Posted by: Bekah | February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day Rob! We have a winner…

Dear Rob,

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this great day of love, we’re announcing the winners for our Valentine’s Day contest! Just take all these conversation hearts as valentine’s messages from all of us here at LTR!

First Place Winner

Goes to……… JodieO!!!!

BellaBejeweled NecklaceWe chose JodieO because of her brilliant use of the homonym “Stew” and “Stu” (don’t kill me English teachers- I know that’s not exactly right, but instead be proud that I, with the help of Moon, whipped out the word “homonym” for the first time since 7th grade)

JodieO win this GORGEOUS necklace courtesy of BellaBejeweled that is made from sterling silver and features a Swarovski pearl. Jodie- you get to choose what color pearl you want! Lucky!


2nd Place winner:

Goes to……Luludee!!!!

BiteMeEdwardWe chose Luludee because her heart is: Romantic, Rob-centric, Mentions a type of vodka- WIN ALL AROUND!

Luludee wins a Bite Me Edward notepad where she can spend HOURS upon HOURS of her day doodling new ideas for conversation hearts about Rob!

CONGRATS GIRLS! Email us with your addresses and we’ll get your prizes to you asap!

Follow the jump for special runner’s up!

Best entry that that would make Rob’s parents blush

made by Sarita

Best entry from the UK tourism board

made by SnowWhiteDrifted

Best entry referencing a crazy Rob fan letter
Best whipping out of a rando 1 time phrase mentioned on LTR therefore securing a place in UC & Moon’s hearts forever for your incredible memory

made by Lindelle

(Missed that one? I completely forgot about it too!!! Continuous Heartquake)

Best Super Topical  “You might wanna have that looked at” award

by myRobpattinson

Best heart for Robsten fans to give each other

by Alice Not an Addikt

*See Alice’s 3rd place winning entry over on LTT– we had a hard time deciding between that and this one!

Best entry from Tammy-O

by Alice Not an Addikt AGAIN!

We’re positive that this is what TammyO would send us if she had a heart…

Best Plaid reference

by snowwhitedrifted

snowwhitedrifted- plaid to the bone

Best heart that got a song stuck in my head for 5 hours (thanks)
sabrina- i love rob n’ roll

Not so subtle award

by rob's bitch

Not so subtle award- MALE Submission!!!

Mr. Dazzled (dazzletodeath's husband!)

Best Hot Pocket mention

made by Mylissa

Happy Valentine’s Day Rob, from ALL of us at LTR!
(me the most) UnintendedChoice

Make sure you check out all the winners & runners up over on LTT!!!

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. I laughed soooo hard… Needed that so much after a day like that.

    No.1 seriously deserves its position (twss) because it is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to all GIRLS!!! You rock!!!
    my favourite

    “Stew or Stu, it’s all the same in the dark”


    Happy Valentine’s day to Moon, UC and all the girls here from both blogs!!!
    Damn, that was FUNNY!!! ❤

    • Yeah that one made me lol so hard… It’s all the same in the dark…

  3. […] LTR […]

  4. Happy V-day LTT girls! If that sounds dirty, that’s totally the point.

    Ohh these are all brilliant! Didn’t expect anything less from my peers. Congratulations girls!

    • Alice,
      I enjoyed “I don’t want you to come” over at LTT.



  5. Thanks for reminding me Alice-naA!!

    Happy Valentine’s day chicas!! (I can’t bring myself to write V-day. It kills me…)
    May there be a lot more to celebrate together!!!

  6. The Tammy O reference: EPIC WIN!!! omg laughed so hard….

    I wanna hold your wrist..hilar!


    Personal FAVE: You Stoli my heart! my ABSOLUTE (no punn intended) favourite…

    Happy Love Day everyone!

  7. You most certainly did have a hard job. After reading both LTT and LTR I don’t know how you did it!

    Great job ladies (and husbands)!

  8. Not So Subtle award FTW!

    • FOR REAL!

  9. Everyone did such a great job! Such talent resides here in the shadows of LTR

  10. great hearts, ladies!!
    Sending you all big(ger than usual) love today xoxo. Abs.

  11. Interesting that the man submission included the use of the roaster. LMFAO.

    First place winner was definitely the best…

    Happy V day, ladies!!

  12. hi everyone and happy V-days especially to lonely ones:)
    all of them look fantastic but yep congratulations JodieO u deserved it

  13. Awwh, thanks, laides! YAY! I love when you girls give me your pearls.

    • Congrats Jodie, I love that necklace!!! A girl’s gotta have some bling-bling!

      • Thanks! I love it, too! =)

  14. I love them all:) You ladies are so creative. ROB can really get your creative juices going. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

    and summit gave us some V day gifts

    • 1st thought: “Finally!” 2nd thought: “Ugh. Plaid. AGAIN.”

      • same here and my..3nd thought…NICE chest!

    • thx and…What a coincidence! 🙂

      • Do you think the same I do robgirl?
        hint: damage-control-step??

      • What a coincidence!
        NICE chest!

  16. These are absolutely hysterical… congrats to all winners+runner ups. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pick the winners, too difficult.

