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Rob sings some songs, we swoon and then we imagine what he should cover

Too sexy too sexy... but I must...

Dear Rob,

As I often (read like every other day) do when a picture of you playing the guitar or holding the guitar or really just being in the general vicinity of a musical instrument comes out I have a personal quiet freak out (cause I’m a sucker for a musician, hello!) and then late that night I usually send the link to Kristin (fab friend and forum mod from way back) to have a mutual love fest over. And then lament how pwned we are by you and how much we want to punch you in the face for being that rad. Seriously, it pretty much goes exactly like that every time. From complete ecstasy to rage and annoyance in 5 minutes. Yes, that’s what you do to me.

So last night was no different. Some random picture from Remember Me came out of you holding that guitar and we went into rob-has-a-guitar-lets-freak-moment and then we commenced with the repeated listening of Let Me Sign and Never Think and then Kristin suggested that you should cover some songs and her pick was Work Me by the Black Keys and WOWwowweeewow was she right.  And then I wondered what would I want you to cover since we’re not getting anything new out of you probably for a long time and since you already not at all covered a Dashboard Confessional album what was left?? Considering your unique voice I gotta go with either Elton John My Father’s Gun or  anything by Cat Stevens like The Wind. I’d pretty much die listening to any of those songs being covered by you.

Then I took to Twitter to ask you all what your choices would be and here’s what you said…

Follow the cut to find out your picks…

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck, thighs like a what what, what, Let me see that thoooong!

You Belong to Me – Bob Dylan or Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground (@_vixb)
Paper Tiger – Spoon (@nopaperkg)
Beside You – Van Morrison (@tj123001)
Straight outta Compton – NWA (@myRobPattinson)
I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men (@_dharv)
Single Ladies – Beyonce (@Celyssa)
Anything by Jeff Buckley except Hallelujah (@apotampkin)
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley (@BiteMeBaker) we just got Rob-rolled!
Stolen – Dashboard Confessional (@suzspetals) I mean he DOES have a DC covers album! It’s totes possible!
Cold as Ice – Foreigner (for him and Kstew) and Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne (for Cathy the Cougar) (@veddersgirl)
The Thong Song – Sisqo (@rizzoyzuko)

I’d personally pay to see you drunk karaoke The Thong Song or I’ll Make Love to You. For realz. And then I’d laugh, really hard.


So in your dream fantasy what song would Rob cover? Would you rather Rob have been a musician or an actor? Can we have both?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter

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  1. I don’t know about most of the songs so I have to google them (said in Edward voice)
    But I really like your idea. I mean Rob+guitar=EPIC and I mean EPIC win!!!

    • you can google it…..swoooooooooon

      • Live the look on his face when he said that in the movie- it looked like he had a funny taste in his mouth (twss).

        • The way he said it was a lot better than the look. It keeps replaying in my head every time google is mentioned… Do I get a ‘thats normal’?

          • That’s normal- me too. The look is hilarious, like he can’t stand saying it.

          • I’m sure he only said it because the cougar made him…

        • should be ‘love the look’- bad start to the morning.

          • I think live the look works too 😉 Rob can look at me across a cozy table for two like that any day.

          • okay then, we live the look too!

  2. Wonderwall – Oasis
    505 – Arctic Monkeys
    or anything…

    • Champagne Supernova- Oasis
      Julia Says- Wet wet wet

  3. Rob w/ guitar or piano = Instant O

    What is it anyways with (some) male musicians??? why do they have a hold over us…who am I kidding if Rob was holding a skunk I would still think he’s hot and wanna do him…ifyaknowhatImsayin!

    Dear Rob,

    Youd don’t need to sing, just sit there with your guitar (that will do).

    Thank You

  4. Johnny Cash-Folsom County Blues. I hear the train a coming. or Anthor Sunday morning-Johnny cash- Bob Dylan Lady lay lady- The Funk brothers. Hank JR all my rowdy friends.

    • Interesting choices, bobbygee! How about Hank Sr- Honky Tonk Blues?

