Posted by: Bekah | February 7, 2010

Rob Pattinson (gulp)

Dear Rob,

We usually reserve weekends (and Sundays especially) for a time when we post fan letters or hot videos, but I just couldn’t help myself from writing you a letter. I was (gulp) inspired…..

Inspired by this picture from your recent Details magazine shoot to reminisce about my favorite pics from your photo-shoots over the years.. or over the past 15 months, anyway..

Take a deep breath… more after the jump!

Ignore her. I do

The letter "A" never looked better...

The Photoshoot that started it all....

To me, you are perfect,

Share your fav photoshoots of Rob in the comments! You can embed them into the comments by typing this:

<img src=”EnterIMageURLHere”>

But make sure it’s a semi-small image (width probably not bigger than 300 px) or else you’ll cut of Rob’s perfect face!

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all images found by googling “rob pattinson is so effing hot”


  1. The letter A never looked better…

    Totally agree with you UC!

  2. Uploading to Photobucket . . . BRB with teh hawtness.

  3. Oh Rob…

  4. Lovely. That newest photo is killing me slowly.

  5. Wow thanks for that

  6. THIS post is definitly cold shower worthy!!
    Can’t wait for more Detail photos to come…

  7. A tester first . . .

  8. Rob,
    to me you are perfect in your imperfectness!
    The detail pic is stunning!

  9. Gaaaaaahhhhh it won’t work!!!

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  11. That first picture is so breathtakingly beautiful I can hardly stand it. Not just his beautiful face (although that kills me…especially the stubble), but the contrast of light and dark throughout the image, first across his face, then mirrored in the white of his shirt against the dark of his jacket, and finally in the light and dark entwined of his hair. His brightness is so evident and glowing but the dark half hints at a deeper mystery….. Really, I think it is a work of art.

    • your analysis is perfect!

  12. I’m a tecnical disaster, so I can only give the link to one of my….from the Summerhouse shoot, but they are soooo many others and honestly I didn’t see one really bad pic until now! Damn! 🙂

    I hope that works….

    • He looks so young there, but still eye-catching.

      • I know and he was, the pic is from 2007? Don’t know exactly….but his face is so pure here…I love that!
        …and b/w pics are HOT!

        • Oh, that’s Rob Gallagher!

          • LMAO!!! GREAT!

          • Rob Gallagher after he split up with Tom Gallagher.

          • minuit ..what’s about Johnny Gallagher?

    • No, Liam and Noel’s brother!

      • Aha! The basis for Art in HTB (the hair anyway).

  13. I’m kinda trapped here in munich staying at some relatives house. They make me watch their sons wedding on dvd. I barely managed to escape to the toilet and get my dose of rob. Good thing I bought a mobile phone with Internet…
    After seeing those pictures I am all happy now and can go back to another round of wedding videos…
    Can’t wait to see with what hot pictures you guys come up.

  14. Thank you, UC! As always, you knew exactly what I needed to turn this morning from crapola to craptastic! (It’s still crappy, but at least I’m not thinking about it anymore!)
    That first picture….ungh.
    Tell, me, Rob…how DO you perfect the art of effortlessly eye-effing?

    • I especially love the brooding and/or slightly angry look- its his patented (pattinted?- sorry, bad pun) look!

      I think its because he has a certain way of looking directly at the camera or person that makes you think that he’s really seeing you. And of course, his eyes are so expressive and most importantly, for me, there’s intelligence there.

      • How is it he can do the staring-into-the-camera thing so well in photo shoots, but avoids looking into the camera in interviews? He’s always looking to the sides or at the floor when he has to speak?

        • I thought about that too. We get the impression that he’s shy, but he can do the photo shoots and the movie shoots. He has said that he does get very nervous. I don’t know how he’s overcome it for the shoots, and all the in-person appearances, that he does.

          • What drsaka said.

            If a person is self-conscious how do they look so natural during a photo shoot?

            I remember Chris Weitz saying he’d never seen anyone look more beautiful through a camera lens than Rob.

            I concur.

          • The camera is def. in love with him.

          • lion…right
            minuit…right as well
            plus all the people that saw him live said that he is even more beautiful……and weird thing…but I don’t want to hear that….

          • @Mountaingirl
            What a lovely thing to say…when did CW say this?

