Posted by: Bekah | January 28, 2010

1 picture, FOUR takes

Back by popular demand (!) One picture, two takes. Except this time we have FOUR takes on this unfortunate (or fortunate…) new picture of Rob`

Take 1

Dear Rob,

I know that face, that is the face I make when my roommate makes cabbage soup. The “getting a whiff of something heinous” face. What do you smell today, Rob? Your own BO?

Rob, did you get several deodorants in your Christmas stocking? Your family was dropping hints…Wash your clothes, ROB!! Hotels have laundry service…just a simple call to the front desk…usually just one button, seriously. Seriously.


Take 2

Dear Rob,

Really!? Seriously? You’re going to disappear on us for weeks on end, show up on our TV screens for 45 seconds fresh off a 3 day drinking binge with Tom Stu with a beard that reminds me of that guy who led the Jews out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea and make THAT face!?

Fine I’ll take it. We’re in SUCH a deep Rob drought that I’ll take you making your Edward “don’t come near me or my girl or else I’ll growl in my tight white T-shirt and show you my perfectly styled hair” face.

Grr baby,

Take 3

Dear Rob,

You know what? I have determined that this face was the look you used all throughout 2008 whenever you saw Oregano. In 2009, you used it exclusively on Nikki Reed. In 2010, you’ve expanded this look to include anyone who asks you to shave off your beard (although your 2010 look hasn’t been as fierce given the bush on your face and serious lack of jaw fierceness) or anyone who asks you to present at an awards show. WAIT. Scratch that. On a second viewing… you look… turned on in a ferocious kinda way. Like you and your lover just had a screaming match over something really silly and you’ve finally come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter that you bought the gel toothpaste when the paste kind was clearly written on the list and you’re trying to control your rage and suddenly realize you’re not actually pissed but a hella-lot turned on then…BOOM…makeout.

Let’s fight over something silly,

Take 4

Dear Rob,

It looks like EW asked you if you can do any imitations and you showed them your best Austin Powers…

“Grrrrr baby… do I make you horny? Randy, baby, yea do I!?”

Well… now that you said it…


Follow the jump for an EXTRA special surprise

New EW Outtakes!!!

Rob's KungFu is strong

Crazytimes Rob Picture Source: Robsessed

New EW Outtakes source: Delaney


  1. I’ll take him any way I can get ‘im.

  2. “You’re going to disappear on us for weeks on end, show up on our TV screens for 45 seconds fresh off a 3 day drinking binge with Tom Stu with a beard that reminds me of that guy who led the Jews out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea and make THAT face!?”

    UC that was brills, thanks for putting my feelings into words! I heart you!

  3. Before I even read the caption on that one pic I had that old song “Kung Fu Fighting” playing in my head. BruceLiRob! Ooh, Baby!

    • You were gone? Personal reasons? jk jk jk

      • Yeah, you could say that…

  4. I love NinjaRob.

    • We were thinking the same thing… LOL.

    • I’ve never seen him pose like that, he’s so cute! Haha. He looks like a kid there.

    • He IS NinjaRob! We don’t see him for months and then when we do? KarateChop!

      • ikr? As the girls on the forum yesterday noted, we see him jump here, but we do not see him LAND. NinjaRob probably stumbles to the floor, the grips his ankle saying “Bollocks! I thought I had that one.” and then smokes a cigarette to recover from the sudden physical activity. 😉

        • NinjaRob is really ‘Bout2BInjuredRob

          • Zing!

          • I’m A-OK with that. ‘Bout2BInjuredRob = NeedsSomeoneToBabyHimRob and I can fulfill that job description any day of the week. Candy striper outfit, check. White thigh-high stockings, check. Caring yet sexy bedside manner, check. ‘Babying’ experience with the male species, check. Licensed massage therapist, well not exactly check, but I’m sure I can improvise. 😉

          • What exactly about the above comment offended someone? If I can’t make my light-hearted joke scenarios less offensive, maybe I shouldn’t be commenting? I do apologize for whatever part of that was any more inappropriate than anything else said around here. Srsly.

        • I am WAYYYY hormonal right now. I need to calm down and back away from the laptop. Apologies. The Forum and fic will be my safe haven for a few days!

