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Too Old For this has something to confess to Robert Pattinson

Wait, you're trying to tell me you don't find this sexy and appealing?

Dear Rob,

I feel that we’ve reached a point in our (fake) relationship that I must confess something to you that has been bothering me for the past year.  No, I’m not cheating on you – unless you count my husband.  It’s much worse than that.  Okay, here it goes.  Rob, when I first saw you, I didn’t think you were cute.  I know it’s painful to hear.  Trust me I feel foolish for admitting it since, obviously you are the hottest and sexiest man walking the planet.  But allow me to tell you my story and perhaps you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Like most women here, I was introduced to you via the Twilight movie.    My mother dragged me to the theater on opening weekend for a little mother/daughter time.  Neither one of us knew anything about this little movie you made, but we were lured in by all of the hype.  So that’s where I had my first encounter with you.  I remember the first moment you came on screen.  I remember your slo-mo walk into the Forks High School cafeteria.  I remember it because that was the moment I lost 10% of my hearing as every hormonal teenage girl in the crowded theater squealed with delight.  What was my reaction, you ask?  Was I “dazzled”.  Sadly, no.  I laughed.  That’s right, Rob.  I laughed at you.  So did my mother.  We laughed at your bouffant hairdo.  We laughed at your Maybelline #743 red lipstick.  And we didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire movie.  The more the girls screamed, the harder we laughed.

Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline

On the car ride back to my house, we had a discussion on whether or not you were good looking.  We decided that you probably looked better without your vampire make-up.  So after arriving home, I googled you.  (Okay, first I had to look up Twilight on Imdb so I could pull up the cast list and figure out what the hell your name was – then I googled you.)  I spent the next 15 minutes looking at photos of you without your vampire make-up.  Guess what?  I still didn’t think you were cute.  Just stick with me, Rob.  I’m getting to the good part, I promise.

I soon forgot about you and went on with my life.  One day, as I was doing some cleaning, you showed up on Ellen.  That’s right, the famous Ellen interview of ’08.  At least that’s how I refer to it.  That’s the moment you dazzled me, Rob.  I heard you giggling, and I stopped what I was doing so I could watch.  I’ve never heard a grown man giggle, so I was intrigued.  As I watched I became aware of the fact that you seemed very nervous and awkward and, quite frankly, you seemed like a complete dork.  I loved it!!  You were the complete opposite of the typical “Hollywood Movie Star”.

Find out the rest of TooOldforThis’s deep dark confession and see what finally won her over after the cut

Ellen 2008... where we first met Dick

I decided to go on youtube and look for other interviews with you.  I spent the rest of the day ignoring both my kids and my housework so I could watch you.  That was the day I fell in love with you, Rob.  I fell in love with your personality.  The more shy and awkward you seemed, the cuter I thought you were.  I quickly came (that’s what she said) to appreciate the whole package.  It’s an incredible phenomenon you’ve created.  You’ve lured us in with your quirky sense of humor and your self-deprecation.  Now you can do almost anything and we think it’s “cute”.

Of course there will always be the occasional cringe-worthy picture that makes “outsiders” wonder why we think you are so hot – the zygote pictures (you were young, you needed the money), the creepy uncle Rob photos and The Tuck (dear God, the tuck!).  But we know there’s another side to you.  There’s GQ Rob, Vanity Fair Rob and the occasional Drunk Rob (so adorable).  This is the Rob that makes teen girls,their mothers and sometimes even their grandmothers “swoon” and have inappropriate thoughts and dreams about you.

So there it is Rob.  I hope you can forgive me.  I think confession is good for every (fake) relationship and I hope we can move past this and look forward to our (fake) future together.

Love you always (even through “The Tuck”),

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Big thanks to TooOldForThis for writing a fantastic letter to Rob. Show some love and tell us what was your tipping point? Did you like Rob right off the bat or did something happen that made you change your mind? And seriously, how hideous is that first picture?! WOW.


  1. I didn’t think her was cute during Harry Potter, in fact i thought he was down right gangly and obnoxiously good at everything. Then someone sent me a pice of flare on Facebook (LOL) that had his Twilight photo on it, and I started to ‘Google’ him further, and the rest is history. Now I have a blog and I’m completely Robsessed!

    • Me too! I was like – “who is that red-cheeked boy who laughs too much? What? They cast him as Edward??”
      But then I saw him in Twilight and fell. Hard. Like the Old One I saw him in interviews and was surprised by his awkwardness and swept off my feet by his adorkable ways, and then I was REALLY done for. And the rest is history as you going back to Life PR (pre-Rob).

  2. Of course, I meant ‘he ‘ was cute, and ‘piece’ of flare. Geez…

  3. Very well said, toooldforthis! He ‘draws you in’, doesn’t he?

    • …waaaaaaaaaaay in.

      • really waaaaaay in!

        • I think this is the beginning of our own fanfic, drsaka.

          • Heehee! Is this fanfic going to be called “Waaaaaayyyy in”?
            Lemon Alert!!

          • massive lemon alert!!!!

  4. Outstanding! Confession feels good doesn’t it?
    I’ll admit I didn’t like all the hype about Rob before Twilight came out. I’d stand in line at the grocery and see thia head-o-hair plastered all over the magazines and think “what’s the world coming too?!” But for me it was the moment Edward heped Bella out of the car in the school parking lot. L.O.V.E. that part! On Mother’s Day 2009 we drove 6 hours each way to see Little Ashes and it’s been a roller coaster ride since…

    [look at the tuck as an artistic endeavor!]

    • “Oh. My. God.”

      That’s my fave part of Twilight too, he so badass in that scene. Ray Bans? Check. Sexy hair? Check. Naughty glint in the eye for ‘breaking all the rules’? Check. Heart palpitations? Check.

      • Does this mean we’re going to hell? 🙂

    • LOVE that part too!! It’s that little rebelious side we see coming out. and those GLORIOUS RAYBANS!!

      • OMG!
        I know, right!?
        (Sorry, my inner Anna Kendrick trying to come out.)

  5. HA! I just laughed really loudly at “I quickly came (that’s what she said)…” and then had to turn it into a cough so people didn’t realise I clearly was not working.

    • Same reaction here…only my also invovled my nose and coffee.
      TooOld – are you sure you don’t write fanfic?

      • Oh no! I would be much too embarassed to write smutty fanfic. I’m not embarassed to read it, though. 🙂
        And I’ve always admitted to having the sense of humor of a teenage boy. I laugh at “that’s what she said” every time it’s used. I’m that mature.

  6. *this…….*to [not too]

  7. I thought he was just a cute boy when I first saw Twilight. Didn’t really understand what all the hoopla was about. Then the dvd came out… and I decided on one rainy Saturday afternoon to watch the Twilight commentary. I fell instantly in love (lust). That sexy british voice, the laugh… He had me from the moment he imitated Billy Burke’s voice (“Just bought it off Billy here”). I then went to youtube and watched every interview, everything I could find about Rob. Been Robsessed ever since.

    • O.M.GAWD me too, me too. It’s like a serious problem.

    • Commentary = win. I love it when he says, “Hey guys, let’s be simple about this” during the confrontation scene with the PA bad guys. He’s funny off the cuff. So sexy.

      • I love that part too. He’s so cute.

        • Can I just say “oh heck yeah” I blew it all off and thought it ridiculous. This past fall my son’s girlfriend kept hounding me to watch twilight with her. I watched it the Friday after Thanksgiving and then went on Sat to see NM. Still wasn’t too sure about him. And then I googled him, and for the first time got on You Tube. Looked up any and everything I could find about him. I was hooked! This guy “speaks” to me on so many levels. The word “swoon” says it all. I hurry every day to get to my shop so I can get to this blog. Instead of working I search the web to see if anything new or new sightings have occurred. I went to England back in Oct for 2 weeks. If I had known about him I would have found some reason to visit Barnes and hang out!

    • “I watched every interview.”

      Me too! I dissected every single one of them. I just couldn’t get enough!

      • I dissect them on a daily basis. I never get sick of that dorky giggle and I continue to torture myself purposely like a masochist.

        • twimilf you and I are gonna be good buddies!

