Posted by: themoonisdown | February 6, 2010

Woah – Did you know this stuff existed?

Dear Rob,

Have you ever wondered what merchandise has your face on it? Wondering what you’re not being paid for? Well I think I found ALL our merchandise in ONE location. This girl’s bedroom:

Did you even know this stuff existed?

And since we’re 2nd hand embarrassed for the girl above let’s watch a video of your funny moments cause that’s always a good time

Oh man some of those are classics… and I gotta say it, I’ll always be jealous of Laura Culpepper. Freakin’ luuuuucky. 😉

Happy Saturday everyone!

What’s your favorite Rob video? Share some in the comments, we’re always looking for new ones!

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  1. I watched that first video once. It is kinda funny but not in a ha-ha-way but in a very disturbing 2nd-hand-embarassed way…

    • Does no-one else think this video is *heavy* on the irony?

      I think it’s hilarious, especially the romantic swing round with Mini-Edward. And Cardboard Rob hitting his head. Classic moments.

  2. My favs are the interviews where he talks about how he proposes “a-lot” and the ones where he gets asked multiple choice questions. He’s so dang charming. The U.R.A. Fever video is pretty damn hot though.

    • YES! dang charming and dang PRETTY!

  3. the first time laura culpepper interviewed rob, he kinda came off as a bit of an arse.
    but the second interview she did that was a year later, rob was all like *omg a nice person, can we be friends? i love you friend*

    • You really think he came off as a bit of an arse? Really.. I found him cute during the whole thing…

  4. Dear Rob,

    I cheated on you last night with Channing Tatum. I hope you can forgive me, although I may do it again. You really have left me no choice.

    Patiently Impatiently waiting for March,

    • We all did kinda cheat on him at some point. No big deal girl.
      I cheated on him yesterday night aswell. With Ian Somerhalder.
      But that will be over once he comes out of his hideout…

      • I love Ian Somerhalder too… I feel so dirty.

        • Imma go all Jessica Stanley on that and say: “Yeah right?”

          Everyone in my environment is Team Paul and I’m all like: ‘Why have the hero when you can have the bad guy?!’

          I even did my very first post about Ian so I kinda lost my virginity to him (my bloggin virginity that is)

          p.s. I’m def delusional

          • Ian looking pretty hot in Vamp Diaries. Much more interesting than in Lost. BTW- did you catch the shots of Paul Westley’s bare torso? Wow!

          • I did but I saved them for another post… Can’t spread out all of the goodies right? 😉

  5. Oh fucking hell.
    That is just … sad/pathetic/weird/the reason we’re hated so much.
    That makes me embarrassed to own any Twi merch.
    Although at the same time it kinda makes me feel better about being almost 20 with 5 “secret” Rob/NM posters behind my door …

    • haha…yes..I love your “secret”! But I cannot feel so embarrassed for the girl, she’s very young and sweet, I think she put much effort to do the video…I feel more embarrassed when teens cannot stop screaming at him!

      • I second everything Robgirl, said. I have to. She’s my robporn dealer.


        • Now that’s a profession I want to have: Robporn-dealer…
          Has a nice ring to it right?

  6. Dear Rob,
    I think too that you’re REALLY handsome…especially this morning when you KILLED me with the first pic of the DETAIL shoot!

    Dear April,
    you're a sweet Edward-girl!

    • What? there’S already a pic of detail shoot? Send it to me!!! Please?!

      • robsessed..this morning!<3

        • Damn I was so eager to get to LTR I totes forgot about Robsessed… thanks though

        • I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who missed that.

      • yum, can’t wait to see the rest of the Details shoot.

    • my tears just got wet when i saw the pic.he absolutely killed me he doing on purpose?
      and the girl is kinda sweet to me.i loved her room i would probably have that kinda of room if i was a teenager.

      • I love that you said, “my tears just got wet.” First I thought it was code for something else, but I get it, Che. If I was April’s age I’d do the same thing. She’s sweet.

        • Omg i didn’t notice that. wth?
          sorry it’s not a code absolutely not
          hahaha i meant my eyes.
          and u get it, even i didn’t get it .i’m not very good at english -as u might notice- is there a meaning,what means my tears get wet?
          ok.. everyone can feel 2nd hand embarrasment as i do 1st hand.

