. If it’s B&W, it’s art…never porn.

          Let’s keep telling ourselves that.

          • Ha, so true!

      • RG, I really HATE that one as well. HATE IT!

    • Sigh, did you have to say LONG legs? Now I’m just putty.

      • SB, I concur. Certain words, in relation to Rob is just too much.

        • Hi Jules, I saw your comment last night about ‘free for all friday’ on robsessed. Yikes! They weren’t holding back, were they???

          • NO! Lot’s of advertising for thingys that needs batteries….

          • You know I went there yesterday and I left. 🙂 They really went out didn’t they? LOL.

            We’re so tame here.

          • They sure let it rip! They were definitely not coy or subtle. Too raunchy for me. I could only read the first few comments.

          • We’re good girls here. (Hear that Rob, good girls, the ones you can take home to your momma) Well, most of the time…
            Although, those legs…(Sorry…)

          • Dear Rob, we funny, smart, a little bit naughty, and sweet here with a strong helping of (privately expressed) raunch. Give us (me) a try-
            Still waiting for your call.

          • that should be ‘we are funny…’ Well, I didn’t impress Rob with my grammar, that’s for sure.

        • Speaking of certain words or adjectives that turn us to putty…

          Right now I’m stuck on Rob stubble…it hurts.

      • Sorry for the long legs comment SB, couldn’t help myself…

        • Cath, your avi dies me!

          • Don’t die on me Jules. 😉

        • I have got to see your avi Cath…still can’t see it. I think I need to clear my cache.

          • I couldn’t see it myself yesterday, RG and drsaka did. Clear your cache SB, it’s worth it. 😉

          • Oh my….I see it!!!! Sigh…..I want him.

            Please send me that photo.

          • Will do SB!

          • SB, will you mail me Cath’s photo? I can’t see it either.


          • ML, I just sent it to you!

            Thanks Cath, I love, love, love it! I’m in love all over again, is that even possible?


          • Glad you like them SB! They’re so cute ML!

      • SB: did you say long legs!!

        bhahahahah hilar!

        Is there a saying that goes” You know what they say about long legs………..??? just wondering…it’s Saturday we are allowed to be long and raunchy 🙂

        • Misty- you have ‘long’ on the brain! We’ll try to be long and raunchy as well as loud and raunchy! Jk Jk

        • Misty, yes I was referring to the legs (LONG), twss. I’m sure there is another body part that it applies too.

          Someone please splash me w. super cold water.

          • SB- we all had the same thought.

  7. I don’t think the Details shoot is Rob at his best. He looks scruffy and tired. Biel’s video is still hot, though, as usual.

    • There’s some beauty in the shoot, but a lot of it looks cold and impersonal to me. Maybe that was what they were going for. However, I believe that anything with Rob should be highly personal, in fact, it should be one on on, just him amd me.

      PS- still love you rockin’ jort pic from yesterday!

      • I think they were going for aloof. Rob being pursued while being bored and unimpressed or something.

        • I agree with you.

    • My thoughts EXACTLY.

  8. Hell No Moon, this will never get old….

    I am so in love with Biel’s video, but I love her work anyway. Really digging that song too. London band, right?

    The song on the original video from Details, kind of reminds me of the Doors.

    I am torn between the close ups of his face with the one hand touching him, because he is smirking and smiles a little, and the white pants with the bath tub, being my favorites. I just have to watch the videos again and again and again, until I decide. Don’t want to rush into a decision.

    • thanks for mentioning the Doors, Jim M.!!!<3

  9. No it will never get old! 🙂 I’ll watch it over and over again.

    And those pics are so sexy, yeah he looks disinterested but I find the pictures very, very sexy and erotic.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for.
      A desinterested Rob, that is surrounded by nacked girls.
      I really like how different this shoot is. It shows that he’s willing to do smth different. Would Zac Efron do smth like this? I guess no. Disney wouldn’t have approved that…

      • Zac who? Ian who? John who?……and so on…..No offense to other nice men, but Rob is a class of his own!

        • LOL@ Robgirl.
          I’ve never really paid attention to Zac. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his movies.

          • Zac….sorry. Not interested. I saw Hairspray that’s about it, and yeah I saw High school musical too. But not because of him.

