Posted by: themoonisdown | December 10, 2009

The video reveals all – follow up to that Rob/Paparazzi nonsense

Dear Rob,

Which response to the people who called us morally-bankrupt-famewhore-stupid-fat-paparazzi-sellout-bitches, for having an opinion other than theirs, do you think I should use…

  • Told you so!
  • DUH!
  • Shocker!
  • Nanny nanny booboo (not Stewart)!
  • Wow, this is a surprise!
  • Like, I said Rob is a grown ass man!

Yea, I’m not sure those are good enough either… so I’m gonna just have to let the video and response from Bobby’s manager Phil do the talking for itself.

and from the Dallas show twitter follower @laxplays has this to say:

@letter2twilight just spoke to phil the manager & we have confirmation that indeed rob et al were laughing over pap chase/pics – no harm!

Awwww the sound of sweet redemption…

Join in the “I told you so” party in the comments! I’m hosting!

Thanks Robsessed for posting the video and thanks to Laxplays!

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter

Stay tuned for another special post this afternoon. That’s right- two days in a row with two posts. WHAT has gotten into us!? (Uh, everyone we asked to submit us a letter did so we have too many and need to post multiple times a day, whoops) You may have already seen the letter b/c it was accidentally up this morning. Don’t worry- it’ll come back later!


  1. “morally-bankrupt-famewhore-stupid-fat-paparazzi-sellout-bitches”

    wow… *amazed* nobody ever used so many letters on _me_…. i am jealous now. could somebody please use so many letters on me as well? but please drop the “fat”-part. thank you.


  2. I am disappointed by the Rob campaign, it was very embarrassing, but no hardcore material, no one crying and screaming, nothing… I was expecting so much better…or worse, depends on how you look at it. I am even more disappointed, that by making public their side of the story Bobby and Phil killed any hope of having a better, much more embarrassing “Save the Rob” video. And also since all these people sent their photos, they could have at least take advantage of the media exposure to show a boob, write their phone numbers on their hands, cause HE was watching. Embarrassed, laughing, curious to see the crazies, but he was watching.

    Should we do a campaign with more than 500 photos (like the original) where we send naked (or almost) pictures of ourselves to sustain more noble causes, such as Rob porn?

    • i will only agree if my picture gets photoshopped before! 😀

      • shuuut! no one has to know it!

    • Oh, you just know one of Rob’s friends has alerted him to this ‘campaign’ and he’s squirming at the thought of it.

      • Totally squirming.

      • I know he doesn’t need his friends to tell him what’s happening, he knows what’s going on and I’m pretty sure he did 2 or 3 or 10 jokes about it.

        • There’s PART 2 now!!!
          I don’t believe, they actually made another saaaaaaaddd video!

    • yes, I’m sure we could have had some truly great 2nd hand embarrasment “save the rob” videos.

      • Dude, I started watching that fan video and couldn’t get pass 2:00, I was so embarrassed. I saw the pap video and you could actually hear Rob cracking up, especially when the pap asked about how many women he had in the car. HAHA
        People need to chill the fuck out, seriously.

    • Hi honey, welcome back, shouted out loud for you 🙂
      quasi quasi I was thinking to make some video for YOU…

      The saaaaad video with the saaaaddd song, I was wondering what to do now with that thing,now that Rob obviously doesn’t want to be saved by them….mmhhmmm…

      perhaps they could cut out the first part ( you know the ones with the ribbons plastered on him!) putting in some campaign motto kinda like ….
      “We are against PHOTOSHOPPED PICS on magazines.!!!”
      So that would fit with ……
      “We don’t want it, neither Rob does!”

      • the video…LMAO… now I feel the responsabilities on my shoulders…

        Did you have the photoshopped pics in Germany too? Cause in FR someone proposed a law or smth. Apparantly it troubles little girls and gives a wrong image of women… next thing even breathing would be bad for out health.

    • Minuit!!!! YOU’RE alive!!!!

      Bonsoir! You’ve caught up w. RL I assume?

      • Heyyy!!! No I didn’t, I never do.

  3. There should be a poll and
    TOLD YOU SO! would win!
    It’s great hearing and seeing the guys laugh about it!

  4. re: the mag cover – hilar! i really chuckled over how the topics were highlighting the characters names and a mix of the real life name… like they exist in the same world… like i said, hilar!

  5. I’m going with TOLD YOU SO! myself.

  6. Some peeps take life so seriously. No harm done, just another night out in the life of the Brit Pack – boys just wanna have fun and they are 🙂

    Cazza x

  7. So did you meet one of the said Brits yesterday?

    • Sorry, Cazza, actually this was a reply for you.

