Posted by: themoonisdown | February 8, 2010

What really happened at the Details photoshoot?

Wait, where are the nude models?

Dear Rob,

There’s been a TON of hullabaloo over the last week about your “nude” photoshoot. People speculated everything under the sun about this photoshoot, from naked women to making out, to stuff that makes even me blush. And of course about .2% of any of this was true. Details came out and said there were a couple models who were nude but you weren’t. So of course that got my wheels spinning thinking about those lucky biotches poor models and what they could have been going through when they showed up to a modeling gig and it turns out they’re in their birthday suits with YOU!

Here’s how I think it might have gone…

Photographer: Ladies welcome to the Details photoshoot why don’t you strip down I’d love to introduce you to our main guy today! You’re in for a treat… Rob… we’re ready to start why don’t you come over here and we’ll get rolling

Girl #1: Rob? Dear God please say it’s Robert Downey Jr. or Rob Zombie, that’d be a cool goth shoot… or maybe Robert Redford! Now we’re talking…

Girl #2: Rob… there’s only ONE Rob I care about and I’d die if Robert Pattinson walked through those doors. But it just wouldn’t be him. All that time spent reading those books, seeing his movies, stalking him on the internet and in real life will NEVER pay off. It’ll be Robert Goulet before it would be Robert effing Pattinson with my luck.

Photographer: Ladies, I’d like you to meet Robert Pattinson who you’ll be shooting with today, Ladies… Rob… Rob… Ladies… now drop those robes ladies and let’s get started.

Girl #1: OH COME ON! The vampire guy? Ugh. At least give us someone good to drop trou in front of… Rob Lowe?! ANYONE… *drops robe*

Girl #2: *stunned silence/wide eyed* HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAPPITY CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS please don’t let me faint! Did he just look at me?! HE LOOKED AT ME!!!!!!!!!! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!! *slowly fumbles with robe, misses knot and has to claw robe from body*

Follow the cut to find out what REALLY happened

Black and white's good too...

Photographer: Hurry it up now we have to get shooting before we lose the light. Now Rob you come over here and stand like this. Give us a real strong look… right in the camera and put your hands in your pockets… yes… now girl #1 come over here and stand facing Rob and look at his face and hold his right arm… PERFECT

Girl #1: Is that a chicken wing or a man’s arm under there? Pathetic…

Photographer: Now Girl #2 mirror Girl #1 but put your arm on his left arm…

Girl #2: OH MY GOD! That’s his bicep… crazy it kinda feels like mine… Keep it together… this is what I like to call “lean sexy”… what do you do it you feel faint? Head between your legs? Head between HIS legs? Wait… breathe… I’m holding Rob Pattinson’s arm NO ONE is going to believe me! OH MY GOOOODDD!!

Photographer: Hun, stand up straight and grab his arm… I said his ARM! Great… Ok, let’s change it a little now Girl #2 unbutton the top few buttons on Rob’s shirt while I shoot a few frames… yes his shirt…

Girl #2: *trembling hands* WAIT is his skin sparkling? I thought that was EDWARD! Seriously, no one’s going to believe this. This is like straight out of some fan fiction shiz.

Girl #1: I wonder if they have Oreo on the craft services table…

Photographer: Rob let’s move over to the couch and get you sitting on it with the ladies laying at your feet

Girl #1: Dude does this guy smell? Is he for reals?

Girl #2: Hmmm *takes a whiff* I don’t know what they’re talking about with the smell… he smells great! Like a rose garden and waves crashing on the rocks with just a hint of stale beer and the smokers lounge after a Saturday night… you know in that sexy lingering way

Girl #1: God, why do I have a craving for a cigarette SO bad right now? I wonder if this guy keeps a pack hidden up in that hair…is he falling asleep?

Photographer: Rob… ROB… yea open your eyes a little for this shot lets get the ladies around the back grabbing on to your back

Girl #2: If I said “Hold on tight you little spider monkey” do you think I’d get fired or he’d laugh?