        • ok robgirl… Who thr heck is john? I honestly have no clue who you mean…
          And yes rob is a class of his own. The porsche or bugatti among men…

          • John Mayer! Some say he’s hot….
            and pls don’t mention Rob with fast cars in one sentence, he might think that it could be a good idea to drive a car in London!

          • Is it smth bad I have no clue at all who John Mayer is? Like srsly no clue at all?

            Rob and a fast car=epic win!!! (as long as he’s not driving)

          • I like John Mayer, he’s an awesome musician. But I love Rob…he’s the best! However if John Mayer paid attention to me, I ain’t saying no. I really am a sucker for musicians!

          • Iam too… But John Mayer? who is he anyway. I really don’t know.
            mention ex-gf or songs or smth… Or a picture?

          • Song: Your Body Is A Wonderland He has dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Anniston. His music is good but he appears to be a prick. He is very much a kiss and tell guy. Needs to get over himself.

          • RG, let’s keep Rob on the bicycle! Love those images of him in Spain and New York!

          • oh… That guy who said he’s addicted to vaginas?? Was it him?

            Now I know why I don’t know about him: he is NOT hot. At all.
            And his comment was even more disturbing than robs imo…

      • I think so too B. Rob is versatile, that’s a big(TWSS) plus!

        And btw my husband approves of all the Details pics and even the outakes!!!!

        • SB, I heart your hubby. When I grow up, I want one just like him. I mean, he lets you indulge in your robsession. WIN.

          • Jules, haha you make me sound old!

            Hubby is definitely a keeper, he doesn’t care for Rob and actually he’s annoyed but for the most part, he tolerates me. He’s not bad looking himself!

            Btw, you want one just like him? He has a twin and is now single! LOL

          • …not that you need permission or anything 🙂

          • SB – no no noooo. Not old, you’re hot shit! I just mean I’m still unmarried and sometimes have a juvenlie sense of humour, LOL! I’m definitely a grownup’

          • Juvenile*
            iPhone fail

          • Jules, haha don’t worry, no offense taken! I’m totally messing with you.

            Oh and thanks for the compliment!

      • Zac who? has absolutely nothing on our beloved RPatz. he looks like a walking unfeeling statue in all his paparazzi shots and amidst screaming fans, no warmth or energy whatsover, unlike Rob..who just radiates charisma and genuine good vibes ESPECIALLY when he is amongst his fans (yeah, even the screaming psycho ones…)
        Gah. Nobody, nobody compares to Rob. ❤
        Also I've been looking, but I cant seem to find it anywhere, what is the title of the lovely song biel used in her fantastic video and who is the artist?
        I am simply mesmerized by the entire thing. ❤

  10. Girl, it will never grow old!
    He does look mighty, mighty fine in the photos but at the same time, he does mention that he was hungover while doing it.

    Tequila Tuesday is our little secret!

    so what that its now Saurday and the tequila is still flowing….

  11. That Biel, she’s gooooooood.

    I am not a fan of this Details shoot though, it doesn’t do things to me the way the Vanity Fair ones do.

    • Yeah I kinda thinks so too. There was no picture in the Vanity fair shoot I didn’t like but with the Detail’s shoot it was a bit different. All in all I just gotta say that the Details shoot did other thngs to me than the VF shoot… IfyouknowwhatImsayingandImsureyoudo

  12. This will never get old.
    I love the pics. The “I’m not interested” look kills me. Obviously, Rob was just trying to assure UC and Moon that he doesn’t love them just for their bodies.

  13. Biel’s videos rock!! Sorry guys he was with me the night before the details shoot. Guess I shouldn’t have let him get so wasted! Hee hee!
    Could he BE any sexier?! Yum:).

  14. our internet game is ridiculous, only because Rob is ridiculously H.O.T…..
    These Saturday Delight vids are so easy to make because Rob is Sex Walking….keep em’ comming (that’s what she said).

    On a seperate note, last night I couldn’t sleep. So I was flipping through the channels and I found Bridges Over Madison County…I havdn’t watched it in years…any who…the “photographer/lover”‘s name is ROBERT!
    Ummmmmm, yeah, while watching this movie I replaced Robert (Clint Eastwood) with Rob (our dream boy) and Francessca (Meryl Streep) with myself….I cried allllllll night. FML

    • Such a sad movie; loved it, but glad I didn’t see it, would be crying still.