          Did you see the anatomy lesson on robsessed yesterday? 😉

          • I did, I did. Loved it! Too bad they didn’t include the part of his anatomy that I am most interested in. *Heehee* I should be ashamed. 🙂

          • Twimilf –


            I have an idea what you’re talking about! Naughty you! 😉

          • I saw it too! Very, very nice!

          • Drsaka and twimilf –

            So what’s your fave part of the anatomy lesson yesterday? 😉

            I like the butt one. The butt bone…yup and the of course the whole neck and jaw area.

          • I’m gonna have to go with the butt and jaw bone myself. Swoooooon.

          • Where is robgirl?

            She is an expert on Rob’s anatomy, that sounds so dirty and I love it.

          • Twimilf- ya know, we don’t get a lot of pics of the butt. LOL.

            ML – Robgirl is working hard today. 🙂

          • I’m here…sort of….I heard some butt discussion??

          • I missed that one (how I do not know) ……so have just checked it out…….OMG those lips, those lips, those lips……….I think I’m going to cry!

          • Robgirl go to robsessed, it was from yesterday. There was a beautiful anatomy lesson(bones). We love the butt and the jaw bones!

          • Sorry, SB. I missed your question to me earlier. I was trying to do stealth LTR at work and I missed it. Answer: I love all of it!!!!!

    • I love the Twilight commentary. “He’s a super-human moron who has a little bouffant and does circus tricks.”
      So sad that there apparently will be no NM commentary 😦

      • WHAT! Really? No NM commentary? My heart has shattered to pieces…

  8. Well said TooOldForThis.
    Didn’t really find Rob all that attractive as Edward. As you said, the makeup is quite hilarious.

    “The more shy and awkward you seemed, the cuter I thought you were.”
    That’s exactly what I found too. Haha.

  9. I’m with you, Too Old. I laughed my ass off all through my first sitting of Twilight. For me, though, the turning point was the Leno interview. I loved that he wasn’t taking his sudden fame seriously and that he looked terrified of Heidi Klum and that even Jay Leno seemed to have a bit of a crush on him by the end of it.

    • Ha! Snap me too. I always think every interviewer crushes a lil bit when they get to do Rob.
      And who can blame them. *sigh*

      • I’d probably blush too if I got to “do” Rob.

        • You said what I was going to say!

          • that’s cuz T.O.O.=T.W.O (and so am I!) 🙂

    • Leno was a good interview, too! He seemed soooo scared during that one. I almost felt bad for him. Good thing Jay is usually pretty easy on his guests.

      • Yup! And Heidi gave him a little sass, but she was pretty easy on him, too. I loved when he would address her and his voice would drop to nearly a whisper.

  10. ha ha, great letter toooldforthis! I wasn’t impressed the first time I saw him either. I didn’t even see the movie until months after it came to dvd when my friend mailed it to me. Sad I know.. But then I stumbled across a magazine with a picture of him, like everyone else-googled him, and have been hooked ever since.. So no, no love at first sight, he had pass by again-too bad he wasn’t within grabbing distance

  11. HAHAHAAHA what a nice letter! I didn’t fall in love with Rob right away. I didn’t even knew he was British and plyed Cedric in HP. I went down my knees while watching some intervieuws on Youtube. That British accent, the hand in his hair, the smile…
    Yep that was it!
    I think I will never go to England I may fall in love with any hobo I incounter while arriving at London airport or taking a taxi to my hotel….

    • natashadushi~
      You went down on your knees? I love that. Rob would marry it, too.

    • Oh yes! The British accent did me in too. I think they should change the movies so that instead of being an American vampire, Edward is a British vampire.

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more!! I remember the first time I saw a picture of Rob was on some gossip site that showed him in all his sweaty glory, at the Planet Hollywood party (black beanie, short sleeved gray button down with the GIANT pit-stains, and the black skinny tie…I’m not THAT crazy…I just have a memory like an elephant). Anywhoozle, the whole point of this rambling is that when I saw the picture I thought, “Eh”, and kept on scrolling down the page to find something more interesting to gawk at and/or read, because I had NO clue as to who he was, or what this whole “Twilight” business was about. It wasn’t until I saw him in an interview too when I thought, “Oh em gee!! Who is that hott piece of ass that I want to do dirty things to?!!?!” He was unusual looking (he isn’t someone who I consider a “pretty boy”), but he was hot none the less, AND he seemed so sweet and down to earth. Not an ounce of douchiness was present. He wasn’t “Hollywood”. So, Too Old For This (me tto btw), I tip my cap to you, as well as hang my head when I admit that I too wasn’t completely won over by my future second husband at first either. Bravo TOFT. Bravo. 😉

    • Aww, thanks! I think if Rob wasn’t famous, I would pass him by in the street and not look twice. He’s definitely not a “pretty boy” (he’s not a troll, either 🙂 ) but certainly his personality is what makes him so attractive.

      There’s just something so vulnerable about him. It makes you want to wrap your arms around him and protect him and give him a hug and a massage while you rub hot oil all over his body . . . . umm, I’m sorry, what was I saying?

      • HAHAHA!! I know what you mean! (About the passing him by, but also rubbing him, throwing him down and showing him who’s the boss, etc. etc. )
        I think he’s striking. The pretty boys kind of annoy me. I want to look at a dude and think *rawr*, not “he’s prettier than me” 🙂

    • “Anywhoozle” – I.LOVE.IT> can I use it?

      • Haha! Of course! It’s easily incorporated into every day convo, and it’s fun to say! 😉

  13. I also laughed during Twilight and even more during New Moon. I didn’t find him good looking in any of the movies, but now that I pay attention, he is kind of walking sex in some scenes in the high school parking lot. But I was/am completely indifferent to Edward.

    It’s the interviews who ruined me. Him being so different of the typical Hollywood star, being smart to show he was not the kind of guy we would expect for such a role although he didn’t have the “stardom” position to do it, and of course the eclectic mix of word vomit, shyness and perceptiveness. He is my type of guy, that’s all. So in my very “normal” mind, Rob is not a star, he’s just a cool guy I might run into.
    I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so cheesy, but the situation is ridiculously hopeless.

    • MP we are cheesy for Rob. :-). My sister still doesn’t seem to understand why I like Rob so much. When we’re together she spends most of it making fun of him and making fun of me, telling me he’s ugly and younger than our brother. I don’t get it.

      The interviews gave us a chance to really see deep inside and we all liked what we saw. You’re right, he’s not a typical Hollywood actor, I like that. Rob’s probably the biggest crush I’ve ever had! Never gonna have one like this ever.

      • But I’m afraid that between us and your sister, she is not the crazy one. Maybe just the blind one.

        • She is definitely blind. Add annoying to the list. She showed me her personal trainer, she thinks he’s hot. I was like “uh, NO!? Big no.

          MP it’s ok, we can be crazy for Rob! I don’t give a rip! ;-). Some days I am so bold, some days I want to continue to be a closet fan though. I am so messed up.

          • SB if your sister is into trainers you will never get her to like Rob. As you will never get me to like personal trainers. Two different worlds. The good thing is there’s more for us. Ahem, kind of.

          • MP she’s into trainers but she also likes tall and lanky, she’s had a BF that was like that. So I don’t know what she really finds attractive. Next time she embarrasses me in front of friends teasing me about my Robsession and twisession, I will threaten her that I will post all her drunk karaoke singing on Facebook! That will stop her.

            FTR I liked guys that were muscular(before Rob). Rob changed my opinion.

      • My sister thinks Rob is ugly too. I don’t know what to think of people who don’t see Rob’s beauty-it’s like, duh, LOOK AT HIM. (shakes head)

        • Maybe your sis and my sis are twins? 🙂

        • I fell slightly during the Debussy and piano scene in Twi, but I had no idea what was going to happen to me when I heard Rob speak for the first time. He had me when he said, “I almost bit her,” during Access Hollywood interview. I’ve never had a crush like this in my entire life.
          *hides face*

          • I never had a crush like this either, not even as a teenager. Don’t what it is about him, but I’ve got it BAD!

          • Meant to say don’t know what is about him…

          • I’ve never had a crush like this as well- not even close (I seem to be quoting Twilight dialogue today).

