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One year anniversary (and my gushiest letter yet)

Dear Moon,

Our engagement photo

I feel like we’re lovers who’ve reached our first big milestone in our relationship- our 1 year anniversary! I guess that’s not so far off, I do refer to you as my internet wife!! One year. Exactly 365 days since we both confessed to wasting* our time in front of our computers watching a video of the Vanity Fair photo shoot– scouring for touches of the hand or gazes of the eyes that might be a second too long, thus proving that the actors portraying our beloved Edward & Bella were really “cock-blocking” each in real life.  (My how time has changed. You couldn’t PAY me to look at a video where Rob & Kristen may or may not accidentally touch now!) *We ALL know now that time was NOT wasted!

Today on our one year anniversary I want to get all gushy on you. I really haven’t shared my Twilight story. We spend so much time posting our reader’s stories, yet you and I never really discuss ours. Sure, we’ve known each other for years and don’t really need to go into all those details, but I think it’s important to remember why we stick it out day after day, letter after letter (especially after days like yesterday!) My story is not your typical story. I didn’t get saved from a bad relationship from reading the books. I didn’t find my Edward by believing he existed after reading the series. My Twilight story is a little different than that…. it’s about you actually (oh, and all those people eavesdropping on us right now!)

Gushy, long love letter to Moon alert after the jump!

Last fall, a year ago, I entered a depression deeper than I knew existed. I spent my days staring blankly at my computer screen, going through the motions I needed to to get through my work day. And every night when I got home, I’d collapse. Sometimes mentally- I’d shut off my brain and just stare straight ahead. Other times physically- I’d go to sleep early in the evening and stay in bed until morning. And all the time emotionally- I’d break down. I’d cry, I’d scream. Sometimes silently, and sometimes I’d shake and scream so violently my husband was sure he was going to have to take me to the hospital. I have never been in a place that dark before and I pray I never am again. What was so difficult about my depression is that it came to fruition 3 years after the situation that caused it in the first place. It was like I had this 3 year build up of emotions and feelings of grief that finally came to a head last fall. And when it hit, it hit hard.

Deepest Loss

by Adrienne Trafford

In April of 2005 I was your typical college senior excited and driven for the path ahead of me. I lived in Nashville, a city I loved so deeply, and was graduating with top honors from a great school with a degree in music business. I had some great internships under my belt and was really excited to start my career in the music industry. I even interviewed with my dream company! Flash forward 4 months, I had a full time job- working for my family’s business. I was not in Nashville. I was not in the music industry. I was back in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where I grew up, because I was told I needed to come home. She was sick again and wasn’t getting better this time. On September 16, 2005 I kissed my mom good-bye and heard her speak for the first time since she went into her morphine-induced coma. She said, “I love you,” and it was at that moment then that I realized she wasn’t going to win her 7 year battle with cancer. They had been telling me for 7 years she wasn’t going to win it, but I didn’t believe it until that moment. When she died the next morning my world crashed. Everything I knew, thought, dreamed… vanished. I lost who I was.

No, that wasn’t when I discovered the Twilight books and felt a connection to Bella when she lost Edward! I didn’t discover anything because I didn’t do much of anything. I tried to figure out what life looked like with 3 younger sisters (the youngest losing her mom at age 11) and a dad who didn’t know what to do with us; I tried to figure out what to do when all I wanted was to talk to my mother, and I tried to figure out who this new person was that I had become. I don’t have many memories of that time in my life. Everything is a little blurry up until last fall- up until the day I was driving to work and I had this epiphany that when I lost my mom, I lost myself. And that realization was confusing. So who was I now? Could I get my old self back? Would I ever care about the things I used to love and strive for again? Would anything matter to me again? Would my passion for life come back? And did I want it to? What did it mean about my grief for losing my mom if I could find happiness again? All of those feelings and questions plus the never-ending grief put me in that dark place I never wish to visit again.