          • Bettsy,
            I wish I could remember. I just remember reading it. Maybe he’ll say it again during the directors commentary on the NM DVD. Anyone else remember this or did I dream this, too?


          • he said that lion….but cannot remember when…it was written interview! before the NM press junket tour….for some mag.

        • What? I thought he was looking and speaking to me during the interviews.

          • Was that you standing over to the side? That explains it, then!

          • Yes, I’m his imaginary (lover) PR.

    • He has soooooooo beautiful eyes…sigh*

  15. “Ignore her. I do.” My sentiments exactly…

    Wonder if she will be making an appearance in London for Valentine’s Day??

    His hair in the newest pic looks so amazing and soft. God, this photo shoot is going to be the death of me.

    • You see, more and more of us Europeans think that Valentine’s is just the most pointless holiday invented by Americans in the sole purpose of making money. 😉

      I don’t know why, but I suspect that Rob is non-conventional like that and shares my opinion. And I can’t imagine Kristen being particularly romantic either.

      If anything, they’ll probably just send each other hot pockets/combs wrapped in plaid-shirts. Or Rob might write a special song (“Mullet of the heart”) and mumble it to her per video-chat.

      *ooh, I SO cannot wait for the LTR-Valentine’s post; I have a feeling it will be EPIC!*

      • more and more of us Europeans think that Valentine’s is just the most pointless holiday invented by Americans in the sole purpose of making money.
        -A lot of Americans feel like that too!

        “Mullet of the heart”- we must write that song. Its mandatory.

        • I was just referring to Europe because that’s where I live and what I know. And because HE is European. I hope nobody got offended.

          Unfortunately, I don’t think my English vocabulary is vast enough to pull off a good version of “Mullet of the heart”. But I sure as Hale will at least try 🙂

        • True!

      • I’m also pretty sure he’s not into Valentine’s and stuff but he won’t say no to some RobSTU quality time. Draska and moaninmymouth I’m really counting on you for the special song. Can you please do a RobStu version as well?

        • I’ll see if I can come up with something. My previous attempts at songwriting were laughable, but I never had such a subject to inspire me before.

  16. There are so many incredible pics. He really doesn’t seem to be able take a bad pic, at least not in a photo shoot. We know a very tiny minority of candid shots have less than adonis-like perfection. 🙂

    I’m extremely partial to the VF shoot pics with Rob wearing a lobster bib and eating corn-on-the-cob.

    No man looking like that ever showed up at a clambake that I attended!!!

    • thx drsaka for teaching me what a “clambake” is…naturally you’re right in all you’ve said!

      • Clambakes can be fun. Here’s a how-to-do-
        The food tends to get a bit sandy though.

        The lobster bib kills me in the pics. NO ONE looks good in a lobster bib, but he does. Howhowhow does he do that!!!!!!?????

        • haha…sounds great thx…we did that in Italy as well but never on the beach. The lobster bib….mhmm….know what? I can see only HIS face….he could wear a garbage bag and he would look great!!!<3

        • I was JUST thinking the same thing about no one looking good in a lobster bib when I clicked on your linky ….. except Rob. He’s being very serious in that pic but with no tweed.

  17. Oh Rob (2)…
    The new Details pic is stunning. I wonder what the rest of the photoshoot will be like.. oh geez!
    His hair is inviting my hand to touch it.

    • It was stated that the mag will be using nude models with Rob don in a very tasteful manner. They are suppose to have a 1920′ 1930’s feel of old hollywood. Mag goes on sale 2/23

  18. UC, you summed it up perfectly:To me, you are perfect. So perfect it kills me that I can’t have you.

    I love the VF pics and the Italian VF ones with Rob lying on the white rug.mmmmm..

    • The one with the hop-bone? Haha- that was a good Freudian slip from before- I liked it.

      • haha..that was lion’s “word”..too funny!

  19. The man is stunning. I’ve had celebrity “crushes” before, but they fizzled out shortly thereafter. Whatever it is I have going on for Rob is still just as strong as the day I first laid eyes on him. It doesn’t help when he goes and graces his beautiful face on all these magazines… GQ, Vanity Fair, etc. Geez!

    • Exactly. This thing with Rob isn’t going away anytime soon. I love but hate it at the same time. I have NEVER been so crazy over a celebrity before. Just the mention of his name in conversation makes me smile and my mind drifts away.

      Rob, you are perfect, stunning, breathtaking..I don’t think you really know what you do to us.

