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We are not 13 yr olds nor are we Twimoms but we love us some Rob Pattinson

Count Robula

Dear Rob,

It seems that marketing teams, interviewers, and the press ALWAYS seem to stereotype your fans (and Twilight fans by default) as being crazy teeny boppers or married older Twimoms* who love Edward but what about the rest of US?! What about that huge cross section of 20/30 somethings who are hot (ahem), young, professionals who just happen to love you and on occasion that silly thing called Twilight? Does it make for a better story or perhaps the EASIER story if it’s just some teenagers “going through a phase” or bored housewives who are enamored with the idea of Edward and Bella? Is it too complicated or perhaps “weird” for people who don’t fit into the Disney kids demographic and are “old enough to know better” but like you and something (Twilight) that the media thinks should be marketed to teens?

My mom had this exact overcoat in the 80s... memories

Yes, in fact it IS complicated because we’re not JUST teen girls or their moms… we’re women who have degrees and jobs and maybe used to have a few coherent thoughts pass through our brains before we lost our minds to this phenomenon, secretly of course because that’s the other thing: a lot of us DON’T talk about being a fan. We’re also way more likely to have discretionary income that we used to spend on shoes and now just spend it on trips to see friends we’ve met because of Rob/Twilight, tickets to see your movies, copies of any and all magazines that mention or feature you… and well, shoes… we still like the shoes. So when will marketing teams and studios recognize that? New Moon didn’t have one of the best opening weekend box offices without US! I’m pretty sure Sally teenager wasn’t able to convince her parents to give her a loan on her allowance to let her see the movie multiple times opening weekend or that Tammy Twimom could convince her husband that spending 100 dollars in movie tickets was a wise investment over their kids college funds. But we sure didn’t have a problem with it.

Where am I going with this post? See if I can figure it out after the cut!

Welcome to my makeup trailer of sin

And of course there’s more to it than just Twilight, we also go to see your other flicks, Rob. I went to the Burbank film festival just to see How to Be AND saw your VERY adult turn as Salvidor Dali in Little Ashes, 2 times in little art house theaters. And I’ve even gotten into a test screening for your upcoming flick Remember Me. So it can’t just be young girls or Twilight freaks who are your fans! We don’t just like you because your Edward. Sure, we love Edward but we love the character of Edward not just because YOU happen to play him. We also don’t like Twilight just because of Rob we actually like the story! Imagine that!

I wait for the day when a news outlet or press member actually acknowledges our demographic as a viable story line instead of lumping all fans into the crazy teeny bopper stereotype… until then I’ll be trying to vain to convince people I’m not crazy (ahem) and that all fans aren’t just teenagers or moms. Maybe I should give up now…

Crazy psycho teenybopper Rob fan,

So lemme know your thoughts, do you feel underrepresented in the marketing or press surrounding Rob and/or Twilight? Do you care? Are you all the time having to justify your fandom? Is Vanity Fair the gift that keeps on giving?

Thanks Robsessed and Vanity Fair for the pretty pretty pictures!

Our internet game is ridiculous
: The Forum, LTT, Twitter

*and of course when we use the term “twimom” we’re not referencing every mom who likes Twilight, we’re using it as a general term for a certain section of mom-twilight fans who love Edward and Bella and are psychotic about it and don’t joke about ANYTHING. ever.*


  1. Don’t forget the 90 year old grandma demographic. They even got recognition (by Rob himself!) over the 20/30 somethings group.

    • I’m older than y’all 30/40 group and I like Robward and Rob. No panty poofing but he’s pretty cute (as we older chicas used to say). We only get old on the outside; I don’t feel my age – I feel about 29-ish even though I’m older. And if I was 29 I would be slobbering over Rob. Waiting for Remember Me and want to see How To Be. Does that make me a perv? Don’t think so. But I love to make comments about dumpsters.

      • ahhhh I am no longer alone!!!! I am older than the 30/40 group and my girls/classroom just love me because I love me some rob.

