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There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this…

Were you planning on throwing out that shirt? I have an old holey pair of jeans that would look great with it...

Dear Rob,

So you and Kristen were caught, huh? Are you freaking out? You thought you had at least another year plus didn’t you? Until Breaking Dawn promotion began and you and Kristen were inevitably on a late night TV show where they introduce a clip from the film and you realize it’s “the one” and decide to right then and there kiss Kristen with tongue in front of the live audience so that they don’t have to see the disaster that is the Breaking Dawn birth scene on film? Don’t panic. Sure the Robsteners are celebrating the moment of you, Kristen & the little girl who has a shoe on her shirt, but the nonsteners still aren’t convinced. Take these two comments on came across on this blog’s version of the story:

Susannah says:
I dont think much of the British fan who gave the photo to the press. I dont consider them a fan, I consider them a betrayer. Is there any wonder that Robert and Kristen become more reluctant to pose with fans, if all that fan does is betray that kindness. Sorry Rob, I am in the UK and a more mature fan, and I am shamed that people in your home country can be so thoughtless of your privacy. Come on people wake up, they are not our property and are entitled to live private lives just as you and I are. I reiterate the early comment – leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer says:
I think all this is bullcrap. The story is made up and the picture may be old. There is no actual proof that they are dating, yet everyone is eating up the stories that they are. Also, why can’t they just be friends? How come whenever they’re seen together outside of Twilight, they have to be dating. Geez louise, people. Just because you see two actors that play each onscreen love interest does not mean that they are dating. I don’t know why I said that. You all won’t

Jennifer says
That’s still not proof that they are dating…

You can fix this yet. And everyone else who doesn’t fit in the Nonsten or Robsten catagory? Aka the majority of the world? They don’t give a shit.

Here are some reasons you can give when you are asked the inevitable: Why is Kristen in the UK? Are you two together? Have you been sleeping together since she was underage? Did you make a deal with Chris Hansen that you’d stay away from Kristen until her 18th birthday as long as you’d introduce him to Ashley Greene? How is your love-making by the fire going? Is your bear-skin rub soft enough? I am confident you will find any of these answers satisfactory to explain why Kristen is visiting and you can, once again, go back to your private lives of pretending you’re not together:

  • Kristen likes Dick. And wanted to visit him
  • Kristen racked up some frequent flyer miles this year and had some time to kill over the New Years holiday and wanted to get out of LA since her two closest friends of days past (Nikki & Oregano) are on longer in her life. She decided to jump the pond to the UK and while there look up her buddy Rob for a few pints and fish & chips.
  • Kristen found out Miley Cyrus & Lady Gaga have met the queen and got real pissed that she hasn’t had that chance yet. And the queen is old family friends with the Pattinson family so…
  • You and Kristen are entering witness protection from Catherine Hardwicke
    More reasons after the jump!
  • Ugh, I call this shirt first.

    The real reason you and your sister Victoria or Lizzy but most likely Victoria were out together the other day is that she confessed to you that she likes girls. You thought, “BRILLIANT! I know just the girl for you” and flew Kristen over to the UK to introduce them properly.

  • You are secretly performing in the bobsled competition at this year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver. You’ve been practicing nonstop for the entire last year. Now everyone will understand why New Moon & Eclipse shot in Vancity! You got a head start on the competition by practicing on the mountains you’ll be competing on.
  • The Queen is a Robsten-shipper and you literally had to BEG Kristen to come over and let you kiss her in front of some paps outside of Buckingham Palace. You’ve been really worried for your citizenship. There have been rumors….You’ve seen heads outside your windows at night….it wasn’t an easy thing… you had to promise you’d introduce Kristen to Prince William in return.. and you only met him once.. and you were drunk.. and you may have disgraced the Pattinson family name….
  • Ya know those rumors of a big blow out Kristen & you had on set with Nikki Reed? They’re true. Turns out Nikki is a fan of the marmite while you prefer vegemite. Kristen was put in the middle. Unfortunately for her, Kristen chose your side since over the years you’ve convinced her all things British are superior, and she lost her friendship with Nikki. She decided to fly to the UK over the holiday season to do a proper taste test and, once and for all, answer the age-old question: What is better vegemite or marmite? And hopefully gain back the trust and friendship of Nikki Reed.
  • The Queen is a Twigranny and really wanted to meet the famed “Bella” and “Edward” (she warned the British guard to “take down that Jacob fellow” if he came within 30 feet of the Palace)
  • And Finally, WHO SAYS that both of those pictures were taken at the same time, at the same place or even on the same day? The little girl in the shoe t-shirt? Are we gonna believe HER? She SOLD you out by sending her personal pictures to a website. She probably made more MONEY by saying that they were taken on the same day and at the same time. Don’t you think if that was the case the 3 of you would have taken a picture together? What do you think she had YOU, Rob Pattinson, take that picture of her and Kristen? Have you ever seen yourself try to button a shirt? What makes anyone think you can hold a camera still enough to get a clear shot?

Let’s blame this on the little girl with a shoe on her shirt. Let’s start a campaign against her. She is trying to ruin everything- Kristen & your attempt at hiding from Catherine Hardwicke, your plot to retain your citizenship for the UK, the nonsten dream of one day Rob falling for them and the Robsten fantasy that you and Kristen have a sex life that is so sweaty, creative and frequent that you have no need to ever leave your hotel room.

I say down with the little girl with a shoe on her shirt!

Fired & up and reading to puchase “,”

What do you think? What other excuses could Rob & K come up with as to why Kristen is in the UK? Thanks to Calliope for helping me with some or today! XO

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  1. What Photos? What Robsten?

    That is young DAKOTA FANNING busted some years ago with two fans, a nice bearded man (who likes 80ties clothes) and HIS daughter!

    • Hah, you changed your avatar again!

    • she is right. I was there. The young bearded man was with me.

      • is it possible to introduce me to your daddy???
        I like him!

        • hahahaha
          what daddy? do you too like Dick? he wasn’t there I’m afraid, but his son was, he’s my boyfriend.

