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Kristin’s year in the fandom: Rob Pattinson, wedding dresses and friends!

*Dear Rob, We’re gonna let forum mod and awesome friend Kristin, take the wheel for this letter, kinda like Carrie Underwood let Jesus. So sit back and relax as one of our favorite ladies talks about her year in the fandom!*

The cause of many intersection/wedding dress/doc martens discussions!

Happy anniversary Moon and UC! I can’t believe its been a year! I started lurking at the blogs in January. And made my first comment in February. Its been all down hill since then. HA! I kid. Well, for my family, yes, downhill…because my laptop has fused to the tops of my thighs, which makes things a  little difficult in real life.  Never before in my life have I had such an obsession with something. So add a notch for me in your bedposts. I was a “obsessive fandom virgin”. If there was every any fandom I would want to associate myself with, it would you you two yahoos and these blogs. Y’all are my life now (said like Britney Spears quoting Twilight) and I can’t live without you.

I looked back through the comments the other day and ended up red in the face with all the letters I wrote to Rob, that sweet Claire has probably read (what up Mama P!).  At one point I had suggested someone give a picture of Rob’s crotch to a little girl for first communion. Who is this person I’ve become? Porn to children? Also, I don’t even think I’ve said or thought “I want to F*ck you” to/about my own lovely husband as many times as I’ve written/thought it about our boy.

So you want to know how my life has changed? I can’t go for a walk with out saying “sidewalk” and “candy”. I can’t call anyone a moron, its always super human moron. I no longer eat cream of anything soup (who knows what I’m talking about? 5 fangirl points), and I don’t take showers for weeks on end so I can come close to smelling as earthy as Rob. That is a lie. Here is not a lie – I actually opened my freezer and kissed my icemaker. If you haven’t done it, try it. I am thinking it is pretty close to what Edwards lips would feel like. I smile when I pass the hot pockets, vodka, heineken, string cheese and coke products in the grocery store. I’ve barely read anything since Twilight. I can’t. It feels like cheating. Here is something I thought I would never do after 8th grade again, I bought flannel and dusted off my Docs. I go to a new church, called St. Mattress, to worship His Holy Hotness. There is so much more but I have probably already embarrassed myself beyond repair. So basically, I’ve gone to the ledge of sanity, and kicked my legs over.


Another picture of much discussion

On this insane journey I have been far too lucky to meet the most beautiful, witty, smart, and hilarious people on this planet. At this point I can’t imagine my life with out them or their brand of crazy.  I have so many inside jokes with people on this site, that i think I may have to start a catalog system. Anything from trapping Rob in a basement, to dumpster diving for a little nookie, and running to intersections in wedding dresses to die. That last one sounds really morbid..but trust me, given the chain of make believe events we have planned out, its worth it. . I have also committed to living in a “big love” style commune with all the hunky actors, marrying one and sharing the rest. . So I guess there is another way my life has changed. I am now accepting of having an open marriage and multiple partners. Mind you, only if Rob and friends are in tow.
Follow the cut for the rest of Kristin’s year…

This summer I was fortunate enough to meet up with someone who I consider a sister in every sense of the word. Someone I met through the comment sections on these blogs. We chased some Brits, drank a lot, watch the Teen choice awards, drank a lot, laughed a lot and drank a lot. We will be life long friends. No doubt about it, and I have UC and Moon to thank for that.

Let's sing it all together now! Holding hands...

There are so many fabulous people that I converse with on a weekly, if not daily basis, that I would have never known had Moon and UC not start these blogs.  I need an MTV episode of True life, there are several options actually as to what I could call my episode. True Life: I met all my best friends on a Twilight website. or True Life: I would leave my husband for Robert Pattinson. Or True Life: I don’t know the real lyrics to “We Are The World” and “Hide and Seek” because they are all now about Rob and Twilight.

