Posted by: Bekah | December 4, 2009

Hot pictures of Rob, doing nasty things

Dear Rob,

I was just thinking about the amazing spectacle of a man that you are and realized I pretty much put you on a pedestal. I think of you as having the manners of Edward, with the adorkableness of Daniel Gale mixed with the magical wand (ahem) of Cedric Diggory with the artistic nature of Salvador Dali yet the stability of Carlisle Cullen. (With the looks of GQ and Vanity Fair 2009 Rob all the time, of course.)

But the reality is…. you’re 23. You could have the maturity of Quil Ateara with the awkwardness of Neville Longbottom and the fight in you like Tyler from Remember Me. Or you might laugh at sex jokes like a 12 year old boy for all I know.

You’re a man- one HOT spectacle of a man, yes, but a man. And you might, gulp, do man things….. and I’m not talking about the kind of things that leave me breathless and begging for more. So what if you look as you do, yet act like a man- a boy- or the 23 year old you are? Would that change anything…….?

Rob? Sharted? Same sentence. Watch me ruin more pictures of Rob after the jump

Sigh. Boys will be boys,

So, what do you think? Is Rob like this? Do YOU put him on a pedestal like I do?!

Thanks to @ekels for that armpit picture of Rob & the idea that started this entire post!
And SPECIAL thanks to my RobPorn (whether GOOD or BAD!) dealers: Zephyersky and JodieO for your help XOXO

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    That is just amazing.


    • UC – you defaced beardward!!! how can i fogive you?!

  2. I have the maturity level of a 15 year old boy (trust me, my brother is 15 and we laugh at exactly the same things). This all works for me.

  3. Honestly, he could do any of these things and I’d still think he was as hot as hell.

    Especially that first one. If Rob looked down my shirt and said, “Nice tits.” I would not be offended at all.

    And I’ve always thought he is, most likely, the kind of guy that burps the alphabet when he’s drunk . . . probably even when he’s not drunk.

    • sadly, i have had a gay friend of mine scream it across the room…at a wedding….that my parents were at. “nice tits” has officially lost it’s luster. it probably wouldn’t even phase me if someone, even rob, said that to me. *sigh*

    • Yeah I love the first one! Although I don’t have much tits to look at.

    • I agree. None of these offend me. What’s that say about me?

  4. I like the pedestal.

    Leave him there!

    • Agreed! Seeing words like fart, shart, and itchy balls superimposed on Rob pics ruins the fantasy…a little.

    • Hear, hear!

    • Me too fang. However, Rob still hasn’t lost his appeal to me. I would still do him.

      • Right…I guess he CAN’T lost his appeal to me…I’m a bit sad (very very about it…it would make things sometimes easier!

        • Oh no, please don’t be sad robgirl. Don’t ever give up on Rob! We’re in this together for the long haul okay? 🙂 I know it would be easier to not like him anymore but then life would be so boring won’t it?

          Anyway, I sent you mail! I’m sorry I forgot something.

          • Honey I’m not THAT sad…lol..
            I just wanted to say….I will love him forever…with all the farts/smell/whatever stuff….and I really don’t know WHY!

  5. Hahahahaha! Those are brilliant, however, I’m still snickering at “…mixed with the magical wand (ahem) of Cedric Diggory,” which probably puts me somewhere around the 15-year-old boy maturity level as well.

    P.S.- The last pic made me realize that there are not nearly enough pictures of this man from behind…

    • SO TRUE. We need MORE hiney pics. Sigh…

      • I just want to reach into that photo and grab it… alas.

        • Maybe in ten years? That’s the direction I’m hoping technology is heading in.

    • Ahaha, we’re on the same level of maturity, I totally snorted when I read that… you know what I was picturing in my head. 😉

  6. Wash me? Gladly!!!

    • LOL can I join you?

      • I’ll bring the soap!

        • And I’ll bring the towels and buff him up nicely after!

          • I’m offering for a massage after

  7. Off the pedastal, Rob. I think accepting that he’s probably just as douche-like as any other 23 yr. old boy is a good thing. And apparently I’m channeling Martha Stewart today. (I bet she likes having her name show up on a site dedicated to him.)

  8. Yes I put Rob on a pedestal too…nothing compares remember………………
    but, let’s be real, I bet he farts under the covers and traps Mullsten under there to clam bake!!!!

    • Hahahaha! Clam bake! I love it. We always called that a Dutch Oven.

  9. Hah! Awesome, as always! 🙂

    Being well endowed from a young age I’ve always had to deal with the boob starers. What I’ve always told all my guy friends and boyfriends is that I don’t mind them peaking as long as they’re cleaver about it. Don’t let me catch you!

    BTW, wasn’t there a pic of Rob caught looking down a girls shirt?

    – Jamie

    • there’s a picture of my ex-boyfriend’s older brother looking down my shit. we were standing with my mom. and he’s not even subtle. actually, he may be making the same face as rob, now that i think about it….

