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Is Rob Pattinson turning into a vampire?

With Rob being MIA for who knows how long now (1 blurry picture stolen off someone’s Facebook account does not count for a sighting. I barely got the butterflies) “TheOldOne” has some observations about who Rob was becoming before he disappeared into his London lair. And if she’s right, I’d venture to say that after a few weeks in the cold, rainy hills of England (are there hills in England?) he’s even worse than he was before he left sunny LA…..

Rob is turning into a Vampire

It is not only brunette's blood I crave...

Dear Mr. Pattinson,

May I call you Rob? I saw a picture of you the other day by chance (really, I wasn’t stalking you or looking everywhere online for any sign of life from you…). It was one with the mis-buttoned shirt and the stain on the pants. And I was disturbed that your face looked scarily like the “Edward” face—white, sad and brooding—and it occurred to me you might actually be turning into that fictional character you are so identified with! Hear this theory out: Your former life has abruptly ended, your once hopeful, shy self has been cruelly sucked into the cold world of celebrity existence. Your youthful dreams of following your own path with your musical talents and perhaps some indie films, and a nice girlfriend, have been wrenched from you, and the world now only sees the image of you as an eternal, perfect, soulless yet devastatingly beautiful creature. You are not allowed to exist as a fully human being any longer.

New breed of vampire- the hobo. Feeds on people exiting the halfway house...

Now you must lurk in rainy islands in a gloomy England lair, hiding from the din of humanity, listening to Ambulance Blues on the iPod and clinging to your lost humanity by rockin’ the flannel plaid and dorky baseball caps. Do you see where I’m going with this–now you must live a half-life, not able to interact with humans: Your music career no longer an option. Can’t go to college or get a job at Dad’s auto dealership or go see a friend’s band at a small venue! You’re trapped behind a façade, not able to trust anyone with your real self, having to keep away from casual contact, keeping your true self tucked away (sorry, shouldn’t use that word- don’t want you to get too tucked away.

Really, I’m worried. I‘ve never followed any celebrity gossip before, as those people didn’t ever strike me as real in the first place, and were too shallow to concern me. But you- you are intelligent and complex and sweet, and up until recently, kind of dorkily vulnerable and really clueless about the way your life would become a media circus.

Don’t let them do it, Rob, don’t let them turn you! Hang on to your indie sensibilities and find your true friends and people who understand and will protect you from the fickle fan vampires! Resist, choose your own way, grow old, get more interesting, get jowly and grizzled and paunchy, be recognized for your real talent and escape eternal damnation before it’s too late!

Best wishes,
The Old One

What do you think? Is Rob becoming a vampire? Or…. maybe not so much a vampire, but have you noticed that 2009 promo Rob was different than 2008 promo Rob? I did. And I was sad.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the states!

And did you see what we did here? We posted a letter- NOT written by us. Cuz that’s what we do!!! Since we’re called “Letters to Rob” and all. There was never a rule that Moon & I had to write ALL the letters. Of course we LOVE writing the letters and do write most of them, but especially when times get tough- like in the Rob drought we’re having now, we LOVE to hear from you! So Submit your letters to Rob! We know you want to tell “him” something! So send it on in!!!

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  1. Amen, theoldone! Great letter.

    Poor guy is indeed turning into a vampire – his Summit contract probably prohibits him going into the sun except for strictly promotional occasions (Cannes…). Let’s blame Summit for this. Grab your pitchforks!

    • PS: Yes, there are hills in England, should you be interested. I think Elton John even sings about them in that song he wrote for Lady Di’s funeral.

      • The re worked the song Bernie wrote for Marilyn Monroe. Candle in the Wind.

      • Don’t they refer to them as moors? LOL.

      • Yes, and they are quite beautiful too – go up to Hadrian’s Wall and find out!
        (And that’s probably where Rob is right now, indulging in the British pastime of hiking in the rain, brooding at the spectacular vistas. Or, maybe not, maybe he’s with the rest of the hikers in the nearest pub..)

        • Or he’s somewhere trainspotting or birdwatching with a sixpack of Heineken in hand

          • Trainspotting and birdwatching? By trainspotting, you mean counting train numbers, right? The other type of trainspotting would break my heart.

          • yeah, that kind of trainspotting would break my heart too!

          • But of course, the classic Brit geek pastime: sitting in nowhereland on a fold up chair dressed in ugly parka with 9 layers of clothes underneath and watching trains.

        • I’ll put my money on the pub. When he’s drunk enough, he will call the hot pockets product development department, in the most 2nd hand embarrassing way, to demand shepherds pie hot pockets .

          • He better be effing careful walking around on the English Moors. Isn’t that how the American got it in “American Werewolf in London”? Just wandering around on the Moors in the dark and then WHAM! Next thing you know you’re waking up in strange places naked and the ghost of your best friend is haunting you and totally egging you on to off yourself. Not sure if Summit would be able to roll with their main character switching teams. Even if it is only when there’s a full moon.
            Maybe he should employ the buddy system while out on his walks. He just needs someone slower than he is. In case of attack he can sacrifice them. How fast do you think Kstew is?

          • Christa64c,
            I can’t believe you went there. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard, “moors.” American Werewolf used to be my favorite movie, mostly because of Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance” during the shower scene.

            “How fast is Kstew?” = WIN

          • KStew looked pretty fast in that one pap video of her zooming out of the car into the hotel. Rob should find another to bring along maybe for the werewolves to get! We don’t want hi smelling like a dog, now do we?

          • I’d almost be willing to be that slowpoke dog-food for Rob. Almost.

          • Alice, are those ears you are wearing? Whatever it is, it’s adorable.

          • What ears??? Does it still show my Christmas avi? Because I see my normal one.

    • Glad you liked it!

