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The Rules of being Robsten, Nonsten and Don’t Give a Crapsten

Dear Rob,

The other day I was asked by a friend to explain why some fans hate on Kristen Stewart so much and I was forced to tell him (yes, him) that the hate stems from three places and those being Robsten, Nonsten and Don’t Give a Crapsten and well to say I felt a bit stupid after writing all this out would be an understatement. So to help further my idiocy I’ve decided to let you in my email diatribe and see what it’s like for us here in the struggle (aka bloggers and fans of yours).

From    Crazy Guy <>
To          Moon <>
Date     Dec 24, 1973 at 5:53 PM
Subject    Re: seriously, you don’t want to know about this stuff!

ok settle in. so there’s two (well three) sides to this asinine story.

Robsten love lives yall

First we have…

Robsten – These are the people who believe that Rob and KStew are either together or should be. Robsteners are almost always huge kstew fans as well as super (read almost obsessively) interested in the supposed love life of two people they’ve never met. They think they’re “meant to be” but are pulled apart or told to keep their love hidden by secret unseen forces aka the big bad movie studio who they’ve turned into the villian along with the media, their management, paparazzi and anyone who opposes their opinion. They are crazy.*

Now a Robsteners mortal enemy is…

Loud and proud!

Nonsten– these are people who don’t believe that either Rob and Kristen are together or that they should be together. They’re  “just friends” who may or may not be friends with benefits. These people believe Robsteners are crazy house wives who are bored with their lives so they project what they wish they had (a real life Bella and Edward relationship) onto Rob and KStew. They believe Robsteners will stop at nothing to have them together whether that means making up stuff or reading way into stuff like pictures and interviews. Nonsteners are often called single, loser, overweight cat ladies who think Rob will fall in love with them, by Robsteners. They are crazy.*

Follow the cut and read everything before you get your pitchforks out

seriously they so (don't) care!

Now the third and far less vocal group were dubbed by us:

Don’t give a Crapsten/fucksten – cause whether Rob and Kristen are together or not it doesn’t matter or affect these people. Or that’s what the say. They try to claim that they don’t care but secretly they care just as much as Robsteners and Nonsteners they’re just far less vocal. They are only slightly less crazy.*

While all of them are batshit crazy the most fireworks comes from the Robsteners (especially the KStew lovers) and Nonsteners. Pitting them against each other is a sure fire way for all HALE to break loose.

So yea… that’s about it. You’ve now been schooled in the ways of the fandom.

Do you hear that sound? Its the sound of your brain cells dying.

Not choosing sides!

*We’re ALL crazy, I don’t discriminate!*

So what do you think? Is this a pretty fair assessment? Have you ever had to explain this to anyone? Do you not fall into that sterotype? Do you want to get your pitchfork still?

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  1. “Batshit crazy”

    Yep. I’m don’t give a crap sten. I think…

    • I was only made aware that there even were Robsten websites, I think it was last week…I can’t believe it and I still laugh at them LOl…*they ARE crazy.

      I think I fall some where between I don’t give a crapsten and nonsten…I like nonsten becuase I want Rob for myself. *I am crazy too.

      but MAINLY as someone here who so wittingly put it, I really like: he’sstillnotfuckingmesten….*so normal and not crazy one bit.

  2. As I hate categories AT ALL… I change my ideas every day…..

    one day I care…
    one day I don’t care…
    one day I like to think that I’m cool
    aka……… I like the idea to be able to handle well EVERY Rob/Kristen situation…………

    most of the days I wish…..HE could me MINE….!
    Not normal that!

    • me mine???
      hello Freudian slip!

      BE MINE…………..oh my….

    • My thoughts exactly. That’s definitely me too. And you said it so well!


    • Robgirl, that’s me in a nutshell. I oscilate between the categories on a daily basis. First an foremost I WANT him to be happy. But lately when he’s around her he seems to take on more of her persona. (the aloofness, glaring at fans…) I listened to “Shoe girl’s” interview (I fought the urge for as long as I could) she said that Kristen was very sarcastic to her and Rob didn’t say anything. I realize that this wasn’t a meeting either one of them was probably happy about but, come on a little girl. You couldn’t say something nice to a little girl? That’s not the Rob I love. When they’re apart like they were for part the NM press junket Rob seemed to be really enjoying his fame. He smiled, laughed and the interviews were as wonderful as I’d hoped they’d be. He interacted with his fans and everyone seemed to have a good time. I’m afraid he changes his persona to be more like her when they’re together and that’s not good for anyone.

      Plus, I really, really want him so I might be a tad jaded. INSANE?

      • I read something like “she’s wearing the pants of the two” (HB)

        • I can believe that ;-). She seems like a very strong-willed person.

          • “strong-willed person” is a very nice way to put it… 😉
            I’m sure she is… amongst other things… :-))

        • Rob, Please dont be like Brad Pitt, he changes himself for his girl. Go back in time to when he dated Juliette Lewis and skim through the years. BLECH.

          I agree, Rob seems happier and relaxed in his interviews.

          • Rob, if you have to change your personality to be with someone then it’s not meant to be! We love you because of your personality and that you’re beautiful inside AND out.
            Please don’t change.

            I don’t know how many friends I’ve lost because they completley changed to be with someone. The relationship almost never lasted and our friendship became strained at best or just ended completely.
            I don’t want to have to “break up” with Rob because he doesn’t stay true to who he really is.

          • He looked so damn good this year. Relaxed, happy and beautiful!! Yummy

      • where is that interview?? i heard an interview with the shoe girl but she didnt say much, only that they were with a group of friends. Can you post the link or tell me where i can hear it?

        • Harpers B…if I remember well

        • thr full interview is up on robsessed and the shoe girl says “you’re kristen stewart” and shoe girl says that kristen says ” something like no shit, like i didnt know that” I was at first surprised how sarcastic she is but yeah, that is kristen. I think rob likes how he feels intimidated by her and how kristen acts all pissed off and bored all the time…even down to the way she dresses……I am sure that they are together but good god they sure dont seem very romantic do they??..i dont like kristen’s personality,she tries to act like she is a bitch! and oh “Im such a serious actress” crap…she can be insufferable and i dont suffer fools gladly..the best thing about the robstens is how they just swoon over kristen it is hysterical how they find her so refreshing! and intelligent!
          rob however is 23 years old and he has been crushing on her for a damn long time and he obviously likes her “i have no friends, take me as i am, I dont give a crap’ personality so let them just enjoy whatever they are doing…

      • Christa64c~

        Your avatar is like the best Rob pic ever. Damn that boy looks sexy from the side. Goo.

    • I’m idontgiveacrapsten but Moon summed it up well :-). I do care, a little bit but I don’t care enough to voice my opinion most of the time.

      Btw is that you now on your avi?

    • I am totes with you on all of that.

      • Team MEsten!!!

    • im like you robgirl i vacillate all the time. i cant ever decide what i think about them.

      • It depends on Rob’s hair.

        If it’s greasy and too long I’m Robsten and KStew can have him.

        If it’s freshly washed and fluffy and product free and a little “slept over” on the left side, I’m I don’t give a Crapsten and… meh….. I don’t care.

        If it’s red carpet or movie “bouffant” / rock star hair, I’m completely Nonsten and I want him for my self.

        • I honestly feel that way about his hair sometimes too. The bouffant for the win!!!

  3. I think I’m a minority here….I like KStew & hope her & Robalicious are very happy, if they like each other. Controversial…

    I don’t wish he could be mine – I’d look like his ugly Granny standing next to him….she looks like she fits.

    Yours expecting to hear the screaming from here….