    • Bobby,

      Thanks for reminding me about Johnny Cash because that reminded me of Hurt and Hurt reminded me of Nine Inch Nails. Rob could nail that…or something else.

      • lol…:-)

      • That was on my list, mountain lion, Rob doing a cover of Johnny Cash doing a cover of NIN’s Hurt. YES.

        • Oh, and while he’s at it, he could do NIN’s “Closer”, just for kicks.

          • There are other NIN fans here? Yayayayay!

          • mmmmm


  5. Informer by Snow.

    • Couldn’t get the lyrics then and with his mumbling, wouldn’t get them now! Ha!

    • Rob performing any rapsong will defs be a sight to behold.

      • Apparently he really likes some rap, but I’d have to see it! Should either be total genius or…. not!

        • I’m thinking not!

          • sure…NOT! 🙂

        • He stammers over words in interviews, rap??? Although I would pay BIG money to see it.

          He says he use to think he could dance??? Rap and all the dancing that goes along with the performance? Next he will be doing a romantic comedy. LOL Dear Lord, he would be like a chiropractors wet dream trying to break dance!!!

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Can you imagine Rob sings ice ice baby 🙂

    • “informer by snow” ha ha ha thats brilliant
      can u imagine?!

      • A licky boom boom down.

        • that reminded me of ‘shudupinyourface’ from HTB, somehow……

    • lmfao! oh yeah…all 12 inches!

  6. I have some songs to add:
    Run by Snow Patrol,
    Dig by Incubus
    Aicha by Cheb Khaled (it’s french, people!)
    You found be by The Fray
    would be my personal preferences

    • Aicha by Khaled.i think Outlandish covered it well let’s keep it that way

      • I just want to hear him sing french and Aicha is my favourite so…

        • yes i’m in with anything he’d do french

          • “i’m in with anything he’d do french” thank you che, he should do me then.
            Rob speaking French is killing me!

  7. 18th floor balcony -blue october
    The way you look tonight -Frank Sinatra
    Loose yourself -Emenem

    mmmm and I’d definitely pay to see him sing The Thong Song — hahhhhahahahahhaaha

  8. Rob singing Beside You? I don’t think I could deal with the amazingness of that. I would die.

    I’m gonna go with some Damien Rice. Perhaps “Delicate”?

    • “Beside you” an AMAZING SONG….my favourite for a cover!
      and I would love to hear HIS version on the piano!

      • I heard him say in an interview that Beside You was his favorite song and that Van Morrison was his fav group.

      • Nice avi, robgirl!!!

        • What did you see? I already changed it 2-3 weeks ago…

          • I’ve only seen this avi for the first time today…it’s woman pulling her hair up in a pony tail.

          • no…it’s “a woman”….honi…it’s ME! lol

          • It’s a very small photo, but yes, that IS you! I see it now.

          • lion…you’re my all time fav.lion!and…you don’t need glasses at all!


    God I love Nick Drake more that words allow me to express (him and Sigur Ros) – I love him more than Rob and that says a lot.

    If Rob were to cover Road by Nick I think I would die of pure concentrated perfect ecstasy.


    • PS: I know I’m biased, but listen to Road and tell me you wouldn’t swoon to death listening to Rob sing this with his acoustic guitar… watch?v=vx2Q-Rw

      I put a space in the link so it wouldn’t post the video in the comments!

  10. The Killers “Human” or “A Dustland Fairytale” (they say “slick”, “midnight sun” and is kinda of a Twilight song) and Bjork “Human behaviour”. OK, end of the most twilight moment I ever had. Otherwise “Abuse me” by Silverchair would probably work for a lot of us for obvious reasons.

    • MP- I love Bjork!

      I looked at the link that you referred me to and replied.

      • I’ve seen her live and she’s unbelievable!!!
        Could have added Vampire Weekend in the Twilight themed moment. Of course i wouldn’t want his music to be related with twilight at all.
        I don’t want to remember at what time I went to bed yesterday, I’m already dying as it is.