      • Ha!Ha! Looking down your shit? Sorry, I know you meant shirt. When I first read it, I laughed for the wrong reason.

    • *raises hand*
      I have that pic

      I would never dare put Rob on a pedestal. I LIKE the fact that he probably does all those things. I like silly, pervy boys cuz I’m a silly, pervy girl….
      Yes I may be a 27 yr old female but I think I got stuck with the brain and hormones of a 15yr old boy….
      I can make my pervalicious husband blush and I’m proud of that.

      • The question is, is that girl even wearing clothes? His face is still composed for a guy posing with a nekkid girl.

      • That is Marina Orlova aka HotForWords on YouTube, and yes she generally wears clothes but not much material fits over them… Go to YouTube and you’ll see…

        • yes, it’s the English teacher who’s making videos on liguistics…kind of.
          I’m just wondering what was she doing in LA (did she happen to meet Rob accidentaly????), isn’t she living in Russia?

      • That picture is priceless… His facial expression is so great. It made me crack up!! Don’t know who that woman is though.

        I have to say, that I think Rob is probably like any other man, no matter what age they are. He can be mature and grown up, when he needs to be. Rob was amazing on the red carpet opening of New Moon, with everyone he met. I bet when he is with his friends, he can be completey immature and silly, just my husband (who is not 23 years old) is with his friends. My husband makes me laugh all of the time with his immaturity.

        I forget all of the time, especially on this website, just how old I am, because I don’t feel or think like my age, most of the time. Rob makes me feel younger, and remember what it is like to be that age, with your whole life in front of you.

        I hope he never grows up…

    • There is more than one pic of Rob peeking down a girls shirt out there!

      • of, then YOU HAVE TO help us out here

  10. That’s the mysterious charisma of Roblosophy (no, it’s not a contraction of Rob+pornography).

    Cause he looks like a well educated guy, shy in a charmingly hawwt way, refined and perceptive, but you know that if you hang out with him he’ll spill out all the no-limits jokes and you’re gonna end up drunk laughing your ass off.

    And judging by the 12 yo jokes he did last year (I want to be a president just to tell people to kiss my ass) he might still do 2 or 3 bets and dares.

    P. S. Thank you for improving my English vocabulary, I just looked up the verb “to shart” and I’m amazed of how imaginative this language can be.

    • Hi hon, I couldn’t find a translation for “to shart”…..
      just feeling like a “local idiot”…THAT word was there…lol

      and of Rob…
      surely it’s much better to get him down from the pedestal,
      so his lips and the jaw are much more accessible for ME!

    • Oh yes, you’d be surprised at the English words in our society! LOL!

      • I can’t get you…americans…
        you don’t say the f*ck without “*”/peep
        where is the “*”/peep in “shart” ? sh*rt?
        Ladies, are we actually talking about shit….???
        Why don’t we talk about the fuck?
        Sooooo much better, I saw a fine Robass here today….

        • Yeah you’re right. I usually say shoot for sh*t. For the F word, I say fudge! I really don’t swear though. LOL, ok I take that back, I do sometimes when I’m driving. Like right now, Christmas carols are on the radio, this is me singing today while running errands:

          SB: Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light….IDIOT! What the fudge. Get in your lane!

          I have to be careful, my daughter is at the age now where she repeats everything. Lately she’s been saying holy crap. Yep she heard it from me. Bad mommy moment.

          • Hey Southernbelle,
            Hope to see your comments today at LTT re: NM Hits/Misses.
            Love your Christmas Carol. Wish we could hang out.

          • kmountainlion -I’ll check it out, I haven’t been there in a while. 🙂

  11. Great post today, click and save and click and save…lol

    Rob IS on a very high pedestal FOR ME…..and

    looking down to tits ( hopefully one day to My ones…lol)
    scratching his ears AND looking to the results, picking his nose and looking….you know…
    no need to repeat…!!!!
    burping loud and
    pissing in cups….and so on…
    as any REGULAR MAN !
    The difference to any regular guy is…….
    He can do it from up there…and I am in love with him even more….

    THAT’s the GREAT mystery for me..???!!!.

    Dear Rob
    when I saw the extras of the Art DVD, my eyes could NOT believe from what I was seeing there…
    No words!
    Love you

    • sorry for my mistakes…I am feverish..:-(
      I can’t concentrate,so..

      • Are you sick, Robgirl or just hot from Rob related thoughts?

        • Both..:-)

          • I’m sorry. Feel better, ok!!

          • Thank you …and I HAVE to post it!

  12. “Bet I can shove this entire thing in my mouth”

    That’s what she said.

    • Agree, we’re never ‘toooldforthis’……being a fellow cougar RWAR we know we can and would, could, will do {at least in our dreams}…..<3 you hon…

      • And I do dream about what I would, could and will do to him just about every night 🙂

    • “Bet I can shove this entire thing in my mouth”

      That could be a pick-up line alternative to the getting nekkid drowing attention strategy.

