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A Christmas request of Robsten

Handing over the reigns (ha- unintentional Santa joke) today to AJ, as she asks Rob & Robsten for her Christmas wish…

Dear Rob,

Even if you and Kstew still get some kind of Andy Kaufman-esque kick out of being sneaky hiding your “not-really-forbidden-so-get-over-it” love from the world, you should know that you aren’t fooling me.

I get it, I really do. You’re into mystery, you said it yourself.  Most guys are. And I realize that you are also somewhat of a not-so-secret paranoid misanthrope. Or at least want us to believe that you are. Again, I dig.

But really, you’re going about this the wrong way. Surely you see that the longer you ‘keep it in the closet’ (that’s what Tomstu said) about you and the K, the more anticipation builds in the fandom and the more attention that you ultimately end up getting. (Duh Rob…DUH)

Since that is the antithesis of what you two “claim” to want, and since all that I “claim” to want is to see you happy (but secretly I just want you to do things to me that you probably haven’t even learned how to do properly yet), I am offering you this helpful guide as to how to reveal your relationship status without causing a riot. And what better time of year would it be to confess your secrets than around Christmas? Christmas is for giving and finally putting truth to the rumors is the best gift of all. (Okay, it’s the second best gift of all. You learning how to do those things that I want you to do to me and then doing them to me would be the best gift of all)

I am suggesting that you reveal your relationship status by giving us the real scoop when it comes to all of the “firsts” that you and Kstew have already enjoyed in your non-forbidden romance. Here we go:

When You First Met:

Explain to the world that the first time that you met Kristen, the two of you were led into the bedroom of Cathy the Cougar with promises of candy and dollies and starring roles in teenage vampire flicks. You were then made to make-out for hours while Cathy filmed it for her personal collection audition purposes. Tell us how she made Jackson stay and hold her hand the entire time and how he cried a little. Finally admit to the world that the entire experience left you feeling like “creepy Uncle Rob” and that you still need to write Stephanie Meyer that “Thank You” note for the strong “no sex before marriage” message in Twilight, as that was the argument that proved successful against the Coug’s urging that you “explore the role on a deeper level right now in my bedroom with a seventeen year old girl.”

When You First Kissed: See above.

First Meal with the Folks:

Explain to the world how excited you were the first time that you sat down to dinner with your lovely parents Richard and Clare. Admit to us that you suspect that your Dad might have checked out Kristen’s ass a bit while he was pulling out her chair for her.  Then admit to us that Kristen really pigged out because she’d just finished smoking a fatty. Tell us how your Mom noticed and decided it was the right time to question Kstew about the “pot-kini pic.” Explain how embarrassed you got and how you whined: “come on Mum…geez…give her a break she’s American” until Mum let the issue slide.  Then tell us about how Kristen dropped the F-bomb so many times that at last your Mum was forced to tell her: “We are English dear…we do not use the F-word at the dinner table.”

Rob Kristen Vancouver Thrift Store

Nice Rob. You really know how to pick the first dates...

First Official Date a Real Couple:

Now, this is when things really started picking up in your relationship. Tell us about how your first date as an official couple consisted of waiting twelve hours to finally sneak out of your hotel room(s), finally getting free and running over to a local thrift store to pick through old clothes, and at last spending the rest of the outing taking pictures with all those fans who didn’t really want to bother you but did anyway.  Then tell us how on the way home you stopped in a park to feed the birds and ended up making 12 dollars and fifteen cents of donations from sympathetic Canadians (and yes, they knew who you were).

Your First Place Together:

End the ponderings about the “palatial pad” by telling the truth about your first place with Kristen. Explain how there’s no hot-tub of love in which you spend hot steamy nights reading each other Blake poems.  Tell how your first place together is actually more like the farmhouse in Night of the Living Dead. You can’t leave and every time you look out the window hordes of zombie-like paparazzi who never seem to sleep are calling for your brains.  The room itself is a rat’s nest of fast food wrappers, empty Heineken bottles, and scraps of clothing, old newspapers and Ok magazines, and twigs that you and Kristen have made into an actual love nest (gross).  Also, explain how between the two of you, so many cigarettes have been smoked that the entire place looks and smells like the designated smoking room of an international airport.