Photographer: Ok now girls can you each grab one of his hands and hold it like this?

Girl #1: Ew, how long and boney are these things? It’s like Skeletor is touching me… EWWW

Girl #2: Oh man, I get to touch THE hands… THE originator of the “Finger Porn.” It’s like the hands of God on me... I wonder if I can ask the photographer for a 2 minute bathroom break I have to tweet this cause NO one’s going to believe me…

So is this how it happened Rob? I mean you do play Edward so I’m sure some of those mind reading skillz rubbed off on you, right? Whatever happened I just hope there are more hot pictures like that one above. YOWZA!!


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So what do you think went down at this shoot? Would you have died if you were the model and it was Rob? What would you have been thinking?

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  1. “I hope they carry mops around after us cause this…um…’drool’…is getting bad.”

  2. Rob must have been on more than a quarter-valium to get through the shoot as smoothly as you described… How weird it must be from his perspective. He arrives at the photography studio, and the photographer quickly walks him through the schedule. “Wardrobe’s over there… hair & make-up through there… and the naked models you’ll be posing with are in the next room.” “Err… naked models, you say?” *runs to the bathroom to make sure no ‘accidents’ happen during the shoot*

    • hair gel (something about mary style)

      • Bwahahaha. You know they got to darken his right side because they spotted some “gel” dangling by his ear

  3. …is he falling asleep? HILARIOUS moon! ❤

    GREAT letter ..I can't stop laughing!!!!


    • I know right.
      Although with naked models in sight, his expression kinda bored/tired/uninterested there, What an actor 🙂

      • He probably WAS uninterested. I mean, they weren’t wearing flannel…

        • and they had no mullet….

          • and they werent blinking

          • Hahaha! Love you girls.

          • no mullet…not blinking…
            LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are awesome! HAHAHHA!!!

          • no mullet…not blinking…
            LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are awesome! HAHAHHA!!!
            *chokes on juice*

          • His expression wasn’t bored, it was confused.

            He was trying to figure out what those “things” were on the models’ chests. Breasts? What on earth are those?

      • “What an actor” Yes, but we all knew that, right? I mean, just look at him in interviews, he’s goofy, humble, self-effacing, only sexy by default, and in photoshoots – wow, making love to the camera, smouldering..
        Which probably means he’s a real tease, and potentially a fumbling disappointment in real life…. 😦 But I’m willing to try anyway!! 🙂

        • ‘potentially a fumbling disappointment in real life’- wow, I hope not!! But of course, I’ll never know 😦

  4. Pretty sure that’s exactly how it went down.

    “Head between your legs? Head between HIS legs? Wait… breathe…”

    Awesome, as usual.

    • Yeah I loved that one too…

    • Best line 🙂

  5. This was effing hilarious and I kinda get the feeling that it was even better than the original photoshoot.
    I would have probably been a mixture of both of these girls cause seriously being nacked in front of Rob kinda makes me feel kinda self-conscious…
    And I really missed funny stuff about Rob. I practically crave some news now…

    p.s. Rob didn’t say anything at all! Was that on purpose?

    • yeah…some news would be nice!!! The only new thing is that he prolly shaved…lol

  6. “The “Originator” of the “finger porn”, it’s like the hands of God on me”


    Rob is the “Origiantor” of so many other new “porn-parts” never known BEFORE…. ……..sigh*

    • Hear! Hear!
      Who ever heard of hair porn before HHH?

      • all kinds of delicious porn….hair porn, eye porn, hand porn, thigh porn, eye porn, lip porn, and my absolut favorite….JAW PORN. Oh the images flooding my dirty mind right now…head about to explode (thatswhatshesaid).

  7. I think it went like this:

    Girl #1: I’m hungry, I wish I could have a Hot Pocket.
    Girl #2: I’m hungry, I wish I could have a Hot Pocket.
    Rob: I’m hungry, I wish I could have a Hot Pocket.


