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Which Rob Pattinson will we get when he finally reemerges?! This chart should help us

*It’s been so long since we last saw Rob SingleStrand and friends have put together this handy dandy chart and guide so that we will know what to expect when we next see Rob. Enjoy!*

Srsly click to enlarge this Bingo of Robs, it's AMAZING!!

Dear Rob,

So it’s been, like, ages since we saw you last and that makes me a sad panda. I mean, what if when you surface again, I have a heart attack from over-stimulation? What if you’ve forgotten how to interact inappropriately given each specific situation? What if, we the fans don’t recognize you? All this worry is keeping me up at night so MeteorMuse and I decided we needed a chart. Just a little somethin’ to keep in our back pocket, so that when there becomes a whirlwind of you (promoting Remember Me and Eclipse, filming a new movie, getting drunk and waiting for me behind a dumpster), we will be prepared and can recognize the Rob we have been given. And just a hint Rob, you may want to print one of these handy guys out yourself so you will know what the fans expect.

Check out the chart here to print and/or follow along!

First, we have AwardRob aka OscarRob. This Rob is wearing a tux or at least a sexy suit but is probably sans underwear. His hair is washed (!) and probably freshly cut but he isn’t completely clean-shaven. AwardRob is flirty (it couldn’t be the eight glasses of champagne). I think we all have February 22, 2009, and OscarRob’s little red carpet panty-dropper emblazoned in our brains. Yes, OscarRob wants to get you alone and take his time with you. You will definitely fall in love with AwardRob.

Hmmm photoshoot Rob

PhotoshootRob is amazingly sultry and sexy. He’s been wearing rich designer clothes all day while eyef*cking a camera. PhotoRob may or may not have stolen a pinky ring or a tee shirt from the shoot and his hair is perfectly tousled. Since the day has basically been one big tease, all PhotoRob can think about is finding a great girl and playing with some toys, ifyouknowwhatimsayin. Your place or his, it won’t matter.

DrunkRob is one of my favorite Robs. DrunkRob looks like a hobo in some form of trench coat over dirty clothes. Hey, if it’s good enough for the floor, it’s good enough for the bar! He definitely has his cigs, cell phone, and a pocket full of random crap, usually NOT including his wallet. Beware DrunkRob sticking you with the tab or cab fare. He’s forgetful like that! After three or thirteen Heinekens, DrunkRob may only be capable of second base before passing out fully clothed in a random hotel room.

Follow the cut as SingleStrand breaks down the rest of the chart and what we can expect from Rob when he comes out of hiding

Hi, I'm pressRob I may or may not have showered today

PressRob dresses somewhere between DrunkRob and AwardRob. He’s tricky because he may be in a blazer and dress shirt or he may be in a beanie and Stoli tee shirt. Keeps ya on your toes. His hair is in the range of dirty and he may not have showered. PressRob chugs water like a mother effer (all the better to watch your lips and hands, Rob) and he is playful, letting his obnoxiously adorkable laugh loose often. However, do not under any circumstances think you might get some with PressRob. Those junkets are exhausting and it’s hard being “on” all the time, woman! (that’s what she said)

PlaidRob is my other favorite Rob. Whether the shirt is his own or one of the BritPack’s, it looks amazing on PlaidRob. He’s totes wearing RayBans to cover up the hangover or KStew’s face punch when she discovered his hidden HotPocket stash. PlaidRob drinks lots of caffeine and is generally in a brooding mood. But if you can get his attention, he’s probably up for a lazy romp behind the nearest dumpster… at least a bj or hj.

Hello, Robward's bouffant at your service

Finally, Robward. You know, a lot of us fell in love with Rob because of Robward. However, there are several reasons why Robward is NOT the best Rob. First, Robward dresses like your grandpa, with Brooks Brothers on speed dial. He wears lipstick, his hair is a bouffant and he is constantly clean shaven. Geezle Summit, let the man grow a little stubble! Robward’s attitude can best be described as a Sullen Cullen. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, Rob. And finally, you will never ever get anywhere sexually with Robward. Seriously. He’s the king of his own cockblock. We respect Robward and we love him like a gateway drug, but that is all.