So, you see how this works, right? You tell the “truth” about the glamour of your budding romance with Kstew, and suddenly people realize that there’s nothing to talk about.

Once the world realizes that you are just an intelligent, hilarious, and unbelievably beautiful man boring old slob who is probably giving Kstew the time of her life in bed just groping her boobs and drooling on her in her sleep, then they will see that there is nothing to freak out about.

Sure, Kristen may have to deal with some uncomfortable interview questions about your penis for a while, but eventually things will calm down and the press will move on to more interesting topics.

Please just grant me this one Christmas wish. Think of it this way, if everyone knows, maybe you’ll get to crack a window open on New Years Eve and let out some of that smokers air from your palatial pad. That way you can return that oxygen machine you’ve been renting. She may not have told you, but I’d venture to guess that on the top of Kristen’s New Year’s resolutions list is “Stop the advancement of emphysema and asthma in my body.”‘

Truly wishing you the best of luck,

What’s YOUR Christmas wish of Rob!? (Or.. if you will… of Robsten…)

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  1. …after all that well-described “glamour”…
    I wish Rob for Christmas just…..


    • and I will come with a RED BOW……
      …because I just wanna try one thing…….:-)

    • I always knew you were such a generous, altruist person.

      • Is that a bad thing?

        • No, it’s just funny (or so i thought : ))

          • Honey…
            put on a bow too and share the experience…

          • I dunno exactely what’s with the bow (I got it it’s a Twilight thing) but doesn’t matter, I’m in for EVERYTHING.

          • ribbon….
            busted with bad english!

          • oh you mean the “try thing”???
            Twilight kiss?
            You didn’t see it?

          • I know the kiss, duh, I told you I was looking for the porn, but the ribbon? I dunno.

        • minuit…our love is a never ending misunderstanding…that’s hot!

          • You two always crack me up! Always bickering :-).

    • Me too.

      Wow a red bow…now where would that red bow happen to be? 🙂

      • I’d like to use the red bow as a blindfold, on Rob. Imagine the possibilities…

        • …There’s a possibility

          • yeah…sometimes we have to COVER the pretty….

        • I like the sound of that.

  2. The visual in my head is…overwhelmingly (grossed out)

    “secretly I just want you to do things to me that you probably haven’t even learned how to do properly yet”

    Yes, yes, YES!!! **Bangs on table.*** I would be willing to teach

    • Where did that photo come from?! Is that a modeling shot or from one of the silent ex girlfriends?

      • That’s surely a modeling shot for Christmas Santa underpanties…lol
        but..plz why did she manip the nose???

        • I now see Rob wearing Fredricks of Hollywood style PANTIES…silky.

      • it’s a manip someone did last year.. that i made all christmasey and special for this year

    • I think I’ll be a good teacher too!

  3. Have a happy crimble all you lovelies!
    Hope buttcrack Santa has a special present for you all! I’m off on me hols! Kisses.
    Vampire Volvo Away!

    • Sparkle out!!

      Merry Christmas! x

    • PS I effing LOVE your name.

  4. Wow, the first think I noticed was Rob’s ginormous nose. It even distracts me from the letter. I will now glue a post-it over my screen, so I can concentrate. Please, do not do this to me ever again!

    • It makes me think, if one little feature such as the nose, the eyes, the jaw, were slightly different, slightly plainer or uglier, how it could be a total dealbreaker! On the plus side, Rob would have his life back!

      • It also does not help that it appears as if he has no hands.

      • T.O.O.=T.W.O.

        I was thinking the same thing!!

  5. merry christmas! xxx

  6. I just want to see one little pap photo of you kissing kstew. Nothing graphic or obscene, just settle the great robsten debate once and for all. Please.

    • I wanna see them kiss, but don’t want the Pappz to do it, so I guess I’m out of luck.

  7. Dear Rob,
    just show up on my doorstep dressed in whatever (christmas red or plaid or your everyday hobo attire or premiere style suit) and I will never ask about her or any other ex. Never. I don’t want to know. Just show up.
    Love, Me

  8. “Cathy filmed it for her personal collection”

    She totes did that.

    “We are English dear…we do not use the F-word at the dinner table.”

    You gotta love Clare!