          • Wait, don’t go! We miss you here.

            Email me when you can. I’m hormonal too…when am I never hormonal? 🙂

          • Have you guys seen the new banner pics of WET Rob at the top of ROBobessed page? OMG! I def wouldn’t mind playing with a *hose* to get each of us wet. That makes my nipples hard just thinking about it. ARGGGG If this keeps up I am going to prove the scientific theory of spontaneous combustion.

          • HA! I effin love you SB. I’ll email you riiiight now!

          • Uh, those wet Rob pics are WIN. I wouldn’t mind playing with his hose a bit. 😉

            And here I go again with the inappropriate comments.

          • Yes, I love the new robsessed banner!

            SS – I <3u too!

  5. NinjaRob makes me laugh hard. Whenever I see Rob attempting something semi-athletic it makes me Robgiggle.
    And what is he doing with his hand in that picture? Is that the symbol for “hangin’ tough”? Oh Rob. . .

    But that last picture makes up for everything. Wow!!

    • “But that last picture makes up for everything. Wow!!”

      Yes, everything. Absolutely everything. Swooooooooon.

    • Oh, yeah, pop that collar Rob!!! ROWR! 🙂

      • I think it was a post on LTR that said “Rob doesn’t pop his collars, they just experience spontaneous erection touching his neck” ?

        • purrrrr

    • semi-athletic….hahaha

    • Oh my goodness, that one is the best. He looks like he’s seducing us.

      • He’s certainly seducing me.

        • Yep, it’s working on me so well. Not gonna complain.

  6. lmao!
    …the pissed-off-face…don’t know why…but it’s really funny, perhaps somebody showed him some healthy food or so….
    ….the Kung-Fu…pic…..the open-mouth….yeah…very “convincing” as well this…
    “Hey people, I LOVE sport”-attitude…… haha

    …I LOVE LOVE the pic with the white shirt…It’s the’s always the squint!!!

    • in that pic ……
      I mean the one with the white shirt and with his hand covering his mouth…
      WHY has this guy so much hair on his arms.???.and WHY the hell do I like it??? questions over questions………….

      • “and WHY the hell do I like it??? ”

        Simple, because it’s Rob. He seriously makes just about ANYTHING look HAWT.

      • belive me there are million of men with much more hair on their arms.i don’t understand why people think that he is too hairy.i mean i suppose (sure)there are more dark-skinned men than blond on the earth and they are mostly hairy.belive me especially the east side of the world is-(to me unbearable).but i guess people used to see shaved men in hollywood that’s why it seams strange and too much to them .plus i like it too

        • I know so many men that have WAY more hair than that. Just be glad it is on his arms and not his back, a hair sweater like that can ruin even the prettiest of faces.

          • He’s still young. The hair sweater is still developing on him, but it will be there. His body needs that extra layer of warmth, and once it has fully grown in, he won’t need to wear so many extra shirts and jackets. His hair gene is strong.

          • haha thx for that nightmare!

          • you girls are friggin hillarious!

      • I love all that hair, it makes him very manly. I love it! Sigh.

        How am I supposed to get stuff done today??? 😉

        • I have to admit, I dig the forearm hair. Much.

    • The room service guy knocked over his Hot Pocket fort. Grrrr…

      • haha…or himself did it….look at the pic above..I mean…how wonky is that!

  7. Simple is beautiful
    less is more
    more is too much (sometimes, especially when you don’t have any control on the pics).

    P. S. When you don’t have ideas, you should do a post on Rob’s red carpet posing.

    I know I’m not being fair here because most of the celebrities are 10000 times more ridiculous than you when they’re posing and also because I don’t know how you do it (when will you finally show me?) but you actually turn out sooo good in most of the photos. Probably the cameras have a sort of sexual feeling and have a crush on you. But not all (cf. black & white pics above :-).

    • yeah..the camera LOVES him….sigh
      I (!) really cannot develop any compassion ….
      NOT fair the world…….again!!!

    • I love the “more is too much” – I always wonder how it works. Especially someone like him who isn’t so established. Does the photographer or art director say, “OK, jump in the air and act like you’re riding a horse!” and he just does it? Is there any back and forth? Does occasionally Rob say, “Ya know, I don’t think I can do that.” I mean, I watched the Vanity Fair video (yeah, all hour+ of it) and he was doing whatever they asked. Jump in the air and look at Kristen. Karate chop the air. Spin on swing. Look longingly at Cam. Whatever.