    • HaHa! His ugly ol’ granny! Surely not beakerj!

      I think I maybe would look like his hot young looking mom? Nah…

      Or his sexy cougar f*uck buddy? Yeah, that’s it!


  4. My brain cells may be dead now but that doesn’t matter because i have to go to school now and try to avoid my science teacher yelling at me because i didn’t do my lab. (american idol was on, you think i wanna do my lab report?)

    • idol or lab… hmmm tough choice

  5. You think Rob’s thinking about us –
    ” It’s ridiculous, how you regard me” when he reads this site (and others) after he “googles” himself?

    • I was actually wondering this the other day. I bet he secretly enjoys it..

      • I secretly enjoy it…

        • me – not so secret

    • I bet he likes it…I bet he has this site bookmarked :-).

    • wait, you didn’t know? he visits this site daily! he’s actually the guy friend i was telling about this whole debacle and he actually answers his own mail. we’ve been lying all along!


      • he visits this site daily….. was all I read…..
        BUT if not daily …surely on a regular basis
        curious the guy
        of the funny
        and the intelligent!
        for sure!
        Thx MOON for your daily eff eff!

      • Moon & UC you have to do some stalking research in your stats, see if you have some visits from places he’s supposed to be. Like Ventnor, London…. And if the stats correspond to someone’s staying in that place… bingo.

  6. Now this is one philosophical subject.
    What about the “I know they’re together but I’d rather he were single so I can bump into drunk available Rob in a dark alley between the dumpster and a dingy pub” ones. But then I remember I’m cool and I shouldn’t give a crapsten and enjoy my life until I bump into him in a dark alley….
    Rob I’ll make you a deal. I’ll be OK with your girlfriend, just come out and play. With me.

    • and me!

      I like your category!
      It fits it all!

      • told you so. things are so complex in the fandom 🙂

        • Yes! There are sooo many philosophical subjects…..
          one is 1,85m tall, lanky and beautiful inside and outside..
          MY Favourite subject at ALL!

          • Translation: 6’1 🙂

          • SB thanks for the translation…. you know I’m going MAD about the measures things….

    • I am so a member of your category also. 😀

    • miuit,
      that was like poetry. you have perfectly voiced my thoughts. i think they’re together but if hesnotshaggin’meidontcarewhohesshaggin’. hell, i’ll even to pretend to be a robsten if he’ll give me 5 minutes by the dumpster. i wont even ask to cuddle afterwards.

    • I also like this category. It’s my Happy Place.

      Call me up
      We’ll hang out
      I’m down for whatever.

    • I’m definitley a member of your category LMAO!

    • OK I’ll go with your flow here. Sounds very promising Minuit! Good idea!

      He can be w/ Kristen but he can still play around…with us(me).

    • high five to minute passe. i also love that hair in your icon i want it. cut off all my hair and go hella awesome with that.

      • Moon, I’m fangirling over you esp. since that Lwanda Frasier public reading.

    • people, thanks for sharing my ridiculous “normality”. not sure that helps me get better though.

  7. Hear, hear!

    • oops. that was supposed to be a reply to minuit.

  8. I am like Robgirl 86. My opinion changes with “my cycle”. LOL

    “he’sstillnotfuckingmesten” is more my speed.

    Right now, because of the recent pics that have been surfacing lately, I am hoping that they are happy together.

    I will admit though that I don’t want to see much more than hand holding. Watching them kiss on screen is more than enough for me. I wish that the paps would leave them alone.

  9. I’m a ‘Don’t Give a Crapsten and I Like Both KStew and Rob a Lot (seperately) But I Have To Admit I Do Get a Pang of Fangirl Jealousy When I See Them Together’-Sten

    • True. But it’d be a crime against humanity if he did not get laid. I much prefer Stewy over certain other LA residents.

      • Oh I completely agree with you!!!!

      • im an LA resident!!!!!!!!!!! me me me!!

        • yeah, but
          Have you huge breast implants?
          Are you a Heidi Montag kinda girl?
          Are you ridiculously sun tanned?
          Is Twilight the only book you read?
          Do you do that stupid laugh when you don’t understand jokes that require a normal QI?
          Would you date Zac Eff?
          bla bla… you get the picture…I might have exagerated (a lot) some of the cliches we have here…
          so NOT you!!!
          and from time to time, I’d love to be a LA resident.

          • sui …per favore ….forzati! Il sole e bello!
            the sun is fine there

          • Robgirl, are u talking about what I think you’re talking about? 🙂 I said “fake”.

          • I was talking about the sun in LA and the lonelyness….lol

          • Minuit passe, I’m going to brag now:
            I’ve seen Moon in person and her RL name is Bunny (or is it Noreen?) and she lives in Playboy mansion and all your Q could be answered: YES – she is all that and then some more.


  10. Yup, we’re all crazy. That’s why we’re here.

    • no, we are “normal” according to our standards! lol

      • Normal and batshit crazy :-).

        • I am totally ok with being labelled crazy for the sake of RobPorn.

          • Hahah, me too. We’re all crazy. Honestly but we don’t need any help.

  11. See, I think the levels of Robsten, Nonsten, or don’t give a Fucksten is kind of like the stages of accepting death….First stage: Nonsten-This is the stage where you are filled with a deep rage/sadness/denial. You are conflicted because the Stew is a hot piece of ass, but Rob is your bangable dream. You feel that YOU are the only one that should be giving him blow jobs behind dumpsters, or screwing him in a smoke filled, Hot Pocket smelling hotel room. NO ONE-even the Stew-should be touching that hot piece of ass, otherwise known as Rob.
    Second Stage: Robsten-This is defeat and/or acceptance is beginning to settle in. You figure that if anyone is getting poked by Rob, it might as well be the Stew. You see how compatible they are in their flannel attire, and *slightly* greasy ‘do’s. You sigh and think to yourself, “Well, if he’s not banging me, he’s banging spam. And I guess it should be Stew spam.”
    Third and Final Stage: I don’t give a Fucksten. This is where you realize that you are almost thirty years old, have a husband, and will never get any closer to Rob, other than smooching the t.v. screen (wait, what??) when Rob makes an appearance. You realize how stupid the whole Robsten/Nonsten sit. is, and accept the fact that pretending that your DH is Rob while you are banging, and accidentally calling out “Robward” during said banging, isn’t so bad.

    So there you have it. I don’t give a Fucksten. But if I do ever meet Rob, you can guarantee that I will be like “P-shaw. KStew who??” and so him the light of mullet-less sex.

    The End.

    • OMG, lolllll…

      “will never get any closer to Rob, other than smooching the t.v. screen”

      • Heehee 🙂 Is it still funny if it’s true? Yeah it is. 😉

    • Well said Sharpie!

      • Thanks Cazza! I try to rationalize my own craziness at times…

    • Third and Final Stage: I don’t give a Fucksten. This is where you realize that you are almost thirty years old, have a husband, and will never get any closer to Rob, other than smooching the t.v. screen (wait, what??) when Rob makes an appearance.

      Ditto & Lmao!

      • DH: “Mrs. Sharpie…why are they smudges on the t.v. screen?”
        Me: “Uhmmmmmmmmmm…..Quick! Look at my boobs!” Pink glossy smudges on the screen? Forgotten. 😉

        • DH: wassisname is on…Robert Pantyson. He’snot a good actor is he? I heard he’s more a model than actor.
          ME: *hyperventilates then covers it up* yeh, hum, whsts that, no he’s not the best actor.*phwoarr*

          • LMAO-I get the, “Look, it’s that lame ass vampire boy.” I actually dragged him to see NM, and he declared himself Team Jacob just to piss me off. Apparently may pointing out his incredible jaw line wasn’t enough to sway him “to the other side”.