  9. Whos is the person blotted out of the picture. Cool nose. crasy shorts. You gotta dig it. The birthday suit is better

    • BG, you couldn’t BE more right. The Rob’s Birthday suit is ALWAYS better!

  10. “but secretly I just want you to do things to me that you probably haven’t even learned how to do properly yet”


    He probably is giving her the time of her short 19 y/o life. That girl has luck like I didn’t think was possible. The man, the money, the career, the clothes she doesn’t want, the fame, the body and Tay as back up.. And all before the ripe age of 20. What’s she going to do for the next 60 years? Be bored?

    • My sentiments exactly, Xylem!

      • IKR!!!

    • She’ll be depressed and have some overdoses to make the time pass. As an alternative to knitting : )

      • But in a Rob-not-related-context, I think it’s cool there are actresses like her in Hollywood, not only Megan kind of thing.

        • Hi MP!!! Long time no see. Totes agree. I admire the the balls on that girl. (you know what I mean) She’s gonna make it… No flaking around for her. Serious as tweed she is.

  11. Ok, after AJ’s description of their “palatial pad” all I can picture is a trailor park, Rob in a beater with a GLORIOUS mullett, beer stains all down that beater, jorts and black high tops with brown socks while he is stringing the lights on his Natty Light and smoking papers Christmas tree. Yelling at KStew who is frying eggs while smoking a cig. I can hear the dogs barking, see TomStu in the yard trying to fix that car that’s on cinder blocks…Yeah, not a visual for the holidays I was thinking.

    • LMAO! Trailer park….I love it. Not a very pretty sight.

    • I’m even gonna say that the jorts are cargos-jargos if you will. Gotta have somewhere to hold your Milwakee’s Best while stringing the lights!

      • Maybe, since he’s making all the Twi $$$ now, he can splurge on Heineken while stringing lights. Plus, what about all the baby Robstens toddling around in nothing but a dirty diaper. What a sight to behold. . .

        • eww

    • ha! love the image of Kstew with the cig frying eggs, for some reason I can picture that perfectly clearly. And the look on her face while she’s doing it!

      • So can I, so can I. And the dirty linoleum and crappy harvest gold stove.

  12. the mullet does does not have the man.

    • haha your double “does” sounds kinda like an incantation….

      • “incantation?” nice word, robgirl!

        thanks for bringing it every day.

    • mullets maketh the man

      • I’d like to “maketh the man.”

  13. AJ I love your keen description of the “palatial pad.” If they’re not careful, with all those hotpocket boxes, candy wrappers and junk, that place might set on fire!!! And then they’ll be homeless. Oh no :-(.

    About the first picture…um OK I need some MAJOR blain bleach! Each time I see that one, I need the bleach! LMAO!

    But Rob, since you are like the Hobolicious Santa, would you like to grant me a wish? Pretty please? Come over here to my house(hubby’s not home) and I’ll whisper it into your ears.

    • Is that picture from Christmas morning? Did he run downstairs in his red tighties to open presents? Is that how the English roll??

      • Yeah he was too excited and forgot to put some clothes on :-). Rob may be a man but when it comes to Christmas presents, he’s still gets excited as a child! Maybe he thought he would get some nice “toys.”

        • “excited as a child”…why I can picture that?
          Not normal…

          • Oh yes you can! Just use your imagination! :-). I’ll explain it to you later.

      • LOL That pic is a photochop of an American Apparel ad, if I remember correctly.

  14. “I “claim” to want is to see you happy (but secretly I just want you to do things to me that you probably haven’t even learned how to do properly yet)”


    That first photo was like a bucket of cold water. I need to go look at VF photos…..

  15. That was hilarious 🙂

    ..speaking of cathy the cougar.. i was watching Mad Tv the other day and this skit came on:

    Dot reminds me SO MUCH of Catherine.. just me?

    • TOTES! LauraBee, you are on it!

    • hahahaha!!! DOT = Cougwicke. Fuuurrr-er-shuuuurrrr!! LauraBee FTW!!

    • OMG… DOT is Cathy! Reminds me of the picture of the Cougar with the “humans” in the cafeteria with her doing a split for no apparent reason.

  16. Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is to wake up on Friday morning and find RPattz under my tree wearing only a pair of bootcut jeans, with guitar in hand, beginning his serenade upon sight of me.