By the time you and I had that conversation on 12/8/08 that will go down in history (seriously, history book writers, hear me now- there will be BOOKS written about that day!) I had already read the books and seen the movie many times. Twilight had already given me many “Cullen Smiles,” but I’d hardly say it was life-changing. But that decision we made that day was. I didn’t even realize what had happened until months later. But one day last spring I woke up and realized it had been weeks- months even since I last screamed so loud I lost my voice. I couldn’t remember the last time I thought life wasn’t worth living. All I knew is that without me even realizing it, I had dreams again. I had desires for my future. I wanted to make plans for my life. And in between all that I wanted to continue to write letters to silly characters or 23 year old boys who would never (hopefully) read them. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to make you laugh. And I wanted to make myself laugh. A silly idea you & I came up with in an AIM conversation turned into one of the most important things in my adult life- it literally saved me.

Life isn’t perfect- it’s far from it. I’m still in a job I hate. We still haven’t moved away from where we’re living. I still deal with grief that seems unbearable at times, but on the other hand I feel inspired now. I feel creative, and I feel loved and blessed to laugh every day with an amazing internet wife like you. Someday all this vampire blogging stuff will end, and I will be so sad when it does. Yes- because I’ll miss it. I love writing our daily letters! And yes because I’ll miss the community we have here, but mostly I’ll miss you and having an excuse to talk to you each and every day. Moon you have given me a gift I’ll never know how to repay. (I’m not talking about that personal RobPorn you sent me with Rob singing, “Come just as you are..” either.) I’ve started to find myself again, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Here’s to another great year (and probably like 3 others after that if Breaking Dawn is made into 2 movies- FOLs!),

Oh wait, I’m not done….

Gushy letter round 2:

Dear LTR & LTT readers (and Rob),

Thank you. Thank you for reading us for a year. Or a few months. Or a few days. Whatever it is. Thank you. You’re the only reason we do this. If it was still just Moon & I, we might just be sending “My Kung Fu is strong” e-mails back & forth instead of blogging. You inspire me. With your letters, your tweets, your emails, your texts, your IM chats & facebook messages, I have laughed harder in the last year than I think I have in my 26 years combined! I have learned so much about people- about fans- about cougars (!). I have made some of the dearest friends from within this community. I have found other people who have experienced a deep loss and hugged them tight (sometimes virtually). And I have smiled. And laughed. And said, “I can’t believe my life” over and over again! I am blessed. I don’t know why. But I am grateful. I’m also crying because of how grateful I am so I’m probably starting to be repetitive. Who cares. I love each and every one of you, even if we’ve never talked. I still don’t understand why you read us day after day, but I’m glad you do because I need you to make ME laugh! And you do, over and over again….Thank you times infinity….!

My kung fu is strong (but my tear ducts are not..….),
xoxoxoxo -UC

Dear Forum Mods,

Yes I just added this this morning! I didn’t realize Moon was doing this today! Whoops. You are INCREDIBLE women who Moon & I couldn’t do this without! We love your emails with hilarious pictures or stories from Rob’s flat. We love your never-ending video updates, Jena! And your RobPorn JodieO & Zephyersky (with all the help from all the girls in the forum!) And Kristin, I can’t wait until we seal the deal on our friendship in person! (Aka sing “We are the Rob” together. Maybe for Rob, even…) There are so many of you we want to hug & thank personally…. I’ll just leave you with this one. The gals at Rob’s flat made this INCREDIBLE anniversary website for us. Go go now. You’ll die. I cried tears of laughter and joy. Thank you xo

UC (aka Buttons)

We spend our days being funny and are rarely (aka NEVER) this vulnerable & honest. I don’t say this for any sort of pity…. I throw enough pity parties myself 🙂 I think it’s so important for you to know that behind the smiles and laughter we have stories too. Just like so many (all) of you do. And I wanted you to know how important to my healing writing LTT & LTR has been. And if you ever struggle, like I have, with feeling guilty for laughing or feeling joy amidst deep griefs- know that it’s okay. It’s okay to find joy in the trivial things in life (like vampires and hot 23 year old boys) from time to time. You’re not alone.* You have us. Plus thousands of others who are here too. XO

*Said in the same tone as “They’re NOT bears.”


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  1. Happy Anniversary LTR!
    There’s a story behind these curtains here too… So, thank you for all the laughs when I just needed them. Keep it coming, love! LOL
    I’m a lurker (most of the time), but I read you everyday for my laugh fix!
    (((HUGS))) from Brazil!
    Giseli F.