  2. When I first saw these photographs I was pissed, really pissed. First, I saw the ones where Rob was out with his sister and I thought…oh good, twitching girl is in LA…then I saw these and I got really pissed off. Then I got over it.

    I think they are together, I don’t want them to be together, but whatever. I want Rob to be happy, if that could not include Mullsten in any way, that we would make me very happy.

    As for the the little “sell” out girl with the shoe on her shirt:: BOOOOOOOOOO:: for making Robsten more obvious. Thanks alot.

    • Misty, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.

      And also, I nearly died when I read this: “Kristen likes Dick. And wanted to visit him.”
      That’s fabulous!

      • I know right!!! Coffee may or may not have blew out of my mouth onto the computer!!!!!

    • I agree with you.

      • Haha my thoughts exactly Mysty..I’m pretty sure they’re together so boo little girl for taking those pics and taking us out of our Rob-induced denial! I think I shall now call KStew “twitching girl” all the time 🙂

    • GAH!!!!!! It’s like you read my mind!
      I don’t want them to be together and that is pretty much why I hate her so much. Even though I’ve never met her. Even though it’s pretty sad for a married woman with 2 kids to hate a 19 year old that has never done anthing to her. Yeah, that’s right…I admit it.
      Jealousy is a spiteful bitch.

      • LOVE IT!!!! Let’s become the Presidents of that club! lol

        • Sounds great I’m in! 🙂

        • I’d love to join, but I don’t exactly hate her…
          Hate is a too strong feeling to put towards somebody with that little personallity, class and style 😉

      • The Spiteful Married Women KStew Haters’ Club. Where do I sign up? I also hate her bad acting and crappy attitude.

        • I heart u, such a way with words, you read my mind!

    • Ugh, I can’t believe I read all that drivel. I hope that once you get over your irrational dislike towards Rob’s relationship with a woman he so clearly admires, you’ll be happy for him. Any other SANE adult would be.

      • i guess that means we’d all have to be sane then, wouldn’t it?

      • I would hardly call a 19 yr old, a woman, she is a teenager. It won’t last, one of them is bound to grow up at some point. My money is on Rob not MulletStew. Besides, I really think she is into girls and can’t admit it. She only wants Rob because he is popular.
        Wow, I am sounding just a little catty, eh?

        • meooooow. I love it.

          • I love any post that begins with “meoooooooow.”

            Thanks d2d!

      • sane…pfft…that explains a lot

      • I can’t believe you read it either. Try a Robsten blog-I’m sure you’ll find that drivel much more appealing.

    • wow some people don’t get that were’re all just joking around!!! I am concerned for those people really..actually no I’m not.

      • who’s joking?

  3. those devilish British girls… if only Kristen carried around an extra shirt.. make the kid wear it for one of the pics and this all could have been averted… we could prove nothing!


    we still can’t prove anything…

    While the Robsten thing makes me cringe just a little, for the purely selfish reason that it completely ruins my chances… I really do just want Rob happy. So however that happens, I’m for it..

  4. Rob has been searching for a pair of yellow pants like Chris Weitz’s one, and Kristen has flown over to help him search. She may have packed her weird peacock dress to try and lure the pants out into the open.

    • And I really do believe the little girl with the shoe on her shirt had the guts to ask Kristen to take a pick of her and Rob, and the other way around. There is no other logical reason for them not being in the pic together. Unless the kid was really smart, and when Kristen tried to join in on her pic with Rob, she shood her away, shrieking “my friends will never believe Rob is my boyfriend if you’re in the picture! I’ll take a picture with you later, you dumd mullet-ass bitch!” (Where do kids pick up that language? Tssss…) And that is how Kristen got shood off the pic with Rob by a 7-year old. Kudos on the smile Kristen still managed to produce on the pic with the kid. Then again, who wouldn’t be terrified of a little tyrannical British kid like that?

  5. “The real reason you and your sister Victoria or Lizzy but most likely Victoria were out together the other day is that she confessed to you that she likes girls. You thought, “BRILLIANT! I know just the girl for you” and flew Kristen over to the UK to introduce them properly. ”


    I would get involved in this whole debate but I truly don’t care.

  6. Kristen likes Dick. And wanted to visit him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    im going to completely ignore robsten and say that i think vegemite is actually from australia and is WAYY better than marmite 🙂

    • Ahem…marmite all the way!
      Happy new years btw!

      • “Vegemite eaters will generally tolerate Marmite and Marmite eaters will tolerate Promite.  Vegemite eaters find Promite sickly sweet.”

        The only thing I can say to that is DOLOMITE.

        • Dolomite, as in the ski boots? I’m sorry I didn’t get my snow dose.

    • marmite is weird… but pretty good on a cinnamon raisin bagel… although it kinda reminds me of soy sauce for some reason.

  7. The real reason you and your sister Victoria or Lizzy but most likely Victoria were out together the other day is that she confessed to you that she likes girls. You thought, “BRILLIANT! I know just the girl for you” and flew Kristen over to the UK to introduce th em properly.
    LMAO! so true. the mullet is a butch.

    • hahaha that was one of my favorites

      • NO, god, have you even ever SEEN butch? don´t think stewie cuts it AT ALL. only maybe a lipstick version that dabbles in both fields in her early 20´s.
        but hey, who haven´t been there.

        (no? you haven´t? only mormons here? *backs away whisteling*)

  8. First off… no hate for the little girl, k? That’s just borderline ugliness anyway you look at it. We are better women than that… we don’t need to go there.

    Proof of Robsten? I hate to admit that it certainly “looks” like a ship… but who’s to say? Maybe she’s just a really good friend sharing the holidays with another good friend in the UK?

    I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect that these two could be working so closely together all this time and NOT have a ship? And if BD is going to be broken up into two films (Egads I hate THAT!)… well, what can you say?

    I’m sure they are close… they may even have a sexual ship…. but please, please ROB don’t go and marry this chick! I suspect that you are more of a traditional nice guy than we know… but THAT would be sooooooo predictable and LAME beyond words.

    Of course, having said all of that…. I just know that if Rob had a chance to meet ME…. he would drop KS in a heartbeat! *cough*can I get this morphine dripline working now?*cough*


    Happy New Year to all!