        • more coffee is highly recommended.

        • You’ve seen her live?! Damn I want to do that too!
          I just started listening to her stuff and I was immediately hooked.
          She has such a different style and I really like her voice…

          • and such a bad fashion style……..but great videos and songs!!!

          • I didn’t mind the swan dress- she’s true artist following her own path. I’m okay with it.

          • @ draska
            she’s an artist. word. love her too.

          • minuit: she IS!<3

          • well yeah but you get the idea.

    • I totally noticed that about that Killers song, also on that album they say ‘Twilight’ although I can’t remember the song. With that and the fact the contributed on the New Moon soundtrack I’m starting to think they are Twi-hards communicating secrets Twilight messages through their songs. Or that might just be me trying to find something Twi in everything…

      • they are on the soundtrack? yes, i’m lame like that, don’t even know the soundtrack.

        • yes, their song is White Demon, I like it but there are other songs on the soundtrack that I like better….

        • Minuit …both soundtracks (Twilight/NM) are great….especially the first!

      • white demon is just wonderfull it’s my favourite on NM soundtrack

    • Rain Dogs – Tom Waits…..I LOVE TOM WAITS

      ‘…Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night’

      • and “Big in Japan” (cf. the pic posted by Jules yesterday).

        • Cold water

          Warm beer cold women.

          Oh lord the list is endless.

          Think I’m going off to youtube to revisit Tom – I’ve missed him.

          what pic? Am I being dumb?

        • good way to work that in again! Always welcome.

        • From posts have worked out what you’re talking about…..just had a look………OMG is that his willy!!!!!! we are kinda seeing. hahahahah

          I’m never going to get over this man.
          I’m doomed, doomed forevery more.

        • I’m pretty sure that’s a manip! He looks weird…too large in everything…lol

          • RG – No don’t say that!!!! I don’t want it to be a manip…noooooo

          • MP will not want to hear its a manip. Hands over ears- lalalalalala.

          • I say that because I hate it….sorry! Hands over my eyes!

          • I think it is a manip, too. Trying to find the original photo . . .

          • i’d love it if it were true! i’m not talking size (you perves), i think it’s HILAROUS!!! imagine what’s going on in his head at the moment and the stories he had to tell to TomStu. “Oh shit, I hope it doesn’t show. Oh I love you too right now, I’d do you all. Damn those cameras. Steph & Nick, don’t wait for me”

          • minuit…I love that somebody gave me thumbs down for doubting at his HUGE junk….hahaha.

            Hi Rob 🙂

          • either rob or tomstu.

        • LOL!!! Min, I’m glad you enjoyed.

          • Robgirl, sorry you were traumatised.
            Drsaka & MMM, don’t worry, I think it’s the real deal. Unless all the other pics from that arrival were maniped too. Pervs. 😉

          • me is feeling better 🙂

          • I choose to believe the pics and you can’t tell me differently, na na.

          • i have one thing to say, thank you, really.

        • hahaha!!! Robgirl, I noticed that too. Perhaps someone has inside knowledge? Min, I saw a couple others (you can google it) it’s hard to tell. Either way, it made my day just to wonder what got him to salute. LOL

  11. Oh I defs like our man as an actor. He’s providing a lot more material for mental imagery that way. When he’s old and ugly he can still work on his music. He doesn’t need to look good for that.

    I’m totally there with @_vixb. I’d love to see him cover ‘sunday morning’ by the velvet underground (preferably in my back yard on said lazy sunny weekend day) or some other piece of Lou Reedian brilliance.

    • old and ugly??? is it even possible? perish the thought.

      • 2 words: Keith Richards.

        • ewww. But he didn’t look like Rob when he was younger.

          Don’t let this happen to you Rob!!

          • Hey! Keith put a lot of effort in to get that look…haha…(love me some Stones)
            Rob would have to quit the Heine and move on to the much stronger stuff to get in Richards’s territory. And then abuse some other substances A LOT, also of the hard variety…
            Also wouldn’t like to hear Rob’s voice after that…

          • Yeah, the KR look was from years and years and years of really hard stuff and hard living. Please, Rob, don’t go down that path, you’re too great the way you are now (and I think too smart for that).