      I just don’t think I’ll see Clooney or Leo karate chopping the air anytime soon.

      • Yes, the photograh tells him what to do. And I guess this could reveal many careers to (crazies) passionate people, telling him what to do and deciding on the clothes he should/should not wear.
        He can say no but he’s not George. George handles & manipulates the media by himself with a huge smile, Rob is being constantly dragged& grabbed by Nick. I think he’s secretly hoping to be the next TomStu 🙂

      • He was a model before he was an actor, and has been modelling all the time between movies. Damn, now you’ve gone and made me think of the zygote.

    • Hahah, yeah on the sexual feeling camera! He is so charming, the camera obeys him.

      How’ve you been?

      • caffeined to coma.
        sorry I haven’t wrote u in a while. trying to make up for that this week-end.

  8. The hairy forearms are killing me!

    • me too..he has just the right amount on his body, but the hairy arms are manly. And the armpits. I love a picture with armpit hair. Mind you, this only applies to Rob. I don’t have a big thing for armpit hair in general.

      • I don’t have a big thing for armpit hair in general…

        Hilarious! I’m at school and nearly fell out of my chair… not good. Though I think I needed that this morning. Thanks d2d!

        • welcome 🙂

    • Me too! It’s so sexy. Don’t ya just want to touch it?

      Dazzled I feel that way too about the armpit hair. LOL.

  9. exactly
    these pics are just perfect i can’t even laugh

  10. “Hotels have laundry service…just a simple call to the front desk…usually just one button, seriously. Seriously.” Haha!

    KungFu Rob just made me melt.

  11. Those letters are brilliant!

    Dear Rob,
    I was mad at you for a little while. How dare you disappear for so long like that! I was getting kind of worried.
    With the final picture, you completely erased all traces of annoyance I had. I was rendered speechless.
    That stare… so angry and intense. I lit’rally have no words.

    Be angry at me. I’ve been a bad girl,

    • holla girl.

      It can be annoyingly easy to forget just how well he comes up with a ‘wash’ (read: back-to-basics photoshoot, we all know he probably didn’t *actually* wash…)

  12. I cannot believe what I’m just realizing……..Is that the black leather jacket from the NM press tour?
    Did Rob “borrowed” something again? Or was the shoot later?

    • i’ve just checked it, no it’s not .this one has 2 vertical zippers both sides

      • thx..for this very important information…lol….I checked it out as well..yeah I’ve nothing better to do…I know….and I saw a lot of other very awkward ET outtakes…Don’t know what they were trying to do …Rob and the photographer…

        • ur welcome, this was top secret but just wanna to share 😀

        • I cannot believe the serious investigation that’s going on. Hilarious!!!

          • hey not so seroius just have the pics don’t blame us:)i guess too much attention what he wears or steals

          • 🙂

        • Good to know since you and I take inventory of his wardrobe! 🙂 Add it/modify your list.

          • it’s not difficult to do the inventory:
            4 jackets, 2 t shirts, 1 hoodie, a couple of plaids, 2 jeans, 2 sneakers, 2 caps and a couple of Raybans, one beanie and 2 metrosexual bags. There’s got to be a deodorant somewhere but he has no idea where plus a parfume only for very special occasions.
            Did I leave out smth?
            P.S. The suits don’t count, there’s at Stephanie/Nick’s place so they don’t arrive into the garbage by mistake when somebody cleans the floor.
            The boxers and socks don’t count either, he probably throws them away rather than washing them. I just have one question : given the amount of effort that it takes, does he wash the new underweare before wearing it?

          • you’re wrong…TWO beanies…and NO!…no washing before..hahaha

          • I thought of the blue one, but you know it’s somewhere under Tom’s bed by now. Plus it changed colour because of the dust.

          • This is such a great convo………haha….I thought Rob is actually somewhere under Tom’s bed now! Seriously!…and hopefully NOT covered with dust!

          • I think you’re wrong. He is now IN !!! TomStu’s bed, covered with some plaids because Tom forgot to call the people who repair the heating thing since it broke last winter. BUt this can only be good news: less open windows time=less dust.