  2. Happy Anniversary! At least you know your internet wife won’t forget your anniversary like a husband might. Unless he was Rob, then who cares if he forgets or not! 🙂 Thanks for always making me laugh on a daily basis and helping me feel “normal” with all this Twilight/Rob craziness. If I had to live in hiding I might not survive!

  3. Hugs and tears, Bunny. I don’t know how you guys do it. I’m glad you enjoy this as much as we do.

  4. I have a lot to say, but will keep it simple and to the point…..

    THANK YOU!…….for sharing your personal life with us……..for your commitment to this blog. You’ve given us a family outside of our family.

    You dont have comment if you dont want, but I’m curious how your sisters and dad are doing now? 4 years is still a pretty fresh wound.

    • one day at a time… that’s all you can do. it’s my mantra!

      some days are good. some are not at all. at this point it’s not like holidays are harder. it could be a tuesday, at 5:30 pm in June and I’ll lose it like it’s her birthday, christmas & death day all in one….
      thanks for asking

      • wow UC, good job on being the most selfish human being EVER..

        sisters….. okay- we all handle it differently. the ‘little one’ is 16 now. and amazing. incredible girl… she went from this little girl who had 3 sisters in her home to a teenager living alone with my dad… it’s tough. i worry for her, but she’s strong.

        the other girls are too! my dad is.. well, our lives were just turned up-side down! she was the glue that held us together… one day at a time!

  5. Happy Birthday !!!

    I love the blog but don’t often comment – don’t want to unless I can think of a super witty or smart response.

    Been reading since Feb there have been soooooo many great posts – you should do a poll at the end of the year where we can vote for our favourite !!!

    Thanks for sharing your story UC – the same thing happened to me about 15 years ago it’s so hard but I am glad that LTR/LTT is helping you whilst bringing so much laughter into people lives

    Heres to the next year on LTR it’ll be a good one

  6. God, UC, that’s an amazing story. I love you (both of you) more than ever right now.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Ugh. Crying at the office is not ok! haha

    I already rambled my gratitude and “Happy Anniversary” in LTT, so I’ll leave it at that.


  7. Well Dammit UC…you got me all choked up.

    Happy Anniversary. Hope the top teir of the cake doesn’t have too much freezer burn.
    Much love to you girls!
    And UC…Nashville’s ready when you are! Come on and we’ll go get something yummy over at Calypso!

  8. I started reading you guys a few months ago…in March maybe? and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you…so just THANK YOU!
    Thank you for taking time out of your lives to make us laugh every day, to make us realize that sometimes all you have to do is say “That’s normal!”, just thank you! And keep doing this…we need you.

    Laura 🙂

  9. When my snarkier than any man really needs to be boss walks in my office sees me blubbering and walks out I know I am in for some serious harrassment. But you are totally worth it.

    Thank you for sharing your humor, your views, your story, your heart with us each and every day. We love you more than words can ever truly express.

    You are my life (at least until you stop this blog and then I’ll just stalk you like Edward does Bella…what? Dudes a stalker, a hot one but still)


  10. happy anniversary you guys!

    that was an incredible story UC, and i can relate on so many levels as well! it just shows how strong of a woman you really are.
    this blog is one of the highlights of my day, even tho ive been a lil mia lately.. (exams blow chunks)
    i discovered it back in april, and didnt actually start commenting until may/june. some of the stuff that you guys post nail it everytime (thats what she said)
    koodos for both of you to bring a lil joy and laughter into some of our lives, bc as w/ your story, maybe everyone’s got a lil something in their lives that is extreme, and you guys are the ones that help take that pain away; if not for good, but for that 10min in a day.

  11. UC, words cannot express how sad I feel about the lose of your mom at such a young age. My mom has fought Breast Cancer twice and both times I had to prepare myself for the loss. My husband lost his wonderful mother at age 15, very heartbreaking. I am SO glad that you have found solace in this wonderful blog, I know that I have.

    Thank you both for sticking with it each and every day. Reading your blog truly gives me something to look forward to, as I trudge through the duldrums of everyday life. I love being a SAHM, but I easily lose my individuality, in addition to my MIND. LTT/LTR allows me to be my typical snarky and never serious self – keepin’ it real.