      • D2D – get outta my head.


        • haha.

  20. Aaaarrrrgh, UC, don’t do this to me!! ..and I thought I was safe from Robsession today! Actually I kind of had a dream about meeting him which I won’t go into, but this is too much…now I am sucked into the Rob vortex again.

    And I will never get over how gorgeous he was as Edward in Twilight. Never. *sigh*

  21. @drsaska
    me too!!! Thats one of my favourite robs. The angry, sexy, brooding one… It reminds me of starting a argument with him that would result in hot and steamy make-up-sex…

    I hpe I get home asap so I can post some of them….

    Dear Rob,
    looked pissed all you want as long as I get some hot make-up-sex in the shower or your piano….

    Ready to start a argument,

    • Ha! Bleriana, I think we’re going to get hot steamy makeup sex in a hallway in Remember Me. We’ll all in puddles of goo in the theatres.
      Goo is goo (for Janetrigs).

  22. @dazzledtodeath
    I’ll adopt your sentence like a mantra: To me you are perfect. So perfect it kills me I can’t have you…
    Oh Rob what are you doing to me…??

  23. @drsaka
    Really?! You’re kidding right?
    OMG!!!! I think I just died…. Damn…
    how do you know? Is it in the trailer?? Then why did I miss that…? Or perhaps I just thought it was making out…. because I am innocent (not)….
    I am seriously shaking right now and being super damn excited. I better calm down before joining the group….

    P.s. Really?!? Are you absolutely sure about it? (said in the best Rob-on-Tyra voice)

  24. The new Details pic is breathtaking. I gathered by the title of the post that it would be, so I scrolled down slowly, to savor it…

    Guess I know what I’ll be thinking about at church today…

    • oooo- naughty!

    • Sunday is a day of worship, after all. Believe me, I’m worshipping right here.

  25. I have no words.
    Can we do this EVERY Sunday?

    • United Church of Rob. Amen.

  26. I just went back and noticed the “ignore her. i do” and nearly spit out my drink.
    this post is all kinds of win!

    • Me too! That was hilarious.

    • yes, ignore her. Wouldn’t you prefer a harem of Normal LTR ladies?

    • Got a quick smile, um smirk, on my face when I read that tag. Great minds think alike. It was the first thought in my head when I looked at that otherwise hawwwt pic of the pretty.

      Move aside, girlie. The ladies of LTR have reserved a space on that rug – right next to his fineness.

  27. If Details Rob is anything close to GQ or Vanity Fair Rob (and let’s face it-how could it not be), then I’m going to need someone to go with me to Barnes & Noble to make sure I get out of the store without hyperventilating. He REALLY IS perfect….

  28. That Details outtake is really great. Anybody knows who the photographer is?

    Question: is it normal to prefer real life Rob? Explanation: the photshoots Rob goes to members only clubs cause he’s a famous actor, real life Rob gets drunk with you in some cool bar and the word vomit just gets better and better.

    • I agree, MP. As beautiful as Rob is in photoshoots, it only reminds you that he’s an unattainable celebrity. Real life drunk Rob is a man of the people.

      • I really don’t like all this celebrity thing. Where’s the dumpster?

      • Didn’t he say in the first Ellen interview that he liked to be part of ‘the people’ (in reference to the bit with the button controlling the windshield wiper or the ‘wipey thing-‘). Of course, things have canged since then a bit for him…..

        • oops- changed

        • After the wiper, there has been the borrowed Porche, Steam and the private jet. Is it me or things are just getting worst?

          Rob, will you take your BMX and at least accompany Tom Stu when he’s going to do some laundry? I know you gave up washing clothes a while ago, but will you just do that for ol’ time’s sake? By the way, just as for the wipey thing, we’re part of the people and we have washing machines. But I suppose at the time you didn’t know you can’t buy washing machines in cool vintage clothes stores.

    • I’m with you…I love real-life Rob more….plus real life pics….when he does NOT the posing….BUT some shoots are really sexy!!!

      • the red carpet posing 🙂

        • What’s about the “Remember-Me-filming-one month-during-shooting”?
          Fabulous!!!and….the after-red-carpet-drunk-posing did it better! 🙂

          • Dear respectful Robporn dealer,
            Drinking and communicating in E are 2 things that don”t always go together, because I have no idea what you’re talking about.


          • 🙂 Cheers!