  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahha!!! OMG…whew, awesome.

  14. you had me at “the amazing spectacle of a man that you are”.
    too many sinful thoughts, too many… and well, yeah “he’s only human”

  15. Hi. I’m 12. Just the word ‘shart’ is enough to make me laugh.

    • 12??!

      • Mentally.. sometimes..

    • “yep im pretty sure i just sharted” EPIC WIN!!! omg i actually cried

  16. It’s times like these I’m glad I will probably never spend enough time with Rob that he feels comfortable engaging me in his personal gas. I often date The Young, and have yet to meet a man under the age of 27 who consistently smells acceptable.

    • tiffanized – I have to take this moment to tell you how awesome you are! When I read the letter you wrote last week while Moon & UC were in their turkey coma, you had me in tears. (Seriously, the leg hitch paragraph was brilliant.) UC and Moon are always talking about switching from Team Edward to Team Jacob. After reading your post, I’m thinking about switching from Team UC & Moon to Team Tiffanized!

      • aw that’s so sweet. Tiff is the best.

        And we really were in a turkey coma, huh?

        • You know I’m just kidding. I’m like Bella . . . Team Switzerland. I could never choose between you two . . . I mean three.

  17. Ya know, I kind of hope that he would have those moments and act like a silly idiot. And that is simply because, even though I am a grown up, I still laugh at fart jokes, and can make any thought or sentence into a dirty one and find it hilarious. I do always think of Rob as Robward…Hott, perfect, charming, awesome…but I also imagine him to be funny, sarcastic, and acting like a pre-pubescent weenie on occasion.

    • “…can make any thought or sentence into a dirty one and find it hilarious.” This is the special skill I was born with. They say everyone has a talent. HAHAHA ‘TALENT’! < See.

      • BWHAHAHA!!!! Me too!!!! I feel like I am an over achiever in this aspect of life. Dirty thoughts and innuendos. 😉 I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!!

  18. Team Pedestal, for sure. However, I’m the one who admitted I laughed when he says, “I don’t want you to come” during the break-up scene in NM. So if he is like a 15yo boy, then we definitely have something in common.

    He looks HOT in that armpit picture.

    • So glad I wasn’t the only one laughing! You only come when Edward tells you to come. That’s what she said.

  19. Sharted! Ha!

    I believe there is no question that this is Rob. He’s still a boy because what man at 23 actually acts mature?
    I prefer the Rob in my mind. The one who looks like he rolled right off the pages of VF, plays a guitar, is serious enough to wear tweed (but not actually do it), is funny and only a leetle bit adorkable. (oh yeah, and is packing like tattward)

  20. Don’t get me wrong: I love guys who are clean-cut and well-mannered. But, every once in a while, I find a complete pig attractive. It all goes back to the cavemen days. If Rob was the epitome of refinement, I don’t know if I’d like him as much. Then again, if he was a complete SLOB, fantasizing about him may be next to impossible.

    I’m thinking he’s a mix of the two. And if he isn’t a well-balanced mix, I can pretend he is. That’s the beauty of celebrity crushes. The crush can be as awesome as I want him to be.

    Long story short: yes, UC. I do put Rob on a pedestal… but only because I can.

    • P.S. Sharting is the most disgusting thing ever… I may have a problem if Rob was a perpetual “sharter”. *shudders* This is where I draw the line in my fantasizing…

    • I agree completely about your ideas of celebrity crushes… it’s why it’s so awesome!

    • Well said!

      • Hey robgirl,
        HOpe I see you at LTT re: NM Hits/Misses, but guess it’s past midnight in Germany, right and maybe you are sleeping?

        In that case…wishing you exciting dreams.

        Ahhh, sleeps have never been so good until Rob “came” along.

        • No…I am not right now 8pm…I never have gone to LTT…maybe I should?

          • Thanks for the interview about Rob wanting kids. I liked him better when he said he didn’t like kids “at all.” I know…I’m a bad person for saying so…but I’m sure this is tied to the fact that he’s in love now. I think I’m gonna hurl.

          • Robgirl, We need your insights to NM at LTT, although I think you said in a previous post that the version you saw was dubbed, which might make it hard (that’s what she said) to do. Take care.

          • Nooo…you’r NOT bad…I would only having him a kid if I could be the mother of it…hahaha…you know just for the babyexercise..
            I prefer him hot and single too…but I guess he was just NOT thinking as ALWAYS…I mean…helllloooo Rob???? …even if you are young NOW…when your kid will be 20 …you will so NOT be his friend …only his OLD and NOT COOL father…lol

          • You know I’m kind of dreading watching that interview….so I haven’t watched it yet.

            kmountainlion I would feel like u too.