    • I met Bobby Long. A very nice and polite chap.


      • AAH! Jealous!

      • You forgot HOT, adorkable, and AMAZINGLY talented. Even while wearing a reindeer t-shirt. Next to the tree. Under the TV. In a house in the ‘burbs….

        Miss U, Caz!! South x Southwest here we come!!!


        • I hope you ladies will blog about this 🙂

          • Stay tuned!!!

  8. Told ya soooo!!
    Yay to Cazza for asking our buddy Phil!
    You rock Tex-Scot!

    • I heart you Heine gal 🙂

  9. I’ve seen videos of him on You tube singing at private parties and out of (crazy) normal curiosity I was wondering how does he know the people, is it the same girls who organize things for him and invite them to sleep at their houses?

    • Cazza, I def. have troubles with replies today. Cause guess what, it was a replay for you. AGAIN.

    • LOL. I found it. Yes it was a private party of 20 with BL playing accompanied by Phil drinking tea in the kitchen 🙂 They arrived, did their gig, pics/autographs/chatted about life etc and then left for the main venue that night. I can’t say enough but both very down to earth peeps, they even used the bathroom when there. Wow, they even pee 🙂

      Like anything, all it takes is contacting the Manager and working a deal. That boy loves his music and is having fun touring the States. Good on him.


      • OMG, are you sure they pee? Did someone take a picture of the toilet, you know like in the interview with Rob?
        Thanks for having answered the private party mystery that lasted for months. I thought it was like a party with friends where he’s staying and I was wondering why he was performing every time.

      • the private party thing is a paid gig. apparently his “land of dreamers” street team work with phil, his manager to get together a group of fans. they pay a pretty good chunk of change to have him play for them, do a meet and greet etc. before the show. usually it’s a meet-up in a hotel suite, and not necessarily at someone’s house.

        • It was worth every penny!! Although it wasn’t that expensive. I’ve paid more to see shows in huge arenas where the artists look like ants on the stage.

    • I certainly was tempted to organize a few activities for him and invite him to sleep at my house. My husband wouldn’t have appreciated that very much, though.

      • I see that someone was charmed by his music but not only. And I completely understand why. But if you can’t make the husband leave, why not do the activities outside? I think you were speaking about hanging around and have a beer, right?

  10. OWNED!!!!!

    Them, not you. ahem.

  11. wondering where the mag cover post went?! It accidentally got scheduled at the same time as THIS post… it will be up this afternoon! That’s right- another DOUBLE post!

    • Dear UC,

      I love checking this blog every morning. It’s become part of my routine: wake up, hit snooze button for approx. 1 hour, kiss Rob poster, go to work, get coffee, check work e-mail, CHECK LTR/LTT, maaaaaybe get work done, go home.

      Normally, I can fit work in there somewhere. But posting twice in once day? I can’t keep up!! When I lose my job because I can’t stop check LTR/LTT for my giggles and RobPorn, will you hire me? I am well qualified and Normal.


    • yes, I’m confused? Saw the GQ mag cover here this AM and commented on it?

  12. “morally-bankrupt-famewhore-stupid-fat-paparazzi-sellout-bitches”

    TammyO is that you????? or are you Mullsten???

    • Misty, LOL!
      People are nuts, nuts I tell ya’

  13. Sometimes, no response beats any response…
    …or “told you so!” works.

  14. You know the adult CLASSY thing is to not really say anything. They know they were wrong and you were right.

    But in all honesty, I never said I was an adult and I have been known to put the ASS in CLASS…so…

    • exactly… couldnt ever come up with a good one so the proof will just have to be in the pudding and the side eye i give anyone they look at me at a bobby/marcus show the next time

  15. Where is the other post gone? Hääää???

    Love how Bobby said..”…it was my first time…”
    Sounds like the brits had fun….so cooooooolll

    So outgoing in LA is like the annual fair elsewhere, rollercoaster and beer included…plus some “mom-like-hot-woman” carrying the boys at home…lol

  16. And the winner of the GREAT DEBATE is MOON!

    Thanks Moon for telling it like it is…you rock hard (that’s what she said)
    (I have always wanted to type that..first time EVER..did I get it right?)

    Thanks to @laxplays for talking to Manager Phil and Bobby and for sharing the story

    Thanks to Rob and team (cause I can’t say Brit Pack out loud) for not getting all self righteous about your fame and awesomeness. I do hope the paps chill the eff out but I am not going to hold my breath for that one!

    2 posts in one day? How am I supposed to get any work done?

    • *takes a bow*

      didnt really do anything besides use some common sense and state what we were all thinking. LOVE YOU ALL!

