Posted by: Bekah | January 14, 2010

Robert Pattinson- get the look

Dear Rob,

Congrats on the honor of being named Britain GQ’s #1 Best Dressed male for 2010! That is quite an honor for your stylist. Your dad must be SO happy to know that his clothes are as hip as he thinks they are.

GQ stated that you were:

Extremely elegant and inspiring, the true essence of contemporary man.

It’s hard to argue with that description:

Contemporary men love the feel of crushed velvet against their skin

The true essence of a contemporary man is robbing the elderly greeter at Walmat's vest from his uniform

When visiting Grandpa P in the hospital, Rob was inspired to elegantly model his outfit after the volunteer candy stripers

GQ goes on to describe to their male readers how they can “Get the look” and dress like you, Robert Pattinson:

But to be honest, their style guide reads more like an advertisement for All-Saints clothing (And “coincidentally” the GQ Best Dressed list is ‘published in association with All Saints” Huh!) and I’m not entirely convinced of its accuracy.

That’s why I’ve put together a Rob Pattinson style guide of my own! Check it out after the jump!

Click to read all the details!

Here’s to your stylist you being fashion forward again in 2010!


Remind me why I love this guy again?

Oh yeah, this is why….

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  1. I don’t know, I kinda like that red crushed velvet jacket….

    • Only when he wears it with those black leather pants.

    • How can you not like it? It’s George Costanza’s wet dream. And he just proved that it is obviously socially acceptable to drape yourself in velvet.

      • omg I remember that episode you win today!!!!

      • That’s awesome! I always say everything in life can somehow be traced back to a Seinfeld episode.

    • Could those lapels be any wider?

      • For some reason, I automatically read your comment in my Chandler from Friends voice. As in, “I’m Chandler. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

        • YOu read correctly…but I didn’t even realize I was channeling Chandler when I said that…

    • looks good in anythin !!!

  2. I must agree that his sense of style is definately one of the main atractions, besides being a total package of course. Plaid ROB , my favorite look:)
    I wonder if Stephanie got more than one sweaty T to share; so I can make it into a pillowcase.
    Ah.. and don’t forget the sun glasses ! love him with sun glasses 🙂

  3. who is looking at his clothes?????

    SOOOOOOOOOOO hot, want to touch the hiney! (I heart Adam Sandler: Billy Madison)

    • Yes I am going to reply to my own comment, I just wanted to say that I kind of like his Dad’s brown, bubble leather jacket….ON MY FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!

      ok I am done now. lol

      • I’m with you Misty. I don’t mind the bubble jacket. And yes, it would look spectacular ON MY FLOOR.
        I love the look in the last picture. Black jeans, t-shirt, ray bans, tousled hair, ruby red lips, open mouth….. Where was I going with this?

      • It’s vintage…it’s awesome and it looks so good on Rob. Yummy.

      • The floor is where that shiteous jacket belongs. Actually, it belongs in the trash can on the floor! I hate that thing!! I can live with the other crap (except for the icky velvet jacket) ’cause it’s regular guy stuff but the puffy jacket has got to go…in that dumpster he’s going to meet me behind.

    • I’m with you. Who in the hell is looking at his clothes?!?! Not me. Not me.

      • I am. i couldn’t like a guy if I didn’t like his style. it would be a complete turn off. Just like the personality. Yes, I’m wierd like that.

        • That was me before, I forgot to log in. Um, I’m not saying I don’t like his style b/c I most definitley do. But I still ain’t lookin at his clothes.

          • yeah, I got it. So I suppose your favourite is the no clothes style?

        • Rob really has no style if it weren’t for Claire dressing him before some awards show…but no matter what clothes he finds on the floor of an airport washroom, he certainly makes it look dam HOT!

        • MP I’m kind of in between. I too have to like a guys style. If it’s a great and HOT guy I’ll probably let it go and just focus on the person, see I’m weird too. I guess I should give an example. I hate pleated pants on a man. Or high-waisted pants(reminds me of my grampa). Oh and pants that are way too short, we call them flood pants.

  4. I miss the brown bubble jacket! I hope it will make a return. and I love that pic from Vancouver wearing it… early new moon days… his hair was just growing out again… love that length… hmmmm! and he looks so sweet and innocent in that pic.

    • that “dick pattinson priceless vintage” brown jacket made me love brown. love it. if anyone knows the brand, please confess. it was in some of his best pics, driving + in a bar looking all rosey rose + on a train in London. might have a crush on the jacket.

      • I suppose the brown leather jacket is from the set of Little Ashes, I saw it first on a camera man in a pic….lol
        surely Vintage…

        • haha…really? Maybe they went shopping together, between guys, that’s where the “I don’t see nothing wrong” comes from.

          • yeah…or maybe Rob had just “borrowed” it…..:-)

          • Maybe Richard now has the brown jacket :-).

