Posted by: Bekah | January 20, 2010

Rob I’m sick. Come take care of me

Dear Rob,

Do you know how crazy you’ve made me? I seem to have come down with some sort of flu (yes, I just had pneumonia- I’m a mess!) and so I spent yesterday in the Emergency Room on some IV fluids to strengthen my weak body. As I was lying in the room with a needle poking my arm (um, ouch. Remind me to never have something more serious. I can’t handle pain) I was thinking of you. No no, not really about you- your attractiveness, your word vomiting adorkableness, and where the H you’ve been- although if I had, That would be Normal, but I was thinking about how I had to write a letter to you today and how even if I was feeling 100% I have NOTHING to say because you’re completely and utterly MIA and how that’s not fair because how am I supposed to write a blog about you when there’s nothing to say? Then I realized I probably shouldn’t care and should focus instead on how to make that fluid in the bag move faster (I may have considered puncturing a hole in it) so that I could get the needle out of me PRONTO.

Anyway, I came up with a little ditty to show how utterly ridiculous I am committed I am to you:

I, UnintendedChoice, take you, Robert Pattinson, to be my obsessive hobby, constantly on my mind, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of Moon, your mom and Dick and my family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to faithfully blog about you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow, like when a needle full of IV fluid is trying to kill me. I promise to blog about you unconditionally, even when you disappear and there’s nothing to say, to support you in your goals, even if they’re lame and involve questionable movie projects, to honor and respect you but not your choices in women, to laugh at with you and cry for with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

That’s committment,

Follow the jump for some special RobPorn from PinkPixieChick, Robsten4life and JodieO and Zeph

Thanks girls! And thanks to Moon. If you ever get sick, I got your back. Just not as much as I would have Rob’s back if he were sick. Cuz, well, you understand…..

Thanks to PinkPixieChick, Robsten4life and JodieO and Zeph for making this awesome porn. They have a gift, wouldn’t you agree?! Wanna thank these ladies, leave a comment and if you’re into FanFic go check out PixieChicks story!

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  1. Love it!! Hahaha that is brills.
    Feel better soon, UC! Needles do suck, trust me I know; I used to have to have them FORTNIGHTLY.
    Rest up and take it easy 🙂

  2. Awwww UC, sorry to hear you’re sick to the point where needles become involved. That’s awful. Hope you get better soon! Lucky for you you have some Robalicious porn to help your recovery.

  3. “Please Rob, let her get better soon!” usually I’m TOTALLY with MY MAN!!!…another slighty strange form of commitment…

  4. rubbing vicks on my chest is always a win! Get well soon UC!!

  5. Ohhhh, UC, I hope you feel better soon!!
    ❤ ❤

  6. “Take two and call me in the morning”,

    hell I would settle and just take one (Rob) and then I won’t be able to call you in the morning because I. Would. BE. Died.

    • *Bumps Misty’s Fist* Me too Girl

  7. I hope you feel well soon, UC. Not fond of needles, myself. I always get a hematoma afterwards.

    Your commitment statement to Rob is perfect. Though I might have to leave in the ‘at’ after laugh.

    I worry about your request for Rob to come take care of you. Though his presence would be comforting (and stimulating) {sorry, too much fanfic,again}, I fear that taking care of someone who is not feeling well, is not his forte.

    Hot Pocket Forts, on the other hand, are!

    Take care.

    • ….taking care of someone is not his forte….hahaha…..
      I picture him going to comfort UC with some bottles of WARM!! Heineken, some ciggies LIGHT and an ol plaid…lol

      • Ol’ plaids are warm! That would be very comforting!

        • I’m a bit afraid that his ones have HUGE holes…just saying

          • You’re most likely right about the huge holes in the plaid. Maybe he would build UC a plaid cocoon inside the Hot Pocket fort! Cozy!

      • Wow, you are so right with that! Wait a second, you are so dead on:: Rob, is that you???? lol

        • that was for you “Robgirl”!!!!