          • My line was “you are my own personal brand of heroine” That is how I feel about Rob. He has an intoxicating aura about him. If I look at pics and interviews long enough it becomes like a drug to me. I need more! The unkempt look, dorkalicious, suave in tux, intelligence, artistic… Lust is a powerful feeling!!

          • My crush on Rob is srsly crushing on my life!

          • SB, great phrase.

      • My BIGGEST crush as well. Sometimes I feel so silly for having a crush to this extent over someone famous like I did at 12 years old again watching Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. I never thought I could love anyone more than Brad. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

        • Well my biggest crush before was Leonardo di Caprio. I also thought I would not crush/love on anymore more than him….yep I was wrong too. lol.

          • I was totally guilty of being an obsessed LeoLover as well. It was Brad, Leo then Brad again then Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob…. I can’t ever get enough of Rob.

        • I never had a crush on anyone famous, so imagine how “silly” (read ridiculous and funny and pathetic in the same time) I feel to have like a pre-teen crises from my confortable twenties.

          • Me neither had ever a crush on anyone famous…..and for me it was the interview he did in Chicago during the promo-tour talking about the braces…..
            I remained kinda like SHOCKED…..until today….lol

          • Robgirl Hey you’re back!

            The Chicago one was my fave too! I love how he talked about just wanting a deep dish pizza. He is so simple isn’t he? I love that about him. He sounds like he’s easy to please. 😉

          • loved how he was shy and quiet in that interview

          • Is the Chicago interview the one where he says he likes crazy girls and asked where the best pizza place was?

          • Yes. And he probably went there and liked it and then told Marcus about it. Don’t ask, I may have been reading some tweets.

    • This is why I think Rob appeals to so many of us older women (and when I say older, I mean women in our 30’s). I think he is intelligent. It comes across in his interviews. A lot of teenage girls probably don’t appreciate that as much as the older women do. (We’ve learned there’s more to life than just a pretty face.)
      Also, I think a lot of people don’t really get his dry sense of humor. He comes off as strange a lot of the time. And from reading various comments on other sites, his awkwardness annoys some people. They want him to be more “polished” and “professional” in public appearances. But his lack of media training and the fact that the filter between his brain and his mouth is malfunctioning is one of the things I love the most about him.

      • Me, too! If he were polished and professional I wouldn’t give him a second glance.

      • TOFT, I like today’s subject a lot.

        For me is more a question of style and attitude than of age. I’m in my twenties but I think I would have a crush on him if I were a teen as well.

        People who don’t get his jokes and behaviour have a completely different background, live in another world and I suppose that’s why he’s saying “oh, fans would be disappointed if they really knew me”. Bullshit Rob, just come and see us! *not exactly in that order… ew..sorry*
        And if I were his PR, I would advise him NOT to become all polished and political unless he wants to become transparent.

        • Oh, I know there are some younger people like yourself who love Rob as well 🙂 I just mean that, for the most part, younger girls will crush on Taylor as opposed to Rob. Rob looks older than his age (IMO) and he’s got an “edgier” quality to his personality.
          Taylor has a more clean-cut image. I don’t have daughters, but if I did, honestly I would be more comfortable if they had a crush on Taylor. He’s got the innocent good-boy image going for him. You don’t worry that he’s going to say something dirty or inappropriate during an interview. He’s very safe.
          Rob, on the other hand, is more of a dirty boy (and I don’t mean in an unwashed way). You never know when he might throw in a sex-toy joke. He just exudes sensuality. He is sex on legs. And I’m not gonna lie, I love that about him! (And now I sound like a dirty whore! 🙂 )

          • But I think Rob is a nice guy (not saying TL isn’t nice). The odd sex toy joke can’t hurt!

          • I get your point TOFT but for me it’s still a matter of style. The same way I suppose we’ll never see Rob with a Beverly Hills kinda girl or KStew with a Taytay kinda guy. As a teen I dated some grungy musicians and trust, I would have never fallen for Tay. But maybe I was also a whore 🙂 so…

        • attitude/no attitude…I love that he kinda invents a lot of stories….and I love that HE LOVES to believe them by himself!I hope this does make sense…..

      • If he was as polished as Taylor acts during interviews, I’d think he was perfectly obnoxious. One of his best qualities is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He does regular guy things and doesn’t care what people think when they see him out with his mates. Even DrunkRob is kinda cute! The missing brain/mouth filter is endearing and just him more likeable. If he looked all polished like Edward all the time, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to him. I didn’t even think he was good-looking until a few months ago. But when I fell, I fell hard (that’s what she said). He has such adorkable presence during interviews! Rob giggling is too good to be missed. And I can’t believe I am writing this long, rambling post about a kid I will probably never see in person!!

        • “I can’t believe I am writing this long, rambling post about a kid I will probably never see in person!!”

          Join the club, Robinn, join the club.

          • I can’t believe I spend so much time reading, thinking, and writing about a guy I’ll never see either!!!!

  14. I was just like you TooOldForThis. To the Tee. When the Twilight “hype” began I thought Rob was a pastey and lanky guy who got lucky getting a role that turned into something big. My friend kept trying to convince me that you were insanely HAWT and I just laughed at her. Then I caught the Ellen interview and in turn caught a horrible, horrible, incurable, time consuming, yet pleasurable disease!

    • It’s the Robfever. It’s like a freaking Pandemic!

      • I’ve got Robfever and the only cure is . . . more Rob!

    • Sigh. He is definitely time consuming. For me it’s also money consuming because since my robsession, I’ve spent a lot of money on Twilight paraphernalia and magazines. But I don’t want to stop my robsession. Neither do I know how!

  15. Great letter!!

    I read Twilight for my book club in Nov 2008. I hadn’t ever heard of it and actually gave the woman who picked a lot of sh*t about it because I couldn’t believe she picked a YA fiction for a women’s book club.

    So I read it. And died. I was in love. With Edward. I didn’t see the movie. But then I caught a picture of Rob as Edward in a magazine and thought, “My god, he looks EXACTLY like what I thought Edward would look like!” Then I watched practically the whole movie on Youtube. Then I started googling Rob. Then I read NM. Then I counted the days ’til the Twilight dvd. I will honestly admit my love for Rob started because of Edward.

    Now I just love Rob, any way, any shape, any form. I’ve never ever googled a celebrity crush. Of course, I fear I would have read Letters to Leo back in 1998 when Titanic came out. But even my Leo Love never went this far.

    It’s still Normal, right?

    • Of course it’s normal! We’re all normal. That’s what were here for. To keep reminding each other that it’s normal. It’s like the inmates running the asylum.

    • It’s so funny how so many of us here used to crush on Leonardo di Caprio back in the day! 🙂

      • Maybe that’s good news for Rob. I hope he has the career Leo has. And Leo can go places now without causing riots. Rob, it won’t always be this way. Trust!

        • I know, I sure hope so. I did read an interview where Leo said he was more than happy to pass the torch to Rob! :-).

          Can you imagine Rob playing Jack Dawson in Titanic? Wouldn’t that be so romantic? Squee!!!

  16. Is there anyone who found Rob gorgeous before watching his interviews?i watched him on jay Leno and Ellen before Twilight and i thought he was high and i was shocked by his hair.But i must impressed so i watched twilight took one month i guess for me to become an addict.

    • I didn’t know he was at the time, but I thought he was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen in GOF. I felt a little dirty for thinking he was hot , though. He hadn’t even graduated from Hogwarts.

    • Che~
      I thought he looked amazing during kissing scenes in Twi and in the restaurant, the car, parking lot, back of Bella’s truck, in his bedroom, meeting Charlie for the first time, and I still think he’s the hottest guy at a prom, I’ve ever seen.

      • THE !!! kissing scene was the hottest eva!!!

      • I love every kissing scene he’s in. I may be guilty of stopping the movie and/or watching it in slow motion and also rewinding it over and over.

        That’s my true confession for today. Pls don’t judge me :-(.

    • yeah yeah we are on the same page.unless others i really like wampire make up.i adore his Edward pics as much as casual ones.and i really gonna miss Edward (his hair ,his eyes ,his stlye and his vocie especially the vocie)after the saga ends..

