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Rob celebrates Australia Day!

Continuing in our quest to educate Rob and all the LTR readers about the holidays around the world, we learn about a special holiday being celebrating way down under TODAY!

This map is accurate, except for 'Dannii Minogue' - she's Britain's problem now!

Dear Rob,

I want YOU to get your learn on – I am nothing if not an enthusiastic proponent of all things related to ME. So in LTR’s series “Teach Rob About Your Holidays, In Hopes That He Will Decide To Celebrate The Next One With You”, I give you… Australia Day!

Being an agnostic non-American, I learned last year about 2 Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of Joo-lai. It was exciting, fascinating, hunger-inducing – everything I hope to bring to you (and LTR of course) in this informative bulletin.

Australia Day is January 26th, and is ostensibly the day that Australia was landed on by a bunch of British naval officers, and a crap load of convicts (they made it all the way out here on a BOAT – what the heck is your excuse?! Sorry, bit of a rant-tangent there, I digest…). It is not, in fact, the day Australia became a country (that’s New Years Day, 1901). Or the day we got independence (because we don’t in fact have that, your Queen is our Queen, but not the one with Freddy Mercury in it). No, it’s the day the First Fleet landed, planted the ol’ Union Jack, and started the colony of Sydney with a bunch of pick-pockets and prostitutes.

I will lead you to believe that all Australian women look like this if it gets you down here

It has long been argued (by me, mostly) that the reason why Australians are so awesome is that we’re all either descended from crooks who loved getting drunk, or from immigrants who wanted to get drunk in a place with nicer beaches. I myself am descended from settlers, and my Dad is actually English, so this stereotype I’ve concocted isn’t really accurate, but nevertheless brings me to the major salient point about Australia Day:


This is closely followed by:


And to round out the ultimate trifecta of awesomeness:


  • You put the beer in your mouth, and also on the meat (that’s what she said).
  • Put the meat on the barbie (or BBQ, for those unfamiliar with Australian – a language in its own right, trust me), then put it in your mouth along with lots of tomato sauce, white bread rolls, and onions.
  • Finally, after sitting in the sun too long, drinking too many VBs and eating too many snags with too much ‘dead horse’, you play cricket. Usually poorly, with someone eventually hitting the tennis ball over the back fence for six and out, and being unable to retrieve it as it has landed on the neighbour’s roof/been taken by a dog/fallen in the river and been swept out to sea.

Probably too much physical exertion for you, Rob, don't want to tire you this

I know I don’t have to explain this bit to you, as you’re from the country that invented this strange but oddly riveting sport. To Americans: Imagine baseball, but less boring when the players are in coloured uniforms, and more boring when they’re in white. I’ve tried explaining cricket to non-Commonwealth citizens, and fail every time.

Australia Day isn’t such a fun day for Indigenous Australians, being that it basically marks the day we wandered in and took over their country, and kinda continue to refuse to give it back. Everyone nowadays knows that it isn’t meant to celebrate a bunch of criminals who couldn’t fit in England’s jails turning up in what is basically tropical paradise around the edges, but it’s to celebrate that a lot about Australia kicks ASS and we would like it to continue to do so.

So come on down Rob, you’ll find me this Australia Day in a mate’s backyard, cracking a tinnie, bowling someone out, getting red as a beetroot and eating more sausage sangers than I knew could fit in my belly. They’re kind of like Hot Pockets, if you squint and look at them sideways. Did I forget to mention that it’s currently summer down here? No need for 25385854 layers and a North Face jacket, it’ll be bikini bottoms and side-boob as far as the eye can see – and not a mullet in sight, because I don’t live in the western suburbs!.

Sunbaked, drunk, and ever yours,

Cledbo- I greatly appreciate the education today and know Rob would as well. I learnedΒ  many new worlds (I had to read your letter like 12 times cause it was kinda like you were speaking a different language) and WAIT… are you saying Australia is not independent from England? Really? Seriously, I must learn more. You and Rob share a Queen? Jealous…

Do you have a holiday you’d like to teach Rob about? You know the drill- send in your letter!

