Posted by: themoonisdown | December 10, 2009

Rob congratulates us with a special Anniversary issue of GQ!

*In honor of our one year anniversary we’re featuring reader letters during the afternoon. Today’s letter and extra special creation is from Alice at Not an Addikt*


Dear UC and Moon,
I was only around for the last year but thanks a million for the daily Cullen smiles and for creating my favorite Twi-place! I love visiting you girls and you always make me feel at home, and that is a major achievement considering the fact that you don’t offer cookies. I was really touched by your story UC, but unfortunately I’m not a very wordsy (is that a word? you get my point) person. Otherwise I would definitely offer some lovely encouraging words. So I’m just gonna say that I really appreciate all the work you guys do on the websites. I can only imagine how much time and effort you both put into it. It’s really amazing how you can keep up with it every day. LTR and LTT is a little happy part of my life every day. I Can’t do much to thank you, I know I could always buy you some really nice designer shoes, but I got something better (not really). Some Rob, some half naked Rob and some cake. A little something I made in your honor: enjoy the GQ special LTT/LTR anniversary edition!
Lots of love,
Alice XoXo

Thank you Alice!!! I’m on my way to the newstand to pick up like 50 copies of this special edition! Make sure to visit Alice and Bella’s hilarious site called Not an Addikt! Give Alice some love and request your fake copy in the comments!
Make sure to look closely at the magazine- it’s FULL of LOLs!


  1. Love the magazine cover – where can I buy!!!!
    Am I first? I’ve been working on the wrong time and coming in an hour later 😦
    UC & Moon you deserve your own magazine special for all the hard work and time and effort spent keeping all us “normal” ladies sane!
    Love you xx

    • They deserve (or rather we deserve) A BOOK of their columns, if you ask me!

  2. OMG!
    That’s perfect: HHH, Bunny&Noreen, hearing impairment, character issues & anatomy lessons.
    And shirtless Rob rising out of cake as Venus from the sea. PURE WIN!
    I want 200 copies so I could use them as wallpaper in my apartment!

  3. ZOMG I made it on LTR! Fangirl SQUEEEE.
    You think I could put it on my résumé? without the squee, obviously.

    My apologies for the lameless of the email, which I wrote in like 1 minute since I was way to excited to send you the cover and which wasn’t really meant for publication. But it’s a good thing you put the cover first, since no-one will be able to concentrate after seeing a half naked Rob covered in frosting.
    ❤ you girls and thanks for the shout-out!

    • Alice, your devotion to strategic frosting placement has not gone unnoticed.

      Here, here! x

    • Yay Alice! I’m glad I can say I knew you before you were famous ;o)

  4. This is so cool! 🙂

    really nicely done!!!

  5. Alice that is genius, woman!!!
    So. Good.
    You are a clever little chica 😀

  6. Aw, that is adorable. UC/Moon, you guys deserve it!

    Ya know, that would be a great project – put together a magazine for print with posts from the past year and sell it! (I’d totally buy one.)

  7. This is awesome Alice. Well done, I love it.

  8. Awesome magazine cover!

    Thanks to all for their wonderful posts in the last couple pf days for the LTR anniversary. Thanks to Moon and UC and everyone else for all their hard work. This is a great site and I enjoy it every single day.

  9. The Rebirth of Plaid = WIN!
    I never liked the bedazzled vest so much, until I saw New Moon. Now I love it for covering the wonky nipple while still showing the magical trail to the land of sunshine and joy.

  10. Ha! This magazine cover is pure awesomeness Alice!

    I want to read The Rebirth of Plaid! Is it a full color editorial??



  11. This is what photoshop was made for.

    ‘Dressing the Man: Chris Weitz’ – big up the DILF, I hope it’s a 10 page spread of how to wear brightly coloured corduroy trousers.

  12. I love the guy in the cake. This is a hoot. This could be a new tradition. Instead of a gal jumping out of a cake have Rob Pattison jump out. This great. I love concept.

    • You are SO right bobby. Maybe we can get Rob to jump out of YOUR birthday cake this year.

    • Pattison! You’re twinners with UC!

  13. Judging from the comments, I think you have brought it upon yourself to write and photoshop the entire GQ special now, Alice. And you would do an amazing job as you always do! I’ll check it for typos and then assume half the credit for your work, as I always do. *grin*

    • Don’t forget I enjoy the beneficial brainwaves provided by your presence.

    • Are you going crazy that Pattinson is spelled Pattison in the posts above?

  14. My inner graphic designer/satirist is totally jealous. That cover is unbelievable, and at the same time totally believable: I wondered for a moment why GQ thought Rob popping out of a cake in his bedazzled vest would be perfect for their next cover.