          • MP that sounds about right. However we’ll specify each single item LOL~

            If Rob reads this omg, he is so sure to hide. We sound like crazed stalkers!!!! Rob I assure you, we are normal! We’re not stalkers.

          • Minuit..I’m out win!!! lmao

          • 1


          • aFOuWcrmHwRniP2GFI5rlvbjrqk4TmXlZGsDP-SoktHVe0DInirg18i/robharpot.jpg


            sorry i’ve just seen that
            it seams it’s not just the beanie under Tom’s bed

          • Is it new? The pic I mean.

            I think the group has an unique dressing room (read a room with all their clothes all over the floor).

  13. Where is he!!!!!

    Not to dis the pics, *dripple, dripple* but I’ve been looking at these for the last few days, and heart-breakingly beautiful though he may be, this rob drought is driving me insane.

    Blimey I’d even settle for robsten news just so I know he’s alive and well and still with us (if only in our wildest dream) *ramble, ramble, ramble*.

    I want him back..NOW!

    • bad typos should read ‘dribble, dribble’ doh!!!

  14. The first pic makes me think … sorry all … of Rob trying not to, ya know, um, ya know, and so he’s thinking of 1998 cricket scores to um, stave off the inevitable. Or god, maybe I’ve just read far too much fanfic.

    I love Kung Fu Rob!

    The 2nd-to-last photo makes me think of that Saturday Night Live skit with Mary Katherine Gallagher where she puts her fingers under her arms and then smells them. Not really attractive.

    The last photo. Died.

    Miss you, Rob. UC & Moon, please post any and all photos coming up with Rob and Uma in passionate embraces. 😉

    • the 2nd-to-last pic…Ha!!That’s my fav….and now you made me laugh so much….it’s looks exactly like

      I love it still b/c me has a week for his hands!

  15. The first pic kinda looks like he’s doing the Elvis lip curl.
    Maybe someone told him looking up from under your brows and scowling is hot? *sigh* they were right.

  16. This picture kinda scares me.
    He still looks so pretty though.
    Maybe that’s what’s scary? That someone so pretty could pull such a scary face. Hmmmm.

    • that’s exactly what i’m saying… he looks SOO angry and like he’s about to attack the shit out of me and all i can think is “please let it be with your penis”

      • YES!

      • Easy win!

        • Love your avi!! I’m sure that is what I would look like if I ever saw Rob in person!! TO funny! LOL

          • Too

          • Then you’d TRULY be his little spider monkey. 😀

      • I love the way your brain works Calliope. Next time my beau looks at me all angry like that I’m just gonna pretend he wants to “attack me with his penis” (Although…. me laughing at his ire might just make things worse?)

        • PS – I can’t believe I actually just used the word “beau”.

          • Where were you, abs?

        • LMAO!

  17. i thought the world was ending. i had “possibility” on repeat because i hadn’t seen RobLove in weeks and then these pictures come out.

  18. that first picture just makes me think, “uh, who farted?”

    Clearly, whoever smelt it, dealt it, Rob.

  19. I think “Kung Fu Rob” is actually “Hang Loose Rob”. I think he’s practicing his surf moves.

    Ok, the thought of Rob actually attempting to surf just made me gigglesnort coffee….

    • the thought of Rob trying to surf 🙂

      I also wonder what was he doing when he was going skiing with his family. Probably having some hot wine at the restuarants on the slopes with the money Clare gave him for surfing private lessons to improve his technique.

      • a skiing-ace in the apres ski bar 🙂

        • They even gave him a medal for that.
          He told Clare it was the prize he got for his surf exam at the end of the week.

          • at the end of 3! weeks…plus it was the booby prize

          • Booby prize? As in boobs? What are you talking about? Do you know smth I don’t? Were you there?

          • consolation prize!!! (thx SB!)but i like the word booby prize more…lol

        • I say let’s give up the RL European Robstalking and go skiing together and practise the après ski “sporty” activities..

          • YES!

      • Oh I’d love to see Rob ski…or maybe even snowboard! 😉 He will look adorable when he falls on his butt(or face) on the snow.