  17. I agree! His personality is really what makes him endearing. Of course, his looks don’t hurt:).

  18. Great letter Too Old! Your story sounds just like mine. I was dazzled during the cafeteria scene but not enough. What got me are the interviews, the singing(oh the singing), word vomits. So adorkable. He’s really unlike any guy I’ve seen!

    I laughed too when I saw Twilight in March 2009, on DVD. To be honest, I had no interest in it whatsoever and only watched it because DH came home with the DVD. Before that when I saw the previews of Twilight on TV, can you believe I actually said that Rob was “hideous?” Yep, that’s the word I said! Blasphemy!

    Dear Rob,

    I’m sorry Rob. I was sorely mistaken! You are the most gorgeous man on this planet. And you’ve got a wonderful personality to go w/ it!

    Btw I think Dh now regrets introducing me to you Rob. Now he thinks our life is way too “complicated” because of you.


    • SB, The fact that it’s your DH who brought Twilight/Rob at home is hilarious!

      • MP –
        Dh likes vampire stuff. Later on it became apparent that this Edward is not his kind of vampire stuff though. He truly regrets bringing that DVD home! Haha! I am grateful he brought it home. Srsly I didn’t even want to see it, I said I’d rather watch something else. What’s wrong w/ me? LOL.

        • I hope you point out the fact it was all his fault, whenever he tries to give you grief for your Robsession!

          • TOO – I do too! LOL. He hates it.

    • OMG YES, THE SINGING! When I discovered he could sing, it made my fever SKY ROCKET.

      • Oh yeah, it was the singing who did it for me. I once had a sort of crush on Brad Pitt, but that was it…I’m more a musician kind of girl…

        I’ve already crushed on Rob, but his musical abilities sealed the deal for me…Though I should know better…hahaha…But at the moment he’s more of an actor anyway, so I’m safe.(although I’m still hoping that he’ll go the Jared Leto route one day and tour the clubs…Yes please!) 😉

      • I’ve always been into musicians. Gotta love a guy who plays instruments(pun intended) and can sing. I was mesmerized by Rob’s singing! His voice calms me. I listen to NT ever night before I go to sleep. It’s become my own personal lullaby. LOL

        • Yeah, I love his voice, it’s really soothing. Your own personal lullaby; that’s cute. I really would love him to perform in clubs and such, well, who knows. It’s not an impossible dream, when the craze dies down a little. Something to dream about for the coming years, haha.

          Meanwhile I can’t wait to see Rob host tomorrow!!!

          • “when the craze dies down”
            I like the idea more than anything but it will be ages, loooooooooong ages till that day.
            Unless we all cockblock his films by not going to the cinema, but I could never do that to him…or to me.

          • Yeah definitely. You know what, when all this craziness dies down, I will still be here(God willing), and I hope to still meet him, hear him sing, play guitar/piano, anything.

            Yay! Excited to see him tomorrow. I know I will scream. LOL.

        • SB, your own personal lullaby? I do the same thing every night except the song is “I’ll be your lover too”. Can’t sleep without hearing that song!

    • Twilight will be running on Showtime starting this weekend. My husband and I saw it advertised the other night and he mentioned that he wanted to watch it with me. I’m really scared. He knows I like it and has asked a couple of times if I wanted to “throw the DVD in and watch it together”. I’ve been putting it off, but I’m afraid after this weekend I won’t be able to avoid it anymore. He’s going to think I’m nuts!

      • Just pretend you’ve only seen it once. You can do it. You can stop yourself from speaking the lines and anticipating all the little details no one notices the first time through and pointing them out to him: “Look, there’s Buttcrack Santa.! What? Who? I didn’t say anything.”

        • Haha! I’ll have to put duct tape over my mouth. Actually I’ll probably end up ruining the movie for him by talking all the way through it. But instead of speaking the lines, I’ll be trying to explain to him what they left out. He knows I’ve read the books more than once (or twice) and I don’t want him to think this movie is an exact adaptation of the book. Then he certainly WILL think I’m crazy.

          • Perhaps your DH has heard about all the ladies jumping their husbands after watching anything RPattz related and wants to cash in too. Smart man!!

          • @Keisha – Oh, he’s cashed in. He may not know it, but he’s “benefited” from Rob.

      • Good luck with that! They’ve been running the damned commercials for it for months, and I have a hard enough time not gasping when all of a sudden there’s Rob’s EYE in the middle of my TV screen, I can’t even imagine the grief I’m gonna get when the whole movie’s actually on. And if you can make it through watching without repeatedly uttering “God, he’s beautiful”, then you’re a step ahead of me!

        • God, he’s beautiful. God, he’s beautiful. LOL, Kath!

          • I think the other six people in the theater with me when I saw Little Ashes this spring were probably really annoyed with me by the end!

      • He will get some sex afterward, so I’m guessing your dh won’t mind a bit!

  19. TOFT,
    I can so relate to your letter-although I didn’t laugh at Robward sauntering through the cafeteria-for shame! I did, however, think the makeup was a bit much and the whole movie was pretty cringe-worthy. I thought the guy who played Edward (whoever he was -ha!) was kinda cute, and that was it.

    Until the night I was flipping through channels, about to go to bed, and heard the sexiest British accent on Leno (which I never watch). I was captivated when I realized that THIS was Edward, this shy, giggling, awkward , beautiful man, who unashamedly admitted to being somewhat lax in the hygiene department(don’t ask me why, but I found this particularly endearing). I literally stood in front of the tv and watched the interview..and that was the beginning of it all.

    Just goes to show that Rob’s personality is such a big part of his appeal. That he’s also gorgeous and sexy is just gravy, right? Yeah, right.

    Some men think they’re god’s gift to women. Rob IS God’s gift to women. Literally. A gift from Heaven. With a word or a picture he makes us see god. Halleluja!

    • Rob is God’s gift to women for sure!!!! Amen!

      The great this is, he doesn’t even realize it! Or at least it seems that way. That just adds even more to his charm.

      • Ugh I hate my typos. D2d I meant to say “the great thing is.”

    • Amen! Preach it, sista!

    • His personality is a big part of what makes him so sexy! I personally feel that you really have to know someone to know your true attraction to them. Physically beautiful people have become hideous to me and very average looking people have become beautiful to me once getting to know them. Rob is insanely gorgeous to me and a lot of that stems from what he projects is on the inside.

      • Right on!!! His personality is what makes me soo attracted to him. I love his wit, charm and humor. That giggle just kills me. And the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously is so endearing. He truly is beautiful on the inside and out.

      • “Physically beautiful people have become hideous to me and very average looking people have become beautiful to me once getting to know them”

        Couldn’t agree more!

        • I used to think Brad Pitt was absolutely gorgeous. Then he left his wife for another woman and now I think he’s an asshat! (And not aging very well, btw)

          • I agree-and get rid of that nasty goatee, Brad.

          • Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. Once all that went down with Brangelina I was TOTES over him. Then when he turned into Angelina’s b*tch completely conformed to Angelina’s way of life I became even more turned off.

          • I had the same with Ethan Hawke. Then he cheated on Uma. Argh. He looks horrible as well these days. I love Karma.

          • “I love Karma.”

            She’s a bitch, ain’t she 🙂

          • Alice – Oh I totally forgot about Ethan Hawke! I didn’t know he cheated on Uma. Wow!

      • Absofuckinglutely! Amen.

    • I know, when I look back, I’m ashamed of myself for laughing at his entrance into the cafeteria. Trust me, I don’t laugh anymore. I stare wide eyed and entranced. In fact, I would probably join those screaming teenagers if I saw it in a theater now.

      In fact I was watching Twilight again last night (the bedroom kiss scene is the BEST!!!) and I did not have the desire to laugh at it. I think I was taken off guard by all of the squealing girls the first time I saw it.