          • This interview brings up life dilemmas for me: am I that stupid or that in love?
            Cause for one second I saw myself in a sunny cartoon, getting a job in LA, having kids with Rob and living PASSIONATELY ever after. Wait a minute, that reminds me of the ridiculous little girls asking Rob the same question, while revealing their braces. And yes, you can make fun of me, as I did about the little giggling girls. So, considering that I have never dreamed of this kind of life, it’s quite a huge change that happened in like a second. Of course, there will be a lot of intense sex, but that goes without saying. It’s all-inclusive.
            And secondly, you only do these kind of huge plans when you’re desperately in love, and since I quickly got off the sunny cartoon dream, I don’t want to know who the lucky winner is…cause I have a suspicion, and I don’t like it.
            So Rob, I know you’re living in a bubble and see all these Hollywood stars getting married, but take a look at Johnny Depp, he first met a French girl and then moved to a desert island. So take your time… and come to Paris.
            *hangs head in shame*

  21. I bet everytime he scratches his balls he smells his hand afterwards. Or when he’s heating his hot pocket and it explodes a little, he’ll leave the cheese and pepperoni goo in the microwave. And when he shaves he leaves his little baby beard hairs all over the sink!

    …But he’s still on a pedestal. He’s just a dreamboat, and hopefully I’ll find a man IRL who makes me smile as much as Rob does…

    • Is is scary that I would be willing to collect all those baby beard hairs for keeps?

      GAH…..I need professional help.

    • Hahaha…baby beard hair…too funny!
      Made me think of other hair…

  22. This post literally brought me out of internet hiding, because I got all excited* by the title, and was HILARIOUSLY let down.

    Oh UC, you and your pitiful attempt at hosedowns. Trying to sway the masses away from Rob so you can have him all to yourself….I’m surprised Creepy Uncle Rob didn’t make an appearance…though the possible captions for that picture that are going through my head are all extremely extremely wrong. So kudos to you for knowing when to keep pictures like that to yourself, and knowing when to whip them out.*

    *That’s What She Said

    • haha… I loved that title. I was hoping we’d get picked up by some porn sites. We probably will. we do almost every day…

      I know. I considered all the things I could do with Creepy Uncle Rob (that’s what she said.. sorta) but decided to just keep it to HOT pictures (minus 1 or 2!)

      • Win as always, UC, win as always.

  23. Ok, well, I (and several others I know from this blog) am 12 year olds…or at least giggle like 12 year olds.

    “I’m coming.” “I don’t want you to come.”

    Sorry, I know it was the break up scene but I giggled.

    And didn’t Rob already PROVE he is that guy? Talking about sharting himself on national television…anyone??

    • I also laughed during the break up scene. I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for all of you wonderful bloggers talking about the “I’m coming” dialogue. It’s uncomfortable when the stranger sitting next to you is giving you the “stink eye” because you’re laughing during what is supposed to be be a very heartbreaking moment.

    • I also displaced my inner 12 year old by giggling during that scene. Which I didn’t want to do as its meant to be heartbreaking.

      I agree, Rob has already proved himself to be THAT guy. lol. Yet we still love him for it.

    • I cried during the breakup scene( I’m a hopeless romantic ok) but I laughed when Bella hit Paul!

      • I actually remember 1) the strut 2) the kisses 3) half-nekkid-Rob-heavy-breathing for 3 minutes….wow…that was gooooood! lol

        • Robgirl, I remember all of those. I was on cloud nine when he was doing the slow-motion walk. Swoon!

          • hahaha…just wondering why in german we’re saying “cloud 7”
            WEIRD…the strut was gorgeous!!!

          • Really? Cloud 7? That’s so funny!

          • know the german words for “wishy washy”? It’s “wischi waschi” and although german is related to english…it’s witty!

    • Yes, he throws himself off that pedestal every opportunity he gets. Did you see that interview–the same one where he talks about buying “underpahnts” when the interviewer asks him how he gets his hair to be so deliciously messy and sticking up, and he says, “well, I just pull my head out of my arse and there it is!” Or something along those lines. This is why no other celebrity has ever caught my attention.

      • So right, Old One! He constantly downplays his sexiness and talks about things like cutting his toenails and buying “underpants” during interview w/Laura Culpepper.

        Rob is the only celeb who has ever caught my attention, as well. He’s just brutally honest and that is so sexy and fun and real.

  24. I can’t even read half the words on the pics because the beauty of that man just makes me stupid.

    The profile pic in the white shirt were he has a semi scowl on his face…..kills me.

    I would have that pic’s baby.

  25. Hahaha! @ekels here. Just spewed my milk (not a coffee person) and yelled Argh! when I saw my armpit fart idea on here! I’m so blushing in triumph and my husband left for work thinking I’m insane.
    I totally get in some part of my mind that A) Rob is a guy and B) he’s 23 so in all likelihood he does most of these things. Hopefully not the sharting. However, these are the things it’s ok for my husband to do and NOT Rob!

