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A teeny break from the hilarity – Time to give back!


Dear Rob,

I’m sure you’ll understand us taking a break from talking about you today to focus on something outside of ourselves. And besides you’re living under a rock right now so no harm, no foul, right? As we all know the country of Haiti and more specifically the capitol and surrounding areas of Port au Prince was hit Tuesday afternoon by a very strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake followed by multiple strong aftershocks. Living in an earth quake area myself I understand how scary it can be when it’s a lot smaller than that but figure into it the fact that Haiti is a developing country that probably has no building codes of procedures in place for earthquakes like we do in California. The resulting damage was devastating and crippling to a country that is already on the verge.

Now I don’t know if any of our readers are from Haiti or have experienced this massive natural disaster but I’d like to think that if our roles were reversed people who love us would reach out to help. I know it’s hard to sit at home, feeling overwhelmed and wondering what can we do to help? And that’s what we’ll be doing. Besides contributing to the relief ourselves we’d like to offer some ways for you to get involved from wherever you are…

There are tons of organizations offering donation opportunities and ways to help provide relief…

  • Donating is as easy as texting! You can even do it on your “Jitterbug!” Text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5. The donation will be added to your phone bill. Check out Yele’s website for more information a message from musician and Haitian Wyclef Jean
  • If Fanfic is your thing The Fandom Gives Back, lead by Ms. Kathy, is organizing their own way of giving back. A ton of awesome authors have signed up to send the folks who donate to relief funds a story right to their inbox! Get more information on how to participate at The Fandom Gives Back!

Read UC’s note she tweeted yesterday and grab some tissues.

Donate and give back ya’ll!

Have you donated? Do you know of anyone living in Haiti?

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  1. You can donate in the UK at or – I couldn’t donate much – but every little helps right??

    In Rob surfacing news, Simon Pegg, who played Scottie in the Star Trek reboot and is an all round brilliant comedian/bloke (long live Spaced!) tweeted this 33mins ago!:

    @simonpegg: Bumped in Robert Pattinson at a costume fitting this morning (separate films). Said hello, seemed like a thoroughly nice young man.”

    • Thanks a lot for the links!!!

    • Love Simon Pegg. And now that he has a connection to HHH, I love him even more.

  2. This is very sad. Yep I sure have.

  3. I read a rumor that Rob, Mullsten and bay-tay may be supporting George Cloney’s national telethon next Friday for Haiti by participating in the broadcast……at least he’ll come out from under his rock to supoort a terrible disaster, since he won’t grace us with an apperance at the Golden Globe’s this Sunday….miss u Rob!


    • Thanks for sharing, Misty.

  4. I’m glad you put this up.. such an overwhelming situation.. and every little bit helps.. the Red cross text campaign had raised 5.9 million when I last checked and yele had raised a million in one day..

    I spent yesterday watching the news and crying.. it’s so heartbreaking

    I heard that George Clooney is trying to get Rob and Kristen to make an appearance on the Haiti fundraiser on the 22nd.. Glad everyone is trying to do what they can..

  5. I did the Yele thing – it takes two seconds and even though I am broke I have five dollars to spare and probably most everyone else with a cell phone does to, so… If everyone does what they can, it will make a huge difference to so many people who are really suffering in ways that I don’t think most of us can even fathom (the BBC news hour had be bawling, too).

    • Ditto. Every penny helps!

  6. Terrible, it’s just terrible!
    I remember the earth quake last year in Italy…
    so sad…no words…yep, I sure have donated too.

  7. On January 13th of 2001 an earthquake of 7.6 degrees shook El Salvador for 45 seconds and destroyed houses, streets and mayor sites of the capital. On february 13, just a month after the first one, another earthquake of 6.5 struck again. 9 years after this tragedy, many Salvadorans are still recovering and trying to survive.

    But we did survive, and we learned that support each other is the The only way to come out.

    This was thanks to the selfless help of hundreds of people and countries.

    Do the same for Haiti.

    They need us not just today or tomorrow, they need us to keep walking and to recover from this tragedy.
    It doesn’t matter if you donate 1 dollar or a million, every penny counts, your time counts, support words, food, clothing, blankets, water, there’s a lot of places that you can take this things and they will send it to Haiti. Anything goes.
    There’s a lot of websites to donate. If you have enough time to surf the net, you can surely stop 5 minutes to a site and donate.