Okay, now time for the sap, the cheese, the completely mushy stuff that will make me cry if I think about it long enough. The think that gives me the greatest boost each day when I get online is that we are a community. Sure, we love on Rob, the bloggy snark, and the LOL’s are constant. However, when I have a bad day, my LTR/LTT friends are there for me. I’ve made friends as close as 30 minutes away, all the way to the other side of the world. Through the blogs, twitter, even facebook, they get me through the day. The support system we have is priceless. The way we rally around each other, defend each other, “our” blogs, and our families is astounding to me. To be a part of such a large group of women (and a few men too!), to know they have my back…there aren’t words for that. Call me crazy for saying that about a bunch of women who are constantly replacing their undies due to Rob and cast hotness…but its true. I’ve gotten to know their kids, their lives, their struggles, and I have been privledged to laugh, cry, scream, squeal and just be completely myself with my friends.
So thank you UC and Moon! You both are so high on the list of pepple I can’t wait to hug. Thank you for this little community, for your fabulous personalities that pour out in your posts and for letting all of us be a part of it.

Kristin- thank you so much for being an original forum mod and helping walk us through how to use the darn thing since you were an old pro! And for always being up when I am late late late on the west coast. For writing fake songs with me and then even agreeing to sing them. I’m running for the intersection with the boombox, I’ll meet you there! XO- Moon

For you:

and of course…

Don’t miss out on our Rob Porn post today!


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  2. wow, what a nice letter. love it! 🙂

    • AMEN!
      And I think I’m in love with Kristen since 3 minutes!
      That could be for life too, I can feeeeell it!
      Thank you so much for your letter!
      …embarassed myself beyond repair..
      A big “ME TOO” shout to you!

      • I love you all too! Thanks for the shout outs 🙂

    • @amenityandgrace I looooooveeeee your avatar…you look so BEAUTIFUL!
      @Kristin You are the voice of a community…great letter, true feelings, real love!

  3. LTR OG’s Unite!!

    PS – Cream of Cullen! (5 fan points for me! Bringing it to a total offfffff… ::drumroll:: FIVE! Whoo!) and “nothing says welcome to the Lord’s table like a signed picture of Rob’s crotch.” Best. Times. Ever.

    • Hee hee! Oh how I remember that one…I totally thought of that during my daughter’s communion last year…thanks for the memories ladies!

      • Nothing…NOTHING! Will ever top the wedding Fiesta! The bridesmaid headresses are still to die for. OG’s mount up (said in my best Warren G voice).

        • As long as I don’t get stuck with GAYsian Eric again, Thank god for my random re-engagement to my dear Chewley (Charlie Brewley). I pulled that winner out of my ass.

    • aahhh! The bridesmaid headdresses…I forgot about that little detail. I think they are beautiful…especially when you are marrying a wolf. Thats right, for all of you who didn’t know, I get to marry Alex Meraz in the great wedding fiesta 🙂

      • Who got to marry Robert?


  4. Loved the letter, Kristin!

    As some of you know, I am probably the worst Rob fangirl ever.

    I am listening to Never Think for the first time. He is so beautiful. I pray to God that I am never near him singing or I will crawl over to him and ask to have his babies.

    This is bad. Imma need an intervention.

    • No, you don’t need an intervention. You’ll be fine. You can quit anytime. You just need one more hit.

  5. I follow along….. but I feel like I still miss a lot. ALOT.

    Sad Panda face for me

    • Be patient, it’ll come eventually. That’s what she said.

      Totes relate.

      • Thanks. I guess I should figure out the forum. LOL

        • Ooh, photo didnt change…

    • no worries, I miss way more than I catch I’m sure 🙂 No sad pandas!!

      Just say something completely inappropriate and borderline insane. Or think it…or read it…and BAM! you’re in. hahahaha 🙂 So basically anyone who comes to this website is a “Cool kid”.

  6. Awwww. So eloquent, and so true. Who knew so many women could band together over the love of one man? No catfights here – only mutual love, respect, adoration, and an agreement that the first one to lure him behind a dumpster must twitter her location so the line – ahem, “queu” – can begin forming.

    Many thanks again, Moon & UC, for giving us strays a home.

    • So true, such a lovely girlcrowd here….
      there was some little “catfight” the other day…lol…
      but surely NOBODY of the REAL LOVERGIRLS was involved!

      I sometimes have immagined ALL of US with HIM behind the dumpster, it would be like a walmart checkout counter on a saturday…..but kinda like such more PEACEFUL!

      • Walmart? Do you have that in Germany, and I’m not sharing Rob…even with you SB and SS. Sorry.

        I’m such a bitch, right?