  17. “morally-bankrupt-famewhore-stupid-fat-paparazzi-sellout-bitches,”

    Was TammyO let out for a day and I missed it?


  18. Hahah, ok fair game! 🙂

    I’m missing something, what campaign? I need to read the comments on here.

    Robgirl help me out. There’s a campaign for Rob???

    • It’s the “he doesn’t want this, neither do we”.

    • SB, you’re living under a rock! A Rob-rock obviously!
      The whole world……..
      ( I mean about 99000000000 people or 1000 I don’t remember…..)
      did a “helpingRobwiththePapsvideo”,
      sadest video EVER!

      • Can you email me the link? I don’t really watch videos, except you know ones that have some serious robporn where he looks happy and sexy! 🙂 But I’ll watch this one.

        Yes I’ve been living under a rock…hmm. Well yeah Rob-rock. He’s on top of me. 😛

        • are behaving pap-like! 🙂

      • Check out Part 2!

  19. Let’s DO THIS!

    Thanks for BRINGING IT!

    PS I can only talk to you know with one liners, apperently.

    • I am also continually spelling “now” as “know”, what’s that about?


  20. I feel like a (super human) moron, but I can’t understand a thing on that Youtube video. I get that it was Bobby talking but what is he saying? Whaaaa?

    • It’s not just you…subtitles, anyone? Bobby mumbles about as badly as Rob lol. It’s so great that he’s acknowledging the whole thing though! Good to see that they can all laugh about it.


      • minuit passe’…
        your SERVICE today is scaring me a lot…
        just saying…lol
        what happened during your absence?
        you’re so sweeeettt, 🙂

        • See that’s why I need to stay away from this thing. It’s evil. Once I start I can’t stop. I need a therapy. I’m gonna start my own video “Leave MP alone”:) No one will watch but it’ll be like rehab.

          • Minuit I’m checking myself into rehab. Would you care to join me? I’m spending way too much stuff on Rob lately and it’s really scary! I’m scaring myself! :-0

          • Minuit I’m checking myself into rehab, would you like to join me? I’m spending way too much time on rob and it’s really interfering w/ my real life too!

          • I (!) will watch it, and…just for YOU…. I will take a pic of myself (nekkid photoshopped…lol )with the hands up…lol…and I guess…that could be the ticket for rehab for me too!

          • SB if you’re spending money on Rob and he’s on top of you (cf your other comment) I come to 2 conclusions:
            1- doesn’t matter how much cause it’s totally worth it.
            2- Rob is a whore 🙂 who has sex for money.
            I needed rehab cause I’m spending too much time on Rob with no result, but now that one of us has made it, do you want to share your secret method?

          • and Robgirl, I knew you’ll jump on the occasion of showing your boobs to the world. 🙂

          • Minuit -yes I agree w/ you on your points! I meant to say I’m spending too much time and money (you know NM and twilight stuff).

            As far as my secret method…hmm, well I’ll keep it a secret for now 🙂

            Robgirl, you are so dirty!!! LMAO!

          • SB..I’m sooo not, minuit is, she always puts my boobs in the middle of Rob!! 🙂

          • Robgirl, if I would put some boobs “in the midlle of Rob”, it would be MINE 🙂

    • I couldn’t understand either! I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t fluent in Brit-mumble

  21. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Rob Pattinson ♫♫♫. Rob Pattinson ♫♫♫ said: @letter2twilight dear famewhores, thanks for another great post today! ps: you forgot stalker on the list. […]

  22. Dammit. I was really getting used to the “fat, old and ugly LTTer” moniker. Do I have to give it up now? I don’t want to be pretty, young or thin. Or right. Or smart.

    Like you!!! 🙂

    • hahahaha i like your compliment and i will TAKE IT and KEEP IT! hahaha

  23. word to ya mutha.

  24. Am I the only one who couldn’t understand a word Bobby said? #Iamgoodatthenodandsmile

    Not that it matters. I knew you were right all along Moon! I’d go with the Nanny nanny booboo, but make sure to include the thumbs in the ears/waggling fingers action that goes along with it, k! and even if you weren’t always so right all the time and he wasn’t laughing about it, what does it matter …he has to expect it from his career choice. nuff said.