          • Che,
            YOu are fine…you didn’t say anything wrong. What you said was fun.

          • thanks lion it’s nice to find someone to correct me
            well it happens a lot these days 🙂

    • I love that pic of Rob from Robsessed. *sigh* It was so worth all the wait, just to see his beautiful face again!

      And this April girl is so adorable!!!! I want my room to look like that, but it won’t fly with the hubbers.

  7. Honestly it’s difficult to choose what was his “best” interview for me, I love them all…ALL! I love to see him, to hear him talking about everything and all, I don’t care…hahaha….some audio NM blablabla is kinda useful as a lullaby as well! 🙂

    • Morning (or afternoon) RG- you’ve defined the favorite interview:

      one where he’s talking and where the camera stays on him.

  8. I couldn’t watch more than a minute of that first video. The girl got freaky with the EC cutout, didn’t she?

  9. My favourite Rob video? Ooh that’s tough – there’s too many!

    those are just a few..

    • Love that he can’t open the bike lock!

      • So Rob.

      • Love how he looks when somebody comes to help him… So cute…

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  11. I thought the first vid was funny, though there is quite a lot of second hand embarrassment going on. Especially during the walk with the standee down the street!

    I’m sure her parents were thrilled that she was spending her $ on all that stuff. Including the shot of Zygote Rob on her wall near the end.

    • ‘the shot of Zygote Rob’ yeah yeah this was just too much .i mean btw all of the wonderfull pics why that?plus where did she find it,did any magazine give that pic as poster?

  12. As for fav vid, there are so many. I really like the Culpepper interviews. The recent T4 interview is prime because of the word vomit.

    There’s one during the NM press junket in which a young Scottish (I think) girl interviews him and he is so sweet with her. I fell a little harder for him during this one.

    • yes, I remember, she gave him some strange dog-note-thing and he explained in very simple words the whole Edward-Bella-relationsship… SWEET both!

      • I couldn’t tell what she gave him at the end, but he was so considerate of her and thanked her so nicely.

        • Can anyone find this one? I can’t. Its worth another viewing, I think.

          • this one?

          • That’s it, thanks RG! She gave him a bobblehead dog (looks like a Scottie) for his car.
            Gah! i just fell a little more, he was so sweet with her!

          • drsaka..I love how he holds up this dog-thing the whole time in her direction….

          • He’s sooooo cute in this video I don’t even think about having sex with him while watching it*…

            *ok thats a lie…

          • …makes me think about ‘making’ babies with him though… *nods*

            sooo effing cuteeee! >.<

          • I like how sound maybe Team Jacob (‘he’s so good looking’). but I think that she succumbs to the infamous Rob charm (the look on her face when he’s taking about the butt massage). She may have just jumped into puberty, right then.

          • Thank you, RG!!! I’d never seen that before but I think I just fell more for him too! He’s so sweet with her!
            Butt MAYsagge…. oh my

        • it’s a nodding dog. You stick them in the back window of your car and they nod when the car moves. You can just put them on a mantle or something and flick them occassional to make them nod if you prefer!

    • mtv laura culpepper and T4. word.
      and the pre-Twilight radio interviews with some girls in Portland and the one with Ryan Seacrest. And so many others.

      • yes, the Portland one- good one. Its hard to choose as there are many great moments in each. I especially love the first Ellen interview- the ‘wipey thing’ still kills me.

      • The Ryan Seacrest interview= Rob at his finest…I love all the pics from that morning as well!!!

      • What minuit said.

  13. Speaking of embarassement, there was a video on robsessed the other day with Rob arriving in Mexico. Almost impossible to watch. The guy has superpowers: who else could deal with such huuuge first hand embarassement ?

    Oh and may I bring to your attention the MENTAL CRAZY RIDICULOUS conversations of some morons about the Details photoshoot? “How can he do that to KStew…” BWhahahaha. ANd it’s not the same who were pissed for VF who “wanted to make him look like a drunk”. Bwhahahhaha! I really hope for their sake they’re really 10 or smth but somehow I believe that they can be much much older. And that’s freakin’ me out.

    That’s it for the embarassement report, I have to go hide feeling 1st hand embarassed for readig 2nd hand embarassement things.