    • Sharpie The Wise. You’re like Gandalf from LOTR. He’s been through it all and came back to enlighten the rest. You speak words of wisdom, honestly.

      • Gizmo-I am SNORTING at my desk right now because I am laughing so freaking hard!! I’m glad someone finally recognized just how insightful I can be! Do I get to wear a wizard hat to show all that I am awesome sauce? Or am I getting him confused with Dumbledore? Either way-Thank you. 😉

        • Um, Dumbledore wore a hat, actually. But he was also wise, so you can have his hat and Gandalf’s cane. Wisdom united. How’s that? 🙂

          • Perfect. 🙂 I was also thinking about getting a t-shirt made that says, “I Am Wise”. I think the t-shirt and the hat will really get the message out…that apparently I am a nut-o.

          • See? You just keep proving your wisdom. The t-shirt and the hat will make a statement AND disguise the fact that your particular area of expertise is Rob’s love life philosophy!

          • My God, I AM amazing!! And YOU, gizmo, are equally as amazing for pointing out my amazingness. You my friend, are what I like to call “on the ball!” (Although I would rather be on Rob’s balls).

    • OMG you hit it right on the spot. I am dying laughing and my co-workers are giving me a very ODD look right now. LOLOLOLOL

      • I know the feeling (and the looks!) Gizmo just called me Gandolf and I am laughing at my desk looking like an idiot. But I find the odd looks worth it. 🙂

    • this is HILARIOUS!! “like stages of death”.
      Here’s the tweaked Crazy-Fandom version of the Kublar-Ross 5 stages of Death Theory:

      Denial: they are NOT together!!!!

      Anger: OKAY!!! FINE!!! They are together!…and I am not happy about it!

      Bargaining: Please, just give me 5 minutes by the dumpster and I promise I will become a Robsten fan if that’s what it takes!

      Depression-I know I will never get my chance with Rob 😦 The only thing getting lucky by the dumpster is that stray dog who just found his next meal.

      Acceptance-okay, i get to lick my TV screen and think about Rob while doing my husband! And afterall, my sexlife has become very hot and increased 10fold in the past year! Thats not so bad!! Okay Rob, I’ll let you have whomever you choose and become an Idontgiveacrapsten…just for you!

      so there you have it, 5 stages from nonsten to idontgiveacrapsten.

      • LOL-I have embraced my craziness, therefore I believe, makes me a *little* less crazy. But still adorable. 😀

        • it’s all “normal”.
          i swear to you, this site brings out this alter-ego of mine. people who actually know me would NEVER believe its me based on the things i say on here.

          • me too!!! honestly, all of my RL friends have NO IDEA what a weirdo i really am when it comes to Rob. i prefer to let all my crazy hang out here where i can blend in with all of the other crazies…and laugh my ass off, because i find you all incredibly funny and entertaining. ya’ll kind of make my day. 🙂

      • I’ve been through every one of these stages. Having a little trouble with the acceptance stage. But that’s what LTR is for, right?

        • yes. and remember. it is completely NORMAL. 🙂

    • Sharpie – I’m with you and I don’t give a Fucksten. I’m not sure I ever did. And yes of course it’s still hilar – especially when it’s true.

      • word. Fuckstener’s, unite!! 🙂 wait…that didn’t come out right….Pbbbbttt…you know what i mean! 😉

    • Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Nuff said. I, however, recommend smooching Rob on the laptop instead, flatscreens get so HOT! (Not that I would know this from experience or anything..) 😉

      • i shall try the said smooching of the laptop screen for optimal hotness. however-however-i will have to restrain myself and wait until i get home from work. i already get enough oddball stares from people here. 😉

    • i feel like i’ve been through this 3 step program… hi my name is moon and im a robaholic…

      • hi moon!! *says everyone from LTR collectively* welcome to club crazy! (but we like to think of ourselves as “normal”)

  12. I’m married, thin, don’t think I’m a loser(a matter of opinion, I suppose) love dogs and am proudly Nonsten. Am I crazy? Also a matter of opinion, although I tend to lean towards yes.

    I don’t have a problem with someone having a different opinion-what gets me is thinking your opinion is the ONLY one and the RIGHT one and getting nasty with anyone who disagrees. You know what they say about opinions, right? So let’s just agree to disagree on the are they/aren’t they question and agree that we are all crazy.In the best possible way.

    Nonsten forever!

  13. If they are together, good on them. Let’s face it, they are a good looking couple and I have warmed to KS, she is one pretty girl with a *don’t give a shit attitude* which I like.

    After reading Sharpie’s post today, I fall into the married & 30’s age group. Am I ever going to bang Rob behind said dumpster? NO. Do I think about him when in marital lair? Absofuckinlutely 🙂


    • “marital lair” sounds so devious! i like

  14. I’m totes Nonsten, and totes crazy.

  15. I’m Robsten and despite my screenname I like to think I’m not crazy. I think they’re cute together, but I won’t be crushed when it ends. They seem comfortable and happy with each other and at the very least are very close friends.

    They’re just so hobolicious how could you not love them. And if by some hollywood miracle they do make it which they won’t they’ve already got a title for the made for TV movie that will chronicle their lives: Robsten: A Hobolicious Love Story

    • you’d be alright if they ended… thats where the similarities between you and some robsteners end… good on you!

  16. well, to be honest, i do think they are together, i really, really like kstew as a realy cool, refreshingly smart and pretty chick who brings something honest in acting (although i haven’t watched all of her movies and such), but i don’t think they’re edward and bella, i don’t project on them and i don’t think they should marry tomorrow and that they would, save for the unseen forces.
    yes, i do think they match and i’d be glad to see them last, and i do think they are cute.
    what drives me nuts in all this: nonsten-robsten arguments/borderline hate/harsh insults-really, some people, from both sides….you’d think their family’s lives depends on the fact did they or didn’t they hold hands and they won’t stop at nothing until whole words admits they are/aren’t together; the amount of hate towards kstew (and i don’t mean joking, i mean:petty)-i understand those who don’t like her acting, but the “she played with j. foster, and she’s not too girlie, so she’s gay” and such…it just makes me sad to see, usually women, attacking a girl of 19 years just bc she’s with object of their affection (or just-different). i thought that women all over the wold had more class.

    • I can sense a harcore Robsten trying to act normal…

      Just kidding 🙂

      Me? I really don’t give a crap. I don’t even give a crap about the fact that people actually fight over this. People who tend to be crazy, will at some point be crazy. So I’m just happy that it’s manifested this way instead of torturing puppies.

      …But if I HAD to give a crap (I’m not saying I do, this is hypothetical) I would say they are. Just looking at the facts here. Hypothetically, of course.


      • hardcore*

        damn, I hate it when I misspell!

      • moaninmymouth-love your name!! made me LOL.

        • Can you tell where it’s from?

          Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s from Wide Awake. Angstgoddess used the moaning-in-each-other’s-mouths description quite a bit and I just thought it was uber-sexy 🙂
          That’s just one way fanfic has enriched my life.

          And thanks! 😉

          • WA was my first fanfic!! Totally agree with the sexiness!! I’ll have to try it out with my husband…for some reason i dont foresee it being as sexy with him as it is with dark edward. But, as described in the 5th stage of death as described in the above posts: “acceptance” that i’ll have to live out my rob fantasies with my husband instead of the “real deal”

          • Mine was too, usualnurse. WA is the mother of all fanfics.