  8. Brilliant as always Moon. 🙂
    If I were the models I’d jump on him , stick on him like leeches and it will take a crane to detached me.

  9. This is kinda wild. Show in your birthday suit and dude doesn’t strange days indeed but a good time had by all.

  10. I wish he posed as Adam Lambert did.There will be ovaries explode everywhere.

    • I had the same thought. Is it possible they’d do two similar shoots? I cant imagine they would, though the adam lambert shoot is what I visualize. I dont think rob would have the balls that adam had to begin licking the models and getting all sexual with them the way adam did. rob would just be giggly in his adorkable way and keep saying “i dunno”.

      • OMG, I can’t picture him doing just that 🙂

      • You don’t give Rob enough credit. It’s AMAZING the straight (and HOT) faces he manages to conjure during some of these goofy shoots.

        Although, naked women is a WHOLE ‘nuther level!

  11. “Photographer: Hun, stand up straight and grab his arm… I said his ARM!”

    Yup, that would definitely be me…should I ever be so lucky.. 😉

  12. Girl #2, you’re a LTR reader, aren’t you?
    “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!” Great, now all the old dudes in the coffee shop are staring at me…

  13. This made me laugh louder than is appropriate as a professional. I am literally guffawing at my cubicle.

    Is anyone else disappointed that the salacious rumors aren’t true?

    I laugh because all I can think is that the presence of nude models confirms that Rob has seen a chick naked, and for some reason, I find that hilarious.

    • LMAO!!! Win!! 🙂

    • Hahahaha! No idea why, but I find that hilarious, too!

    • I’m very disappointed..HE should be naked and the models NOT! DAMN!!!
      But I don’t think that was one of the rumours, that’s only my brain……lol

      • THIS! There is a picture of Jesus Luz in Interview magazine this month lying on a bed and the camera is (ahem) directly on top of him (twss) and he totally naked but for a VERY strategically placed sheet that basically shows everything except the goods and every time I look at it (waaaay too often) I think, why couldn’t Rob do one like this??!!

        • I would second that!!!

    • I am actually very disappointed the rumors are not true but well that’s life… I would have had those pictures on my digital photoframe near my bed so I could wake up and they would be the first thing I see…

    • “the presence of nude models confirms that Rob has seen a chick naked, and for some reason, I find that hilarious.”

      I ❤ you.

  14. “Like a rose garden and waves crashing on the rocks with just a hint of stale beer and the smokers lounge after a Saturday night… you know in that sexy lingering way.” <– I love you for this, Moon.

  15. Hahah!

    “what do you do it you feel faint? Head between your legs? Head between HIS legs?”


    • I honestly laughed out loud at that. Really loud.
      Just imagine some weird robsessed Model doing that. The look I imagine on Robs face would be priceless.

  16. Oh, and even my Mom thought he looked handsome in this shoot, and let me tell you… that is saying something. Until she saw Kellen’s photo shoot… Then she was all “Rob who?” Lame!

    • not gonna lie: Kellan’s CK ads momentarily made me forget Rob too.

      • Kellan’s shoot made me afraid that he would put my eye out. That didn’t stop me from look, mind you.

    • These days we have lots of distractions to fight off to keep our mind occupied with Rob. Or maybe it is just me…
      Taylor at the Audi thingy? H.O.T.
      Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani? H.O.T.T.E.R
      Kellan for ck? (so far) T.H.E. H.O.T.T.E.S.T.

      • Ooooooooh, someone gave you thumbs down! Oooooh shiiiiiiiiit!

        Rob always takes the cake for me. He could be homeless, drunk, giggling like a girl, wonky-walk Rob and I’d still love the photo.

  17. “Jesus take the wheel!” LMAO!!! I can’t wait for these photos…big time. I need proof that he’s seen someone else nekkid recently besides you know who.