        • 1) get in line missy ( quote SB!)
          2) Walmart had a huge crash in Germany last year!
          3) sharing is caring (learned it from somebody here on the blog…lol)
          4) “sorry” doesn’t count…it’s ROB!
          5) when I’m done with HHH…not saying that…lol
          6) I’m loving bitches, they just know what they want…so underrated these girls….:-)

        • Yes u are Holy Mother of Confessions!!!!! 🙂

          You get the drift right?

          • I get it, SB. 🙂

      • Just read a comment of Bobby Long of the whole pap-situation 3 days ago…a storm in a waterglass…he said it…so thank you Moon and UC for getting ME…in order!You are Rob-wise!

        • Where’s the Bobby Long comment? I’d like to see it if you have time.

        • Never mine, Robgirl. I found the Bobby Long comment.

          • wow 1 minute…you are…sooo normal! KUDOS!

      • LOL on your Walmart comment! We’ve talked about that remember? LOL.

      • Robgirl, so jealous of your avatar. How do I get one?

  7. Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of kissing my icemaker to see what it would be like to kiss Edward… *running to my freezer now*

    Seriously though, awesome letter, mushy parts and all 🙂

    • but don’t get stuck to your freezer then! 😀 it might be TOO cold.

  8. Loved your letter! This fandom truly is amazing!

  9. Krsitin, your sappy paragraph is the part that tells EXACTLY how I feel.

    I would shankabitch for any one of the amazing ladies here. #truth

    Sparkle out!

    • ….sparkle out! L.M.A.O.!!!
      How cool ist that, def. my new “ciao”!

  10. Hi Kristen
    thank you so much, very ON THE POINT your letter!
    I love the part of “cheating” while doing something not-Rob-related! That’s kinda poor behaving, I’m conscious….but…the f*ck…WHO cares??? 🙂

    • ….and I hope… I’m one of “the other part of the world”, thank you, I made friendship here with girls of the “left part ” of MY globe…and I’m happy, that although my english is soooo poor (plz…don’t say NOTHING, I’m afraid of my own mistakes…ALL the time…lol), THAT happened!

  11. What a great letter Kristin! It’s super cool to hear all the real ways in which a story has changed some people’s lives.

  12. I’m scouting out appropriate locations for the big love commune–somewhere centrally located–Kansas? Although since robgirl will be moving there first, maybe the East Coast would be more “central”? New Jersey? Can’t wait for the love and sharing to begin!

    • Or it’s ME or as usual I didn’t get it…then sorry…for the interference…lol
      But if it’s ME ????
      What’s about LONDON?
      Just saying, I’m near and Rob is THERE!
      Going by plane for americans is like going by bus for europeans!
      I know, they told me at school….round about 1992! lol

      • OK, just for you, maybe the Azores or Canary Islands–the weather is nicer than London, and we can hang out by the pool and drink Heinies whilst waiting our turn…

      • i’ll be in london in feb.- i will ask rob whether he would like to host our little get-together then. i’m sure he won’t mind. awww, he’ll be beside himself with joy… i bet… i hope…

        i will inform you accordingly.


      • Thank you so much girls!!!
        Canary Island…where the hell is that place…sound of fish!
        We would be there together….but ALONE together, you knowwhatImean?
        Better with Rob in London, Barnes is quite nice!

        amenityandgrace(wow what a nice name…lol) thanks for informing ME!!!

        So ROB, we’re coming, prepare your garden! It could be a nice 100girls/ONE MAN party! (Isn’t that actually every man’s DREAM???)

        • the canary islands are a group of spanish islands in the atlantic ocean off the northwest coast of africa. the most famous are: lanzaote, gran canaria, tenerife and la gomera.

          so: nice and sunny 🙂

          • Thanks for clearing that up. And I’m booking my flight.

          • La gomera…hippie island!!! That sounds a bit…NOT us, we are
            all …YOUNG HOT as HELL and HOT again…lol!

  13. Great letter, I’ve found the same church as you kristen & now I have to go *ahem* make sure the freezer’s ice box is working adequately. That’s all normal.
    Vampire volvo away!

  14. ❤ your face Kristin! Can't wait to meet you hopefully at the YB2010 Beer Fest in Colorado next Sept. Yup, you have to go to celebrate my bday and me being a Yeasty Bitch at a beer festival. It's kind of required!