    Lets help Haiti.

  8. Such a sad situation – it seems like such disasters mostly occur in regions that are already wrought with poverty and instability. I have donated through Oxfam – they provide disaster relief but are an organization that stays there even after the media have left to work on structural solutions, which is just as important.

  9. Thanks for taking a time-out today to focus on such a sad and important issue, Moon & UC! There are a couple of different ways to donate money to the Haiti relief through texting, but according to an article in the New York Times today:
    “What people may not realize is that it could take up to 90 days before the money [from texts] actually reaches the charity….We’re advising people to follow up that $10 donation by going to the Web sites and donating directly.”

    The cell phone companies are trying to work on a way to get the money to relief efforts quicker than 90 days, but the UN and Red Cross and OxFam websites will be able to get the money where it’s needed quicker.

    • That’s good to know, Obava. Thanks!

  10. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone touched by this horrible disaster. It’s so heart-wrenching to watch these beautiful people suffer so much. I feel so helpless, but blessed at the same time. I do plan on giving today – every little bit helps.

    • The New York Times is running a constant loop of photographs for those who are missing. So heartbreaking.

  11. Donation done. I have friend named Cyntia A. Who is from Haiti. She just came back this past week to finish college. She has learned that her Mom and Dad are ok but no word on her brother C. Or her other aunts and uncles that live in Port Au Prince. She is asking for prayers and Ive given her mine. Will you take a min and pray for her family?

  12. I already posted this over on LTT but i wanted to add it here since you’re lovingly dedicated this post the Haiti…that was really sweet, very reflective. most people never bother to reflect on what should make them grateful… even when disasters hit. there’s a scripture in the Bible (Ecclesiastes 9:11) that says “time and unforeseen occurance befalls us all”… and times we live in are fully described in 1Timothy 3:1-5 b/c it calls them “critical times hard to deal with” and Matthew 24:6-8 mentions “wars, reports of war, and earthquakes as being a beginning of pangs of distress”… it can be scarry and i agree w/ u UC from over on LTT, that we should be praying for those in Haiti. Thank goodness the day will soon come when “God will wipe out every tear from (our) eyes and death, pain and mourning will be no more” (Revelation 21:3,4).

    Sorry if that was too spiritual for some, but when disasters strike we all need comfort and answers. Who knows when things like “Haiti” could happen closer to home…

    and if you want to see pictures of the disaster from, see this link (there are 3 tabs):

  13. This. Right here. This is why I love this community so much. I actually came her bc I thought I need a laugh. Haiti has me in tears. And instead of a laugh, you brought it.
    I’m actually going to be making some gorgeous jewlery this weekend to sell on etsy. All the proceeds will go to either Doctors w/o Borders or the Red Cross. Follow me on twitter if you want deets. @saritapagita

  14. definately donating. it’s truly fascinating to me that technology (texting) can be so impacting. Over 1 million dollars in one day from individuals simply sending 1 text! Five years ago even that would not have been possible.

  15. This is why I love you ladies.
    If anyone is a member of AAdvantage (American Airlines Points Club), you can gain extra points by donating to the Red Cross. They aren’t flying anyone to Haiti for free, contrary to the twit-fest yesterday.
    You can also clean out your closets (and your kids’ closets) and donate to your local chapter.
    It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do SOMETHING!

  16. I donated a little bit. I hope the small will offer some support. I wish I was able to donate a million.

    Thank you for the distraction, LTR.

  17. Yes. This is why I love you guys and this place. I donated the other day and I’m trying to figure out if I can give more.

    Honestly, I’m so impressed with the fandom and all they’re doing. The rest of the world can call us lame and make fun of us for getting lost in a tween vampire romance, but when it comes down to the real world, this fandom has proved it is full of compassionate, heartfelt people. You all rock.


  19. Thank you so much for posting this. I am feeling depressed today because of this and yes feeling helpless. If I was childless, I would have wanted to fly there and help first hand. Right now I can just donate money to help them.

    I have not been to Haiti but yrs ago I was in Dominican Republic for a mission trip, I was on the border.

    I was watching the news yesterday and the story about the 9 yr old girl on CNN really broke me. They tried everything to save her, her leg was pinned and they wanted to cut her leg off just to get her out. In the end, she didn’t even survive. 😦

    It’s just not right for some people to experience so much sadness, so much devastation.