So, there you have it ladies (and Rob). There are so many Robs out there, we have to be prepared at all times for whichever Rob we might see. Which Rob is your favorite? Did we miss a spectacular Rob? Special thanks to Robsten4Life for the quick access (TWSS) to the Robpics and to MeteorMuse (aka @KateMLey) for the beautiful work on the chart!

Waiting for my Rob to come,

SingleStrand (@ekels)

So which Rob will it be? And who already printed out this chart (*raises hand*)? Also I love that SingleStrand compared Robward to a gateway drug! How true is that?!

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  1. “if it’s good enough for the floor, it’s good enough for the bar!”

    that killed me. i may adopt it as my motto.

    • Already adopted!

      PS DRUNK ROB always = SEXY ROB

  2. Haha soo funny… love that chart!
    I think I’m def gonna plump for AwardsRob or maybe PhotoshootRob where he likes to be disrespected nice and slow.
    Ohh em gee I need all LTR posts in a handsomely bound book PRONTO.
    Sparkle out.X.

    • ‘where he likes to be disrespected nice and slow.”

      God, the imagery kills me here.

  3. SingleStrand – that was brilliant! They were all fabulous, and the chart was just awesome, but I think I liked the description of RobWard the best – Sullen Cullen and the king of his own cockblock. So funny!

    And you achieved something I’ve never seen before – you got Moon as your first comment. Wow!

    • Milfy,

      I second the “king of his own cockblock,” and of course love Rob’s favorite prey.


      p.s. This post is right up there as a favorite along with Rob’s playlist, Singlestrand.

      p.p.s. I ❤ you.

      • Aww I ❤ you too! The mountainlion was of course a shout out to you!

    • I agree! “He’s the king of his own cockblock. We respect Robward and we love him like a gateway drug, but that is all,” Is totes my fave of the letter… but you always crack me up, SingleStrand. 🙂

  4. I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Robward. I should specify that I’m a big fan of TWILIGHT Robward. New Moon Robward looked terrible.

    I guess I just like that clean shaven look.

    “king of his own cockblock” Hilarious!! But also sadly true. If we could only get a little more Rob in our Robward, we might get to 3rd base!

    • “I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Robward. I should specify that I’m a big fan of TWILIGHT Robward. New Moon Robward looked terrible”

      I´m with you….New Moon Robward looks like Tom Hanks in Da Vinci Code…

    • I would loooove a little more Rob in our Robward! 😉

  5. Im between pressrob and photorob… but i will love a hint of drunkrob with plaidrob in a press junket…


    I miss him.

  6. LMAO that chart is genius!!!

    • Thank you again for the pics baby!

  7. drunkrob combo with plaidrob for me, all the way!

    Excellent chart, LMAO!…..

  8. SingleStrand – I don’t know if you made that chart or not, but it’s genius!

    “He’s totes wearing RayBans to cover up the hangover or KStew’s face punch when she discovered his hidden HotPocket stash”

    I’m gonna have to go with AwardRob and PlaidRob. Although I just got a glimpse of my VF sitting on the desk here, and I have no complaints about PhotoshootRob either.
    I’ll take ’em all.

    • My very creative bestie, MeteorMuse made it from my captions and image ideas. She’s amazeballs. Maybe she will finally come out and comment today instead of being a lurker. Oh MM, where areeeeee you????

      BTW, given a Rob, I’d take him. I just think it would be most fun to hang with DrunkRob or PlaidRob. Oddly, the dirtiest of the Robs!

      • I’m here baby, don’t you worry!

        • Yay MM has come to play!

      • Awesome job, both of you!

  9. I made an appointment in a few hours with a tattoo artist here around the corner. I am planning to tattoo the chart on my arm. This is a good reminder! I don’t have to print out and laminate the chart! Will Rob love me more after he sees his chart on MY arm?
    Drunkrob is always a win for me! LOL

    • This. is. hilarious!

    • That’s true dedication, Natashadushi!

    • This would be the body art version of the Pattinson pants, wouldn’t it?

  10. Brills. Just brills! The letter+the chart. But since I don’t like Steam, Imma have to replace him with my own photo.

    Drunk Rob is def. my favorite.
    You can meet him on your way to the small disgusting toilets of some underground pub, where he will casually spill some great word vomit which will lead to having (sex) drinks after drinks together until they throw you out. The rest is history and has smth to do with a dumpster.

