Posted by: themoonisdown | January 23, 2010

Robert Pattinson as Grizzly Adams the mountian man comes out of hibernation for a good cause!

Dear Rob,

*Sung to the tune of “The Boys are Back in Town“* BEARDWARD’S back in toooowwwnnn, Beardwards back in town! You finally came out of hibernation today on your way to the Hope for Haiti Now telethon location in London. It’s good to see some things never change…

Same hat? Check. Same leather jacket? Yup, check. Same jeans? Chiggity check! Same blue jacket used for layering? Check! NEW BROWN SWEATER?! YAHTZEE!

Even ‘ol Steve/Dean the bodyguard and his dad-jeans are back! It’s like a family reunion! Minus me and UC.

Then it was time for you to help bring in the big bucks for Haiti…

It was awesome to see you back in action at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon even though your facial hair was all up in your lips and it seemed as though your mountain man beard weighed down your face so much that you were unable to show any emotion. But we’ll take what we can get and be happy about it! I mean what more could we ask for but people like YOU coming out for a good cause sandwiched between folks like Justin Timberlake (and Matt Morris, HOOOLLLAA MMC!) and JayZ, Bono and Rihanna?!

Did anyone else find it ironic that he spoke of technology in the crisis when he himself rails against stuff like Twitter and owns a Jitterbug cell phone? Oh Rob… we love you!


Did you watch the telethon? What was your favorite performance? What was your favorite awkward celebrity phone call? Wasn’t Rob’s hair hot?

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  1. Eeek!
    First comment – finally! And I only had to stay up til midnight to do it…
    Can I just say it here, out in public, loud and proud…
    Oh yes, I do. The scruffier the better. That shiz is hawt.

    • I second that! This Rob is my favorite Rob.

      1) beard = sexy
      2) gruff serious voice = sexy
      3) taking part in humanitarian events = the sexiest thing he’s ever done

      Rob was so hot last night, that I totally busted myself in front of my husband.
      I saw him and said out loud “wow! he looks really hot”

      Months and months of hiding my love affair with Rob from my husband all gone in one incredibly sexy moment

      • I know! I almost hip checked my husband out of the way when he walked in front of the tube during Rob’s part. Oops, sorry hon, I just …..yeah.

        • I shushed the entire room and dropped the phone to silence the chatter of my mother so I could hear what Rob was saying.

          My husband said, “is this why we are watching this?”

          He doubts my humanitarian efforts. *sniff*

          Have a great day, ladies!


          • My SO nudged me and said ” Here’s your Boy” and pointed to the TV. While my girls were like whos that? My 6 year says….”thats Edward Cullen…????”

          • That’s so cute!

            Can you believe my 2 yr old was still awake? She really likes Rob too. I can’t believe she recognized him even with the beard and moustache. She kept saying Rob, mama!

      • Well put!!!!

        lmfao @ outting yourself in front of your husband!!! 🙂

  2. First and foremost:great thing he did, and good for him. I like the fact that he’s as far from snotty and/or stupid celebrities out there (T. Momsen-you need to vanish from anywhere i can see you)….but i couldn’t help but notice the technology/media irony also!

    And the voice of 7th grade recitals of gloomy, dark poems.
    No matter the beard, i’m glad to see him…well, a part of him at least.
    (Poor man, now that the world has seen mountain rob, one of his cover-ups is blown once again……;)

    • lol…”mountain Rob”= alpinist Rob!

    • The irony was just too much! I literally could not believe my ears! Good on him though for doing his bit, I’m sure it helped raise enough money for now and once the task of re-building begins.

    • media irony + religion irony!!! I wonder if he tried to change his text.

      • …why religion irony? Did I miss something?

        • He was saying how her prayers were answered and you know he’s atheist.

          • but if she prayed and was saved..ok..
            anyway I got your point! thx ❤

          • he is? since when? (i don’t mean to sound snotty, but i sincerely didn’t know that…)

          • I thought Rob was Catholic?

          • i agree with SB isn’t he catholic and even he mantioned once he wants to play Job from Bible .where did u hear that?

          • Ok so don’t mean to start a whole discussion here. I’m sure he’s not into religion at all. Nothing to do with playing Job, that doesn’t mean he’s catholic. It’s a cultural thing. The same way Am. politicians can talk about God in their speech and not Fr. politicians. Religion is just seen differently here.

          • sorry i didn’t mean too,just wondered.i also think not being into religion so much doesn’t mean you don’t belive in God.and about the playig Job i just wanted to mention he read it at least.i’m not a christian but i wondered and read the part.
            yeah i have to read anything he mentions 🙂 such an robsessive ha?:)

          • I’m confused…he said he was Catholic in that video.

          • Ok so I stick with my opinion, but that doesn’t change anything for anybody.

            @ che
            For me, reading the bible =culture and doesn’t necessarily imply believing.

            When he says he’s catholic he’s being sarcastic the same way he’s being sarcastic about believing in abstinence and mormon values.

            It’s 5 AM so I won’t explain all the reasons this is not surprising for me, but in Western Europe being religious is not as common as in the States. In France religion has a bit of a bad stigma attached. I respect everybody’s beliefs, what I wanted to say is it is cultural.

            I also think he has like most people a catholic background but that’s all.

