Posted by: Bekah | January 2, 2010

Saturday Am Delight: Best of 2009

Dear Rob,

I had this amazing idea of kicking off our first Saturday morning delight post in 2010 with the BEST videos we posted in 2009, but I started looking at all the past letters and videos we posted and I got distracted watching them all. I think 3 hours went by and I STILL couldn’t decide which were my favorites. So I decide instead to kick off Saturday AM delights in 2010 with some of the best videos that I had forgotten about, from the past year! Enjoy!


The one where we feel like a creeper

The one where we get hot

The one where I get hungry for candy

It’s like a porn I can’t stop watching…

The ones where we remember why we heart Rob so much….

The one we’ve watched more than any other in 2009!

If I missed any of your favorites, post them in the comments!

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  1. omg…b/c of music rights I’ve seen only a pair of dirty jeans and Nikki R.!
    NOT FAIR that…lol………WHAT????

    • so…… I have to post one of my (many) favs.

      • Um…. Damn.

        • uhhhh…. yeah

          • Embarrasing moment:

            I watch these vids when people post them, and I am sitting there in a Rob induced daze, from all his dazzling, and when the video stops to continue loading, sometimes I lit’rally snap up, kinda like, “what just happened?” from the stupor, and look around to see if anyone noticed. Sometimes there is a small amount of drool forming on my chin.

            This was one of those moments.

            Thank you for that.

          • I get that way too…I feel like I’m in some type of a time warp!!!! Such a weird feeling….some type of limbo…Rob limbo! I have to like shake myself off it.

      • Hello!
        Anybody else got some massive … let’s call it “chills” at about 1:40.
        The thought of that tongue…
        … ok, guess it’s time for a veeery cold shower now…

  2. and….as a few days ago minuit mentioned it ….the ….”I want YOU”………radio interview

    After hearing that I had a little crush on the ladies……

    • GREAT interview!!! def a collector. no one will ever speak to him like that anymore, most of the journalists he meets now in America are extatic in front of him. Tweed serious. By the way remember the guy last year who couldn’t content himself, rob wasn’t funny but the interviewer was hilarious.

    • I love that he loves Docs and Birkinstocks!

      • He said ‘Socks & Birkenstocks’, that well known fashion faux pas.

        He’s a Brit so he probably does love Docs though…

    • Oh my gah!!!!!I love how he said “I want you!” Oh my goodness I might die if Rob ever said that to me!!!! Squeeeeee!


      OK SB relax, compose yourself….hubby is home, don’t want to let him on to your addiction.

    • omg – thank you for posting this interview! I heard it forever ago but could never find it again!

  3. I loved the “I don’t know’ vid by Yvonne- a new one for me! Classic Rob! Thanks for all the vids!

    • “I dunno” never sounded so sweet.

  4. Hahaha here’s another one…sorry but I HAD to post it…..promise……. that’s the last!

  5. It’s been a good year!

    I didn’t know whether you posted this one, but it would be selfish of me not to share:

    petitbiel’s video for The Office. If you read The Office, you wanna see this. Trust.

    • The Office is my favourite ff and this video is just great!!

    • I love love love that video!!!!

    • That one is at the top of my list! Biel is so talented!

    • Thanks, Alice. That’s def one of my top 5 for 2009.

  6. My fav Rob video is the Vanity Fair one with Sia singing….get’s me in such a romantic mood everytime…brings my heart to melting 🙂

    But the Robporn….GOOD xD

  7. Just cause it was the first glimpse and the day that ended it for me in May 09……

    Yep and all I want for my birthday:

    And one of the best fan made trailers for NM before we saw all the additional film shots:


    • That fanmade trailer I thought was better than the official ones!

  8. Today’s post guarantees I’ll be checkin in frequently…all such awesomesauce vids. What a way to spend a Saturday 😀

  9. You gotta love it. It’s time to get down and get funky. GoEagles. The new year is here Oh what fun and surprises.

  10. Ok here goes another day full of Rob Videos… I totally feel like a creep now starting the new year with rob overload (not that I could ever get enough of that man)…
    And that Breath on me Video is my favourite.. I used to watch it every night before going to sleep… not even kidding…

  11. Story time with fangifer:

    Once upon a time, I decided that I didn’t love Rob so much anymore. I wanted to love Jensen Ackles or …. yeah, just mainly Jensen Ackles. I wanted to never come back to LTR.