    • Somebody really said that? ‘How can he do that to Kstew??’
      Some people are delusional.
      And what do you mean with the whole Mexico thing. What happened?

      • go to robsessed if you have the guts and watch it. words cannot describe it.

        • Believe me, much of the Robstens are older still…
          I remember the days when Robsessed was filled with normal commenters…The info is still great, but it has been taken over by the crazies…It’s all gotten so much worse since they had more assurance that Rob’s with Kris or in their words: ‘Before them there was no real love’. Ugh…I’ve been getting some good laughs though about their panic of the so called end of Robsten last week…(Sorry…) And now they’ve been all upset about Rob maybe not attending the Bafta’s while Kstew will be nominated and attend…He’s filming people…Really, I don’t get that kind of delusional, and I think that’s a good thing!
          God, that’s why I so love this place and you guys…Humor and not buying into the bullshit…LOVE…

          A great weekend everyone!

          • Thanks for the Robsessed info, Cath. YOu have a good weekend, too.

          • Well actually I buy some of the bullshit (like the rumours about the Detail photoshoot) but I don’t take them THAT superdamn serious!!

    • You’re not alone, MP- I feel second hand embarrassed too. The Mexico vid- I only got to 35 sec before I had to stop. How can anyone take all that chaos? Not me.

      • there was some desperate crying at the end. it’s the proximity I think. If there were 1000 crazies it was like a mass thing, no identity or personal contact, but there, it was practically him and them, so close.
        So what’s up with the European trip? write me if u want.

        • Hi MP, what’s the best way to exchange email addresses?

          • i dunno the best but here’s the most simple

          • just sent you an email

    • minuit…I watched the video, ignoring the teens and all I thought was…damn this thing is sooo blurry, BUT I might have seen that he looked STUNNING in Mexico….I’m a bit embarrassed by myself b/c I cannot FEEL anymore the 2nd hand embarrassment so much…..THAT’S the result of the DROUGHT, pls say something I need your coolness….<3
      P.S. Should I comment "there"?
      hahaha 🙂

      • haha
        i dare you to comment with your LTR identity, smth real good like “Robert please, I love you, I beg you Robert!”
        Ok you’re free to add I’ll go down on my knees if you want.

        • I told you that I’m not feeling COOL, not that I need to feel like a FOOL!!!! 🙂

          Dear minuit,
          I love you
          I beg you minuit!
          P.S. the knee-thing , honey don’t tease me!!!

          • all i saw was rime and sex. are you trying to seduce me? I didn’t really wake up yet, my brain doesn’t function right.

          • 🙂

    • saw the mexico vid….not good and I’ve been reaing some of the mad, idiotic comments made by people re the Details photoshoot. Personally, I’d be happy seeing him straddled, rather by me….blush! Apparently he was in the Groucho last night looking stunning… and hanging out ‘with some moody boys’ ……..

      On another note my rob crush is rumbled. Whilst staring at Rob photos the other day I managed to catch antivirus xp 2010….IT department now have my base unit and the gigs up! almost wish I’d been surfing porn sites instead, would be seriously less embarrasing.
      will never live this down, I work pretty much, exclusively with men who will make my life hell forever more! May have to find a new job!

      • Oh no Mine! I trytrytry not to look at LTR at work, but I succumb to the temptation sometimes and I’ve been known to do stealth LTR there. If I’m found out, there will be big time repercussions. I hope that it won’t be too bad for you!

        • well that’s really cheered me up no end, hadn’t thought about the fallout still just fetting over being caught looking at photos of Rob…..Blimey, maybe the looking for a new job may be on the cards in a real way! Will spend the rest of the weekend worring about this, or maybe I’ll just get drunk and forget it’s happened 🙂 Can’t do anything about it now! Such is life and all that crap! 🙂

          • Oh no- I didn’t mean to upset you and make you worry. If your IT guys are cool enough to make fun of you, than should be the end of it. Sorry, please don’t worry.

            I worry about it for myself because we did have one guy fired because he was looking at porn sites. A different category from LTR and pretty pics. The good news is that they can’t realistically track everything.

        • Don’t worry you haven’t really made me worry. Life,s to short to worry about work or lack of, see I have my priorities in order don’t care if I get sacked but do care if they all find out about my rob obssession! How dumb is that. And seriously not upset that’s just my crappy british (northern) sense of humour showing through. 🙂

          • Just tell the guys that you work with that if they were better looking you wouldn’t have to look at Rob. Simple. It’s THEIR fault.