    • Did you have to mention her?
      This day can’t get any worse… j/k

      I really hope it’s true but the rational part of me says its not…

  18. What really happened on the Details shoot is that it was done at my house and I was the model.
    Yep…. 😉

  19. The truth is that he’s a horny hormonal 23 year old surrounded by beautiful naked women. They’re touching him, he’s touching them. You know those sex eyes staring back at us in that photo are real-heavy-lidded sex eyes from his wood growing down below.

    • Damn it, you’ve gotten me all hot and bothered.

      I’d gladly live the ultra-competitive, self-esteem-crushing, starvation-diet lifestyle of a model if it meant just one nekkid photoshoot with Rob.

      My thoughts would be R-rated.

      • I’ve pretty much lived the last 8 months of my life all hot and bothered. Images of Rob and our “interactions” live with me every moment of every day. He’s with me everywhere I go.
        By the way, it’s difficult to see, but thats the top of my head you see sticking up from the bottom of that photo.

        • I know that feeling girl.
          I totally know what you’re talking about.
          I blame it on Robs hotness and the existence of smutty fanfic. (and not my pervy mind cause I am completely innocent. Or at least I was… Another thing to blame on Rob…)
          What do you blame it on?

    • for some reason me is feeling goooood now…THX! 🙂

    • Rob’s wood growing down below…yeah baby

  20. When is this supposed to hit newsstands? March?

    Because that is when I will have to put on big sunglasses and a hat, while hiding in a corner of a Hudson News in the NY Port Authority Bus Station with Details magazine looking like a 16 year old boy trying to sneak a peak at Hustler.

    • my lack of magazine knowlege is a bit embarressing, but is Details a girlie mag? I’m so sad if it is! Does this mean I cant buy it at a local walmart? Help! Where do I get this magazine? I definately cant order it and have it sent to my home…my husband might think that’s bizarre and get suspicious 🙂

      • It’s a Men’s Magazine. Better than Maxim, but similar in that a 25 year old wife and mom such as I has no business reading it on my lunch break unless I am incognito.

        [ FML, because this is exactly what I did with stuff like TeanBeat back in the day of JTT, Devon Sawa and (the love of my young life) Taylor Hanson. ]

        Too embarrassed to be seen reading it, yet, no way I’d miss out on it!

        P.S. HeyyyBrother, (or anyone else getting annoyed at me on twitter) laugh at me, because I brought HIM up, yet again.

        • so where can i buy one since i dont have corner magazine stands where i live? shocker, but i’ve never bought a mens magazine before 🙂

          • anywhere you buy a women’s magazine. Bookstore, CVS, etc. It’s not porn, which, in the case of Rob being in it, is unfortunate.

        • Zees and Devon sittin’ in a tree…

          • We are totally BFF, except for last night when he told me to eff off and stop bothering him.

            He’s trout fishing today, fyi.

            Devon Sawa is why I am happy Rob does not have twitter.

        • Details is a men’s mag? That’ll be like the time I bought Maxim because Ashley was on the cover and felt like a complete perv. Did it stop me though? Of course not!

    • Hits the stands on 2/23. Suppose to be a 1920’s old hollywood feel.

  21. I definitely think WebMD should be updated that the proper treatment for hyperventilation is to put your head between Rob’s legs. Then all I’d have to do is teach myself to hyperventilate on cue.

    • hahaha….right! happy to see you, I’ve missed your comments a lot!

    • WebMD is a hypochondriac’s nightmare/dream as it is. If you put this up there, everyone will be self-diagnosing themselves with panic attacks and we’ll soon see “hyperventilating” listed as a symptom of just about every disease known to man. I’m no Dr., but I do believe a healthy dose of Details Rob could cure almost anything, though…

      • I am such a hypochondriac. I had pinkeye a few weeks ago and after searching WebMD was sure that my new boyfriend had given me chlamydia*.

        *Rob, it’s my luck that you chose today to read LTR and all of its accompanying comments. So you know, I DO NOT have any STDs and am willing to ditch the new boyfriend in a fraction of a second if you’re willing to help me with my “chronic hyperventilation” issues.