    • Or possibly Rob doing his best Taylor impression. Like they were all hanging out, and Taylor was all “Yeah, Rob, do the brooding look ONE MORE TIME. It never gets old,” and Rob was like, “Well, we can’t all do handstands in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO SHOOT, can we? *jumps in the air* Look at me, I’m Taylor!” and Kristen is all like, “Idiots.”

  20. ‘turned on in a ferocious kinda way”

    Yes he does look like it! And that would be the best type of DTD! It kind of reminds me of Edward’s bent up frustration and all the sexual tension in Twilight, breaking headboards and ripping a black lacey nightgown. And of course, I can totally picture Rob being this way, when he is mad. Haha. Hot!

    • How am I supposed to get work done with a visual of Rob ripping black lacy nightgowns?

      • Haha, sorry! 😉

    • You said “bent up frustration” and I got a very naughty visual.

      • Gosh, yeah thanks TOO! hahahahah. You know a lot of times I say something and it comes out so naughty than what I meant for it to be. Haha.

        It reminded me of one of his pics, let me see if I can find it.

  21. So I saw these last night, and I was totally expecting more of the VF-style “outtakes” where you look at them and think “THESE are OUTTAKES?” and then you zone out for like 8 mins until you suddenly snap back to life when your laptop sparks from all the drool that’s landed in the keys……

    But no such luck this time around. These did nothing for me. Nada. Except maybe that last one a teeny little bit… But yeah, these are definitely outtakes in the traditional sense of the word in that they’re pretty damn awkward and not up to par with his holy hotnesses normal hotness levels. I’m off to google me some GQ Rob to make up for it.

    Sorry for the rambling. I’m all caffeined up this morning.

    • HeyyyBrother, Did you see the photo on the cover that issue? The Rob cover? THAT was an outtake. Between that and the original Twilight cover (you know, that AWFUL photo of Rob with horribly-styled hair and gobs of lipstick with Kristen and her middle-parted hair and the cheezy styled apple, a la Harlequin novel cover) I think someone at Entertainment Weekly has it in for Rob.

      I will NEVER forgive you, anonymous EW art editor, for picking that photo. Kung Fu Rob would have been a better cover.

      Photos of which I speak:

      • I’m so mad that I clicked on that first link and it brought me to THAT magazine cover.

        • Sorry, Katie. But my point was made. EW hates Rob.

          • They’re just jealous… of his… hair?

      • I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. That cover is beyond atrocious. I’ve seen that picture before, but never the full cover so I never knew where it came from. If I were Rob, I’d have it written into every contract that I didn’t have to do photo shoots for EW.

        • I’m glad that’s not in my Robporn collection. What the hell did they do to him? He sure didn’t look like that in the movie.

      • I’m with HB, I had seen the picture, but, of course, no one had ever bothered to make it bigger than a tiny thumbnail pic bc who in their right mind would want to look at that shizz. In any event, the first picture scared me so much, that in my haste to get away, I closed my entire Firefox window, and not just the tab. That’s a big deal for me!

        AWAY AWAY

      • Oh! I really don’t like that picture of them, haha! It doesn’t even look like him. What the heck?

      • What I can’t believe is that he LET them do him up like that! Did he look in the mirror?

    • I KNOW, I don’t feel it either! Why am I not feeling it?

  22. LOL
    Second to last pic looks a little like… “Oh, oh, that last HotPocket must have been bad” or he remenbered the fan that got naked for him at the NM premiere.

    The Kung-Fu-Rob shot reminded me why I love His-Royal-Dorkiness sooooooo much. ❤

    Last picture though: Wouzza, now that IS FUCKHAWT!

    • Oooops, I meant to write “he REMEMBERED”… guess I need more coffee…

  23. Now, the rest of them….ah, well I just can’t stop staring. 🙂 Look at his arm there? Wow, that must be from working out for the New Moon Edward! Squee.

    These pics are giving me dirty thoughts and it’s not even 10 am!!!

    • And the arm hair is so sexy…hot! One of the pictures show a little bit of his chest hair, that’s great too!

  24. I wonder how many takes they had to do to capture that Kung Fu Rob pic. I can just see an entire roll of film used to try and get the one where he looks cool and athletic and not like a hyperactive kid on ritalin.