  2. yes, he’s different and it makes me sad too. Why are you hiding Rob? Of course I don’ t know what its like to have millions of fangirls scream my name on a daily basis or random wankers bow down to the “golden” peen but don’t let them win by chasing you into obscurity. Stand your ground, go out drinking with friends, grab a random boob-I have two, just sayin.. But for the love of all thats “hole-y” give us “normal” girls a new picture to oogle at already! And just remember, every time you crack a smile a “normal” girl gets an “o”… or is that just me?

  3. Yes, 2008 Rob totally different that 2009 Rob, and I happen to like 2008 Rob better, he was more relaxed, more free I guess.
    His answers weren’t so canned…
    Im Hoping that Rob makes a come back in 2010.


  4. yes i kinda agree but i’m not sure it is a bad thing(+ vampire rob is hot)i realized the 2009 promo tour Rob was different than 2008 one and i felt sad too but when i watched them again i saw many similaryties-even though his shyness looked little fake but still cute-eventually the guy is still growing up and now in a difficult enviroment.When i compere interviews from Harry Potter,Twilight and New Moon,i see a really sweet boy turnin’ into a wonderfull young man which this makes me exciting about his older would be more different of course if he was living in a lower profile but i’m sure he’ll handle this OK cuz he has a beautiful soul.And phisicaly God he is just hotter and hotter every year and every day,i love his pale skin!

    • So true about the beautiful soul.
      hang in there Rob!! you’ll get out of this alive and much hotter and more mature too!!!
      Gah I hate screaming fangirls….:(
      Also, I wonder if he’ll be exhaustively doing promotions again for the upcoming Eclipse? I think they should give the cast a rest….it’s not like nobody is going to watch it even if they don’t promote it!

  5. Great letter, theoldone! At first, though, I thought you’d written a letter to Dick. Rob as “Mr. Pattinson” made me laugh!

    I think his “representation” (aka Nick & Stephanie) are playing this brilliantly. He has gone underground a little. He has 2 movies to promote in the next 6 months – he’ll turn up when he needs to, I’m sure.

    Plus, maybe being back home probably feels great to someone who can’t stand being screamed at ad nauseum.

    And I think Libby commented that his responses were canned and I totally agree – but with that Crazy Summit PR person glaring at you, you’d prolly do the same. She was really scary, no?

    • REALLY scary….really!!!

  6. B-b-but Rob IS Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen IS Rob. They are one and the same! What are you trying to tell me?!? Stop spreading such vicious lies! Robward IS a vampire. Everybody knows he is!

    • Obvi, that is meant to be SARCASTIC.
      I just thought I better add this disclaimer in case some people aren’t as fluent in the language of Sarcasm.

      • Got it! Though I understand why you added the disclaimer!

      • Thumbs down (not really) on the disclaimer. Don’t dumb it down for the idjits!

    • Jayde, if your sarcasm wasn’t caught by someone, they shouldn’t be on LTR. This really wouldn’t be a good place for them. HA!

  7. Great letter, oldone! I hope he’s just taking a very well-deserved break (maybe letting his ear drums recover). I hope that he never loses all of his sweet awkwardness, though the changes we’ve seen might just be part of the growing up process as well.

    I think I can see the future that you predict: ‘jowly and grizzled and paunchy’ and you know what? I will probably still like it, a lot!

    • Me too! I love well-matured English actors!

      • I still have a thing for Sean Connery even though he’s ‘jowly and grizzled and paunchy’ and even a bit past that state. When someone’s got it, they’ve got it. And Rob absolutely has IT!

      • Like Michael Caine or Albert Finney (Browning Version)?

        • Those were exactly the actors I was thinking of. Back in the day, there was also Richard Burton and Laurence Olivier.

        • Nice call on the Al Finney!

      • No one mentioned Cary Grant!

    • Growing up is hard to do but it’s gotta be done.

      I’ll still love him no matter what. 🙂

  8. 2008 Rob was different from 2009.
    2008 Rob was the real Rob living an adventure, charmingly shy but with a great sense of humour. He wasn’t allowed to, but he still managed to tell in interviews that he’s not the shallow ridiculous guy we would expect to play a vampire in a teen romance. And let’s not forget Harry Potter Rob, who was hilarious.
    2009 Rob was more of an image, an actor with a status now, that should be considered more seriously by people in the industry. 2009 Rob was more mysterious cause he thinks it’s appealling. 2009 Rob and his friends built a Hot Pocket forth around him. And this last thing is what makes me sad, since I’m not in the forth and no one will get in. I’m pretty sure that even if you ever run into a very drunk Rob, the only thing you can get is a “Cheers”. And of course your feeling pathetic cause you actually want more.

    • I agree with everything you said, BUT…I think it’s normal to change in the industry, to grow up in every aspect of life, personally and professionally. Professionally I can really understand that the hype was overwhelming and to fit in some kind of image it’s just a form of self protection, the media are most of the time NOT that endearing as WE are…
      Beside that I don’t thing that he changed too much on a personal level (I saw many funny Rob-moments as well…),perhaps he needs to protect more his private life….and YES, WE want more…..that’s sad……<3

      • yeh, it’s natural to change under the circumstances + grow up from the “i just want to be a president so i can tell people to kiss my ass” + create a bubble people can’t get into, like a sumo disguise outfit, but I just don’t like the bubble. for obvious selfish reasons.

        • I don’t like the bubble as well…..I’m selfish too…lol
          but “the grotesque Robert Pattinson-sextoys without batteries” count like the president thing….or not?
          …very mature and thoughtful the guy is……haha

          • oh the grotesque sex toys+ the mother giving birth count much more than the president thing, which I thought was just stupid. Whereas the trashy jokes, they’re glorious.

          • YES!!!
            …and NEVER we should underestimate his INTELLIGENCE!

          • Are you thinking of starting a Rob worship sect? One should never doubt HIM. 🙂

          • Aren’t we members alreadY Ha!