            And yeah, doing that with your hubby probably won’t be as hot as expected.
            He’ll probably be like “um, why are you breathing in my mouth?” Fail. But I might still try it though, just for the fun of it 🙂

    • I thought that we at the LTR/LTT like attacking 13 year old’s with shoes on their shirts, more than 19 year olds. No?

      • We just hurl the shoes, who knows where they land…? 🙂
        Cause we’re craaaaazyyy!

      • we’re definitely after any and all 13 yr old girls! no one takes a picture with rob and gets away with it!

    • Why did you get so many thumbs down? Am I missing something here?

      • I’m not sure – maybe because she expressed herself in a positive way about KStew? Some people apparently get an allergic rash just from being exposed to any such comment. The thumbs-down could be the effect of uncontrollable allergic twitching at the computer…

        • I’ll admit I gave a thumbs down, but it wasn’t for the content. I actually agree with periperi (but only if I can do that without losing my don’t give a Crapsten status 😛 )
          It was because her refusal to use punctuation or capital letters reminded me too much of the coockoo letters Moon and UC keep getting.

          Nothing personal.

          • I’m concerned about losing my dont give a crapsten status too because I replied to her second post without reading the first! When I read it I thought “now I sound robsten”.

            Nothing personal on my part either.

          • ugh, oh, that’s my annoying habit of being an actual grammar-obsessive in my language:i get freakishly lazy on net. sometimes i cringe at my own words, and sometimes i just….enjoy the freedom of pretending i don’t care. 😉

    • We think she is gay. It is not an attack. It is not because she is with the object of our affection. She IS the object of our affection. And we think she is gay.

      After typing this, I realized it is a response to a REALLY old post, but I’m going to post it anyway.

  17. At first I was Nonsten, then I was Robsten and now I am ‘I am tired of all this and don’t give a crapsten’… because seriously: I don’t care about that anymore. It’s waaay to stressful being a Robsten. Always reading too much into interviews or pictures. Making list about why they are together and most of all defending urself from the Nonsteners… HAHAHAH

    So yeah I am proudly a ‘I am too tired of all this and don’t give a crapsten’

    • I like, “it’s waaay to stressful being a Robsten.”

      Personally, I think all of the categories are stressful…because:

      Robsten = I’m kinda pathetic
      Nonsten = I’m very unattractive and desperate
      Don’t give a crapsten = basically dishonest about my feelings

      • Bwahahahah!!!!!! That’s funny! So what are you?

        • I’m too cool to care (but seriously do).

          I wish I could make Rob’s “gardenburger” face over this comment, because that’s how I feel.

          • And I feel pathetic for knowing what you mean by Rob’s gardenburger comment.

  18. I jump back and forth from “I don’t give a fuck” to “Awwwww… Imagine their babies!”

    I think it’s called being female.

    • Wow… Thats a whole new way of thinking about it…
      ‘Being female’ huh? Now that’s a group lots of us would join I guess…

      • That was precisely my point.


      • I just checked myself for junk. Nope. Nothing there. Sign me up!

        • No junk here! *signs up*

    • Awwww…I’m with you 🙂 I don’t really seek their status but if I see a cute photo of them together looking at each other or smt, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Can’t control the feeling, must be a female thing.

      • You wrote exactly what I think…

    • Little angsty chainsmoking drunk little plaidwrapped gifts from heaven! My ovaries are singing the blues!

      • Can you imagine all of the plaid baby blankets? Aww…

        • And the thrift store gift registry.

          • Baby bottles of Heiniken?

    • you called it being female. i told a guy i guess it’s just “human nature” (sing it MJ) cause who doesnt have negative feelings towards the person who ends up with some they like? or maybe i’m just a jealous biotch.

      • You’re definitly not moonie!!!
        But I think (and correct me if I am wrong) that women are more jealous when it comes to their ‘Superstar’ having a girlfriend; I think men would never admit a feeling like that.

      • LOL. I have a tendency to be a jealous beotch too when it comes to Rob.

  19. Moon, that’s pretty much the most brilliant analysis/summary of The Relationship that I’ve seen.

    The fact that you
    a) know this stuff
    b) typed this stuff
    c) did it despite feeling stupid

    Is epic win.

    However, I always thought that you hated Kristen because of The Mullet, which presumably is it’s own category.

    • i cant hate on a hairdo. it’s a hairdo after all. i can find other reasons to not like her that are much better! 😉

      and i cant choose a side anymore cause they’re worn my down to bad i just cant bring myself to care about them. i like rob for the most part and some times i like kristen. and thats where it ends.

      • Aww, Moon you sound jaded.
        That’s just cruhazy!
        I concur, though. I never said I was sane.

  20. oh, and i forgot one thing:that if i say that i think they are together, and probably have feelings for each other-i’m labeled as batshit crazy. i’m 23, i do have a life, college, boyfriend, friends, family and i don’t live in trailorpark (or however it is called). 😉
    and i too, laugh at tammy o. 😉

    • Honestly periperi, I think they’re together too. And I’m batshit crazy alright.

      Also, I’m all the things you said except that I’m 38 and married to my boyfriend.

      • You are married to your bf? Love that! Me, too!

        • Yeah, I am. And I still think of him that way after all this time. And he’s a real sweetheart for not saying much about my Robsession! LOL.

          • My DH is the same way but I do try not to put Robporn in his face…

      • No, I definitely don’t put Robporn in his face but he sees it occasionally. He probably has no idea about the extent of my Robsession. LOL. For the most part he, as I put it in a post the other day, doesn’t care who I drool over as long as he’s getting some! LOL. Plus, I think he may have his own little obsessions and I dont mind…

        • He has a thing for Queen Latifah and that I can’t even begin to understand….

          • Really? So does my DH. I also think Queen Latifah is pretty :-).

        • tupelohoney – my hubby said something profound yesterday.

          Me: I saw Harry Potter GOP last night(he wasn’t home, he works nights)
          Hubby: Yeah, oh what let me guess, Robert whatever is in it. *rolls eyes*
          Me: Yes of course!
          Hubby: Pauses. That was from years ago, you didn’t even know he existed!
          Me: Yeah….so what’s your point?
          Hubby: Life was so much easier before you saw him. You don’t even like Harry Potter. Now everything is so complex!

          I don’t flaunt the robporn but he has seen them by accident. It made him irritated and jealous! LOL.

          • “Me: Yeah….so what’s your point?
            Hubby: Life was so much easier before you saw him. You don’t even like Harry Potter. Now everything is so complex! ”


    • There a big difference in between ‘thinking they are together, but not really liking it’, ‘thinking they are together and finding it nice that they are both happy’ and ‘needing them to be together as if they’re each other’s oxygen’.

      If you’re in 1, you’re ‘fat and ugly’ 2. You’re ‘normal’ 3. You’re TammyO.
      As long as you’re in 1 or 2 you have nothing to worry about. 😉

      • Alice,

        I’m normal then? Good. I was getting concerned….

  21. Since I have a cat, I must be one of those Nonsten folks. But your definition doesn’t specify whether the Nonstens love or hate KStew. So, I’m confused. I have a cat, I pretend KStew doesn’t exist, I would prefer if Rob banged someone else. So where does that leave me?

    • Gizmo –

      I am confused too. . . As I have cats, so that would make me Nonsten. But I have kids and I live in a house, plus I am a wife, so that would make me the crazy Robsten, trying to fill a sexual void one “supposedly” loses once they get married or older (whichever comes first). However, I also own dogs, so where does that leave me. Help! I am having an identity crisis.

