Posted by: themoonisdown | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Pass the Advil!

Dear Rob and your lovers (aka you guys reading this),

It’s New Years Day and I’m pretty sure you’re all hung over from drinking too much champy and starting fake count downs just so you can kiss that hot guy or girl that came to the party you were at. Trust me, I understand. But anyway since I’m sure you’re reading this with one eye barely open,  one hand on a bottle of water, and about 20 empty champs bottles rolling around under your bed I thought we could take it a little easy and give you some hot eye candy aka Biel’s new video of hottness… she truly is gifted…

Whew… what were we talking about? Yes… New Years… So did you kiss anyone? Did you make any resolutions? Share and share alike people!

Happy 2010!

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  1. Haha I fell asleep at 9 while visiting my parents. I did dream about robbing Target and fish tailing out of the parking lot. That’s exciting, right?

  2. with my one open eye I see Comic-con Rob……..
    I am sooo hoping that’s the video…

    Happy 2010 to everyone!

    • That’s his evil twin…the one hiding under your bed 😉

  3. I love love love all of Biel’s videos…

  4. Happy New Year Girls. You guys are my happy place. Keep on Rockin in 2010 🙂

  5. My NY’s Eve was so good I’m considering writing a fic about it, ifyaknowwhatimean. So I’m feeling extremely positive about this year and I just KNOW that Rob is feeling generous and wants to give back to the fandom so he will hopefully make a deal with Summit and give a couple of behind-the-dumpster conventions around the world.
    Plus I’m a freak about numbers and 2010 is a very nice round number. So Happy New Year everyone!

    • and by “convention” you mean “shag-fest”, right?

      • Obviously. That’s normal.

  6. Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for all the Rob-goodness in 2009 and all the Rob-liciousness ahead in 2010. Moon and UC- thank you for this site; it is so much fun, everyday!

  7. Biel,

    Thank YOU for the fun and delicious videos. Here’s to more – ahem – “thought-stimulation” in 2010.

    And Happy New Year to everyone from snowy Connecticut, USA. May all your dreams come true!

  8. i think i should resolve never to mix tequila and champy ever again. have mercy.

    keep on keeping on, uc and moon. your sites are worth dragging my ass to work every morning even with the one hour commute.

    to SM – please finish MS. you had all of 2009 to do other stuff. 2010 is all about the fan, right? so come on! finish it!!!

    to RobLove – every morning, as i pretend to work, while reading LTT/LTR, you bring a smile to my face and a pep in my step. how ’bout stopping by my office one day with some freakin’ donuts? a bagel or two?
    am i askng too much? i think not!

    happy new year, my friends.

    • “you had all of 2009 to do other stuff?” LOL!

      Thanks, solitagirl.

  9. Happy 2010!!!
    ok girls I know every single one of you is still a bit tired and stuff but there’s no way I can’t post this… look what I found:
    apparently this were taken in London last week!!!

    • It could possibly be just my queasy hungover stomach causing it but seeing these pictures just makes me want to puke! Wonder why?

      Happy New Year Everyone!

      • I’m sorry… didn’t mean to make you puke… 😦
        But being the curious person I am I just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on this…

        • ‘S ok. Gotta admit Rob was looking mighty fine tho.

      • Puking right along with you. ugh.

    • EPIC Way to start the New Year!

    • In general, I’m “don’t-give-a-crap-sten”, but they both look happy and normal, and whether they’re BFF or “more”, it’s nice to see Rob out and about. Glad to see him in a warm coat too!

      • I am pretty sure Kristen gave it to him for Chrismas… lol

        • “I am pretty sure Kristen gave it to him for Christmas.”
          That’s what she said.

          • thats EXACTLY what she said mountainlion!!!

    • cute shirt the young lady has…all shoes..
      as I said….I see all blury..
      who’s the HOT guy with the pointed beard?

      • I don’t know for sure but I bet he would make a great Edward…

        • nooooooo…from what I can see
          too scruffy!

          • But you can shave that beard you know… and reveal the sexy jaw thats hiding beneath it!!

    • Since they (probably) couldn’t fit Kristen in the back of the Meriva, I’ll bet she headed to Marks and Spencer’s separately with Clare and the real Lizzy. After buying some reasonably priced “pants” for Rob, those two crazy kids headed off on their own so Rob could show her around his old stomping grounds. They thought their hoodies would keep them safe from paps- too bad they were caught by an 11 year old!

      • I love those 11-year olds… they seem so innocent and then all of a sudden they are the one’s that bring Rob and Kristen out of their closet!!!