    • Sounds like my ideal night out 😉

    • Sounds like a dream!

    • MP- I saw your comment from late last night. Thank you. I ❤ you too! You'r ubercool!

      • 🙂

      • don’t know what happen to the rest of my comment.
        wanted to say you’re uberfunny. even when you’re ubermaking fun of me.

        • ubermaking fun of me-
          only because I ❤ you!

    • D’accord! 🙂

    • “Leads to having (sex) drinks?” Merci, Minuit.

      • for what? a potential fanfic scenario?

        • YES!!!
          Min, you must start a fic. heh

    • The rest is history indeed!

  11. I’ll take every Rob I can get.

    • word!

    • I’ll take ANY Rob I can get!

    • I agree with Disheveled and JellyBeanRainbow…

      ANY ROB we can get!!!!!!!!!! except zygote rob! (shudders*****)

  12. “But if you can get his attention, he’s probably up for a lazy romp behind the nearest dumpster… at least a bj or hj.”


  13. DrunkRob is my fave when I’m in a dirty mood. But then there’s PhotoShoot Rob…and he’s just….hmmmm…oh my.

    Is it March yet so I can see this Details shoot that he did?

  14. Rob on front page of MSN this morning, WEE!!!!!!

    PS- love the chart.


      The link says what we all know. He’s got the best head of hair on planet earth.

      Dear Rob,
      I’ve lost most of my dignity, so it doesn’t bother me to say in public that I need to have my way with you while you wear the raybans.


      • Amen!!!!!

      • Dignity? We don’t need no stinkin’ dignity here. We’re ALL Normal! 😉

      • lion, since you have no dignity, will you rooooarrr during? *curious*

        *so would too cuz has no dignity*

        • Abs,
          We don’t need no stinkin dignity here? I’m relieved to hear this…lol

          “During?” Sweet Jesus! *shudders at the thought*

      • Well, obviously his shampoo a key factor here. Anyone catch the brand on the chart? TeeHee.

        • No, I couldn’t read the brand. Please tell.

          • Bouffant Volumizer, naturally.

  15. OMG—that chart is hilarious, and so is this letter! “The king of his own cockblock!” LMAO!

  16. OscarRob is too pretty for me to even form a coherent thought around, but PhotshootRob….oh blessed PhotoshootRob –he does delicious things to my body.

    DrunkRob…effing fantastic for comedic purposes.
    PressRob….too busy waiting for the highly inappropriate remarks to truly appreciate The Hotness.

  17. How about Rob reward cards. Cash them in for hot pocket hotel room for two. Drunk Rob in a trench coat? HUM…

    • Rob reward cards? Hot pocket hotel rooms? Bobbygee, I’ll say it again. I love you and I want you to write a letter to Rob. Please!!!!!

      • Great idea, Singlestrand. Please, pretty please bobbygee?

      • OMG YES! Someone make this happen! I whole letter from Bobbygee!

    • A boy?! Here?!

      I knew I smelled testosterone!

      Bobbygee, please tell us what about Rob makes you tick and giggle. Would you ask him to bite you? If so, and if Rob would agree to do so, please explain in detail. Thanks!


    • Hmmm. I wonder if the dumpster in the chart is behind said hotel? (Zoom for more info.)

  18. I’m not sure how to chose between AwardRob, PhotshootRob and DrunkRob. So I won’t!

    SingleStrand, awesome job!

  19. I’m definitely going with Photoshoot Rob. And I am a big fan of Robward’s clean shaven mug. For some reason the stubble works for me only in photoshoot mode, but not in regular, everyday Boy Rob.

    • I think that’s exactly his ploy, very tricky! He uglies it up a bit for all the NonRob’s in the world, but he’s not fooling me!!

      • ‘He uglies it up a bit for all the NonRob’s’-
        he may try to ugly it up, but he fails!

  20. This. Is. Brilliancy! I want to print that chart on A3 shiny paper and make it my office poster.

    Robward’s the kinf of his own cockblock… I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking this exact phrase when I see New Moon again on dvd!

    • I have printed the chart – I will keep it in my desk drawer, should Rob ever turn up to my office…

      • All I can think about with this comment is The Office fanfic. Rob, a desk drawer, and you. But you are faceless since I don’t know you in RL.