      LOL at you replacing Clint with Rob though. Me thinks I’ll go and watch Out Of Africa and replace Robert(!!!) Redford with Rob. Ehm, well…I’ll try, although I kinda like Robert Redford in that movie. 😉

  15. teee heeee for once I’m not late to the party!!
    My dearest moon & uc, thank YOU so much for posting my viddie today.

    Surely you haven’t read my belated comment on your awesome “Robert Pattinson in Details and we play some Hardball!”, the whole thing (each and every single comment included) was EPIC!!!! so I eventually ask you to include a link to THAT post on THIS vid description. Because, yep, I was definitely late to that party, but you have no idea how much I laughed alone and seriously, I just can’t send more emails, pms and stuff recommending the reading!

    @robgirl86: …. “the wrong persons are nekkid” AMEN!! as for your “biel should work for Rob!!”… *ahem* I owe you a dozen brownies or something… I luv you HARD!

    @bleriana: I did understand your “I am kinda in Rob-overload-mode” when I read your Details post. You’ve totally outdone yourself trying to make sense when everyone seemed to have gone crazy (btw, I loved your site, great name, congrats hun!!)

    @tiffanized: if my vid is still hot, you definitely looks hotter on yesterday’s post! brilliant!

    *Lots of love to everyone*

    • Hey biel,
      I don’t think you were late to the party that day, sure that some of us went back to read your comment……and….I love all (!) your videos, I made an account on youtube some months ago ONLY FOR YOU….lol…..silly but I buyed lots of the music you’ve used for your videos!!!
      You have taste and class!!

      Cannot wait for the next 🙂

      • seriously?? oh my, pls send me a pm or something, I’m such a disaster! but since I do have very few subscriptions, I’d like to sub your channel and stay in touch with you on yt as well (I do have twitter account, but twitter is not my thing at all… for now!)

        PS: totally second your opinion about the white pants, they only look hot ON HIM! (and he does have legs for years…)

        • thx here is my mail

          • rg would you mind me adding you to my contactlist too?

          • *baci* 🙂

    • Thanks for the vid Biel! Beautiful, you are a true artist.

    • Biel your videos are the best. I look forward to each one of them. 🙂

      • Oh boy someone must not really like me today.

        • Ignore the haters SB. they’re just trying to be mean!
          And the people you like love you so don’t bother

    • You have no clue how much this made my day. Seriously! Hearing that from somebody who I look up too. (it sounds so cheesy, but it is like this)

      It was hard to keep my thoughts organized with all the different opinions but I managed somehow. I risked being hated but sometimes you just have to stand your ground. And apparantly we had the same thoughts. Yay!

      I hope that you loving my site gives me permission to have a lot more videos of you featured? [I will do it anyway but it’s kind to ask right? 😉 ]
      I mean TCS is the place to swoon and drool… And your videos make me do just that.

      Bisous and lots of love,

    • @Cath & southernbelle, no thank YOU for taking the time to watch it and even to comment. It means a lot… you have no idea how much it really means, considering the tons & tons of good vids we all can choose to watch

      @Bleriana, you have all the permission to post whatever you want, my pleasure and my honour, bb!! you got a new reader because I seriously love it!


      • Oh Biel, your videos fuel my fantasy so much!!! I watch your videos over and over and over and over again! Did I say over and over again? LOL

        You pick the best pictures of Robert and the best songs to go with it. I still remember, the first one I saw was “Miles Away”, I still love that one. Sigh. Thanks for making these videos! You’re so talented!

  16. Just got an email from a friend and said to check this out:

    scroll down and look for Mullsten’s pic…it’s funny.

    • That hair is a person on it’s own. And not really in good way…

    • am I wrong when I remember one post where PH called her… *ahem* something like “sour pussy”?? I mean, definitely he doesn’t like the mullsten at all!!

      • I like ks’ style for red carpets, she use to wear edgy fashion designers and imho she looks really pretty here (and her hair also looks so much better). PH has a huge weird fix against her and some times he goes a little too far with his rudeness (but to be honest, I don’t know too much about PH and maybe this is just his style with everyone)

    • It is growing out?