  15. i just thought, that i would really like to meet you all one day.

    so in case you are planning an all blog/forum/community meetup pls give sufficient notice so that i can start screening the net for favourably priced flights 😉

  16. “I can’t go for a walk with out saying “sidewalk” and “candy”. – check
    “I smile when I pass the hot pockets, vodka, heineken, string cheese and coke products in the grocery store.” – check
    “I’ve barely read anything since Twilight. I can’t. It feels like cheating.” – check (only fanfiction saves me)
    “I bought flannel and dusted off my Docs.” – check (spent the whole week-end looking for a nice plaid shirt, ended up with a skirt in totally british pattern, going to get Ray Ban wayfarers next)

    OK, we’re together in it… could you please remind me why exactly it is normal?

    • I will remind you—- we ALL did it!!! SOOOO normal!

      • OK, so can I get another plaid skirt? 😉

    • “I don’t even think I’ve said or thought “I want to F*ck you” to/about my own lovely husband as many times as I’ve written/thought it about our boy.” – check

      • Same here… check!

  17. Kristin, Nicely done!

    I worry constantly about my DH or my BFF reading my posts, but when you mentioned Claire reading the things we say about Rob…

    *heart skipped*

    • Hey girl, my name is Clare…I don’t like your posts….lol ….heart attack???

      • I ❤ you, Robgirl.

  18. Squeeee and yippiieee skittles Moon. I haven’t heard Let Me Sign in ages. Stupid RL! 😦

    Thanks for posting it.

    And thanks Kristin for the wonderful sentiments with which I concur.

  19. NOTHING says “welcome to the Lords table like a signed picture of RobCrotch”….that still kills me, I can’t believe I really wrote that out. Wait…yes I can.

    Love you all! XOXO

  20. OH and even on your anniversary you leave ME presents…thanks for the vids moonie, I’m zipping up my dress, lacing up my docs and I added a doily collar for good luck…see you in the intersection! MWAH!

  21. Awwww. *crying*

    I ❤ Kristin. You will always be my first internet-wife. But because we're into communes (hello we already put a down payment on the land in Surrey) I'm going to assume you're okay with the fact that I've taken a few more on.

    Here's to spooning some more at LegHitch2010!

    And some classic quotes from the OGs waaaay back in the day:

    "old enough to know better, young enough not to care"

    "There are no rehab centers for dazzle-abuse"

    "what do we eat" "LTR bitches!"

    "We need to start a club and get kick ass jackets made. I want an air-brushed unicorn riding a rainbow on mine."

    "I just saw that pic and have been dry humping my computer screen since"

    "Unfortunately, they said Rob's bathrobe is on backorder (i'm having it made of unicorn hair)"

    And my personal favorite:

    Kristin/@dreamrevelry: "@Too_Far_Gone we did fall in love. it was beautiful. Like @fakerpattz and @faketomstu beautiful."

    • You complete me. That is all.

  22. Wow 2 posts in one! Yay!

    Krisrtin, your letter is awesome! I can relate with you! However this one really stood out to me!

    “I actually opened my freezer and kissed my icemaker. If you haven’t done it, try it. I am thinking it is pretty close to what Edwards lips would feel like.”

    I am so gonna try that! Thanks for the idea! Now since we’re on the topic of kissing certain people, so how would it be like to kiss Rob? Should I try and kiss a burning coal, since we all know he’s so HOT!


    • Oh Kristin, I failed, I spelled your name wrong! Sorry. I have a huge bandage on index finger! I cut my finger the other day!

      • its all good 🙂 I get all sorts of spellings and mess ups. LOL…so, just to make things easier for you all call me: Mrs. Robert Pattinson. okay? LOL

  23. Aw! All these reminiscings on the last year is making me so nostalgic. I can barely remember being a Twi-virgin. It’s like my life was a moonless night before Twilight… *insert further cheese here*
    It’s so awesome reading about other people’s dedication to this crazy Rob fandom thing that’s going on here. And I LOVE the fact that I can jump on this site anytime someone looks at me weird for singing “We Are The Rob” on the train, and be able to feel totally normal.

  24. Hey Kristin, weren’t you and Carrie the original krunk night girls? I remember your ‘eye’ avatar. We had so much fun way back then! HHH forever!

