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How I fell for Rob: And how he made me love my husband even more!

Making your husband look better and better every day!

*Welcome back to our regularly occurring post we have called “How I fell for Rob” where LTR readers write Rob a letter explaining how they fell for him. Klutzy writes a letter today and have the tissues handy, or someone to hug!*

Dear Rob,

I can barely remember the exact date and how I fell for you but one thing is sure, you, Rob, made me love my husband even more. A couple of years ago, my husband had to move abroad for a better job offer. Since I loved my job back home and I didn’t like the idea of moving and living away from our family and friends, we agreed that he’ll give it a try living apart and  he would come back every year. He loved the place and his new job but our distance plus the monthly phone bills become unbearable, so after all his promises and drama, I finally took pity on him, gave in, and left my job, at least to try.

The beginning of the end for a lot of ladies!

Three months later, and the excitement to this new place were gone and I was dying to go home. In his desperate attempt to keep me from going back home, last  July, DH (dear Husband) brought a Twilight DVD home while awkwardly telling me that ‘it might sound lame’ but all the gals in his office can’t stop gushing over this ‘Twilight thing’ so they suggested that maybe I’d like to give it a try. I’d heard Twilight before but never paid attention having known that it’s a story about a vampire. Feeling bored the next day, I watched the movie in our bedroom, thinking I’ll fall asleep anyway but boy, the moment you entered the cafeteria, I was blessed and reborn, helpless and drooling like a sixteen year old. The next day, I went to buy all four books, came home and found DH waiting for me, surprisingly handing me the same four books that I have just bought (really!). It took me five days and five nights to finish reading all the books and repeated it several times after that. DH never complained, never asked and seems so happy that I no longer mention anything about going home or getting a job. I spent almost the entire day watching interviews, drooling on your photos and lurking on every site about you. Trying to be inconspicuous, I tried to minimize our bonding moments whenever DH’s around.

Follow the cut to read how awesome Klutzy’s husband is…

courtesy of the "very personal files"

One night, having dinner with those gals and their dear ones, who introduced you to my husband then to me the conversation ended up with you. It just started when one of those gals casually (she tried) suggested Midnight Sun to me (not knowing I have read and re-read it many times)  and was then followed by their husbands rant on all the sleepless nights, the fights plus the additional expenses they have to endure because of you. I tried not to react with all their insults over their red-faced wives but in my defense, DH said “Seriously, if that’s what it take to have her here with me, I won’t mind a thing, she can’t have him anyway”.

On our way home, I made my confession about my ‘acute fondness’ for you and DH said he was aware but didn’t want to embarrass me as he noticed how I tried to hide it from him and he’s happy how it’s helping me get through my homesickness. I cried especially when he said he totally understands how it feels, that’s why he really tried to have me here. And that explains his patience for his totally shameless little wife’s stories about the book, about your funny interviews and those funny gals at LTR/LTT; how he even tried to read it (but fall asleep) to keep up with me saying it’s just out of curiosity why those gals are obsess about it; the new laptop he bought so that I can save some “very personal files”, when I tried to reason out that it’s unnecessary;  the new I-phone I just got with the Twilight audio books; every single magazine he brought home for me while he casually says ‘Baby, isn’t it the Twilight guy. I guess you can no longer have a magazine without him on it”, and the new Twilight soundtrack cd.

Rob, I can’t thank you enough for making me realize what a good man I’ve got and for giving UC and Moon an inspiration to bring LTR/LTT gals a daily dose of a good laugh.

Love Me,

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter

Thank you SO much for writing in Klutzy! We nominate your man for husband of the year! He’s doing what all other men with Twi/Rob obsessed women in their lives should do: GO WITH IT! It will only help him out in the long run! Congrats on having such a sweet husband and good luck with your new home and new friends! Everyone give Klutzy some fabulous comments and tell her you’d never know English is not her first language! Bravo!!!

How did YOU fall for Rob? Want to write us a letter? Email us now!



  1. Wow, what a wonderful letter 🙂
    You’re husband sounds amazingly supportive!

  2. Rob…the beginning of the end for a lot of ladies….
    Truer words were NEVER spoken!

    And….Klutzy…thanks for your story……and…..I think..I am in love with YOUR man too…..:-)

    • robgirl, I ❤ you!

    • Robgirl wow, I love your avatar but what happened to Rob?

      • lost in translation….lol

  3. How sweet! What a good guy! I know its difficult to admit our ‘acute fondness’ for Rob to others, especially DHs, but in your case, its great! Here’s hoping that you both benefit from other Rob-related situations, i.e., alone time in the bedroom!

  4. Wow, your hubs is soooo sweet! I’m already glad my s/o cheerfully ignores all my Twilight related activities, but man, that is one supportive husband!
    Loved your letter, Klutzy.

  5. WOW..hang on to that man!
    I plan on spending my Sunday evening in the bunker with a bottle of Grey Goose and my private stash of RobPorn. Anyone want to join me?

    • I’m in! I’ll bring some nibbles as well 🙂

  6. Klutzy, your husband sounds like the kind of man worth relocating for!!! 🙂

  7. What a sweet (and smart) husband you have! He’s a keeper.

  8. Aww…

    Loved your letter! Your man sounds perfect.

  9. DH said “Seriously, if that’s what it take to have her here with me, I won’t mind a thing, she can’t have him anyway”.

    OK, I am not the most slobbery, romantic gal out there but whoa, I had a wee moment when I read that comment. Fabulous hubby, there are not many of those out there, usually known as collector’s items.

    p.s. I know I will never have him but that doesn’t stop me from strategically trying to meet him in the future.

    • “Collector’s item?” Well said, Cazza.