  12. Growl- what sway do musicians have over us? Especially slightly dirty, scruffy ones (Rob fits the bill v nicely, doesn’t he?). Maybe its the expression of emotion and of course the crazy physical hotness (Rob fits the bill v nicely, doesn’t he?).

    I think he should go way back, maybe some Howlin’ Wolf, ‘Who do you Love’, Bo Diddley, ‘Baby please don’t go’- covered by many people (Muddy Waters, Van the Man- while in Them, ‘Further on up the road’- covered by many. Here’s my absolute all time fav of it-

    Maybe he’ll bust out his new electric guitar for it!!!!

    These are some obvious ones, but his bluesy growl fits perfectly with these types of songs though it would be great for him to explore other genres.

    • For some reason I read “bowl cut” instead of “bluesy growl.” And I was really confused for a moment. Because a) last time I checked, Rob’s hair is definitely not a bowl cut, and b) I couldn’t figure out how a hair cut was related to singing.

      But bluesy growl. I’m with you now. And I agree 🙂

      • maybe you were thinking of the hair cuts in HTB or BMH- kind of grown out bowl cuts!

        • Should I know what that means?
          HTB and BMH.
          Enlighten a fellow LTR-er?

          • How to Be and Bad Mother’s Handbook?? Just a guess.

          • Those are them.

          • Got it. Thanks!
            I dunno.. maybe? Either way.
            Bluesy growl is spot on. No bowl cuts.

      • Brawah ha ha ha Coffee through the nose on that comment!!! lol

        • coffee through the nose? speaking of drugs (above) you really have some wierd preferences. Ok, i’m sorry, i’m really tired.

    • Great choices drsaka. Some old chicago blues for Rob…Suits him perfectly.

      • absolutely, though the songs I posted are obvious and the critics would savage him if he put these out, I’d love to hear and see what he’d do with them live and what he could bring to some of these iconic songs.

        I’d love to see him develop his style more and I’m a goner for a man with an electric guitar:

        • Yeah, I know, me too. And that’s a great link, thanks! I really believe music’s a great love of Rob, but at the time it’s just too hectic to do anything serious with it. But in a while he could explore it further, like Ryan Gosling also toured with his band last year. Could see him do that! Hope he gets to one day!

          • I was also thinking about which U2 song I’d love him to do…Pure out of selfish reasons, Bad and Desire(obviously, haha) crossed my mind, but then I got it: All I Want Is You. What do you think?

          • I thought of ‘All I want is you’. U2 doesn’t seem like his style, though. It would have to be a completely different arrangement of ‘Bad’, its an iconic U2 song and I’m not sure Rob could hit he high notes. It would be interesting to see what he could do with it though. ‘Desire’ would have to be completely different as well.

          • Yeah, complete different arrangements for sure. You’re very right. His voice couldn’t be more different from Bono’s. I think AIWIY would be the most easy to convert to his style. I also wouldn’t want him to butcher Bad…Sorry Rob. Don’t know if I could handle that, for both U2 and Rob’s sake. Maybe a alternate version of Running To Stand Still. Ah, well…I love wishful thinking. 😉

  13. cat stevens -wild world
    beatles-imagine or let it be
    the sundays-wild horses
    he had a Abba karaoke contest with Hugh Jackman i wonder which one is his favourite mine is Fernando …
    he’s voice is perfect for slow songs
    and beyonce -single

    • I would pay to see him DANCE to “single ladies”!

      • he could join JT at SNL ,was hilarious

  14. UC and Moon and every one who posted yesterday- absolutely hilarious and fantastic. Thanks for the hilarity.

    • historic day! thanks to
      ltr commenters
      and a special thanks to Rob & TomStu, who made it possible.

  15. Not that we would understand a word of it but Hard To Handle by the Black Crowes would be interesting…

    “Hey little let me light your can mama I’m sure hard to handle…”

    Maybe Rob but I would certainly give it the ol’ college try!!