    “I wanna hold your wrist” was amazing! And major props to Lindelle for the Heartquake reference. I am LOL’ing over the fact there was a male entry although he certainly needs to learn the art of subtlety. (Don’t all men.)

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    • thanks operarose! That was one of my favorite quotes to come out of a crazy letter!

  17. Summit has a great birthday gift for us!!

    • Did I just write birthday?
      I mean V-day gift….

      p.s. Does anyone else feel like this is kinda a damage-control-step?

      • big style!

  18. ye think!


  19. I even remember someone foreseeing this yesterday… (sorry what I dont remember who it was)

    • was thinkin it would be from RM
      but they really did outdo themselves even hinting at the leg hitch!!!

      • Well turns out it was leaked and now summit will go mad…


    Dear Rob,
    I wish you all the best in living this comment down.


    P.S. Biel had a very interesting comment about your word vomit in Details. You were just channeling Dali when you made that comment and I love that about you.

    • wow..I went back to read it and…right!!! might very well be possible!
      Damn, what a MAN!<3

      • He’s so intelligent we don’t even get him…

        • he’s bloody nuts…..

          but hey that what we like about him..right?!

  21. Gaw damn you ladies are hilarious. You are all WIN. You PWN’d this contest.

  22. I wanna hold your wrist …. bwahahahahahaha!

    I’ll let you all know if my heart wish comes true. I did get a Valentine from Rob today, so it’s looking good! (It’s so nice to have an indulgent hubby. :>)

    Happy VD everyone!

  23. I don’t know how you people come up with these amazing things.

    I’ve been singing Merry Christmas To Me (in the tune of happy birthday) all day because of the new Eclipse stills. That’s normal.

  24. I wanna hold your wrist made me laugh out loud! Congratd to all the winners!!

  25. Some new Eclipse stills ekslusivly over at TCS!!

    • Bleriana…why are the pics now deleted everywhere? You know something?

      • They were leaked honey!
        That’s why everyone takes them down… I’m on the road though and therefore I will delete them later. Don’t want summit to knock on my door…

        • which also means, that this was not a ‘gift from summit’ but from a Robstener who leaked them and well now everyone goes mad about it…
          Seems like I made a wrong assumption when I said that Summit wants to do damage control with the picture release…

          • No…doesn’t mean necessary that…with NM was it sometimes the same, perhaps they gave them for some hours out and then….they came from good twitter sources…so the strategy thing can be true…..but you should delete them as well!just sayin…
            Die wissen schon, was sie tun, keine Sorge!

          • I’m just mad that I’m not at home yet and my damn mobilephone won’t let me open wordpress. I cant even twitter properly…
            I guess I’ll have to wait until later and risk summit getting me to jail… 😦

  26. Happy Valentines everyone!

    Congratulations to all the winners, they’re all so clever!!!!

    Hug and kiss your sweeties!

    • A happy Valentine’s Day to everyone here as well!!! I had absolutely no time today!

      Those hearts were too funny!!! Can’t pick a favorite; all priceless.
      The guy one was good though; I think Rob would def. marry that one.

      SB, missed you yesterday with all the Details extravaganza going round. Still have to register at the forum(shameface, never did), so then we can exchange email adresses.
      And LOL about your BIL being of Dutch heritance. It’s a small world.

      Didn’t reply anymore, because I fell asleep again, being it middle of the night here after all. 😉

      It has snowed a lot overnight, I was tempted to make a SnowRob myself. Maybe if I find some time tomorrow…;-)

      • Cath, hey there good evening. Well I came on yesterday really late and there were so many comments and I didn’t have the time to read all of them. So I just didn’t comment anymore. But someone summarized it for me last night.

        SnowRob fell apart yesterday, it warmed up a little and his head came off. 😦 But today is so much colder and it’s snowing again. I know we’re supposed to get some 8 inches, so I’ll be able to fix SnowRob again. Lol

        Ok just whenever you can get situated on the forum, send me your email address.

        Happy Valentines day to you!

  27. Yay, I won an LTT award!!

    This was sooo much fun and I loved seeing all the other entries!

    Can’t wait for the next contest!

    • Excuse me. I meant LTR award.

  28. LMAO @ the one Mr. Dazzled sent in! Brilliant!

  29. Hahahahahahaha…”Rob you rock… Can I suck your ……?” hahahaha that’s no. 1 for me…

    “You’re fat and ugly” inspired by Tammy-O. hahahahaha even my nose is laughing… hakhakhak…

  30. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by myrobpattinson: OMG the conversation hearts at LTR are dying me. LMFAOOOOO I’m still partial to mine though “VAJ ALRG” ftw!…

  31. There is so much win in these entries! JodieO, I loved ‘Stew or Stu’! And kudos to Mr.Dazzle, that one cracked me up!

  32. […] Happy Valentine’s Day Rob! We have a winner… Dear Rob, Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this great day of love, we’re announcing the winners for our […] […]

  33. Congratulations! Those are soooo cute and funny – much better than anything I was trying to think up. 🙂 But, I have made a Robert Pattinson puzzle and I thought I’d share it with other fans!

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