Posted by: themoonisdown | February 18, 2010

Holidays: we remind Rob about Lent and offer some suggestions

Giving up shirts for Lent...

Dear Rob,

You know how we’ve explained holidays like Rosh Hoshana and Thanksgiving and July 4th and Hanukkah to you? Well, you probably know a little something about Lent seeing as you said you were Catholic at one point in time but I thought it would be fun to give a little explanation and then show you the list of things I came up with for you and us to give up for lent.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Rob

SOOOO in a nutshell Lent is the season or 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is called Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras which has been made popular by New Orleans and is pretty much the last day to get shit faced and act crazy before 40 days of remembrance. Then on Ash Wednesday most people trek to church to participate in some sort of service and be “crossed” with ashes on their forehead. We then trek back into the real world to scare the crap out of everyone with our freaky ashy black crosses on our foreheads.  And here’s a little fun fact those ashes usually come from the previous years palm branches used in Palm Sunday! If you’re hosting a personal Ash Wednesday service and don’t have palm branches you might think about sacrificing one of your ugly old sweaters for the cause. WHOOHOO, isn’t this fun?

Ok, so on Ash Wednesday people usually vow to abstain from something, fast or add something to their routine for 40 days. Usually most people give up stuff like caffeine, red meat, chocolate/sweets, you know everyone else’s version of hot pockets. So I was thinking of stuff you could give up or start doing for 40 days until Easter…

01. 40 days without reading really brainy, weird literature like Independent People… do you think you could do it? I’ll even give you a stack of US Weeklys and the Twilight Saga to get you through. And you never know you may come out a Joan Collins fan after all this. HOLLA!

Getting a head start, I see!

02. Instead of giving up something how about you add buying a NEW shirt for your wardrobe every week! Crazy, I know but think about it… everytime you buy a new shirt you’ll be celebrating the Lenten season!

03. Write and record a song EVERY DAY of Lent and then release them all to the interwebs!

04. Abstain from reading Rob/Edward fan fiction in your off time. Devote this time instead to WRITING your own fan fiction called “It’s been a Rob day’s night”

05. Give up touching your hair! Is this even possible?

While you’re busing writing and recording music I’ve vowed to get up earlier for the next 40 days. Can we do it? We shall see…

Happy Lent!

So what else should Rob give up, or add to his life for next 40 days? More Tom Stu? Less mullet?

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  1. Time to celebrate again?!
    I think my head can’t take that anymore…
    I’m terrible today but it was so worth it!
    Did anything significant happen yesterday?

    • Yes….read MP’s post from yesterday it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in bloody ages!

      she is a bloody star!

      You’ll be laughting for days, i still was this morning when I got into work and logged onto LTR and read all the ones that followed her post.

      • What were we even talking about yesterday? I kinda forgot…

      • what??? was it that bad???? 🙂

        • MP- that was a legendary confession on your part- we’ll remind you of it at every opportunity.

          And I wish you success on your next attempt.

          • and i wish you girls were with me for the next attempt.

        • absolutly not, it was bloody brilliant.

          I ❤ U. You made me laugh yesterday (with you, not at you) when I was feeling miserable.

          • i’ll never say this enough I<3 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I’m really dead today. Just happy I don’t have to go to work…
          And I promise that I stoped after 5 wodka-redbulls… promise!

        • I wrote you a letter about it later in the comments. Decide yourself if I found it good or bad. (Hint: I found it awesome!)

        • Loved that!

        • Hotel MP. Loved it! Classic!

      • I didn’t see it yesterday, so I went back and read it.
        Best. Story. Ever.
        Completely brilliant!

        • why does this remind me of Rob’s best story ever?
          p.s. his was awful. MP’s is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!

          • Haha!
            His was so dumb, but watching him tell it was hilarious!
            Minuit’s definitely wins though. Hands down.

        • no need for blush make-up, am all rosey rose after the crazy comments. and i do think you are all more nuts than i am.

  2. Give up touching his hair? No, Rob, don’t do it!

    I say he gives up KStew for 40 days and try someone new (me). I guarantee he won’t go back!

    • I’m all for that too!

      • That is the best idea I have heard yet… KStew for 40 days!!!

        • Thumbs up for saying this, knowing that at some point today you’ll be thumbs-downed 🙂

    • That sounds like an excellent plan!

    • Do you think Kstew will be here for the BAFTAs on Sunday? She’s been nominated….do you think RP will attend with her? Do you think she is already here and holed up with him…dam that girl!

      All questions I have been asking myself today……yes I’m a very sad person.

      • nooooooooo, this is plain normal.
        and he can’t attend with her, he’ll show up hand in hand with TomStu. can’t do both in public.