      • haha
        I may or may not have had some similar experiences at work. So since I’m an expert, here’s my advice: if it’s a big company, you can just make the IT guy think you’re some important bi*ch, if he ever meets people you work with he won’t say anything, but IT people don’t know the others usually, they actually have no clue about the real world so…And if it’s a small company, you better grab him and get him drunk all week-end, to help him forget.

        as for Rob, members only clubs SUCK!!! BIG TIME!!! and you’re my only hope to get us inside. Now that the IT guy knows about it, can you ask him if he has friends who can get us in? OK bad joke “goes hide in the corner”.

        • IT people have no idea about the real world = well said, MP.

          • they’re always into their very geek world. a bit like us in the rob world.

          • same for teachers….lol

      • I’m sorry, Mine. I’m all over the Rob sites while I’m at work, too and could be found out. That wouldn’t be good.

        I’ll be thinking about you and hope it works out ok. Been there…


    • Oh wow, where did you see those? LOL.

      • SB, when you ask this kind of questions I realize you might be more sane than I am. It’s Gossip Cop and Robsessed. Landed on Gossip Cop from a tweet anouncing deets on the Details photoshoot. The deets are not deets but the comments are pure gold.for the mental hospital.

        • LOL, sorry MP, I’m in a funk lately and not been doing much “research” on anything Rob-related. Thanks for the info.

          • SB- I hope that your funk doesn’t last-

    • Oh my! Just watched it….
      Thats not teens, they’re grown-ass women. I’m Mexican and I know how spanish spoken by teens sounds. Teenagers in Mexico wouldn’t do this…Lmao!

      • I really need to forget about this video. it’s tooooo much.

      • LMAO, I agree!

  14. The second video made me forget the incredibly disturbing 2nd hand embarrassment that is the first one.
    THAT is why I don’t ever want to be labeled a Twi-hard. It conjures up way too many visions of crazy.

  15. Early Twilight interview- Cath reminded us of it a couple of days ago. Its extra special with his facial expressions, he’s talking a mile a minute, there’s word vomit (what he compares his chest hair to) and and extra special treat at the beginning. Can you spot him?

    • he is so sweet there but to be honest the cover is awfull and the problem isn’t the chest hair.
      make up and hair,WTH?

    • good one. ALthough the MTV events from Twilight times are also referred to (only by me) as gay teeny Rob, I loved him for not being famous yet and being himself. There’s also this one, where he has very similar reactions to mine, almost wierd (Rob will you stop copying?)

      • Ha! I remember that one- just a little bit under the influence! He looked great though!

        • i forgot to mention why “gay teeny Rob”, it’s the too plugged eyebrows. But I prefer Twilight accessible word vomitting Rob than NM Rob.

      • this is my all time fav vid of him. I know he’s not saying much….I think this is the one that really tipped me over the edge. Tipseyrob is def the best rob. Don’t really know what that says about me…..i like my men drunk!

        • it’s the voice and the laugh….!and what does that say about us?

          • he’s just so sweet, he’s drunk and not getting in a mood for being followed by people asking him daft questions. That’s what I like about him, he puts up with sooooooo much shite from everyone but still manages to remain charming, sweet and down-to-earth….wonder if he’ll marry me? Could do with some sweet and charming right now.

          • meanwhile you wait for his “YES”, I could give you my “YES”…for some reason I like London SO MUCH! Just one question before..Are you a member of the Groucho Club? 🙂

          • RB – no not a member of the Groucho Club. It’s very exclusive and generally members are from media/publishing world. If I’m honest it’s not really the kind of place I’d want to go even if I was one of the beautiful people. It’s very well known and I should imagine if you can get memebership then you’ve probably made it in your chosen field, but quite frankly, I’ve never seen the appeal. Obvously lots of people would love to be members, so they can hangout with the ‘Stars’. I supposed it would be a good place for Rob to hang out, no chance of being mugged by the screaming hoards….but he doesn’t strick me has the kind of man that likes all this ‘exclusive’ business. It may grow on him though!