          • haha…noooo….I’m just his ALTER EGO!

    • LOL. I had a visual from the Bad Mother’s handbook when Rob was in the hospital delivery room! 🙂

      • I heart Daniel Gale! The rainbow sweater gets me everytime!

        • Me too! He’s so adorable wearing those super tight pants! At first I thought they were leggings!

          OT but when Daniel kissed the girl(they were in the patio), and she turned away…well I was like. Girl!!!! That’s Robert Pattinson!!! Hello! And you turn away! Hahaahha, I am silly like that.

  8. BTW, thanks to PinkPixieChick, Robsten4life and JodieO and Zeph for the great pics and the tag lines- hilarious as always.

    • YES!…and I just love the first pic…so sweet the little pouting…

      • Ditto. Hope you feel better soon UC.
        Ick needles hurt! Badtimes!
        I only have the Robfever and that’s hard enough.

      • That’s quite a pout he’s got going on there!

  9. “I promise to blog about you unconditionally, even when you disappear and there is nothing to say, to support you in your goals, even when they are lame…!”

    Or that’s the needle ….or that’s true love….or just BOTH!
    Hilarious UC!

  10. Amazing, as usual.

    I feel your pain with the needle thing. Zero tolerance here. Tip: if you ask them to use a baby needle, it hurts a lot less and it looks way less scary 🙂 That’s how I get my blood tests done.
    Feel better, UC!

    • “baby needle”….sounds so sweet but HURTS as well!!! Needles are ALL mean in my world!

  11. *wipes away a tear*

    That was a beautiful vow, UC! I hope you are feeling better soon! Take care of yourself!

    (this does not involve going to happy hour)

  12. “to honor and respect you but not your choices in women”…Best.Line.Ever! 😀 I hope you feel better UC! XO

  13. You’re hilar even when you have nothing to say!

  14. Aw, feel better UC! There’s nothing like a Rob “care package” to make someone feel better! And by care “package” I mean… 😉 Take care!!

  15. hope u get better soon’s sucks that u have to suffer from needles.i actually quite like needles-eventhough it hurts-i guess i’m kinda masochist:)
    The commitment was so good ,is there anyone who can present u and Rob.. well.. what to call u? and i woulld like to attend at the ceromony and catch the flowers:)

  16. Hope you feel better soon UC. You are quite the bloggess getting your post in even after having been at the ER. Impressive.

    • “getting your post in” – that’s what she said.

      Err, please forgive me but I can’t help myself…

  17. Feel Better UC.

    Rob’s package…..mmmm……………….What?

    • Did someone say Rob’s package?


  18. UC, I feel for you and hope you’ll be OK soon.
    If it can make you feel any better, on Monday night my bf called the emergency because I fainted and I woke up in the middle of some firemen (don’t ask, in France they do the emergency stuff) nekkid!!! Bf didn’t think it was important to put me something on. So needles or not, I didn’t care, the situation was way too first hand embarrassment.

    • I hope that you’re okay, minuit.

    • minuit…
      I really hope you are okay again!!!<3
      AND…..don't feel embarrassed…the firemen are used to it….I mean to help fainted nekkid women with not-thinking-BFs!
      It happens ALL the time!

      • yeah right. thanx.
        maybe fainted nekkid women with fucking not thinking bf are not used to wake up surrounded by a bunch of firemen. it’s like “Wow, what’s going on? Did I agree to star in a porn?”

        • yeah…it’s ALL HIS fault!Men are sometimes very dump people…not all ..but…you understood me..I hope…<3

          • it’s ok, plus I’d probably do the same. it’s now are favourite joke material.

          • and no I hope you get what “are” stands for (ok i’l help you cheat, it’s “our”) the 12 h sleep didn’t help.

        • “Did I wake up to star in a porn?”