    • thought it was obvious but…. the ‘hate’ for the little girl is purreeeee sarcasm…. if i got a pic of rob/k/kellan/ashley/ANYONE hellllss yes would i put it on my facebook and then someone would swipe it and send it to a blog. which is probably what happened here

      • UC,

        If I got a pic with Rob, I would totally make it my new FB profile pic. Duh.


    • we want to give the girl a high five… doesnt mean we wont use her to get a few laughs. who would REALLY hate on a little girl?! and shes SOOO cute to boot.

      • some people just don’t like joking around I guess….joking around = good mental health

  9. When I saw these pictures over the weekend, it almost ruined my day (for like 75 seconds). Then, I took a deep breath and got the hell over myself (but not Rob).

    I think the reason I’m bothered by old Krissy is that she looks like she wavers between wanting to throw up when approached by any fan (which will always 100% come across to me as being ungrateful – yes, I know about private time; yes, I know she doesn’t owe anyone anything) and looking like she couldn’t be bothered to poof out the mullet a bit and enjoy life. There is a need in the fandom for Rob to be safe/cared for/protected and him hooking up with the Man-Eater doesn’t give me a sense of any of that.

    That being said…she’s in England because she heard they have this magic potion that will make your hair grow out as well as some of the best weed (imported, of course) around and lord knows that’s a good reason to cross the pond.

    • It may have ruined my day for slightly longer than 75 seconds, but then like you I got over it (Kstew not Rob). You are all right, my end goal is for him to be happy so I shouldn’t care who he’s with if he’s happy, right? Then why do I dislike HER? Because she looks so unhappy all of the time. She looks like she’d rather take a swing at a fan rather than smile at one. I realize she’s young and people (other cast mates) say that she really isn’t like the sullen faced little girl that we see in interviews and pictures. I just can’t imagine someone like that making Rob who is so generous and kind to his fans happy.

      I agree with the weed theory. But, lets face it if that hunk of amazing man was waiting for me, I’d effing cross a pond, lake of lava or wade through a pit of pissed off alligators to get to him. Just sayin.

    • the “maneater” hahahaha

  10. I love those pink tennies shoes they are great you gotta love

    • bobby gee did you leave your e-mail just in case Converse wants to sponsor you? 🙂

  11. I’ll repeat the comment I left on LTT on Saturday because I think it’s the truth.

    I’m pretty sure that it was actually Rob and Kristen that wanted their picture taken with the girl and not the other way around, after all, she is wearing an awesome converse shirt. Kristen probably wanted that shirt immortalized forever in the form of a picture. I bet she even offered up the girl a pic with Rob in exchange for the shirt.

    That girl is adorable btw

    • Spot on, R4L!

  12. Those pink tennies shoes are cool.

  13. Yeah, that little girl with the shoes on her shirt is a rock star at her middle school today. By now she has signed countless autographs and is prepping for her close-up with OK magazine.

    We are growing up because “Kristen likes Dick” is the dirtiest thing I’ve read on this site so far. Yay!

    • WIN!

      NO words!
      That was a PERFECT description of the whole situtaion!

      • Xylem…you “owe” me some right “situation”typing lesson!

        • Lol!!! I kind of prefer “situtaion” (damn, that was hard to type on purpose. How the hell did you manage it by accident).

          You so don’t want typing lessons from me. I swear it would only get worse. You’ll be typing “situlation” instead by the end of the lesson.

    • life is GOOD for this girl today. she was already nominated president of her student govt and it’s not even election time.

    • When i read that it took me a second. I was like ‘uhh, theres that where her family is.’ Then it clicked and i got grossed out. lol

  14. I think the girl was a tricky sprite in dusguise who managed to get them to take a photo of eachother and out themselves by accident.

    Kristen loves Dick…classic!!! LOLOL!

    • Of course, I meant “disguise” Geez—where’s the coffee

    • Mrs. P. Thanks for saying “tricky sprite.” I don’t use that enough.

  15. Soo … how do we know Shoe Girl didn’t post this pic to her private MySpace or Facebook account or something … not realizing that someone else might right-click and grab the photo and start passing it around without her knowledge??

    My guess … Shoe Girl didn’t intentionally sell anyone out. Also want to say – she’s adorable! 🙂

  16. “You and Kristen are entering witness protection from Catherine Hardwicke”

    enough said… buuuuuuuuuuuahahahahhaha

    I dont know if they are together or not, I do believe in good strong friendships between man and woman… but I just wish he is happy. He should be. He deserves to be happy as much as any other person.

  17. Ugh. These pics made me gag. IF they are together ( and remember, I don’t buy it until Rob calls a press conference to announce it), it’s a thing of convenience. They work closely and KStew so reminds Rob of TomStu.

    • Agree, they work together closely.
      Just a thought:
      I believe Rob underneath all that HAWWWTNESS is just a guy, which means he’s genetically programmed to be lazy.
      And who besides Taylor and Chris (let’s just assume, he’s not THAT lazy) was right in front of his nose most of the time? Right, KStew.
      Convinience might be the magic-word… just saying…

  18. What?!? Aww, its bad enough I have to come back to work and now this, damn.. I believe there is a hole in my Nonsten bubble, thank goodness I have some leftover peppermint schnapps from the ill-fated Christmas party to keep me warm..

    damn the man, save the sneaker shirt!!

    • pass the schanpps. QUICK.

  19. LOL, outed by an 11 year old! I love how they have managed to avoid the paps and then get caught coming out of what looks like a Somerfield supermarket by a cute girlie gal. Good on her and I don’t they really minded having their pics taken with her. She was probably out shopping with her Granny that day and Rob, being the gentleman he is, couldn’t refuse.

    I really don’t care either way if they are together or not. However, I can hear the faint roar of thunder on twitter “he doesn’t want this & neither do we” campaigns regrouping for 2010….everyone run for cover but avoid all Somerfield supermarkets at all costs….and icke peeps with shoes on their t-shirts 🙂


    • lol they mangaed to keep things away from the paps but get outted by some super market girl LOLOLOLOLO

    • “Outed by an 11 year old” LOL. I now know who to blame for ruining my weekend. Frickin kid! Doesn’t she understand “don’t ask, don’t tell.”?