Follow the jump for an extra special treat!I tricked you. It’s:

Product Review Time

So you know how from time to time companies contact us and ask us to give opinions on whatever it is they are selling. We always say “yes” because who doesn’t like free stuff? (Except that one time when “Condoms-R-Us” asked if we’d review their Jacob Black condom. That’s just wrong. Edward Cullen condom, yes, but they weren’t having any problems selling those)

So today let me tell you about my new t-shirt from the Crooked Monkey

Here is what I look for in a t-shirt:

1. Is it soft? Yes. This one is. none of that cheap, scratchy t-shirt material

2. Is it funny or cute? This T-shirt happens to fall in the “funny” category… except that…. Well, I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I BET it would be much funnier if I ever did. And I KNOW there are a ton of Buffy crossover to Twilight vampire fans out there. So I bet they’d like it too

3. Does it look good with jorts? Well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

(The answer is: Heck YES it looks awesome with jorts!)

So anyway, hop on over to Crooked Monkey to see what other Twilight-inspired tee’s they carry and pick up one or two! (FYI- this is my fav Edward shirt and my fav non-twilight related shirt!)

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  1. hey Cledbo, I noticed that your map has Steve Irwin , but how about Sam Worthington ( Hottie) and Hugh Jackman ….. ???

    • I got sent that map in an email, I didn’t actually make it.

      Also, Sam and Hugh live in H-wood these days, and Steve Irwin is in fact no longer with us, so there you go.

      All the other stuff is accurate, though the sharks might not have frickin’ lasers…

      • Thank you so much for the frickin’ lasers. I needed that.

      • Hey that was awesome!!! Im from Adelaide in the NORTHERN suburbs so no mullets here! Plenty of sharks though!!! No laser beams 😦 Couldn’t of said it better thats for sure! AUSTRALIA ROCKS!

  2. Let the “down under” jokes begin.

    I’ll start.

    I heard Rob is big “down under”.

    • Its our fondest hope!

      • I bet he is too…omg!!!! he’s too much!

    • I heard he was sometimes a bit nekkid “down under”…

    • Pretty sure he’s uncut down under

      • SS haha…here we go again…!!!
        and what happened to your avatar? Where is the PRETTY???

        • It’s my damn phone! When I am lying in bed reading LTR first thing in the morning, if I feel compelled to comment before I get to my laptop, it doesn’t show my avi! Frustrating! Oh well, and yes I will have this argument over and over with anyone in the world until I have first-hand peen evidence. I KNOW he’s uncut. lol

    • “I heard Rob is big β€œdown under”.”

      TOFT – I think you make me laugh the most – you are utterly HYSTERICAL!


      • Awww, thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Australia, represent!
    (I canNOT believe I just said that, I sound like a right bogan!)
    Love, love, love this letter, Cledbo!
    Tres fab.
    Errr usually for me Aussie Day just means lounging around and thanking the heavens that we get a day off! But today I actually went and had a BBQ with friends and there really is nothing better than a Woolies snag on a breadroll with tomato sauce.
    So. Good.
    Happy Australia Day, people! πŸ˜€

  4. I just need to say that Miranda Kerr is my #1 girlcrush. Also Heartbreak High and Home and Away got me through high school. Love you Australia!

    • Ohhhhh Home & Away!!!
      Ohh I used to watch that religiously every night at 7pm on channel 7.
      Now I see how truly, truly crap it is! lol!

      • I know, right?!

      • ermm i have a confession.. the only australian show i remember watching was the sleepover club. and that was back when i was in high school..

        btw, i’m not australian.

    • Did you not watch Skippy? The series with the kangaroo? That got me through elementary school! (Okay… it did not, but whatev.)

      • Skippyyyyyyyyy, Skippyyyyyyyyy, Skippy the Bush Kangaroooooooo.

        Nope never watched that.

  5. “are you saying Australia is not independent from England?”

    Australia is part of the Commonwealth, hence the odd visit from good old Queen Elizabeth in her sensible shoes from time to time πŸ™‚ Ooooooo and remember Britain includes Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland, so the correct phrase would have been:

    “are you saying Australia is not independent from Britain?”

    I know it is pathetic but it irks me when peeps assume that Britain is only England. Right, I’ll take my grizzly self off before being pelted with fruit and veg πŸ™‚


    • that was a lot of geography for this early in the morning…!

    • I am a day late, but talking of Scotland…..

      It was Burns Night in Scotland, yesterday……so Robert, you should have been in Scotland (as I am briefly) to celebrate another Robert…..and another poet…and another man who appreciated a good scotch whiskey……

      I have 364 days to write a letter to RP and LTR about this particular tradition.