  26. He looks really sick. Eating all those egg and stuff will him really sick. I like the arm pity noise maker. We used to do this whenwe were kids.
    Ah to be young again would be great. It is called a do over.

    • It was Bella that ate the eggs – not Rob!

      • LOL!

    • I’m sick….sick of YOU!

    • Bobbygee and Rob, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love…

      OWN IT, Bobbygee. You come here everyday because you LURVE him. It’s OK. We’ll be there for you when you admit it.

    • What is BobbyGee talking about? Eating all the eggs?

      • I guess that’s the problem…he even don’t know himself of what he’s talking about every day…so annoying!

        • Booo Robgirl, BobbyGee bathes in fabulousness. Be nice.

          • I just don’t know that guy…maybe he was kinda like the little mascot of the blog, I don’t know…I haven’t been here for such a long time…all I know is that he comments often annoying things about Rob and I really couldn’t find any nice sarcasm in that….So if he’s fine I will take back…
            even if I’m wondering what a soccer guy (married to a hot brazilian woman…???) is doing here…so I will pay attention…lol

          • I don’t know Bobbygee and have nothing against him, but to the question “What’s a supposedly heterosexual guy doing here?” I suppose the answer has something to do with great advertising space and a lot of visits on his blog.

        • He’s here for our entertainment.

      • Maybe BobbyGees’s talking about that interview where Rob doesn’t realize the camera is already rolling and he talks about eating the bacon and eggs and then having to take a minute in the bathroom before he could go on . . . . Why do I know these things?

    • Bobbygee…
      I have to apologize…
      I give much credit to the ladies here…
      they said you’re ok, so it’s ok for me too! 🙂
      I will give you a thumb up,
      I don’t really know for what,
      but I will trust them…lol

  27. I like the belching photo….and I’d pay a lot of money to stand in line to hear him do it….the entire alphabet…true story. I’m immature like that!

  28. I love all these pictures(especially the one where he has his hand inside his shirt) although the captions are a bit disgusting! LOL. You know, my hubby says that “shart” word all the time, just to piss me off since I’m the one that does his laundry!

    I have Rob on a pedestal and I’m at his feet willing to do anything for him(well almost anything). Makes me sound like I’m his genie. Maybe I am.

    So Rob since you’re on my high pedestal, you can be Major Nelson and I can be Jeannie. I’ll even wear that sexy jeannie outfit for you. 😉

    • Nice! Rob loves Hot Genies!

      I know what someone is going to be for Halloween next year! 😉

      • I’m not waiting til Halloween! 🙂

        • Dirrrrrtttyyy!!!! lol

          • Is it me or you just kept writing this word today?

          • Minuit passe’ it’s really just YOU…and your dirrrrttttyyyy mind…lol
            You know….great news… I’ve got an invite to an audition

          • Rob, what are you doing in that picture, are you touching yourself?

          • Haha, you know which show I’m talking about right? It’s called I dream of Jeannie. They still show reruns!

            As for me being dirty….hmm, I could be if I really want to!

  29. Well, you just put my Roblust in perspective. I mean, c’mon he IS 23. He probably isn’t the sex God he always is in fanfic (although he could make up for the quality with the quantity-advantage of being 23), bodily functions probably make him giggle and his personal hygiene might leave something to be desired.

    Hell, I don’t care-I’d do him anyway, sharting, belching, a little ripe-he’s still Rob.

    • He’s still Rob…so true!

    • You got me at ripe Rob. He sure is ripe for the pickin! Yummy.

  30. Bahahahahhhaha! Some 12 year old boy humor at 6:30 in the morning is a little early…yet I still lol’d. The armpit one slayed me.

  31. I don’t mind putting Rob on a pedestal. Actually, its been good for my marriage. Even though I KNOW Rob is 23 and my hubs is 30 (eek! haha) I am CONSTANTLY comparing them. Now, I know that can sound crazy (but trust me, it’s totally *normal*) but it’s actually a good thing. I see pics like the one of Rob from behind (what a beautiful sight) and think “Hey, that kind of looks like D.” Or “Hey Rob’s hands are a lot like D’s.” This makes it a whole lot more interesting when things get hot and heavy…in pictures, of course 🙂

    • My sister outed MY Twi/Robsession to a co-worker of hers the other day. Said co-worker looked her straight in the eye and said Rob Pattinson and Twilight saved my marriage…NO JOKE. My sister didn’t have a clue what to say because she’s never read or watched any of the series, but when she told me, I knew exactly what the co-worker was talking about. Yes there are times that my husband thinks I’m insane or gets his feelings hurt because I have Robporn under my bed and spend all my time reading fanfic. BUT he also realizes that these things keep me sane and somehow more loyal to him. It’s hard to explain. I somehow feel like the series (maybe not Rob so much) has made me appreciate him a little bit more. And the fanfic, well let’s just say that’s made things in the bedroom a little more interestign than they’ve been in a few years! *blushes*

      • Well said, SingleStrand!