        • I have only heard that Rob was Catholic. So how did you draw the conclusion that he is Atheist? I’m confused please explain. I don’t care either way to each his own. I know he said he believes in Karma. which is a more spiritual belief.

        • I thought Rob was RAISED Catholic, but that’s all.

          • But, what the hell do I know? I’m just a cyber stalker…

  3. Im in love with Beardbert.
    and he didnt blink once during the whole minute!

  4. George Clooney did a wonderful job, it was an absolutely touching and impressing organization!
    I liked ALL performances, eccept Madonna….

    Rob did a great job as well, it was simply GORGEOUS just to SEE HIM….and I loved the SQUINT while he was concentrated on the teleprompter !

    I just wondered HOW many people didn’t recognize HIM?????

    brilliant speech!

    • Oh yesss his speech was sooo brilliant it reminded me of my 10 year old at one the school poem presentations. Its great he came WILLINGLY to support Haitti

      • ohhh marie…you are NOT fair…he surely searched for the appropriate words the whole night before…
        BUT for the “Willingly”..I didn’t get the wit, sorry!

    • I thought about the general public not recognizing him. He looked so different (I liked the slightly more weight on him). If people only know him from Twilight/NM, they must have been thinking- how is this guy? But, of course, all the LTR girls recognized him immediately!

      • ALL!
        Do you remember..? We recognized the very little cut-out of his SKIN (underarm) some months ago (VF cover?)!

        • sorry, that should have been ‘who is this guy??’ (I’m not awake yet).

          Our recognition of him is visceral!

          • our relation w/him is so visceral.

      • I liked the extra weight though. 🙂 He looks healthy.

        • I thought so too.

          • As did I. Beardward + Humanitarianward + a touch of chub = *sigh* Is it weird that I find the idea of Mama Patz cooking up all his favorite treats and him sitting there, eating it all up and saying, “Thanks, Mum,” completely endearing?
            I mean, that’s normal, right?

          • Its a female way to think! Must take care of the person!

        • Yes, I like Rob a little thicker.

          Um, what?

          • Naughty, naughty!

          • Tsk, tsk!!

        • Exactly Dr. Saka on the female way ;-).

      • Even my husband didn’t recognize him. I sat quietly watching, heart thumping but straight-faced, without a single side-ways look, smirk or ‘there’s your lover’ comment. I hope this means he’s gonna stay out of the cave for a while! All the new/old pics are killing me.

  5. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the HUGE beard. A little stubble is okay.
    However, there is something incredibly manly about the fact that he can grow such an enormous amount of facial hair.

    He is a sexy, hairy beast!!

    • ..”sexy hairy beast”! Gazillions!!! thumbs up or one…

    • “He is a sexy, hairy beast!!!”

      LOL that he is, that he is!

    • LOL, “sexy hairy beast!”

    • Mmmmmm, sexy hairy beast–yes! He is oozing testosterone under all that manfur.
      I wanna jump that.

  6. i cried during the entire telethon.
    i want to scoop up all of those orphans and bring them to Texas.
    and along the way, i want to lovenap Rob and that beard and we can raise our Haitian lovechildren while sending smoke signals from different parts of the ranch.

    anyone know how to spell out “I LOVE YOU BEARDWARD” in smoke?

    where the hell is Solomon T when i need him?

    • I know. The orphans. I am seriously considering asking my husband if we have room for just one more kid in our house.

      • The orphans. That was heartbreaking. There are so many of them.

  7. Question : we are all talking about the beard, BUT WHAT exactly is going on with his HAIR?

    • Question 2: His accent is more british again..or not? I loved it!

      • like…doooot.oooorg…lol

        • yes so british and deep ,i loved it

          • I have spent a bit of time in England and from what I observed Rob is from a proper British upbringing. Being so polite and kind, I found that most British people are like this. He has not been in America long enough to understand the excesses we live by. Their value system is quite different than ours. He has a sense of nobility about him that is very difficult to find here in America. That is why we find EVERYTHING about him delicious and adorable.

          • BTW if you stay in England for a period of time you will start to pick up the accent. I’m quite sure that having a month long hiatus in his home land has helped him with his sanity and getting back to what makes him Rob. That life is familiar to him. I’m sure it has also been a time for him to prepare for the role of M. Georges Duroy. I would imagine that that is the reason for the extra facial hair.

        • and his sharp, crisp pronunciation of Twitter. I’ll have to listen to him again- I remember him hitting a couple of words just a little oddly.

          Loved Robeard. All that facile hair (though a trim is in order for the beard and mustache ) is extremely masculine.

          I hope that the telethon raised tons of money and relief is imminent for the Haitian people.

          I liked most of the performances. I liked the Stranded song that Bono/The Edge/Jay-z/Rhianna did but I was frustrated with not being able to hear Edge’s guitar or Bono’s voice at times. Maybe an odd mix. BTW- Rianna’s ginormous hoop earirings and short, short, shorty dress bothered me (appropriate for the event???).

          • facial hair-

            *repeat note to self from yesterday*
            ****read comments before submitting****

          • yeah drsaka, I need to read mine closely too. Sometimes after I submit them I see that I’ve made typos and my comment then makes no sense!

          • I just said he has easy hair! Arghhhh.