    • so that was a failure!!! because you nailed it….he looks like an hyperactive kid on ritalin!!! lol….hello…all hkor…just kidding! You don’t look like that!!!

  25. Uh muh guh. I adore these photos. He looks like such a goofball in some, but good lord, man.

    I love the one with the fingers on his mouth like he just now realized KStew has had a greasy mullet for way past the Runaways filming. It’s the “threw up in my mouth” face. And I still think he’s hot.

    And “it doesn’t really matter that you bought the gel toothpaste when the paste kind was clearly written on the list”???

    I want to argue with him about toothpaste in the worst way. Only with the make up special hugs though.

    • “I want to argue with him about toothpaste in the worst way?” That’s sweet.

      • We have a sweet relationship.

  26. Very shag-a-dellic.

  27. Hair Porn, Jaw Porn, Kung-fu Porn

    Yes Please, all of the above.

    • Yes, yes, yes!!!!

  28. Everything about this man and his adorkable self is so effing sexxy. These picture make me feel like bella with edward…..he’s so freaking beautiful it’s painful to look at him…like i get a hole punched into my chest just by staring at these pics.
    As minuit passe said, the camara LOVES him!!

    this video (link below) is one of my favorites. It’s so funny to watch him as people take photos with him. He’ll be smiling, then the second he poses for the picture, he goes into “brooding” mode, then immediately snaps back to happy rob the second after the picture is taken. It’s like photoshoot autopilot for him….smiley rob…camera out…sexxy brooding rob….camera away…smiley rob.

    • thx for posting it..sucking-in-cheeks-Rob…too funny… he looked beautiful that day!

    • Every time I watch that video, I get to around 3 minutes and then get motion sick and want to vomit. Am I missing anything? Other than general beanie hotness?

      • Everytime I watch that video I think, I will never behave this way as a fan. Sorry about the motion sickness, SS.

        • …instead of chasing him down, I will spend X number of hours at my computer… to drool over him with others who feel the same way.

          This is much more dignified, right?

          *shakes head*

          • ML that’s definitely more dignified. I do the same thing day in day out. If/when I ever run into him I prolly won’t be able to speak anyway. I’ll just stare with my mouth wide open. I think it’s better we just look at his pics online for now!

      • it’s the last part of the video where he really starts taking photos with people and immediatly does the brooding and “sucking in” of the cheekbones….making love to those lucky cameras.

        Of all the “Faces O’ Rob”, this Rob is my perfect Rob. Beanie and Raybans, sweet, kind, gentle, humble. Actually, add a days worth of scruff, then that’d be perfection. I love when he says “it’ll ruin it” about signing the guitar. That effing sexxy ass accent makes me hurt.

        I’m at work right now posting this. This is NOT good. I may have to excuse myself for a 5 minute bathroom break 😉

    • He looks very cute in that video and I adore him, but my threshold for embarrassment for others is too low and I made it until about 3:45 before I had to shut it off. I just can’t. I can’t handle fangirls telling him he’s beautiful and not to cut his hair. And the bodyguard yelling at people to not get more than one autograph. I wonder how embarrassed this makes Rob?

      If I just happen to see him in London, I will have to admire from afar. I could never do what those girls do. My palms are sweating just from watching others make fools of themselves.

      • Well said, TLG.
        Agree 100%, but love the gum chewing.

        • Love the gum chewing too! So cute.

          Only thing: It reminds me of my mom telling me as a teen “Quit smackin’ on that gum, it looks so trashy and common!” lol.

          • Tupelo, my mother uses those exact words, “trashy and common.” Guess it’s a southern thang.

          • Guess it is a “southern thang”! I’ve been hearing it all my life. Seems I was constantly doing things that were “trashy and common”. I’m bad, I guess!

          • My mother said that too! Actually she said “only cows chew that much.” She hated gum chewing with a passion.

            Amen on the southern thang!

      • I’m so with you on this one, but if you “accidently” see him, you have to drop a joke or smth. Especially if he’s KStewless.

        • YOu mean I shouldn’t say, “oh, you don’t sparkle?”

          • LMAO!

          • hahaha
            I wanted to reply to TLG on her seeing Rob. But that could actually be a great pick-up line. Or depending on the time of the night and pints on the table : “Some crazies are talking about the sparklepeen. Have any idea why?”

