Posted by: Bekah | January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Delight: The Good stuff

Dear Rob,

Now any video with you is alright in my book- I’ll even watch the boring ones with slowly moving images set to sappy love songs, and I’ll occasionally watch a Robsten love video, just to see you kiss. (I of course hold up my third finger over Kristen’s face every time she comes on screen. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it) But my favorites are the ones from the video creators who have real TALENT and set your hot face to a good tune with a flashy look! You’ll recognize one of our favorites around here, Biel, in the first video, but the rest are new to me!

Happy Saturday,

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  1. You don’t realize what you miss until you are gone. Thanks for making my first day back SPECTACULAR!!!

    • Are you really “Sassysmart?’

      • Yes, I jacked up my name. See what happens when I am acosted by so much hotness??

  2. the best way to combat Pattinson withdrawal, thanks UC , you just know what i needed:) a great way to start my morning:) Loved every image ..

  3. Biel’s videos are all my faves. Sexy Boy happens to be one of my favorite Air songs…and that video just had me drooling. Thank you !<3

  4. mmm.. Rob videos are always the best way to start my day… well ok.. actually having Rob wake me up would be better… but I’ll take this for now πŸ™‚

  5. Nothing fights a hang over better than your Saturday Morning Delights!
    Looooooooove it!
    Best part is:
    The “intoxication” and stupid grin the vids give you can be easily blamed on last nights actions. πŸ˜‰

    • Can I live vicariously through you, Silence? Sounds like you had fun last night and Rob is to blame for everything we do that is “bad,” right?

      • Sure you can, but are you sure you want to?
        I should have just not switched to Heineken (which I liked a liiiiiittle too much) halfways through the night.
        You should have seen the looks on my friends faces, when I ordered it. Priceless!
        But I love the fact, that he seems to make “bad” look ohhhhh so good! πŸ˜‰

  6. Ura fever…ain’t born typical….sums up my feelings about HHH.

    • Duh, just saw this after I commented. I totally agree though – sexy song, sexy vid, sexy man…

      • Glad you agree, Shleeeigh!

  7. UC- Thanks for finding some Rob-vids that are actually well done! I especially loved the second one (URA Fever) — wow — that was amazing.

    Not sure if it’s just me, but I always feel a little guilty watching Rob vids…BUT when they are artistic like these I don’t feel quite as bad πŸ™‚

  8. So my DH was all whatcha listenin to? And I was all, oh nothin. And then he heard the famous Angela “Oh. My. God.” and he was all You’re watchin Rob videos. In bed. I thought you were sick lady. And I was all *blush* I am sick. Unless you want the flu, you better go away and leave me the laptop. Good morning girls! No fever but still queasy 😦

    • Get better, girl and buy some headphone thingies for privacy…

    • Hope u feel better SS! See, that is why I don’t watch these videos when DH is around. πŸ™‚

    • Rob videos are the best cure to any ailment.
      Silence has a hangover? Watch a Rob vid.
      SingleStrand still recovering from the flu? Watch a Rob vid.
      Bad hair day? Watch a Rob vid.
      Boss yell at you and make you cry? Watch a Rob vid.
      I swear, this man is just all kinds of magic in so many ways!!!

      Hope you both feel better soon.

      • Hope you feel better very soon, SingleStrand!
        Happy to hear that at least the fever’s gone. Hang in there.

        You’re right absolutelyvlc, he’s the cure for a lot of things…
        … but sometimes he’s part of the cause.
        I got taught a valuable lesson last night, thanks to him:
        NEEEEEEEVER mix (a lot of) cocktails with (a lot of) Heineken πŸ˜‰

      • Abs, love your post!!!!

    • Thank you so much girls! I am lots better but now my days and nights are mixed from sleeping so much. Oh well at least no more fever or pukey. Ick! Love you girls and see you tomorrow. I have emails and stories to catch up on it looks like!

  9. (cat)……. sigh! Great finds UC.

  10. I.Am.Renewed.Thanks.


  11. Biel’s videos ARE my favourites at ALL!!!
    The girls has great skillz for the right combination of video, cuts and music….I guess that deserves an huge amount of dedication and talent!

    Love the “Remember Me”video…….can’t wait to see the film…..

    so thank you BIEL!

    • dear UC, Moon, Chris and dear all…. I don’t know how to thank you… I’m out of words, even more after watching all these amazing vids. I really loved the URA fever one since the very first time I watched it, but I’ve discovered the other two thanks to this post and these gals are beyond talented!

      thanks, thanks, thanks for your warm support. Some times this kind of sweet things just happens in the right time… I totally need this today and you all made my day!

      *hugs & bisous*


  12. swoooooooooooooooooooon Mr. Walking Sex pleeeeease stop!!!!

  13. I LOVE that Kills song.

    “You are a fever, you are a fever, you ain’t born typical” – WAS THIS WRITTEN ABOUT ROB?? I think so.

    • Yeah because of that video (the song fits Rob PERFECTLY) and the editing is so snazzy and one of the best vids I’ve seen…I’ve been listening to other Kills songs too. Haha. They’re great!
      Well made Rob videos with super sexy music = WIN

      • Paloma,
        Thanks for telling me about “The Kills.” Can’t wait to hear more of them. Agree with everything you said.


  14. Rob videos are always good… But the videos Biel makes are over-the-top gorgeous!!!
    And I love her taste in music. I never find myself thinking ‘wow this song really sucks’. They are all perfect.

    • agreed. Biel is amazing.

  15. What is it about this man?!!

    I could watch him for hours on end and be perfectly happy!

    I think Biel’s “Wondrous Place” is my favorite.

    • What tupelo said.

  16. Biel’s are absolutely my favorites.but pls someone tell me how long have been without seeing Rob -which i’m not counting the isle of wight pics- i really miss him ,can’t wait for Bel ami’s shooting.Do we need a new Wanted post for this year or Do we have to be patient for a little while

  17. I think if I knew how to make these videos, the song I would use would be: Slow Ride by Foghat.

    Slow Ride….

    No explanation needed, I assume?

    • I would like to hear the explanation. Say it, outloud.

  18. Well…. you asked for it!

    Some of the lyrics to this song are:

    Slow ride, take it easy… I’m in the mood, the rhythm is right. Move to the music. We could roll all night.. We could go all night…

    That just about says it all I think…

    • Thanks, I understand now…lol.

      • Thought you might…

  19. Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus in the manager.
    I just got home from my CPR class, and now I’m on my way back to the Red Cross to have someone perform it on me…because I. Am. Died.

    The End.

  20. I love videos of Rob on Saturdays(or any other day)! What a perfect way to top off my rather gloomy day, this perked me up. Thanks.

    These vids were enough to get my blood boiling, in a good way!

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