      • Yes, Cazza, well said. Today I celebrate 22 years with my hubby, who is also a “collector’s item”. He’s loved me through Don Johnson, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Depp and now Rob. He just laughs at my fascination with “Cedric”, who in fact, is only 6 years older than my son.

        Whatever gets you through…and you sound like you have one very smart and enlightened hubby!

        • This was the reason my mother never really got the Team Jacob thing, he’s only 2 years older than her youngest son! It’s just not right. But apparently it’s OK for her to like Rob, who is younger than me!! 😉

  10. Does your DH have a brother??

    • Yes, does he have brothers??????

      • Or is he willing to take another wife or two??

  11. Great letter Klutzy! And great husband! Thanks for sharing your story!
    Good luck in your new home!

  12. Where do I find me a man like this??

  13. Loved your letter, Klutzy. Thanks for sharing with us. Your husband is a gem.

    My wonderful and tolerant husband knows that Rob makes me happy and if I’m happy, then my hubs is happy. Wait, isn’t that co-dependence? Oh well, we are just going to “go with it.”

    Rob sure has changed a lot of lives.

  14. Lucky Klutzy to have such a kind, understanding husband.

  15. My boyfriend died about 3 weeks to the day before Twilight came out. My daughter saw it on opening day and asked me to go see it with her again. I was numb at the time and just going through the paces of breathing anyway, so I agreed to go. Four books, one half-written transcript, and dozens of viewing later, I at least have joined the human race again and feel it is in large part due to an infatuation with Rob. I joke about lusting for him but it isn’t really that as much as it is watching this rising star and feeling like I might have helped push him aloft into the night sky. I get satisfaction knowing he’s going to shine for a long long time. He is a distraction that I look forward to, as well as keeping it funny thanks to all of you…

    • I loved your story, but am sad for your loss. I think that his true fans know that he will keep getting better and better, and that our support is only helping him to have a great future. He is not only gorgeous, but so talented. I just watched How To Be again yesterday afternoon, and laughed at his sweet dorkiness.

    • So sorry about your loss ❤
      distraction….yeah….indeed darling!

    • So terribly sorry for your loss.

    • Beautiful story, Robert is a very beautiful distraction, glad it has helped you, big LTR hugs from London 🙂


  16. I’m so sorry for your loss, Swansong and glad you are here!

    I’m glad Rob helped you rejoin the human race. He certainly brought me out of major health funk, too and I can’t wait to see what he does next.


  17. Great letter Klutzy! Your English is an inspiration to me ;). Your husband sounds like a pretty amazing guy, he belongs on the keeper-pile.

  18. How Sweet! Ur husband sounds like he’d do anything to stay withyou, sounds like youve already got ur edward! 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing! I think you’re on to something there – Twilight/Rob has obviously been a life saver for a lot of women, and hanging out here has given many of us a new start when life was beginning to sag at the edges.

    Your husband seems to be the really loving kind, who wants what’s best for you, and holds your happiness above any petty jealousy issues he may have with “that Twilight guy” – smart and caring! Good luck to you both and your future life together – with Rob as sleeping partner! 🙂

  20. Oh Klutzy I just love your story! Your husband sounds like a really nice guy…hang on to that one, in case someone tries to snag him. You’re lucky. My DH was the one who introduced me to Twilight and I didn’t even want to see it. I was not in the least bit interested. Wow, well now he regrets having brought that Twilight DVD home! Ha!

    I pretty much became a hermit during my Twilight saga book days. 🙂

    I do wish my husband would be more tolerant of my silly little stories and weirdness about Rob.

    • I ❤ you back honey!!!
      Your husband is great too!!!!

      • Eh you’re just saying that because you saw his picture! Am I right? LOL

  21. This. is. amazing. Klutzy, you are a lucky girl!

  22. Klutzy, your DH is a keeper!!!
    I almost cried reading this “Seriously, if that’s what it take to have her here with me, I won’t mind a thing, she can’t have him anyway” and all that he’s done to keep you by his side :snif:

    By the way, where are you from?

  23. Awesome letter and awesome hubs! Klutzy, you are one lucky lady!!

  24. Klutzy – you have an amazing husband – he is a keeper. My DH tried to watch Twilight with me, but couldn’t get through it – LOL – but when he sees me (everyday) on the laptop when he comes home, he just says Vampire, and I say yes and he goes about his business. Not as good as your DH but he is a keeper too!

  25. […] How I fell for Rob: And how he made me love my husband even more! *Welcome back to our regularly occurring post we have called “How I fell for Rob” where LTR readers write […] […]

  26. 🙂

  27. Klutzy, you’re really sweet and your husband is definitely a keeper.
    My boyfriend knows about my “twilight fondness” and he’s very supportive; he bought me the Twilight DVD, he brings home Twilight-related magazines and using his “innocent voice” says: “I think these ones have pictures of that vampire guy”, he bought me Little Edward for my b-day and got tickets for the New Moon midnight premiere here in Peru and went with me, he even took his “serious glasses” to the movie, the ones he takes to movies he wants to actually understand (to read subtitles) -that’s how I measure his level of commitment when we go to the movies- LOL 🙂

    You have an amazing husband!
    I hope my boyfriend will remain as understanding when he finds out that I’m picking dates for our wedding according to the release date of Eclipse, cause… That’s normal! Right? He’ll understand! :S

  28. I love supportive OHs 🙂

    Mr PG11 has been very supportive and watched Twilight and Little Ashes at the movies with me.

    More than once 🙂

    p.s. I know I will never have him but that doesn’t stop me from strategically trying to meet him in the future.


  29. Wow, that sound amazing 🙂 What a great husband you have.

  30. aww tat’s so cuuute!!! i wish i had someone that understands all the fanlove!! you sure are a lucky girl!

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