    • And I actually figured out why KS is over in the UK, she wants to see if Rob’s driving improves whilst on the *other side of the road* 🙂

    • “I can hear the faint roar of thunder on twitter “he doesn’t want this & neither do we” campaigns regrouping for 2010….everyone run for cover but avoid all Somerfield supermarkets at all costs….”

      hold on to your butts… this could get ugly! 😀

      • My face paint is on and ready..bring it on campaigners…..

  20. Rob & Kristen are in the UK as they heard Nanna Pattz had sewn them some clothes out of old pairs of curtains. This way they’d no longer look homeless. Go Nanna Pattz!!!!

  21. Woah! …. Holy hell.

    Remember how we were talking about things that could make us less attracted to Rob? And they were things like… maybe Ed Hardey?

    In that photo he looks like my ex. The facial expression, the facial hair, the posture. NOT. OK. THANKS A LOT, ROB! THANKS. A LOT.

    • I thought the same…he looked like an ex-bf. The one that really, really hurt me and I really don’t want Rob to be associated w/ this person!

      Gee Rob, thanks a lot. 🙂

      • EXACTLY! Laaaaaaaaame. 😉

        • You can have his phone number. I want to get rid of him for good, he is still bugging me and I’m already married. Take him away.

    • Looks just like him, you say? Um. Soooo you guys are through, right? Can we have his number? 

      • I like all of you way too much to hand out his number. 🙂

    • I hate it when I get reminded that Rob is a 23 year old guy and not full time GQ/Vanity Fair Rob!

      • The nerve of that boy. Doing normal things. Looking normal. guh.

  22. I’m upset because a nine year old girl has a cooler wardrobe and haircut that I do.

    Also, because the thought of Rob and Kristen actually bumping uglies (or, rather, him bumping his sparkle-stick into her ugly) makes me want to throw up a little bit.

    That’s mean. Kristen as an individual doesn’t bother me so much anymore… I’d feel the same if it was a lovable, wholesome person like TaySwift boinking Rob….


    • “him bumping his sparkle-stick into her ugly” hahahahaha!!

    • preach.

  23. I dontgiveacrapsten so I’d like to say I don’t care(much). But(yes there’s always a but) my heart felt poked by a small(tiny) needle when I saw the pictures. That’s the truth. But who am I kidding? I want him to be happy. If I’m not there to make him happy, it’s better he’s with Kristen. Just kidding. They’re fine, they’re young, in love, I get it. I’ve been there and he deserves to have some fun. However because it’s so obvious, I wish they would just once and for all admit and and then move on. That’s my 2 cents.

    • sounds logical that!

  24. I heart the girl for her converse shoe shirt!

    I, fellow Robstener, hearts you for the following comment:
    “How is your love-making by the fire going?”

    All I can say is that there is going to be one hot fanfic created from this UK event! And I am going to read it! Trust!

    • ME TOO! i’d favoritize that shit. The hardships of making celebrity love work and being photographed doing it. So sad. Angst, i say, angst! Sighhh. All the reviews. *shakes head*

  25. Where is Rob’s crazy aunt when you need her?! I want to know If she’s warmed up to the Yankee and if not then I want to know just how long did the bitch-face stare down last at the ‘Pattinson Family Hawliday Celebration’. Inquiring minds want to know, Looney lady! (I’m picturing a Susan Boyle-esque type).

    • HAHAHA yes his crazy aunt is SOOO susan boyle-esque

  26. Agree…off with her head! [She is probably a very short 35 yr old papz ie: “Orphan” anyway]
    Blame Shoe-shirt girl!

  27. “between the robsten and the nonsten, the others don’t give a shit”
    I fucking care! Cause this is TWEED serious. It’s not like “oh we’re together, we’re not, we have great sex…” as I liked to believe it, NO, this is “we’re so in love and living in a bubble” serious. They’ve been together 24h a day for the last 6 months and what do they do the first days when they can actually see their friends/family…? They go hide on an island. They probably wanted to go to the festival and got mixed up in the months and seasons with that LA sun.
    OK so my first day of the year was crappy but I am optimistic. I think it’s a sign that I’ll get rich -for having been rubbed- and I’ll get (to meet) Rob -for the pics-.
    Nurse where is my pink medicine, everything seems so pinky and fluffy up here.

    And the campaign against the little girl. hahahaha. Funny !
    But there’s nothing to do: the Robstens are united and already made a shrine for her since she entertains now all their sweet incomprehensive fantasies.

    • Pardon me, did I just read: “I think it’s a sign that I’ll get rich -for having been rubbed”? Please tell me more about this rubbed to richness. (wait, that didn’t come out right). ^_~

      • well, I rubbed someone so this is how i’ll get rich :). No, this didn’t come out right either. Imma try again: I invested in some miraculous altruist insurance. No, it’s like the pinky medicine effect. Actually it’s no big deal, we left the car outside on NYE night with all the irrational crazy shopping of the day and the next evening, surprise, we only found the bags. But in my lil’ girl world, everything has a happy ending, even the robsten pics. Did I make any sense?

    • Yes MP explain how you will get rich…I want to be in(thatswhatshesaid).

      Xylem -LOL, rubbed to richness, that sure didn’t come out right! Hehe.

    • for THAT scenario I need some pink medicine too…..
      things I don’t wanna now……….

    • I agree this is TWEED serious and I love that you said it! Made me laugh out loud and now my co-workers have realized for the 5th time today that I am in fact nuts. This made my heart ache just a bit. I read somewhere that the pics are photo shopped and I still have my hopes pinned on that, I know it’s unlikely, but I prefer denial at this point.

      • Of course the pics are photoshopped. Bwahahaha!!!!!!!! Nonstens can be as funny as the Robstens.
        And then Santa comes along and brings a Rob to every little girl.

    • MP- “I fucking care! Cause this is TWEED serious.” You bet your sweet add* this is TWEED serious. Thank-you for saying it first.
      A part of me dies every time I see them like that.
      New Years resolution to be less Robsessed and to give Kstew a break, Total FAIL!