      But hey look, she smiled!!! That wasn’t so hard was it? So much better when she’s smiling, so pretty.

    • She can have my hair in exchange for her bf….sorry, no offense, it was stronger than me 🙂

      • What bf? In my happy place she doesn’t have a bf, not one named Rob, anyway.

        • Best Friend, Jules, Best Friend!!! 🙂

  17. It is funny. What’s going on with her hair?

  18. Biel OWNS. Hot shoot.

    Rob in white pants on a bathroom floor makes me wanna run to Target and buy some batteries. Oh snap!

  19. I just saw chris isaaks wicked game…
    Damn that video is sooo hot. And I have a girlcrush on that woman…

    Dear Rob,
    I want to reenact that video with you.
    I promise I’ll leave my panties on.

    ❤ B

    p.s. And I also saw Björks Love is everywhere.
    Another Björk song I fell in love with…

    • Helena Christensen, beautiful woman.

    • Awhile back LTR ladies were suggesting songs for Rob to perform. I would LOVE fro him to cover that tune. Biel could create a great vid with that material.

      • I never heard that song before. (I was waaay to young back then) and just today I did. The tune is so sexually loaded that I would love to …. Nevermind.

        And the Björk song. Sooo great! Even though the video confused me. Why robots?

        Anyhow I would love to see a Rob-video set to Chris Isaaks wicked game. I think I would see it on repeat. Together with my other (mostly) biel videos.

        • There’s already one out there:

          • Hey Cath,
            I know there are lots of videos to this song out there but unfortunately I haven’t found a good one yet.
            I don’t know why but this video just didn’t do it for me…

    • ok the Song from Björk was called “All is full of love”… Why did I write Love is everywhere?
      I am seriously confused this days. Blame it on Rob

  20. Dear Rob,

    When will you invite me to your den of sin?

  21. How creepy is this?
    my lil bro asked me to buy him a guitar. Finally I gave in and bought him one yesterday. Right now he is playing because “Rob does is too and girls love him for that”. [if only he knew…]
    I raised him good didn’t I?
    I wonder how long until he starts covering Rob’s songs…

    Guitar tunes all over my house and I could not bother less. He looks way too cute doing it. And his motives are even cuter…

    • Hey is this the same brother that you used to pick up from school and take home on a sled?

      My younger brother is an excellent guitar player. I also play guitar but now I feel he’s even better than me(I taught him)! He used to borrow my guitar all the time. I guess I thought him well too. I also taught him to paint and draw and now he’s a graphic artist, a very good one!

      Anyway, that is so sweet of you B to dote on your little brother! And good choice of instrument btw, tell him to learn to play Never Think.

      • Yep he is. I remember the times when I used to pick him up from school and now he’s grown up and playing guitar… *starts crying* sorry this is so emotional 😛
        No but really. Time passes by so quickly and I can only see that when I realize how fast my lil bro grows up.

        Your bro is lucky to have such a talented and likeable sister like you. Unfortunately I can’t teach him anything besides drooling over Rob (which I am admittedly really good at).

        I am so happy he chose that instrument because a guitar is the best!

        And I just can’t wait to buy my piano this summer. I am hooked since I heard a classmate play ‘Ballade of love’ one and a half years ago.

        In times like this I am happy I can’t deny him anything…

        • Awww, B, that’s really sweet. I’m glad you have a very good relationship with him. I’m fortunate to have a good relationship w/ my siblings too, we fight sometimes but we all get along so well for the most part.

          Speaking of Rob and brothers, do you know it’s easier for me to talk to my younger bro about Rob? My sister is such a hater and I can’t talk to her about Rob or Twilight! It’s weird that I’d rather talk to my bro, not that I do it all the time! But he’s very understanding(geez I made myself sound like I have a “problem”). lol

  22. Thumbs up for that B! Cute story!

    • ikr?
      It’s so cute and makes me so proud to see him play…. Especially with a motivation like that.

  23. I was listening to The XX the other day thinking “this would make great sexytimes background music”, leave to the genius that is Biel to add it to the Details shoot. Perfection!

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