        • we can but hope, but I’m thinking he’s holed up in the Dorchester with her……..I think I hate her right now! Oh Dear feel the need to google Kstew just to find out where/what she’s doing so I can put my mind at rest……sad, sad, sad…..and it’s not like I’m ultra busy at work or anything!!!!!!

        • Team TomStu all the way. And she’s def. not there with him yet, she attends some screening of The Yellow Handkerchief (movie) today.
          So rest assure. (And I feel totally sad for knowing above info…)

      • I saw pictures of her yesterday meeting with Sean Penn in LA.
        Which means that Rob isn’t holed up in the Dorchester with her right now 🙂
        Or, he wasn’t as of yesterday, anyway.

        • Good…but BAFTAs not till 21st. she’s got plenty of time to get over here and hole up with RP….:(

          Is it really sad that I’m suddenly hoping she doesn’t….. Never really given her a second thought until I saw the advert for the BAFTAs and then suddenly I don’t want her anywhere near him…

          I’m routing for MP now, she deserves RP more than Kstew….

          • that should have read rooting….not routing…..sorry!

          • If KStew changed her attitude a bit, she might not irritate me as much. Then she could be with him and I might be on board with it.

            Buuut after reading her story, I’m rooting for MP too!

          • girls
            never seen that much altruism since Mother Theresa and I heart you, you can’t imagine. But i have to repeat my concern of someone having dealt some drugs here while I was gone. Also I have a feeling that with all that sharing and caring this thing will end up in big groupsex.
            on the other hand this BAFTA story isn’t so funny. isn’t KStew supposed to work? and if she is, Mine! now is the time to think of all the people you once met and who could get you at the BAFTA’s. Don’t you have friends who work for Orange or smth?

      • LO Luv @mine for beign such normal. don’t feel sad and let us know if there becomes a change at kstew’s schedule
        i’m rooting for MP too she deserved it after yesterday’s post plus i belive she would let us to play too

      • Just read that Rob and cast of BA will be presenting award at BAFTAs

    • YES! No Stew. Not even a text message. It’ll be like going to detox, Rob, you’ll thank us later.

  3. Rob,

    You should donote you clothes (to us so we can pillows out of them and sleep with you every night)

    wow, was that a normal thought?!? I’m not even sure anymore where the line of normal and crazy is!!!

    • I’d looooooooooove to have a pillow that smells like Rob.
      But I’d love to have Rob as my pillow soooo much more….

      • oh yeah!!!

    • There’s a line between normal and crazy??

      • Katie, once you cross over the line into crazy it’s not so bad.

      • In LTR world there isn’t cause you know what? EVERYTHING IS NORMAL HERE!

    • I want one of those Misty~!

      Oh hey Rob, this sounds like a good business plan for you! Do it! They will sell like pancakes!

      • Ha, isn’t that supposed to be ‘they’ll sell like hotcakes’? or is it different in the South?

        • Gee I never thought of that! Tupelo, help me out here!!!!

          Where are all the southern girls?

          • its cute, SB, no worries.

          • Ok drsaka, I consulted with another southern and I guess it’s pancake. LOL

          • okay! regional differences then! Did you know that milkshakes are called cabinets in Rhode Island (a coffee milkshake) and water fountains are called bubblers in Massachusetts?

          • Hey SB. Sorry had a busy day, just got here.

            Here in Memphis the expression is “Sell like hotcakes”. But pancakes, hotcakes, same thing.

          • drsaka, I didn’t know that!

            Well did you know Coke is everything? Like every soda is a Coke. LOL

          • unless its pop!

            Here’s another odd factoid- I’ve a friend who works in vaccine development for endemic diseases. If its an oral vaccine, the most popular worldwide favoring for the carrier is… cola.

            Rob- are you lurking? I know all sorts of stuff like this.

            Call me.

          • gah- should be ‘flavoring’

          • SB, you’re definitely right about every soda being called Coke. Folks around will ask “Hey, what kind of Coke do you want?” The answer could be Sprite, Dr. Pepper, anything. It’s all Coke. lol.

          • Oh, pop is also Coke….LOL. Anyway, just like what tupelo said.

            Drsaka, cola? That’s interesting. Hopefully it won’t have high fructose corn syrup!

        • I definitely thought it was hotcakes too. That’s what the saying is in Canada.
          I’ve never heard pancakes used. Whatever works though!

  4. It’s been a Rob day’s night”
    Moon- thank you for The Beatles ref!

  5. Rob should also give up looking f*@ckhawt so I can get some work done!

    • NO, TOO- that’s going waaaay to far. Can’t have that.

      • sorry, not awake yet, toooldforthis, not TOO- sorry.

        • Hahaha! That happens all the time. UC and Moon gave me credit on Twitter once for a letter The Old One wrote!