      Although there is no day off/holiday……just drinking a truck load of whiskey…… the same as most Mondays for me then…….


  6. Rob and I share The Queen of England here too in Canada…she is our Head of State and has a Governor General to represent her in parliament.

    Dear Rob,
    I know in England you don’t celebrate the Queen’s birthday (Victoria Day) but here in Cananda we do…we get the day off from work and schools are closed….soooooo why don’t you stop on over next Victoria Day and I can show you HOW we celebrate!


    • OOoooo I’m on a role this morning, in theory there has not been a Queen of England since 1707 (Queen Ann). Although she officially resides in England, Queen Elizabeth II is known as either the Monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain or of the United Kingdom…trust me, she has a couple of fine homes in Scotland and just a wee bit of land as well to go with them πŸ™‚

    • WHAT? really? wow… I’m am an ignorant American…… and United Statian…. since Canadians are American too…

      • UC lol I am an American (from Michigan) living in Ontario, Canada. I have duel citizenship……but yeah espcially here in southern ontario (we are considered the “armpit of canada + americans”, not my own words). lol

        • misty, I’m an American – from Michigan – living in Quebec! This is exciting. What area of the mitten are you originally from? I’m working on dual citizenship but for the moment am just a PR.

          • operarose, what a small world!!! How do you like the cold girl?????? where abouts in Michigan are you from???

          • It is a small world. Especially since I never have met a Michigander-turned-Canuck in the 8 years I’ve lived here (and 3 I’ve been a PR), and of all places I would finally meet one on LTR! Love it! I’m from West Michigan, Grand Rapids area.

        • Armpit? My parents live in Michigan and over there they’re called the “hand.” You asked anyone there where they’re from and they show you their hand
          :-). Remember that? Oh how I miss Michigan.

          • When I said “armpit”, I was refering to what all of Canada call SOUTHERN ONTARIO (windsor, across Detroit).

            But yeah, I grew up in the mitten!!! lol I grew up in Troy Mi then moved to Rochester Mi all in Oakland Township….what about you SB?????

            We still show people the locations of cities in Michigan on our hand!!!

          • Hey Misty! I’m in Oxford, MI. Small world!

          • Oh I knew what you meant Misty :-). I lived for a while in Auburn Hills(right by the palace of Auburn Hills), MI but I’m here in Kentucky now. I much prefer it here though, times are tough now in Michigan. My hubby is from there.

          • My mom almost bought me a t-shirt once, with a picture of a hand and text saying something along the lines of “This is how I tell people where I’m from”…. we should totally use this idea but have a picture of Rob’s hand and have some little clever quip about how he loves Michiganders. I dunno. Lame idea? But I am happy there are so many Michiganders around here πŸ˜‰

  7. Cledbo, loooove the map- hilarious! Maneating koalas? Really? This map might seriously confuse/frighten Rob, though. You don’t want to deter him from visiting Australia as much as possible for more drunk karaoke with Hugh Jackman!

    As for the backyard cricket, you are 100% correct. Rob, we (I) ‘don’t want to tire you out…like this’. Please reserve your stamina.

    There’s so much more to celebrate- cool music, vegemite, Foster’s, so much else.

    Enjoy Australia Day- you guys rock!

    • “Rob, please reserve your stamina”…lol
      I would second that!
      Could be some new slogan as well………….

      • I think it should be a priority of his!

    • Rob might sprain his groin playing that! Oh no, Rob just have a seat and have a couple of beers instead hon? Okay?

      They’re right, need for you to save all that energy for something special.

  8. Thanks to Cledbo for the teaching…

    I don’t share a QUEEN with Rob….the English Channel is separating us.. πŸ™‚

    Dear Rob,
    you can share MY LOVE for you
    we don’t need the Queen (aka Freddie)

    • Does it count if my great-grandparents shared a queen with Rob’s great-grandparents?

      • YES! Sure…which queen? THE QUEEN or Queen….?
        No…just kidding…anyway THAT COUNTS!!!

        • I would be willing to be Rob’s QUEEN for a day.

        • that reminded me of I’ll Be Your Lover Too…a very weird combo of the original and Rob’s cover.

          Somethings wrong with me.

  9. Interesting, I’m constantly learning new things here. And after British, the Austrailian accent is my favorite, I think.