        • ^^ I meant Robsten… And just for the record: Yes I am a ‘I-don’t-give-a-crapsten’…
          I won’t really really believe it until we actually get a good proof (smth like a leaked sex-tape or them admitting it…) and even if we did I don’t care cause ‘If he’s not shagging me I don’t care who he does…’

    • omg I saw this last night too…apperently they spent New Years together, she arrived in London after Christmas….jealous much?!? Yes. I. Am.

      I do want Rob to be happy, but she just rubs me the wrong way…I don’t know….whatever. I don’t give a crapsten right now.

  10. I am a fan of your blog…thought you should check out the photos from robsten love forums…

    please break them down Vanity Fare style:)
    Happy New Year!

  11. We joined the merriment in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where hundreds of revelers descend on the downtown and watch a sparkly disco ball with Xmas lights glued on, being dropped from high atop a local [ 3-story] establishment. Someone passed around hor-devres on a silver plate and like a fool I popped one in my mouth. It was the appetizer from hell and I couldn’t spit it out on the street because there was a policeman in the midst. So I had to walk half a block with this nasty conglomeration in my mouth mixing unceremoniously with my saliva, which was in high gear because I was about to hurl, until I got to a dumpster and spit that crap out! Luckily, no cute guys were hurt in this manuever but my pride did take a beating. Lesson learned: in town full of vegetarians…never take free samples! Tofu can be disguised as anything, particularly cheddar cheese. Happy New Year! This will defintely not be the one when I quit eating meat!

    • or cheese.

  12. There is NO better way to start a new year…
    Okay, maybe I could think of one better way.
    *runs to nearest dumpster*
    Happy New decade everyone!

  13. drunk

  14. Thank you Beil! Why can’t they be like an hour long? Love it!

  15. Dear Moon, once again, you’ve perfectly described my current mental state (bottle of water on hand included), but my happiness is now above my dreadful hangover since you’ve been so kind to pick this for the first LTR post of the year. Thank YOU very much for the honour, I cannot ask for more, because this vid is dedicated to you and UC, as well as to all the fab LTR ladies!!

    You know how much I love your blog, so I wish you a great 2010 filled of lots of Letters to Rob!!

    *hugs & kisses*

    • Happy New Year Biel!
      You are the best videoARTmakergirl
      …and you know ME

    • Love what you do, Biel. Thanks and Happy 2010!

    • Thanks sooooo freakin’ much for your awesome videos… (and for making me eat Ben & Jerry’s out of desperation after watching all of them last

    • Love your work Biel. Just one suggestion.. put a health warning on them. I swear my heart stops every time. Happy New Year

    • Biel you make the best videos. I love them! Thank you for presenting Rob is such a sexy and heartfelt manner :-).

  16. hope you got the link to Robsten Love Forum…happy new year…you guys are THE FUNNIEST…sometimes I burst out laughing aloud and my friends just look at me strangely:).

  17. I did. My wife. That was sio good. Go eagles.

  18. So… Looking at the first picture in the intro… Am I the only one who was disappointed he had pants on? 😉

    Thank you for replacing the nausea with making me feel horny 😀

    • Nausea = bad
      Horny = good

  19. No hangover for me this year. YAY! I drank cocoa laced with peppermint schnaaps while I burnt up some bad memories from 2009. See the forum for a photo! It’s awesome.

    Although if you are suffering a hangover my miracle cure is a big bowl of either miso soup or matzoh ball soup. Seriously. It works.

  20. The only person I kissed was my little boy, but I am proud to say I made it to midnight! Usually I fall asleep around 9pm. No resolutions here- I try to be a good person year ’round (even though my daughter says that’s “lame”).

    Happy 2010! I’m so looking forward to another year of LTR/LTT and you lovely people 🙂

    • Really boring New Year at our house, but my DH said he wanted to watch How to Be, and who am I to deny him. So quiet here, no hangover, which is a switch…am pretty sure Rob would not marry this.

      Anyway, looking forward to another year of LTR/LTT with you, too! Happy New Year, Obava. I always enjoy your posts.

      p.s. your daughter cracks me up and sounds like she has the right attitude to blog here in the future.

  21. For the love of all that’s holy, this is more like Christmas than the New Year.

    Biel, what a gift.

    Many thanks. Think I will be sharing this vid today.

    Hope you all have a Robilicious New Year.

    Moonie and UC, thanks for a wonderful 2009 and look forward to sharing 2010 with you all.



  22. Happy New Years ladies! Just wanted to say “hey”

    I love you Biel!

  23. happy new years everyone.. the video perked me up some… now for hot tea and advil. ugggh

  24. Oh please let’s not talk about alcohol just yet or any other collateral damage.

    Happy 2010 !