          • As long as it was a good letter! I’ll try to wake up properly now,

          • It was a good letter! They did correct themselves, so I didn’t have to feel bad 🙂

    • YES PLEASE>>>>> and my house cleaned and be able to have other conversations than Rob, and not check LTR every three minutes and and and

      • Yes, I have that problem myself.

        Clean the toilets or check LTR, hmm…….

  6. 05. Give up touching your hair! Is this even possible?

    I don’t think its possible, but how about…
    he gives up touching his hair and I give up NOT touching his hair?!

    That’s right I’ll do it for him!!!! Its good to be selfless during Lent.

    • Great one drsaka! And giving up, sorry Rob, I know it’s hard…But here it comes, the obvious one: smoking baby. Just for 40 days. Only chocolate ciggies if that helps you. And you can keep the Hot Pockets. Just this: don’t put on too many pounds in the meantime…

      (Or we do it reverse psychology style. So Rob baby, smoke ’em up! Be like Lost’s smokemonster. Ten packs a day. I dare you.)

      • I got as far as Rob and the mention of chocolate…yummmmmm!
        Thanks for the Lost ref.

      • Haha chocolate Ciggies might be more addicting than the nicotine ones!!!

        I know if I had chocolate ciggies, man I’m gonna not ever stop!

    • “how about…
      he gives up touching his hair and I give up NOT touching his hair?! ”

      Love it!!

  7. To all of my girls who want to know about Independence day. Go and see it at TCS.

  8. 03. Write and record a song EVERY DAY of Lent and then release them all to the interwebs!

    This would probably be the death of me.

    Dear Rob,
    Since we’re such loving people, we even made it easy and gave you some song suggestions the other day. Get to it!

  9. How about things Rob shouldn’t give up? Things we can’t do without?

    Rob shouldn’t give up ‘being big in Japan’
    – For MP and Jules.

    • Haha daily doses mission accomplished.
      and for you not at all, of course.
      I don’t mind if he releases the London or Paris version either. The concept should be declined in every city.

      • That’s right- a new project! A pic of Rob being big in every city! It would make a great coffee table (porn) book!

        • that pic gives you so many ideas, right? so inspiring

      • I love Rob big in japan…..*sigh* it’s one of my fav pictures and I thank whoever posted it on LTR from the bottom of my heart 🙂 I’m quite sure that I would also love Rob big in London, Paris, Rome, Madrid….you get the picture.

        • i try to remember how could i miss the big in japan pics?

          • Can anyone find the link? Damn, I should have saved it.

          • Found it! I saved it for future reference and contemplation.

            As Jules said: Zoom, baby, zoom!

            Che- some say its a manip, but some choose to believe.

          • *gasps*
            Drsaka, you said the M word. Such blasphemy!

          • others said it first! I choose to believe!

    • Haha! Drsaka! Thanks for daily dose.
      Yes, Min, various versions can’t hurt (twss).

    • Uhm, things he shouldn’t give up…? How about things he should shouldn’t give up which he hasn’t even tried. Like, ehm, making out with me?
      Yeah, don’t give up that one. Resist and come on over! I, ehm, you won’t be sorry…;-)

  10. How about Rob gives up eating hot pockets for 40 days and building hot pocket forts and see New Moon and twilight for 40 days. I will give up bathing for forty days. My wife will kill me if I do.

    • hhahahahahah. Give up eating hot pockets. Completely forgot about that!

    • Or your wife will say, “Oh, bobbygee (because I’m sure she calls you that)! You smell like ROB! I can’t get enough of you!”


  11. Dear MP,

    please tell me what exactly you wrote in that letter. I am damn curious about it!
    And thanks for making me feel not so guilty because at some point I considered doing the same. The only thing that kept me away was… I don’t even know.
    You are my idol now. Can I be you when I grow up?


    • i think I should just go hide under a rock until the whole thing will be forgotten. or, just like summit, release under another identity another story.

      • No! Don’t you dare and do that!
        We can make a letters week. Everyone writes a letter everyday. Or send it to me and I’ll publish it… 😛
        But I tell you: If Rob comes back and says he’s fallen in love with the girl who wrote that letter you will wish that you hadn’t published it under a whole different identity….

      • ummm- ‘forgotten’- not likely. We have memories like elephants here.

        You know I can’t resist teasing you and can’t resist the elephant reference either. But please don’t hide under a rock either, Rob won’t be able to find you then.

        • Memories like elephants…I’m just ROFL-ing here!!! Hahaha!
          Good one!

          And no MP, don’t lose YOURSELF, I know you’re good in that, but don’t do it. For the next 40 days you’re not allowed to, haha!

          • well, i’m already lost you know since this Rob. but i’m hanging on to my addiction, which is you guys.