  29. So I managed to get into somebody’s laptop and am going to post a few pictures..




    As you can see I love the vanity fair photo shoot so here all pictures:

  30. Where’s my comment?

  31. Love the Detail outtake too! So classy! He actually looks like a “good boy”…….but we know better!!!!

  32. Imma try to imbed an image:

    If it works I will have joined the 21st century at last.

    • Doh! This is the picture I like:

      • Especially the tight jeans????

      • Oooh yeeeah! This picture is actually new to me and oh, so good!
        Thanks, Old One!

      • Hi T.O.O.

        Can you email that photo to me, please? For some reason I couldn’t open it and when people say “tight jeans,” I listen.


        • honi….you have that already…it’s one of your favourites as well….lol….oh my why do I know that??? 🙂

        • Sounds like your regular porn provider has already got it covered, but I’ll send it to you anyway!

          • Thanks, Robgirl and T.O.O.

            xoxo to you both,

          • Yes, we should never doubt the professionalism of our official dealer. I’ve never seen someone more involved in his/her job.

          • yeah…somebody should pay me! Hello Rob! 🙂

          • Imma write a recommendation letter for you.
            Rob, can you please tell me where to send it?

          • MP, Please post the recommendation letter.

  33. Put a fork in me – I’m done. Ch 67 of MOTU did me in and then my friend texts me and telling me to go look at the Detail’s photo. It now is my wallpaper on the bbery! Looks like I’m going to be buying many copies of this mag! These photos are awesome and are inspiring lots of yummy thoughts!

  34. I like my Rob young and pretty and clean shaven. And RL!
    Remember Me set photos were the best and this one is still my favourite

    2 and 3 are mesmerzing, I can’t stop looking at them

    • My reaction when I opened pic 2:

      OH! … damn…

  35. Wow- The old one – this is MY picture too! This is the pic that sent me over the deep end ( or rather my obsession with Rob) That’s the pic that started the whole thing!

  36. Please don’t hate me if I say, “I wanna BE the rope.”

    • lmao!!!

    • I was gonna say that! It’s like a Zen meditation: “BE the rope!”

      • I guess I have spiritual experiences when I see HIM.

        • very spiritual and deep indeed.

          • Now, I will retreat to the inner sanctum and recite my mantra…be the rope, be the rope…take off your clothes, be the rope, stop kissing me so roughly, be the rope.


            I really do have a life.

          • lion..I think you have some early spring fever!!!

          • hahaha hilarious!!!
            now imma let you enjoy don’t wanna disturb you.

  37. Imma gonna gear up for some thumbs down here….I don’t really like the first VF photoshoot :/ Something about his manicured eyebrows and his tan (he should def NOT be tan imho) throws me off. I prefer to see him looking old school James Dean/Clark Gable in the b&w shots. The newest VF was also all kinds of yummy, thats why its sitting in my bedroom right now. And the newest Details photo prompted a wallpaper change on my MacBook.
    Oh who am I kidding? However he’s photographed he could still make me want to have dirty Hotpocket slathered sex behind a dumpster.

  38. I’d love to know what Rob says about his own photos. Does he laugh at himself for looking sexy and think it’s one big joke?

    I would guess YES. He laughs and that’s one of the reasons why I wanna do him in a dark hallway.

    • haha
      “He laughs and that’s one of the reasons why I wanna do him in a dark hallway”. Great/normal logical connection. All the roads lead to Rome.

      • I thought all roads led to the happy trail?

        • hahaha
          Well, Rome was a metaphor.Now I’d better take the road.

    • He laughs and forgets…..and that’s one of the reasons…….. 🙂

  39. Eek my age is showing, haven’t a clue how to get the link to a pic here.

    OK, close your eyes…he’s in Montauk NY, posing for VF…is leaning back on a wooden building…white shirt, tie and navy overcoat.

    And he has the most eye-effing stare ever!

    You know the one.

    Instant meltdown. Oh, see the puddle I am…

    • It’s so funny how we all can close our eyes and SEE just about any image from just a description, no links necessary!

  40. My first time commenting on this blog, however I visit here almost everyday….

    • Welcome parryphase! You have probably figured out that there is a tight group that keeps us all laughing and lusting. A few of us contribute every now and then but we are just along for the ride. Enjoy!