    • AW, we were! I’ve been crazy busy with work things, haven’t been on the forum a whole lot, plan on changing that as soon as I get my shit together! LOL

      I miss it more than is probably healthy..bit..thats totally normal. 😉

  25. O.M.G. I, too, bought flannel! Rarely wear it out of house, but it looks stunning with my baseball cap that sports a Cullen crest patch from Hot Topics! Kristen, you,ve renewed my faith in fandom and I now realize…it’s all normal, right? Now excuse me while I go make out with the ice maker!

    • totally normal. and wear chapstick, same effect. no stick. XO 🙂

  26. I love Kristin. And UC and Moon, because they “introduced” me to her. And then Kristin and I had a late night phone convo while she was in the grocery store…ahhhhhh, good times. Precious memories.

    • yes, yes we did. It was a beautiful evening. Complete with oh my gods, and no she didn’ts….right in the cream of cullen aisle…..good times L.A., good times 🙂 heart your face hard!

  27. Awww. 😛

    Even though I`ve only just started really reading and commenting on the Letters to Rob blog posts I was looking for that one special blog where I could have an actual conversation with someone who isn`t, like, eleven and someone who doesn`t know that paps are also not fun in not one, but TWO ways. As far as the awesomeness of the Robert Thomas Pattinson fandom goes, you guys are the… well, I was going to say cream of the crop but I think that the cream in Rob`s jeans might be better.

    Don`t mind that innappropriate comment. 🙂 Hahaha. 😛 What I`m really trying to say, I guess, is that I`m proud to say that I read Letters to Rob.

    We are the Rob, we are the fandom.

    Represent! Hahaha. 😛

    Mushy love and lot`s of internet-I-don`t-know-you-but-you`re-totally-cool hugs,

    – Cassie. 🙂

    • Glad to see you, Cassie.

      • Thank you, thank you. 🙂

    • Wow you have said all that I wish I could say!

      • I would have said more but I`m pretty sure I had just gotten home from school then so my propensity for longer comments was blah, hahaha. 😛

  28. “I’ve barely read anything since Twilight. I can’t. It feels like cheating.”

    Me neither. Not because of cheating, nothing is interesting enough for me to read right now – and I studied literature in university.
    And I bought and wear a plaid flannel shirt and plaid underpants.

    And I got to meet some of you girls in real life and it was the highlight of this year.

  29. “At one point I had suggested someone give a picture of Rob’s crotch to a little girl for first communion.”

    ROTFLMAO! I think this just became my fave comment ever! LMAO!

    ” I actually opened my freezer and kissed my icemaker. If you haven’t done it, try it. I am thinking it is pretty close to what Edwards lips would feel like.”

    You win!

    “I’ve barely read anything since Twilight. I can’t. It feels like cheating.”


    I’m late in the comments, just getting onto LTR at 10pm but I ♥ you Kristin! And I’m glad I’ve had the chance to meet you and giggle like 12 year old girls over Sam Bradley! You’re the first person I’ve ever dragged to a club bathroom by arm to squeel over a famous person’s, who I’ve never met, best friend! LOL!

    • You are the first person I’ve ever sat completely “Frozen” next to as he stood behind us and watched the other bands perform….and also…”naughty”…and the circles..these are things I will never forget, that you were a part of. LMFAO XOXO!

  30. duuuyaaaam….i finally unlurk and lose a huge post! that was a good letter kristin…and i tried oh so hard to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY uc and moon, yesterday, but lost it all. i wish i had more time to post and it almost kills me to not post, but, alas, if i get anymore into this, my children will waste away to nothingness…it will be like i never existed, uh in real life i mean.

    i LOVE that someone can post a line here and we ALL know exactly what and where they are coming from. i will never ever drive past a dumpster without thinking of a penguin (that became my bff and my code word for well, anything hot), i too smile and sigh as i walk past hotpockets and cheese strings (not heinecken though cause here in canada we have to go to the liquor store for that…usually when in said place, i head straight for the wine section). funny how when visiting my father in law, who is german, i got turned on when he offered up a bottle of heiny to bubby and me. i can’t count how many people i’ve gently introduced to twilight. “legal in georgia” is now part of my daily vocab, as is ome. even my hot hubby has created a couple terms…he calls rob, twob (twilight rob) and on his commutes, has obliged me and listened to the twilight audiobook, which granted him access to my pre-ordered twilight dvd…and i even allowed him to come along to my fourth viewing of new moon. he sighed and asked if mini twob was coming with us. when we go out, he will occasionally throw on a black leather wrist cuff with his blue button up shirt and addidas shoes…i think to make me squee. sigh, damn that’s good stuff.