    I just feel like this year has started on the wrong foot. So please, let’s all try and redeem it, let’s all help.

    • I watched part of the story about the girl .. and I was crying in front of my preschooler, so I changed it… I didn’t know that she didn’t make it though 😦 so sad.. I wish I could do more, but if we all do just a little, it can make a big difference

  20. Thank you for the link to Yele. I’ve been watching the news and just feeling helpless. I just want to hop on a plane and go and help dig those people out. It’s very easy to curl back into your comfortable bubble and not think about what is going on in the rest of the world, but I hope that hope and rescue efforts will not be in vain (or too late). My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti….For those that have perished, and for those that are left to pick up the pieces. God Bless them all…

  21. I did text-donate, how awesomely easy is that?

    Also, I heard on the news that Visa, MC and AmEX are not skimming their fees off the tops of donations this time, so every penny you donate with a CC will go to charity, not CC company. Yay!

  22. I dontated yesterday, to Doctors Without Borders.

    Thank you so much for “A Time to Give Back,” UC and Moon.

    love and hugs,

    • Good choice!
      Worked with them for a while and those ppl are truely awesome!

    • I donated there too, they are doing great work, I have a doctor-friend in this association!
      It’s great to read all your comments today, so this is NOT only a site to have fun, but a real community, thanks to UC and Moon to choose this issue today.

    • That’s a great organization. Another one dear to my heart and is doing work in Haiti is World Vision.

    • ML, thanks for posting this link. Just made my donation. I had actually never heard of this organization until now.

      • Oh, tupelohoney,
        I’m so glad you found that site helpful. I’ve always been impressed with them.
        Take it easy, girl.

  23. I’d experienced a big earthquake of 7.2 degrees in 1999 which it was the 2nd one after couple months of the first huge disaster on 17th August 1999 at Gölcük 7.4 degrees and it took 45 second.accordig to official sources 17.480 people died and so many injured and lost their homes.i was on vacation at that but i lived the second one it was 12th november 1999 and took 30 seconds and it was quite scary but thanks to God neither me nor my any relatives weren’t hurt.Since then many scientist,geologist expecting another big earthquake in 10-30 years in the same area at marmara sea- where i live .God knows what can happen.i can’t even imagine how hard is life in Haiti and how much help they need but i’m so glad that every Rob fan site call for help to Haiti as LTR too.
    thanks Moon&UC

  24. You are just great!
    As bad as times like these are, I love to see, that there still is so much humanity out there!
    Maybe you didn”t make me laugh today (like you usually totes do), but you sure made me smile and sometimes that’s even more important!

  25. I heard donating via text was going to take 90 days and the easiest way was to write a check to the an organization (like Red Cross). This situation is so heartbreaking but i want to do what I can to help.

  26. Just saw this on Facebook. Haven’t checked validity, but maybe worth looking into.

    UPS is shipping anything under 50lbs for free to Haiti. You can send food clothes or shoes…and American Airlines is taking doctors and nurses to Haiti for free. Please call 212-697-9767. Spread the word…Red Cross needs Creole speaking volunteers for a 24hr phone bank. Call Mr. Wilfrid @ 305-776-6900 ASAP…Please Repost this Info.

    • Wow that is awesome. I reposted it, thank you for this information.

  27. I work for an international aid organization. We aren’t the Red Cross, and we aren’t OxFam, but the numbers are still staggering. As of one second ago, we had over 4000 donations via credit card.

    I want to publicly thank the people who DMed me on twitter to get the information about the organization I work for. I checked (because I can) and you all followed through and donated. So thanks for not being jerks by getting my hopes up for nothing. Just kidding, ladies. Y’all are the best.

    We are complete strangers, who sometimes joke around about this cute actor dude named Rob. But LTR has the ability to bring people together for the real important things in life.

    So I am proud to be a part of this community. I appreciate your vulgar sexual innuendo, but I appreciate your humanity more.

    Hugs to all!

    P.S. If you are so inclined and are still looking for a worthwhile organization to donate to, find me on twitter and I will direct you to our website.

  28. Thank you for posting all this great information on how to help Haiti. I hope to be able to donate a few times. The need is so great right now.

  29. I donated last night to the American Red Cross. They’ve paired up with Amazon, so it was super easy because I used my credit card on file.

    I can’t really bear to watch much news of it. It’s so horrible and the people of Haiti have already been dealing with awful things, this just sends it over the edge. My heart is with them.