    To Southernbelle and mountainlion: Check your email. Sent y’all something. Let me know what you think (by email).

    • Tupelo,
      Posted a Rob interview at ltr on 1/26 re: moist.

      I’m not crazy afterall.
      p.s. can’t wait to read your stuff.

      • I saw it and commented.

        Let me know what you think about my little adventure…

    • Hey I saw the email, I’ll read it! Can’t wait.

  10. “Side-boob as far as the eye can see”…oh man, still laughing. Awesome educational post…

    • It’s true though. You get some who go the whooooole hog: Aussie flag singlets, shorts, boardies, bikinis, hats, caps, temp tattoos, zinc and thongs (flip-flops). It’s madness. Then there’s ones that get the biiig flags and wear them as capes. It’s kinda second-hand embarrassing, to be honest, some of the get ups you see. Espesh the real bogans.

  11. OH GOD what a great letter. I am going to Australia in t-minus 7 months and I CAN’T WAIT. Especially after everything said above.

    I LOVE CRICKET. I LOVE BEER (well, whisky, but whatever.) I can’t wait to celebrate next year’s Australia day with you Rob! πŸ˜‰ If Cledbo letter is correct, I should get on there just fine!

    Truthfully though, I’m so excited for my impending trip to Oz I could upchuck, and I have MONTHS yet!

    PS: I seriously LOVE cricket.

    • Backyard cricket is fun to play but I cannot watch the reall stuff on TV. I’d rather watch the grass grow!

      • I totally agree with you! I tried watching an India vs Australia TEST MATCH (how do the players not fall asleep playing that version of the game) and fell asleep in half an hour!
        The 20 over version is kinda fun to watch though…

        • Cricket is ALL about the drinking, eating and napping as far as I’m concerned. This is a game that stops for afternoon tea for crying out loud! Also it’s mostly played in the most fabbity fab locations. If I were a man I’d want to be a cricketer for defs!!

        • I have to words for you ALASTAIR COOK.

          I may start a Letters To Alastair if you’re not careful!! πŸ˜‰

          • *two words

          • Africa v England 3rd Test Day Two quG-eAe1UkJl.jpg

            adorkable no???

          • Ignore that link it doesn’t effing work. I literally REPELL technology!
            Alistair Cook= NICE.

          • Very nice!!!!

          • I have the biggest crush on Cook… Well my biggest cricket crush after Brett Lee!

          • Want a blogging partner for Letters To Alastair?
            We could start a sister site: Letters To Brett?

        • As I said: boring with white uniforms, more interesting in colour.

          And yes, getting drunk is the main part of watching the cricket.

          • I didnt know there were so many cricket fans at LTR. I am loving it here even more of that is humanly possible!

    • i might be going as well. I hope i don’t have to wait another 7 months, though. but if i have to, we could meet and discuss some real important rob issues. (or skip that and go straight for the beer πŸ˜€ )

  12. Happy Australia Day everyone! I did the whole going to the beach thing today, got sunburnt, gotta love Ozzie. Pls Pretty come here, we’ll warm you up down here like nowhere else. πŸ™‚
    P.S. I rarely comment, but have been here almost everyday for the past 8 month, thank you ladies for the laughs and great company. Cheers…

    • Cheers…
      and make sure that Rob will use SUNBLOCKER!!

      • OMG with his skin if he doesn’t use shield 72…well lets not even go there, it’s too fucking scary.

        • You have shield 72? wow..I know only about shield 50…anyway Rob needs shield 150 every 10 minutes!lol

        • Rob needs major sunscreen. πŸ™‚

  13. I am now happy to know that other countries have a day designated to eat too much, pretend to be athletic for a day, and get a lobster burn because it seems to be a requirement. So, thank you Clebdo. Even though a lot of us are from different corners of the Earth, we all seem to have things in common, regardless. πŸ™‚

    And as far as the JORTS, I say it’s total win. My personal favey fave happens to be the one with the dude in the Buffy/Edward tee, showing his belly, because I think it has a touch of class. I mean his JORTS have a jort belt for cripes sake. Oh, and PS, I just had to share this…When I went to see NM (for the first time), when Taycob came on screen my friend hollered out, “OMG, He’s wearing SHANTS!!!!” I nearly peed myself. And of course she had to fill me in…she said that his glorious jorts were not quite shorts, and not quite pants. Chalk it up as another glorious term to add to the roster. ;P

    • Whoopsies…I meant “Cledbo”. Sorry!