          • Well seen sb. The jacket stays in the family.And now that Dick has enjoyed too much Xmas food, watch out for the Brit friends, one of them has to have that jacket under the bed.

      • The Brown bubble jacket looks a little like Brit brand Barbour, and it would be totes up Dick’s street. That light padding is a complete trademark. Although the cut looks a little too modern to be Barbour, like Harris tweed it’s SERIOUS!!

        • right…it’s probably Barbour…

  5. I think I’ve got one of those varsity jackets in the back of my closet, belonged to my high school boyfriend… I think I’m gonna dig it out and wear it since it’s so in RobStyle!

    • Robstyle: love it!

  6. Oh the BBJ!! it has been sorely missed, and really needs to make an appearance soon, I think it’s getting jealous of the green ex-Brittania jacket

    • I really hate that green jacket.

      • Bleh! me too! Fugliest thing ever. Makes him look like a plastic ninja turtle figurine.

        • well said alice! Worst article of clothing EVER!

        • From what I remember, Ninja turtles were limber.
          Can’t be soooo bad. 😉

    • I don’t like that jacket at all…..not at all :-). Sorry Rob!

  7. Rob could turn up dressed as Fred Flintstone, Liberace, Borat, Roger the Rooster or bloody Scooby Doo in drag. I wouldn’t care, I’d still do him. Without hesitation.

    • LOL!!! So true!!!

  8. The bordeaux jacket from the Harry Potter premiere perfectly matching the bordeaux shoes (a must see in detail) contrasted by black leather pants. :)) Did he loose a bet or smth?

    But besides that, I like the way he dresses, my friends are pretty much like that, with the beanie, hoodie, stoli or lady with the ass t-shirt, the jackets and the layers. I actually have some tees that could compete with that. French Elle also designated Rob some time ago one of the best dressed for his casual style. I guess we’re pretty hobo here.

    • I love the French Elle and their unusually taste….it’s refreshing to common standards!

    • bordeaux jacket and mathcing shoes lol….he needs to accessorize with a cigar and a glass of cognac…lmao

      • A gold medallion would complete that look!

    • Remember how you said about 2 weeks ago that you’re the female version of Rob? 🙂

      • well yeah but not like ad literam. I’m unfortunately a shopoholic plus very girly when it comes to body care, parfumes, moisturizers . and… and…and…
        why, do ya think I should run to the store and buy that Harry Potter premiere outfit?

        • LOL. You and I should be best friends. You can do all my shopping for me. I hate shopping! :-). I still manage to have nice clothes though, that amazes me.

          Yes go buy the velvet jacket! I have one but it’s old, I bought it from a consignment store. I actually wore that in high school and now I’m mortified when I see the pics. I could send it to you if you want it! :-)….collecting dust in the dungeon, I mean basement.

          • SB, please, don’t bother for the jacket. really.
            I wonder who he went shopping with for that premiere. so curious. TomStu maybe? They made a deal. Tom bought the once white Nikes from the JOGGING store and had to wear it all his life and Rob got the ensemble for the premiere.

          • Sb…the red velvet jacket IS totally from a consignment store..Rob said that in an interview…it cost NOTHING at all and he thought it would be nice to wear it for the premiere!
            KUDOS to him for being so down-to-earth……

          • Robgirl oh I knew it was fr a consignment store, that’s about the only place he shops mostly. Right? 🙂

          • MP definitely TomStu! 😉

    • “Did he loose a bet or smth?”
      Nah, I think this was just the first (and prob last) time he picked his outfit himself…

  9. Wait… this blog is not devoted to drooling over Rob’s impeccable style? Like his amazing sense for the fit and cut of a jacket?

    • His posture makes the tiny jacket even more funny!

    • That jacket might actually fit me! Was that a jacket from his middle school years? 🙂

      • It must be! Or another thrift store treasure that he unearthed.

        • I wonder if he got it from a thrift store in Japan? 😉

  10. OK. So seriously. Would any of you say, “No Rob, I can’t abide that jacket/top/hat you’re wearing, I won’t follow you behind that dumpster” ????
    Not me 🙂
    Anyway, I think the category should be Best Un-dressed – yummy!!

    • Actually, and I hate to say this, that tweed-NM-meadow-dream-sequence coat is a deal breaker for me.

      • i dont think there could be any deal breaker for me. he could show up like Richard Simmons- shorty shorts, fro’ and all- and I’d still be all over him.

        • There is no deal breaker for me. The wrapping is irrelevant, it’s all about the package (thatswhatshesaid!)

          • Uh, what she said. It’s all about the sum of the parts. And baby, he’s got ALL the right parts.

    • Exactly! No way. I will for sure follow him to a dumpster…or a dingy hotel.

      • I had to drop some recycling in dumpster today and all I could think about was Rob.