    I’ve been a good girl all year long, and I’m going to leave extra cookies and a whole quart of milk for you.

    I love you, Santa!

  17. “Sure, Kristen may have to deal with some uncomfortable interview questions about your penis for a while, but eventually things will calm down and the press will move on to more interesting topics.”

    I look forward to those questions! 😉

    • me too. not even kidding. think of how hilarious ANY reaction she would give would be!

    • I don’t know. I can’t think of any more interesting topic at all.

      • Truth

  18. “Then tell us about how Kristen dropped the F-bomb so many times that at last your Mum was forced to tell her: “We are English dear…we do not use the F-word at the dinner table.”

    WIN!WIN! I almost choked on my eggs (if that’s even possible).

    If I remember correctly, there was an interview where Rob explained how his mother reamed him for “supposedly” using bad language in an interview. I often thought, with KStew dropping the F-bomb in every sentence, what do Dick & Clare think??? I have visions of afternoon tea with the Pattinson’s – KStew – “Mrs. Pattinson would you please pass the FUCKING crumpets. Thanks.”

    • KStewism 101

      “Its like having a crush on someone and not being able to fuck them”
      -Kristen Stewart

  19. AJ, you got it exactly right! Bravo for having KStew perfectly nailed. Loved the part about “smoking a fat one”!

    • Swansong, did you have to use KStew and “perfectly nailed” in the same sentence? Now, I can’t stop thinking of HOW she would be “perfectly nailed.”

  20. Thanks for bringin’ it today AJ. That was all kinds of funny 😀

    • yeah! glad you liked it!

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  22. Gah. Rob with that nose is more of a hosedown than creepy Uncle Rob. Dislike! Dislike!

  23. KStew has boobs? Whats a pot-kini pic?

    • I’m envious of you that you haven’t seen that photo. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and not have that image seared into my brain. Vomit-worthy.

    • SBOSG~

      I think the pot-kini pic is a referral to Kristen’s off-white bikini with pot leaves over boobs. Now, you have to live with that image…sorry.

  24. AmAZing letter! TRUTH!

    The nose . . . oh, the nose. Makes me just wanna grab a tissue and put him on some antibiotics.

    Maybe he has some left over from after he dated Reed?

    I’m KIDDING! Mostly!

    • hahaha. good one.

  25. I have to say that I haven’t even read this post. Your photo of Rob in the undies and Santa hat with the enlarged red nose made my snicker really loudly. So thank you for making me laugh really hard so early in the morning.

  26. It’s my birthday today – just another day to remind me that I’m 13 years older than Rob. Boohoo. But I’d really rather NOT see any Kstew photos today. I used to think I was Don’tGiveaCrapSten but now I’m sorta Nonsten. I get it, at the height of his fame, he likes being witht the one girl he’s sure doesn’t like him just for Edward Cullen. But soon enough his fame will dwindle a little (right after Summit butchers BD) and he will be able to find another girl. I hope. Or maybe a torrid affair with Uma Thurman on the set of Bel Ami, to give us (ahem) older ladies a sense of validation…

    Thumbs down me but remember, it’s my birthday!

    • Happy b-day, TLG and 36 isn’t too old for Rob!

      “right after Summit butchers BD”…couldn’t agree more.

    • First, Happy Birthday!!! May an obsene amount of Rob porn find it’s way to you today.

      Secondly, hellz yeah on the “Or maybe a torrid affair with Uma Thurman on the set of Bel Ami, to give us (ahem) older ladies a sense of validation…”

      Uma have to high five you on that.

      • No affair with UMA!

        She’s blonde.

        Rob digs brunettes.

        This is a fact that I made up.

        Live by it.

        • Rob likes legs. Hair is secondary to willingness of which there should be no shortage of with a rebounding hot as hell Uma. it’ll be like the graduate… Only hotter.

          • I thought we agreed on Angelina…

          • Haha…first I read

            “Rob like hairy legs”…Hääää???

            Ah..he likes legs…
            I like his hairy legs!

            My little leg poem…

          • he likes boobs not legs.
            Happy Birthday TLG.

        • @Fangbanger
          I agree with you on Angelina…so he could be a young father…..very busy young father….very very busy young….