      • The hair is fine, I liked it. I have no issues with it. 🙂

    • Oh, that hair. WHAT with the hair?

      • buahahahaha..
        Almost the same reaction, i can’t believe it!

      • His hair has a life of its own!

      • BN, is that Bobby Long? Squee!!!! Where was this?

    • YES! the hair-hair, what’s with the hair?

      • brighter and kinda curly?

        • I think it looks tousled. I liked it.

          • SB – You win today’s “Hair Champion Award.” Thanks for sticking up for the hair sticking out! (I loved it, too!)

          • Thanks Poochimama!

            I was starting to get sad with the thumbs down.

  8. Liked the beard a little I guess but it needs to go. That face is just too pretty to hide for very long.

    To mountainlion: Read the Bel Ami script last night (well, actually this morning, 1 AM). Did you read it yet? What’d you think? Rob’s gonna be “busy” for sure. No PG-13 rating for this one!

    • not lion me…:-)
      but I read it yesterday….def. NOT PG 13…and “busy” is actually the right word…he’ll be busy most of the

    • Can’t wait for all the busyness!

    • i haven’t read the script but i heard Rob saying it was one of his favourite books and an amazing i guess we should trust his taste.if he is so exciting about doing that.and also Uma Thurman called it “bedroom drama”yes absoulutely not PG13

      • beside the “busyness”…the book is great and kinda “universally valid” to modern society today as well!

    • Tupelo can you send me the script? I may take a peek, thanks!

      • Yeah, SB. Give me a couple minutes and I’ll send it right on.. You’ll love it!

        • Thanks! I started to read but I think I may have to wait til tonight when my daughter is asleep. This is way too much hotness for me to take!!!!!

          You weren’t kidding! Oh wow, can you imagine Rob!? Oh wow…we will all be done for.

          • Ok I seriously need to read this thing.

    • Forward me the script please tupelohoney….

    • Tupelo,
      Re: Bel Ami

      I started it last night and only made it to page 48, but I get the gist.

      I’m finally going to see what I’ve been waiting to see: SKIN and S*X. That last bit is for you, robgirl.

      As for H4H. Rob was brills. I love that he seemed nervous. I love that he cares about people and doing a good job. I love that he was the youngest presenter. I also loved Justin Timerlake and John Legend and I’m so glad I have you guys!!!


      • A HUGE kiss to you….for all you said and for all YOU give….<3

  9. He took Twitter lessons from his friends “hi come to my show”. Social media understanding seems to be a “family” problem.

    Otherwise, I loved him!!! I didn’t expect him to show much emotions, not his type. (I was disappointed though that we didn’t get to see some Celine Dion emotion :)) from somebody) He was def. not one of the best presenters but who cares. Did I mention I loved the way he spoke (ew did the public reading)? I didn’t even know he could speak that loud.

    But carring Steam around at an early taping no ones knows about is all kind of ridiculous. Unless Chris Brown was in the neighbourhood.

    I like the blue jacket! Just not in combination with a brown sweater. The kind of detail that shocks me. Why, oh why?

    • Right! and thank God for NOT having Celine moments!
      I guess, the loudness of his voice is his way of being emotional….
      about your “shock”…lol…it shocks me that you were shocked,
      blue and brown looks great, unusual but very casual…..and very Rob!

      • I know all about the design trends, fashion, colours bla bla I know that blue and brown was a big hit a couple of years ago as grey and brown/gold was last’ year’s star bla bla bla but to see that blue (I love that jacket!!!) with brown it hurts me physically!!! Regardless of any trend.I would have put grey or black or whatever, just not brown. And that’s coming from someone who actually loves his style and his clothes!

        • I know I know…I’m not talking about trends…who cares??. I just thought he looked great…<3

          • i know, just needed to explain my history with the blue/brown thing. of course this doesn’t go for the brown jacket+blue shirt, that I LOVE.
            And he did look GREAT!!! I’m in love with the new Robeard!

          • …your history…lol
            Usually I don’t like beards, I like stubble or shaved, but in Rob’s case NOTHING is normal to me…beard, no beard…HIS EYES are killing me all the time!

      • Oh and Celine emotion moments are priceles : ))))

        • +s. i’m lame.

          • Honestly I didn’t see “cheesy” moments…perhaps a bit Reese W./Julia R. “phone calls”(NOT the people they talked too…just their vip reactions), BUT to me both seemed quite nervous as well…

          • s. speileberg was ok cause he seemed interested. except for that debut moment “so how do you feel about all that?”.
            reese & julia – distant, bla bla

    • MP are you dissecting Rob’s outfits again darlin? 😉

      How are you? I didn’t sleep well.

      • drinking a lot of coffee. have a huge birthday party to go to tonight. was supposed to do a lot of stuff today out. and I’m still at home.

        • LOL, you crack me up.

          I’m tired too. I kept thinking of Haiti and also my DD is a little under the weather.

          Enjoy your party!

  10. I missed him soooo much! Being up until 4 am yesterday night was sooo totally worth it!

  11. I thought that Rob did a great job. His face may have been hidden by the beard but his voice had so much emotion in it!
    It was interesting that he talked about the good uses of technology after all the craziness Twitter and Facebook have caused. Use it for good, not evil! 😛

  12. I, too, loved the beard…but so many of them rocked the facial hair…thought JT, Matt Morris and George Clooney with their beards were f*ckhawt also.