    Most importantly, thank you for teaching me words like, “Spunk,” “Fake Lesbians” and “Jorts.” I love that we have our own “inside” jokes, i.e. “Look, that hot 23 year-old looks like he has “spunk” on his pants.” Non Twi/LTT/LTR friend, “WTF are you talking about?” Twi/LTT/LTR cool girl (that’s us), “Oh, never mind, you wouldn’t understand, you just HAD to be there (and you weren’t because you are SO lame-o).

    Bless you for my Daily Dose of Rob ladies and Happy “Fake Lesbian” Anniversary!

    • “…as I trudge through the duldrums of everyday life. I love being a SAHM, but I easily lose my individuality, in addition to my MIND. LTT/LTR allows me to be my typical snarky and never serious self – keepin’ it real.”

      Yes, Boomin’ Granny, yes. I’m right here with you.

  12. Happy Anniversary LTR/LTT! UC you are awesome for letting us all into your world!
    I love how you guys bring controversy one day and then make us all cry the next. I hope that you are able to celebrate many more anniversaries in the years to come!

    PS – My goal in life is to be the first commenter on LTR, so if that does not tell you how much I love you, I don’t know what will!!!

    • haha… we post every day at 8 am eastern! Let’s DO this!

  13. That totally made me cry. In public.

    I want to thank you for making me feel like I am not insane for escaping into these stories and for making me laugh every day. Some days it’s what keeps me going.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  14. Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you, thank you , thank you for putting in the time and effort to write this blog everyday. I have a chronically ill child and some days I can only jump on here for 5 minutes, but it’s enough to make me laugh (sometimes so hard I have tears rolling down my cheeks!) and it gets me through the rest of they day.

    Internet hugs to you both!

  15. Like everyone else on here I thank you for starting off my mornings with a giggle, a snort or a warm fuzzy feeling…
    I too cried reading your post today UC. You’re right – we do all have stories and it is amazing how something so silly and trivial like Twilight can be not so silly and trivial when it comes to shining a little light in our lives… Whatever it takes to get us through those all too consuming moments, right?
    Thank you so much.
    Happy Anniversary…

  16. Happy “birthday” LTT and Happy anniversary guys.

  17. Happy anniversary! I’ve just gotta say how much I love you blogs! Checking my blog reader for new LTT and LTR posts is the first thing I do every morning when I wake up. A great way to start the morning! THANK YOU!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I’ve only been around for about half of the year…and never comment….but you guys just brighten my day.

  19. UC and Moon,
    First, Happy Anniversary!! You two are the cream in my coffee and I hate to start a day without you! UC, thanks for sharing your story. You are amazing.
    Second, I found Twilight when I was at a low point in my life. My family had suffered a major loss that broke us. My mom lost her parents and siblings. My sister and I lost our cousins, Aunts and Uncles. We’ve tried to be all we need to eachother but on some days it’s harder than others.
    Twilight put me into another world with characters that I was instantly emotionally attached to. It made me feel again. I laughed, I cried, I felt hopless when Edward left but saw the sun again when he came back.
    I know it’s “just a book”, and “they aren’t real people” as everyone constantly reminds me . But I don’t care. It helped me focus on something other than my own misery. LTR and LTT makes me laugh and feel normal. You guys have become my surrogate family and I love all of you.
    Plus, you make me feel normal about my addiction for a 23 yr. old man I’ll never meet, and for that you all have my undying devotion.

  20. Happy Anniversary! I love you guys hard. Here’s to many, many more!! And Nashville would love to have you back, UC!!!

    • I’d like Nashville to have me back!
      my roomie from college & nashy is visiting this weekend! We will discuss Calypso, and 12th street (where we used to live) and stuff
      GRIMEYS.. we’ll discuss grimeys..

      • Mmmm….now I want a Black Bean Salad!!

  21. You know how I love you… Happy Anniversary 🙂

  22. Hugs hugs and more hugs to both of you ladies, for brightening my day, everyday. And a special squeeze to UC for her honesty. Happy anniversary!


    I am so glad I found you and your outlet for the hilarity stored up in your brains….Like everyone before me, you have touched me in so many ways (thatswhatshesaid), made me smile, laugh, cry, taught me new words, and over all, made me feel Normal…..You deserve every single great thing that happens to you, you are both amazing, lovely, kind and adorable women, so happy to ‘know’ you.

    Pass the Puffs with Aloe, please!