  30. In my area the local tv and radio personalities are doing drive by collections for the Red Cross in front of their stations. I donated on my way to school this morning. Very quick and easy. Wish I could do more.

    • Just announced on the local Memphis station that was conducting this drive for the Red Cross, they raised 80 thousand dollars today! AWESOME!

  31. I just want to say that reading todays comments are the most sincere and reflective words I have heard in a long time. Living in the U.S. and hearing about tragedies in other countries often feels very far from home. I am glad that this community can come together and share our thoughts, prayers, and support for people all over the world. I am truely impressed by the readers of LTT and LTR and feel very humbled and blessed to be a part of it today!

    Thanks UC and Moon!

  32. UC, Moon,

    Thank you girls for doing this. I was actually hoping that you guys would. I work for a non-profit that specifically works with the Haitian commmunity in my state. ALL of the people I talked to last night had lost at LEAST one family member, some multiple. Its heartbreaking. Anyway, EVERYONE that i have spoken to through my org. agrees that YELE is an excellent charity to give to. Almost no overhead.
    Its great to see everyone coming together like this, but rememeber that rebuilding will take a long time.
    We need to make sure that we stand by the Haitian people throughout the rebuidling process too.
    I’ve lived and worked with Haitian people all of my life, as my mother did what i do now before me. they are the most kindhearted, funny, generous people that you will ever meet.
    Thanks again girls for helping to raise awareness and make me once again proud to be part of the LTR community


    • Regarding your comment about the long-term rebuilding effort–so much tragedy could have been averted if the people had the knowledge and means to construct their buildings to a minimum standard. This group that I donated to directs their efforts towards helping people in Third World countries avoid this kind of devastating tragedy reoccurring while helping with emergency shelter in the immediate aftermath. In case this resonates with you:

  33. Moon, (and UC) thank you so much for posting this topic. And to all the LTR readers thank you for reading. Be proud of this beautiful community of Normal people!!

    For Canadian LTRers I just wanted to post some info. Many charitable organizations here were having problems with website overloads and long on-hold times for phone-in donations yesterday.
    I linked right through with no problems to Word Vision’s site (but it could be because I’ve got an already existing “account” for the children I sponsor). You may have the same luck. Here is a direct link to their Earthquake in Haiti Donation site:

    If you can donate, do so before Feb. 12th if possible! Our federal government will match any donations made to registered charitable groups for the Haitian disaster from Jan. 12 to Feb. 12, up to a maximum of $50 million.

    Which brings up another issue. Unfortunately some (pigheadedjerkholes) people out there think this is the time to scam people by taking advantage of their generosity to people in need. If you want to check out if your charity of choice is registerd and legit you can go here:

    If you want to help, but don’t know where to start Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has some pointers on their site here:

    ANd the Canada Revenu Agency has info here:

    And the Canadian International Development Agency has info here:

    All major banks are also accepting donations, so you can walk in to your branch and donate at the teller.

    My personal recommendation is to donate to an organization that already has a relief effort group in Haiti as they can get the much-needed funds in to the field the fastest.

    Donate and give back y’all” Now listen to Moonmommy!

  34. Thanks for posting the doctors without borders link. A donation was made , wish I could do more as well:) Thanks

  35. Such a tragedy!!! I donated to the French Red Cross and felt guilty even doing it, for pressing a button sitting in my confortable chair. It’s great that everybody is getting involved and I wish people would remember unfortunate people in poor countries more often.

  36. I’ve been so sick with the flu and this is the first I’ve checked LTR. It warms my heart that the girls I have cone to love are in the same frame of mind about this as me. After Katrina, I was shocked. I ended up volunteering for my local red cross office for two years after and even though it was office work, I still felt like I was making a difference. Haiti has just remindedme that now we are settled in a new town and there is no reason I can’t volunteer again. Kudos to everyone who has donated. I only wish this topic brought the 200 comments as every other day. Let’s do this! We can make a difference. And please take a look at what MsKathy is doing with the fic fandom. She has a heart of gold. Back to bed and hope for no fever tomorrow!

    • I would give you 10 thumbs up for that if I could 🙂

    • Singlestrand, I’m with you. I wish 200 people had responded today, but I love what we have here, no matter what. Get better, girlfriend.

    • Hope you’re feeling better today SS 😀

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