    This is just such a major catastrophic disaster and it will probably take the whole world’s effort to fix it. I hope all of those celebrities who were on the telethon put their money where their mouths are.

    I read on one of the blogs that Rob donated $1mil? Could that be true? I knew I loved that kid for a reason…I mean besides the hair, eyes, hands, thighs, jaw and even wonky feet (:

  13. Loved seeing him even if the occasion was somber. The beard I’m 50/50 on, but I know that hair needs a trim. He seems to have gained a bit of weight, but I know it’s for a role.

    Just wanted to hug him and everyone for helping out in such a way. Rob would get a *special* hug, mind you.

  14. I was little bit shocked with beardward when i saw the pics but yeah hair was worse i think.i mean not too bad but i didn’t like it.And his performance was OK ,actually i didn’t even understand what he said at first cuz i was exciting.i loved the voice but i guess it was rough to follow telepromter for him,toning was little bit problem i guess,he looked streed but i loved the eyes, yes there was emotion.At the end i didn’t like the light ,it was too dark ,hard to see him thank God voice helped me to recognize

  15. My vote for most enjoyable performance goes to Rhianna trying to get the eff away from Bono. He kept coming at her, and she was blatantly giving him the stink eye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so unhappy about holding someone else’s hand.

    My favorite awkward phone call was Reece Witherspoon’s. It had great energy.

    I loved the hair! I’m a fan of Beardbert, but I prefer it tamed a bit. And, he obviously had nothing to do with the writing of his bit. Mr. Jitterbug.

    And in closing… Someone should’ve given Madonna a Diflucan. She obviously had something going on with her hooha.

    • lol…about Madonna….
      she had “some problems”yesterday…voice, intonation, rythm, eyes, AND hooha………….!!!

    • someone else mentioned the Madonna part that might need diflucan- ick! (but funny)

    • Love the music but I didn’t know what was going on w. Madonna either. She looks great though, wow she looks so much younger than the last time I saw her on TV.

      • I don’t think she looks younger..I think she has to stop to do certain treatments….I admired her sooo much..I loved her style,spirit and music!!!
        Anyway it was nice that she partecipated.

      • Modonna and Nicole K should do a remake of Benjamin BUtton. They look younger and younger everyday.

        • MP’ That’s hilarious.

  16. Get your “thumbs down” ready. Rob looked like shit. I still love him, but he looked like shit. After I saw him, I cried myself to sleep and didn’t wake up until this morning. Now I’m reliving it all on the webs. Ugh. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment.

    • Its okay! He did look very different, but this will change again. We all seem to think that all the facial hair is for Bel Ami- I’m sure it will have to be trimmed for the movie. Parisians never went for the mountain man look (at least not past the ice age, to the best of my knowledge)!

    • BN, I’m not gonna thumbs down too. I felt the same way, he didn’t look the same, I’m not used to it. I cried too, how pathetic is that? Maybe I’m stressed about something else but regardless, I was not ready to see him like this. I feel so shallow.

      Anyway, I am still madly in love with him. I guess it doesn’t really matter even if decides to grow a santa beard. I guess I am really missing the jawporn and I can’t even tell it’s him. If I passed by him in the street I don’t think I’m gonna even recognize him.

      That’s my 2 cents. Overall, it was really great to see him. I’ve been missing him and I’ll take what I can get. You hear that Rob?

      • Look, see what I mean? Thumbs down.

        So I suppose I’m getting a thumbs down for being pathetic? You’re so cruel.

        • SB, truth be told we are all pathetic. We are all so in love with Rob!

    • I think your viceral reaction (ha I said viceral) to seeing somber Rob is for a good reason. Did you see the photos of him entering the studio? The guy is sad- you can see it in his eyes and I think it came through in his slightly robotic presentation that everyone is describing as a grade school recitation.

      So let’s break it down VF style. Did something happen with the Stewage? She was conspicuously absent last night. The only times in the past I’ve seen photos of unhappy Rob have been when the two are separated for one reason or another. Let’s forget the hair and clothes for a sec and check out the facial cues on Rob. What is going on with him?

      • He most def looked sad, depressed. And he also looks like he’s gained a bit of weight. Not sure what’s up, but he looks terrible. I need to give him a special hug and cheer him up.

      • Yes because when I am seperated from my love for three minutes, I also get depressed and suicidal.

        HELLO? Did you see what the telethon was about? THAT IS DEPRESSING!

        I certainly didn’t want him to be laughing and joking.

        Babies are dying. People are dying.

        AND this is why I was supposed to stay away from the blogs today. Dammit.

        Leaving now.

        • A thousand thumbs up for this, FB! Thanks for keeping us in line. *Runs and hides until the whip is put away*

          • You’ll be hiding forever.

            My whip is always in hand. 😉

            They call me fang for a reason…

            And it’s so funny because my RL name is pretty much the opposite but I’m still on the soapbox.

            I’m just passionate, I guess.

        • I’m not saying he shouldn’t be somber. I’m really speaking of him looking depressed in the photos taken before his appearance. But, point taken, he shouldn’t have been Mr. Chipper.