    • Happy New year, minuit!

      • Thanks Mountainlion, I need it. Cause now that I recovered and pointed my nose outside, I just realised that someone really wanted to get into our car and accessorily fell in love with my unreasonable bulimic shopping. They left the bags though, these guys are really concerned about the environment.

        Happy New Year to you!

        • I’m sorry you got robbed, minuit!

          Your comments about leaving the bags cracked me up. Green is (what?) good. Again, I’m sorry.

          Everything I say and think is directly related to either twi or Rob and I apologize for using a twi-quote around your misfortune…I”m shameless.

          Go ahead and give me a thumbs down for being so lame. I deserve it.

          • Hey i just discovered your comment and I dunno who gave you a thumbs down. Probably a joke, but not me. You can make fun of anything, i am all about jokes good or bad. Dunno the twi-quote, me suck at twilight details. Me great at all Rob details.

  25. My New Year’s Eve:

    Watched the ball drop for ten seconds.

    Watched Rob on Letterman.

    Went to bed happy.

    Didn’t get sick last night, but new pics-ugh. Maybe today.:(.

    • yeah the pics kinda took the wind outta my sails.. haha.. I guess as long as he’s happy right? hufffff

    • d2d~
      Rob was on Letterman? I need a special alert so that whenever HHH is on any channel, I’m notified. Normal, right?

      • Alerts at

        Totaly normal =)

    • That was mine as well…Perfect!

      No better way to start a new year and a new decade, than with a lil bit of Robbie Baby!

  26. As long as he is happy, I am happy. I think they are cute.

    Cannot wait for Moon and UC to break it down.

    And looking forward to loads more LTT and LTR in 2010 🙂


  27. New Year’s Eve was so much fun. No I didn’t get drunk :-).

    Sang karaoke with friends and family til our voices cracked (yes we got it all on video and we are all threatening each other to post it on Facebook to embarrass each other).

    Watched the fireworks and the ball drop

    Kissed my husband and my daughter.

    The end…. 🙂 Here’s to a wonderful 2010!

    • the videos! the videos! the videos!

      Great year to you Sb!

      • I wish you a wonderful year Minuit! Are you all recovered from the partying? Hey you’re so close to HHH right now, are you happy?

        About the videos, well, eh we shall see. They are so embarrassing, they will be used for blackmail later on! LOL. My sister has already warned me to not even tag her on Facebook. She’s afraid her colleagues will see her wild side(I guess she has a reputation to keep because she’s an executive). Bwahahaha!

        • Oh I love this story.
          ABout HHH, I’m still hoping like a little girl the directors will come to senses and shoot Bel-Ami in Paris!!! Then I will be happy. And tired from stalking.

  28. About the new pics of Rob and Kristen. I’m fine. I’m a idontgiveacrapsten. Sigh. Whatever floats his boat, whatever makes him happy. It’s what I think of when I see pictures like this. I admit, although I shouldn’t care, I do care. It’s hard not to, he’s made such an impression on me.

    • Totally agree, SB. The only thing I would say is stop telling your fans you’re not dating. It’s so juvenile. And fine, don’t elaborate if you choose to keep it private or whatever, but to keep saying “we’re just friends” is so lame. They fan the flames with that talk.

      I don’t really care – he looks happy (if skinny). I just think it’s gonna suck if they break up pre-BD filming. Well, I fear that movie will suck regardless.

      Happy New Year, everyone! Especially you, UC & Moon, for keeping us laughing.

      • I agree w. you TLG. Just come out and say it, I don’t really see a point in denying it anyway, it’s so obvious. Just say yes and be done w/ it, end of story. How simple is that? 🙂

    • You’re right…he so deserves happiness. Along with his outside beauty, he seems to have plenty on the inside as well.

  29. Happy New Year everyone!
    Here’s to another year of being ruined!!

  30. I hope KStew realizes the utter amazingness that has been bestowed upon her. He is the definition of perfect.

    • I know, I feel the same way. She’s so lucky isn’t she? I really, really, really hope she realizes that.

  31. I have to say I love the opening of her videos. As the picture pans down, for just a few seconds I can get lost the fantasy that he is naked. Oh such a nice fantasy.

  32. Late to the partee, hiccup, Merry Christmas, oopss, I mean a Happy New Year everyone…back to drinking water once more.


  33. So I was watching Biel’s MTV Almost Kiss video and thought for the first time of what it would be like to be THAT close to Rob, going in for the kiss. And then I got really pissed and may have screamed “What the eff are you waiting for?!” at KStew. Live it up! Your life isn’t going to get any better than that. 😉

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