    • I transcribed it for Robsessed yesterday cos that jive turkey goz couldn’t understand the britbrit either. lol so here ya go:

      (laughing) You have no idea how hard it is sometimes. (laughing) I’m joking. Yeah, I do, we got chased last night. (laughing) It was my first time and it was great, uh… (laughing) It was also one of the weirdest…I dunno. LA is just crazy back there it’s nice to be in a place where… I think LA tries to be cool (mumbles) and it thinks it’s cooler than here. (laughing) But that’s why it’s nice going to a place I guess where it’s actually cool and people are cool, and not sold out. And wearing great clothes, I like the clothes, When I was younger I used to do that, and that’s why I insist on having my jacket for Portland. And my mum and my dad, used to try and find me stuff to wear. (laughing) (and then hestarts talking about the song he’s about to sing)

      • I am a Brit, get me on the case next time *thumbs up*

        Although Bobby is a bit mumbly, like his old mate Robert 🙂

        • Would you say Rob speaks with a sort of American British accent, cause to me he doesn’t sound very very British. English is not my mother tongue but I’ve spoken to a lot of Brits to know their accent even in London is more “British” , sort of. Like when he says “either”.


    *does cabbage patch dance*

    Duh, “we” all knew this.

    • *joins in on ehte cabbage patch dance*

  26. Yea, they were all laughing. They were laughing at the ridiculous that is the reality in Rob’s life right now.. I wonder if you would all feel the same IF Rob was alone that night?

    I was so happy he had his boys with him. The paps are crossing lines. More and More each time.

    Yea, the “campaign video” creator is self promoting and a drama queen, but I think the photos are heartfelt and someone with the integrity and class that Rob has would be hard pressed NOT to be touched in some way by these photos.

    Your site is great, and caustically funny. Sometimes though, you might want to ask… What would Rob do?

    • That’s just like WWJD. Let’s make bracelets!

      • Yes, exactly. I personally think every human could take a page from the Robert Pattinson Humility Handbook.

        Be kind to one another.

      • WWRD?

        • word.

  27. Imma need to do an Obama fist bump with someone. This is going under best post OF ALL TIME!

    • *obama/terrorist fist bump*

  28. Soooooo second-hand embarassed with that whole campaign.

    Preach it Moon, prrrrrreeeeeeeeach!

  29. That(!) day more than 400 comments were on…I was just wondering if certain “WewillfightforRobpeopleifhewantsitornot” are goggleing their fav.topics each day?

    I mean, it’s like caring for someone on a high professional level, talented (if polite….you know like having some helper syndrome) or not (if rude…just like the ones they hate)!

    BooooH! (italian slang for NOT knowing..)

  30. Dear Rob, I hope you and your boys keep laughing all the way to the bank 🙂


  31. To the ones who called all of us “morally-bankrupt-famewhore-stupid-fat-paparazzi-sellout-bitches” I say – Sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never hurt us you no-life-holier-than-thou-pole- smoking-wanna-be-pieces-of-used-tampon-slut-mouths.

    There…I’m taking the high road and not sinking to their level.

    • Yes, I just choked on my own saliva and yes, I am totally using that line at some point in time today!

    • OMG …that was “Hardcore-english”lol

    • damn you worked in “pole smoking”

      • It’s not the pole they fantasize about smoking, I’m guessing more along the lines of Amanduh’s Edward.

  32. Vindication is GOOD. I may or may not have danced the cabbage patch when I read your tweets about this. High five!

    I don’t doubt the sincerity of the people involved in this campaign (even if I think it is based on hyperbole with a heaping ration of projection) or those who provided photos. But, hello, second-hand embarassment. SRSLY!

    • i dont either, they defs have his best interests at heart and that is very commendable. my only point with the whole monday post is that IT WILL HAPPEN and we cant do anything about it. and also to let everyone know we’re ALL rob fans.

      • I totally agree.

        Also, some of the hottest pics ever have been courtesy of the papz. #fact

  33. the “video” of bobby was recorded from his portland show on saturday, just in case anyone was confused. it took me three times reading it, and i was still confused, because i was AT the portland show. 🙂

  34. hahahahahah this is so great!

    I like “Nanny nanny boo boo”

    I will say though…. this whole “respect rob” nonsense annoyed me so much to the point that i didn’t look at my twitter feed cause it was full of stupid pics of people putting their hands in front of their faces and bitching.

    I got so much work done! i mean soooooo much! so maybe I should thank them?

  35. I tried to be nice about it but I totally agreed with you. I didn’t send my picture in. I really don’t care enough the whole situation to make an effort.

  36. nana nana boo boo….that is all.

  37. As the elderly Rob fan 😉 I vote “Nanny nanny boo boo”

    And, yes we all hate the paps. However, without them we would not have had one of our holiest of days: “Shirtless Rob Day”. It’s highlighted on my calendar to celebrate each year from now on. Along with “Black Shirt Rob Day”, “Rob on the Mushroom Day,” “Sexpenders Day”, and my personal favorite “Smokin’ Hot Rob Smokes Day.”

    Wonder if I can take these days off from work next year?

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