          • I don’t wanna judge Rob’s life based on one photo. Also, he doesn’t like the papps and maybe he didn’t want to give them anything but a blank stare. I’m no expert, but I don’t wanna over analyze. He’s just like us (yeah, right?) he has shitty days and great days.

      • the whole situation is depressing+it was so early!!! wait till you see me in the morning. he looked pretty normal to me given the context. he wasn’t exactely supposed to wave at the paps either.

        • That’s just what I was thinking, MP.

      • the “grade school recitation”…yeah…sombody here today thought to say that too…I really don’t know WHY this should be important..I mean the way he said it…he read it from the teleprompter, something that OTHERS wrote for him….and he was willed to partecipate and help!!!That’s what counted, my opinion..
        …anyway the whole situation is depressing, sad and heartbreaking…he looked sad because he was…

    • i’ve started to love ‘the beard’ it looks so smooth ,i wanna touch it so much.and yes i could love him even with santa beard too ,SB ur so funny.
      But he looked sad to me too and i don’t like sad Rob(just in GQ) i hope it’s just for last night.His smile is priceless

    • So many different opinions on how Rob looked-heavier, too hairy, love the beard, hate the beard..I really don’t ever think he looks that bad. I have my preferences but really he’s hot all the time, no matter what he’s wearing, how his hair looks, facial hair or not. He ‘s just hot, period. To me anyway. I’d take him any way he chose.

      • Ditto!

      • *high fives* D2D

    • caveat: I didn’t REALLY cry. I did fall asleep shortly after his appearance, but I didn’t cry myself to sleep. The only time I have ever cried over a celeb was when I saw Duran Duran on the VMA’s eons ago (8th grade, I think) and Simon had grown a beard. Hmmm…I’m sensing a pattern here.

  17. I didn’t watch the show live, it started 02.00 am. But at 04.00 am my youngest son cried for his bottle, after giving his bottle I went on internet and saw Robbeard. I was flabergasted I thought I saw Joanquin Phoenix. But then his angel voice… le sigh.
    I am at page 20 something of the Bel ami script. can’t wait to see the film. But is he growing that beard for bel ami?

  18. I liked beardy Rob.. he looked like a normal guy.. instead of overpowering EVERYTHING with his dripping sexual charm.. the night was to focus on Haiti, and I’m glad they did that

    I can see how the mountain man look would afford him some aninimity, so I’m glad for that.. he looks like joe schmo..

    I hope they raised a lot of money for Haiti.. 🙂 watching the orphans broke my heart.. I wish I could adopt one..

  19. I didn’t like the beard… until he spoke.

    Now I’m in love with him again. I swore to stop making fun of him for 24 hours.

    The destruction and death in Haiti… I don’t even know what to say.

    I’m just glad that there are so many survivors.

    And I’m having a terrible time saying anything bad about the celebrities that helped. Or reading the mean things that people have to say.

    So… yeah. I should stay away from the blogs for a bit. It’s for the best. No one wants to see my fangs today.

    Peace, love and HOPE for Haiti. ❤

    • You are right on, as usual, Fang. It’s about the tragedy and stepping out of the comfort zone to help in whatever way, not about celebrity clothes or what they say.

      The event was all about using the attraction of seeing celebrities and musicians to get people’s eyes and ears and thus money. Rob was invited to speak for that reason, and whoever wrote the speeches knew exactly how the Rob phenomenon works, with Twitter etc, and used that. Since his participation was announced, just like here on LTR yesterday, everyone was sure he would be talking for hours, ad libbing, answering phones, so everyone tuned in!

      As for the beard. I’m sure he hasn’t given it much thought, he just continued to not shave, and voila, that’s what happens. If it squeeks out a lot of the fans, especially teen fans, or makes him less recognizable, that’s a bonus! Someone on Robsessed yesterday called it “velvety manfur”. I like that description. I just hope he’s not going all Howard Hughes on us.

      Finally, Steve/Dean! Did they fly him out to London to just escort Rob to and from a five-minute taping? Or does he stay in Clare’s guest bedroom now?

      • I saw that too. Velvetly manfur!

          There, I said it. It doesn’t look velvety, it looks bristly. And he smokes so it smells like an ashtray. Boo for the beard, yay for the man.

          Guess whose former boyfriends & husbands have all shaved off facial fur to go out with me? Yes, mine. Love a bit of stubble, hate a haystack.

          • Just the one husband. Just in case he ever reads this. You alone honey.

          • “Boo for the beard, yay for the man.”

            My new mantra. I heart you long time.

    • Your’re both exactly right. Its generous of a celebrity to use their popularity to raise awareness of and aid for a tragedy like this one. Thanks to all who participated.

    • I love that I got a downthumb for this comment.


        You know… Downthumbs really just fuel me to be more judgmental…

        And, here is food for thought, is it possible that you downthumb me because of your own insecurities?

        I obviously made some sort of impact on you if you took the time to click the tiny little button.

        As I always say, downthumbs mean upthumbs.

        Go on with yo’ bad selves.

        • I got thumbsdowned by a beardlover methinks…but beards are rubbish, so I’m happy with that.

        • For the record, FB, I did not downthumb you after you slapped me on the wrist for my comment. Your points are valid and justified.

          I still hate the beard and how unwashed Rob looked. Love Rob and what Rob and all the other celebrities did (are doing) to help, and I have and will continue to donate to the cause.