    • Haha! Though I’m all for the procedure you suggest, I think it needs to be tested. I volunteer for the experimental group with Rob as the subject. However, I fear that the results will be opposite of your intended effect.

      The experimental group will have more hyperventilation than the control group. I’m tempted to say something here about controlled breathing, but its too dirty.

      I suggest another application for your suggested procedure and also for great pics like the new Details pic. Instead of mild anesthesia, like at the dentist or other local anesthesia for other procedures, a hot pic of Rob would be enough to distract you and you wouldn’t notice the discomfort. I suggest that your mind would be so preoccupied with many tempting scenarios that you would even realize the procedure was done. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t work for general, as you’d be unconscious.

      The application of this with Rob in person is trickier, but something could work out.

  22. @tiffanized
    I laughed out loud on that one… You killed me right there… My sis was all like wtf?! If only she knew…

  23. That picture is the definition of HHH.
    Is it only me that sees the Gos resemblance. And my panties may have just gone *poof* while thinking about being the turkey in a Rob/Gos sammie.

    • oh sweet baby jane. I have a meeting at mork that I must attend, but i will be drawing inappropriate sandwiches on my note pad because of this comment.

      Ohhhh Rob, Ohhhh Ryan. Oh YES!

      • Zees~
        “Drawing inappropriate sandwiches?” I’d love to see that.

        • given my complete ineptitude at drawing, it would be either 3 stick figures, mine in the middle with curly hair, a skirt and wishfully large breasts, not quite holding hands (because I could not get them to line up) with two plain stick figures on either side…


          two fluffy cloud-like structures with scribbling in between, labeled, Rob, Zees and Ryan. Perhaps there is a toothpick with an olive on top.

          Who wants to guess how many of hours of sleep I got last night???

          • Thanks for the visual. YOu sound very coherent for (I’m guessing) having little sleep. Rob would marry it.


      • “innapproriate sandwiches”
        for a second there i thought you meant sandwiches of the bread variety. got majorly confused on how you would incorporate rob and ryan.

    • You are not alone.

      That’s one of the first thoughts I had when I saw this picture for the first time a couple days ago.

      They really don’t look a whole lot alike, but there’s something about his expression, or something, that is so very Gos.

      What f*cktasty sandwich that would be. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    • I just posted my comment – which I actually don’t see yet – weird – and I TOTES think he looks like Ryan Gosling! That was one of the things I wrote. Glad I’m not the only one.

  24. If I was one of the models, all I would have wanted to do is lick, opppps, I mean touch, the two moles, less than an inch apart, found behind his left ear, near the base of his hairline, situated just above his collar, on the opposite side of his right ear….. do you get the picture? 🙂


    • wow…you have REALLY studied some Rob pics.

      And I’m a little frightened.

      • dont be frightened… “ITS NORMAL”!
        I’m right there with ya cazza, except i’ll admit to the “licking”

      • LOL be afraid, very afraid……..

    • A+ on Rob’s Mole subject

    • That’s Normal to know.

    • I am a bit embarassed. I haven’t seen the mole. Or haven’t noticed it really….
      Is that normal too`?


        • TF!….really girl…not normal!!!! 🙂

  25. Moon – so hilarious, APU.

    I bought the Patrick Dempsey (my previous imaginary boyfriend) Details a few years ago. I was at Nordstroms buying my hubby some clothes, and the magazine was at the checkout counter – like Star & the Enquirer at the supermarket. So I just all casual added it to my pile of men’s clothing, like it was also for my husband. Then I brought it home and hid it from him so I could . . . peruse it in private.

    One question – anyone else think Rob looks like Ryan Gosling in that pic?

    • Milfy, he does look like the Gos.
      Have you seen the new RM stills? I posted a link below.

  26. Yum. Every time my Rob-love starts to wane, he goes and takes another pretty picture… Filthy tease.

    • He was made to tease

      • [size=15pt]He was made to please!!![/size] (and tease a bit but mainly to please)

    • Filthy tease = ftw

  27. “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!! *slowly fumbles with robe, misses knot and has to claw robe from body*”

    Laughed way too loudly for what would be considered appropriate within a mental health facility.