        • Well, I’ve not read The Office, but me, a desk and Rob sounds MIGHTY good to me!!

    • Print several and hand them out to your friends. We need to be prepared for when we finally see HHH again!! There cannot be enough Robcharts posted on the streets. 😉

  21. Singlestrand, Great letter….your chart was so much fun, and made it difficult for me to pick one.

    But, I’ll go out on a limb and pick PressRob, circa 2008. His interviews with Laura Culpepper actually drew me into my now ‘normal’ world of staking a 23 year old online 🙂

    It’s true, Robward was the gateway drug but ‘Yankee hat, Ray Ban, black V tee shirt, button fly jean wearing’Rob turned out to be my heroin.

    Can’t wait to see him back in NYC 🙂

  22. i loved loved this’s fantastic.especially Dean/steve as accessory,gettin’ greasy hair and mountan lion is hilarious. prees Rob or Plain Rob is my favourite but PhotoRob is just somthing different i loved his mood and toy 🙂
    maybe there could be a Premier Rob too but i’m not shore about his chart

    • sorry probably i lost my ..ımmm.. when i looked him
      preSS and plaiD

    • something
      no more comment.i won’t correct.just a tense day.sorry

      • Ha you’re fine che! I have typos all the time. So Premiere Rob eh? I can’t decide if Premiere Rob is a mix of AwardRob and PressRob or if he is his very own Rob. Hmm…

        • thanks 😀
          i agree nice suits/posing +gigglings /laughings =adorkable charming

        • We could always have a chart supplement… lol
          Nominations anyone?

  23. i want a cross of PhotoshootRob and DrunkRob. Where he is devistatingly fuckhawt but his inhibitions are for certain lowered.

    PS…Robward doesn’t dress like my grandpa…my grandpa is John Wayne (cowboy). I’m country.

    • My RL grandpa wears flannel, bib overalls, and hats that tout horseshoe contests from 1968. I love my grandpa, bless his heart.
      Robward just dresses like the ideal of what our grandpas may have dressed like thirty years ago or so. When they were younger and more hip but stuffy and serious. Tweed serious.

      • I just realized I found the need to distinguish that my grandpa is in RL. Yes this IS my real life. Geezle.

        • Have you heard about the photo shoot with Detail mag that is being done in 1920’s of 30’s old hollywood feel. He is fully clothed but some of the models are not. The pics are suppose to be very sexy. The issue is due to hit the stands 2/23. I can’t wait to get this.

    • Sassy – “My grandpa is John Wayne.” That’s so funny!!!!

      SS- My grandpa dressed in plaid too and dress shirts, lots of them and some tweed too. But he was Spanish. He was dressed up all the time, as far as I can remember. I think he may have worn tweed as well. Must be the fashion during that time.

      • Sounds like Rob and your grandpa would’ve got along famously, at least clotheswise SB! He would’ve raided his closet…

        • Yep, they sure would.

    • i agree with you sassysmart. i want photoshoot rob who’s been brewing all day, hot and bothered, and ready to have down and dirty nasty sex (with the pinky ring i must add). Then i want drunk rob who’s fun as hell to hang out (particularly air guitar rob).

      Who the hell am i kidding, every rob that’s described here brings great visuals to my mind, with deliciousness for each one. i want a piece of all the robs.

      “his own cockblock” “kstew face punch” = LMAO

      BEST CHART EVER!! I will be printing this puppy off, and shrinking it down to fit behind my work badge so i can keep it close to my heart everyday 🙂

  24. This is amazing! I want to print out half a dozen and play this. No, for real. I have bingo blotters from my Grandma.

  25. DrunkRob & PlaidRob…..

    Definitely the stuff dreams are made of…..

    (The kind of dreams you wake up from all hot, wet and sweaty…)

    • OK girl, all I heard was “hot, wet and sweaty.” 😉

      • Sounds naughty, huh?

        • Oh for sure! And I like ❤ you for that!

      • all i heard was wet, oooohh la la

  26. OK SS and Meteormuse, I am trying to figure out where I’m gonna put this poster! LOL. I love it!

    I love me any Rob, I’ll take what I can get(cause I’m desperate and hopeless) but my faves are always gonna be OscarRob and Photoshootrob. I have huge poster of him from the Oscars.