    • D2D
      “gorgeous and sexy is just gravy?” G*d, I love gravy…

  20. Love this letter! I was recently trying to remember how I got myself into this, um, fascination. I missed the Twilight movie & DVD boat entirely. I had a vacay in July 09 that involved a very long car drive by myself, so on the spur of the moment–literally 30 minutes before I had to leave–I decided I should download something, anything, from iTunes audiobooks. I chose Twilight because I’d heard of it, I wanted something light, and I just wanted to see what the hype was all about. I was hooked. (There’s nothing like hearing the hot scenes read to you while you’re alone in a car, ifyaknowwhatimean. ;-)) Read all the Twilight books in order, then ordered the movie.

    I was SO disappointed in the movie after reading all the books. And I couldn’t believe they’d given Edward such bad makeup (you can see the line of it stopping at his chin in some scenes!), hair, lipstick, and those godawful, cheesy action scenes where you can totally tell where the wires are. But then I was in the grocery store and there was a magazine with ROME ROB staring out at me. I became weak in the knees! I remember I had a male friend with me and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by picking up the magazine and/or buying it while he was there. So I actually snuck back later, by myself, to buy it.

    Then it was the interviews, the hours on YouTube, etc., that you all describe. It was a slow buildup, but not anymore. LOL

    • “It was a slow buildup”
      (That’s what she said)

      Okay, sorry, I’ll stop. I just can’t resist.
      But you’re right. I didn’t look at Rob and think he was anything special right away. It wasn’t an instant attraction. It’s like a courtship with him. That’s why so many women don’t understand the obsession. They think he’s just some “weird” dude.

  21. i believe there are the last days of this stupid pool but it’s getting hotter there, so, please keep voting for Rob on

  22. “Some men think they’re god’s gift to women. Rob IS God’s gift to women. Literally. A gift from Heaven. With a word or a picture he makes us see god. Halleluja!”
    i hate those guys whot think they are irresistible.they are so ridiculous.
    when i started to google Rob i just felt that; Omg i never ever even knew that this kind of guy can excist in the world.he just become a muse to me

  23. I didn’t find him attractive at all. I remember reading Twilight and saying to my friend, and I quote: “THAT guy plays EDWARD? He’s nowhere near attractive enough… And he has weird, spindly fingers.”

    Then, the more I read, and the more I pictured Rob in my head as Edward, the more I warmed up to him. Until I warmed up a little too much… and ended up right here.

    • I bet that you don’t mind the ‘weird, spindly fingers’ now!

      • Those “weird, spindly fingers” star in many of my fantasies!

        • I knew it!!!!

  24. I’m one of those “you had me at Cedric” women. I sat in the theater waiting for the name of that “hottie” who played Diggory to show up while my sister kept nudging me to leave. I stood planted like stone on the sticky floor until the heavens opened up and there it was; Robert Pattinson. I told my sister to remember that name because he was going to be BIG someday. She rolled her eyes, called me a dork and dragged me out of the then empty theater. I’m not ashamed to say that I had inappropriate dreams about a 17 year old wizard boy that night. Thankfully the current dreams are a little more appropriate since he’s now 23 and I no longer feel like a perv when dreaming about that sexy man.

  25. Great letter toooldforthis!

    I am not sure why everyone has to bring up “the tuck” though! I was just trying to explain ‘the tuck’ to my hubs, do not ask why, long story! Anywhooo, I love you girls, but lets focus on other pics of Rob please!:) I need more Robporn and less “tuck”. Thanks!

    • For me, the tuck is (just) part of an artistic film and I love Rob even more for having the guts to do this.

      • Yes! One more reason he has my unlimited admiration. He was willing to “go there” in Little Ashes and explore the totally out-there mind of Salvador Dali.

        • AND “touch” himself on film. I always thought that would be so much worse for an actor to have to do than an actual two-person love scene. *Shudder*

          • Exactely my thoughts. The tuck (why is it that bad?) or acting a sex scene with somebody else is nothing compared to simulating masturbation. Much more intimate, you really feel alone there.

          • The only other scene like that I can remember is in “Being There” with Shirley MacLaine. There must be others?

          • TOO there are others, just not in the same type of “cinema”.

      • lion…me too!!!

    • I think it was JodieO who pointed out that it’s not so much the “Tuck” part that’s offensive. It’s his hair style in the tuck photo that really is the turn off.

      • So true! It’s the hair, that’s it! 🙂

      • Sure, sure. Just keep telling yourself that.

    • I don’t like the “tuck” either but he’s just so great that I will just overlook absolutely anything when it comes to Rob. 🙂 I am blind.

      • Yes, I overlook a lot of things with Rob! Smoking, not bathing, hanging out with a mullet wearer, that sort of stuff! Hearts shortie bestie!

        • Totally ❤ you shortie bestie!

          Your kid feeling alright now? I can't remember was it you or one of your kids who got sick last week. Hope all is well w/ you.

          • Everyone is back to normal now. I had 2 sick kids while I was sick myself! Not fun, but it does give me an excuse to hang out on LTR all day and not clean house! I am always an optimist! Thanks for thinking of me!

  26. “I’ve never heard a grown man giggle, so I was intrigued.” Hilarious!

    With me it was the other way around. Interview Rob irritated me. I thought he wasn’t making an effort at coming up with serious answers to interviewers’ questions. (Little did I know.) Then I saw Twilight. The rest is history.

  27. Awesome letter, Too Old For This!
    I too, fell under Rob’s spell from his interviews. I pulled up the Twilight trailer on YouTube at the beginning of this past summer to see if the story looked interesting–I was trying to decide if I should embarrass myself and read the young adult book because I desperately needed some light (easy) summer reading to relax. Robward in the trailer didn’t really do much for me. Just another young, decent-looking actor. But the YouTube side bar had Rob interviews. I clicked on one to watch. Don’t even remember which one it was, but it was obviously pivotal. The whole thing is a complete blur to me now. All I know is that I spent the next couple of weeks barely eating and sleeping, not exercising, not working (that part was very bad), and barely upholding my familial duties. And it was exceedingly difficult to tear myself away from YouTube interviews for bathroom breaks. My poor bladder. I was a total goner.

    Needless to say, I did then read the book (and the rest) and also Netflixed the movie (watched repeatedly when hubs was out of town–he has NO interest). Rob’s personality completely won me over. And of course, now I think he’s the sexiest man alive.

    • It’s hard to stop the Robsession once it starts. I used to be a clean freak. My house was spotless. Now I find myself saying, “Hmm. . . I could mop the floors or watch Rob videos.” It’s not really much of a contest.

  28. Best. Confession. Ever.

    The first time I saw Rob was in the Twilight trailer in the theater. I had three thoughts throughout it, in this order:

    1) Holy eyebrows
    2) He looks… unique
    3) He is attractive in an odd way

    Then I was watching some pre-Twilight interviews and I fell in love with him.

    • Robward in Twilight was so strange because he looked really good in some scenes and then in other scenes, he looked so bad. Rob even points it out in the commentary during the car scene right after he rescues Bella. He said he looks like someone who has had “major facial reconstructive surgery”.

      I don’t know why that happened, if it was just a bad camera angle. I don’t remember him looking that way in NM.

      It’s kind of like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating the girl who looks really good in the right lighting, but then she looks awful at other times. That’s Rob in Twilight.

      • He’s a two-face. It’s OK. Even the bad looks are good.

  29. TOFT~
    I loved your letter. Thanks!

    p.s. UC are you feeling any better? I hope so. Thinking of you.

    • TOFT…thank you!

  30. TOFT:
    First of all, I love your screen name, always have.
    Great letter, you said it well, although, for me, I loved him the minute he jumped out of that tree in HP and GOF. BUT I was all ready to fall in love with him, since I was already smitten with Cedric from the book. (major HP dork over here, look out) AND then! I forgot about him until he was cast as Edward so I am still kind of a lame fan.

    Nice letter!

    • Thank you! I’m not an HP fan, so I had never heard of Rob. I still haven’t seen all of GOF, only the part where he dies 😦

      I’m not very creative, so my screen name literally came to me as I was trying to type in a comment for the first time. I thought, “Man, I am way too old to be fan girling like this.”