          • “I don’t have appendicites, why are you doing a rectal examination?” Not true at all. Horrible joke. I think I need some sleep again. Sorry.

          • LOL. Okay MP, go get more sleep. 🙂

    • MP -Oh no, what happened?

      I hope you feel better soon. I’m missing your emails. Don’t be embarrassed, at least you’re alright :-). Get some rest today and perhaps you should sleep more darlin. I barely sleep too and you know what, I need to get more sleep as well. 4 hrs every night is taking a toll on me.


      • probably huge fatigue. i’m sorry for the mails, try to write you soon. I’m not embarassed, I find it quite funny now cause they’re gone, but during that time, things are just bizarre.

        • I’m pretty sure Rob would marry this.

      • Me, too, SB. I’m so tired.

        • I know why…lol

          • I wish you were right, Robgirl. I’m just not sleeping…

        • You and I are not sleeping well….plus Minuit. We are thinking too much of Rob!

    • minuit, so sorry to hear this…take care.

      • I think I know why you’re tired. Does Rob has smth to do with that?

        • Yes, he does.

          I was laying awake thinking about how I was gonna tell my DH to move a meeting from our house to somewhere else on Friday night so I can see Rob on Hope for Haiti…this is normal.

          • Of course, it’s normal.
            Find a great event they can’t miss, get all excited to go to the event with them, then “oh, what a pitty you have horrible viral desease (gastroenteritis?). No one will insist on you joining them. On this elegant note, I might go hide.

          • Oh dear! You can’t miss Rob on Friday!

          • I get the feeling that plans for Friday will be changed all over the world by a lot of (crazies) devoted girls. Normal, if you can watch Rob live…you have to, can’t watch the recorded version, it’s like sports, only MUCH better.

            Hello, you could have at least called, now look at the mess you’re doing, transport companies will have no passengers on Friday night, people won’t go out, you’re actually contributing to the recession.
            Waiting to see you,

          • My DH suggested I watch the recorded version. That’s hilarious. Not a chance…

          • ML I have to tape it too because I don’t want to miss anything. That’s around DD’s bedtime so I will be busy. Sucks but it’s gonna have to do for me.

          • Yes, I found myself trying to rearrange plans for Friday night as well. I hope it is on local channels cuz I am gonna have to tape it. (If I had TiVo or DVR I would never leave my house or read fan fic again so I refuse to get it.)

  19. Thanks. I just woke up and it’s 3 PM here. trying to recover.

    • Take care and a little Robporn will always help.

      • …in sickness and in health

        • Amen!

          Get better soon honi!!!

          • muah!
            it’s supposed to be a kiss, but i’m not sure how you transcribe it in E.

          • <3..muah back….
            that sounds like "Kuhglockenheilung" (joke from yesterday ltr..)
            !!!!absolutelyvlc……hey….I used it…lol!

    • What a story with ‘les pompiers’ and you AND your bf…GOD! Sounds like a scene out of movie…Hope you are feeling better! You have to be better so you can call i Rob this Friday night. 😉

      • Yeah, what was missing from the scene was “les pomiers” selling me their New Year calendar, but I’m expecting them any day now.
        As for Friday, I think Rob can give me the energy to do anything.

      • Btw, do you know how can we watch it in Europe and what’s the CET for that?

        • Haha, yeah, I’ve heard about those calenders…Maybe they could bring you a customized Rob one, just for once…

          You can watch the telethon almost everywhere, on CNN Int. and your local MTV, but it also will be livestreaming on YouTube. So there’s no chance of missing it! As broadcast time I’ve read 8PM ET. So that would mean 2 AM, the next morning for us…But that would mean that Rob would be a late late night host in London…When I find out more, I’ll post it at LTR!

          • Thanks for the info.
            If it airs live, then the telethon is only for America cause they can’t expect nomal people (not us, normal normal) in Europe to watch it at 2 AM. Telethons are usually in prime time. We’ll see, but I’m loking forward to this, because we’ve never seen him in this position. And I’m sure he’s like yeh, it’s cool to help people but what am I supposed to say?