  11. Errr… my previous comment vanished. Never mind what I said there, it was unimportant. But I do insist on sharing the teeny weeny Japan jacket with you guys again. That was TOP Rob style.

    • it spammed you. boo

    • I looove Rob, but in this picture he loolks like Mommy just send him outside to wait for the “short bus”.
      Kinda cute though 🙂

  12. I’m assuming he was named best dressed b/c of his “red carpet style”. The boy clean up nice. Reallll nice. Of course I’m not saying hobolicios Rob doesn’t get me hot too.

    • I hate when I don’t spell check before I post. Going. get. coffee. Now.

  13. Yep, that’s why!!

    All Saints is the best shop in the entire world – any man who decks himself from head to toe from threads from in there will look hot.

    Yes, that’s right – I’m bring back the term ‘threads.’

    • All saints WINS!!

  14. Okay, apparently my computer, or the cyberuniverse as a whole, has decided to start igorning me, as my previous two comments have vanished into oblivion… (man, that’s gonna sound dumb if they should still turn up here later).

    Anyway, the point of those comments was: Japan promo tour – the mini jacket. Rob style at its best.

    • Rawr.

    • Dear Lord. I hope that was the first item Clare threw out with the garbage when he went home this Christmas. Make that ‘threw into the crusher’, otherwise chances are he’ll be ‘scoring’ it again someday.

    • In case, my comment vanished too- it was, His posture in that pic makes the tiny jacket even more funny!

  15. How about the shaved look. This would be cool. I like the walmart greeter. can you say Oh my God.

    • No one needs to be shaving off the sex hair.

      Not funny Robbygee!

      PS. I just read your “Oh my God” like George Lopez says it. Now I kinda think you are him too. Hmm….

  16. i like robstyle but those jackets kill me, i mean the green one , brown bubble and the mini jacket on japon tour?c’mon they are too much ugly even for Rob.but i like his shirts and jeans a lot.The beanie was completely a shock to me at first cuz my dad wears beanie just like that and i’ve always hated it how he doens’t cover his ears now i got use to, plus i’m even palying jokes about that there is a word says girls eventually fall in love with guys like their fathers and yes i kinda find a little comman point (by the way it’s gross -not the beanie but to fall in love with a guy just like your father)

  17. Um.. you missed the Tokyo boy jacket, btw.

  18. Might I also add that he has the best “nashes” I have ever seen on a British man.

    • Please elaborate, Twimilf.

      • Apparently British people refer to there teeth as nashes. I got that from a KStew interview. They asked her if she preferred American smile or British Nashes and the lady elaborated to her how British people are known for having bad teeth. Well, not Rob, he’s got a damn good smile. I don’t think I could like him so much if he had teeth like Austin Powers.

        KStew said she preffered British nashes BTW. Rub it in why don’t you.

        • *their

        • Oh I get it now…like when they say gnashing their teeth! 🙂

          • Thanks twimilf and SB for the deets on teeth.

    • Gnashers! Which = teeth.

  19. I love Rob, but when I read that he was named GQ’s best dressed, I thought, “What crack are they smokin’?” because he isn’t best dressed. He’s not even sorta-good dressed. He looks like a homeless person most of the time, right? And that’s why we love him.

    I will say, when he does dress up (hello Gucci at NM premiere), he looks amazing. But do we want him walking around wearing a Gucci suit everyday? No.

    I could take a little less of the homely jackets. And shiteous Nikes. And shiteous shoes in general.

    Love you, Rob!

    • Best dress award = best looking man/woman in a suit/gown ON THE RED CARPET!
      Personal style is a complete other category…..
      my opinion

      • Oh, see I didn’t read that they’d made a distinction. I’d say Bravo to the Gucci suit. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he doesn’t have a stylist and that suit was all Stephanie.

        • probably…… she is ALL gucci…she sent him to the gucci store….lol

        • He def. doesn’t have a stylist. And Stephanie had smth to do with the suit. It’s not her job, but she’s got the eye (for the candy).

          • Rob looks totally gorgeous in gucci because he has absolutely the right size/body to wear it!

          • I think it actually might be Nick. He seems like he might hitting for the other team, if you know what I mean, and there was that photo last year where he and Rob were shopping on Rodeo Drive, probably to get the suit for the Oscars.

          • haha…I know what you mean…so the gf is an excuse??
            No..I don’t think so……….and Gucci….is serious,very serious for good suits…………it’s GUCCI……and as I said..Rob has the right body for it….not every man can wear Gucci….

          • I meant Nick is the stylist and helps Rob buy his snooty-type clothes, not Stephanie. I meant Nick is probably the one with the good eye for clothes, for whatever reason. I didn’t mean to imply Rob is “on the other team”, although if he is, good on him. Sorry for confusing you.

    • I was thinking of the shiteous Nikes!