      • Yes, this is ridiculous. I demand a clarification. Or at least subcategories based on which pets we keep. We must know our place in the twi-world!


        PS Please make it colorful and add glitter. kthxbye

    • I have a cat and dog. I guess that leaves me all effed up.

      PS I like to make UC drunk when she comes to visit me, does that have a category?

      • Janetrigs, continuing the pet thread, you would be a combination of catshit- or dogshit-crazy, based on your pet situation. (I don’t know how they rank, but they must both be better than batshit-crazy!)
        But based on your propensity to make UC drunk, that would place you in the Super-Understanding Earth Mother cathegory – the kind of woman friend we all need, and would like to come visit! 🙂

    • Hm, tough question. How about you are only “catshit-crazy” then? No offense, I like cats! 🙂

      • Non taken. I actually like this – “catshit-crazy”. I am so far gone…

    • as sweeping generalizations go most nonstens would probably HATE kstew.

      but of course this is all a vast generalization so remember that!

      • See? This is why we need subcategories. I don’t hate her, it’s a passionate emotion that I refuse to give in when it comes to HER – the chick who’s banging our man.

  22. BTW does anyone bother kinda summin’ up the whole TammyO situation? Because I think I missed that. Got some stuff here and there but still…

    • Yeah, me too. I haven’t been here very long so I don’t really understand the references to TammyO.

    • oh she was for realz a bat shit crazy girl, that was a hardcore Robsten. She told us that we were the devil and that we were all going to hell. She also mentioned that WE are crazy and delusional to think that Rob would want any of us….like I said before, we are all so normal to think that he WOULD!!!! but it was certainly really funny to read her posts…lmao

      • ok now that sounds like a lot of fun (for us). Must have been really funny reading those comments. Well I am heading of to read them.

      • she’s who the “single, delusional fat freaks” idea came from.

        We have her to thank!

    • Go back to some old posts I think from June in LTR and LTT. I think there were also some in May of last year. Unless of course her comments were deleted ;-).

      • Oh so that was exactly the time where I was on vacation and hardly managed to keep on coming to LTR every day…
        But I’ll most definitly search for that now… hihihihi

        • Bleriana, go back and read all the posts from 12/09 (obv., I don’t have a life)…it’s totes worth it.

          Just a suggestion, but do keep in mind that I’m crazy.

        • There was a post and a pic of Kris and Rob coming out of a concert and going into a cab. TammyO posted a lot that day. Check it out. I can’t remember the exact date but pretty sure it was May or June 2009. HTH

  23. TEAM :


  24. *We’re ALL crazy, I don’t discriminate!*

    Touche’ my friend, Touche’.

  25. Great post Moon. You did however, fail to mention that some of the more EXTREME NONSTENS DESPISE KSTEW and WISH HER A PAINFUL DEATH! And that some of the very EXTREME ROBSTENS hate to see Rob in any film with ANY OTHER FEMALE CO-STAR and wish DEATH UPON SAID COSTAR or on ROB HIMSELF if he is seen with another woman!

    For those who are interested, said crazies from each side of this ridiculously petty demonstration of “why women will never run the world because the world would end in a day if we did” can be found at and ted casablanca’s awful truth board.

    As for me personally, I lean towards “whatever makes Rob happy.” If thats KSTEW then so be it. I like them both.

    • And those extremists are why Rob and Kristen do not want to have their private relationship made public. You would be afraid, very afraid, too, if people you don’t know promised violent acts based on who you were seeing or not seeing!

      • I’m laughing here because said extremists -such a serious connotation- are mostly (pre)teens, but you’re right.
        And speaking of creepiness, do you remember the guy who asked Kristen if she had a flu shot? It’s a completely different story, I couldn’t stop laughing from the comfort of my couch, but if I were her, I would have hired someone to see what’s the deal with the freak. He looked like living in the basement surrounded by portraits of her’s.

        • the lovely ladies *sarcasm* at and some of the “regs” on the Awful Truth Board are WOMEN IN THEIR 30’s and 40’s. Sad cause they should all know better than to cyberbully each other like a bunch of pre-teens.

        • I freaked out because Rob KNEW that she had the shot and Taylor NOT!!!

          • I guess Rob is stalking her. Who knew?

        • the flu shot guy was probably a set-up by the show i am sure they pre-screened all the “guests” that asked a question…

      • Yeah there were rumors (take with grain of salt as per usual), that KStew got some death threats and all that. After seeing that video when they were leaving Bobby’s concert in VanCity and that girl called her a bitch and after that video when those crazies attacked Rob in NYC and told him to “not date Kristen, date me!!” I kinda find it easy to believe that she has been threatened. Poor Rob if its true. Who would want to be his co-star if they get death threats at the suggestion that they are friends…or more? I pity the girl who he actually SAYS is his girlfriend..Kstew or whoever. She will have a shitstorm thrown at her from all sides. Women are so mean to each other its ridiculous.

    • RS007 – SOOOO true

      “For those who are interested, said crazies from each side of this ridiculously petty demonstration of “why women will never run the world because the world would end in a day if we did” can be found at and ted casablanca’s awful truth board.”


    • Actually, I don’t think you know WTF you’re talking about. I’m a member of the board and not one of us has EVER wished KSpew a painful death. Ever. I challenge you to find one single time on our board where this has happened. Some of our members are Kristen fans, some are not, and some don’t care about her one way or the other.

      I’m definitely Nonsten, but really it doesn’t affect my daily life. I’m not a Kristen fan. I am a Rob fan. If they came out tomorrow and said they were in tru wuv, I’d still be a fan of Rob, albeit a slightly disappointed one.

  26. i don’t give a crapsten as long as Rob is happy but he could do better than the mullet.

    • I could care less too, I just want him to be happy. All I can say is that if you look at the pictures they take together especially the New Moon press tour last November, their glances and posture give them away. They are at least fu*cking.

      Just sayin.

      I kinda think he could do better than the mullet too, but he seems to really like her.

  27. He’s not shagging me so I don’t care who he shags. Idontgiveacrapsten. I really like your explanation though Moon.

    I’m sort of a Kristen fan so I guess I’m not fitting completely to the idontgiveacrapsten mold.

    So far I’ve only had to explain this nonsense to 1 person who happened to be a new Robert/Twilight fan. She was so amazed. Wow! 🙂 I felt like such a great teacher! After explaining it to her I guess she decided she was a nonsten.

    I really, really like Rob and dream of meeting him someday(in some cafe or bookstore) but my chances are so slim to nothing, I need to be realistic. I don’t mind him and Kristen together, not that I have any say in his personal life anyway. They look cute together.

    • haha…good girl, but…
      …they look cute…. separately TOO!!

      • Yes I do like them separately as well.

  28. I’m married, have a cat, a full, real life, and am extremely hot. (without makeup, spanx, and manicures!). Have never, ever cared about this issue. Srsly, I’m only in this for the Rob porn. Oh, and I am certifiably insane. 😉

    • “Srsly, I’m only in this for the Rob porn.”

      That was great. Kuddos.

    • ‘Srsly, I’m only in this for the Rob porn.’

      I like you!

    • Yes! Thank you! I am also a proud member of Team Only Here to Ogle.

    • #TeamOnlyHereToOgle


    • YOu sound like my kind of people.

    • whyamidoingthis, you might be my new hero!!

      “im just in this for the rob porn”


      • I see that I am in most excellent company here.
        Rob porn and dumpster dreams for all!