          • Minuit- why aren’t you resting!!????

          • Yeah, that sounds logical…but I’ve read somewhere that European viewers will nevertheless be able to call in as well though…We’ll find out soon enough…That’s why they added London to the thon as well, but also to accomodate a band like Coldplay, so they can perform…

            I’m quite surprised that Rob took on the role as host, not that he has decided to help, but like I said before, I didn’t see him as ‘presenter material’, I have the sneeky suspicion he will go about at this as if it was a role, acting the host, although I’m sure he still will his awkward self…But his internal conversation will be like: ‘Stay calm, I can do this, I’m just as cool and famous as George Clooney. Breathe in, breathe out. Ow forget it, where the f*ck are my cigarettes!!! Help!’ (Rob, if you read this, try to remember to put out the ciggie before you go live all over the world…;))

            And I also guess that he finds being among all these musicians awesome as well. He’s supposed to be quite the Jay-Z fan and he’ll be there in London as well. Really, I’d give my right hand to be in the same room as Rob AND Bono and The Edge…TV will have to do for now though…haha…

          • busted. but in my defence I slept 12 h ok?

          • Sorry Drsaka, I am keeping MP from her rest as well…But I’m going to sleep now…Nightie night!

          • Get some rest Minuit and sweet Rob dreams to you both!

          • The things going through his head about him hosting the thon and the convos he has with the others have to be hilarious I’m sure. I’d love to be backstage as well. Any londoner lurker working in media who thinks we are nice/funny/ridiculous enough to be invited? TomStu, I won’t get in the middle of your Roblove, I promise.

            Draska, you should have told me all about the rest theory before that huge bottle of Coke I had. Yes I’m like a kid one should have a close eye on. BUt I’m off now, promise.

  20. Oh My God, get well soon UC.
    I , too, have cold. I live in tropical country. It’s monsoon season here in the southern hemisphere and it’s cold to the bone.

  21. Feel better, UC. I really do feel your pain-I hate needles and can’t watch when I have to have blood drawn, etc.

    Do what you have to do to get well-you can’t meet Rob behind the dumpster with an IV pole. Robporn is the best medicine.


  22. Get well soon, UC!
    Today’s post made me giggle sooo hard (that’s what she said), because I was just thinking along these lines last night.
    While sitting in my Nursing class orientation and thinking about HHH, (geriatric rotation? what’s that?)I asked myself: “If Rob was my patient, could I take care of him without fangirling, calling everyone I know, blogging about it, or insisting on giving him a spongebath every 2 hours?”
    Then I decided, “Hell-to-the-no.”
    Lucky for me, I live in the armpit of NY so I don’t really have to worry about the possibility of it. *sigh*

    • wooow u made me laugh.spongebath every 2 hours? hahaha call me if u need help.

      • poochimama- we want to know!

      • Will do! I always like to have help when I turn and position my patients. Less strain on the back, you know 😉

    • where’s the armpit of New York??

      • Would love to know that too! Sorry, am too curious…

      • Western NY. Seriously! If you look at the map, we’re the armpit…and the little farm town that I live in (smack between Rochester and Buffalo) smells like one most days!

        • Maybe Batavia? I lived in Rochester for 3 years.

          • Oh draska! It’s like a dream come true! No one EVER knows about poor little Bat-town!

  23. Get well UC! I’m impressed that you are still so coherent and Normal under such circumstances.. 🙂 Take Rob with you to bed with some happy thoughts and your laptop and I am sure you will feel better in the morning. I know I did when I read your post..

  24. I hope you feel better soon, UC! Even though you’re sick, you still brought the funny… “although if I had, THAT would be NORMAL.” For some reason that cracked me, because it’s true. Totally normal.