          • ok should have read:


            if i were not was

            I suppose not supposed


            Doesn’t strike not strick

            blood hell, english worse than usual today! I’m blaming it on being out all night:)

          • mine! I know the Club, don’t ask why…lol….and I love London and I love your typos!!!!
            …and you’re right …there are better places to have fun and get drunk…. 🙂

          • I don’t get the appeal of exclusive places. Here you don’t have the membership thing, but you have to know people to go in. And I do. But I never go there. It’s like working, talking to everybody and trying to be interesting. I really hate it. Going out is about having fun with friends, right? But for some reason, I changed my mind suddently and really feel like going to Grucho. Dunno why.

          • MP – spot on, don’t get the appeal either, all sounds a bit pants to me!

            RG are you a memeber????? if so i think you should take MP with you and you can behave badly together and then post me the pics.

            I’m a miserable git i think because even though RP’s been spotted there twice in the last year I still would rather eat my own head than go. Wonder if this sounds like sour grapes cos I’m not a member……it’s not honestly. Really just not my idea of a fun night, i’m sure all those who are members have a great time…….

          • mine! you don’t need to be necessarily a member….but it’s boring like minuit says….all the same …to see and to be seen….so I saw some people I do NOT know…lol….but sure that yesterday things would have been different…..just sayin…but as I said ..I prefer the pubs where “what’s good on the floor is good on the bar” (who said that? SS i guess) ….<3

          • I really should pay more attention. i just understood that you went there??? I am all ears. And most imp. when will you get me in?
            Here, I wouldn’t say it’s boring cause you get to meet some interesting people sometimes, but it’s like working and NO real fun. Not to mention some disgusting old people drooling all over. But I am more than willing to take the risk to meet some “moody English guys”, one in particular.
            The thing is that when you’re an actor who doens’t need all the networking thing, why would you go there???
            Rob, we need to have a discussion. Shall we meet behind the dumpster? It’s just curiosity.

      • this is one video that actually made it on my i-pod… I watch it multiple times cause he is just soooo freakin’ cute….

      • I love that one MP, haven’t seen it in a while.

        He has some major sex hair in that video! Hot! And his cheeks are flushed, so adorable, I want to kiss them.

      • AHHhhhh! DrunkRob… haha the way he laughed and talked all slurred.
        Makes me wanna get him drunk till I can get him in a cab home… >.< aww so sweet.

    • Drsaka…in that video TomStu, looking still like a 16y old WITH beard, cracked me up!!
      minuit…good one too, George-Michael-memory-Wham-hair! fascinating!!!lol

      • I love how TomStu darts out of the frame when he realizes that he’s being filmed!

  16. I saw this first video the other day and cringed in embarrassment after like five seconds. I couldn’t watch the rest!
    As far as favorite Rob videos, any interview is good right now since we’re in the middle of a Rob drought. Fan made vids are harder to come by. There’s anything by Biel and then this one is amazing:

    It makes me swoon every time.
    Did everyone hear Rob was out and about last night at a club?
    Anyone wanna place bets on when KStew flies back to London now that her jury duty is over and Valentine’s Day is coming up? I have some theories…

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if she was seen in London by the 14th.

    • SS I bet you too Kristen will fly over to be with Rob. Yup. :-).

      I want to hear your theories.

  17. This empireonline one is cute too:

    many topics covered.

    • I have just fallen even more in love with him….there really is no help for me anymore. He’s absolutly bloody right about Ulysses, that fecking book is a nightmare. I can’t remember how many times I’ve started to read it and just ended up throwing it against a wall. Seriously I don’t reckon more than 200 people have ever finished it (and I bet all of them with eng lit students). A desert island is the only place you’d have the time or the inclinations to get to the end of it.

      • Yeah, that was a funny and true comment about Ulysses.

        Its very difficult not to fall under his spell.

      • haha
        I read Ulysses some years ago. But don’t worry, now i’m normal and read the comments of some mental people on robsessed or gossip cop.

        • the same…!

          • I’m telling you, our life is ruined. Also today I had great hopes : shopping plus an art gallery. Instead I woke up at 2 PM, talked to you on LTR and did some small stalking on robsessed. And tonight imma get drunk just to forget about it and to be able to say i actually did smth of my Saturday. great week-end to you all!

          • YEAH! That’s my girl…..GO!