          • Love your inner addict MP. 😉

        • draska how about givin up this whole elephant reference thing?
          i bet u can’t 🙂

          • No better yet, let’s do an elephant/Karla day on LTR. Good chance Rob would come out of Lurkerville. 😉

          • maybe we should wait till the movie comes out or first stills. i really wanna see her,i bet she’s hot.i wonder what kind of scenes they may have?
            now i’m jealous,damn it Karla 🙂

          • can’t give it up, not even for Lent. Its too funny and remember, Rob himself introduced the topic!

          • And Cath, don’t leave out Bobo the small Irish elephant, he’ll be 😦 if you do.

          • Who’d forget BOBO??? :LOL:

      • Oooooo, NOOOOOOOOOOOO……. come over to London and do it again, but this time give him the bloody letter! 🙂 and when he falls for your amazing wit and charm (and obvious good looks), you can then invite us all round to meet him.

        • Rob who? In the meantime, I might just fall for you! And he can join (if you don’t mind). 🙂 And letter or not, I do intend to come to London.

      • Min, that story is legendary, it’ll never go away.
        I heart you for that.

        • Same for your glorious discovery of Rob in Japan. and i’m not the only one to ❤ u for that.

      • Hi….ol’minuit!!!! hahahaha…. 🙂

        • haha…not. Ol’minuit is 20 smth but that doesn’t mean she appreciates age jokes.

          • stop (s)talking and COME with ME to LONDON! damn!<3

          • that’s what i’ve been telling you the last months!!!

      • Taking that letter took some ballz!!! You gotta em huge! That kind of courage, craftiness and confidence is amazing! Rob once stated in an interview that he liked strong people. Me thinks he would like you LOTS!!

        • If I were a few years younger and a few pounds lighter I would move to London and stalk his ass like a blood hound. At this point in life I have no time for shame or embarrassment. Close friend of mine passed away last night. She was 33. Life is too F**cking short!!

          • I’m so sorry about your friend, Snapped.

          • My deepest condolences to you Snapped. So sorry to hear that!

            And yeah, life’s too short. But be a little gentle with the Rob, if you’d stalked his ass like a blood hound I’m afraid he’d run in front of a cab or something and we don’t want that to happen.

          • Thanks Lion. She was one of the good ones. Having LTR helps me realize that there are so many amazing young women all over the globe. Each one of you has a very unique personality and wit. So with that being said, ladies if you ever see Rob up close and personal, take one hand and grab him by his manhood and use the other hand to grab a hank of dirty hair and kiss him like you have always dreamed of doing. That memory will last a life time and the embarrassment only a short time, and maybe a little jail time but I am sure it would be worth it!!

          • Cath, I have seen him run. I’m quite sure I could catch him before he got in front of a car. But I get your point, safety first!

          • snapped, so sorry about your loss…and you’re right is short and your advice is wise!

          • sorry for your lost snapped 😦
            u seems such a wise and generous person with lots of sence humor
            -good ones,british ones-
            your advice is awsome for us but i guess freaking for Rob
            hope to get that chance to all of us

          • I’m so sorry to hear that Snapped. Please accept my condolences. I just lost a dear friend late last yr, she was 34 yrs old. It’s very hard and I’m still not over her sudden death.

            Big hugs to you sweetie.

          • That’s tough, snapped. Always really difficult to lose someone.

          • really sorry to hear that.


          • So sorry for your loss honey. It’s very hard to loose somebody, especially when it’s a beloved.

            Life really is too freakin’ short… 😦

          • snapped, I’m sorry for your friend. And you’re so right, time flies and life is fucking short.
            hugs to you

          • Very sorry to hear about your loss snapped, hope you accept my condolences.x.

        • Not sure if i’m in the bold or nuts category. but i ❤ u.
          Also think you all misunderstood. My plan was just to have someone give him the letter, I would have never given it to him or Nick. Everybody can enter a hotel, even with the barriers and the twihards, the security doesn’t have to know why you’re really there. It’s a hotel. The potential embarrassment with the TV being there is smth else, but it’s not what they came to film so…

      • MP I will tease you forever. LOL

        • haha looks like somebody is pretty sure of the confidentiality of her drunk karaoke video. 🙂

          • Oh hahah, hey I’m still trying to make sure that doesn’t get on youtube and FB!!!! See, the ones I got are for blackmailing and apparently, my sister and friends all think like me!

      • Look here, minuit. SOMEONE on LTR has to not only meet Rob for 5 seconds, but sit with him in a bar or restaurant or hotel lobby and have a convo, at the very least. And I vote YOU as the best candidate. Then you can describe your experience in GREAT DETAIL so we can all be second-hand embarassed and jealous, as the voyeurs we are. YOU MUST!

        • TOO- she’s maybe our best bet for vicarious Rob interactions -ubercool Parisian chick- how could he resist?

          • Yes!