    • Jorts with a jort belt- extra special level of jortness. The improvements keep coming in this fashion ‘trend’.

      • WIN ! Specially how mini is the jort on his legs =)

      • What could we do to possible improve the jort? Suspenders perhaps??

        • Rainbow mini jorts with a belt AND suspenders! (and a denim vest with no shirt). Awesome!

          • That would be…GLORIOUS!!!! There is so much awesome there that I don’t even know where to begin!! πŸ™‚

        • Rainbow mini jorts with a belt AND suspenders with a denim vest and no shirt. Awesome!

          • sorry, odd double post.

  14. Great letter Cledbo, love the map! Happy Australia Day.
    Rob, if you go, make it a short visit, I love knowing you’re in the UK & closer to me, if still a couple hundred miles away!

  15. Love the letter!
    Just one quick question. Is it true Vegemite sandwiches taste like Hot Pockets?

    • You’ve got a new product idea there!!!!!

    • There are no hot pockets down under, but if it’ll get Rob over here then I’ll whip up a batch.
      Happy Australia Day to all lurking Ozzies.

      • Yeah we only get those Pizza Pockets, which I don’t think are as good.

        Vegemite=heaven. With heaps of butter on toast? Yuuuumm.

        • DEFS! Hot buttery Vegemite toast is the best!!

  16. Happy Invasion Day.

    Invasion Day (AKA Australia Day) A day we Aussies seemingly celebrate the commencement of the destruction of Indigenous culture by British colonialism in 1788.

    And VB?!?! Ewwwww who the hell drinks VB? You know what VB really stands for? You may have mistakenly heard it is called Victoria Bitter, but the real beer drinkers know it as:

    1. Visitors Beer
    2. Vomit Bucket
    3. Vaginal Backwash

    Pass me a Coopers Pale Ale thanks!!!!

  17. Dearest Cledbo,
    Hilarious. I know there’s been a lot of talk of you coming here and undertaking a certain Operation of sorts… but after this letter, I could give a shit about that. Please make room for me in the spare bedroom, as I’m on my way to party it up in the sun with you. Save me a beer.

    Thanks and hearts!

  18. Good on ya, Cledbo. I love the geography and history lessons, and hope we soon see Rob in board shorts. I think there’s a very good chance you can lure him out once he learns Australia is all about the beer.

    • What about smoking ciggies….all the time? Do you know that? Just asking for Rob…lol

  19. Happy Aussie Day!


    i want to see Rob playing crickets. That would be HILARIOUS. I remember in one interview Rob says how uncoordinated he is and how much he hate CH because she has baseball coach for him to teach him how to play like a professional =).

    • I want to see Rob bowling…it would be so funny seein his long uncoordinated arms!
      I reckon he’ll fall flat on his face if he tries to bowl fast

      Why do I get the feeling that what I just wrote is gonna sound like gibberish 90% of you who are from non-Commonwealth countries πŸ˜›

      • LMAO! im gonna give everything to see Rob falls flat on his face. Of course with the extra bonus, im treating his bleeding nose while hes laying on my lap =)

  21. I ❀ Australia, esp the koalas.

    And the beer πŸ™‚

  22. Aussies rule. Love the pics. Rob would love Aussie land. Australia is America’s best friend. The land ogf Mel Gisbon and Brian Huston-Hillsong. I love the music-check out hillsong

    • BOBBYGEE! We’ve missed you! How is football? Have you been to Australia? What are your thoughts on Mel Gibson since you mentioned him? There are so many things I need to know about you. Maybe we can start a letterstobobbygee, no?

      • plus he said NOTHING about the kissing technique!

    • oh i love hillsong as well!

  23. as a teacher I always love to learn new things so thanks for the aussie lesson!!!!

    Now for teaching rob about a new holiday. He needs to come to KY where I can properly give him lessons on how to PROPERLY celebrate the KY DERBY!!!! There are certain things you do in certain ways.

  24. I’d like to be “staked” by Edward.

    …sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    • You sure would, who wouldn’t? I love where your mind is going today darlin.

    • haha..I have NO doubts!!

    • LOL I posted but it didn’t show. So here I go again.