          • I guess at this point we could give him some advice about himself….lol

      • I agree that the change that we’ve seen is part self-protection and part a growing up process. Both of which are much more healthy than some of the behaviors we’ve seen in other young people in the spotlight. I’d love to see funny, awkward Rob in every interview, but I’ll take it whenever he does show it!

        • Exactly MY point…thank you!

  9. Good one, Old One! I secretly hope that Rob WILL turn into a vampire, because then he will finally have the inner motivation he lacks now to bite me! 😉

    No, I see what you mean, but I don’t think he was as different in the 2009 promo as I had feared: still charming, still self-conscious, and still self-deprecating, if to a lesser degree… *besotted sigh*

    He will inevitably do other stuff, grow older and drift out of the spotlight, and then we will have him to ourselves, ladies: never you fear.

    (And don’t worry, Rob, we will still stand there with additional Hot pockets, Heineken and a big smile when the rest of the fanbase have moved on to greener pastures…Always trust a vampire-fan!)

  10. he is definitely different but that was inevitable i guess…he will just be his dorky sweet self to the people closest to him…and that makes me sad.
    i’ve gotta go get a life now.

  11. But who wants your dad’s cardealership in times like these. Not good garoto. Greta pics. Did you know that the great vampire hunter was a coke freak. Why is that English Lords and their young daughters were always the targets of vampires? The Passion of Dracula. My first offbroadway role.

  12. yes, Rob has changed. I think it was inevitable-he was (slightly) more polished, even The Hair was not as sexily sloppy (remember Leno? and Tyra)?

    He smiled a lot in early pics; now he’s always being pulled along by his bodyguard and doesn’t seem to engage with fans nearly as much. It made me really sad to see that he wouldn’t even raise his head or wave to fans during RM filming. I read somewhere he was told not, so as not make the crazies crazier-but if he’d had proper security to begin with, that probably wouldn’t have been necessary.

    I know it’s been said before, but I miss old Rob. Maybe after Twi insanity dies down a little more he’ll return. I hope so.
    ably wouldn’t have been necessary.

    • ignore that last line. I don’t know what happened!?

  13. What if, and that’s a terrible thought, Rob is becoming an adult and he actually thinks before he speaks.

    • omg. the horror!!!!

      • haha…let’s start a petition!

    • haha…NO!…never ever!!!

    • Someone send him off to Neverland asap.!

    • Don’t talk like that.

    • Dear Rob,
      please don’t think and speak, just let it all out. 😉

    • Yes, please don’t totally lose the word vomit, Rob!

    • way pls Rob don’t do that .but u can pretend a little cuz i love the vocies u make when u’r thinking-which we heard a lot at 2009 press junket

    • Oh no!!!! No more filter!

    • bite your tongue woman!

      • I’d like to bite Rob’s tongue…I’m just sayin’

        • Teheehehehe, naughty lion. 😉

        • I was thinking that when I wrote it. But then I self-edited thinking you might think that all I ever think about is doing naughty things with and to Rob (which, admittedly is true, but I don’t have to constantly broadcast it do I?).
          Maybe I should just have said “shudupinyerface!”

          • great HTB ref!!!!

          • Absolutelyvlc – Don’t shuddupinyerface. Say it…out loud(says Edward)!

  14. Thanks TheOldone…

    Rob turning into a vampire?
    To me it’s more that the vampire is eating him…perhaps things will change after the Summit/Edward era……….

    • Yes, that was really what I was thinking, that the “media” wants him to be only one thing, but we want him to stay human and real.

      • Rob will/can handle it…!!!
        separating “work” to “no work”…that’s his solution

  15. He lost some of his innocence. (Ooh, did that sound wierd?)

    Eventhough it seems normal, I still don’t like it.
    Not necessarily the fact he did, but how it happened.

    All I’m praying for at this point is, that he doesn’t become even more of a recluse, than he is at the moment.

  16. I love The Old One. Truth of the day!

    I saw Daybreakers yesterday and the main character’s name was Edward and he was fuckhawt and all of the vampires had golden eyes. Except the “hungry” ones, who had red. Yeeeep! I really hated to draw the paralells, but COME ON! I couldn’t help it. Admittedly, it was a way more bad ass movie… And I loved it. The end!

    • Thanks! And Daybreakers–really, how could they steal a character’s name and the yellow/red eye thing so blatantly? Wow.

      • To their credit, I think it was a graphic novel before Steph’s story. I couldn’t keep my heart from jumping everytime they addressed “Edward” though. Ha!

      • I think the same way Vampire Diaries stole stuff from Twi….guess it’s difficult to find anything really original these days.

        • I thought the Vamp Diaries book was written before Twilight?

          • TLG, you are right…I got mixed up about all the vamp stuff. Thanks!!!!

          • Well they were. But they’re not that good. And not relatable at all (Elena is this popular, blonde cheerleader type of girl).
            So I guess that’s why the show’s producers made some serious adaptations to them. So as far as Elena is concerned, they sure were inspired by Twilight.

            VD is actually the first show/movie ever that I like more than the books.

    • Oh I want to see that movie too! I saw the previews when I watched New Moon and it looked like a good movie. Vampire stuff is definitely inn right now.

      • In not inn!!! OMG. Epic typo fail~! LOL

  17. Maybe they don’t want him to get a tan because they may or may not be filming Breaking Dawn? That’s my theory. But I still for bad for him. Maybe if he could get them to let him shave his head? Then he wouldn’t be recognizeable! But he wouldn’t be purty for a while…

    • no,no,nooooo….leave the sex hair alone.

      • No touching the sex hair! Except for US touching, messing up more, and tugging on the sex hair (sorry too much fanfic)!

    • Oh please, I need to see the sex hair! That’s his signature look ;-). His hair is too beautiful to be shaved.