          • draska, i have so many questions for you
            1 what drugs are you taking?
            2 why am I always LMAO when you’re uber making fun of me?
            3 palease don’t try to change things, since we already decided it was you who will first jump on HHH as soon as we see him in a dingy bar?

          • #1- I’m ingesting/taking in no illicit substances.
            #2- because I’m hilarious deep down especially when I have a good subject
            #3- When did we decide #3??? I wasn’t there for that discussion!!!

          • when you were “uber failing” at being uber cool around Rob 🙂

          • sorry, MP- I’ve no memory of that agreement. I don’t know if the LTR blog constitutes a binding legal agreement, so better luck next time!

            PS- I just got your email that you sent early this morning Paris time- odd!

          • draska i’m watching the half-pipe and the Am. wear plaids. haven’t noticed it yesterday.

          • I made fun of that below- it was a great competition though.

          • well, then let’s say i sent u the mail last week 🙂 no it was about 3 PM Paris time so early in the morning for you, at the time we were talking about it.

          • Okay- time warp-

        • TOO you are hilarious. If I ever kick myself in the ass and go talk to him, i’ll be probably so drunk i won’t remember anything the next day. And it would be for my own good. UNless The Sun reminds me of it, on the Dumpster Stories page. But I dare you all, the lucky people living on the same continent with HHH the whole year to do the same.

          • In the olden days, you would send in someone with a “wire” which was a tape recorder strapped to their stomach. I’m sure there’s a more modern method now involving cell phones or something, but surely with all the talent on LTR we can a) come up with a recording device so we can hear the conversation later even if you’re completely drunk, b) take donations to purchase appropriate attire to lure HHH in your direction (although a nice Parisienne like you probably owns just the thing already), c) eau de Hot Pocket perfume, d) Advil for the next morning. Minuit, you’ve got to take one for the team!

          • excellent plan and thanks for correcting Parisienne for me: can you tell I took several years of French??

          • Parisian chick works too!

          • I think “there’s a lil’ bit coming out of my pants”, that hilarious this is. I have everything including the HotPockets found on a rare expedition to the supermarket. Now I just have to take it to Guerlain, they create unique perfumes on demand. And trust I am so willing to take one for the team, but I think Mine! would be better since she’s practically sleeping with Rob (in the same city that is).

          • TOO in the light of ML’s comment below, I wonder what exactely you meant by attire (harness???) and weather the taping would be of the most compromising paris hilton copyrighted type? cause i know you’re a perv… 🙂

  12. Moon,

    I love “Rob get educated about religion/American holidays days”. I learn things too!!

    Personally, I wish he would give up cigs, but won’t be happening anytime soon. Besides, he looks too damn sexy smoking…

    I’ll settle for, “Abstain from reading Rob/Edward fan fiction in your off time. Devote this time instead to WRITING your own fan fiction called “It’s been a Rob day’s night”.” LOL

    Hey, I listened to the Pod cast yesterday, and thought you and the boys were great!!!


  13. Dear Rob,

    For Lent could you hop over to this side of the pond with the BritPack and show us how to have a good time…you know, for educational purposes.


  14. Rob should give up teasing me with f*cking hot outtakes, after seeing that pic was my only reaction to smoke some extra ciggies producing some extra ashes……….damn DUDE!!!

    • which one are you talking about?

      • Rob with a half-nekkid-girl on his chest, being straddled!!! Look at it and you’ll forget any religion!!!

        • oh post the link I want to see,

          forgive me Father for I have sinned!


          • Isn’t it HOT ????….omg….and all this with a hungover!!!!

          • Okay, Robgirl gets the best Freudian Slip prize today on LTR- ‘and all this with a hungover’.

          • Why are you wasted?

          • Accidental dwnthumbs Robgirl… Fail at I phones and it’s totes HOT!
            Le sigh.

        • “SHE” is sitting on MY hips!!! 🙂

          Gotta call Drsaka now!!!!

          • That’s true. Must get rid of her, now!!!!

        • I had a hard time falling asleep last night after seeing that Rob was being straddled by someone else….


          • than Kstew???…………ouch ouch ouch…..I hurt myself now, but thinking of it better….It’s not sooo bad ……that girl..I mean!!!

          • RG, I meant other than me. Dream on right? lol

          • Am I the only one that thinks he needs to give up ALL communication/visits with Kstew for 40dys??? And that HE should read LTR for 40 days!!!

          • OMG, I just saw that one. Rob must’ve been lying there panicking when his ‘allergy’ would kick in! Poor baby. Although this was good practise for Bel Ami, this is like nothing compared to that…

            Rob straddler; the best job in the world. Rob+straddling=Robbling.

            I want to Robble. (I so had that hairstyle/color in 2008. Can pretend now that’s me. Well, sort of. ;-))

          • add ‘robbling’ to the pleasure of being robbed

          • Thanks, feel totally honored now!