      • Word, New Year’s resolution to be less Robsessed.
        and then I will run into him while he’ll be completely lost (and tipsy) and……what was I saying?

        • you will completely forget your NY resolution when/if you run into Rob.

          • Resolution, what resolution? Giving up a NY’s resolution is the very least I would give up to meet Rob!!!

      • Love your NY’s resolution, I know how hard it is to keep them with Kstew throwing it in your face every five secs! ha, I am totally about the sarcasm everyone. What’s with the thumbs down? I thought I was in my safe place…

  28. This cracks me up!!! They are so doin’ it. The girl traveled all the way across the pond just to say hey and high five a friend on New Years…not likely. I mean Rob is totally high fiving her but it ain’t with his hand. trust.

    I must say I am liking Kstew more and more these days….go get you some girl….everyone here would! 🙂 As for the little kid in the shoe shirt….she kind of freaks me out….what is wrong with her smile…shudder…and you know her mom totally pimped those photos out for some quick boxing day cash. Although, I do heart her shirt mucho.

    wishin’ she had a high five from the sparkle,

    obird 🙂

    • I love your comment, wishin she had a high five from the sparkle!

      I know they’re doing it…they’re doing it. You’re right, who flies all the way to England to hang out? Ha, yeah right. 🙂 They are hanging out alright, in the bedroom.

      • Total Truth!! High Fives for all the LTR ladies! 🙂

        • Can they please be sparkle high fives?!? lol *loven’ it!!!

          • Oh, yeah…..sparkle high fives for all!! ❤

          • sparkle high fives!

  29. I think that whether or not Kristen likes Dick is still open for debate…ahem.

    Oh, Girl with a Shoe on your Shirt, why are you only wearing a flimsy knit cardigan, and Rob and Kristen are bundled against the sub-zero weather? Do you have a mother? Where is she and why did she not make you take a jacket? Is that how you convinced them you were an orphan? Did they give you one of their layers, too?

    • Rob and the mullet were staying at a hobo camp, and the little girl is an urchin from the camp. She accompanied them to the supermarket to stock up on matches and canned beans, and has begged them to adopt her and take her back to LA.

      • canned beans?! i dont know why but that cracked me up!

    • And why didn’t your mother (or nana or sister) take a picture of all three of you together? That’s what I want to know!

    • I got three thumbs-downs!!!??? That may be a record for me!!!! Awesome!

      • Congrats! I also broke my record today!

        • Well done! I am up to 5 now. People are against little girls wearing jackets that their mothers make them take, I guess. Suit yourself…shrugs…

  30. I refuse to believe the cute girl with the adorable shirt t-shirt outed them! I believe it was her stage mom or Big Daddy Lautner-esque dad who got a thrill out of destorying the lives of her famous idols and hoped for a shot at 15 mins of fame by emailing them to a few fansites. Or a free fish sandwich. I can’t imagine the cute girl doing this!

    Also (with the added disclaimer I’m mostly Don’t Give a Crapsten,) although these pics do look like they’re “together” (I mean honestly, would you take a platonic vacation around the holidays with a single male coworker? um yeahno. Probably not.) keep in mind that they’re both young especially KStew. How serious could their relationship really be? It could be moderately serious, but being 18 or 19 or howeveroldsheis doesn’t mean it’s “I’m ready to marry you and have babies” Serious. Very few young millionaires with 1/2 a brain (do they have 1/2 a brain?!) will find it a good idea to be in a Serious relationship at such a young age. Keep it in perspective. More than likely they’ll both eventually get bored and move on. KStew might miss her fake lesbian friends in 2010.

    • Operarose,
      I guess I don’t care how serious they are. At the very least Kristen has prolly held the sparkle in her hand and that’s an image I can’t erase from my mind.

      *full of shame*

      • Wow mountainlion…thank you for that visual. Yes I can’t erase it from my mind either…no amount of brain bleach can do it.

      • Mountainlion,

        Totally agree with you… she has probably ‘beheld” the sparklepeen and I so hate her for that!

        • Please make this conversation stop!!
          *bites knuckels*

      • Yeah thanks for the visual 😦 *sarcasm*

        Suddenly I’m feeling more like a Nonsten.

        • My posts have received a number of thumbs down even though I don’t really have much of an opinion on the whole matter other than that I find the girl adorable. Is that why – should I step out of Switzerland and start raging for or against their coupleship in order to win your approval in the LTR commentdom? Or is it because it is Rob and KStew themselves who are thumbing down my dissection of how serious they are; maybe they ARE really Serious and offended that I am not taking them seriously? (If that’s true: sorry. My bad.) Or is it simply because everyone is flipping out over a beloved guy who appears to be with a despised greasy-haired girl and it is implied that I should be a part of the angry mob? Just wondering.

          • Operarose,
            I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but I wasn’t offended AT ALL!

            If you look at all the posts today there are tons of “thumbs down” and you should def “step out of Switzerland and start raging for or against their coupleship”. LOL!! Well said.


          • I got thumbs down too….eh, don’t worry about it. TammyO is lurking I think.

          • haters are out in full force operarose. consider it a medal of honor.

          • Thanks for your responses! I was more amused than anything, but the thumbs downs I + many others have gotten today are testament to how divided everyone is over this couple just trying to have a good time in the UK!

  31. So Rob, is this a new jacket(Nike) you’re wearing? Is this a Christmas gift from Kristen? 🙂 I’ve never seen you wear this before…not that I take audit of your wardrobe(ahem).

    • omg good call!!! They almost look like matching jackets….eww. That reminds me when my rents took us to Disney and we wore matching t-shirts so we could always find eachother….*shutters in disgust to think Rob would wear matching clothes with his gf. ewwwwwwwwww

      • LOL! Yeah my parents dressed me and my sister with matching clothes!!!! I hated it! Same everything even undies and socks. But we still fought because I thought she got the better ones. Heheh.

        Kristen’s jacket…hmmm is that new too? Kris is that from Rob?

        Rob and Kris look so bundle up! The little girl’s just wearing a flimsy cardigan!

    • he found it in his old english wardrobe!
      so it’s “NEW”!

      • from Richard’s closet?