  29. I think the people who do not know or care about anything Rob related are the TRUE crazy ones!

  30. Well WhatEVER….

    We can always hope for when they “go on a break”

  31. Just hoped out of lurkdom .. couldn’t help myself
    I accept being crazy for being a twiFan but can/will not clasify myself in those mentioned categories –
    Its just that I don’t think these two suite at all and also I do not LIKE Kristen (yes I said it!) I don’t like her attitude ( regardless of her age) who said 19 year olds are incapable of a little sweetness? she is too dry, seems too difficult to please, can dominate a boyfriend’s life so much so that there is no space to breath cause she seem to have no friends of her own. I woul hate it if such a girl were banging my brother or whatever, cause she would hog all his time living no space for family time (I know this is crazy – but am a twiFan so there is my excuse!).

    All the same if Rob is happy then all is good but I hope that they both find their respective suitable partners in the near future –

    Uhu! that maybe makes me half nonsten – sh$t you can’t avoid these things.

    • I like how you get a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Ha! Oh and Hi!

    • I like that you said Kristen has no friends of her own. Truth!

    • you seirously cant get away from it. you can try to avoid but you’ll always have an opinion! 😉

    • ” she is too dry, seems too difficult to please, ” that there is why i think i’d really side with nonsten she just seems sulky and bristly all the time, i can’t imagine him wanting to be with someone like that he comes across as so laid back and good natured.

      but them when i stumble upon those you tube robsten videos (hey its been slow on the rob news front in the last month) and it does look like they are totally into each other and that she makes him happy.

      so i don’t know…

  32. I’m just going to put it all on the line here and declare myself Team PoochiRobWard.
    Because, if I’m really truly honest with myself, I fell in love with the 107-year-old, perfect, gentlemanly, sweet-smelling, dazzling, marble-chested, airbrush-perfect ab version of Rob.
    I already have a plaid-wearing, beer-guzzling, “hey-look-at-the free-hat-I-got-at-the-Yanks-game” wearing, hot-pocket-eating man.
    Bring on the fictional characters and brilliant casting (and jawporn). Mama wants the dream.

  33. I’m still shipping Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, but she’s a ho and did that movie with The Rock.

    • I am a VixB & ManBangs shipper, true and true! #VixBangsLIVES

    • OMGGGGGGGGGGGG allryans. KILLED ME. you killed me. i am died.

      chrisulie!!! dude the sound of music capt von trapp and marie 4 lyfe!

      damn the rock!

      • I prefer Plumdrews.

        “Plumdrews: They Bloom and Grow 4evah” was such a f*ckhot fan video. I wish they hadn’t taken it off Youtube. But Rogers and Hammerstein are copyrighting ninja bitches.

  34. I’m in between dontgiveacrapster and nonsten. I always used to pretty much think that KStew was annoying, aggravating, rude, too emo for my liking, too twitchy for my liking and the list goes on. Now before I get shouted at 🙂 let me mention that on the one occassion when I went fangirl crazy and actually attended the London New Moon fan event I was lucky enough to get autographs and pics/videos with all of the 3 cast members. Out of all 3 KStew was in fact the friendliest, spent the most time with the fans and even laughed off some rude comments that were coming from the crowd. Rob was pretty much laughing but looked really embarrassed and spent 2 secs with each fan as he stormed past. But we all forgave him cos he looked damn hot 🙂

    Long story cut short, I can’t stand her attitude and secretly think he could much better (*point to self 😉 ) but in reality she was extremely nice and friendly 🙂

    *Rant over

  35. WARNING!!! If you have a weak heart, high blood pressure or meet the diagnostic criteria for, Psychopath (I don’t want to be hunted down), then STOP reading, go ahead and give me a thumbs down and move onto the next comment. . . Bye!

    Okay, for those of you that like controversy and/or partaking in high risk activity, here’s my NEW theory. . . Rob isn’t a, “hey, nice boobs, Anna” kind of guy, but a “Kellan, nice ass” kind of guy. Now this is only a “hypothesis,” I don’t have much fact to go on, just gut feeling. Here’s why:

    1. Rob has NEVER been caught gettin’ his groove on with any willing ladies. And there are MILLIONS of willing ladies, girls, grandmas, etc. This man is one of the most photographed celebs and we still GOT NUTHIN’. Really?

    2. He and the mullet, do look just like, “great friends.” Okay – how the hell does one explain the self-control the mullet would have to possess to not jump, dry hump and lick the deliciousness that is, RPatz, in public? I would mark him as MINE, if possible, by proudly wearing a shirt saying, “I AM tapin’ that ass – So back off, Biotch. . .” It would be like an alcoholic walking around with a cooler of the good stuff. Really?

    3. As much as I have tried to convince myself, that all his previous GF’s, are the most upstanding citizens of Britain, wouldn’t we have heard from at least one awkward girl that he took to prom (whatever they call it in the UK). Kind of like Tiger Wood’s GF from high school. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything negative, I am sure he was a “nice” guy, but a picture or something. It’s like he had no love life before Twilight. Didn’t anyone notice his hotness in Harry Potter? Really?

    Okay – if you feel up to it, PLEASE refute my theory. I would love to think that someone, somewhere, is living out our “RPatz fantisies,” besides TomStu.

    • haha…
      I was so near to give you a thumbs down(not really) ….because you made me read all the post (my head says….”Tomstu!”..”TomStu”…when will she mentioned TomStu…..???)……… to mention TomStu …….FINALLY!
      Thumb up!

      • It’s a tough thing to swallow. I felt a little nauseous writing it out, it hurt to think those thoughts. But my epiphany hit a couple days ago while watching an interview with TomStu, where he is of course asked about Rob. His voice changed and he got super protective/defensive. If my BFF was super famous, I would be all about not spilling deets in interviews, but to be SO protective. . . hmmm.

        I just hope he’s happy tappin’ whatever he likes to tap;o) So does that make me, RobStu???

        • I think/guess/hope/suppose….don’t know what to say…b/c I’m NOT/WAS with HIM….lol..that they are very close friends/best friends…WITHOUT any benefit!

        • I hope he’s tappin whatever he like’s to tap!

          yeah, I guess I feel that way too, since it aint me he’s tappin!

          You have a good point tho, never really thought about it before. Robstu!

        • i have TOTES thought the same thing for a LONG ass time bloomin’ granny. who knows but i would love it cause it would give me the biggest laugh of ALL time…. ALL time (right, kanye?)

    • I do not refute you theory, nor do I agree with it.

      Here’s the thing that kinda sucks about it all.. in this age of media and instant information we are always so willing to believe the worst in people.
      When we don’t get irrefutable information we surmise immediately:

      If he’s not with a girl he’s gay,
      if he is with a girl he’s tappin it,
      if he’s tappin it he’s gonna be bragging,
      if he ain’t braggin he’s gay.

      He’s a star, but he’s not a billionaire.. need we remember, what they probably got for signing to do Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse compared to what the films made.. trust me, the studio got a BARGIN! They had no friggen clue what they had, not one of them. They knew there was a following for the books and that is it. It was a friggen independent film… they win Oscars, not Box Office wars.. sad but true.

      Whether he is or he isn’t, gay, straight, dating, not dating, doing not doing… I wish I understood why it all matters so much. That need to be in the middle of his personal life.. it just confuses me. Hey I’m not condemning anyone for their belief, right wrong or indifferent.. I just wonder why the intense passion behind it. Does it really start at the books? Is it truly a need to have something better in your life? Do people really believe that they are meant to be, they aren’t meant to be, he’s meant to be with them? Is there anyone left in the fandom who just.. wants to be HIS FAN?

      Oh Crap .. how the hell did I get up on this SOAP BOX!

      • Kelly (great name, by the way). . .