      • Mmmmm… sex hair is my favorite. Drunk sex hair is good too.

  18. O.k. don’t hate me; I L-O-V-E Rob. I truly do. But why wasn’t he at the Golden Globes last night? And apparently he won’t be at the Oscars either. Why can’t he take the time to grace us and his peers with his sparkly presence when so many other starts of much higher caliber attend these shindigs? And Summit was throwing their first ever GG after party! If he’s not careful, they (the HFPA and the Academy) are going to stop asking him to present altogether since he can’t seem to be bothered. Remember how FHAWT he was at last year’s Oscars and he truly seemed honored to be there. What happened? Don’t hate me… I’m just sayin!

    • I’m guessing that he’s getting ready for Bel Ami, maybe in London. There was a tweet from Simon Pegg who met him.
      Can’t wait for that film!

      • Oops DrSaka, didn’t see your reply before, I also came up with Simon Pegg in my post. You were first! Bad me…haha…Thinking I was so quick…haha…

        • Not a problem! Loved Simon Pegg as Scotty in the Star Trek movie! And I hope that Rob will in all sorts of good costumes for Bel Ami and not too much Tweed serious!

          • I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be all tweed…:(, but I’m sure he’ll make it sexy, as only HHH can do.

          • To be honest… I actually hope he’ll peel out of as many clothes as possible 😉

          • Thanks for the “visual,” Silence. Here’s hoping for an “R” rating and Georges Duroy sans clothing.

    • Working???
      I mean I have to work, he has to work, we all have to work?…Or was anybody here around at the Globes this night?

  19. Old One~

    Nice letter!

    When I consider 2009 interviews I’ll always remember the sex toys that don’t work and this little .33 second gem:

    I love young, 2008, word-vomit Rob and more reserved, but just as funnnnnnn, 2009, sexy Rob.

    However, I’ll never be able to use “tuck” in a sentence ever again.

    p.s. am counting the days before I can see Little Ashes!!

    • And Remember Me right?

      • Def. RM, but that’s a lifetime away during a drought.

        My own personal drought will be over, when I get to see Little Ashes on Friday, 1/29/10 at 8:00 pm in my house.

        Come over and see it with me, SB?

        • I love that you know EXACTLY the time…so lion that…<3

        • Sure thing! I wish I really could! Will DH be there?;-)

          • Hmmm, Imma have to say “no” to DH being there. I need to “review” it first.

          • Haha! I don’t think my husband will like to see it. First of all, I am so obvious. He will know I only want to see it because of Rob. He will just get pissed and sulk during the entire movie. 🙂

    • Thanks! I too, am looking forward to getting my copy of Little Ashes from Amazon! And after that less than 2 months to Remember Me. And then Eclipse! Thanks for working so hard, Rob! Some actors we only see once every few years, but not you!

      • T.O.O. ~
        Rob would def marry this. So sweet of you to thank him!

    • I’m just repeating myself…”Little ashes” is his BEST film!!!

      • I subscribe to that. Little Ashes is his best film. And now with the hype he threw himself into, Little Ashes actually gives him credibility. Who would expect that from an underground indie film?

        • WE two had to be in spain some year ago…lol
          rien fortune!

      • I have the DVD’s of Little Ashes and Remember Me….he is so awesome in both, although I have to admit his “spanish” accent in LA is a bit…off…haha but I still adore you Rob! You did so well nevertheless !
        I’m kinda depressed because Remember Me is not slated to show in my part of the world… (in Asia…) boo 😦 I’ll have to wait for the DVD which will take ages…. sigh or probably wait for a pirated copy somewhere (crosses fingers)

    • lion…DANKE !!! for the HOT gemme…when I first saw it ….I thought….”How adorable Rob can be again?”…….just unbeliebable sweet !

  20. Great note, T.O.O.!

    But, what if…Rob is sick? Not Swine flu or anything, though God knows anything is possible. Have you seen his girlfriend?

    I mean sick-in-the-head sick. Like Joaquin Phoenix-sick. He WAS growing a beard at last sighting. [It could be down to his nipples by now for all we know!]

    Or maybe he’s got agoraphobia like that Axel guy from Guns and Roses. In which case we’ll never see him in daylight again!

    A Beautiful Mind? Is he locked away on the Isle of Wight busily scanning old transcripts from LTR for keys to unlock the universe? [if so, I will volunteer to give him a bed bath while he tries to free himself from the leather restraints….TWSS]

    Rumors of his fragile sanity [ie: choice of women] are already circulating. Perhaps he locked away from us for good reason.

    I’d like to think so but the truth of the matter is probably that HHH is simply just sick of us, his loyal, devoted, [stalker], subjects. He’s got unparalelled senses and grown tired of our games. : [

    • Swansong- Say it aint so! Rob sick of us?
      No, no, no, no. (arms wrapped around torso, rocking back and forth).
      Don’t make me have to contemplate a a life (shudder) after Rob.
      After all we’ve meant to each other I refuse to believe that he’d just abandon us (me) like that.
      Rob, please, please come back. I promise to be good.

    • to be honest, I have a suspicion that Rob has a bit of a anxiety problem, he always seems torn between the desire to do this job that makes you famous, and having people really freak him out. He said in one interview that in 2010, he was pretty busy all year.. I think he is just preparing for all his work this year and taking whatever time he can get for himself

      I just hope he is happy, I don’t have to see him every day as long as he is ok where he is, and if the fame starts to change him and make him unhappy… do something else. It just isnt worth it

  21. Nice letter Old One!

    Rob has gone into hibernation, I miss him. He occasionally comes out to go to obscure bookstores to peruse the regulars.

    Rob, come out and play and enjoy life. I too miss the 2008 Rob. He looked so young and vibrant, huge belly smiles :-). Talking about spraining his groin. I’m trying to convince myself that you’re just preparing for your new movie Bel Ami.