    • drsake…love his expressions and giggling…and of course his accent and answers in this interview.

  18. @minuit: i dont get it. I’ve seen rob aswell and didn’t act like that… Damn

  19. sorry for misspelling i’m on my mobile phone…

  20. Btw @robgirl:
    Did you see that you can already buy tickets at cinemaxx for Remember me? And Valentines day is on the 10th of February? So far it’s going to be released in Germany first…

    • Remember me will be released on the 10th of February? sure?

      • No thats Valentines day. RM is going to be released on 25th of March.
        I hope there’s gonna be a pre-showing in Munich…

        • ok…no..I’ll go to watch it in Venlo, it’s near and I cannot stand dubbed Rob again…but thx, Bleriana, I like your “Breaking news” today!!! lol

          • Robgirl, Venlo is near you??? You’re kiddin’ me!
            I had an apprenticeship at a newspaper during my journalism studies there. It’s totally near where I was born (Roermond)! That’s too funny, to see Venlo out here…The internet really makes the world small, ey?
            So aren’t you going to Bobby Long this evening? He’s got a gig in Venlo tonight. I can’t. (TERRIBLE) Had plans I just couldn’t cancel…
            Terrible, only found out a couple of days ago…But ah well, I’ll get over it, one day…haha…(At least it’s not Rob…;-))

          • Cath…nice to know…I know Roermond…lol, no ..I can’t go as well, but… bedankt ( that was wrong I guess…) 🙂

          • Bedankt is not wrong. No thanks though. And good for you that you go and see RM there, I could understand that you don’t want to hear Rob dubbed. How is his German voice btw? Near the original?

          • Cath…there is NO voice “near” his ones…lame but true….<3

          • Robgirl, can you bring some weed on your way to the movies in Holland?

          • Why the heck in Venlo? Isn’t it gonna be dubbed in ‘niderländisch’ (sorry dont know the english word) then?
            And when is it gonna be released there?

          • bleriana ….11 march…only subtitles
            minuit…what’s that? lol

          • shit shit shit!!! That’s so unfair… I wanna live near Netherland too…
            I have to wait while everyone discusses the awesomeness of it. Fuck it!!!
            ok Robgirl you owe me some spoilers then.

  21. Lets have a twight new Moon sale. Every thing is half moon off.

    • Pleasepleaseplease write a whole Letter to Rob! We’ll all love it!

      • Write a letter to him about what?

        • Anything BobbyGee wants to write to Rob about- whatever it will be , it will be funny!

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  23. I’m just glad the girl in the first video isn’t, like, 40. At least we can shrug it off and say “she’s young!” I’m pretty sure I had a friend whose room looked like that, only with Leonardo DiCaprio everywhere, when I was 13.

    I wonder if the girl’s mom is going to break out this Youtube video when she brings home her first serious boyfriend? Might be convenient for the mother if she hates the boyfriend….that video is instant bf repellent.

    • that video is instant bf repellent- truetruetrue

  24. I won’t judge the girl with the Rob bedroom. My room looked just like that in 1990 except it was Joe McIntyre, not Rob….I don’t think Rob was born yet.

    God I am old.

    • I shared a room with my sister and my side had Joey McIntyre (my first celeb crush… I was like 9 or 10) and her side had Donnie Wahlberg.

    • LOL same here, except my room was plastered with Jordan Knight….I was a wee bit embarassed when I first watched that vid BUT i read her comment and realized it was all in good fun and now I think its hilarious!

  25. Am too jealous of Laura Culpepper right now. But I guess it’s all for the better, because if I had that interview with him, I’d never get over him. Haha, NEVER….So I guess one should count their blessings. He does seem SO FUN to hang out with, even as (unforgettable handsome) guy friend kind of way…

    I also wasn’t planning on seeing the whole 2nd video, know all the material. But ofcourse, before I knew it…10 minutes were over. That’s how it works with the Rob…Time flies…And oh God, he’s too funny during his Cedric Diggory days as well…And he looks so young and oh so very ‘English Rose’ British with the pink blushes…

    So OK, that was very distracting…Still have to do things…;-)

    • Cath RL sure does get in the way of our robsession doesn’t it?

      • SB, yes it does, haha…And now I have to leave again…Have a great Saturday!