        • I already saw it but I kinda forgot…
          I even translated it into albanian for today’s post and I gotta say: Can I straddle you Rob?

  15. How about 40 days of making some sort appearence somewhere?

    How about 40 days of dates with random fans?

    How about 40 days of NO beer?

  16. Slightly off topic- did anyone see the half pipe snowboarding last night at the Olympics? The US men’s jackets were….plaid!

    Of course then I started thinking about Rob. Everything relates back to Rob in my mind now. Great, def insane now.

    I also got images of Rob trying to snowboard in this event, and they weren’t pretty (he was, but not the crash he could have gotten into).

    • Yes I saw them! I thought of the same thing! LOL

      Funny how mundane things of life take on new meaning when it comes to Rob.

      Oh Rob, see how much we love you!?

    • LOL, with you on that, relating everything to Rob…Oh my…I know.
      And Rob snowboarding, that has disaster written all over it. And broken bones…
      He’d like the après-ski though. But I’m not sure he’d make it that far, he’d be whisked away by an ambulance before that…

      • I pictured those long wonky limbs flailing about as he flew through the air

    • LOL draska for the crash thought
      and it’s really normal to relate so many things to Rob.i do that a lot.when i see a man with plaid shirt i think oh c’mon it’s not u,it’s Rob’s style and plaid shirts look good just on him don’t try it again be original.yes i blame them.
      plus some other day saw a licence plate on someones car was HHH and thought WTF? only Rob can have that

    • Haha completely made me think of Rob, this why I need LTR!! Nothing could make me give up this quality banter! ❤

  17. Maybe he should give up vagina, what with his allergy and all… I know that means less KStew, but I’m just looking out for the boy’s health.

    • That is so thoughtful of you!

  18. Dear Rob,

    As a woman who attended Catholic School for most of her life, I know a little something about Lent. Since I’m still a good little Catholic school girl (not really, but I still have the uniform), I’d be willing to sacrifice a bit for you. Meet me behind the dumpster of your choice for 40 nights. I’m trying to be GIVING here. No need to thank me. Just enjoy.

    Forever yours (and Normal),

    p.s. – I will refrain from my RISING from the dead for Easter “that’s what she said”s…. for now.

    • you had him at ‘Catholic school girl uniform’

    • you had me at 40 nights!

      • It’s be exhausting, but I’m willing to abstain from real work and other “reality” moments.

    • Katie please wear your Catholic school uniform when you meet Rob behind the dumpster!

      I don’t know what it is about school uniforms but apparently some men find it hot, I’m speaking from experience here. So trust me, wear it.

      • Why do you think I kept it all these years??

        • Good girl! Btw I have kept mine.

          And I just realized mine are plaid(skirt). It’s like dark red and dark green plaid. LOL.

          • Mine too! One is dark green and black and the other is grey plaid. SB, we win!

      • Most deff! Anything besides black control top pantyhose!! WTF!! Shoulda gone with stockings, garter belt and lacy panties. Maybe Rob would have looked a little bit more interested.

        • Yeah anything more Victoria secrety. 🙂

          • Maybe plaid tights with a hole or two in them. That would have deff gotten his attention.

        • Yeah def.
          Plaid would have gotten him for sure!

      • SB and Katie S-awesome past preparation for your future meetings with Rob- you just knew that he’d be along at some point. And a PLAID Catholic school girls’ skirt, well, how could it get any better?

        • I feel seriously -here it comes- Robbed here…
          I was a Catholic school girl as well, but never got to wear any uniform.
          We don’t do uniforms over here. And now I’ve got a problem.
          I do have a plaid mini. Haven’t worn that for years, but it was an absolute favorite of mine, and you’re all totally right. Men like little plaid skirts. They all do. It’s a mystery.

          • no mystery- they’re all pervs (and so are we).

          • PS- that’s sort of a secondary meaning of ‘robbed’. The primary meaning is all pleasure.

            Hmmm, I never got around to making that lexicon of Robfanspeak. I’ll reconsider it, just to avoid confusions!

          • Great idea!

        • Yes btw the plaid skirt is short. 🙂 Katie was yours short too? What did the nuns say?

          One of these days Katie, we might have to re-enact “Hit me Baby One more time” by Brittney Spears. Make sure you have those kneehighs and a fluffy ponytail and be nibbling on a pencil!!!!

          • LOL! Yes, I always got in trouble for my skirt being too short. My mantra was, “It’s not hemmed, Sister! I swear I bought it this way!” Catholic school girls are the naughtiest!

            We can totally remake the video. Maybe… “Hit me Robward, one more time!”

          • “Hit me Robward One More Time” LMAO!

            I love it!!!!