        It’s so funny, I have a younger brother (25) and he would rather be caught dead than wear one of our dad’s clothes. Rob is so cute….hahahah.

  32. Weird, my comments are not showing up, but anywhoo, trying again.

    UC, do you have something against little people? David Slade and now the little girl with the shoe on her shirt!? I am going to start a ‘save the little people from UC’ campaign!

    The queen is a total twigranny! Loved that!

    • yes. people smaller than me freak me out. i only have tall friends

      • Crap! I am only 5’2 on a tall day, so I guess we can’t be friends! 😉

      • Yeah me too…I’m short. 5’1 so I guess we can’t be friends either :-).

        3hboyshouse you and me are gonna be good friends!

        • Shorty Besties Club! Yeah!

      • Wow people thumbs-downed you girls for being short?! NOT fair! I am thumbs-upping you and adding my height to the mix: 5’2 1/2″. You know you’re short when you feel compelled to add 1/2 inches to your height.

        • I’m 5″ 2 & 3/4….

          All the thumbs down are cracking me up!

    • ps just noticed you got spammed. i have no idea.. mabye wordpress knows you’re only 5’2″ 🙂

      • Ha! 😉

      • Oh UC, you are such a height-ist.

  33. LOL – I think she’s fond of THAT dick in particular! Why else would she fly to another continent to get some? And can any of us really blame her/hate on her? Seriously, all I can say is that either (a) they have genuine feelings for each other and/or (b) that shit really is just as mind blowing as we’ve all imagined!! Either way, good for them. At least somebody’s hitting it. It would be such a shame to let something so damn delicious go to waste!

    • I agree with you. It’s their life, whatever makes them happy. Plus, they must have had amazing chemistry while shooting Eclipse…

  34. Poor Little girl with the shoe on her T-Shirt ..

    • I ❤ her. Wonder if her life has changed any since the photo?

      • Oh for sure!

  35. I’m mostly don’t-give-a-crap-sten (atleast that’s what I’m trying to convince myself that I am), but when I first saw these pictures on New Years day I was probably still slightly intoxicated from the night before and my first reaction was “this just makes me want to puke”.
    Anyway, I’m gonna try to be mature about it and say whatever he wants is alright with me cause I just want him to be happy.

    I’m trying really really hard to feel this way…

    • I know…I know. See my comment above. I’m trying to tell myself that too. It’s hard to not feel anything. Rob is so unique and he’s made a big dent on me.

      • “a big dent on me?” Is that what you kids are calling IT these days?

        • LOL I srsly didn’t mean any innuendo in my comment. I meant my life is so drastically different now. I’d love to go the other way, trust me. Haha, ok we’ll talk later!

          • What “other way?” You love Kristen now? jk jk jk

          • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooot. Am I that obvious? LOL.

            No sorry I’m a total girl, I’m straight. Mountainlion is just being dirty here.:-) Rob’s gonna have to give you a spanking. I bet you’ll love that!

    • I want him to be a tortured artist…yup, screw happy, its way over rated and just plain boring. He needs to suffer, oh how he needs to suffer. I could help him with that…

  36. Who says the pics have to be on the same day? We should all know some people like to wear the same shirt over and over and over.
    I’m dontgiveacrapsten however if they break up and it makes Breaking Dawn the movie awkward and not hawt I will never forgive them!

  37. Another reason: She wanted a reason to wear that ugly coat…. and ask Prince William for some cash. Or Dick for some cash. Or cash a Dick. idk.

    “Jennifer says
    That’s still not proof that they are dating…”

    You’ve got to be kidding me…
    I think she’s holding off for that sex tape… Pfft.

  38. Question remains:
    What is Kristens skin care regimen? I want it.

    • …being 19?

      • You may have a point. *nods* And here I thought it was cigarettes and junk food.

      • No regime and good genes.
        And what Is Rob’s skin care regimen, cause I want that!

        • not showering? less ‘dryness’?

    • eating nothing because she is with the vampire?

      • eating a vampire?

    • Could totally say something DIRTY about sparkly rob juice on her face… haha… but I wont!! 😉

      • GASP! What filthiness.

        See, I was so wanting to go there, but I said, “No no! One of the other girls will take care of that for me and I can pretend to be shocked.” So thank you. 😉

        • hehehe me too!
          I was even thinking not just on her face. There was this time some guy journalist (defs GUY), wrote that youknowwhat was really healthy and good for your skin.

          • I remember that!!! In college someone (Rob?!) posted that article all over the dorms. Ah, good times.

      • I sooo thougth the same! but refrained. Dont know how you gals would react to my whore ways. 🙂

      • Lucky Kristen. 😉

        • le sigh.. yeah lucky kristen.. I almost said “I could really go for a robfacial”… yeah.. sorry my mind in pretty firmly in the gutter 27/7

          • Oh, don’t be blue…I can see your avatar and you look sad. 😦 We will survive darlin.

            And yes Kristen is so lucky and I hope she fully understands that.

          • how do you get three extra hours in your day? I need that.

  39. It’s really hard for me to except that fact that Robsten is more than likely for reals but let’s face it, it would have to be extremely hard to spend that amount of time playing someone’s love interest and not develop feelings for them. When they are done filming they will probably finally realize that they made up all those feelings in their heads and they really don’t even like the person they ACTUALLY are with and they too are just living in a fantasy world. Let’s also face the fact that we are not going to think any girl is good enough for our precious and perfect Rob, so maybe we should just hurry up and finish gagginggggg over it then somehow learn how to except and embrace it. Sighhhh. The possibility that he may love (gagging) KStew doesn’t make Rob any less beautiful in my eyes.

    • Hey Twimilf, You live Louisiana, right? Where? I grew up in New Orleans and lived in Laf., too.

      *learning to accept and embrace*…it hurts. That’s what she said.

      • I was born in Opelousas, close to Laffy, and now live in Baton Rouge.

        How will I embrace it, I don’t know. I just really wish they would confirm so we can have more of a piece of mind. It’s probably her idea to keep things secret…I mean what would u do if you were doing it with every girl in the world’s soul mate, knowing they all will Despise you??? I would be a little scared. We all might be crazy about Rob and all his perfection but there are some completely insane people out there who just may try to hurt her lol.