  24. 😦 I’m so sorry about your mother!

    I can tell you my Twi-discovery story is similar to yours. In brief, my life was in shambles do to tragedies, as well, and I was in a pretty deep funk. (And I’m not really a “funk” person, either.) My friends drove me CRAZY to read Twilight, and I resisted for a long time. Finally I gave in, and found myself excited about something for hte first time in a long time. I know that sounds crazy, but I think you understand what I mean. And I’ve made friendships based on this shared interest.

    And finding your blog gave me some laughs that I hadn’t really found much of during that time.

    So thank you, Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, of course ROB, Dick and Clare for creating Robin, and thank you to LTT/LTR, and Moon and UC! 🙂 You are fellow music snobs, fellow Twi-sessors, and fellow people who understand making deep and lasting friendships from a message board and that it’s not at all weird. 🙂 In fact, that’s normal.

    Happy anniversary!!! Here’s to the next great year!!

  25. Dear UC – What an honest Twilight story; thanks for trusting us with it. Rest assured, we heart you and Moon just as much for all you do.
    I think laughter really is the best medicine, and we’re ALL doing much better because of what you give us every day. Happy Anniversary, and here’s to more!

  26. Happy Anniversary, Ladies!!

    I think I’ve been hanging around this place for about 6 months now and I’ve loved every minute.

    Thanks for being hilariously funny and for providing a place to meet some of the coolest people to walk the planet.

  27. Love to you UC and Moon for creating this little piece of normality (is that a word…) for all of us to take part of. LTR always pics me up on a grey day when life is a bit rough and makes a great day even better.

  28. *Said in the same tone as “They’re NOT bears.”

    Haha classic. I laughed. I cried. Happy anniversary!

  29. I’m tearing up over here.

    This community, all these ladies, helped me find, well, me again. And I forgot how awesome I really was. I was so caught up in work, husband and kids that I gave myself no time to be me. You ladies changed that, and I am so happy I’ve been hanging around with you ladies for almost the full year. I’ll never forget the days when there were only like 6 comments, each more epic then the last!

    Thank you for giving me the friends I have now and giving me opportunities to find myself again!!



  30. Thank you for sharing your story, I’m crying along with everyone else.

    I’m so happy I found LTT/LTR, and realized I wasn’t alone and out of my mind. I have loved the daily laughs and comments more than I could ever express.

    You gals are the funniest people I think I’ve ever come across! I hope this contines for a long time to come!

    Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

    • i laugh every time i see your name.. here or on twitter… I_luv_spunk is brilliant… cuz.. well, who loves spunk?

  31. UC, I’m so glad you and Moon made that fateful decision one year ago! Our lives have been so much richer because of you two. Without this site there was nowhere to share the RobLove that was joyful and silly and snarky and made it all fun. I would never have found the friends who are now important in my life. It’s been a great ride.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a Mom at any age leaves you feeling vulnerable. The battle that you and your family went through was a tough one. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I look forward to MORE of LTR/LTT! Nope, your work is not yet done here. We still have to see Rob through 2-3 more Twilights plus all of those other movies that will prove his real talent. Just think of all the potential he has to expose himself! And we’ll be waiting to enjoy it all….

  32. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight and Brooke Lockart, M. M said: Gushiness abounds at LTT/LTR today! Happy anniversary girls! We ❤ u muchly! @letter2twilight […]

  33. A Kleenex warning would have been nice, jeesh.

    Happy anniversary UC and Moon. It really is incredible that you guys keep this hilarious blog going every day that has brought so many people together.

    I found LTT during a bad time in my life as well, and I really didn’t think I would be able to laugh that hard when I was that down.

    Thanks ladies.

  34. Happy One Year UC & Moon, LTT and LTR. Thanks for bringing the laughs ❤

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again because I’m saying it anyway I can)!!!

    I want to say Thank YOU UC and Moon for bringing the laughs in so many ways!! Your story touched me UC. I’m so glad you were able to find yourself again through LTT and LTR. You’ve brightened my days and fueled my addiction for Twilight (in a good way). Here’s to the years to come!!

    xoxo Meg O =)

  36. UC & Moon,

    A year.. congrats… you girls know how to do what you do and you do it so well!