    • lol…”hibernation”….like the hedgehogs? so the prickles are just like the beard?

      • I guess you could call it that way.

        When Rob comes out he will be really hungry! He will be on the prowl!

        I have this vision of him that he hasn’t shaved for over a month and he has a very fuzzy and long beard. Kind of missing the jawporn ya know?

        • I thought it was Rob when they posted that picture of the Iron and Wine guy with the giant beard on LTT the other day. Haha!

          • me, too T.O.O.

          • Oh really, I have to see that! 🙂 I haven’t been to LTT all week.

        • At this point of “our” relationsship I just don’t care anymore about jaw/beard/hair whateva…..JUST WANNA SEE HIM….!!!

  22. Anna Pacquin is hot!

    • and Rob is hot!

    • Oh I totally didn’t even notice her ;-). I was so busy looking at Rob. Just kidding.

      • You win, SB.

        • Remember ML, it’s not a contest! 🙂

          That looks like a good position that Anna is in you know….makes for a good fanfic or dream. 😉 With Rob of course.

          • Thanks for the reminder, SB.

            ❤ you

  23. Some random thought. I was just at the doctor’s office and saw at least 5 magazines there with Rob on the cover or inside!!! Someone in there must be into Rob or Twilight. One was EW and the cover was Rob, Kristen and Jacob(Nov 2009). I waited for over an hour but I spent that time oggling all of Rob’s pics, LOL. And I was so tempted to steal that EW magazine but in the end I left it. After driving away I was like, darn, I should’ve taken it with me~!! It’s the least they can do for me after making me wait for so long in the waiting room.

    I am still normal after all. Still a robloving southern girl ;-).

    • during the height of ‘Rob-on-the-cover-of-every-magazine-mania’, I would go to my local drug store a couple of times a week and ogle the teen mag covers with him! I would also count how many covers he was on. just a little compulsive, don’t you think?

      PS- I’ve stolen mags from doctor’s waiting rooms before! Sssshhh!

      • If it weren’t for waiting room mags, I would never get to read the gossip out there, because I’m too embarassed to actually purchase such things myself! But then when I read those articles, guess what, I’m better informed than the magazine writers because I already know every detail there is to know. It’s pathetic.

      • You’re my hero!!!!

    • I think I need to find other doctors. Mine have politics, daily newspapers, some goods arty mags…but no Rob porn. They probably keep it under the bed. Or it’s being stolen as soon as it’s available.

      • Probably stolen! Aren’t people walking off with the life-size cardboard standees from stores and movie theaters? A amg is so much easier to pocket!

        • I had a teeny tiny purse so I had nowhere to hide it. Oh wait, I could have stuffed it inside my coat. LOL

          • you have to be prepared!

      • Minuit,

        Do you really want a doctor who reads Teen mags and robporn? Not me, I want my doctors to read intellectual things…but wait Rob is an intellectual. Now, I’m all confused.

        • In reality, I’m a psycho with the doctors, I choose mostly famous doctors who teach in med school (cause it’s a proof they know what they’re talking about) and I notice and judge every detail in the waiting room, so…Robporn would probably make me run away, or on the contrary be really relaxed.

          • Here on LTR you can/should feel relaxed…there are actually some doctors around….they have studied pretty much..PLUS they know their metiers very well….so nothing strange about it…..we are NOT teens here….!

          • Oops, am I missing something?
            I feel that in every discipline they are great and bad professionals. Especially a lot of bad professionals. So when you don’t want to test it on your own body, you just trust the concrete stuff. But I know I’m a bit… special for that.

        • Well it would be a little weird. But my doc is young and really cute(so I don’t mind if he read Tigerbeat). A perk to go visit him more often! 😉

      • That are the expensive doctors…they just hide their porn UNDER the table…like ME!

        • haha
          the effort to hide the robssesion is worth doubling the prices.

      • MP – yeah they had Golf Digest and all that too but there was a ton of other girly mags. 😉

        Darn it, I really should have stolen it. Ughh. We’ll I will be there next week so I will take it if it’s still there! Haha! I’m becomging a bandit.

        • Oops sorry for the typo. It’s what happens when you’ve got a screaming 2-yr-old pulling at your hands while typing.

          I meant to say becoming.

          • the typo… can’t be worst than mine, I should really read what I’m writing before I post…

            the mag… in case it’s not there… you should ask draska what’s her doctor’s name 🙂

          • no worries, I’ll steal mags for you to help feed your obsession!

          • MP good idea!

            Drsaka did you see that? 😉

          • We might have a geography problem, depending on where you are. My doctor is in Boston!

  24. He’s getting older and now has more experience with interviewers. He’s seen the fall out from his words being manipulated and personal info shared being thrown back at him. He is realizing his potential in the industry. He was bound to change some as he adapts.

    But…he’s STILL much more unrestricted than most actors in interviews. We still got “sprained ass cheek” and wanting to kiss Ricky Gervais under the mistletoe. I don’t think he’s ever going to be all that self-monitoring… thank fucking goodness.

    • thanks…so true that!

  25. I’m with you, minuit…I make a lot of judgements about the dr., based on the waiting room. If their plants are not watered or dying…I might leave…

    • thanks, i feel less alone.

      • Oh you’re not alone. I am very picky. Their office has to be very clean and organized. This one is beautiful and new and it was joined to the hospital I used to work at. I know they do a good job here(despite of the mag selections LOL).

        Frankly I’m glad they had EW and People in the waiting room. I really don’t want to read Southern Digest or Golf Digest, Banking life, etc…LOL.

        • haha…Banking life… what is it, a mag about traders and coke?

          • …mostly about coke!

          • LOL! Yeah I guess so. It looked so boring I never even opened it! Pfft.

    • haha NOW I’m feeling alone!!!…my plants are all dead!

