Posted by: themoonisdown | January 9, 2010

Rob, Kristen and Taylor rock the funky beats!

Dear Rob,

This mash up of sound from you and your costars during the New Moon press junket made me laugh my arse off, especially when Taylor joins it… Don’t you love it when someones finally super creative with a video and doesn’t just use a bunch of pictures of you with some crappy song by Savage Garden playing over it? Yea, me too.


and this one still cracks me up

I’m a weirdo like that,

Our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. the first is hilar

    I soooo would like to be the little BOX in Rob’s hand….

  2. Rob as a human beat box! And the grunting noise he was making! The little 3-4 note run that Kristen did was cute too! Congrats to the maker of the vid- its great.

    I tried to explain to a friend who’s not into this whole phenomenon about the Spunk Ransom thing and she looked at me like I’d grown 5 new heads! All this is definitely an alternate universe.

    • “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” NEVER sounded so good.

      • Music to our ears!

  3. yeh the grunting was hot!

  4. Hehehe Fabulous!

  5. i never get tired of hearing Rob Saying Spunk, its almost as good as hearing him say moist!

  6. Just yesterday I stumbled over this video and it’s even funnier the second time around…

  7. Whoever made that video with the Trinity was brilliant! Thanks for sharing, I passed the link on to my Non LTR friends, maybe I will be able to convert a few!

  8. I know all about the alternate universe phenom. I have become somewhat of a joke among friends because of my TwiRob addiction. So, like the fat kid who sneaks cake, I’m reduced to hiding my affections and reading LTR for my daily fix.

    Does this make Moon and UC enablers? Just asking…

    • This made me LOL because I’m so with you. I am the fat kid sneaking cake in my set of friends. I had a bunch of friends over last night for drinks and a movie and one brought me a late Christmas “present” – it was a New Moon calendar. Someone had left it in her work break room with a note that they didn’t want it. So yeah, I’m reduced to being made fun of by my “friends” who I was supplying with cocktails!

      By the way, for 2010, it will ALWAYS be March in my house (Edward’s month). That’s Normal, right?


    Who kisses people that they don’t know?

    Is it weird to wanna know someone before playing tonsil hockey?

    I guess I’m weird too. Dammit.

    • I’m weird with ya, Fang. I dunno, maybe it’s the shallow intimacy, maybe it’s the unknown SPIT, but something just weirds me out about kissing strangers.

  10. You dissed Savage Garden…
    there’s no recovering from this, Moonie.


  11. I love that the person that made the second vid had to explain that they really are not making fun of RPattz, but deep in love with him! She/he is good times!

    Dear probably a lady that made that video,

    I love you and you can totes come out and hang with us at LTR. I have a feeling you get where we are coming from!


    • But you know if she hadn’t put the disclaimer there would have been a whole slew of Twihards commenting with “You’re disrespecting Rob” (nice and slow….)

      There’s definitely a contingent of fans with no sense of humor. They don’t reside at LTR, though!

      • So true!

        *Jazz hands*

  12. Erm…I may or may not have this set as my ring tone right now…and it is totally awesome. I had to change it because Moon & I both had “Face Punch, Let’s do THIS!” ring tones and things got a little confusing when we went to lunch on Wednesday.

    Cyn_TR(on Twitter, dunno her name on here) gave me the download, so if anyone wants it *coughMooncough* just lemme know and I can pass it along.

    • I’d like to have this set as my ringtone, too Chelsea. Thanks!

    • Yes, please!

  13. This is sooo great! Loltastic!

  14. I must be a weirdo too, because these cracked me up.

  15. Thank you soooo much for the daily “Rob-fix”!
    Wouldn’t know what to do without you guys!

    I’m absolutely a weirdo!

    After watching these clips, I just randomly “WHHHAAAT-ed” my friend a couple of times (she had nooo idea why, ’cause I’m still in the closet), and everytime he says “Spunk”, all I can think about is “Spank me”… is that normal?

    • That’s completely normal, Silence.

      I love that you are in the closet and have us to share things with, like, “everytime he says “Spunk”, all I can think about is “Spank me”… “

    • Hey there! Yes you’re so normal and in the company of extremely normal folks!

    • Normal, normal and more normal!

  16. The first one made me laugh so hard!!!!

    I’m coming in so late today, these were great! I love the how the 2nd video had an explanation in the end. A tribute to his laughter sounds so wonderful….


  17. Haha! That is hilarious, and freaking hot at the same time. Damn.

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