      • No need to blush…just normal! 🙂

        • Aww gee girls! I should have started commenting on here long ago. I am sooo not alone in my normalness!

          • You are def. NOT alone…and you’re right…
            it’s such a great place, my daily cure (although it doesn’t work…lol)
            Thank you ALL!

      • I’m sure your husband is now getting more action from you, ifyouknowhatImean.

        My husband asked me a while ago “Where am I getting this energy from? What has gotten into you?”

        So did you finally get some packing done!?! 🙂

        • Yeah he sometimes asks if we can just do it the “normal” way! HA!!!
          Well I packed four boxes yesterday. None yet today. I’m in theater getting ready for New Moon again!

          • Oh u changed ur avatar! I liked the other one better! 🙂 Rob touching his hair.

            “Reverse cowgirl” I may need to look that up! LOL.

        • SingleStrand, Please don’t leave me hangin’ here. What’s the “normal way.” I’m so intrigued, but I’m not loooking for details…really.

          • Well “normal” for us is reverse cowgirl because he’s lazy and I like it 😉
            sometimes he gets tired of all the crazy ways I want to try after reading fanfic and whines that he just wants to do it the “normal” way. Did I share too much? He also wants to try to have a baby. I’m not “down with the kids” and am running out of ways to turn him down.

          • SingleStrand, I ❤ you for sharing the deets. My husband is loving the new action, too but I haven't even read any fanfic yet. Wow, things just got a lot more interesting. What's your fav fanfic story? I need some of that!

            I hope you work the baby thing out. It's such a huge issue.

            I do like kids, but don't want any of my own either.

          • SouthernBelle – Well, my avatar for some reason doesn’t work when I post from my phone 😦 So I’m back on the laptop and it should show up with this one! The packing will begin again tomorrow. DO look up reverse cowgirl. It’s my favorite…

            kmountainlion – it looks like some other girlies beat me to the punch while I was out watching New Moon and Christmas shopping but I MUST put in my two cents on fanfic. There is some really well written stuff out there. Stuff that makes me cry and laugh and get excited just as much as S. Meyer’s books. My favorites are:
            Wide Awake
            Let Your Light Shine / A Life Extraordinary
            Clipped Wings and Inked Armour
            Reality Minus Expectations
            Art After Five
            Hydraulic Level 5

            Most of those are finished I believe except CW&IA and Hydraulic Level 5 but they are both winding down. I try not to start a fic that is only a few chapters in. 1) I don’t know if the writer is going to stick with it and I’ve been fanficf*cked before and didn’t like it. 2) I have enough spare time on my hands to read a lot. And I get pissed if I get into a fic and then have to wait weeks for one more chapter at a time to come up. Some of them are worth waiting for but I read so many, some of them aren’t worth it. I have forgotten the story line by the time I get another chapter. This is the fanfic gospel according to SingleStrand. I have lots more thoughts. If I ever figure out the forum and this PM business (I’m old), we could have numerous email conversations about Rob/Twilight/Fanfic/Etc… 🙂 Enjoy!

          • Singlestrand -yes I looked up the reverse cowgirl! I was expecting something else, hmmmm. Interesting! LOL. You crack me up! I’m in the forum, I barely go on there but I do get all the messages sent to me so feel free to PM. I’m into fanfic too, but I’m very picky :-).

  32. See, I don’t really have him up on a pedestal… I assume he’s immature, but so am I. I’m guilty of laughing at some pretty juvenile stuff (fart jokes included). Also, I say “that’s what she said” like it’s my job, so it’s not like I can sit here proclaiming to be a classy girl above it all.

    • You’re one of my favorite people I’ve ever come across.

      That’s What She (Literally! HB said it to me a few minutes ago) Said.

      • Ugh, that was supposed to explain that its HB’s brilliant joke and not mine. She said it, and she also said TWSS. She is funny, I just repeat.

        • HAHA I heart you. Thanks for promoting me.

  33. You had me at “Daniel Gale”!

    Sadly, these make no difference in my acute fondness for Rob. I am unconditionally and irrevocably hot for this boy/man. Totally normal, right?!!

    • Right.

    • You are normal in my world!

  34. Good lord if Rob had the fight of Tyler in Remember Me than yes, I’d take him. That’s means wall sex…

    • Yes Please!
      That looks so HAWT can I can’t wait for Robler to finally get it on (the whole Twilight abstinence thing is getting lame)…steamy wall sex is going to be sooooo good!!

      • When I read “Robler” I suddenly pictured Rob in the Hamburglar costume. Then I heard him say “cheeseburgers”.