      • Just invite me over. I’ll water them…and then I can peruse your robporn collection.

        • you’re welcome….<3
          But I threw them already in the dumpster…wait…..dumpster…that reminds me of something very MOIST!!!

          • Everything reminds us of Rob!

      • Hahahah! It’s because you are always here! 😉

    • You are cracking me up!

  26. Dear WeAreTheRob,

    Don’t worry…
    Rob’s not hiking nor being sick, he’s also not turning into a vampire, but he IS turning into a Parisian gentleman…He’s been spotted by fellow Brit actor Simon Pegg; mentioned at his twitter:

    ‘Bumped in Robert Pattinson at a costume fitting this morning (separate films). Said hello, seemed like a thoroughly nice young man.’

    Sigh, only to bump into Rob, at randomn…Glorious joy…

    And see, he’s THOROUGHLY nice…

    Love Brits…Love that THOROUGHLY nice (and beautiful, funny, talented, hehe) Rob…

    • It would just seem more logical if he was turning into a parisian gentleman in fucking Paris!!!

      • Minuit, I was kind of confused as to why they decided to film in London, since it doesn’t look like Paris at all. They were going to use Prague, I think, a while back, which some film companies have done when they need older-looking buildings to fill in for old Paris. Maybe they’re giving out disinformation to keep the fans from stalking the sets. If you keep your eyes and ears open, maybe they really will be in Paris!

        • Good point, Old One.

        • You made a great point. I also thought of this “conspirancy” theory.
          Does anyone have an imdb account to tell us what they say?
          I couldn’t believe myself they would go for another city. I Unless you want to do a pretty different interpretation of the book, which I suppose it’s not the case, you’d want to be in the right environnment, especially since the director is not Fr, right?
          The press has also mentioned Bucarest, Budapest, I guess these people have a geography problem.

      • Yeah, I’m sorry, this fitting was probably in London, but hey, I guess they’ll be coming over to Paris for outside, exterior shots. Will keep my fingers crossed for you! But then I may catch a train to Paris as well, being seperated to France by only one country…haha…

        • Where are you from? North or south?

          • ew, or east?

          • Hi Minuit! Haha, if I were from the East, meaning German I think, I’m not sure I’d fess up to it after your ew…haha…
            But no, I’m from the North, aka The Netherlands…The birthplace of The Heineken. (Hi Rob! Come visit the breweries some time!)
            Is that less ew? Really hope so…*keeps fingers crossed*

          • no by “ew” I meant I forgot the eastern countries because I was in a hurry. I love those people and places. I figured you were from Amsterdam from your other post. And we both know it’s not only the Heines he’ll love there.

          • Haha, OK, thanks for clearing that one up…Miscommunication…

      • I’m pretty sure they will shoot the film in London…inside sets….the bedrooms are NOT outside sets at all (not in the forest or so…lol)BUT who knows???….Budapest looks pretty old as well and it’s cheaper!!! Minuit…Paris is too expensive you know that!

        • If they ever use this excuse it’s the biggest bullshit ever. Hate it already. I mean you don’t make a film with very expensive Hollywood celebrities and then take low-cost options for the film. Me and this film are already starting on bad terms. I was expecting some more underground actresses since they have already Rob, which alone ensures the movie’s commercial succes. I was expecting a more European version, not the Hollywood big blockbuster.

          • It won’t be a Hollywood BIG blockbuster, just a Hollywood film, the first NOT summit production for HIM after his success….BUT it’s Hollywood, they don’t know the difference…Budapest is a common place to replace Paris as I know…we will see..

          • yeah but DD is a theater Brit director, the opposite (I guess) of Hollywood that’s what intrigues me

        • La douce France is indeed quite the expensive country to film in, esp. Paris. But it CAN be done. I agree with Minuit to find it a little bit odd, esp. because the book, although I’m the screenplay is differentl leaves out a lot, evokes the atmosphere of old Paris, filled with horse-drown carriages and specifical old Parisian buildings.
          He crosses over the Seine, right bank, left bank, these should be exterior shots, shot in Paris…Btw, in the book Georges actually goes duelling in a forest, quite Edward like…haha…

          Budapest is a beautiful old city, but it’s not Paris. It’s esp. a shame because Bel Ami and Guy de Maupassant are SO French, that some shooting in France would seem appropiate, although technically it’s ofcourse not necessary…They shoot movies on different locations than where they are set ALL the time…(Can’t wait for Rob to play Rembrandt, haha, imagine that, he would have to come over to Amsterdam, ’cause it’s difficult to copy that innercity and also quite cheap to film taxwise. Uhm, maybe Rembrandt’s Apprentice? 😉

          Ugh, I’ll keep on dreaming…

          • So you’re from Amsterdam? I love that city!!! And I have a feeling Rob would love that too ifyouknowwhatimean. “The grass is always greener on the other side…” (Travis?)

            I also think the mood is very French and when you’re a foreign director working with foreign actors you want to have that inspiration and catch the mood there. Hope I don’t sound chauvinistic, I’m the exact opposite of that. As for the “crossing the Seine” passage, the Danube in Budapest is beautiful but way too different.

          • Yeah, from Amsterdam! And I’m quite sure Rob would love it here as well, makes me wonder if he ever been here? It’s really only a stone’s throw away from London, as is Paris… Heineken and that Travis song…Iknowwhatyoumeanverywell…

            And I wholeheartedly agree with you about Paris and the movie. I’m sure Rob would love to work in Paris as well, he has a thing for France and the French cinema/literature as I understand, didn’t choose this movie by accident. And yeah, the Danube is wonderful, but indeed very different. There are also exterior shots of Montmartre at night, so they will have to cheat…haha…I’m quite curious where they will end up shooting…May you run in to Rob in Paris, tell him lot’s of Heineken is waiting for him…(after you’re done with him) 😉

          • Oh I think he went to Amsterdam… or at least somewhere in the Netherlands… as did a lot of teenagers, not exactely for tourisity reasons.
            I wonder if the hard working guy that he is will do some research and visit the bars in Pigalle 🙂

          • Am sure he will do the research, haha!