  28. Um, guys…

    • omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!1
      I died!!!

      • Oh, I know. It took me a moment to recover from WetRob, then I had to deal with HoveringRob. Gad!

        • I’m still all like OMR!!!
          I can’t form a coherrent thought right now. Dayum!!

          Rob, what are you doing to me?!

      • And I think that there’s more, Bleriana! Steady on-

      • HOT!!

    • Dear Jules,
      you killed me. But I’ll thank you because it was the best way to die…
      ❤ me

      Seriously? They publish *this* kind of pictures to get us to watch Remember me? Dayummmmmm!!! I think I might have to go to Holland too…

    • I’m loving the fact that the pillow case in the first pic is plaid, because what else would it be!!

  29. […] LTR ;   LTT ;   RAoR ;   Rmw […]

  30. I never hated to leave so much as right now. I have to go to that damn driving lessons but I’ll check in from time to time so keep me updated girls!!

  31. “It’s like skeletor is touching me?”


    • Only because I know how much you and T.O.O like to keep up with the very latest all that concerns Rob info I want to share. Latest interview info I have is from the Daily Record, a Scottish publication, where Rob talks about Bel Ami. He says”It’s requiring a lot of myself because I have so many sex scenes.” Lots with Uma’s character which he says uses sex as a weapon and his character is an *animal* Now with that being said, is this not the antithesis of what we want to see Rob doing??? I’m afraid that after this movie he will no longer be our Edward. How will we be able to look at him the same in BD? He also made reference to Twilight. He is very anxious to have the saga over because he says it is difficult to plan other projects around this. He dispelled the rumor that he is going to be the next “spider man” Although he said he would very much like to play the character.

      • Cheers for the info!

      • Thanks Snapped! Animal Rob; sorry, but that sounds very interesting to me. I can’t wait for Bel Ami. Rob as Spiderman however…hahahaha. (sorry Rob, just don’t see it.)

      • Thanks for that update, Snapped. I nearly fainted at the *animal* part! I don’t mind the image update in the least. No more teen heartthrob! Bring on the sex fiend!

        • Oh, just read that interview was a complete fabrication. Worth it for sending my mind into the gutter again, though!

          • Saw that too! But after reading the book the *story* can’t be too far off the mark.. There has to be lots and lots of sex scenes.

      • Gossip Cop and Thinking of rob are reporting the interview as a fake.. **pouty face** i’d love to hear rob talking about this movie but he is flat out working atm i would think..

      • Snapped, I must have misrepresented myself.

        I loved Edward and always will, but seeing Rob play Duroy as an “animal” who uses sex as a weapon is what I live for…lol. No really, this is the role I’ve been waiting for.

        Thanks for planting new visuals in my brain…

      • Snapped.
        Thanks so much for telling me about the sex scenes even if the interview isn’t real…it’s all real to me!!!

        I ❤ you.

    • Haha, skeleton. Blasphemy! Nothing less than perfect fingerporn.;-)

  32. @drsaka I know this post way too good… But reading and daydreaming about it and actually seeing and daydreaming about it is quite different! This is def an epic day in the history of having to take cold showers…
    I even dedicated him a post today…(again)

  33. Girl #1: Is that a chicken wing or a man’s arm under there? Pathetic…
    this was so funny
    but c’mon gril1 is total one can resist Rob’s perfection
    and God remember me pics … this movie just gonna kill me

  34. Wet Rob, mmmmmmm

    I think Remember me is going to kill me!

    When does the “Details” come out? End of the month correct? Isnt there another photo spread (twss) that was shot in LA few weeks back with Emilie? VF? GQ? Cant remember?

    I have to add to my Robporn collection ( Gah , collection??)

    • I think that was for vouge no less, switzz-swoo!

  35. So, this got me thinking… If sticking your head between Rob’s legs is a cure for hyperventilation, I wonder what Rob could do to sure my strep throat…

    Who needs penicillin anyway? Rob, just let me know when you’re ready.