  25. UC feel better soon!

    I miss these pictures with witty captions! They’re great. I love all of them, especially the pouty one from the Remember Me set. When I saw that last yr I was wondering what the heck he was pouting about. Maybe he ran out of hotpockets and Emilie didn’t want to share hers? 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you feel better. It sucks to be sick. I love how committed you are to blogging. Rob would totally marry that!


    • totally and 100%!

  26. UC, honey, you’ve got to quit hanging out behind the dumpster. It’s killing you!

    But…true story…I was spraddled out on the exam table for a pap smear. Feet in the stirrups, paper [moon] gown, and all. When I glanced at the magazine caddy on the floor who do you think was staring up at my vag-ja-ja? That’s right, ROB, and that Chase Crawford character! It was the People mag with the hottest hunks or some shiite. After the doctor left I got dressed and pulled out my trusty cell phone camera and snapped a couple photos from the exam table vantage point just for a good laugh! I know, I know, you can all be second-hand embarassed for me. But I really felt awkward for a moment. I mean that’s a compromising position in the first place and the more I giggled, the more the doc thought I was an idiot or actually enjoying it or something. Definitely one of those OMG moments you’d like to pretend didn’t happen. I dig the pix out when I need to practice my humble. Works like a charm!

  27. Oh, UC, are you and Rob registered at Macy’s or Target? I’m thinking plaid place mats or gift cards to Piggly Wiggly for a year’s supply of Heinies and Hot Pockets!

  28. I am scared to be poked by needles too and I worked in the medical field and will gladly start IV’s and draw blood from patients(I’m SAHM now). The fear of needles know no bounds.

    And amen on the obsessive hobby. We all need this blog! It’s our outlet.

    • Uggh, typo. I meant to say “knows” no bounds. English is my 1st language, but I really should read my post before I post it. ;-P

      • ???? A thumbs down? What did I say?

  29. Awww UC, hope you feel better real soon. If Rob were there he would be putting Heine in your IV drip, so probably best that he is MIA (STILL!).

    Anyway, I for one am glad you are sick (sorry) – ONLY because it brings on the Robporn – which is a cure for everything. Yep! I said it. Robporn cures everything. There was nothing wrong with me today (ah-hem! cough! cough!) but now amazingly, I feel so much better and I know that you do too.

  30. Get better soon, UC! Picture Rob helping you with the Vic’s vap-o-rub.

    ; )

  31. Feel better, UC! I’m impressed you wrote a letter even when ill. Kudos to you! Get some rest, curl up in your snuggie and watch some Robward! Thinking of you! XO

  32. I hope you get well soon Hunny Bunny! I think you are on the right track with the Robporn though. You have the Rob fever and the cure is more Rob.

    PS. This is probably kharma, you know you should be nice to short people! Kidding! Really, really I am just kidding, I hope you feel better soon!

  33. Get Well Soon!!! We can’t have you out of commission…it’s unacceptable.

    I spewed my coffee when i saw the “Rob Feels Your Pain” pic. I’ve become a new fan of Rob photos that are FAR from perfect with hilarious captions…
    Since laughter is the best medecine, here’s a little gif to help ease your pain….

    • aaww, poor Rob!!! Kellan is so much bigger than him…

      Get well soon, UC!

      • but Rob is mucho more HOTTER!!! so…. poor Kellan…lol

        • Yeah poor Kellan! 🙂

          • Poor Rob’s shoulder as well, after that it must’ve been just as blue as his sweater…Kellan looks like he’s as strong as a bull…
            And Rob’s looks, well, Rob just looks his usual dreamy self…haha…

          • I swear I’ve seen that sweater before…hmmm.

            Cath – Rob always looks dreamy to me. Rain or shine, night or day.

          • SB, same here…;-) And I luv that sweater…He had it since his Cedric Digory days, no?

            The shoes he wear in that pic, I really them <3…

          • Blasphemy, I mean DiGGory ofcourse…

          • Cath I do remember that from HP days. 🙂 I was being sarcastic as usual. He loves that sweater.