    UC, I just wanted to say.. The feelings you describe, I’ve felt them for the past three years, while I watched my mother slowly die. She past away this past September, and the whole experience of “losing yourself” I get that.. I’m feeling it. I just wanted to say thank you for writing about it.. because I honestly thought I was the only one who ever felt that way, and it makes a person wonder if they ever really had themself… if that makes sense.

    I hope that the blog continues for more then three years… I mean come on. Rob will be here, and I’m sure he will provide you with many many years of wonderful blogging. I’m a wee bit selfish in asking for this though… because right now.. in the beginning of my mourning for my mom, believe it or not, you guys are what reminds me that life is worth it and happiness is just a click away…. after the jump! 🙂

    I adore you both… here’s to many more years of laughter and tears!

    Thanks again!


  37. I haven’t been around the blogs and the forum much lately due to a huge work type thing that was taking up all my non-kid time, so I am just now slowly diving back into our lovely little world here on a daily basis instead of barely here once a week. I can’t even tell you how much I missed everyone.

    I am so proud of you UC, and I feel so extremely blessed to be a part of your life.

    You both are amazing people and I can’t wait for the in person hug as well 🙂

    Here’s to another year! I’ll raise my….apple juice (its a little early still for a Heine) and toast to all of the amazing things that this blog has brought about!

  38. UC,
    I never expected to see such an honest and personal post here. Yes, this is a place I come to for laughs and to reassure myself there are people who are crazier than I am (kidding-we’re all just normal here), but your post brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing your story. Nobody’s life is perfect, and it does help to have a community like this to turn to when you just don’t feel like facing the day, be it work, caring for your kids or whatever.

    When my husband complains about the amount of time I spend online (LTR, fanfic) I tell him in all seriousness that it’s free therapy. And it is, on those days that I need it to be. Sometimes it’s just a fun way to waste few hours, but on some days it’s definitely therapy.

    You and Moon have created this wonderful community where it actually feels like everyone knows one another, even if you’ve only ever chatted here.I love coming here for this reason, and also because it’s so friendly and non-judgmental.I hope you know how much LTR/LTT mean to so many people. Thank you and really big hugs for all you guys do.

    ps-let’s not be hasty; don’t start planning on shutting down LTR/LTT just yet. Rob will still be around after BD, ya know?

    • pps-Happy Anniversary too!

    • Amen on the free therapy. We’ve saved bundles of money.

  39. Thank you ladies for making me laugh everyday! I’m so glad Stephanie mentioned you on her website or I might never have found you this past August. Keep it coming… 🙂

  40. I stumbled upon this blog 10 months ago and I now read it everyday. As soon as I get to work I read the newest blog just so I can get my day started off with a good laugh. You are great! What you have created here is a wonderful community. You have listened to some may peoples stories and today it was great to finally hear yours. I’m so glad that this has helped to heal you.

    Thanks for making me smile everyday!

  41. Just wanted to say Congrats and thanks! Thanks for sharing your story, bringing together this amazing fandom, and just being you in general 😀 Some of the best times I’ve ever had started here, with people I met here. Have a great anniversary, and hope you enjoy your present!

  42. Thanks so much for letting us into the more serious side of you. That’s not something easily done & it takes a lot of courage. Thanks for being a bright spot in so many of my days when I can take a minute away from my crazy real life dramas to read something that makes me smile & usually chuckle quite loudly. It’s both comforting & fun to know that there are others out there who share in the silly side of twilight & all things related! I’ve made new friendships bonding over this stuff & that’s such a great feeling for a wife, a mom, a 30 year old who at times feels losyt in the shuffle! Thanks girls & keep up the amazing work!

  43. Happy Anniversary to ya’ll! I have been reading your blog everyday…probably since March. It makes laugh every morning. As an “elderly” (read late 30’s) fan of Twilight, I have to keep my addiction moderately under wraps. My bf hearts Twilight as much as I do, and so we have spent most of the last year trading emails about it. When I told her about your blog, she started reading it. She always says that she loves it because you guys seem like people we would really be friend with. LTT vocab has now become such a part of our conversations and emails that it caught us off guard to have to explain what jorts are to our other friends who attended the New Moon premiere with us.
    Anyway…just trying to say thanks for all you do! And your letter brought me to tears this morning. I am so happy for you and Moon that you have built such a wondeful friendship through this. Nothing is more important thant that!