      Anyway, I like how where your mind is going today ML!

    • Lion, I can always count on you to make me laugh! My life as a *hole* sucks!! LOL This place is the reason I get up everyday!

      • Just sayin that my life feels like I’m in a hole.

        • That doesn’t sound all too pleasant. Hope the Roblove will make you feel better! Hopefully you’ll get out of that hole soon!

    • Edward???

      • I don’t usually refer to Edward, but I used “Edward” because that’s what
        the T-shirt said:

        “and then Buffy staked Edward…the end”

  25. Cledbo,
    Love the lesson and the map, especially where it says, “NOTHING.” That’s great!


    • the “NOTHING”..I truly had to think 20 sec. about it…this Rob-love has obviously some bad effect on my brain….lol

    • heh while some of the other ‘markers’ are obviously BS, that one really, really isn’t.

      There is sixth tenths of fuck-all in the middle of my country. I’ve spent time there. Even the snakes don’t go there!

  26. Nice letter Clebdo, thanks for enlightening us!

    The map is funny! Happy Australia day to you!

    The only connection I have to Australia are my 2 aunts and their kids(my mom’s younger sisters). I’ve never been there because mostly, they come and visit us here in the US.

  27. Cledbo – oh my, I was just informed that I mispelled your screen name, my apologies.

    • haha…you were informed? Hopefully it was Rob!

  28. Yes it was, he called me right away to tell me.

    • yes, he monitors our spelling and grammar as well.

      • I hope not! With all the the errors I make… wouldn’t want him to think I was an idiot!

        SB, if he calls back you need to give him my number…

        • Sure thing!

          I make a ton of errors too and then a few hrs later I will notice it and have to post some type of correction. LOL. I do it all the time. I just need to proofread my post before I post it but I’m always typing so fast and a lot of times my kid is yanking on my arms or distracting me. πŸ˜›

      • Rob really cares for his fans, even for their intellectual welfare…

        So much that he doesn’t have time left to coach KStew trough her interviews, just read one with her @Sundance:…It’s like, Uhm, it’s like, fine whatever…*

        *That’s what she said. πŸ˜‰

        • Nice, very articulate.

        • Oh for real? Do you have the transcript? I want to read.

          • SB, you can read it here:

          • Another link: have to share this: Kristen and Dakota Q and A The Runaways. Here I just feel sorry for her; if you think Rob was awkward:

            Was she like that in public before she met Rob too? Really, sometimes it seems to me that she’s trying to be him, she dresses like him, has got the same shoes/plaid shirt/hoodies and all. It reminds me how young she still really is…

            Really Rob, you should give her the gift of media training…You are charming without it, but she NEEDS it…

          • Cath, thanks for the links. I don’t really know about Kristen, I think she’s always been this way, I’ve been watching her since she was a kid(btw I’m not old) but she was not as popular back then. I do agree, her and Rob dress a lot alike, even the shoes are similar. She always seems awkward during interviews, that’s fine. Perhaps she’s not comfortable in crowds or in speaking in front of tons of people. I have no issues w. her(except the fact I’m jealous of her), but I’m glad Rob’s with her and not with another celebrity.

            She is so young so I think as time goes on she’ll do better with everything. If you want to talk, you can PM or I can PM you in the forum. I don’t want to post my email here :-). Good night!

    • Haha, SB, don’t give me any ideas: I’m gona star writin like thiz… (Rob, call me, I can’t spell…uhm, no really)

      • Rob as a tutor, oh damn you fanfic, again!!!!

        • Drsaka, as a tutor, oh my…Imagine how much we’d be dumbing down ourselves…’Uh Rob, we not understand. Could you explain it once again?’

          • It reminds me of a really good fanfic I read a few months ago :-).

          • There are several fanfics with Edward as a teacher or tutor- my mind went straight there.

      • Haha! Go do it!

        Are you feeling better today?

        • Yeah, got some much needed rest, feel more like myself again today…
          Must’ve been the chicken soup. πŸ˜‰

          But please tell, you don’t just let Rob hang up on you when he calls you to correct your spelling errors??? Have you already asked him about the beard for example? Or gave him some kissing advice? πŸ˜‰

  29. Cledbo, love your letter. Makes me want to go back to Australia NOW. (backpacked there)
    Love everything, esp. love Sydney.
    Australia with Rob in there would be too much!
    Although…maybe he could do the sequel (or prequel) to Australia, the movie that is…?
    (and Rob, with the beer, just order a schooner or a pint…may you find yourself in a bar)

    Happy Australia Day, Aussie Robsters!