          • Haha! He will be confuzzled ML!

            He will be like “what are you talking about?”

            MP I love your newly coined word “kstewless.”

      • I’ve said this before, but I just want to see him in a glass case like a museum exhibit. I just want to e-x-a-m-i-n-e him in person.

        Ok, I’d like the exhibit to speak in a British accent too.

      • Same here….I could never ever do to Rob what those screaming silly fans do…totally embarassing, like…DONT YOU HAVE NO SHAME?
        I’m perfectly happy admiring and drooling over Rob from afar …and if ever I do see him in public (lol which will probably never happen as I live in a part of Asia that isnt’ Japan! ;)) I wouldnt even go near him. I’d just happily look and stay away and maybe die a little inside because I’m just bursting 😉 But yeah, thats how it would be.

        Sweet, gracious, respectful Rob….being mobbed by hoards of crazy biotches and the paparazzi is truly awful especially if it happens 24/7…This just goes to show what an amazing person he really is because he never looks pissed, or haughty, or annoyed…Sweetheart really.

    • The cheek-sucking is so BLUE STEEL.

    • Pouty Rob…yum

      Again I say ‘this man is sooooooo heart-breakingly beautiful.’

      My day is now ruined.

      I want him bad! 🙂

      and mountainlion I agree, much more dignified to drool in private rather than scream like a fruit loop in his face.

      • “drool like a fruit loop in his face?” Can I reuse this?

        • of course my dear use away 🙂

  29. Okay the pic with the leather coat pulling up the collar… gah damn rob! bringing the pretty in those.

    Where is this dude? Does he not leave his “flat”? The paparazzi suck ass in London or something. Thank God for Eclipse coming out because his sexy ass will be doing majah press and giving us tons of Rob-porn.

    Maybe we shouldn’t call it a drought…more like a fast. When he finally comes out to do Eclipse stuff he’ll look even better… no beard preferrably. He gives good jaw.

    • If he never goes away, how will we ever miss him?

      • gahhhhhh….TLG…I love you!!!

        • backatcha, Robgirl. Is it weird that depending on your avatar, I think you have dark hair, then blonde hair, then I think you’re a doppelganger for Kate Moss? 😉

          • Not weird….normal.!!!
            That’s my split personality…ME looking different from every angle!!!

          • and “doppelganger” is german+ english…haha…I didn’t know that

      • TLG I like you but in this particular moment I very much DISlike you. Aren’t we unlucky enough to go through the drought, do you have to add to it and indirectly tell him he’s right about his low-key thing? I think IT SUCKS. BIG TIME!!! What? No, I’m not being selfish at all.

        • I get it, minuit passé. I just think it’s good for us to miss him a bit. Yes, selfishly I wish he’d walk down the street every day and we’d get daily photos (that way you could make sure your wardrobe inventory is up-to-date). BUT, it’s actually better if we don’t. Anticipation is actually good for our Roblove. You’ll see. 🙂

          • You’re as masochistic as the Twi lion. 🙂
            Of course this is good for him. But not for me!!! And the day I’ll have a Rob overdose and say I have enough of this guy, I’ll be so happy and proud of myself. And shed a tear like parents who are embarrassingly proud when their kid was accepted in a great school. 🙂

          • WAIT… TLG!
            You were NOT talking about Kristen’s quote thinking about Edward?…lol
            …anyway that doesn’t affect my feelings for you at all!

          • There’s got be a happy medium. Remember Me shoot=lots of Rob, now =way too little Rob. I need a little Rob at least every couple of days.

            And the telethon was like giving someone who’s dying of thirst an eyedropper full of water. NOT enough.

          • Robgirl, you should know me better than that. I don’t quote Kristen. 😉 And I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment in regard to Edward and New Moon. I was counting the minutes until he reappeared. I skimmed the book until his name reappeared on the pages.

            Hmmm, does that mean I love Edward more than Rob? Absolutely not. It just means I’m not ready for a movie where Rob’s absent for half the movie.

            I think I’ve just stepped off the edge. I’ve posted more on this blog today than I have in the last 2 months. Maybe the Rob draught is playing with my mind.

            minuit passé was right after all!!