  16. N.W.A-Straight outta compton
    he fronted a rap trio when he was 14
    it’d be really interesting experience to listen him at that song

    • I’m trying to picture the Zygote fronting a rap trio. Ouch, I think I broke my brain.

      • OMG- hilarious

      • now u broke my brain too
        LOL… just hillarious

  17. Hold you in my arms Ray LaMontagne
    I can listen to Ray every single day. I ❤ him. Sigh. Mr. Strand calls him a dirty hippie. He also calls Rob one.

    • Ray is a Fave in this house as well 😉

    • As Heavvy Brother said the other day, he’s a filthy tease.
      Thanks, Heavvy!

  18. George Michael – Faith / Jesus to a Child

    Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline – esp, when he sings the lyrics… touching me touching you 🙂


    • Faith?! Ha! That’d be amazing. Especially if he did the ass shake like George does in the video.

  19. […] LTR ;   LTT ;   RAoR ;   Rmw […]

  20. LTR-we are the Rob we are the fandom

    • maybe we could do back vocal to him :)with a good videoclip,it’d be legendary

  21. Rob and his music…..mhmm…don’t ladies proposed all great stuff….BUT he would need to do many exercises…so

    for your practises
    my name is guitar-girl
    my name is piano-girl
    YOU can play ON me…


    • Dear Robgirl86,

      are you trying to kill me?

      More ❤

      • HE is killing ME! with guitar and without!!! 🙂

        • Oh, Robgirl. I feel your pain. Truth

  22. ” I’d personally pay to see you drunk karaoke The Thong Song ” mwahahahahaha. Love to see that.
    But will he paint his hair silver too like sisco? I will laugh so hard that I could start making a six pack on my belly MWAHAHAHAAHA.

  23. Breathe Me by Sia. I’m still obsessed with that song.

    • Amazing song, and we know Rob plays the piano too!

      Damn, how is that boy so perfect?!

    • I like to listen to that song and cry. I’m such a girl it’s gross.

    • Breathe me by Rob…that would give the whole song another meaning!

    • THAT is a good idea! I can totes picture him singing it.

  24. […] LTR ;   LTT ;   RAoR ;   Rmw […]

  25. I have to agree with Jeff Buckley – and then he should play Jeff Buckley in the biopic – it would pretty much be perfection.

    • Rob singing Last Goodbye would be amaizing! Not sure his voice could get high enough for Jeff though?

    • Agree!

      I’d give anything to hear him cover ‘Lover, you should’ve come over’ or ‘So real’.

  26. lay me down by the frames

  27. I would probably ball my eyes out if I heard him cover Pale Blue Eyes. And then I’d listen to it a million times in a row. His mumbley goodness would be perfect for that song.

    I’m a sucker for Nine Inch Nails. I almost hate to admit it here because I think I’m in the Twifan minority with that one. I’d love to hear him sing All That Could Have Been. Not familiar with it? Do yourself a favor and listen to its angsty lovelyness:

    • Re: mumbly goodness-REM covers it-love their version, love the song. To hear Rob sing it would be amazing.

  28. I was only Joking by Rod Stewart

    An acoustic version of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl (’cause I’m a browneyed girl)

    Must be doing something right by Billy Currington

  29. I often hear songs and think I’d love to hear Rob sing them. I definitely agree with Pale Blue Eyes and I’d love to hear him do Hallelujah. Of course I can’t think of any off the top of my head..I’ll be back.

    • Ok, here are just a few-

      California Stars-Wilco
      Trouble-Cat Stevens
      You Do Something To Me-Paul Weller
      There is a Light That Never Goes Out-the Smiths
      Steal My Heart Away-Van Morrison

      Of course, I’d listen to Rob sing anything.But I’d really love to hear his take on these.

      • Steal My Heart Away would be amazeballs.

      • You Do Something To Me; LOVE that song. I also think some Paul Weller’s songs would be perfect for him.