    • we could SO be real life friends! You’re not lactose are you? Cuz I love cheese..

      (yes, i’m that random in real life xo)

    • Lovintherain is right. I am her bf who was, until this post, a lurker who read your blog everyday because you crack me up! She is also right that we had to explain ourselves on emails prior to the premiere because I asked our Team Jacob friend if she would be wearing jorts and if she thought maybe Edward would be pant-less in his tweed (she didn’t know what I was talking about in the least). But, that is why I love lovintherain and your blog because y’all get it. Thank you for allowing us into your life and for keeping ours that much more interesting! Happy anniversary!

  44. Dear UC, dear Moon.

    I just want to say: Thank you. Thank you for this blog. Thank you for being there and making all this happen. Thank you for the fun I have whenever I read your letters. Thank you for sharing them with us. And last but not least: Thank you for all your efforts!

    I am such a boring person, because i keep repeating myself by saying: you ladies ROCK so hard!

    THANK YOU! 😡

    • oh, wrong smilie button thing… irgs.

      it was meant to be like this:


  45. I don’t even know how to put into words how much this blog, this community and the friendships I have made, mean to me.

    I tell you and Moon all the time how thankful I am for getting to know the both of you.

    So Happy Anniversary! Enjoy all the warm fuzzies today!

  46. First off – UC, I am so sorry for your loss, I can’t even begin to imagine hard hard it would be to move on from such a place. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone – that could not have been an easy thing to put out there.

    Second, Happy Anniversary!! All I can really say is YOU LADIES ROCK! Thank you guys so much for this blog that brings sunshine to my day every day. You are funny and clever and intriguing and awesome. I hope they quote that in the history books.

    Much Love and thanks again

  47. So glad I work at home b/c I am crying my eyes out. UC, your letter was profound to me. I understand depression and how hard it can be. It is so wonderful that LTT and LTR helped to pull you out. I just want you to know, it did the same for me. I had postpartum depression, but I did not know it back then. I started reading last December and you guys made me laugh for the first time in months. I sought medical help and you can actually tell when the depression started to lift, b/c I started to comment. This has been healing for me as well. I especially love what you wrote toward the end:

    “It’s okay to find joy in the trivial things in life (like vampires and hot 23 year old boys) from time to time. You’re not alone.”

    The trivial things and Moon and you (and the hot 23 year old boy) are what pulled me out. Not many people know of my depression although they might have suspected it. And not many people “get” my obsession with Twilight and Rob, but they don’t have to. You guys “get it.” Even if it’s only for a little while every day. I escape reality with you guys and it helps to make RL so much better. And around here, I’m Normal. Love Ya, UC and thanks to both you and Moon for what you do everyday.

  48. Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us! It even made me all teary, which is something since I suffer from an empathy deficiency. I can fortunately only imagine what you’ve been through. I’ll give you a big cyberhug and thanks for all the amazing things you girls have accomplished with these blogs. For once it’s not normal, but extraordinary.


  49. UC,

    While I’m not new to LTR (or LTT for that matter), I am pretty new to leaving comments. Thank you for sharing your story! It takes a lot of strength to open up like that!! I come here expecting a laugh and today I was reminded to not take the things (or people) I have in my life for granted. Congratulations on the one year anniversary!! I’m excited for the next year! 🙂 You and Moon rock!!

  50. I started reading all the comments 2 hours ago with the intention of commenting after each one. It’s not possible. there are too many. Plus the emails, tweets, texts & phone calls. It’s like we had a baby or something instead of celebrating the 1st full year of our fake lesbian partnership.

    Just know that even if I didn’t comment back (or email you back) we love each and every one of you (even you, TammyO, b/c you inspired many posts!)

    Thanks for being so encouraging about my vulnerability. It’s not hard for me to share… it is a little bit here b/c we’re so snarky & non-serious, but I knew that by being open & honest others would be able to be as well.. and that’s what has happened… And I’m so grateful for all of you.

    I also KEEP saying “They’re NOT bears” for some reason..


    • Beautiful letter today. You and Moon really are amazing. I admire your dedication to the blog and making us all laugh.

      Now stop being such a “Marshmallow”, and PAR-TAY!

      Happy One Year!

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