          • Ha! I meant drought. Not draught. Although, Rob would probably rather have a draught. LOL.

      • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

        • Whereas being close makes the sparklepeen grow.

          Ew, don’t mind me I come from the bar.

          • OMG Minuit, I’m so glad I came here to check. Lol. That is so funny! Do I sound like Jessica now?

            Haha! I got your email, sounds like you had a ton of fun! I’m so jelly. You do realize it’s a work week right? 🙂 Aren’t bars for weekends?

          • LOL!!! hilarious..”sparklepeen grow” =D

  30. So these pictures are hot, and I am happy to look at them, but who is ready for new photos? I know this girl is. So good thing Bel Ami is filming in London so in about a week we should get daily Rob pictures!

    • Hope Rob will show up on a few talk shows for Remember Me, too.

      • I would really love it if he did.

    • Please God…

  31. It’s kind of amazing how photogenic Rob is. Honestly.

  32. I seriously can’t believe you posted that scary pic 4 times on this post. Only at LTR! 😉

  33. […] Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly Photo Uploaded from Letters to Rob […]

  34. CABBAGE SOUP! Bhahahahhaaaaa. WORST SMELL EVER!!

    • I’ll ask roommate not to make it when you come to visit.

  35. I hope he ‘borrowed’ that white tee.

  36. AY DIOS MIO, QUE DOLORRRRRRR!!! *rolls the tongue*

    annnnnnnd done.

  37. Oh my gosh!

    I have to excuse myself, be right back!

    • Whiteflower~
      Imma have to excuse myself everytime I see your avi photo.

      • take all the time you need… =)

    • Ay caramba! Your avatar is totally killing me today!

  38. I’m still singing Kriss Kross…
    The Daddy Mack’ll make ya, JUMP, JUMP!!!!

    Moon, I cherish my Drunk Rob Air Guitars To AC/DC pic. Please make me a Kriss Kross one. I’m not kidding.

    “Some may try to rhyme, but they can’t rhyme like this…”

    • I just snorted in an extremely inappropriate way in my very quiet office.

      Thank you for sending me back to the early 90s for a minute, Leigh Anne!

  39. I just died a little… Rob’s kung fu is strong??
    And I completely think like UC. She is sooo right. He doesn’t show up for like months and then give us this look. Bad move Rob, very bad move. (read: Bad move as in you get me so turned on I want to …. *figure the rest out yourself*)

    • Bleriana do you perhaps mean you want to “kung” his “fu”?

      • ‘kung’ his ‘fu’ hahaha wonderfull
        these could be new secret codes for -uknowwhatbelarianameant-

      • Hahah, you crack me up today.

  40. i srsly gasped out loud when i clicked the jump and kungfu rob popped up. that is like really hot. i miss seeing rob out. he needs to have another photoshoot because we get them rob gems from them. you should totes break EW down vanity fair style.

  41. Is it weird that even though I am mega disappointed by the pic where he is covering The Mouth, I am also amazingly turned on by his super hairy arms?

    God I love Hairy Rob.

  42. That’s what I call Evil Rob and I don’t like it.

  43. Rob looks like he might have taken Joey Tribbiani’s school of “Smell the Fart” acting. Rob must have forgotten his lines and needed a minute. Yes, that’s a Friends reference. Go ahead. Love it.

  44. you girls are the best…i laugh, i cry, i wet myself..oh TMI..? Anyway i have a ? pls …i’d like to know if Beardward is for his next movie? Bel Ami? do we know this? I mean otherwise he would shaved for ‘us’ right..? right..? i mean he’s hawt but..umm i dunno about that..imagine the beard rash..oh.. um …maybe not..

    • yes… from what i’ve heard through the grapevine (cuz i no longer read stuff about rob) it’s for his next movie! weight gain too! although 100 bucks says he made them write that into the script

  45. The second and last pictures… goodness… You don’t want to know what’s on my mind right now…

    On second thought… You WOULD want to know… hahahaha HOT!!!!

  46. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Nicole . Nicole said: RT @letter2twilight: New pictures of Rob? That means 1 picture, FOUR Takes: […]

  47. […] Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly Photo Uploaded from Letters to Rob […]

  48. The pic where his hand is covering his mouth(and all the other ones too,actually): WOW!

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