    • Yes, the sparklepeen cures all!

  36. ZOMG!!!!
    There’s more Robward at robsessed!

    • And then I died.

    • I died long before…

    • Uuugh, please post warnings when we are about to see the Mullet seducing Robward. I already have plenty of mental imagery to make my stomach hurt as it is.

  37. The day just keeps giving huh?
    And I am sitting here in class looking at those pictures and gasping…
    Everyone looked at me like I’m crazy. If I think about it I possibly am after a day like this…

  38. “Grab his arm. I said his ARM”. My thoughts exactely.

    I wonder what was going on in Rob’s head. Probably smth like : “Wow, I forgot girls can actually be tall!!! Think of the (sex) possibilities. No, don’t think of it!!! Focus! Just look at Nick! He’s a tun-off. Jeez I’ll never make fun of A cups again”.

    • Hmm. Do you think Nick was lurking there under the table at the photoshoot, like Dali and Garcia-Lorca from Little Ashes, trying to catch his eye, if you know what I mean?

      • hahahahahaha!
        I was just innocently thinking that Rob was trying really HARD not to repeat the Oscars’ experience where he seemed…happy…but you were just more pervy.

        • Thank you, thank you very much.

  39. Great post! The hate of the No1 model and the love of the No2. And meanwhile Rob is falling asleep, haha. Can’t wait for the rest of the Details shoot. This light-shadow photo is not really my thing. And that says a lot because I usually love BW pics! I want the pretty to come out and play. The RM shots I really like; seems like he has great chemistry with Emilie. I hope it comes across like that on screen as well.
    And now I’m tired, it was a busy day. Off to catch some sleep soon. Here’s some old school Rob. (for sweet dreams ;-))

  40. ok girls apparantly someone managed to get some Eclipse pictures of Edward and Bella in the meadow!

    This day is killing me!!

  41. Yeah, saw those, Bleriana. They’re not doing it for me as much as the RM pics.

  42. The first one is pretty hot but in comparison to what I have seen before they kinda suck…
    Whoever decided that they should get published now was making a bad choice…
    Or they just did it because the RM pictures hit like a bomb

  43. Maybe if they didn’t crop the pics and we could actually see the entire picture, it would have been hot. Dunno, just not feeling it. Yet.
    I’m really looking forward to RM though.

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  45. The bromance is alive!!!
    Rob and Tom out and about in London!!

    Never has a Monday been so sweet!!!

    • That picture seems like it could have been taken before Christmas, because his beard is so much longer now (or as of the Haiti benefit)?

      • or he shaved in the meantime. Probs his mum came over, read some of our comments and forced him to shave.

        • I’m sure Clare is a lurker here. Hi Mum!

        • no, the pics are from today, they decided not to publish the rest on robsessed.

          uc&moon, hope you feel like breaking it down tomorrow because the bromance is just too good.

          • It’s the bestest part of the day in my opinion!!

          • have u seen the others?

          • Min, they’ve now sourced it over at Robsessed. Just follow the link to Rob buying his underooos. HA

          • I did my own research before. I was rather surprised, i mean if you use a pic, you have to source it and then it’s up to each other to see more or not after they’re warned. But thanks.

  46. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: what REALLY happened @ the sexy details photoshoot? we have the thoughts from the models (ok, not really but u know us)…

  47. So FUNNY! You rocks! I am fond of your website! You always make me laugh!

    I wonder that too Girl #2: If I said “Hold on tight you little spider monkey” do you think I’d get fired or he’d laugh?

  48. David Slade is very twitterish today I told him this:

    @DAVID_A_SLADE What are you doing on twitter? Get to work man! Spoil us with some trailer… We won’t tell summit… promise!

  49. Like ALWAYS you guys make me laugh outloud while secretly wishing to be Girl #2! :o)

  50. Hold on to his arm…..I said his arm!!!

    My fav.

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