        • twimilf~
          Oh, I remember Opel. I love BR. Always have. Please have a cup of gumbo for me today! My dad lives in Covington. and my mom moved to Colorado (with me) after Katrina.

          Sorry for the digression rob-lusters.


          • LOL! This digression was great! I’m from TN, but I live in Lafayette now.

            I don’t post often but read regularly. Good to know there are people close by who are feelin’ the love, too! 🙂

  40. Hey its not Paris Hilton, Loca Lohan, Megan Fox or Peaches Geldolf or any other socialite that expressed interest in the RPattz.

    Work with someone for two years, kissing and having a onscreen relationship is gonna seep into RL.

    Look at all actors that have done it. Kstew costarred with her last boyfriend. Maybe she is one of those actresses who always dates her costar? ( Like Jolie?)

    Once all the Twi filming is done. We’ll see.

    Heres to KStews NEXT movie with ……Micky Rourke!!! JK

    • Micky Rourke? You are so right, about Kstew, TigerKitty.

      What about Rob? Is he gonna hook up with Uma? Life just got a lot more interesting. *rubs hands together*

      • Rob seems like the guy who’s too shy to ask a girl out, I can see him mumbling and asking “so you want to hang out sometime?”
        and the girl has to be a bit aggressive and lead him. Not too much you may scare him.

        Hooking up with Uma? Im sure she would teach him a thing or too, but she has kids. Didnt he say he didnt like kids?

        • Didn’t know Rob was doing a movie with Uma!
          & she just split from her fiancée…coincidence!!
          That’s Jo-incidence with a C.

        • My last reply didn’t post so apologies if this repeats…
          Uma just announced splitting with her fiancée! Coincidence!!

          That’s Jo-incidence with a C!

          • It’s Bel Ami, FYI. And apparently there will be S-E-X not just with UMA, but multiple women! Yes!

    • fingers crossed TK fingers crossed!

  41. Just because she’s there doesn’t mean she was invited.

    I bet my money and left kidney she was hiding behind a dumpster, stalking, and just as Rob was going to toss his empty Marlboro pack, she jumped up and was like OMG is that really you? You have a cig? What are you doing in the UK, man? Rob, knowing her stalking ways, wasn’t surprised. He wanted to ask the same, but just then a girl recognized them and Rob was left without a choice, but to behave and he gladly took a pic with the fan.

    Later on he took Kris to his Mum’s for dinner, because she had not eaten since the cross Atlantic flight and he wasn’t really hungry, because he had eaten earlier that week.

    So the pics with Rob and Dad and Victoria that surfaced few days ago are the proof that the family was leaving the house to escape Kris who had fallen asleep right there on the kitchen table, face down in Brussels sprouts. No worries, they dislodged the one that found its way up her left nostril. She’ll be okay.

    However, the whereabouts of the Pattinson family are still unknown and remain a mystery. A cab driver, who was given instructions to use the key that is hiding in an old Nike shoe behind a flower pot to enter the house and drive the sleeping guest to the airport. No worries, she’s flying first class. Rob’s a giver.

    This is what really happened. Cross my heart and hope to die.

    Shite, did I just hear a lightning bolt?

    • “robs a giver” HAHAHAA

    • ILU ❤ That's my babygirl. 🙂 *proud parent*

    • AND LOOK! You managed to get 3 ‘thumbs down’ bwahahah. Win. \o/

      • It’s 5 now! YAY! \o/

  42. The answer to why Kstew flew to England is so obvious, people. Rob and Kristen were secretly married during the first Twilight promotional tour–you remember those rumors that he kept proposing to her on set? Well it was true, and she actually accepted. Then remember the rumor she was pregnant with Rob’s love-child? That was true, too. They pretended to be hiding in the hotel lfrom the papparazzi this summer, but really she was going through a strangely accelerated pregnancy that Summit wanted to keep hidden for obvious reasons. Then one evening in the Hot Pocket Fort, it happened. Rob had to do an emergency Caesarean with his teeth–did you see that news item about his chipped tooth? Flossing? Pfft–yeah, right! The child was bundled off to be doted on by Dick and Clare and the aunties, and her strangely accelerated development hidden from the world. Finally, the New Moon promotion hysteria died down and the proud parents could join together for a family holiday on the Isle of Wight, like all good English families, with their by-now pre-pubescent daughter! See, a simple explanation that fits all the facts. You can’t deny it’s completely plausible!

    • I wanna have a love-child with Rob.

      Nice explanation, Old ONe.

      • I wanna have Rob!

        • robgirl, you win…again.

    • wow…just wow!!!
      It’s soooo obvious, I really can’t deny it!!!
      You MUST be an “insider”!!!
      Hello Nick!
      It’s nice to have you here…

    • LOL that’s a very good explanation! 🙂

      Robgirl I want Rob too.

    • Can we guess what her name is? Kristen’s mom’s name is Jules (really, isn’t that a boy’s name?) and Rob’s mom is Clare. Juleare . . . Clarules. No, it’s not working for me. Who in their right mind would try to make their kid’s name a mash-up of their moms’ names, anyway? Oh. Right.

      • Don’t you know that OK! has already came up with the name for ther lovechild? It’s Clules.

  43. “Robsten” ?
    “Nonsten” ?

    Who knows!

    What I do know for sure is


    • I am SOOO adopting that line!!!

  44. They’re together. Get over it. They are young. It won’t last.

    Just don’t knock her up, Rob. Please.

    • For the love of God, cover up!

  45. “Hestillaintscrewingme”sten!!

    FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  46. Here’s a song to your broken hearts and my slightly broken heart.

    Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton.

    Let’s all sing!

  47. I might not have read all the responses, but are people really still denying “Robsten?”

    Wow. haha.

    I’m with Bellasnemesis. They’re young and in love and frankly, I’m super happy for her!!!

    IF KRISTEN can land RPatz…then that means we ALL have a chance. Kristen is beautiful, and not “obviously beautiful” in her words in NM, but at least that means he’s definately NOT shallow and isn’t into big boobs and platinum blonde hair!