    Hmm, although I’m really loving the plaid and drunkrob as well! And of course, Robward, so irresistible. I don’t know, I just can’t make up my mind! He’s just too good! I can’t get enough of him. So addicting.

    • Tape it to the ceiling above your bed so you can ‘study’ it at night. That’s where mine is. Sometimes I think it enhances the Robdreams.

      To anyone who thinks I’m crazy: Please note the sarcasm in this comment. 😉

      • Hey girl how are you?

        If I do that, I think my husband will kick me out of the bedroom! Lol

        PS. He doesn’t know I have a bunch of magazines under the bed. Shhhh. Haha.

        • Hahaha! I’m good. Feeling really good today. I have ten tons of errands to run before more snow hits. I hate only being off work two days a week! LOL
          I’ll email you soon!

          • I heard we might be getting more snow this weekend again. Glad to hear you’re doing good!

    • “desperate and hopeless” hahahaha

  27. SingleStrand- that is utter genius! Maybe Rob will print it out, put it by his closet, I mean pile of stuff on the floor, and he can look at it and ask, ‘which Rob am I today?’ Your chart will come in soooo handy for him!

    A deleted looks section might be good too. Like a return too the heinous Zygote Rob look (forbidden).

    Minor additions-
    -Mountain Man Robeard, his current incarnation
    -Recycle Rob- clothes as old as him (HP blue sweater etc)
    -Stolen Clothes Rob- shirts/jackets/sweaters lifted from a movie set

    I’ m sure that there are others? HoboRob, a cross between drunk/plaid Rob??

    • “Which Rob do I want to be today?” Priceless!

    • Bwahaha! Rob, if you are still having trouble even after printing the chart, I vow to become your new personal stylist. Don’t worry ladies, I won’t change a thing. I’ll just hand him random things from his or Tom’s closet and let him accessorize at will.

      • Your chart made me think of Garanimals clothes for kids, but the match tags for him would be the categories you’ve outlined.

        You know, just for those occasions when you can’t be there to be his personal stylist (almost never, right?).

        • So I don’t know what Garanimals are… enlighten me as I’m on my way to motherhood so I should probably know these things…

          I will never miss a day of work if chosen as Rob’s personal stylist. Baby schmaby. We’ll figure it out!

          • You WILL soon know what Garanimals are…I’ll write you.

          • LOL, I got tons of Garanimals here :-).

          • They are a line of kids cloths that have tags on them that indicate what matches with what (to help kids dress themselves) For example, a shirt with a tiger tag on it matches with pants with a tiger tag on it.

            I thought of this scheme to help Rob out. For example, if Rob chooses to be DrunkRob, then the tags would point him to stinky t-shirt with 12 other shirts overlayed and it would note ‘no need to wash hair’.

            Its really a fantastic resource!!!

          • Ahaha! That’s brills. There def needs to be a Robimals line of clothing.
            Robstyle: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

    • I think once Bel Ami gets underway MuttonChopsRob will be a good addition.

      • Goodgirlgoneplaid,
        Please don’t say “muttonchopsrob.” I’m so scared of that possibility.

        I guess I enjoy being disappointed.


  28. I think I’m going to print this out and then cut out all the little squares so I can play my own version of Rob CLUE!

    It was serious PhotoRob with the waterbottles and the bouffant behind the dumpster!
    Imagine the possibilities!!!

    • Bwahaha! This is WIN! I want to come play. We could play for hours and never have the same scenario unfold.

    • Was it PhotoRob with RayBans behind the dumpster?

      • I think it was Drunk Rob with a champagne bottle and furry handcuffs on the red carpet…that could be tons of fun!

        • Imma have to print out and use the chart for Robingo at my next Twilight Screening Girls Night In party game, if that’s ok? (all prizes are twi related of course)

          • Alas the Robchart is not yet copyrighted so I cannot stop you. Le sigh. 😀
            MeteorMuse and I may or may not have to create a game this weekend out of pieces of the Robchart…we’re crazy cool like that with our down time.

          • CAN I COME? CAN I COME? that sounds like crazy cool fun 😀

    • This Clue version has real possibilities, thanks poochimama! Instead of solving a murder, you follow trial of clues (Hot pocket wrappers, Heine bottles) and then have to figure how the details of ‘the deed’. Wow, talk about udating a classic game for 2010!