          • Oh Gawd… the only thing hawter than Gerard Butler and Angelina Jolie would be Rob and Angelina. That would be DOGGING worthy IMHO.

    • Happy birthday TLG….
      I really can understand your mood…and you are NOT old!

    • Happy Birthday TLG! May your every birthday wish come true….and no thumbs down from me, I say right on to every thing you said.

    • Happy birthday! May all your Robdreams come true! XO

    • Happy sparkling dreamy birthday TLG!

      • Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! My husband bought me an iphone for my birthday. Now, how do I get my ringtone to be Rob saying “you are my life now” – anyone? anyone?

        • Hahahah! That would be awesome!

  27. “….and twigs that you and Kristen have made into an actual love nest (gross)”
    – LOL, unexpected+funny

    Also I think the post should have come as some sort of warning… a coworker was walking up behind me when that pic of Rob popped up and I just barely minimized it in time (I hope)! They already see my “Edward” picture on my desk every day but they may think I am truly psycho if they get a look at that pic…

    • I am the “minimizing” expert. I have to listen to footsteps contantly to hide my addiction at work…all this is for you, Rob.

      BTW, Rob where is my present?

  28. My God you wrote a lot! That’s all….

  29. I can’t handle defaced, zygote Rob in undies, especially during the drought.

    Rob, I’d like to ask one favor though. Don’t do anything stupid or reckless…with Kristen…that’s my only wish.

    • Wait… I just assumes that was a manip since the head is so small. Are you saying it’s real?

      • Not real. Sorry for the confusing post, XY.

        UC said in post at 10:30 a.m.:
        it’s a manip someone did last year.. that i made all christmasey and special for this year

        • Thank goodness. Truth is, after seeing those pictures of Rob shirtless with the black scarf, I don’t put anything past him. Hes just so nutty that boy. Luv him

          ML… Are you named after Edward’s favorite thing to eat? If do, Win!!!

          • XY,
            Yes, I’m Edward’s favorite food. Thanks for asking.

          • XY~
            You have a pic of Rob shirtless with a black scarf? Can I see it?

          • Mountainlion – Lol are you sure you want to see zygote Rob? Major brain bleach needed. He reminds me of a boy I babysit in that picture you’re asking for, the one w/ the shorts and black scarf!

          • mountainlion …he is 12 or so in that pic!

          • mountainlion -You asked for it.


          • SB!
            You did babysit a boy who looked like Rob with only shorts/scarf on him…….honey…I don’t know if this could be called “babysitting”

          • Oh, thanks, but no thanks, SB and Robgirl~

            I didn’t know XY was talking about THAT photo. Totes appreciate it anyway.

          • Tehee…I told you so. I think that was his awkward stage, he looked like he had baby fat. He looked very androgenous didn’t he? When I first saw it I had to really look to see that was Rob.

            Btw my laptop is finally working, yay!


          • Everytime I happen to see that photo, I can’t help wondering (once the shock is gone, that’s 3 days after) WTH was Claire thinking when she (made) let him do that photoshoot.

          • Minuit – 3 days later! 🙂 Some major shock that was!

          • Minuit.Word!
            SB.Word too!
            this pic is def. NOT my time zone!

          • Might be traumatised. I need some serious Robporn therapy.

          • miunit…done
            look at your mails

          • Ladies ladies, zygote Rob is the Rob that turned into the Rob we all know and love today. Show him a little love…just not THAT kind of love. Chris Hansen would be all over your ass if you showed zygote Rob that kind of love.
            Good morning girls! Er, I guess it’s like almost the end of the day huh. Gee, what the hell did I actually do today?!

          • Singlestrand, I think you just showed too much love to zygote Rob, to compensate for our/my mean words, and now the day is gone. See, this thing is dangerous.

          • single strand
            I can’t show love to zygote Rob…
            it’s not legal
            NOT legal!

          • I would show some love to this Rob, A LOT of love, and not sure it was legal Rob back in the days.

            But let’s just pretend the conversation about the zygote Rob never happened, orals, sorry or else I risk to remember it the day I’ll find myself behind the dumpster with big Rob.

          • Tee hee you said ‘big Rob’. We all imagine him as ‘big’. Le sigh.

          • Hey Singlestrand, what have u been up to lately?