  20. Rob’s style is hot because he doesn’t give a fuck. He picks up the first thing he finds on the floor and still looks hot. It’s a gift; not many guys can pull it off like Rob.

    But he does clean up oh so well. I wonder who his stylist is? He looks absolutely edible when he’s in a designer suit.

    • I agree. He once said he has ‘no material desires’ and I think he proves it with his wardrobe. Love that about him.

      • What TLG (youngerthanUma 🙂 said!

      • I wondered always if “keeping + wearing all the time his old clothes” is some kind of connection to his other/former “normal” life………..?
        Don’t know how to explain it properly…

        • Totes get what you mean!!!
          I was wondering the same thing.
          Everything else changes drastically and gets crazy, he might just prefer these clothes to hold on to normality a little bit.

    • His stylist… let’s see…brands contact and send desperatly stuff to Nick. The latter wonders how the hell he can get Rob drunk so he can pay attention for a couple of minutes to the suites presentation. Then Rob goes to do the trial, late, too late for any adjustment, and picks up the first suit he tries. Then he realises the pants he didn’t pay attention to but thought they were hot because they were tight, are actually too tight and the whole world can enjoy the blooming crotch.
      Otherwise I’m not really crazy about all clean suit Rob, cause men in suits remind me of serious boring business men.

      • True, but Rob never looks serious or boring in a suit. Businessmen cry when they see Rob in a suit.

        • haha..true…plus some man cries when they just see Rob on a poster, suit or no suit doesn’t matter…

          • I cry, as well…

      • I don’t mind seeing Rob in a suit or tux every now and then. I actually quite like it. There’s something so hot with a man wearing a suit ya know? Especially when he does it and the suit follows the contours of his body, hugging it like second skin…..oh, girl I am done for.

    • I second that. The I don’t give a fuck attitude is sexy as hell.

      “It’s a gift”…he is a gift.

    • i absolutely agree it’s even kinda annoying that many women and men spend so much time and money to look good and he is better than everyone with his justgotoutofbed style .and it’s absolutely a good thing that he doesn’t wear those suits so often cuz it’s drivin me crazy,no one’s heart can stand too long seeing Rob everyday like prince charming-the eyes and jaw is enough for casual daily hot Rob

      • Yup. Throw out your makeup, cancel that gym membership and hair appointment-you will never look as good as Rob does when he rolls out of bed in the morning. After a night spent boozing. And eating cheeseburgers and Hot Pockets. Wearing ripped, faded thrift shop clothes.

        Life is not fair.

    • He looks good dirty or clean! (Not sure which Rob I prefer. Hmmm) I love his “I don’t give a hoot style”.
      It fits him.

    • Agreed!!! Ahh Rob, such a true Taurus …. (I’m taurus too, but female, so it kinda different, bbbbut most of my good friends and some exes were Taurus and a good chunk of us were very attached to really shitty looking jackets, shoes, and pants , and teasing and jeers did not do harm! It’s like, if ya love something, you’ll love it till it falls apart, and that includes lots of holey shirts! )

      I digress. Rob is the best…not afraid to be himself, and yes, he does clean up OH SO WELL *sigh*

  21. “brown button up shirt in the color of dung” – !!!

  22. I love Rob’s “non-style” because it’s the best style, it’s personal, he wears the clothes not vice versa, and it’s underlining his personality!

    Personal style has NO rules!

    Minuit is around many young guys have a very similar style, it’s hot, young, easy-going and COOL!

    Dear Rob
    I love vintage clothes, they have a “story”!
    Wear what you like and I will love it!
    …like I love you!

    P.S. You look HOT in a suit too, especially AFTER the aftershow-party!

  23. Yeah seeing those pictures makes me want to go through the file on my computer saying ‘H.O.T. pictures of Rob’ all over again so I can remember why I love him… *sigh*

    Why did I kinda have the feeling that this post would be about smth different after reading ‘Robert Pattinson – Get the look’ ?? Probs reading to much fanfic…

  24. “In the color dung” LOL!

    I have three words that make me happy….


  25. i have to confess that I actually love rob’s style most of the time. I DONT like his jackets though. His suit jackets from before he was famous or when he was just becoming known are all too big for him. The shoulders are too broad and look frumpy. The actualy winter jackets (like the one’s in these photos)..yuck. Now his red-carpet jackets- YUMMY! Thats a whole other story!!
    Other than that, i love his hobolicious grunge style. I love the jeans and flannels with the Tshirts underneath. i love his graphic T’s, but for some reason on him, i dont even mind the white Hanes T with the frayed collar. Probably because I was in my early 20’s when the whole grunge era was popular, the style seems perfectly acceptable to me and right up my alley. I actually have my own plaids that i wear over T’s like rob that I’ve owned for way too many years (why do i feel like this is confession… i’m so ashamed to admit this! Sadly I’m not even joking!! :))
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the beanie!! Especially with the Ray Bans!! My FAVORITE robstyle! Sends my mind immediately to the gutter.
    And he said in an interview that he just “wears the clothes that he owns”. He doesnt give a crap what he throws on and I love that about him.. even if he digs from the piles of dirty unwashed clothes that are scattered around his room (from our hot nights together where we were so desperate for each other that we just tore each others clothes off and let them land where they may) wait..what was i talking about?