        • Love Paul Weller-

          • I have a feeling that our record collections are similar drsaka…maybe we are of the same vintage? I love Paul Weller & extra love the Jam.

          • Love The Jam and even Style Council. ‘My ever changing moods’- one of my all time favs.

  30. And I can’t believe I forgot this one:

    Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

    Of course!

  31. How ’bout the Immigrant Song, by Led Zepplin. Ahh, ah, ahhhhh.

    But Your Song, by Elton John, might be a bit okay too. [It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside…]

    Bernie Taupin is The Man!

    • Immigrant Song would be hilar.

      • I was thinking “When the levee breaks’

  32. Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man”

    “Angel Eyes” by the Jeff Healey Band, only slower and less hokey

    “I Don’t Mind” by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

    “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles

    I wouldn’t mind hearing him get all dirty blues with some old Clarence Carter or Ollie Nightingale (who wouldn’t want to hear Rob singing that he’d drink our bathwater?).

    • I think pretty much Leonard Cohen’s entire songbook would suit Rob’s style–Suzanne, Famous Blue Raincoat, so many to choose from.

      Don’t Let Me Down–yes! And I still vote for Rob to play John Lennon in the upcoming biopic.


      • I blogged that once, about Rob being John Lennon. There’s something very Lennon-ish about his demeanor.

        • Totally agree.

          You have a blog?

          • Yes, I update it religiously. And by religiously, I mean basically only on the high holidays.

            This is the post I was referring to:

          • Wow. Can I marry you? That picture of Rob from Teen Vogue. Rob as Frankenfurter, and Jackson Rathbone as Riff-Raff. OMG.

          • tiffanized….that’s amazing…I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

          • Tiffanized,
            I love your blog!!!

  33. I couldn’t imagine Rob singing I’m Your Man, only because he’s sings so soft.

    I’d love to hear him softly sing it to me though… Le sigh.

    • “I’d crawl to you baby and I’d fall at your feet
      And I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat”

      From Rob’s lips to my panties. Someone seriously make this happen.

      • These are the moments when I truly value my imagination.

      • Be still my beating pelvis…

        • ‘beating pelvis’ sounds like something from Breaking Dawn.

  34. oh you people are brilliant, LOVE all the cover song ideas you are coming up with too! Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley…anyone with that sultry, raspy sex voice. ROWR!

    Excuse me while I go hit replay on Never Think…. 😉

  35. Okay…and after even further inspection, I have to say not only are we the BEST Rob fans, but we all have AMAZING taste in music.

    Dear Rob –
    Are you seeing this? Are you aware of how brilliant we are? I’m telling you, you are wasting your time with that pot smoking emo chick….

    Love, Me

  36. what’s that. Rob? you wanna strum me?

    for me, he could just read the grocery list in my purse and it would be an instant O.

    hell, just read the names in the phone book, RobLove, and we will be – in the words of Air Supply- making love out of nothing at all.

  37. Light my fire- The Doors
    Angie- Rolling Stones
    and I would LOVE to hear him playing the piano without singing ❤

    • anyway…music + finger action = win!

      Rob, what’s about some tongue action on the guitar ???

    • Angie-perfect for Rob. One of my favorite Stones songs.

      • Fellow Englishman, Eric Clapton. You Look Wonderful tonight, Dylan, Lay Lady Lay.

        And I can sooo relate to the comment about loving in one min and then wanting to punch him in the face the next. I swear on all that’s holy I cannot shake this addiction. The craving for any pics or info about him is insatiable so I find myself hiding to ” get the fix” and then it’s like wtf is wrong with me. I am a grown woman and this is soo not normal, and then I come to LTR and it’s all good again.

  38. I’d love for him to sing any Neutral Milk Hotel song, but I think their Oh Comely would be even more amazing with him singing it.

    But of course if he sang ANYTHING, I’d still turn to goo.

    Thanks for a great conversation topic Moon!

    • that’s beautiful & I could really see Rob doing it.

      • Me too. It seems like his type of music. Maybe. Possibly. Yes?