          Again — Boo for the beard, yay for the man!!

          *leaves to run some cold water on my wrist*

          • Did I slap your wrist? I didn’t mean to.

            I was attacking someone else. I like your name too much to be slapping you!

            PS. Being called FB reminds me of Fat Bastard (Austin Powers, anyone?). I think I like Fang better… even if means I wanna bang myself. 😉

          • hahaha! Fat Bastard. Going to a 007-themed party next weekend and hubs and I are dressing up as characters from Austin Powers. He’s Dr. Evil and I’m Dixie Normous.

            Fang it is!

            Teasing about the wrist-slap. My post was all “Rob looks like shit” and no “But he did a great thing so who cares,” so I felt a little superficial and self-consicous after all the more sensitive comments.

  20. I think Rob looked a little like my car mechanic, but it was still great to see him. Most awkward phone call? Stevie Wonder, by far. The caller couldn’t shake him. Stevie was ready to talk all night.

    • BTW, I LOVED the way he said “dot org”

      • Its our favorite new sound bite.

      • Loved the dot awg.

      • That is so adorable….haha!

      • Is there another way of saying it?

  21. Love Love Love the beard!!
    I was oh so happy to see the pics of him on the way to the taping.

    I did notice that the hair style did NOT match the casualness of the beard though.

    It’s like the hair and makeup people were like

    “…uh..sorry, but the camera crew does not need to be in here.”

    “But I’m Rob Pattinson, they told me to get cleaned up a bit.”

    “Well, no one is gonna know who this gutterpup is unless we give him the trademark Edward hair.”

    And beard was trimmed and groomed up a bit as well.

  22. Well first of all, I cried throughout the entire telethon.

    As far as fave performance, I liked Jennifer Hudson. I love the Beatles and she really nailed it, I love her rendition. It was just perfect for the occasion. I also liked Justin’s and the other guy, I can’t remember his name, sorry. And of course Alicia Keys, my favorite.

    I love Rob and I didn’t like how he looked last night but it’s ok. Let’s just say I was a little shocked and I didn’t recognize him until I heard his voice(how weird is that). I’m convincing myself it’s for his movie. If it was for his own personal reasons, that’s ok too. I still love him. 🙂

    So that’s my opinion, we’re all entitled to one so no hating please. I’m glad he did this for Haiti and I hope and pray for more help for the Haitian people.

    Before we had a child, my husband and I had thought of adopting a baby from Haiti but then we had a baby and it was forgotten. This past 2 weeks we’ve revisited that idea again and I really hope we can do it. I just can’t stand to see all this suffering without doing as much as I can.

    • Hey SB,
      Mr. Strand and I have been trying to have a baby for awhile now. I finally gave in to the pressure he was laying in. Anyway, we did some research earlier in the week on adoption because we were both so struck by all the ‘new’ orphans in Haiti. Long story short, Haitian adoptions are on hold because of the disaster indefinitely. As in the government isn’t allowing them until the mass hysteria over this event has passed. You can’t even submit an application right now. I think they are like any country this has happened to and are waiting to see who is still around and willing several months (years?) down the road. I also read that several major players in the adoption world are advocating for NOT allowing American adoptions for a set time. They say that removing the children from the only surroundings they have known in such an already tragic time could prove too much emotionally for the majority of them. They just don’t think it’s a good idea, but recommend supporting orphanages in Haiti financially so they can afford to take in all of the new orphans and provide for them. It’s such a sad messed-up situation. I think there will be people that are still very interested in a year’s time though.
      Whew, got that off my chest. I was pretty upset at the thought of NOT being allowed to do that. Not being allowed to save a child is such a horrible thought. But maybe the experts know best.

      BTW, I ❤ BEARDBERT so hard, it's not even funny. I was with the Forum girls on chat last night and when he finally emerged it was like the biggest collective SQUEEEEE OMG OMG OMG ever. LOL

      • SS – hi, I missed you! Where ya been?

        Yeah I know, we were thinking after the dust settles of sending an application. We’ll see. I have no problems getting pregnant but I see so many kids that are in need and I know I will love them like my own. I feel so bad for them.

        I’m glad you decided to go on the baby wagon. I remember you didn’t want one. It’s so worth it. Whether or not it’s your own or another’s it’s still worth it. We have a couple friend who adopted a little boy from Haiti and it literally took 2 yrs, maybe a little bit more. It was a headache but in the end they got their little boy, so happy for them.

        Keep me posted on the baby stuff!


        • Aww, I’ve missed you girls too! It’s been a weird week with the new job settling and still getting into this house. Add in beta’ing and reading ff and all the baby-makin’ and I’ve barely had time to pop on here! I haven’t missed any posts, just haven’t had tons to say. It gets lonely with no Rob sightings. This one should last me through for a few weeks until the Remember Me press starts up.
          I made a fool of myself the other day. I am going to Chicago with some friends on March 12th for the Muse concert (I’m sooo excited!) and after we bought the tickets and started planning, I was like wait, March 12? That’s Remember Me premiere…oh well, I’ll catch the midnight show on the 11th. There was a moment of silence and then I realized that Rob’s movies aren’t blockbusters that warrant midnight showings for fangirls to very many people. I was embarrassed and blew it off saying that I could catch it sometime that weekend instead. Now, I’m kinda freaking about not getting to watch opening day! I’m insane. Guess I’ll have to stay away from here that day unless I find some really random theater with a midnight showing I can sneak into! 😉

          • SS I don’t think I’ll be able to watch RM on opening night. I’ll be in Michigan during that time and I just realized it now, thanks for reminding me!!!! Maybe I need to make some adjustments to my vacation? LOL. I can’t bring my daughter to see RM, she’s too young but I got no one else to watch her.