  35. I work with an office full of early twenty-something males. I’m fully aware of how that age group acts. And judging from some of Rob’s interviews he fits into that category. BUT, he also displays another side which is more mature while still being funny and charming. I’m thinking he’s a hybrid. One of those mythical 23 years olds that appeals to females aged from 12-90 yrs.
    Whatever it is he’s got it and I want it!

    • Word!
      I know a lot of guys around 25/30age,
      they are ALL the same (mostly when they are among their crowds…lol)
      …that’s why they HOT…
      ageing and becoming (too) clean and precise is nice for the properly house,
      but def. not for the hot and dirrrrty sex!
      So Rob…remain who you are…I’m fine with it!

      • quote
        ” How can you love a woman without making love to her?”
        “I guess like a dog”

        *back to work*

        • I cracked up hearing that, best interview ever! Your french are …???

          The quote from today:
          “I want to be a young Dad, so I can grow the kid up teaching him to be “cool” and then I will make friend with him!

          Sooo Rob… his logic…
          Dear “future young Dad”, I will offer myself for having you this experience!”

          • Get in line missy!

          • OMG! Good thing you keep me informed. Just saw it! I am so changing my opinon on having kids young. I am full of love and all of the sudden feel all the hapiness of starting a family!!! He changed pretty fast his young boy opinion (“i don’t want kids”) to “I want to be a young dad”. Hope it’s not due to a certain someone.

            As for the fr. interviewer, the guy is a douche, but I loved him for insisting with 3 sex questions, all pretty much the same.

          • Where can I find this interview? Sounds interesting.

          • My dad was 22 or 23 when I was born. Hmm, it was not an easy time for him and my mom! I’d say wait a little Rob. That’s just my 2 cents. However, if you’re desperate then I can help you. It can be arranged!

          • For Kmountainlion…I hope it’s OK to post the interview..

          • Does anyone know what the interviewer asks after the “lose you cell phone” question? I couldn’t understand it. Did you hear the publicist smack-down on the ‘fall in love with your co-star” question!? Ha!

            I love when he says “slick”!

          • She asked something like “Would you go mad loosing your cell phone?” He said “No”, that cracks me up while the only one calling him all the time….is his MUM! lol

          • Robgirl – thanks, but what is the next question? The one where he pauses and then says “No”? I can’t understand what she’s saying.

          • TLG sorry for the mistake…I guess that was “is Zac Efron your rival?” You can find the questions on

  36. This letter? WIN. Made of it.
    That is all.

  37. You two are just not right.. and yet some how I can not contain the laughter 🙂 Thanks for the Friday giggles!

  38. Did you keep a straight face when he said “the WETTEST place in the continental US” in Twilight? Thanks Mel/Cath!

    • Thanks for the reminder about “wettest place in continental US,” and yes I did laugh at that!

      • I totes laughed but I don’t know if it was his strange Brit/Amer/Vamp accent or if it was because he said wettest!

        • I seriously had to rewind and use context clues to find out what he said, and then I had to rewind again b/c I couldn’t believe he said wettest!

  39. LMAO!!! I think Rob has really matured over the last year. All of the interviews he did showed how much he has “ahem” matured. He is lovely as ever and definitely a “man”!

  40. I suspect those two knew what they were talking about!
    Maybe there are so many hidden meanings that we didn’t get, keeping staring at Robward lol

    • well, that was for Keisha but I’m to speedy today.

      • “speedy” is actually so not a Rob-feature…I hope..:-)

  41. I’m fairly sure that if Rob told me I had nice tits, I would just remove my shirt completely.

    And I pretty much have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy, so most of those had me snort-giggling.

  42. So funny – I love it..the sharted picture is going to make laugh the day away.

    Rob is downloading all of these images right now and emailing them to his buddies and going “UC has ESPN – how the eff did she know what I was thinking?”

    Awesomeness as always – thanks for the Friday funnies.

  43. I do put him on a pedestal, I do. *sigh*

    But in my defense, the pedestal isn’t so high up. I can’t still reach up on my tippy toes and kiss his long and hot….nose.

    teehee *blushes like Bella*

  44. I can’t laugh today…bad mood, so I’m going to need some sort of mind eraser to help me get those captions out of my head. My mantra today will be “magic wand, “magic wand…”

    see Rob at .22, .31 and .35.

    • Aw, don’t be in a bad mood! Maybe you can listen to Sex on Fire while reading fanfic? That always makes me smile :-).

      • Love Sex on Fire and will read some fanfic, too. I’m cheered up already.

        • Sorry you are grumpy! Fanfic always cheers me up! Go with CWAIA and then bake some cupcakes. 😉

          • Great tip, 3hboyshouse.
            Thanks so much!

            It’s blisteringly cold here, wish I was in AZ.

        • What are you reading? Do share! So glad you’re feeling cheery already!

          It’s so cold here too, I think it’s in the 20s. So funny I found this old cashmere scarf from France that a friend bought me(when she was living there). I don’t know why but when I was wrapping it around my neck I thought of Rob! Weirdo…me.