    • Why did someone downthumb that? Where did you get that gif–hysterical!

      • I would give you many thumbs up for the gif…it’s hilar….

        • sorry TOO…you AND Mrs.P.

    • Damn you to hell, Kellan.

      That’s so hilar…that made my whole day…again, normal.

    • Aww Rob is so cute! I will take him anyday! I don’t care if he wears that ratty blue sweater :-).

    • That so made my icy, stuck-in-the-middle-of-a-power-struggle, stupid, crap of a day!!!!

  34. UC dear, I hope you feel better very soon… my heart goes out to you!!

    Sending lots of good Robrations your way!!



    • Biel, I ❤ u and your gorgeous videos…

  35. Awww, I hope you feel better soon!

    “Rob feels your pain” = Brilliant!
    That is one of his best (read: most useful) pictures ever!

    P.S. It is time to make people do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. Do not downplay the pain and suffering. Better get something out of it as well.

  36. Get well soon UC.

    PS – best.commitment.ceremony.ever! (and I didn’t even bring you a gift!)

    • your avatar is killing me today…the red hair….lol

    • Is that a character from Sesame Street or from Veggie Tales? Sorry if I asked you before.

  37. Dear UC, sorry you don’t feel so good with the needles ‘n flu ‘n all. Hope you’re better soon. Huge thanks for writing the blog even though you’re not well. You know how much we would all suffer without LTR to read. Your obssession is our obssession! Hugs from a huge LTR fan xx

  38. Aww, UC, hope you feel better soon girl. I lysoled my whole computer in hopes of keeping myself from getting your yuckies. I just can’t stay away so I’m hoping it will do the trick!

    Feel better soon! XOXO!

  39. UC, I am sending healing thoughts your way. I have been a little sick, too, but not ‘in the ER with an IV’ sick, just ‘lay around the house and not get much done’ sick. You have my sympathy….

    Also, I worry a lot (because it is Normal) that you all will get tired of trying to think up new things to say to Rob, and eventually quit writing the ol’ LTT/LTR blogs, and I feel so sad about that. So I am delighted to read your solemn lifelong commitment oath, and hope that it is not just the IV talking!

    with love,

  40. This is way too creeptastic. I am at home, in bed, sick from what could possibly be the world’s worst stomach virus, complete with a 7 pound weight loss (jealous?) in less than 16 hours, and what do I find from my fave bloggers?

    This is beyond appropriate.

    Thanks ladies, and I hope everyone gets to feelin better!

    I, too, take thee Rob….

    • Sounds awful, lovesmesomecullens. Hope you pull through…

    • Hang in there, feel better. The 7 lbs is great if you’re aiming for that, but maybe no more than that in such a short time.

      Feel better! XO

      • Thanks, SB and Lion. If ya gotta be sick, LTT and LTR makes the medicine go down a little better!

        • I know the feeling. I had the swine flu during Thanksiving last year. Going here helped a little. However I take no responsibility for the outrageous posts that I may have posted here during my illness! 🙂

  41. Poor UC! I think you need some get well soon cupcakes…

    Feel better, lady!

    • Someone’s on his way:

      • Oh uh… I think I’m coming down with something too. *cough* Feeling a little feverish, and no I don’t think it’s from looking at that picture…

        I’m not all that far from UC, you know… maybe he could just make a quick pit-stop in NJ.

      • G*d, I love skinny, smoking Rob. Thanks for posting, Alice and I love your ears.

      • Thanks! That’s so cool!

        That’s one of my favorite pictrures of him. So tall and lanky…perfect.

      • Oh no you di’n’t!

        That is my favorite Rob picture. All I can say is: look at the size of that shoe!!

        • I saw that shoe size, too and it’s huge!!

        • There was one interview where he mentions his shoe size, I think he wears an 11(American). I can’t remember now. I could be wrong.

        • He does have big feet (and hands).