            You and I will just have to hang out online. I didn’t even see New Moon til the 3rd week it’s been open(I know I’m LAME). I just couldn’t find anyone to watch my kid soon enough. I had to stay away from LTR because I didn’t want to know about NM, wow that seems like eons ago doesn’t it?

            Yay on the beta-ing. Send me links please, you know what kinds of stories I like :-). I’m a weirdo when it comes to fanfic.

      • SS oh by the way, I was so concentrated on him that I didn’t hear a word he said!!!! That’s how mesmerized I was.

        Thankfully my generous husband taped it for me and I was able to watch Rob again(and again).

        I used to go to the forum a lot, fun times.

    • i’m so pop-culture retarded, with one notable exception of course, I didn’t know who half the performers were. I loved Jennifer Hudson singing Let It Be, so amazing, even better than the original (blasphemy!) and thanks for giving me the name to go with the voice/face, SB.

      • The Old One- you’re very welcome ;-). I love Jennifer Hudson, her singing always touches me. Did you hear her sing at Michael Jackson’s funeral? She is always awesome, so classy too. I bet there were no dry eyes in the audience after she sang Let It Be. I’m a huge Beatles fan by the way, my parents rubbed off on me.

        • Always a Beatles fan, and now I’m a Jennifer Hudson fan. Thanks!

  23. Was anyone else kinda wishing he was face to face with Ewan McGregor (who manned phones in LA?) so they could do a mutual finger point and ‘heyyy’ moment?

    I think it would be like looking in a 15 year difference mirror.

    (They both have double moles on the right side of their necks… I’m just saying.)

  24. Yes, I love the beard. I was watching the show half asleep on the sofa and tears leaking every now and again, when suddenly Rob showed up about 2.15am (ish?). I nearly gave myself a cricked neck from jumping up to watch properly. Then thank God for Sky+. Rewind, watch again, rewind, watch again, go to bed happy. (Apart from thinking what else could I do than give money for Haiti – so sad, but they have such a strong spirit.)

  25. Jitterbug!

    Rob’s hair looked strangely just like George’s here.

    • Also …. JORTS!!!

      Full circle.

      • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For George Michael on a Saturday morning. Beautiful.


      • That was special.

        Really. I’ve never seen George Michael before. I’m so young and have so much to still experience in life.

        Thank you for raising my spirits.

    • OK. That was a little too chipper for a depressing Saturday morning.

    • Short shorts!!! Kind of like “Three’s Company!”

  26. I can’t talk about the telethon, it kept making me cry…BUT, I can say that I loved the hair and loved the beard.

    …but more importantly, he was wearing his Lapush Baby hat to and from the event!!

    Oh Rob, I hear what you are saying to me, and I love you, too.


  27. don’t forget to vote for Rob, and you can use dif accts if you are allowed. pool has been extended till Jan 25 only because of him, they want him to loose.let’s bring him victory

  28. Does anyone know how much they raised?
    I am so happy they did this in order to help those poor people in Haiti.
    Hopefully everybody donated because they really need our help!!
    All my hope was lost until I saw a picture of a little boy being rescued and him laughing… that was my moment of the day.

  29. Yeah I’m not a huge fan of Beardbert, I love his jaw and lips too much! That being said, he is still amazingly beautiful, and I think my love for him has grown (if that’s even possible).

    My dad was watching the telethon with me and EVERY time a celebrity speaker or musician came on he would go “who is that?” It took ALL I could do to not go off on him. And then when Rob came on (out of nowhere, might I add) I got all excited on the inside but tried not to show it and my dad just starts chattering away! I was like UGHHHH SHUT UPPPP! Haha anyway. It was so great seeing him do something like this. It definitely sets him apart from other celebs his age. I too noticed the irony of what he was saying but I can’t help but think that they wrote that for him to say with his fanbase in mind. I mean I’m sure there were tons of teenies watching just to see him and then when he starts talking about Twitter and Facebook, it’s like him relating to them and they’re gonna be more likely to donate. Very smart I guess on the writers’ part, but I wish we could have seen something more from his heart about he felt you know?

    Anyway, it was just so good to see him healthy, and it’s okay if he looked kind of sad, it was a sad, somber event! Oh and I was just wondering, so we know that the London bits were pre-recorded, so why did it say “Live from London” during each performance? Just thought that was weird.

    • Oh and I also forgot to mention that I am IN LOVE with the way he said “Haiti.” It was like “haaay-tee”, just very enunciated and British. ❤

  30. my thoughts: glad he did his part. Well done, Rob!

    Now to the petty crap: lose the beard. Yuck. Don’t mind scruffy, but you just took homeless to a whole new level.