            I told ya he looks like a boy I babysit sometimes! Zygote Rob is not legal! And he makes me feel old :-). Bring in stubbleRob please.

          • Zygote Rob got one long thread today! Stubblerob is better I agree.
            SB, I have been busy busy trying to get settled in the new place. How are you? Glad your laptop is fixed I bet? I need to email you soon. I think my last one was a mass email about or boring moving weekend? Did you get that one?
            See you on here tomorrow, eh?

          • Singlestrand – I’ve been curious about your screen name. Can you explain it to me? You can email it if you don’t want to explain here.

            Glad you’re getting settled in your new place. We moved to this house a year ago and trust me, the basement is still filled with boxes that need to be unpacked! I figured we don’t need those things if we’re not missing them :-p.

            Yes I got your mass email, hehe. I understand, life takes over sometimes. It’s okay sweetie, just email when you have time.

          • But of course, SB! Singlestrand is taken from one of my top five series quotes in Breaking Dawn somewhere in Chapter 19:
            “My life and his were twisted into a single strand. Cut one, and you cut both.”
            That quote resonated with me from the very first time I read it. It is awe-inspiring and heartbreaking all at once. Every time I get to that part of the book (have it highlighted – I’m a nerd), I usually cry and then feel this overwhelming sensation of hope that there is that deep a love in this world. Most days, I feel certain I have that with my DH. The days I’m not feeling quite so all-consumed with our love, I become afraid that I didn’t hold out for it. Only time will tell but here’s hoping that he and I are the same single strand.
            Some of my Twi-friends don’t like the quote. They say it shows her complete codependency on Edward. I always tell them that if you aren’t willing to be codependent, you aren’t willing to give yourself fully to another. Just my thoughts but I’ve had arguments over the topic with no resolution. Let me know what you think, anyone else out there?

          • SingleStrand – I knew it! I knew it was Twilight-related. Well in case you’re interested, my screen name is well, it is what it is because I’m from the south and I’m a belle, so southernbelle. Although southernbelle has a connotation of a young, flirtatious but innocent maiden. LOL. Now I wish I had picked something Twi-related.

            I love your explanation. That’s so true(my eyes are starting to water reading your explanation)~! It’s especially true the longer you’ve been married and you know you feel sometimes the spark is no longer there. I’d be lying if I said I feel like I’m in love w/ my husband everyday. Heck, stuff happens, we fight and I want to hit him with a frying pan! But love, well somedays you really need to work on it, just like you said, keep the strands together. I’m old-fashioned and a hopeless romantic and I totally get your explanation and I love it. I have no problems w/ co-dependency. I’m the same way. I was just thinking how I’d be so lost if I lost my husband( almost lost him last yr, he was almost killed). Our child was 7 months old and my husband was barely clinging to his life. I remember thinking I can’t raise this child by myself, not without him.
            He told me the same thing later on. He told me that he can’t ever live without me and if I die, he will never marry again because he can’t ever love anyone like me. Gotta love the man. I sensed that Bella and Edward had the same kind of love, if not even deeper.

            Ok girl, now I gotta read that line in Breaking Dawn. I’m actually reading Twilight again. Thank you for that. XO

  30. “Think of it this way, if everyone knows, maybe you’ll get to crack a window open on New Years Eve and let out some of that smokers air from your palatial pad. That way you can return that oxygen machine you’ve been renting.”


    Love your letter AJ, and UC I think I needed the nasty manip for a cool down before Christmas. I have a lot a family time to deal with and I should not be lusting after Rob during Christmas.

    Ah, Hell, who am I kidding, there are no pics that can turn me off of Rob! The GQ photos are burned in my brain!! This will be a long Christmas!

    • No pics turn me off too. Each one makes him even more look endearing to me.

      • Yes!! I am especially fond of the Daniel Gale adorkable ones!

        • Daniel Gale…sigh. Love the long, skinny legs and did you notice he looked like he was in pain when she kissed him? He looks like in pain everything he’s kissing someone. That is HOT!

      • honey…..:-).
        2 post ago we talked about
        There is more than ONE!

        • I mean SB, sorry 3hboyshouse

        • Oh i know, should I post them all here? LOL

  31. @Fangy.. Yes we agreed on Angelina for the graduate. But that was just a dream of mine. No script exists for that. Uma on the other hand has already been cast and is recently single… So ready for a rebound fling. Kstew can join… Don’t think Uma would mind.