  31. Great letter TOFT. I can’t put my finger on when or why or how I fell for Rob, I think it was a gradual thing. I vaguely recall seeing The Bad Mother’s Handbook and thinking Daniel was a cute, dorky kid. Ditto with CD in HP, but didn’t put the two together. Certain scenes in Twilight are yummy, mostly whenever Rob smiles.
    The truth is he’s grown on me. Like an addiction. But I’m happy being addicted, very happy just knowing that there is a Rob in the world.
    Sorry for being really schmalzy!

  32. I’m a recent convert. Only happened to me in Nov 2009. Now I’m obsessed, which until I found this site I’ve had to keep under raps. It’s been difficult pretending disinterest in everything Rob, but now I’ve found an outlet I can indulge my madness until the cows come home happy in the knowledge that I wont get found out……..this could be wrong, but I think I could eat him!

    • Mine~
      Yes, he looks mighty tasty to me, too.

      • @mountainlion, isn’t Robward supposed to be eating you? (*cough*notwhatimeant*cough*buttakeiteitherwayyouwant*cough*)

        • Yes, I guess I’ll just have to endure it!

          • you own me.

    • So glad you found out!!!! We are a fun bunch here, you’ll see! And also we are all normal. Right ladies? 🙂

  33. Wow, it’s so reassuring to read that so many of you didn’t think Rob was as fuckhawt at first as we all (obviously) do now! I thought it was just me. It was almost like it was something to be ashamed of!! I think my first thoughts of Rob were something along the lines of “does noone else think this guys face looks like a Picasso painting? The lines and angles of his face are just so improbable!”. And then I was at a party and the “kids” were in the other room watching Twilight and I caught the First Sight/fan in bio-class scene and I think I made a Picasso in my own panties!! That’s when my life changed forever. I went home right after the party and watched the dvd. I’ve been certifiably insane ever since. :-p

    • “does noone else think this guys face looks like a Picasso painting? The lines and angles of his face are just so improbable!”. Ha! I couldn’t think of what it was about his facial structure, but you just nailed it! Very improbable.

    • It’s like an AA meeting in here today.

      Hi. I’m “absolutelyvlc” and I did not think Rob was fuckhawt when I first saw him.

      • Hi, I’m “lion/cougar” and I kept Rob’s photos under the covers for months before I came out, and I have a problem that a 12 step program will not fix.

      • Hi. I’m absolutelyvlc and I did not think Rob was fuckhawt when I first saw him. But I’m better now.

        • that was the “Kuhglockenheilung”….lol
          sorry for being lame and …..making this joke today again but i laughed so much about you the other day…..

          • hahahahhaa, kuhglockenheilung. not lame. funny. 🙂

      • Hi, I’m tupelohoney and all it too was meltingly sexy british voice to sway my thinking. A cute boy to fuckhawt sexiness in seconds!

        • funny how the British accent can make us all week-in-the-knee girlies huh?
          My bro used to live in London and I remember once while visiting him I told him that I thought I sounded completely wretched with my “unsophisticated” Canadian accent and my bro told me that, apparently, the North American accent on women does the very same thing to British men (supposedly it makes us sound like Hollywood stars. I think it was BS, but it’s still nice to think it might be true)

          • Really? Our accent? LOL. Yeah I think that’s BS too but it would be nice if it was true.

            The thing is here in the US and Canada we all have sort of different accents. I’m sure to a Brit, I will sound very different from a Canadian. I have a little bit of a southern accent.

          • As a non-anglophone, most British accents drive me crazy. Not only the posh proper English accent but also the Scottish or Irish accents, the ones from the city, because if you go to the Irish/Scottish equivalent of Ventnor, you can’t understand anything. I’m sure they seem stupid to English people but it sounds fascinating to me.

          • Remember how much Rob liked Hayley from Paramour saying “here?’

          • Don’t get me wrong, I love Ricky Gervais, but when he speaks, I feel nothing, so the accent thing doesn’t apply to all Brits…or maybe his accent is really nothing like Rob’s. I know there are many variations on a Brit accent.

            Geez, do I have nothing better to do?

          • @southernbell – to a CANADIAN you would sound very different than another Canadian. I heart the southern drawl. Especially the “hint of” ones – Matthew McConaughey anyone? How ’bout Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade? uuuhuu I like pataters (KIDDING!)

            @Minuit Passe – I’m so with you on the Scottish thing. Aaah, my heart is set a flutter (Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Kevin McKidd)

            @mountainlion – I was thinking about the “here” thing when I first made this comment. I took as proof that what my bro said was true. Also, it def does depend with the accent. I’m not like a Jude Law fangirl or anything, but I can admit he’s attractive. But he’s got a new movie coming out (Repo Man or smth like that) where he puts on a “lower class” English accent and it just makes him so unappealing to me. Funny though, cuz Jason Statham has that accent for real and I think it’s totally hot on him!!

          • Thanks for breaking it down, Abs.

            I ❤ you. Did I get it right this time?

          • I’m not normally a fan of the British accent. I remember being kind of stunned when I found out Rob was British. But I ❤ me some Rob accent long time! I think because it's not over the top and I can understand everything he is saying.
            Sometimes when I'm reading the series or fan fic I have Edward use the accent (probably because of all the times he called Bella "love" in Breaking Dawn.. thanks a lot SM… sorry, pet peeve of mine)

          • absolutelyvlc – I hope Rob likes my “hint of” southern accent :-). I do remember that interview w. him and Hayley and he said he liked how she said “here.” You know what? That is exactly how I say “here!”

            Yeah mine’s not so bad, I think Rob will still be able to understand me. 🙂

            BTW I heart Jude Law too. His voice and accent in Love Actually is so great! Squee! I did notice the different accents in England. I dated a British guy and was friends with another one. The two of them sound different. I guess he said one lived in the “dodgy” end. I don’t know, they had their own little lingo between them, even if they sounded different.

          • I’ve said this before here, but most British Isles accents really get me and Rob’s is posh British without being too snobby sounding. Its also the tenor and tone of his voice. As the feverish Indonesian girl said yesterday, wwwwwooooooowwwwww.

            I’ll adhere to the theory from vic’s bro- ‘the North American accent on women does the very same thing to British men’.

            I’m going with go with that and you can’t discourage me from it! I just know that Rob would be affected by my accent! Its my illusion and I’m sticking to it! So there!

          • Drsaka..ok I’m convinced :-). From now on I’ll milk my accent. Thanks absolutelyvlc for bringing this up!

    • I caught the First Sight/fan in bio-class scene and I think I made a Picasso in my own panties!!


  34. Something that might amuse you ladies…

    I’m sitting here right now wearing a heart monitor. (Nothing serious, just part of some medical testing that I’m having done). And ever since I got home from being wired up with this thing this morning I’ve been reading LTR, watching Rob interviews on youtube and listening to him sing.
    Probably not a good idea. My heart rate has got to be going thru the roof! No way this test is gonna be normal… Oh, well…

    • As long as you don’t look at his hair, jaw, hands, mouth, eyes, hop bones, tongue, ass, hair, crotch…you should be fine.

      • Thanks, ML, haha! Like I could possibly avoid looking at those awesome body parts…

        • Hop bones? I’d like to hop on those bones!

          • Yeah, we don’t call ’em hip bones anymore…”hop bones” just cuts straight to the point of their existence.

      • I thought we called them…”hip hop bones”!!!

    • As long as you’re alright, I can say, that’s hilarious…Take care though…Does the monitor also make a beep sound? So that you hear it go faster when you look at Rob???

      • Yeah, I’m alright. Just some routine testing. No, the monitor does not beep! Thank God! It would be totes hilarious if it did! The thing would be going crazy and folks would be rushing me to the hospital for sure! LOL.

    • Is your breathing hitching too(like Bella)?

      Maybe you need to lay off Rob for today! 🙂


      • SB, no breath hitching yet.

        Lay off Rob? Not sure I could if I tried. Even for a day!

        • I don’t blame ya. I can’t lay off Rob either.

          Btw I sent you mail :-). Sorry took so long, I’ve been meaning to write you.

    • But if you put your heart through looking at Rob interviews/pics/body parts everyday it is normal for you! And that’s TOTES NORMAL!!!

      • Keisha, you’re right. TOTES NORMAL!