  26. UC – you forgot to mention the importance of the “mysterious stain on pants” towards fashion icon status. Screw the factory made holes in jeans, Rob-inspired “spunk” (and/or powdered sugar – debated in previous post) stain will be all the rage in twenty-somethings.

    The drunk dressing ensemble – mismatched buttons, “mysterious stain,” old Hanes T-shirt from SM’s dusting bin, and the Members Only looking coat/jacket. . . oh, and the shitastic Nike’s. And to accessorize – one pissed off and feisty mullet.
    Now that is GQ material. David Beckham has nothing on Rob.

    Happy Day Ladies and Gent!

    • Don’t forget the odd tear sewn up with unmatching thread! Or wearing shirts inside out to ‘prolong’ their wear!

      • Somebody please dig up that video of Rob with all the patches, holes, misbuttonings, and stains pointed out to a bouncy soundtrack!!

        • here it comes….

          • Ah!!!! Thanks! 🙂

          • Thank you, thank you, Robgirl! I love that video.

        • I remember that one- its great! Its nice to revisit clothing of Rob’s past, present and maybe future! thanks for posting.

  27. My God people, have you all forgotten the heinous blue jacket from the MTV awards?!?! Even Dick wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing!
    One does wonder how much Nick & Stehanie had to shell out to get him on that list…and WIN first place. They’re the ones deserving of an award…and a raise!

    • That jacket was a riot (some one here labeled it a John Stamos jacket from the 80’s- rightly so!). Especially with the multi-shirt layers topped off with the mis-buttoned shirt.

    • Lovingly referred to as the Color Me Badd jacket. *shiver*

      • awesome!

    • I thought he looked totally hot that night.

  28. Fashion Schmashion! That velvet jacket, with the Walmart vest, the ‘Dung’ button up AND the black jeans would look great on my bedroom floor! PFFT!

    (Yes, We will go on a date with him wearing all of that…at once. My dream.)

    He can keep one dirty sock on…to keep him warm.

  29. And on what appendage may he wear said dirty sock?!?

    • Definitely his left foot. Other sort of things will be very much warmed up and occupied. 😉

  30. I dig all of Rob’s clothes.

    I am in love with the Nikes (haven’t seen those in a while… *sigh*), love his dirty black skinny jeans and lose control when he wears plaid. Sure, he may not look “clean”, but the “clean look” is over-rated on men.

    • He wore the Nikes in those pap pictures after Christmas with Dick and Victorizzy. Yes, I paid attention to the footwear.

    • Yes. They need to be clean but look dirty.

  31. sort off track here…..but the walmart jacket photo with Anna K, has anyone else other than me been mesmorized by the length of that man’s tongue? HELLO MR. PATTINSON!!

    • Uh yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re not the only one mesmerized by the length of his tongue. LOL Dirty, dirty thoughts.

      • Bet he can tie a cherry stem in a knot.Among other things.

        • shall we make a list of those other things? EVERY time i see that photo, i get mesmorized by it. i could go into more detail about the shape of it as well, but…i wont, i dont think you robaholics need any help from me

    • That is one very long tongue and its very inspirational.

      • Inspirational? love that.

        • I thought it was an apt description!

    • THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKIN’ !!! glad I am not the only perv in here… But I guess its normal right ?

    • You are definitely not the only one! I’ve seen that pic so many times and I didn’t even realize he had a vest on! I always see his tongue.

      • I never saw the vest either. Tongue only!

      • i didnt notice the vest eithter! i see the tongue and the beanie! thats really all you need. oh, and those long sexxy fingers…and sideburns…Whew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

        • My agitated state is not appropriate for work!

          • are there private bathrooms?

      • drsaka and usualnurse – confession. The first time I saw that pic, I stared at his tongue for a long time. I even zoomed in on it. I’m a perv I guess. 🙂

        • ditto. no “confession” needed. It’s NORMAL.

        • I think we all stared at it. How could you not? The idea of what…. . I’m too embarrassed to finish the sentence, but I’m sure you get the idea!

          • drsaka, do you mean the idea of what that tongue could do?


          • why, yes, that’s what I meant!

          • Thought so…

          • I love where this conversation is going :-).

    • That tongue! The expression on Kendrick’s face is priceless: “OMG Rob Pattinson is licking my face!!”