    • LMAO! SS you know I love me some board games! Count me in! Hell, an evening of RobClue is practically foreplay 😉

  29. Wow, I haven’t snorted coffee out of my nose in a while! That chart is effing brill!
    And you are so right about Robward. I love him like I love my first wine cooler. I have great memories of them, the best of which is leading me to the good stuff.

    • It was Purple Passion for me. Wasn’t that shizz in a two liter bottle? Ah, my gateway drug to vodka. Good times back when I was oh, 12 or 13.

      • Luv’d the Purple Passion. Our drink of choice was kool-aid with grain alcohol back in the day.

        • Dood. You’re hard core. Where is Janetrigs for this booze discussion??

  30. Think I need to decorate my office with a Rob chart…. You never know when it might be needed. Can´t chose between the Robs, they are all so good! Well except Robward, he´s way to clean shaven for me. Today I would go for plaid Rob since he matches all the snow outside perfectly (maybe not the RayBans).

  31. Today, I’ll have a photoshoot Rob, with a splash of plaid Rob and a shot of drunkRob on the side -please.

    This chart will come in very handy…..

    • oh yes, this sounds gooood! i like this rob very much please! should have read this before i posted. remember to hand him his beanie and leather jacket for going outside…in case he forgets and reaches for dad’s trench (which i wouldn’t say no to).

      • Would you say no to any version of Rob on the chart? I think not!

        • Think tomorrow I will have a PressRob/PhotoshootRob combo! Can someone take care of this for me? I would be forever grateful!

  32. I think my favs or somewhere in between PressRob and PlaidRob, he is extra hot and seems to be that way just by being himself – but I think plaid Rob is more willing to get down to “business” than you give him credit for – it would just be the moody kind of “business”- he might giggle and then look tortured

  33. Pure genius!!! Love me some rob, no matter which one~~~

  34. oh man gotta jump in on this one!

    i luuuuuurve me some drunk rob with the beanie and stoli shirt! when it’s time to move to a different bar, throw a plaid shirt and his brown (or black is good too) over that and we goooooood to go! i’ll any dumpster any weather for that rob.

  35. Single Strand, that was awesome! 🙂

    I LOVE London-Rob!<3
    The end

    • LondonRob now in hiding with a mountain man beard or LondonRob last year on press tour with the Stew? These are two very different LondonRobs! lol

      • haha…good note SS!
        ME loves him just IN London!!!

    • London him but I can’t really find him!!!

  36. Oh my. What the combination of charts and Rob do to a poor girl. Organized neatly classified Robfacts are a class of Robporn of its own.

    I’m gonna draw a line on that chart passing through my favorite squares. I know that’s not the point, but that won’t stop me.

  37. haha love this letter. so damn funny.

    “But if you can get his attention, he’s probably up for a lazy romp behind the nearest dumpster… at least a bj or hj.”

    i love how perverse this website is. i truly do. ❤

    • I’m normally a classy girl (I swear), but I would truly do all of the above with him. Not normal.

      • Waaaaay normal.

      • Yah- it’s normal – trust!

  38. Chart = Best EVER

    I will take any Rob. But I prefer PhotoRob or PlaidRob.

    Maybe it’s because I’m older, but tweed serious dadmobile Robward isn’t too shabby either.

  39. It kills me to see a stick of butter and plaid Rob all in one place. I’m not used to these kinds of choices

    nuff said.

    • hilar!!! 🙂

    • It makes for a good fantasy life!

  40. I love it! Can we mix n’ match the Robs? I enjoy DrunkRob dressed in plaid, or PlaidRob in a photoshoot, or DrunkAwardsRob (VMAs), or…well you get the picture. I think I will take any kind of Rob. Except for Mountain Man Rob, that just looks itchy. I do enjoy my clean-shaven Robward, because as you said, he’s the gateway drug!

    • Today we learned that there is not just one Rob. There are endless combos of Rob. We are the luckiest crazy fangirls EVER! (ummm… scratch out “crazy”!)