          • Rob,

            You know you’ve never been good in school. You should let the pros do and call me. And we’ll talk Maupassant. What? I’m just trying to help.


          • *Sigh* I can’t compete with a Parisienne as Maupassant goes…
            So the job is yours as far as I’m concerned…
            But I still will apply for the horse riding instructor job at Unbound Captives. So ahem, here it goes:

            Dear Rob,

            Wanna take a ride with me?




        • I think you’re right Robgirl, they probably don’t need a lot of exterior shots since it’s a LOT of bedroom scenes. We should be happy about that. I am!

    • Yeah….bump into Rob randomly would be lovely. As long as I look perfect that day. Preferably with some makeup and not wearing sweatpants or jeans that have food stains or Playdoh(thanks to my toddler).

      It’s nice to hear he’s doing well. I’m so curious about this Bel Ami movie. I don’t really care where they shoot it, frankly London is closer to me and we know some people there. I could go and visit the set. I’m thinking though that it won’t be such an open set like the one in Remember Me. Someone said it’s mostly indoor shots. That’s a good thing right?

      I sound like a stalker. But I can assure y’all that I’m not. Ha! I’m just a simple little southern girl. I’ve never stalked Rob.

      • A randomly Rob run-in, while being dressed to the nines, I hope you’ll get the chance in London! And visiting London/or his set hardly sounds stalkerish, now if you’d shared that you would be lying in a sleeping bag in Rob’s folks front yard, that WOULD be a different story, haha!

        And yeah, it’s a whole lot of indoor…;-) A VERY good thing…haha…

        • Sleeping bag outside his rent’s house? Heck no!!!! How would I take a shower? LOL.

          When I meet him, I will pretend I have no idea who he is. As if that’s even possible.

  27. My dear LTR-chicas,
    The lack of Robness is clearly showing… I really crave a nice pic of him round and about… Do you too?

    Rob where the hell are you? Come out and let us disrespect you nice and slow!! …. Please?!

    Me misses Rob a lot and hopes he didn’t turn into a vampire,

    • Hmmm, I’d sure like to see Rob in his Bel Ami outfits on set…
      Being a very dandy, Parisian homme d’amour…Yes, please…Set pictures!!!

      (Unbound Captives pictures are even going to be better, read the script online, wild Indian Rob, he will have to take a serious spray tan for that outdoorrole though…)

      And talking about playing an indian…He will go this year from playing a dandy to a Indian to a vampire again…Hopefully he won’t go on and tell Taylor and the other wolves, that they’ve been doing ‘that Native American thing’ all wrong all the time’…haha…

      Really can’t wait to see Rob in that part, he’s really the most unpractical and unlogical choice for that role…Not talentwise, but…Well…
      Oh yeah, and seeing Rob on a horse…That WILL make my life…I ride myself, can’t imagine him on a horse, but I sure would LOVE to see that…I would like to say that I’d love to ride out with him (on TWO horses, you dirty minds…haha), but that just sounds wrong so I’ll let it be…;-)

      • “Hopefully he won’t go on and tell Taylor and the other wolves, that they’ve been doing ‘that Native American thing’ all wrong all the time’…”

        That’s my laugh of the day girl… Thanks so much for cracking me up sooo much…

        And I agree on the Unbound Captives part, I really want to see him do that too. And the script is already online? *I-will-resist…I-have-to-resist*

        But what will we do until that happens huh? Why can’t he be like Taylor and go to some stupid award show presenting smth and basically just showing up in a tux and make us all happy… ??

        • Last I heard there wasn’t a start date for UC. Has anyone heard differently? I’ll be in New Mexico in August for a family reunion but I’d campaign hard to change the dates if it meant a chance at seeing Rob in person.

          • Hmmm.. I have family in Santa Fe. I need to start thinking of excuses to visit, so let me know if you hear the dates!

        • Taylor was voted best dressed male somewhere over at a after show webstream of NBC. Won some sort of award. Didn’t show up to collect it though, haha. But it’s true, he doesn’t seem to mind this things.

          And yes, the script is already out there, the screenplay is written by the actress Madeline Stowe and her husband. It’s quite good, Rob’s role IS interesting, something else. I really could imagine some of the scenes, picturing him. Think a little bit ‘Tristan’ out of Legends Of The Fall, just a little bit though…;-) Rob will be more charming…Haha, don’t mind me, I’m a bit of a movie/screenplay geek…

          • Isn’t his part really small?

          • Yeah, but not really small, and it’s also quite significant…There should be enough Robtime in the movie. But I can imagine that he’ll be able to wrap this movie quite fast. He won’t be on the set for a long time, though the preparation should take him longer…

            Have you heard that they are going to film in New Mexico, could be, but I also read New Zealand…We will find out soon enough I guess…I do think they will start shooting earlier than August though, more around springtime…

      • Rob on a horse???
        Real Rob on a REAL horse?
        CGI Rob on CGI horse?
        Tanned Rob?
        leather jorts Rob?
        …that film will be worth his money…
        just sayin

        • First: SPOILERS AHEAD of UC!

          Hi Robgirl,

          It has to be Real Rob on a Real Horse, he’s on a horse nearly ALL the time…If it would be CGI, he shouldn’t even bother showing up…haha…

          He is (*spoiler!!!) an outdoor, American boy, turned into Indian Warrior, so he has to have an dark tan…That’s why I said that Rob’s an unusual choice, but hey, we like unusual, don’t we?