  39. “Yellow Ledbetter”. My God, that was the song I thought of when I first heard Rob sing. How soon we forget.

    • Rob and cover some PJ= me DIED forever!!!

  40. As I’m not au fait with Robs singing style imma suggest a song that always reminds me of mr handsome, ” do you want the truth or something beautiful?” Paloma Faith.

    Todays m&s lunch purchase- avocado salad sandwich, seriously Goo.

    • Who am I kidding EVERYTHING reminds me of Rob but here’s the link

      • thanks…I like this song and I like Paloma Faith!

      • I don’t know Pamola Faith, but she reminds me of Steph Meyer right there. Spooooky!

  41. Great choices everyone, heart this topic!

    I think some Damien Rice songs would suit him great too. So:

    Elephant-Damien Rice
    Rolling Stones; Beast Of Burden, could make his own unique version of that one
    Paul Weller-Willd Wild Woods
    Elvis Costello-She
    Beatles-Long And Winding Road
    Billie Holiday-Foolin’ Myself/Gloomy Sunday
    And Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, for obvious reasons and because I like a good laugh as well. 😉

  42. Dear Moon, I really enjoyed your use of the word Rad and Radness today, thank you. You’re Rad.

  43. Dear Rob,

    Thanks for sometimes not drying your hair before you go out in public.


    • and thanks for sometimes going out in public!!!

    • and thanks for not wearing a shirt under that blue hoodie in RM!

    • Thumbs up!

  44. I heart this topic. Plus, I have a lot to do at work today, so… I’ll keep coming back. Of course.

    “Disarm” by Smashing Pumpkins. Not my favorite song, but I think of Robward when I hear it after falling in love with this video:

    And Rob’s voice is a hell of a lot less nasally than Billy Corgan’s.

    Oh, and for a very good laugh, I want to hear him cover “Dracula’s Lament”:

    • aah! haven’t heard that song in ages. used to love The Smashing. also loved they did a huuuuge album(about 40 songs?) downlable for free. like the idea coming from people who already have a name in the industry (and a bank account accordingly).

  45. Ooooh I LOVE the Black Keys! That’s some sexy music. That suggestion trumps my Boyz II Men one for sure. I just love the idea of Drunk Rob doing that during karaoke, probably awkwardly struggling to unbutton his plaid shirt sexily during it… Priceless.

    • HB,
      I quoted you here earlier today…see above.


  46. Seriously…if I ever heard Rob sing “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessionals I would melt and I mean MELT!

  47. I haven’t read every single response, so sorry if I repeat….

    I’ll Be Your Man by The Black Keys
    Solid Sender (one of Rob’s favs btw) by John Lee Hooker

    and maybe my fav that would totes KILL me:

    Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak

    • Also Wicked Games by Isaak!

      • I will volunteer to act out that video with him.

      • O.M.G Cath!! If Rob performed that song and I was actually present to hear it and see that smoldering look he gives, gawh! I’m sure that would help me discover nerve endings that I am not even aware of!!!

        • Haha, Snapped, me too, I’m sure. And here’s volunteer No2 for the video. Oh my, oh my!

  48. I really don’t like how Rob sings, but I would suffer through a concert of his if I could be his groupie afterward.

    That said, I would like to hear him cover Sir Mix-a-Lot “I like Big Butts” on the acoustic guitar. I think he could bring a lot to that song with his mumbling and occasional strumming.

  49. I’m completely overwhelmed girls. So much songs to listen to. And so much images to create…

    Especially after what Popsugar gave us today…

    Can somebody hear Rob singing in the background too?

  50. I need some advice:
    Am I cheating on Rob because I’m going to see “Valentine’s day” with a friend tonight? (who forced me because quote: ‘I watched NM with you and you will sure as hell make me watch RM too so you owe me.’
    I personally think she owes me that I introduced her to the awesomeness of Rob but hey that’s just my opinion.

    I think I’ll take my mobile phone with me and post random posts from time to time…

    Lots of ❤

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