  41. HELP! I’m trying to print the chart but i cant get it to fit onto 1 page! I’m techno stupid…what do I need to do?

    • got it! i dont know why i had so much trouble. and i did make a pocket size chart to carry with me to share witht the other “closet” fans i interact with.

      • Aww, I’m so flattered. MeteorMuse will be excited to know there are Robcharts being shared among Robfans across the world. 😀

        • Be still my beating heart!

  42. I love all of those Robs… Especially AwardRob. I just need to think about his dazzling look at that fan and I go all crazy again…


    I might print this out and laminate it.

  43. No Bingo of Robs card could be complete without a spot for a dumpster full of Hot Pocket boxes. This post is truly the LOLz. Thank you!

  44. Eye-eeeeeeee! Sound of someone jumping outta lurkdom…

    Can’t resist the pull any longer; this post is so amazingly perfect that I feel compelled to speak up and laud the ladies responsible.

    Single Strand, you made my day (week? month? whatever?) with your spot-on analysis of the many flavors of Rob. It’s like going to Baskin Robbins and having to choose which flavor you’re going to enjoy today. Thankfully they offer multiple scoops and I take full advantage! Coffee flavor would be one of my top choices along with cookie dough or simply vanilla with hot fudge sauce. Something like a PlaidRob/PhotoRob/AwardRob Sundae. Now there’s some good eatin’ any day. I’m with Gizmo – clean shaven Rob (or a touch of stubble for photoshoot) gets my juices (uh, huh) flowing.

    And to MeteorMuse, how can I ever thank thee?? I’m a fan of the organized thinking and love to see Rob laid out (that’s what she said) before me in such a fine spread. If only… A keeper for sure.

    Going to get my printer turned on. Hmmmmm. think it might burn up doing this job??

    Ladies it’s a pleasure having your company.

    Must go stare at screen a bit longer…unghhhh

    • Hi BritLuvr~
      Glad you made it here from lurkdom. Sounds like you’ll be in good company.

    • BritLuvr! Good to meet you. I feel so lucky that I popped your LTR-comment cherry. It’s an honor really. I’m off to enjoy a PlaidRob/Robward/DrunkRob shake with whipped cream on top!

      • That should be illegal, or at least on the controlled substance list. thanks for the warm welcome. Enjoy the shake.

        • Welcome!

          • Thanks drsaka. It’s amazing how “at home” I feel here already.

      • I’m with you BritLuvr! SS has officially pushed me from spectator to participant, I know she has been waiting for this… In fact the chart might have just been a play 😉 (And Thanks!)

        SS, shall we make sundaes soon? And think, such scrumptious sundaes would actually BURN calories. I’m planning PhotoRob/Robward with hot DrunkRob drizzled on top.

        • You bet your sweet behind the chart was a ploy. This is the happiest day of my existence. You commenting on LTR completes me. *sniffle*

          Sundaes, shakes, splits…I’ll take them all. As long as the main ingredient is Rob!

      • imma need a sip of that shake.

    • Britluvr, Welcome to the (madness) fun.

  45. “So it’s been, like, ages since we saw you last and that makes me a sad panda.”

    Told bff Andee today that the panda we visited at the Atlanta Zoo last year before going to see Britney Spears in concert was going away to China and that I was sad.

    Andee said, “Then you are literally a sad panda!”

    And then we laughed and laughed.

    Geez, that wasn’t even what the post was about, was it?


    I will always vote for Drunk Rob, because he is the most easily accessable.


    • ifyouknowwhatimsayin

      • andithinkyoudo!

    • drunk Rob=very friendly Rob

  46. SingleStrand,

    You have made Robdraught a little easier! A thousand thanks!
    “Stumbly wit a side of Hiccups” Priceless!

  47. Okay, this made my day! One of the funniest things you’ve put up in a while!

  48. […] LTR : Which Robert Pattinson will we get when he finally reemerges? This chart should help us […]

  49. […] LTR : Which Robert Pattinson will we get when he finally reemerges? This chart should help us […]

  50. How does one choose a favorite Rob, it’s like having to choose a favorite child.

    • So true, you love them all, but some days one seems a bit sweeter and more fun to be with than the others, and then it changes to another.

      Like somedays ya gotta love the fine man strutting his stuff in a tux, but others you’d like to get down and dirty with with sweet and saucy drunkRob!

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