    This was a Saturday morning. So I strolled in here, ready to say goodbye forever, when that “350 Pictures of RPattz in less than 2 minutes” video was posted. I was like “350 pictures?!?!?” “In less than 2 minutes?!?!”

    I watched it.

    I’m still here.

    The end.

    • hahaha…Jenson Ackles would not marry that!

    • Fang,

      You silly little girl. You did not want to not love Rob anymore.

      That is just some little fig newton of your imagination.

      What? And leave all this?



    • Don’t fight it!

    • I had a crush on Jensen too…sadly he’s moved down my list!

  12. I love these kinds of posts. It’s like we are guys all coming together at a frat party and everyone brings their fave porn stash and we all sit around guffawing at it and slapping each other on the back and say “ahhh, yeah dude, (bro, fu*^$r, assface, whatever they say to each other) that’s the stuff!!”

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is I love my Twi frat bro parties with you all.

    That is all.

    • Hee, Hee!
      You are awesome and I think you can read my mind!

  13. Hilarious choices!!! My favorite, of all time….

    • Yessir, that is a good one!!

      Excellent choice.


  14. Holy cow….oh my goodness, caliente! I’m all flustered now, especially after the “Breathe on Me video!” My all-time favorite is this one:

    Sex on Fire playing for 10minutes oozing with Rob hotness! WARNING: HOT!

    Have a nice weekend y’all!

    • I sooo love this video southernbelle… It’s definitly in my top 5…

    • hon ….best eva!

    • Lord, help me…………..

  15. OK, so I admit to being old and technology-challenged, but does anyone else have the problem of trying to watch the videos, and they start and stop and load . . . load . . . load . . . start . . . stop. I can wait for a few seconds, but when it goes on and on I become impatient. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks for helping the disabled if you can.

    • Pause them, Old one! Just wait for the little bar thingy on the bottom to fill up and then they will stop having seizures.

      Hope that helps. I suck at explaining things.


      • Thanks, Ms. Fang, I’ll give it a try. I get all cranky when I can’t my fix.

  16. My favourite video of all time has to be the Sex-on-Fire video that was mentioned earlier.

    Although Breathe on me comes in such a close 2nd.

  17. Yes, 3 hours went by and I still don’t want to decide which one is my favourite,
    I like this one
    and everything from Biel /LIMCommunity

    bye now, gotta go watch some more Rob videos…

    • Oh please let it ne buttons…. Please let it be buttons.

    • It wasn’t buttons…. It was so MUCH better than buttons… Ans also, sex on fire should so be a 10 minute song!!! Thanks for sharing. I watched it…. Twice!

  18. ohhhh vidoes…how I love thee. but my lappy doeasn’t love thee :-/ boooo.

    ps. someone forgot to close the bold tag on this post. it made everything bold after it on the blog 🙂 *does it all the time*

    unless its my laptop confusing me again…. :-/

  19. OH MY O_O
    i just found my video “breathe one me” posted here among your faves of 2009, and im speechless!!
    Im so glad that you like my little video so much 🙂
    i never thought while making it that people would really watch it…couse it was my first attempt in a Rob video and its so far from my usual Twilight//Edwards point of view stuff that im vidding normally…and if it wasnt for my good friend, i maybe wouldnt even have it uploaded, couse compared to her wonderfull stuff its just silly *blushes* but she encourraged me, better insisted that i upload it lol
    So thank you for all your amazing feedback you gave/give me on this video Ladies, you all ROCK HARD ❤
    All the Best for 2010 !! Very precious things to come this year 😉 i just say … Remember Me!!! Oh my…i just cant wait xD
    in this spirit,
    bye wonderfull ladies 😉
    xo soul.

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