          Oh yeah, and at a certain point just a loincloth, later probably jorts, haha…

          Got a new idea though, I have to volunteer for riding instructor, I have to apply asap! Any of you up for assistant? Doesn’t matter if you can’t ride, you probably will always be better than Rob. (Sorry Rob, maybe you will turn out to be a natural…)

          • ok this fact really gets me all hot and… excited!!!!!!! *squee-like-a-5-year-old*
            Rob tanned? Hot!
            Rob on a horse? Win!
            Rob in a movie were he probs is going to have sex and be all charming? Priceless!!!

        • For some reason I just can’t see Rob being tan! But I’m sure I will love him anyway! It’s just that I got used to his pale skin. He totally changed my perspective. I used to like tan now the pale skin really appeals to me. Rob is so powerful.

          Love is blind….and lovers can’t see.

          • I know, seems weird, no? I love him pale as well. A LOT.
            I’m trying to imagine it, doesn’t really work yet…
            But I guess he has to be quite tan, or they would have to explain his paleness by giving him an Indian name like: Sparkling Eagle, Moon Warrior or Bear Who Wears SPF50…(I myself already named him Smoking Feather after reading the script…)

          • Hahaha! Good one! Bear Who Wears SPF50! From your script read, maybe his nickname is just ‘Smokin’ ???

          • In the script he’s referred to by a very old fashioned Christian name, and he calls himself a name in a Native American language…(he’ll have to learn some of that language as well) but he’s obviously ‘smokin’, haha. I can’t help but thinking ‘Smokey The Bear’ as well. Sorry Rob!

          • I can’t wait to hear Rob talk in Comanche. 🙂

            That and be shirtless with long hair while galivanting on a horse!!!! Oolala!

  28. Rob, love, your fans worry about you when you go into hidding like this, so please just give us one little photo just to let us know that you are alright and kstew doesn’t have you locked away somewhere. Not that I blame her but you have to come up for air sometime.

    I loved Rob in 2008 when he was silly, nervous and bumbling. I have to admit I was more then crushing on him in 2009. He is always so damn delicious, but he had a way about him that turned me on to no end. He just seemed more confident and that is SEXY!!!

    If only we could get a combination of the two. A confindent hot mess that would be F*CKHAWT!! I just want him to stay true to himself and not mold into another ‘Hollywood’ robot. I will always adore him no matter what.

    • Beckys76,

      I ❤ a "confident hot mess."

      Well said, girl!

    • Becky76 -Great! I never knew he even existed in 2008 except when I saw the previews of Twilight. But then after that I didn’t even care(til I actually saw it).

      But yeah 2009 was the epitome of my “crush” on him. I totally went gaga. 😉

      And yeah I do hope he stays himself and not become a Hollywood robot.

      • Yeah My Robsession started in Oct of 2009. I did not know anything about him til I saw Twilight last march. I was so excited for New Moon that I went back and watched all of his interviews from Twilight. I was smitten. Now I can’t get enough

  29. I was soooo excited when I read right at the top that today’s LTR would feature a letter from T.O.O. Cuz to me T.O.O=T.W.O (you know what I”m saying The Old One 😉 ) and you delivered 😀

    Hahaha “don’t want you to get too tucked away” that brought up images I’d just as soon have forgotten.

    • OT but I really love your avatar! 😉

      • cheers 😀

    • Hey, the thrill I get from having a fan is so fabulous, AV, and it makes me totally stunned at how someone like Rob must feel from having MILLIONs of fans!

      That tuck reference was kind of like — we would rather not see that ever again, thanks, but no thanks. Just the full frontal next time, OK?

      • I’LL THUMBS THAT UP!!!

  30. In celebration of MLK day….ahem…clears throat….steps up to the podium…I give you this:

    Let us not wallow in the valley of not knowing if Breaking Dawn will be made into 2 films or not, I say to you today, my friends.

    And so even though we face the difficulties of not knowing if we will be blessed with Eclipse leg hitches, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the fandom dream.

    I have a dream that one day Stephenie Meyer will allow sex in her film: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all fan fic proves.

    I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Hollywood, the sons of former paparazzis and the sons of former tabloids
    will be able to sit down and leave Robert and Kristen alone so that they may walk freely hand in hand.

    I have a dream that one day even the states of nonsten, robsten and idon’tgiveafucksten, states sweltering with proof, sweltering with no proof, will be transformed into an oasis of unity and bliss-sten.

    I have a dream Rob and Kristen will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their mullets or their flippy hands but by the content of their character.

    I have a dream today!

    I have a dream that one day, down in dumpsters, with the words of “that’s normal” and “poof”, fans will be will be able to join hands in hobo love.

    I have a dream today!

    I have a dream that one day every red carpet shall be exalted, and every stunt wire on set be made low, the scripts be written with brillance, directors will have grace, and the sparkelpeen shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.

    This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to Forks with.

    With this faith, we will be able to spare Melissa Rosenberg her life. With this faith, we will never have to worry about Cougar Cathy being annoying. With this faith, we will be able to attend premieres together, to microwave carrots together, to share hoodies together, to go to dumpsters together, to stand up for plaid together, knowing that we will one day meet Rob.

    • Love and will marry this! Genius!!! What a wonderful dream!

      • 🙂 Hee hee! Thanks!

    • Great!

    • WIN WIN WIN!!!

      haaahaa, Jena, thanks for the laughter!

    • Jena~


      “With this faith, we will be able to spare Melissa Rosenburg her life?”

      I don’t care if Rob wants to marry this speech, but I do!!!

      That was great!


  31. lol…I love when you all get so philosophical…I guess if Rob ever read this, he will feel supported and like a sort of big group of gorgeous women has his back *or something else* 😉

  32. It’s 2:26 am here. I am checking LTR for the 15th time today.

    I think I have a problem.


  33. Hello~! I enjoyed reading about your twilight new moon reviews post!~ please do come visit me sometime as well~!

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