    B.T., i was kinda lost in motherhood with my 3 and 5 yr old. just lost my mojo somewhere along the way. A.T., i bonded and became bff (yup another very mature term, but that’s normal) with another crazy, i mean chick like myself, and man, the dust flew off my mojo and i feel like i found myself again and started to live again. we went to KOL, yup, THE kol-gate in my hometown of vancouver and had such a freakin great time. and YOU all here keep me going…keep it fun and allow, nay, encourage, my 14 old heart to keep beating strong and true!

    btw, i too am strangely okay with the open marriage idea…so long as it’s mired in twicksand.

    back to lurking i go…but make no mistake, i’m here every.single.morning. and most nights, just to check in.

  31. so here’s my deal. I havent really told my LTR/LTT story…my girlfriend sucked me into twilight just this past september, I immediately lost focus of reality at that point. I finished all 4 books in 2 weeks, and needed a fix. So, what did I do next ladies?? You all know because you did it too. I began watching the 1st twilight movie over and over even thought it hated it so bad, but it gave me a “fix”. After the 2nd time watching it, I realized that the credits listed Rob as one of the musicians!!?? I was like…seriously? Can this actually be true? So I began frantically searching the net for his CD, only to find HE DOESNT HAVE ONE!!! How am I going to live without this beautiful mans seeexxxxyyy voice in my ear all day long? I died inside. I became OBSESSED with searching for his music, and low and behold, not only did I find “Never Think”, but I found “I’ll be your lover too”. That was truly the end of my life as I knew it. Literally from that moment on, my life became searching the internet HOURS DAILY to find ANYTHING I could find on this man and his music, which lead me to his older movies, then interviews, etc. It was at that time that I said “eff” Edward, give me ROB!!(not that i’d ever give up my love for edward….and truly i’d love to actually “eff” him too). Its just that my obsession became totally turned to rob.

    Im my obsession for searching anything ROB, I somehow came across LTR! The first letter I found was when Rob answered his own mail. At first glance, I thought it was trully him so i got so excited!! (based on the title of the letter), but immediately realized it was this crazy lady answering for him, and she made me LMAO!!! The next letter I read was when moon and uc has a conversation about why they wouldnt want to meet him in person because they didnt want to be let down (what if he acted like a 23 year old, what if he had snot on his beard, should they tell him? etc). I was CRYING from laughing so hard!!
    Then I began reading people’s comments, and thought “OMG!! There are others out there that are having these same irrational, inappropriate, obsessive thoughts, comments, and so forth like i doI I thought I was alone and wierd! There are other people that literally go through the motions of life pretending to be involved (whether it’s cooking dinner for family, or playing scrabble with husband) but truly are spending every waking moment with Rob mentally. These are people like me….educated, professionals, NOT teenagers, people who are clearly older than 23, many with husbands, many wich children…..and they FANTASIZE about this 23 year old obsessively like I do!! All of these inappropriate feelings I had that I thougth were soooooo wrong, and I thought made me seem sooooooooooo abnormal were truly “normal” in LTR world! You gals have given me a family that i can share all of my “normal” thoughts with, thought like licking robs jaw and happytrail and turning him into the man he almost is!! I love that I can say that to you guys, and you think “oh yea. thats comletely normal. Here….why dont you do this too while your at it!!”. If I had to keep this all bottled up inside myself, I’d explode. LTR litteraly has kept my insides from exploding as you give a place to release this heat that builds inside me (thats what he said).
    Anyhow, Happy anniversary LTR/LTT. You have brought 1000’s of women freindships, renewal of sex-drives, and free counseling to assist with our addiction. Our lives are forever changed because of you!

  32. Great letter Kristin. Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like I missed out on a lot of fun while originally lurking on LTT/LTR the past year. Here’s to another great year of LTT/LTR 🙂

  33. I too can’t help but smile each time I walk by the hot pockets at the grocery store. I think about buying some, but my family doesn’t even eat them!!!!

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