    • Wait…’s not REAL????

    • I must admit I cheated:

      Heidi Klum GQ cover

      It’s amazing how I could recycle almost all the articles and only needed to change to authors. It shows how Twilight infiltrates in all aspects of our lives.

    • What Tiffanized said.

  15. Alice-too perfect!! I also always love your comments here at LTR- you often say exactly what i’m thinking!!

    Love all you girls!! I’ve not met any of you yet, but truly hope to one of these days!! Maybe for the Eclipse premiere?? Or maybe we can stalk Rob down during the making of Bel Ami or Unbound Captives? We can kidnap him ourselves and make him our own “Bound” Captive and do what we want with him?

  16. Bahahahah! This is awesome. Good work, Alice! Aaaaaand I need this to happen for my birthday in may. NEED. IT. Even if I always thought that jean jacket was a little Village People…. And judging by Rob’s smirky-smirk, he knows it.

    • You’re right about that jean jacket vest. The PANTS on the other hand, are lookin’ good . . . .

      • The pants look good, but they’d look better on the floor…

        Yeah, I said it!

    • Yep, I hate the jacket too. But I needed a happy bare chested Rob, and he is rare. But he’s about to take it off for us anyway 😉

  17. Alice your Kung Fu is strong!

    This is brilliant and I can not WAIT to get mine in the mail, these articles are certainly must reads!

  18. Yeah, this isnt’ supposed to be shown until the afternoon. i’m pulling it until 2pm ET

  19. Thank you Alive, well done!
    GQ, cake and the happy trail <3…
    one of the (few) pics where I'm not THAT fixated on his face….lol

  20. Ahh, it’s back! Oh hai, eye candy.

  21. Alice, this is fabulous. I love the little box at the bottom left corner with a closeup of Rob’s stomach w/the icing. I may have cut and pasted it on my desktop to zoom in even more….

  22. Brava! You should so think about making posters with cover! We would all buy it!
    Outstanding, seriously!

    • Ditto.

  23. I would like two copies (one to be shelved, one to be laminated and reside under my bed) of this ASAP.

  24. ADORABLE. You guys are #coo

  25. That’s an amazing cover! I want at least 3 copies!

  26. OMG, the happy trail! And there’s icing on his body!!!! Thanks so much!

    Hot, hot, hot is all I can say.

    • …double icing…
      with the happy trail we have to be CORRECTLY!
      It’s holy!

  27. Look!!!! My favorite things – Rob, happy trail and icing!!!

    5 copies of this issue and one door sized poster to go on the other side of my doorsized poster of Edward.

  28. OMG! I love it!! Will this edition come with our regular RobPorn subscription?

  29. Your mad skillz are greatly appreciated, Alice! Thanks for the laughs and the awesome daydream about how amazing this issue could really be!

  30. i posted here on LTR for the 1st time this morning and my comment was up there but now it’s gone!!! What Happened? *pout*

    *murmers “i like Rob too”* *sniffle*

    • srsly – i wanna know what the frack happened to my comment!

      it was there (9:30″ish”am my time)… i came back a few hours later (to check comments) and it was still there… now it’s gone.

      • Wish I could help. Glad you posted. Did you send an email to uc? When I’ve written before I get very prompt, gracious attention.


  31. Alice – that GQ cover is awesome… not only the pic, but all the little details that you put into with the stories on the cover.


  32. Forget jorts, that’s what I like to call a jest!

  33. Alice! You rock! That is awesome!!!!!! *figures out how to print and laminate that picture….

  34. Sorry I haven’t been able to visit LTR much last couple of weeks as just returned to work after 4 months off sick and am struggling a little.

    I thought this cover was FAB – split second I thought it was real but then I read the “articles” – will someone write them up please for future posts – complete with photoshops of course!

    • Yes, Alice’s “articles” will be great fodder for future posts. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. Glad you wrote, Emma C.

  35. Superb!

    Now THATS what i’d call the “icing on the cake” *smurk*

  36. You are so talented, Alice. Thanks!

  37. “Jest” just made me spray a mouthful of bottled water about the place. Too funny!

  38. wow, 59 comments already and i was just here like, less than 10 minutes ago! it’s enough to make me come out of lurking for realz! if only i could make my avatar work…i have a feeling, my almost “out” self would be here, piping up, a.lot.

  39. Oh dear lord…denim-vest-Rob PLUS frosting? I think I just died…

  40. Created by OnePlusYou

    Just sayin…this should be on the top of the page…lol

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