  35. Off topic here:

    Is anyone else seriously sad that Remember Me is getting a PG-13 rating?

    ….and so the cockblocking continues.

    *major frown face*

    • 😦

    • Really? Damn! What are they thinking, that the audience for this movie is teens? No way! Imma have to write a letter . . .

      • Summit only thinks in terms of $, so yeah, they needed a pg-13 so that all the Twi-teens will be able to fork over $10 to see Rob do Emilie. Sorta. Kinda. Not really.

        • Not gonna be that way with Bel Ami!!! I may die during that movie!

    • That stinks!! Did Stephenie Meyer have the final say in this movie, too?

    • Really? :-(. I hope they are not cutting out some sex scenes just to make it PG-13!!!!!

      *Stomps foot*

    • These Summit people are all about mass and quantity, they know the crazies will come (thatswhatshesaid) so they want to get as much crazies as possible. What about our devotion reward? Not to mention we’re the only not embarrassing Rob crazies. I think Rob would have to make it up personally to each one of us.

      • MP, love that last plan of yours…LOVE it! That would soothe the pain of the PG-13!

        • Yeah, I promise to forget all about the PG-13. Now he has to keep his part of the deal.

    • YES. Boo for the PG-13 rating.

  36. TooOldForThis, your Rob-journey is very similar to mine. When I saw the Twilight at the theater, I had to sit way up close to the screen because there were no good seats left, so I had that weird looming perspective, and the first impression I got was of Rob’s enormous jaw. Not only was it enormous, it was covered with black stubble peeking out from the white makeup. I was all, “God, couldn’t the makeup person do something about that? I don’t want see that on Edward!” But my impression changed in the weeks and months since then. A lot. And the rest is history.

    • Hahahaha! That’s great! I hadn’t read the book when I saw the movie, so I didn’t know that Edward wasn’t supposed to have permanent five o’clock shadow.

  37. I’ve saw Rob for the first time as Cedric on the big screen. I remember thinking he was very handsome, I looked him up on the IMDB back then, but there was not very much to see yet there.

    I guess I didn’t really fell for him because it was not really a great time for me personally…I was just getting over a broken heart…

    Later I fell for him. not because he played Edward, I only really got to know about Twilight because of Rob…I’ve read about Rob online, but remember thinking ‘What the bleep’ was wrong with that hair, not really registering that this was ‘Cedric’…And at that time I was kind of very much in love in real life, so I was blind for Rob…haha…Silly me…

    BUT, some time later…I fell because of a dream I’ve had of him! I hadn’t even saw Twilight then (afterwards I immediately did, had to see Rob ofcourse)

    It sure was a weird experience and quite a bizarre dream, because the timing couldn’t have been better…Anyway, Dream Rob haunted me, there was no escape…;-)

    So I saw Twilight and the rest is history…For the rest I’m not surprised because I’m a real Anglophile, love everything British/Irish! And yeah, Rob’s a gift. Rob for everyone!

    • I’m a real Anglophile, love everything British/Irish! And yeah, Rob’s a gift. Rob for everyone!
      yeah same for me and the English men especially londeners are the best ha?

      • Yes Che, they really are! Esp. one Londoner…;-)

        • lets make it clearer from Barnes even i can give an open adress, cuz i found the street:)
          i’m so into english men especially with blue eyes ,fair hair and tall.i used to describe my ideal man with that look just like Rob 😛 except being tan,masculer and stylish.damn it he round my taste:)

          • sorry ruined-uknowwhatimeant-

    • Hon I sure wish I had know him back during his HP days. I had no idea. I know he’s younger than me but it doesn’t hurt to look. I’m not a HP fan, I’ve only seen GOF last yr because then I knew Rob was there and I just had to see him.

      Btw robdreams are great! It makes you happy but the it also makes you long for more doesn’t it? He’s drawing us in.

      • Oh God, SB, it was THAT dream which made me FALL, without my permission…Rob’s a little bit creepy like that…haha…Like a siren really, they sing people to sleep as well…;-)

        I don’t mind anymore, but last year after ‘our’ infatuation phase, after watching all the interviews, the songs and so on I had a moment that I was also a little angry at Rob. Like: don’t be so cute and funny and talented and all…Why are you an actor? I just would like to run in to you and live happily after that…Uhm yeah (sorry Rob), but I ofcourse forgave him for being out of reach and got over that…It’s easy like that, with Rob…haha…I wish’d it was that easy with guys in ‘real life’…

        And looking never hurt anyone…haha…He’s younger than me as well, but I think he’s an old soul, well, that’s my excuse anyway…

        • Cath I want to hear the dream! Do you feel comfy to post it here or do you want to email it to me? No pressure though.

          Siren…yeah that is perfect. Perfect word for Rob. He is calling us. Hahah! So true.

          I’m actually a little sad that he’s getting even more popular. Because that means he will be even more unreachabel, KWIM? I feel selfish for feeling this way, but it is what it is. I know he deserves the best that life can offer. He’s a star and what am I? Just a little speck of dust right?

          • “He’s a star and what am I?”
            SB I don’t agree with your speech at all. I didn’t know stars were superior human beings especially since I can think of a lot of funny counter examples. A LOT.

          • Great point there MP, coincidence is, I was just thinking about the concept of celebrity as few hours ago, read something about it…And it’s been my opinion, for a while already, that I like talented people, but that the whole celebrity culture is out of control…But that’s they way it is right now, so agree that many people don’t deserve it, or are just famous for being famous.

            And SB, you ARE a STAR too, in Rob’s universe, LOL, we all are…Not a little speck of dust, I’m sure Rob wouldn’t want you to think that either, he seems weary of the celebrity thing…That’s what I dig about him as well…

            And btw, I will come back on that dream in the other reply…

          • Cath you just said what I didn’t take the time to write.
            Rob is pretty aware of the ridiculous aspects (and people) of the star system.
            And SB you’re are southern star.

          • No problem SB, the dream was safe, it was PG-13 rated…Just my luck…;-)

            It took place over the course of a whole day. Rob was at my house. It seemed like we already knew each other, because we were having an discussion like old friends. About books/movies and so on. Sadly I don’t remember any exact details. We were trying to challenge each other. It was a bit of a love-hate thing, it felt like that. We disagreed a lot, LOL. But it was pleasant as well.

            Then there came the moment when I was fed up with this situation. We stood face to face and he was smirking, clearly challenging me…He pointed at the little dent in his chin, I have NO idea why, but then I’d decided to go in for the kill aka I just kissed him, because I wanted all that talk to end…And thought to myself, the hell with it…We kissed, then dream ended…OFCOURSE…Blasphemy…

            The weird thing though about the dream for me was, in hindsight, that knew about his dented chin in my dream, I saw it in Twilight when I watched it AFTERWARDS, but if you’d asked me before the dream which kind of chin Rob had, I wouldn’t have known…

            It was a whole lot of pushing away, drawing in, but that could also be the fault of an ex…haha…A little bit Edward and Bella like, haha…Without knowing it…How the minds works…
            But like I said, it was like a spell was cast over me, I was enchanted by our dear Mr. Pattinson and immediately went and saw Twilight on DVD.

            I had crushes before, but they didn’t start with a dream. The Rob has powers, but hey, he DID became famous as a wizard after all…;-) (I’m not going to make any jokes about wands here, that would only end bad…wellyouknow…)

            Later I had a dream with Rob being my bf, looking like Daniel Gale in A Bad Mother’s Handbook (did see the movie though this time). All nerdy with glasses, very cute. He was waiting for me in the kitchen while I was changing clothes, being all sweet about that…The ideal man, LOL…

            And with that end I will try to catch some sleep now, I wish everyone sweet Robdreams for now or later this night.


          • Cath and MP – I just realized I may have sounded depressed and suicidal in that previous comment! I assure you both, I am not! LOL. Thanks for saying I’m a star :-). I don’t feel he’s superior, what I meant is his popularity is making him hard to reach.

            But don’t worry, I have a life. I’ll be fine :-). C’est la vie.

            If I’m a southern star then you are a French star and Cath is a Dutch star. 🙂

          • Cath thanks for sharing your dream! It’s lovely! Makes you feel like not even wanting it to end right?