  32. I think we should start Rob-watching at thrift shops in LA cause that is obviously where he shops.. and I love it all. Except the red velvet jacket. It kinda makes me cringe every time.. but I love the Rob-randomness and the fact he can make a dorky sweatshirt look totally hawt

  33. Great post!

    I like Rob’s clothes, not all of them, but even the ones I don’t like wears well on him :-). No one can pull of non-fashion than him.

    That pic of him wearing that brown bubble jacket is so awesome! The expression on his face is just priceless, so gorgeous. I have that saved on my robporn btw. Every now and then I look at it.

    No style or style he’s so cool. I have to admit I am guilty of dressing my SO just like Rob. 🙂 I try to be discreet about it because if he found out the true reason, well he won’t go along with me:-).

    • I was very tempted to buy hubby and son plaid shirts for Christmas. Only I would know the true reason. But then I thought, that’s kinda weird, so I didn’t.

      • No, it’s not. Or is it?
        BF is rocking the “pornhair” and the plaid…
        Guess I’m just weird like that *blush*

        • zero weirdness…

      • It’s okay….it’s not really weird :-). Only you would know.

  34. UC,
    Great post. soooo funny, thanks as always for a great laugh!

    • What thesquid said.

      Thanks so much UC…really appreciate you.

  35. I like that he really doesn’t seem to care about his appearance. I hope that he doesn’t change too much because I’ve never laughed more or harder at someone that I don’t know when some of these pictures surface. I would really love to know how his mind (and other bodily parts) work.

    And he does clean up really really well.

  36. my favorite Rob outfits…
    black jeans + black shirt = simple and so sexy
    blue jeans + black shirt= simple and soooo sexy
    and the beanie…I love the beanie…he has such a beautiful face………

  37. No matter what he wears, my eyes drift to the same places everytime, see:

    cheek bones…

    …not in that order

    • LOL…zipper! 🙂 *blushes*

    • My eyes definitely go to the hands everytime…. I’m mesmerized by those long fingers…

      And the scar by his eyebrow, his sideburns and the mole on his neck…. I could go on and on…

      And most definitely the zipper!

    • ML, I think your eyes first direct themselves avidly to the zipper and then you forget everything about the hands and the cheek bones. 🙂

      • Minuit,
        YOu got me. Eyes go to zipper and then I forgot where I am or what I’m doing.

    • he is ALL gorgeous….BUT i really love his EYES and The LIPS…to die for!

    • I would add lips to that list… And his hair… So that makes a total of:

      cheek bones

  38. I can’t believe you were able to limit yourself to those 3 outfits, this is a post that could last about 8 days!! Golf shirt in Cannes, Color me Badd linen jacket at that awards show, hideous nikes, hoely Stoli shirt……the LB hat –that was free, cause I gave it to him….


  39. He’s sexy all the time. With or without clothes on. He can wear anything. Even the crappiest clothes. Even his friends’ clothes. He looks great in a Tux and he looks great in a crumpled Tshirt. And look at that last pic of him in the airport – well, I travel all the time dor my work, and I’ve never, never seen a hot guy like that while waiting for my plane… aaargh why is life so unfair ??

  40. A long time ago, on this blog far far away, I remember writing that I didn’t *get* the Rob thing. That I thought he was very ordinary looking. And then Soccer Mum pointed me towards the GQ photos and then I found that last photo… and it was an instant change of opinion. Without question, that last photo is one of the single best photos taken of you, Rob. When you pull out those old hoodies and those beloved tattered beanies, when you indulge in some ‘shirt misbuttoning’ and look like a child dressed you, when you wore that hideous brown shirt in Remember Me to say nothing of your entire fugly NM wardrobe, when you wore that hideous daddy-style polo type at Cannes, when you do your mix-and-match thing with your buddies because you forgot to do your washing again, when you wear clothes that look like vintage 90210, when you wear that Nikes that look like they’ve had better days, when you try and combine the beloved Stoli shirt with anything else in your wardrobe, the fact that you try and save the Stoli shirt in the first place… I have to keep going back to the last photo to remember *Why*. That, and those VF photos. La la.

  41. Minuit, kind of off the subject here, and I realize this is probably a dumb question but I’ve been wondering exactly what Minuit Passe’ means in English?

    • Past midnight
      What does tupelo mean?

      • I got the name from my favorite Van Morrison song, Tupelo Honey.

        “She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey, just like honey baby from the bee..”

        Tupelo is a tree that bees get nectar from to make honey.

  42. I have a question, for everybody: what would you like him to wear?

    • preferably nothing at all… 😉

      but I like him in button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up a bit, and the sexpender pants.. but he makes anything cute

    • I’m going to go with the obvious, which is NOTHING.

      But if he has to wear clothes then I am totes down with a flannel button up unbuttoned over a plain tshirt with raggedy jeans. Hairwise, I prefer the “bouffant” but will settle for the beanie if not possible.