  26. that first one .. wow. way too much 2nd hand embarrassment for this early in the day! but it made me LOL, for sure (and cringe). i can’t believe that girl even has a poster of zygote rob … no words for why she would want that. haha.

  27. I just ran out of words to describe Rob and google smth equal to cute (cause if you didnt notice i say it ALL the time) and what do I come up with?

    dinky (British) =>reminds me of dick…
    green => reminds me of his eyes…
    twee => reminds me of tweed…

    So basically everything can be kinda connected to Rob…

    • Dinky means very small & kind of cute….are you SURE this reminds you of the Sparklepeen?

  28. First off, I enjoyed that silly video of April, wish my room looked like that, LOL.

    Second, I can’t really decide which Rob interview is my fave, they’re all good. If Rob is there and he gets to talk and do some jaw/hand/eye/fingerporn then I’m in. However, I guess if I have to pick, I really like the interview in Chicago and the one where was with Laura Culpepper(the 1st time).

    Thirdly, I’m jealous of Laura Culpepper too.

    • Yes, the Chicago interview (jaw porn) is up there for me, to SB. Thanks for reminding me of it.

      It’s so hard to choose. That’s what she said.


      • I’m hugging you back.

        When I saw that Chicago interview, I had the urge(twss) to personally hand deliver a pizza to Rob.

  29. i liked david slade’s tweet
    ‘adding more Edward’
    have u seen that?

    • I just replied to him:
      Dear David Slade, I love you (not as much as Chris Weitz yet but you could change it) and please remember the leghitch…

      • Please say that you really did reply to him with that!

        • Actually I really did… hahahhaha
          He’ll never read it for sure but I just wanted to say it. out loud.

          • Love it, thanks for doing that!

  30. Thanks, Che.
    It’s nice to know David Slade is alive and “adding more Edward.”


  31. Wow after watching this, it kinda makes me glad that I own zero merchandise apart from the DVD.

  32. Oh C’mon guys….don’t we all make out with standee Rob and spin in slow motion circles with Pocket Rob?? I mean it’s not just this girl and me…right?….right??

    • The “slow motion circles with Pocket Rob” was the BEST!!!!

  33. *is scared and wants her 3:54 back* O.O

    • well, you can’t fault her not committing all the way to the project (or obsession). she gave 100% effort.

      • yes, you’re right. Superb acting too. Me, on the other hand, would do worse to that lifesized. It would be pulverized cardboard…so much so, I’d be able to fit it in my purse or pocket. TRAVEL SIZED LIFESIZE!! 😀

  34. Hello ladies, I have not posted a comment here before (mainly because my english/spelling might not be “up to par” at all times) but have been a “lurker” for a few months and absolutly love the site and I can for sure say that “you are my people”we think so much alike on so many topics! Today, though I am so upset that I just have to say something…….and it’s in connection with the Detail photoshoot and I couldn’t agree more with Minuitpasse regarding the comment from people on that. I was ECSTATIC when I heard about the shoot. Naked women and/together with Rob – YES! Then I heard there would be stratteling and simulations of sex – double hell – YES! Then I read the comments from people on different sites and I was so surprised! We are living in the 21-centuary are we not? where nudity and naked bodies is nothing to be ashamed of ?????? I don’t think it’s a coincident that a picture from Detail was released today with Rob (alone – no naked women) looking kind’a sad. It’s to cool all the crazies down!!!! I’m from Sweden and we might look upon nudity and sex a little different from the rest of the world – but this uproar actually took me by surprise! I def. look forward to BelAmi – hope there’s a naked Rob with some naked women -finally!
    By the way, glad there was a video of drunk Rob as well as that’s one of my favorites!!!

    • Love your post!!! Totally agree with you! ❤

  35. So my friend gave me her Tim McGraw poster for my office when she left work and now I have a new job so I was trying to decide what to do with the poster. She said I should take it home and hang it in my bedroom to “cover up that ugly vampire poster” (her words not mine) and I had to reply back that I don’t own any vampire posters! I was trying to be defensive but it made me sad. That’s Normal, right?
    Anyhoooooooo I think this April girl owns all the posters so that is why I can’t have any.
    Zygote Rob? REALLY? That would give me nightmares.

  36. Cheesy song….but lovin Robs super sincere and sweets smiles.

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