Posted by: themoonisdown | December 15, 2009

We ask Robert Pattinson a question… or ten and so can YOU!

the jaw makes it into the movie poster... smart people!

Dear Rob,

Today I logged into that timesuck everyone calls Facebook to cyber stalk some cute boy I met over the weekend and I was greeted with a handy dandy message from the Twilight fanpage saying that YOU would be answering our, the lowly fans, questions about ANYTHING! YES anything… ok, so I got a bit ahead of myself and begin formulating questions like “can the mullet love you better than I can?” when I noticed the fine print that said you would be answering questions about Remember Me, your new soon-to-be smash hit bawl fest, brain f*ck of a movie ON CAMERA. And though my hopes were dashed of asking you the important questions and you obviously falling in love with me via a comment on Facebook, I was still excited… I mean YOU answering questions from us about Remember Me… Oh yes, so you can imagine my evil laugh… I mean do they not know us yet!?

So I took to my Blackberry to start pecking out all the best questions I could think of regarding Remember Me. Here’s what I have so far…

  • So how many times will we see you naked?

Why is this hot?

  • That fight scene where you kick the crap outta someone and get the crap kicked out of you was pretty hot. Does this mean I’m into s&m? Do you want to volunteer to find out?
  • So when they say pg13 (which is the rating it will inevitably get) that means full frontal nudity, right?
  • Will there be crash carts and EMT’s on hand for when fangirls faint from the sight of you and Emilie doing the ol “bedroom rodeo?”

We keep asking Rob questions after the cut… won’t you join us?

  • After the whole “spaghetti shower” scene you totally went back and ate the leftovers, right? Waste not, want not? And what’s better with Heineken than some old crusty spaghetti?
  • Will each ticket come with a reminder to (based on age) either take your heart medication or leave your significant other at home?

So you think I should "fuggagetabout" this accent?

  • When Pierce Brosnon asked what you thought of his “New Yorker” accent you totally lied, right?
  • To save money on wardrobe did they just buy a 3 pack of fruit of the loom vneck undershirts and then used whatever you happened to show up in that day?

Seriously, WHAT is this movie about?


  • Will we finally answer the age old question: “cut or uncut?”

So you know us pretty well by now, we’re not gonna let this little opportunity by… we’re opening up our comments/tweets/email to YOU to submit your best Remember Me (and maybe not ALL RM based) Rob questions and we will begin submitting them to the Remember Me fanpage via OUR LTT/LTR Facebook fanpage/profile! Yup, we know you wanted to ask some questions but who wants their friends to know they’re actually submitting questions to a Rob contest? So we got ya covered!

Do you Remember Me???

So we’re serious about this, start commenting/tweeting/emailing/posting on OUR LTT wall your questions for the RM Rob contest and we’ll start asking them via our LTT/LTR account. FIngers crossed we get Rob to answer one. Well, fingers crossed we can even think of one not “dirty” enough to ask him.

Cause who doesn’t want to see the trailer ONE more time?

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Brilliant questions ladies.

    I can’t get past you meeting a cute guy this past weekend Moon!! Did you tell him about LTT/LTR??? Would you??

  2. My question would be,

    “Rob, do you masturbate? Because I think it’s hot.”

    • Go watch Little Ashes….NOW!

  3. how about “rob, you have a history with young skinny brunettes but seem to go for the young skinny blonde in ‘remember me’. isn’t it true that you really prefer 30-year-old, semi-brunette, curvy women? i’ll take that stunned silence as a YES MA’AM!!”

  4. Okay, it’s taken a while but I’ve come up with some filth free questions!

    – You get your face smashed in in this movie…have you ever been in a real fight? (Please describe in slow-mo)

    -If you saw someone in trouble in real life are you a pile in to help, or phone the police type of person?

    – What’s the worst injury you’ve had in real life? Broken bones? Cuts & bruises?

    – Were you a heathy or a sickly child?

    -Pleasure or pain? (And I was doing so well).

    Oh BTW lots of English blokes are cut.

    Toodle pip

    • Most excellent beakerj

  5. Why on earth did they pluck your eyebrows for Twilight?

    Not once when I read the novels did I think that Edward had to have better eyebrows than Bella, and Cindy Crawford for that matter.

  6. And my final Q for Rob is:

    When you’re not working please may I look after your eyebrows?

    (I’ll keep them in a padded matchbox & feed them dandruff & beer, & they will be softly kissed *often*. I’ll even take them to visit your Mum & Dad if you want.)

  7. Dear Rob,

    Why is your Sex on Fire?

    Naughty Kisses,


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