            I like the love-hate thing. We call that a love-hate relationship. Love em, hate em kind of thing.

          • Great dream, Cath!

          • No SB you didn’t sounded suicidal at all, you were just self-deprecating. But you’re right about getting to meet him. It seems impossible since he decided to live in a very intimate bubble and not show his face anywhere near a dumpster or a dingy Soho pub. Now go practice your star pose, I’m sure you’ll make it look more natural than 90% of Hollywood.
            ❤ u!

          • MP – Holy cow you are still awake? 🙂 Go get sleep, we can’t have you waking up naked in front of firemen again!

            Yes you’re right, I’m self-deprecating, I really don’t like to praise myself.

            Ok I’m off to go practice my star pose! Au revoir!

          • Holy cow 🙂 🙂 hilarious expresion. SB you might end up going to sleep before I do because some drunk people settled in at my place and don’t leave anymore. I swear it’s not the firemen and I’m not naked.

          • MP btw I ❤ you too~! Bisous!

  38. Great letter, TOFT!

    My ride to robsession was a bit strange.

    First I saw the movie and I laughed my ass off at the ridiculousness of it all. Although some scenes (cafeteria, parking lot and my favorite: the one from prom when he leans into Bella to take a picture) did kinda get my attention. But then I soon forgot all about him.

    That is until I read Twilight a couple of months later and I fell for Edward big time. And in my mind Rob was Edward. So I implicitly fell for him too. Then I started the googling and youtubeing and my world broke down: Rob wasn’t Edward. At all. I was really disappointed at first but then, slowly but surely, he started creeping his way into my soul with every interview I watched.

    Rob won me over with his ability to act and look awkward/weird/dorky/sleazy and still be f*uck-hot at the same time. The funny thing is that I have grown to actually dislike Edward over time. And love Rob all the more.

    So to sum up, Rob went from “meh” to “omg, I love you Edward” to “omg, you’re not Edward, I hate you” to “you’re quite hot, actually” to “I am obsessed with you and Edward is a douche”.

    I wonder what the next step is…

    • I have skipped all the Twilight stages and gone directly to the last one “obssessed with Rob and Edward is ridiculous” and been staying at this state for ages (months). What’s next? I dunno. The restraining order state? 🙂

      • Did you get some sleep, Minuit?

        • do you say that because of my post? 🙂

          • No, because I busted you yesterday, when you were blogging well after midnight, your time, when you should have been resting! Do you want another nekkid episode with les pomiers??? (sorry if misspelled).

          • haha
            well, yeah I can’t wait!

      • The next stage probably is an especially for Rob-addicts designed straitjacket in a special ward in a SPECIAL mental hospital…Guess who’s playing the doctor there??? See you all there…;-)

        • sign me in for that if the doctor is who I think it is.

          • You’re signed in! ‘Cause IThinkYouWhoIMeanWithThatDoctor…

  39. “Okay, first I had to look up Twilight on Imdb so I could pull up the cast list and figure out what the hell your name was – then I googled you.”

    LOL! I love that! And I love how most of us got the acute fondness from the cafeteria walk!

  40. Ok – just leaving Robsessed…How can an American (myself) get their hands on this Bella’s Box 3 disc edition of New Moon? It has a ton of extra goodies. NO FAIR.

    • I know right?

    • I’ve read somewhere that the American edition will probably have all these extra’s as well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  41. NOne of this is fair, Twimilf…

  42. The giggle is what got me as well. I had not read the books and did not know this Robert Pattinson they speak of, or hell, even Edward!!

    So when Twilight came out on DVD, I didn’t even bother to rent it, and the husband showed up with it one night.

    I watched it later with the commentary on, when I was home by myself…


    It was over, and I am a pathetic shell of my former self.

    *head hung in shame*

  43. Tis extempore from my mother wit- cheating is on in the mind. The body goes where the mnd tells it go.

    • Hey bobbygee! Most of the time I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but I’ll “thums up” you anyway!

  44. when i watched him on utube there was a comment said Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen are the most wonderfull men and even i’d known there was a wampire movie and that guy was famous for that, i didn’t know who was Edward Cullen and i googled him .first i thought he was a real person-how ridiculous i was 🙂


    Anyone see this????

    • No, but thanks to you I did, sounds like a very interesting movie, one I’d love to see. It says it’s an adaption from a book, which sounds VERY good too. Even if Rob’s not going to play the part, I’d like to read the book.

      Our boy certainly loves his bookadaptions, doesn’t he? And they love him to star in romantic roles…haha…No but, seriously, this sounds good…Now he will star opposite Reese Witherspoon, when in Vanity Fair the scene was deleted, strange how things seem to work out sometimes…Although I find the combination of Witherspoon and Penn strange as a couple…(they’re great actors, but as far as nice goes…) I just hope Rob will have chemistry with Reese, but we’ll see…

      And a love triangle, yay!:

      “Pattinson would play Jacob Jankowski, an orphaned veterinary student who is put in charge of caring for the animals in a traveling circus. He falls in love with beautiful equestrian rider Marlena (Witherspoon) who is married to the troupe’s charismatic but dangerous animal trainer August (Penn).”

      (Rob’s going to be around horses A LOT in his next movies. Only to be one of those horses, LOL. Although, maybe I can be Reese’s stuntdouble with the riding scenes. 😉

    • Rob can’t play a character named Jacob!!!! It’d be too damn confusing for the whole Team Edward thing (wait no, it’s Team Jacob when elephants are involved… WTH?)
      Wow, serious deja vu going on. I may have had this same thought before. Maybe when I found out he’s playing a character named Tyler which is just one letter off from Taylor.
      But I’m really psyched for Vet Rob!! Caring, compassionate, lots of petting… oh yeah, I’m in!!

    • It could be very interesting, I’ll have to read the book. I completely spaced on the name of the character that he would potentially play. I pretend that the Twilight Jacob doesn’t exist in the Twilight world, anyway!!!!!

      • LMAO!!!!

  46. I remember seeing HP GOF and swooning over Cedric at the suggestion to Harry about “taking an bath” with the golden egg.
    Even Moaning Myrtle referred to him as the “good looking fellow” and tried to get a peek. (why couldnt they show the bath scene for Cedric?)

    When he died I was a sad panda and worried a bit since I thought he was the same age as Daniel and I didnt want Chris Hansen to serve me ice tea.

    When ET was doing the daily coverage of the Twilight Movie while it was being made. I was watching the Dance Studio scenes and interviews. and I thought “he was in HP GOF?” I didnt remember…..

    So I went out and bought the movie and watched it and was ” Oooooh I remember HIM” I googled Rob and learned hes a bit older than Daniel (* wipes forehead Ha ha Hansen!!!)

    After that I bought the book the week Twilight was released in the theater and read it a week later. (RL was in the way) I couldnt put it down and ran out each night to purchase the next book. A book a day for four days. Try explaining that to the SO.

    I didnt sleep, I trolled the internet, I found MS, I found LTT/LTR, interviews on youtube, working was difficult…still is.

    It doesnt makes sense why. But its okay. GQ Rob left me speachless and I like his humor about the whole thing.
    What other celebrity out there has fun like that?

    • I’ve never spent this type of time on anything like this before. What has he done to us????

  47. I can relate Tigerkitten, with the books, here the same!
    And btw; even better: which other celebrity IS fun like Rob??? 🙂

  48. Great letter, TOFT!!!! I think YouTube is the enabler of so many Robsessions, they should get a cut of the Rob’s contracts! I certainly remember staying up til 2am on my slow ass computer watching everything Rob I could find on there! Thank God my new computer is faster for more viewing pleasure!

  49. re: not that good lookin’ —

    well…. I mean, when he’s been drinking a lot and he’s got his puffy face on… (not) that good looking i’m afraid.

  50. since confession is good for the soul…I have to thank my last years’ students for my falling in lust, oh I mean love, with Rob. I didn’t think he was all that cute either. It wasn’t until after I read the books, their bidding, watch the movie, their bidding as well, and after the 3rd time I was in love!! I have a whole new class to share this love with. I even took them to see New Moon for Christmas. They just loved it!!!

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