  42. Get well soon, UC!

    Don’t let all that Rob porn tempt you into staying sick longer.

    And thanks for the recc. 🙂

  43. poor UC – feel better!

  44. Is it bad that I turned down a date for Friday night with a pretty hot guy just to get a glimpse of an even hotter Rob on the Haiti telethon? Whatever, it is totes normal! Right?

    • Impressive devotion, twimilf…I’m putting a lot into this, too. Rob never disappoints me, so I’m sure we’ll be glad we blew off a date and an important meeting just to see him for 1 minute…again normal.

  45. Your commitment is astounding, UC, to post LTR while hospitalized! It makes me appreciate this special little community even more. Please, please, do everything you can to get well, even if you have to take some time off. We’ll understand! And Rob will be there for you when you return.

    • Ladies, I have been reading your blogs for awhile now and this is the first time that I am commenting. I can sooo relate with the old one! Your many blogs and letters have brightened my days, along with beautiful pics of Rob, and now I feel compelled to comment. It is astounding to me that I have become so obsessed with Rob! I am way too old for this, but the butterflies and the “feeling” have long passed for me, until now. And can I just say “whoa” This is wrong on so many levels!!! Yet I can’t seem to help myself. He IS the most fascinating creature I have ever seen. And I say creature because he is so unique. Like none I have ever seen. Maybe he is the antichrist.

      • Naw.

        If there were to be an antichrist (which I don’t buy into), I’d assume that he would be perfect. Always clean and never drunk. This “antichrist” would also assume that he is the greatest human to ever walk the earth. Only some of you Robsessed little darlings consider him perfect. The rest of the world and Rob (thank God) see him as a young man who can’t even button his shirt correctly.

        Rob does not fit the job description.

        • You are so right, Fang. The Antichrist would be able to button his shirt correctly, so Rob fails the test! I mean really.

      • Oh, and inspired, welcome to the world of NORMAL people!

        • What I meant by “antichrist” is that he is so perfect but in a unique way. What I base this on is the supposed fact that the antichrist is to be loved by all. Besides, this entire concept is an attempt at VERY shallow humor. I simply find the fact that he is so unaware of his celebrity and his acting ability very refreshing and attractive. His “dorkability” is such a plus. An interviewer stated that Rob “doesn’t bring a lot of game” Isn’t that one of the reasons he is so alluring?? He has plunged himself into acting for the art. Not all the other crap that comes with it. The few roles he has already played are so diverse and controversial. He has not pigeon holed himself into one type of character. He appears to enjoy what he does simply for the sake of doing it. The old one stated it well the other day when she said that she hopes he never gets caught up in all the trappings of fame and stays true to himself.

          • so many words to say…”I just love him”…..and so do we…lol

          • Maybe anti-Hollywood is a better name. Welcome to the fun!

      • hello inspired….feel what you want….but
        “antichrist”….is not a good word for our favorite boy….but perhaps you are feverish… welcome here!!!

        • RB – Ditto!

  46. Get well soon UC!

    And for goodness sake, REST!

    It’s for the best. 🙂

  47. Get well soon UC! We needs you 100% so yous can brings the funnies.

    Rob loves hospital beds…just blink and stutter a lot. It’s his doctor/ patient fantasy. Meow.

  48. Everyone IS sad when UC is sick! Get well soon. And if you need a few days off take them…we’ll still be here 🙂

  49. Get well soon, UC!

    Sending you over some limited edition RobHeineken( bottles with plaid outside), right from the brewery here in A’dam.

    Now if only I could make Rob deliver them to you…
    (Rob, you lurker, when you read this, a lifetime supply of free Heineken is yours if you take some over to UC. You will have to bring your own hotpockets though!)

  50. seriously UC get better NOW!!!!! i cant do it without you! ill send over some soup and a rob

    • I have the sniffles; can I get a rob too? Thanks in advance and I’ll the transport costs!

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