      • twimilf… seems we have the same idea!

      • the “bouffon” as in Edward hair?

        • Yes yes, I love the Edward hair. I get hot just thinking about him constantly running his lovely fingers through his locks. What I would do to be his hands for a day.

    • Minuit~

      Anything but a Speedo or a “wife beater.”

      *Really just wanna see him in my shower

      p.s. love dirtyRob most of all…

      • And anything but a spandex!

      • I have to say I like the wifebeater pictures.

        • Ok, old one, I still luv and respect you…

      • If he did wear a speedo, I’m sure he wouldn’t need “speedo padding.”

    • Well…. other than nothing at all….

      I’d like to see him with maybe a grey thermal henley on under his flannel shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows and a pair of well worn, faded, form-fitting Levi jeans… A southern girl’s dream!

      (You can tell I’ve thought about this alot….)

      • That is yummy, Tupelohoney.

        Sorry…didn’t mean to rhyme.

        • LOL…

          ML, I was gonna try to rhyme in return but mountainlion is tough.. I’m not that good…

      • tupelo how about some cowboy boots to complete the outfit? 😉

        • Yeah that sounds good or some tennis shoes other than the black Nikes he wears.

    • I have no idea what’s a flannel or a henley or a “wife beater” and ML a Speedo 🙂 as in swimming ? But don’t mind me.

      • Minuit,
        I’ll try to explain… A Henley is a long sleeved themal shirt with about 3 small buttons in a row near the neck (kinda hard to explain) a flannel shirt is another word for the plaid shirts Rob wears, a wife beater is the kind of shirt that he wore in the GQ pictures (with the armpit hair showing) and a Speedo is indeed the tiny little suits worn for swimming. Hope this helps.

        • btw, not all henley shirts are themal but I prefer those.

          • meant thermal, can’t spell..

        • Actually I don’t think the pictures of him in the wife beater shirt was in GQ. I’ve forgotten, what magazine was it?

          • Was it US Weekly? Geez why can’t I remember? I have all those pictures saved. Anyone know for sure?

            I do know which ones you’re talking about….he was smoking too. One pic he was laying down on the floor with the ciggie in his mouth.

          • Here’s one of the wife beater pics:



          • ROLLING STONE.

        • Thanx to you and ML for the explanation. It’s not all fun here, I’m getting smarter and smarter with this blog.

      • Sorry, Minuit,
        A “wife beater” is a sleeveless t shirt and is called “wife beater” because many think it looks trashy/redneck and a speedo is a form fitting, stretchy swim suit.

        Does that make sense?

        • thanx for this introduction into American Culture. ML you’re hilarious, what normal girl is thinking Speedo (we have it here as well, including on the beach) and “wife beater” when it comes to Rob?

          • I don’t know Minuit, when it comes to Rob I left “normal” a long time ago.

    • OMG I have too many to mention. I really do like the clothes he wore in Twilight for sure.

      For our first meeting (yeah right)I want him to wear the black v-neck shirt(it has some special meaning to me) and dark holey jeans and his Nikes.

      I don’t really want to see him in espadrilles, flip flops or clogs. I’m sure I can think of more later. lol


      • Now that idea isn’t bad either. Smth simple put still kinda sexy…

        • I didn’t like the wife beater on him. But, if he knocked on my door and came to my house like that….well I will still let him inside the house.

          I would like to see him in a white shirt and again, dark jeans. The jeans or whatever pants he wears has to be tight and low-rise. No cargo pants please.

          And then maybe some new shoes. Something with laces so I can later on watch his fingers if he has to re-lace them. 🙂

          Nothing with velcro please!

          • Hey nothing against the shoes… I just realized I baught my brother the same one’s… (I swear I didn’t know it were the same as Robs…)

          • I love how thoroughly you’ve thought this through, SB.

    • My first thought: Nothing at all
      But if he has to wear smth that I will have to go with the suit…
      Well actually: I’d take him no matter what he wears 😉

  43. I love the fact that on the GQ site, Rob’s outfits are outrageously expensive… when you can buy the exact same thing at like goodwill for $24 for the whole outfit… which is probably where rob actually got it

    • Rob would never spent over 25 $ on a outfit I guess…

      • probably true…although he wears a lot of american apparel….plus some of his jeans are NOT cheap at all………..but we know………the sets and all……… you are right!

        • american apparel you say… what can he like about that brand

          Rachel Lefevre also did an add for them.

          • Rachelle… really need to stop writing when I don’t have the time…I’m doing 10000 mistakes per word here

          • he has some stuff of it…like the black hoodie and some shirts…

  44. I wanna know how he tastes and smells…

    • Yeah me too..
      If I knew what perfume he wears I would buy it, spray it all over a pillow and sleep with it… Srsly…

      If he doesn’t wear perfume (which I asume) I would ask him to sleep with said pillow for a few days and send it back to me… Crazy much??