            I agree, Catholic girls are very naughty, I’m one of them.

  19. “We then trek back into the real world to scare the crap out of everyone with our freaky ashy black crosses on our foreheads.”

    LOL, that’s so funny. I know what you mean, yeah I think I may have scared a boyfriend or two.

    Btw. Rob, love that pic of you being straddled. How I wish that was me on top of you. I need forgiveness, I’ve had a bazillion impure thoughts about you.

    PS, my husband also loves that pic of you being straddled. Mostly because of the naked girl.

    • SB…SB!!! Why does your hubby knows about that pic???
      hahahaha…. One for you….and one for me…..great funny disco song!

      • RG, well you know I shared the picture with him, just like how he saw those pics from Details. He looked at them for a very, very, very long time, including the outakes.

        Yeah I know, he’s a total man….that’s how I like it. I don’t mind at all.

        • your hubby is like me…I looked at the pics a very very very long time as well! 🙂

          • ‘I looked at the pics a very very very long time’ for your HIP study.

        • Isn’t’ it nice to share something Rob-related though?? haha

          • Most definitely. LOL.

            It’s kind of how I justify my robsession. Not that I have to be justified. Ha!

  20. the first pic yes Rob absolutely should give up that
    i know lenten season from the movie 40 days &40 nights
    so that kind of sacrifice means give up kstew
    but seriously ROB give up smoking just for 40 days pls

    • che! my twin! the first pic..I posted the same! ❤

      • yes girl this scene looks just awsome. i know he will be in some shirtles scenes at RM and can’t wait
        opps spoiler..might anyone botthered by that? i mean maybe some one would luv to see that as a surprise..ohhhh :-O rob shritless .i just said that to save lifes for possible hearth attacks causes

  21. The pathetic thing is I should give up Rob for 40 days but I can’t! I can’t even give up LTR for more then a couple of days. Has the Rob rehab opened yet? I wonder how many steps to recovery there are.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that I should be giving up Rob, LTR, and all-around robsessing for 40 days. Is that going to happen? NO. I’m an unrepentant sinner, and I’m going to Hell. That’s on your conscience, Rob, ’cause you’re the devil in plaid.

      • Has there ever been a devil in plaid before? Did you just invent a new character?

        • Rob has sold his sold to the devil for eternal messy hair and the right to wear plaid till the end of days…

          • His sold??? I mean his SOUL ofcourse…hahaha…

        • The devil usually wears a red dress or a blue dress, I think, but I don’t see Rob doing that, but plaid, yes. I can hear the song: “Devil with a plaid shirt on!” Yeah, baby.

          • Its official now- Rob’s our devil in plaid, here to tempt us.

          • I’m his victim fo sho, as the name implys I’m beyond redemption.

          • Goodgirlgoneplaid is especially tempted by the devil in plaid!

      • I’m an unrepentant sinner, and I’m going to Hell. That’s on your conscience, Rob, ’cause you’re the devil in plaid.

  22. MP~
    We will patiently wait while you reveal the contents of your letter.

    Unlike what Snapped said above, I do have time for embarrassment and shame (of my own) and that of others.


    • Lion

      I did not make that statement to be mean spirited and if I offended anyone I do apologize. It’s just that there are so many times in life we don’t step out of our comfort zone because we are afraid of being embarrassed and we miss opportunities. I think what MP did was amazing. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Again, my apologizes.

      • Dear Snapped,

        You are so kind. No apologies needed. I took no offense at all.

        It’s so hard to convey feelings through these posts….I love what MP did and I loved what you said and admired it. I really did.

        Glad you are here!!!

        hugs & kisses,

  23. Dear Rob,

    YOu may want to consider going to confession during lent, remember confession where you tell a priest your sins?

    Here, I’ll help you get started:

    Rob: Bless me Father, for I may have sinned a bit.

    Priest: Go on

    Rob: In a recent interview I said I hated vaginas, said f*ck, described my desire to conduct said interview in S&M related apparel, posed with nude women, stroked nude women’s bodies (even though I was bored and hungover), was straddled by topless/LEGGS-wearing woman, described my gluttunous habits.

    Priest: ______________flatline___________

    • hahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!! GREAT , just great! and…I can say today…LION…you showed me that I’ve somthing in common with a priest listening to HIS VOICE!!!

      I ❤ you !

      • Yeah, I _________________flatline_____________, too listening to him.


        • seeing him straddled


    • Father, wait! There’s more. Women say I can impregnate them with a glance! I need help.

      • The Rob confessional- good one ML!

        Father, apparently there are many, many women (and a few men) the whole over who obsess about me, fantasize and lust after me, and write really smutty fanfic about me and a character I play. Am I guilty of a sin? What could I do to be less alluring?

        Reply: Rob, you’re just as the creator made you, just accept it.