          • Southernbelle,
            If you are asking what I’m reading, it’ll be fanfic tonight, but I don’t know where to start except with CWAIA as 3boyshouse suggested.

            I ordered a copy of Bel Ami and am going to research Dorian Gray, too.

            Unrelated Rob book is: Unaccostomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahari (short stories), very well written, but no action.

            How about you? What are you reading?

          • kmountainlion – I just got done w/ a good one, it’s called One in a Million (twilighted), it’s not finished yet. It’s a robfic. I’ve read so many. Here are my faves:

            Creature of Habit(
            Breakfast at Tiffany’s(
            Deconstructing Dracula(
            Wide Awake(twilighted)

            Don’t hate me but I don’t like a lot of smut. I want some of the sex scenes but I would like for the characters to have other things too! 😉 Oh and I also wrote a fanfiction story, I have 9 chapters so far posted. But I don’t want to advertise it here.

            I love to read. I have other books too that I’m reading. I love classics. You know anything Jane Austen or Emily Bronte. I lve Les Miserables, read the story, saw the movie and the play. I auditioned for the play but I didn’t get it, said I was way too young. 🙂

          • @Southernbelle, No smut!?! What is the point of fanfic if you are not reading it for the smut?! 😉

            @kmountainlion, you have to read Wide Awake, The Office, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, The Sub/The Dom/The training, Tropic of Virgo. I am so excited for you, you are a fanfic virgin! Now I really sound like a sex-starved housewife! Really I am not, really, really I promise! I will let you know if I think of any others.

            PS. It is kind of cold here in AZ too. It’s like 65 today, brrrr! 😉

          • 3hboyshouse -hey i know I’m not alone in this manner! Lol. And I didn’t say I don’t like smut ok, I said I don’t like a WHOLE lot of smut. 🙂 Not like every 5 minutes is some sex scene! I want a lot of build up and characterization.

            Part of the reason why the whole Twilight saga is so appealing to me is all the resisting you know? All those pent up sexual tension is so marvelous! It makes me hot just thinking about it! I mean little things that Edward would do are so darn sexy…such as when he would run his fingers thru her jaw/cheek, kissing her hair, and let’s not forget the leg hitch!

            Now do you understand where I’m coming from? 🙂

          • 65 is cold for you? It could be in the 50s here and I’d still be wearing shorts! LOL

    • My advice for “Bad mood”…some wine and Rihanna “Control me” looking at some youtubeclassicRobvideos! It works…trust!

      • southernbelle,

        Thanks so much for the tips. I’ve saved your suggestions and will begin reading as soon as I can escape from my regular life. I don’t really like anything hard core, but who knows maybe I will adapt.

        Thanks to you, too. Can’t wait to get started. You are a great influence! Sorry the weather sucks so much in AZ. I really feel bad for ya.

        Wine and Rihanna…Yes!!! Don’t know when I’ll get over the Rob video from today. I’m taking it really hard which proves I need a life in the most serious way. As if he and I were really going to get together.

        • Southernbelle,
          I love Jane Austen and Emily Bronte, too. Thanks for sharing.

        • Kmountainlion -thanks! See I know I’m not the only one who’s not into hardcore! My husband might like it though!

          So glad to see you like the classics! 🙂

          Happy reading hon!

  45. Ahhhhhhaaahhahahhaha!

  46. I think many of us keep him on that pedestal fully knowing he’s actually just a gross, dirty, stinky boy (like he says, right?). My husband disgusts me on a regular basis, but I still get it on with him. (that’s normal, right?)
    So…do any of us really care that Rob is just like any other guy under all that hotness? Nah.
    We just don’t to see him picking his nose, scratching his balls or farting audibly in public is all. Isn’t that what we hope for from all men? It’s not a long list!
    So I say, enjoy Rob, my sisters – ALL of him. And let’s just pray he doesn’t do those things too often in public to remind us that he DOES in fact, do them. And we can imagine he’s just thinking sexy thoughts about us when he makes those faces, instead of realizing he has to fart and it’s gonna stink the place up.

  47. As long as he doesn’t have toe fungus … it’s all good.

    • …or swine flu…I was laughing so hard when I saw Kimmel, Kristen had the swine flu (he obviously knew that/aka was present…lol) but he refused….like ALL man, they are so scary of this little injection…

      • …I mean swine flu SHOT! SHOT! Robgirl is sick! Can’t type!

      • I had the swine flu just recently. It was not fun. I’m still coughing remnants from it.

  48. Bahaha the wash me one is amazing!

  49. Rob can work some balls-itch like no other. That is all.

  50. Well seeing as I, a 22 year old girl, have a maturity level of a 13 year old boy, these all make me laugh. And I kinda think/hope Rob is slightly immature as well.

    I think I died from laughter at the one about sharting. Nothing like having Rob and “sharted” in the same picture. Fantastic.

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