      And about the taste… hmmmm… I guess there’s nothing comparable to it…

      • Yes or whatever shampoo and soap he’s using. I too want my bed, pillow, sheet to smell like that.

        When I was dating my boyfriend(hubby now), I used to do that. I remember I’d come home and I smell like him. My clothes smelled like him. And then whenever he would give me a card or something it smelled like his perfume too. One day i decided to go and get that perfume and spray it on my pillow. Tehee.

        Liking Rob for me is like having this massive crush!!!! I just want to surround myself with his presence.

        • Yeah right? It’s soooo bad. And the worst part of it: I LOVE AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT…. Damn what happened to the reasonable girl I once was?!

        • The shampoo and soap is simple sb. he can’t even remember the last time he bought one. It’s whatever they have in the hotels plus another anti dandruff pharmacy shampoo . No after shampoo, too much work for nothing.

          • haha…the moisturizer…..found in some hotel room

          • still didn’t figure out what’s the utility.

            BTW SB the body care products in good hotels in France is Annick Goutal (they have it at the hotel he stayed in Paris, he smelled like that for at least 2 days- if he showered :)) remember it next time you go out.

        • Yeah see this is where I start to feel like a teenager again. Giddy and googly-eyed over Rob. Sigh.

          Silly isn’t it? Would Rob marry this? LOL

    • I would assume he smells alot like cigarette smoke.

      • and Hot Pockets. And Twix. And Heineken. Eau de Rob.

        • Eau de Rob……..haha…my today fav. !

          • eau de Rob…haha

        • Eau de Rob! LOL…gimme some of that!

      • and sweat.

        • and salty.

        • Ay caramba! It’s hot in here!!!!

        • Essence au Rob…wait that’s gas, right?

          • yes (gas) but you can also say essence de Rob

          • Thanks, minuit!!!

    • easy…just like HEAVEN!

      • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I just busted out laughing while thinking to myself. I was thinking about what Rob would think about how much time we, batshit crazy normal yet obsessive women, devote to talking about what he wears, his tongue, his dirty sex hair, etc. Srsly.

    • haha right….
      but he was/is/will be… “there” to tease us… it’s HIS guilt!

    • It’s his fault anyway’s… We can do nothing about it…

    • Rob, the least you can do is have a pint with us or two or ten. We deserve it for messing with our RL and spending it all (ok not all but way too much) on you. yeah I know it’s not your fault we’re wackos but that’s not the point. Let’s focus on the main thing here.

      • like……ROB!!! lol

        • No, like him making a sign so we can go have some beers together. “And if it goes well, it can turn out in something more” Rob, Cannes. He’s the best advertisier for himself.

          • without the i…again

    • LOL….we are totes normal!!! Haha! We love him too much.

  46. Love the letter UC, but I am just bummed that I will not be seeing Rob in “Danny Zuko goes to college”.


  47. I’m at work right now, so I don’t have a lot of time to read everyone’s comments. That is one of my favorite things to do when I am here. I am probably repeating what other people may have said already.

    Rob is in a class all by himself, when it comes to his personal wardrobe choices. I laughed to myself, when I read that he got #1 for GQ’s best dressed. His photo shoot for them in April 2009, was pretty amazing, but tailoring is key. The clothes were basically made to fit him perfectly.
    His body is amazing, so the clothes were also.
    HHH knows how to work a suit. I melt every time…

    Now, for his personal style. **Hee**Hee**. He makes me laugh, because he looks like a homeless person most of time. The exception is t-shirts and jeans. He works those, just as well as, the suits. Case and point: Black t-shirt picture with button-fly jeans, baseball cap, and shades. I loved that picture so much, that I saved it on my zip drive, to stare it whenever I want. **sigh**
    I don’t think that he wearing anything different, than any other guy his age, but he does make the look, more sexy than most.

    UC, your pics and captions are the best. My favorite is:
    “However, Rob found that one in Stephanie’s closet, labeled “rags to wipe Rover off with”.

    You are a genius, girl!!!

    • I’ve come to a realization, that it doesn’t matter what he is wearing. They will just end up on the floor, anyway, if I had my way with him…

  48. I used to like clean guys with nice clothes and good haircuts… then Rob came along and now the rest of the guys look like they try too much with their elaborate hairdos or designer clothes. I like dirty and misbuttoned and drunk Rob now.

  49. Didn’t have time yesterday to read LTR. Reading today and I needed some serious laughs. And you delivered. Thanks!

    Today, I’m like Jimmy Fallon’s Robert Pattinson and I’m BOTHERED!

    Glad it’s Friday!

  50. […] gave his costars personalized shiteous Nike’s for Xmas or this is a not-so-silent plea for GQ to name you their number 1 Best Dressed Male in 2011. Well played friend, well […]

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