        • gah- that was supposed to be ‘the whole world over’

        • You’re just as the creator made you, accept it.

          That one was the best answer to a confession I have eva heard!!

          Ily drsaka

  24. The first pic of Rob….is the epitome of sinful thinking for me……………oh my….and he is not even nekkid!!!

    • So much about taking a nap,

      • is sleeping with one eye open…lol

        • You are so busted, robgirl.

        • Bahahaha, yah what are you SpongeBob? LOL

          JK u know I ❤ you. I don't want u to be too tired for Rob! Btw I still want him, pffft.

  25. Girls I am still a bit tipsy today? Would anyone mind telling me about the whole ‘Big in Japan’ deal?

    Am I right that this is gonna be smth kinky? (Please say yes)

    I will never drink again. Promise…

    • I also feel the NEED to know…

      • “Big in Japan” is related to a photo of Rob at the airport where he looks “big all over.” Some say this photo is a manip…some not. Write me and I’ll send you the stuff.

        I have the photo and I’m on the forum…please look me up there, email me and I’ll write you back.


        • I’ll contact you on the forum ml…
          see ya

      • oh why not, same post again 🙂

        As Jules said: Zoom, baby, zoom!

        some say its a manip, but some choose to believe.

        • I’m going crazy over that picture. One pair of pants, one rob and soooo many possibilities…
          (I can hear Lykke Lee singing in the background now)

        • p.s. Can you see Stephs big big smile?
          And that girl on the very left is pretty! I wish I was her (not only for the reason she is pretty but because she is near Rob)
          And I just had to find out my bro actually owns the same pair of nike shoes as rob… Should I be afraid?

        • Rob’s looking all kinds of pleased with himself in that pic. Wonder why…Hahaha…

        • drsaka….love your …some thinks this and some thinks that ….twice today…..sounds like some pics need a peaceful “comment” to handle them 🙂

  26. “It’s been a Rob day’s night” <– I just have to say that this made my day.

  27. Rob should give up staying out of the public eye. Come on…for 40 days? Thats not hard…

    Just saying…

  28. He will come out of hiding this Sunday!!! Presenting an award at the BAFTA’s. Just read it.

    Can’t wait, Rob in a tux again!!!

    • oooo- best news today!!!! We usually get it a day or two late on BBC America, but I’m sure our friends at Robsessed will take care of us!

      • Defintely drsaka, and also YouTube. Am sure I’d be on that faster than you can count 123.

        • BBC America 8PM EST!

    • Yeah right?

      So many thoughts:
      Will he wear a tux?
      Will he wear underpants? If yes will he wear the one’s he recently bought or just some random one’s he finds in TomStu’s flat?
      Will he hit the red carpet with the BritPack or KStew?
      and sooo many others I can’t write down cause that would be the size of all comments summed up… and I am talking way to much anyway…

      Here goes another Sunday night without any sleep, only because of him…

    • Did you also read the part where Ktew is suppose to be there???

      • Yes she’s supposed to be there too.
        I even saw where she’s sitting but I have a memory like a goldfish srsly…

        • Next to Clive Owen. Lucky girl.

  29. I wish Rob would abstain from being in my dreams for 40 nights.

    I wish he’s get out of my dreams… and into my car.

    • now that’s going deep- a Billy Ocean ref!

  30. Dear MP (macaroon),
    Just wondering

    who is Nick? (I just read your “famous” post from yesterday)

    next time I’m in Europe you are coming with me to Dick’s house. no choice.

    With Love,
    crossiant lover

    • Rob’s manager 🙂

      • Rob! 🙂

    • haha i only do hotels, but I will bring the croissants. and then take you to the pub.


    The EclipseTrailer will play with REMEMBER ME in theatres on March 12!!!

    Anyone excited yet??

    • New Detail outtakes!!!!!!!!

      • NOOOO…cannot be that!!!
        Rob what are you doing to me?
        the black/white one…
        that’s an invitation to do 1 million naughty things to him and NOW I’ll go to HELL!!!

        Rob, I’m allergic to YOU, the posture, your legs, your hips, your everything!!!

        • RG, totally allergic. Me too!

        • I will join you in HELL, Robgirl. I want to be with my friends.

          • thanks honi…you’re my only consolation right now….
            WTF is that SHOOT? Highway to Rob?

          • Good, an AC/DC reference! That pic with him leaning back on the table……………..

        • Yeah I had just the same thoughts. Detail photoshoot will be the death of me, my innocence and my brain…

          To quote Rob: “I will ruin you.”
          You already did honey… you already did. And the worst part? I don’t even mind….

  32. For Lent, I vow to spend less time perusing Twilight blogs and more time doing actual productive work.

    *cricket chirps*

    Who am I kidding. I haven’t even been baptized.

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