    THANK GOD he’s not with some Playboy playmate. Guess how angry we’d be then?

    ❤ Bringing the "normal",
    Ash xox

    • I am TOTALLY with you on this! Oh yes yes yes, we all may stand a chance. I would be way more poed if he was dating a playmate. I’m a pretty girl but lord knows I can’t compete with a playmate if that is what a guy is into…and I CAN’T stand guys who are shallow like that and that is OBVIOUSLY why we all HEART Rob soooo much. It is so hard to find a guy in the U.S. that isn’t shallow like that…but I won’t give up until I find one.

      • A-MEN.

        GO KSTEW for landing the hottest guy to walk the earth.
        We all still have hope 🙂

    • You know…that really brought some clarity to me.

      Here’s to Kristen Stewart, for showing the world that you can be a brunette with smallish boobs and lily white skin, and have the hottest guy on the planet bang you all over at least two continents. Because this means I still have a chance!!

      Cheers, K-Stew, you are my new hero!

    • what she said!

  48. Ugh… the “matching” jackets are slowing killing me. I can’t stand when couples dress alike! Although I’m kinda guessing that Robs parents bought the matching jackets. My exes parents once bought him and I matching pajamas. Weirded me out!

    I agree w/ everyone re: no one flys that far for a hang out. And not even for good sex. You go fly to your boyfriends families house because you are a close couple.

    My biggest fear is them getting married. I know everyone else has said that they are young, so they can’t be in a serious relationship. I actually think the opposite. I’m 24. Since High school, every single year I have watch at least 5 couples around me become engaged. the next year, 3 couples are broken up, one is still together waiting for a wedding, and the last one is married and divorced within a few months. Rinse, lather, and repeat.
    Its strange that engagement and marriage has become as common as a one night stand.

    Please, oh please Rob, don’t be a moron!

    • “Please, oh please Rob, don’t be a moron!” Yeah, date her, kiss her, F*ck her but please, please, please don’t marry her. At least not yet. She needs to grow up a bit more.

  49. Oh, and btw, on other sites, I’ve seen some people talking about how beautiful Kstew looks in this photo w/ out make-up. Yes, she has nice skin, but otherwise? She looks pretty icky. I dunno, I always wonder about girls who go out w/out make-up on and hair messy….. Even on casual days I have lipgloss and a sweep of nude eyeshadow. The are ways to stay casual and still look hot! Damn, if I had Rob, I’d look like a million bucks every day just so I could look beautiful for him (Hell, I basically do that when I’m dating anyone :P).
    I think any of us would.

    • I’m with you on this. I think she is a perfectly pretty person. I don’t see the beautiful and I don’t understand the no hair/no make-up/no sense of style that is on display most of the time. Perhaps if I had to be gussied up to the nth degree for my job, I’d want to look hobo-ish on my down time. However, I like to think I’d still use a brush and put on some mascara and gloss. Ah, well. It’s working for her, so she may well be onto something.

      • It’s so working for her. To catch a hobo, you’ve got to dress the part, too. He doesn’t wash or brush his hair, she figured she’d do the same, and voila! One smart little cookie!

        • To catch a hobo, you’ve got to dress the part, too.

          10 kindsa funny!

    • She is pretty but I agree with you, a little foundation and some lipstick ain’t gonna kill her. I so want to give her a makeover :-). She’s so pretty already but a little something would just make it even better.

      • Wow 4 thumbs down! Someone must really hate me today. This is supposed to be a compliment…pfft.

        • SB,

          Yeah, I got my first thumbs downs today. Seems like everybody else got ’em too.

          KStew, is that you?

        • Me too, I got thumbs down and was just being funny. Oh well!

    • roberto always looks a hot mess in public, he’s mentioned what he likes in a girl is low maintenance. The Stew is low maintenance and she’s pretty naturally and has a perky ass. Rob’s in low maintenance, 19 year old perky assed heaven, trust. lol

      • Euphemistically speaking, KStew is def low maintenance. And then some.

        • like she’s highly orgasmic?

    • Wow, 13 thumbs downs, Jamie. I assume that’s 13 people who disagree and would prefer to look ugly for Rob? I’m with you… I’d go for the pretty look!

    • well, i’m not with yu on this: if it’s nota special occasion, going out dncing or something, or once a month when i feel like crap, i don’t wear make-up. i did that before my boyfriend, and i do that now. and i do feel good about my looks anyway. 😉

  50. “Kristen likes Dick. And wanted to visit him ”

    I have no words… spit my coffee on my keyboard again.. they are starting to get mad at me in IT!

    • Reminds me of the first Christmas Eve my brother spent with his (now wife) girlfriend’s family. They were opening gifts, she takes an envelope her father hands her and as she opening it her dad says “You like Dick’s, right honey?” and my brother, spit the beer he was drinking at … her mother, as her two brothers laughed right out of their chairs. (Dick’s is a sporting good store btw.. they even have a web site don’t believe me… check it! 🙂 get yer minds outta the gutters!)

      That is a true story by the way.. I’m not sure how the two of them ended up married 🙂

      • Kelly, we had family Christmas this Saturday finally and that reminded me of the conversation between me, my sister, my mom, and my Grandma:
        Me: *eats pecan cake and chokes a little bit*
        Grandma: Oh my, she must have a nut down the wrong pipe!
        Me and my sister: *hysterical laughter*
        Sis: Dang, I laughed so hard I cried, and now I think I have something in my eye.
        Mom: What? You got a nut in your eye?
        Me and my sister: *more hysterical laughter*

        Ahh, family time at the holidays. What can you say?

      • @SingleStrand

        I missed the Keyboard this time.. but totes spit water on a presentation .. now I have to kill another tree to reprint it! When oh when will I learn to not drink while reading ANYTHING on here!

        We are like a bunch of teenage boys! DICKS AND NUTS DICKS AND NUTS.. they are just funny!!

        Thanks for the giggle

      • I know! DICKS AND NUTS. I felt like such an immature child when that all went down but my sister is even older than me so I didn’t feel too bad. My Grandma just went on with her conversation and never even asked why we were laughing so hard. Geezle Gram, get with the DICKS AND NUTS joke program!

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