  30. I just love the education I get from LTR! Enjoyable and educational! Love the letter Cledbo!

  31. You and your jorts pics are effing rediculous! ❀ them.

  32. I love how educational LTR is… it makes up for the studying time I lose on here…

    Loved the letter!!
    I think I may have to tell Rob about Kosovo’s independence day on 17th of February…

    • Damn! I missed my chance. It was India’s Republic Day today. Well I always have the Independence Day from the Brits on 15th August…

  33. Happy Australia Day to the Aussies! I love Australia! Been there twice and LOOOOVVED it! One of my besties lives there. I want Rob to chuck me his boomerang! πŸ˜‰

  34. The guy in the “Exhibit A” photo is clearly the coolest man alive. Jorts AND rainbow-reflective sunglasses. Stylin’.

  35. Dear Cledbo,

    I know we have agreed that were in geographically, biologically and legally possible, we’d be married and having each other’s babies…BUT, I wanted to tell you that this was great; funny and informative.

    Thanks for the Jewish holiday shout-out (because I look for/take recognition wherever I can get it).

    P.S. hubby wants our next BIG trip to be to Australia. Can I meet you in between “Sharks with Frickin’ Lasers” and “Convicts” where you will make me cocktails and regale me with your accent?

    I ❀ you (that means "I balls you")

    • I balls you too!

      I do indeed live south-west of ‘Fires’, between sharks and convicts.

      After how I spent my Australia Day, I think the cocktail will have to be ‘Sex on the Beach’! Hah!

      • Lucky guess….or is Zees planning a little special operation in the land down under….?

    • GEEK ALERT:Very soon it will be biologically possible for lesbian couples to have babies with DNA from both the parents. Scientists have found a way to convert the DNA samples of females into real sperms.

      This is it, ladies. Man is now officially, biologically useless!

      Sorry, couldnt resist.

  36. Thanks everyone for the kind words, and for loving the map cos I loved it too.

    Word to the cricket lovers too! Anyone know who the guy in the picture is? (Hint, he’s a famous Aussie cricketer, and his nickname starts with “Ooh, ah!”)

    If I could ask Rob one question (other than “Your place, or mine?”) it would be whether he likes cricket, rugby or soccer.
    To watch, not play of course, as we all know he’s about as coordinated as cooked spaghetti.

    • He’s English, I think he’ll say football,er,soccer.
      I heard he’s an Arsenal fan.
      That makes me a little sad, I’m a Chelsea fan.

      Okay, I’m rambling now!

    • I wanna see him kick a ball. Its always nice to know there is someone who is worse at the game than you.

    • I have no idea who ooh ah! is but your avi looks like McGrath? I thought his nickname was Pigeon?

      • It is indeed Ooh ah, Glen McGrath!

        You win a cookie πŸ™‚

  37. Great letter cledbo, gotta love Australia Day – all you need is a bunch of mates, lots of slabs, heaps of meat and a great attitude towards sport.

    If you are south west of fires in between sharks and convicts does that mean you are in Radelaide??? If so, howdy neighbour……

  38. I know I’m a day late here, but just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to Cledbo for an awesome post. Rob and Australia. Two things I love (to dream about).

    Gimme a home amungst the gum trees, with lots of Rob please. A plaid shirt or two and no clothes that’re new, a dad jacket on his back, some Heineken to get drunk , and a hot pocket fort!

    • I.Am.Died.

      That was fantastic. I’d much rather a hot pocket fort to a rocking chair any day!

    • HAHAHA – I just sang that to my colleague! AWESOME

  39. Damn, I’m an Aussie and that ‘map’ of Australia never gets old! πŸ™‚

    Why Rob hasn’t ventured down under is beyond me, and the boy needs his head read for the simple fact he appears to prefer mullets over the gorgeousness that is Miranda Kerr (hell, I’d turn for her!)

    I’d trade the VB for a Bundy rum (equally as Aussie, but guaranteed to get you sloshed much quicker!) but the rest of your Australia Day celebrations (ie. BBQ/cricket) are right on πŸ™‚

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