        I am SO with you. I just wish him happiness, love, etc. . . I believe, for me, it’s a simple case of, “curiosity killed the cat.” I have always believed that he was a super nice, sensitive guy that doesn’t go for one-night stands, obviously, or we would’ve seen his slutty ways posted all over the web. Yes, hot, beautiful and intelligent people can be respectable and responsible. I get it. . . But, there are alot of respectable, intelligent and talented people in the spotlight, who “date” responsibly.

        I am simply, a fan, albeit a curious one, who wishes him the best. I suppose I enjoy over analyzing subjects, like this, too much. Yes, I need to get a life. . .

        • Granny 🙂

          “Kelly (great name, by the way). ” Thanks! I thought Rob was too obvious… 🙂

          anyhoo, I did want you to think I was tearing your theory apart of you for that matter.. the whole Robsten, Nonsten, I don’t give a crapsten has always baffled me…

          What you wrote made me think.. that’s always a good thing.. whether we agree of not 🙂 By the way, I neither agree of disagree 🙂

          • This “I did want you to think I was tearing your theory ”

            SHOULD READ: I didn’t want you to think I was tearing your theory….

            Proof Read Fail!

          • No, I did not think you were agreeing to disagree, going up against my theory, but you brought up some great points. The more I’ve thought about it today, I think what bothers me the most is that he cannot come out and be with whomever or whatever he wants. Whether it’s KStew or TomStu. If it is lucky ole’ TomStu, Hollyweird still doesn’t “accept” actors/actresses, if they are homosexual. Especially, if they are sloted to play a huge hearthrob character.

            Now, I will go back to being Idontgiveacrapsten. . .that is until, I see the Harper’s Bazaar magazine again and think, “for the love of all things holy, please don’t allow robsten.”

      • Kelly, about the fans
        I for instance don’t even want to be a fan in the “posters goodies autographs” kinda way, cause I haven’t been 13 in a while and have ever since enjoyed making fun of the fans. Do you think he has a brilliant career for which you can admire him? So you can be his fan? He probably will but in the meantime he’s just a guy who starred in a very popular movie. So to answer your other question, no, in my case it has nothing to do with the books that I didn’t even read, it’s all about the real Rob.

        • minuit passe,

          My reference to the books was more meant as, is it the story that makes people want them together like Edward and Bella.

          You are right, he hasn’t really had a career yet, he’s had jobs, I think he has done interesting roles, and the “very popular movie” you refer to has afforded him the ability to make more movies and pick other potentially interesting roles and storylines.

          What I am a “fan of, what I admire is what he has done, how he has represented himself, who he appears to be and who I believe him to be. I don’t think you need to have a long list of credits to admire someone. One act can cause admiration and inspiration.

          Fan is a broad term.. and covers many areas, not just celebrity, I am a huge fan of the writers of this blog… We label so many things in our lives, and then we are judged by those label.(case in point) it gets insane.

          Seeing the hurt that is being caused, the back biting, the evil that people are spewing all over a topic that is frankly none of our business, that is really sad to me. But what really makes it sad, is that,. I BELIEVE all of this hurts him on some level. I believe that he does take it in and I believe that he is not as standoffish and “I don’t give a shit what people say about me” as we might think. And the fact that people are fighting about his personal life and making judgments’ and saying mean things.. I believe it hurts him. Both on a personal and a professional level.

          Am I guilty.. ABSOLUTELY, I’m not choosing sides, but I’m not staying out of it.. so yes, before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m guilty.. maybe I just had an epiphany, maybe it’s a simple as I care about him, and how I care may differ from how others care. Maybe none of us is right and none of us is wrong… maybe it’s as simple as, say nothing more then what you would be willing to say to his face.

          By the way.. I’m not referring to the snarky sexual comments, the fun is the fun.. I believe were he to read it he would laugh as we do.. I just think that we need to keep to golden rule in view before we write…

          Would someone please get this DAMN SOAPBOX AWAY FROM ME!

          • You’re right, fan is a broad term, I’m also a fan of many things and people. But in his case, the fandom thing is usually very embarrassing and all pre-teeny attitude. That’s what I meant. Yes he has done and will do good part choices but when I think of Rob, I think of the guy, with the jokes, the attitude and everything that goes with it. That’s why I’ll never be a fan only interested in his work. I don’t care about seeing him at fan events and stuff.
            I also don’t really care/know about the mean things that are being said about him (never said anything bad about him, how could I), but at his level of popularity I think he can handle things pretty good, don’t worry. Be happy.

        • I saw Twilight and a nice GUY…I kinda liked him..usually interests ends there..
          BUT…it didn’t..following the normal percorse of interviews…blablabla
          and now..
          it’s HIMSELF and only HIMSELF again!!!

      • To Kelly:
        Great comment. Why are people so invested in Rob’s, or any celebrity’s, private life? I watched a nature show once about a troupe of baboons. The lower ranking baboons all had great interest in the sex lives of the alpha baboons. They all needed to know which alpha male baboon was going out with which alpha female. I thought, oh my god, humans are just like that, having to know what’s going on with the best-looking baboons. Our animal natures are still there, we just don’t remember the reason for our behavior.

        • The Old One

          We are often animalistic in our behavior….

          I just hope we aren’t like the baboons with the red behinds.. they are just down right funny looking!

          • Oh, yes, the innate behavior AND the ugly butts, that’s us.

    • I would love RobStu to be true-TomStu is so pretty and obviously has a deep love for Rob..RobStu I could handle, Robsten-not so much.

    • RobStu would be fun, but I’m sure he’s pretty straight. Trust. I’m betting anything on this, let’s say, ME. Rob, if I win, if you’re straight, will you show it to me? that’s my bet.

      • !!!
        very straight!!!

        • Rob! I mean…
          and minuit too

        • straight like “I refuse to use beauty products” kinda straight, no moisturizer, no armpit haircut, probably sometimes no deodorant, he forgets. Very straight. Rob I mean.

          • haha…I didn’t doubt for one second…
            of Rob I mean.

          • Me too.
            Plus I never doubted my body care hygene (cf above).

      • I’m darn sure Rob’s straight too :-). As if…

    • Maybe Rob really is a 23 year-old virgin.

      • Impossible.

        • TOTALLY impossible!!!

      • No way. 🙂

      • just in case, I volunteer to show him the ropes. he can practice till he gets the hang of it.

      • Obava, see what the fanfic is doing to you?

    • Hm, I still tend to think that my “Rob-is-just-a-good-Catholic-boy-and-has-vowed-celibacy-to-the-Pope”-theory has MUCH higher credibility. 😉
      Hoping, of course, that he is conflicted about this vow, and that this is the angst-factor he draws on in interpreting Edward, and that he will one day give in and sin, and do it with me! (Sure, I’m certifiably insane too!)

      Wouldn’t it be kind of interesting if he weren’t straight, though? Think of the challenge to universal womanhood: “Who wants to convert Rob to heterosexuality?” “Me!” “Me!” “Me!”

      • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you took this view… true or not true I love that you can see something that is positive as a view.

    • ha ha that would be really funny actually!!!!

  36. LOL I was also wondering how come we haven’t heard any crazy stories from past girlfriends. Even made up stories are better than none at all 🙂

    • OMG I was just wondering the same exact fucking thing! I mean even if he and KStew are together now, there exists a period when they were not together after the fame. I recall the famous “proposal” interview when he talks about how he proposes all the time and gets random text messages from the girls and doesn’t remember who they are. The way I interpreted that interview was that Rob was definitely hooking up! What single man would not hook up with a few hot ass fans? I mean he’s a man. Why haven’t these girls come forward with their “My passionate night with Rob” stories? I want DETAILS, and I want them NOW.