      • Thanks for the welcome! I frequent a handful of blogs, (RAOR included) but rarely comment. I especially love LTR, I come away with a smile on my face every time.

        (btw- I was trying to post an image, but it didn’t work… )

        • welcome!

        • welcome!

        • Love your avi! Cats are the best!

    • HI Parryphrase,
      Great name and love the avi.

      • Thanks! Yep, that’s my Edward cat (my pet)…. No, didn’t name him after Robward, he was named long before Twilight came along… I’m parryphrase or kphrase depending on what board or blog I’m on, so see you around!

  41. Trying this again…

  42. first attempt:

  43. The first pic…the epitome of effortless beauty and class…sorry but in my opinion no one holds a candle to Rob…he is just unique. To think he got DEATH THREATS over this photoshoot and the stupid rumours that accompanied it. Unbelievable….

  44. He did so many different shoots with different “looks”and there’s actually no bad one in between…How does that work? Why is he so versatile? Damn!

  45. Where’s my last comment?
    …OK, imma try again:

    • My comments get lost too… wtf?

      • My comment appeared eventually, it just took a while. And the image wasn’t embedded 😦 I’m giving up.

        I like to think of it as technology-fail rather than me-fail 🙂

  46. Oh God, when will this fangirling ceased to an end. I couldn’t stop wanting Rob. My 2 weeks Rob Fasting doesn’t work.

    • Welcome back, Niahid.

  47. Southernbelle~
    YOu get over here right now and comment. jk jk

    miss u,

    • SB just woke up. If it wasn’t 2 PM when the posts are up here in Fr. I would miss all the week-end fun.

      • MP I wish I just woke up! I need more sleep.

        Not doing any of this Superbowl stuff today.

    • ML – I’m here! I’m completely mesmerized.

      • Completely mesmerized…

        Me too, SB, me too!

  48. There are new RM photos at Robessed.

    Look at his left hand (as the poster pointed out)- how does he do that? He must be double jointed.

    He’s mentioned it before in relation to being a goalie and didn’t we hear that KStew calls him Flippy? Am I making that up?

    Think of the possibilities.

    • drsaka…you are my TWIN! THAT was my first THOUGHT! Try to do that…try…

      • It would break your hand, as the Robsessed poster pointed out. Its just another one of his gifts and a bonus for us.

        • MP- are you freaked out by this?
          (your post from a couple of days ago about his hands?)

          • WHAT did SHE say about his hands???…I think me is freaking out….lol

          • It was something about MP not liking his hands until we talked about the possibilities of what he could do with them, then she was the light! Something like that, MP?

          • hahahaha!!!
            I may or may not have said his long hands freak me out when he’s trying to do his hair with his fingers.
            Now if he was doing me, that would be a whole different story.

          • I agree, a completely different story. Motto: think of the possibilities.
            The motto sounds like a car commercial?

          • minuit…listen carefully…in English….HIS hands are gorgeous!!!
            va bien? 🙂

          • “hands on her ears” lalalalalalala
            P. S. I can see you looking into your Robporn collection to send me all the fingerporn you have.

    • He kind of does the same thing with his feet. 🙂 I saw some pretty wonky pics where it would totally hurt if someone else did it! 🙂

      • I like the wonky feet/leg pics. Here’s a great compilation by Kat @Robsessed.

        • Thanks for posting it, that shows it. He’s probably really flexible! That’s a good thing! 😉

          • Think of the possibilities.

          • The possibilities are endless Drsaka.

          • “Think of the possibilities” should be a motto or smth.

          • HIS legs are gorgeous as well….did anybody notice that I know only 5 words in english? gahhhh

        • gahhh…the first is my all-time-favourite!!!<3

        • Hilarious! And still so lovable.

    • He’s got to be double jointed…I’ve never seen another actor get in the sort of positions (contortions?) that Rob gets himself into….another reason to love this fascinating man Sigh…..

      • Everything about him is different and by different, I mean better than average!

    • you know, maybe it’s the whole “musician” thing. i can do that with my hand. hmmm…

  49. I’d like to add a caption to the photo where Rob is strutting with Kellan and his thumb is touching his middle finger. Caption could read:

    “Even I get off when I touch my middle finger”

    That is one powerful middle finger!

    Rob did this to me…it’s not normal.

    • I kind of see the NM parking lot sex strut superimposed over this photo shoot.

      • the parking lot sex strut??? i def. missed smth today.

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