    Love the real accent. Was afraid he might come up with some weird almagamation of Edward/Rob. He seemed a bit nervous. Also, does anyone else love how he says “dot org”? Love it! Also, I liked how he said “Twitter” although I was waiting for “damn you, Twitter” under his breath.

    Also, did anyone else notice that he and Kristen were both wearing the same shoes in the photos yesterday? Blech.

    • what photos are these? old ones?

      • No, you can see them on a lot of the gossip sites. Him in London after the taping, her arriving via private jet at Sundance, but same Adidas. Yeah, I pay attn to shit like that.

        • me too..just because the “samba adidas” are german classics….I have the same and I love them since years…lol

    • Yes! 🙂 I noticed the shoes!

  31. I didn’t watch the telethon, but couldn’t resist watching Rob’s little clip on youtube.

    “Did anyone else find it ironic that he spoke of technology in the crisis when he himself rails against stuff like Twitter and owns a Jitterbug cell phone? Oh Rob… we love you!”

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Well I’m pretty sure he didn’t write that speech. I think he’s one of those “sure I’ll make a contribution, as long as it doesn’t take the entire evening and you tell me what to do”- guys.

    I love the beard, but not how it covers up the jaws. The jaws are essential.

    • Essential indeed. And the cheekbones. The beard covers up too many of the good parts (not that any of his parts are bad).

    • I love that your appreciation for the jawporn is so unwavering.

      I love the beard.
      I love the jaw.

      It’s like Sohpie’s Choice sometimes!!

  32. I love Rob with a little bit of scuff, not a full on beard. I like Jawporn and the beard covers it.

    Reese Witherspoon’s phone call was really awkward, she asked him if he had spoken to an operator before. As an adult who hasn’t. Still love Reese though.

    I like that he looked healthy and had gained a little weight. He looked rested.

    Towards the end of his speech I saw his eyes start to water and it melted my me into a blubbering mess…*swoon*

  33. btw.. my 4 year old just found this.. don’t know how..


    rob dress up game lol

    • although… when has he EVER worn a yellow tank top or purple scarf… LMFAO.. they should have 1980’s leather jackets and frumpy sweatshirts.. more realistic

      • Your daughter, eh?

        I totally put him in the mesh top, purple pants, and purple scarf.

        He can pull it off… 😉

    • I tried the two fringey scarves and nothing else to see how he might look in that loincloth . . . .

    • Wow that does look like him! Thanks! I’m playing with it right now. Some of the clothes are funny looking.

  34. I need an mp3 of the way he says “twitter”. Not gonna lie, it makes me a little tingly.

    • Make a request at Random Acts of Rob-JAG has loads of clips of him saying things like “cheeseburgaaaah”…

      • and dooot.aaaarg

        • I’d thumbs up you twice for this.
          Wow…that sounds dirty.

  35. I want some breadsticks.

  36. it will be beside the point, but whatever.
    i had a dream with rob last night (i know, this happens a lot to all of us and it nothing) i would like to tell you about it, but i think my english is not so super to do it right. the point is i recommended this blog to him… and while i was still dreaming i made plans to inform you what a great fan of this page i am 😉 know.. i had a power to give him my phone number, but gave him link of the blog 😀

  37. I’m pretty sure the fanfic lovers already know about this, but just in case:

    The wonderful twifans for Haiti fundraiser:

  38. Yes! Totally ironic!!

  39. Okay, now I don’t want to get all Taylor Momsen (i.e ignore Haiti) but that beard is awful.
    Looks like a wannabe Wolverine.
    It’s even worse than when Penn Badgely grew a beard.
    I know that a lot of people will disagree with me but my friend thought it was so bad, she wanted to send a razor in fanmail.

    P.S His hair is looking hot 🙂

  40. aw he looked so cute, don’t know whether he was nervous or actually really sad about whats gone on. must say the beard=fail. but the voice, oh the voice=win.

  41. now i get it! the beard! this is the reason why there was no photos of him! who would ever want to take pictures of that thing…
    that facial hair is like security blanket to him..

  42. Beardward=Teen wolf…with an accent.

    I certainly take what i can get! *yanks on beard and finds a beer cap and peanut shells* Ohhh Rob… 😀 ❤

  43. Hi Guys ! Im lovin the beard and i thought he was pretty calm. I actually expected something worse (i.e mumbling, chuckling etc) but he didn’t! even just like Libby said he didnt blink at all and spoke fast, i thought he was good. So, when the program aired it was 8am in Indonesia, i practically told or (screamed) to my family (at that time my cousin and her husband) that there would be Rob on tv with the whole smiling and giggling and those silly things. and they just like “Huh?” but i didnt care. But, they asked me if Rob appeared, i should told them. When, eventually Rob came, i yelled “It’s Robert!!” and all of them rushed to the living room. Their reaction is just like “What? u like that ugly bearded man??” and once again i didnt care !! =)

  44. It was a bit dim looking.. (I mean in the studio) not rob..
    That grizzly adams beard he’s wearing… wow.
    so much face hair…. so many opportunities for food and beer to drop in.

    TomStu and Robward now sporting beards…

    (do you think “beard” is a metaphor for something else?) ..


  45. […] Kristen Stewart at Sundance finding herself a new fake lesbian life partner and Rob growing a beard and packing on the pounds before he starts filming Bel Ami, the rest of the Twilight cast is […]

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