  32. […] A Christmas request of Robsten Handing over the reigns (ha- unintentional Santa joke) today to AJ, as she asks Rob & Robsten for her Christmas […] […]

  33. this is in response to minuit passe’s post of that pic of stubble Rob at a convention with some lucky girl who should pick my next lottery numbers. Hell for that much kstew should be with me when I pick my next lottery numbers! talk about lucky girl? huh? the luckiest. God I love your chatter ladies have to let you know that I saw my first Rob-a-like tonight in Wal-mart! yep didnt’ think it possible…but there he was all dressed up like Rob in Remember me! I kid you not…this guy was gorgeous…the chin, jawline, carefully groomed stubble, sideburns, beautiful brows, soft sexy bedroom eyes…I found myself grinning like a stupid fangirl and with nothing I could actually approach him about. had a slow cooker and a few holiday things in his cart and I’m thinkin’…married? going to in-laws house said he would bring the what? slow cooker or big stainless steel stew pot…ahhaa! STEW-pot! He was wearing the Rob plaid shirt which was turquoise, and the only difference was his eyes and his hair color was a little different than Robs but I wasn’t the only one who noticed him… a mom and daughter team sloamed by him with great big smiles on their faces after glancin’ once twice and 3 times in his direction…I was stakin’ out the movie display not really looking at it at all just grinning like a cheshire cat in his general direciton without letting him see me and then the ladies walked by and noticed I was grinnin’ also and we all had a big Rob grinnin’ moment and you know damn well what they were thinkin. ‘Jeeeez look at this guy lookin’ like Rob all plaid and jeans and sneakers! no ray bans or baseball cap though just pure, naked, unadorned, ‘look-at-me-ladies-I-look-like-Rob-pattinson-stop-by-and-say-hi’ good looking son-of-a-gun! God and he kept sailing by me with his cart-o-plenty and glancing in my direction. i think he knew who he looked like and maybe even tried to get some looks but it was hard to tell he was so non chalant about looking like the ‘Prince of Prints’, the King of Men, the Beautiful Beast, Big Daddy, The Glowing One, you get the picture. I was blushing and getting warm from this guy he was turning around and looking at me to see if I was lookin’ at him…it felt like an episode of ‘Cougar Town’ to me! All of a sudden I was courtney cox trying to figure out what to do with this guy and the situation. I had my 8 yr. old daughter with me so couldn’t exactly walk up to him and say, ‘god you’re beautiful and oh by the way you look just like rob pattinson did you know that?’ I kind of think he did as he styled and cut his hair just like Rob, wore Robs’ shirt from Remember Me and kept lookin’ over his shoulder to see if I was lookin’ at him anymore! I’m going back every night this week just in case and if I see him I will stop him and ask for a picture with him so i can post and show you guys this guy…you wouldn’t believe it! I will have to take the pic to prove my story. If I do see him what do i say? anyone ? anyone? I mean really? I am so out of practice and want to get him to let me take his pic…any good suggestions? let me know.

  34. Gosh, hahaha. 😛

    I changed some words in this because I deny, deny and deny some more, hahaha. 😛 I theorize about how KStewing Up Some Trouble isn`t mulleting all up on Rob.

    Take for example: Then tell us about how Kristen dropped the F-bomb so many times that at last your Mum was forced to tell her: “Get out of my house because, frankly, you smell like green and I`m pretty sure my flowers wilted when you walked by them. Your mullet scares me, as well.“ And then Rob said: “Yesss, finally. I don`t have to pretend to get the hots for MulletAllUpInMyBitchFaceStew!“

    I don`t totally dislike KStew, but still, I still kind of do, hahaha. 😛

    Gosh, hahaha. 😛

    – Cassie. 🙂

  35. ooooh, I’ve missed this so much!!!
    I haven’t had internet access the past few days and it’s been awful! LTR was honestly the very first thing I checked.
    I have been wondering what Rob has been up to the past week, but most of all I’ve been curious what you girls had to say about it!
    So there you have it, I’m just as LTR-addicted as I have the Rob-fever.

    Uh, I’m so happy to be back that i want to hug everyone! *jumping in her seat with a huge grin*

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