      • Details??? hahaha
        …perhaps he isn’t a one-night-stand guy…. just for having too much fear
        1) to be SOLD out…
        2) or to be infected with some (scurf) disease!

        • In that case, I guess it’s safe to say he’ll never be bangin’ any of us behind the dumpster. *Sigh*

          • twimilf – 😦

            Sad reality for all of us.

          • haha…I guess…sober we won’t get HIM!!!
            but…as he likes some beer……
            HOPE will never die!

      • He strikes me as someone who is pretty picky about who he dates/sleeps with. And a “Relationship” guy- especially if he was living with a girl that was 4 years older than him when he was 17 (peak screwing-random-girls-age). Sounds like a committed kinda guy to me. So maybe he’s not a manwhore. I dont get why some people are disappointed by this?

        • He did say in an interview somewhere that he was a one woman at a time guy. He likes relationships. I know it was a Twilight interview. It was one of those rapid fire questions.

          • It was on Ellen! She asked if he was a relationship guy and he said “I am but no one seems to want to get in a relationship with me.” The first time I heard that I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Everyone on here wants a relationship with him. Or at least relations with him. 😉

      • My guess is he mostly went out (and in) with pretty cool girls who wouldn’t sell him out.
        As for the now famous Hollywoodish debut period, when he met some PR girls and some anonymous actresses…some of them were cool, some of them don’t remember anything from that night, and maybe one or two just doesn’t say anything cause she’d loose any professional credibility plus she’s secretly hoping for some more. But I suppose there weren’t that many and they weren’t that cheap.
        Why didn’t I know him when he wasn’t that famous?

        • that’s the WHOLE question here!!!
          It’s kinda like what was previous there…the hen or the egg?
          you can discuss about HOURS without resolving NOTHING!

    • All the women who had work with him plus one known girlfriend said that Rob is a NICE guy…..that’s just an information no shitty magazine is interested in….

  37. Moonie, you forgot that Robsteners used to crush on RPattz, but now just have crushes on KStew… and that they all claim to never ship Robsten, even though that’s all they talk about.

    • You’re pretty.

    • HAHAHA now they just have crushes on kstew! HAHAHA i love you

  38. i absolutely agree with Misty and Crsita64c.i’m trying to be crapsten but mostly i become nonsten and i absolutely don’t understand what the hell with i feel exactly the same that he looks tense with Kstew than he is alone

  39. Um, if it makes you feel better, I had to try and explain this once. And I felt ridiculous, and mortified, and I’m pretty sure the person I was telling this to thought I was crazy.

    And the person kept asking me questions. So just when I thought I couldn’t die from embarrassment even more, I did.

    • yea when they come back with questions youre like WHY god WHY?!

  40. Moon, thank you for this. Here I was thinking I was Nonsten, but really I’m Don’t-Give-A-Crapsten. I am slightly less crazy than I thought!

    Any part of my sanity regarding Rob and his peen that I can hold on to is a good thing.

    Additionally, any part of Rob and/or his peen that I can hold on to is a VERY good thing.

  41. I think being crazy is NORMAL.*

    *See previous definition of NORMAL from 2009.

  42. “Its the sound of your brain cells dying”


    p.s. – The Haunted Airman creeped the hell out of me. And turned me on at the same time. Oh, Rob.

    • Rob is scrumptious. I say he does more thrillers. I would be beyond happy if he did a horror film. ❤

      • I would love that as well. I wonder what that says about us…

  43. *steps outta lurkdom*

    I used to be Nonsten…

    Then the KOL pics came out…and I had to admit that there MIGHT be a Robsten….

    Then all the controversy sucked all the fun out it…and I became I Don’t Give A Crapsten…

    I just wish he would ‘GetWithSomeonesAssThen’….bcoz @Boomin’ Granny nailed it.

    If he’s not gay, and he is effing Kstew then I’m a firm ‘JustComeOutAndAdmitItThen’ card holder 😉

    • Rob I just need a nibble. . . Something. I promise, I will move on to something else.

      Well, who am I kidding. It’s not like I can hop back onto the Brangelina train. BORING! So, I will continue to spend my downtime worrying about Rob’s love life or lack there of, at least until BD finishes or a sex tape leaks.

  44. I’am in the category why should we care?

    They are grow up , they can do what they want, everyone has to try things in life, life is about experience.

    The robsten and nonsten lunatics should spend more time fucking they husband, boyfriend and leave rob and kristen alone.

    Shipping real people is weird and gross. Edward and bella doesn’t exist and by the way they realtionship is abusive. So need a reality check.

    Spending your time on internet bashing someone relationship you pretend to not care about but feel compelled to create a site dedicated to it is plain stupid.

    GO Have fun with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend.

    We can always have the rob finger porn, jaw porn, and all the good stuff. You can also always say, he is doing her because he hasn’t met the real love of his life: you.

    I am a i don’t care but please can we be civil with each other?

  45. I think it’s funny how some commenters have written out a description of what they look like, what their life is like etc.. like applying for a job, or a part.. I had no idea the Robsten, Nonsten, Idontgiveacrapsten came with resumes and applications that included body types… weird.

    For the record.. my mom always thought I’m really cute .. does that count :/

    • I am giving you a thumbs up! Just because.

      • And I am returning the favor 🙂

  46. Oooh, such a sensitive subject for us Rob-fans. But we must all remember: We are the Rob.

    Having said that, I’ll admit that I’m uber-jealous of Kristen (which is beyond insane…. It’s loco, bat-shit, cat lady living in a one-bedroom house INSANE), but I can’t help it. The way I see it, she’s either just friends with Rob, is friends with BENEFITS, is seriously “with” him… Regardless, she knows Rob.

    I don’t really know whether I’m Robsten, Nonsten or Dontgiveacrapsten, but I do think that Rob and Kristen are “together” in at least some shape or form and that, dear friends, is what makes me worry… Worry that I’ve invested so much effort and attention to a guy I’ll (dare I say it?!?!) NEVER HAVE.

    Sorry for the ramble. I was trying to gather my jumbled thoughts as I wrote….

    *Disclaimer* These are just the rambling thoughts of a loco, bat-shit, cat lady living in a one-bedroom house INSANE 23 year-old. *Disclaimer* I actually don’t have a cat, nor do I live in a one-bedroom. Just thought I’d clear that up. *ahem*

    • I am uber jealous of KStew too, but I do like her. It’s her fucking skinny ass, and long legs that I am jealous of. Well, and all the money. I’d like to have some more $.

      • I love KStew’s “bad ass” attitude and her whole persona, but I am with you Janetrigs, I am uber jealous of that skinny ass. Oh to be 19 again. . .

  47. I joined Team Calm-the-Eff-Downsten, headed up by our own HeyyyyBrother a long time ago, and remain a card carrying member.

    • This is great. I want in.

  48. I think the real question here is why/how are/were Moon and Crazy Dude discussing this on Christmas Eve 1973???

    • hahahah brill

    • tiiiime waaaaarp!

    • look up the date… maybe youll figure it out… nothing isnt on purpose!

  49. I am in the Ijustwanthimhappy-sten camp… seriously. And Kristen’s fine as long as she would still let me buy him a beer one day.. thats all I want (ok.. that and letting me drag him in the supply closet at said bar and have my way with him for a while…) so he can date anyone as long as she shares a bit 😉

  50. i think if rob and kstew are together, it’s cute. however … if they’re not, that’s great too. it’s whatever.

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