        • meanwhile, let’s take some time to love rob’s manwhore! tom stu seems pretty hot in this..

          p.s. i’m sorry if this has nothing to do with the post 😀

      • Hallelujah! I was starting to feel old and alone. I’m also not married and don’t have any kids, managed to avoid that whole circus. I have nieces and nephews – nearly all grown up now – all still younger than Rob tho. So I don’t feel bad totally lusting after HHH. As you say it’s only on the outside you age, and in the words of Jacob Black – “age is just a number babe!”
        It’s normal, right?!

  2. Dear Rob,

    I have heard you in an interciew once, saying that the only fans you have are pre-teens and their mothers that are in love with you….welcome to LTR because here you will find a new fance base of 20-30 year olds that don’t stutter or have mulitple blinking episodes for your enjoyment. Please enjoy us!


    • p.s. we can show you things Rob, wonderful things 🙂

      • …for example my HUGE shoe collection…lol

        • What? Are u Imelda Marcos? LOL

          • YES! The Imelda Marcos from Germany!lol

      • Yes lots of wonderful things that you will enjoy! Ummm!

  3. I know what you mean!!!
    I had some wanker on a forum demanding to know why we liked Twilight and what was so good about it because according to him the only people he knew that liked it was a 50-something social misfit and “fat goth emo chicks”.

    Oh and even thought I’m 19 I am classing myself as in the demo you described and NOT the teens. Because I am closer to 20 than 19. And it makes me sound more normal.

    • haha fat goth emo chicks…

      anytime i see one i whisper to anyone who will listen (and sometimes to myself “i bet she likes Twilight)

      • Aw, UC, you’re so mean. 😡 And I laughed, so I guess I’m going to Hell with you.

        • Hey, Beaker! I’ve been on LTT only too much lately! Miss your face! And make that a threesome on the Highway to Hell.

          • I think a fat goth chick gave us both a thumb down, UC.

          • Aww… I’m a fat former goth chick. I’m emo right now.


      • I take it a step further and say, “I bet they like Jasper!”

      • That shops at Hot Topic 5 days a week.

      • UC, I feel like you read my comment yesterday at Robsessed. I had to tell this person that we are grown women who knows very well that Edward is not real. We are on a site called Robsessed which means we care only about Rob. I’m so sick and tired of these random people popping up and acting like we are living in a fantasy world. Edward is a fictional character and Rob is flesh and blood. We are not five year olds.

  4. I’ve only recently come out of the closet (about being a Twihard) and have upgraded my work pc’s desktop with a hot Rob wallpaper. In the last 6days of being out of the closet, I have had to justify and defend my fandom to nearly everyone who isn’t also a fan. They feel that I’m a crazy 20something trying to get back into my teen years because I miss NSYNC or something (which I do, lol).

    It’s rather eerie that the press is lumping the majority of our little cult into the teenybopper age range. Do we not exist? Is it wrong for people our age to have this type of obsession hobby? I think it’s purely fun and it actually gives me reason to smile on a daily basis. I haven’t yet made any friends or aquaintances because of my love.. but hopefully I will. Our community is hilarious! I have loved all of you since I started reading LTT & LTR about 8months ago. (The first comment I’ve ever made was yesterday on LTT, lol.)

    Long live the Sparklepeen! -Athena

    • Awesome that you delurked – you make excellent points! And there’s always a li’l NSYNC love to be found ’round these parts.

      • Athena,
        lol LONG LIVE the sparklepeen! Consider yourself to have just found your first on-line Twi-buddy. 🙂
        I was just ranting to my honey last night that I was so tired of being told I was into a teeny-bopper thing by friends. (Side note: my honey is VERY supportive of my addition to all things Twi) I’m a 31 YO professional wearing suits to the office everyday. So sue me that I like a little escapism in my lit. 🙂 And I always like to point out that I actually left a SM signing back in 2006 because there were like 50 people in line (I know, I’m an idiot) and I didn’t want to wait that long. ALL of the people in line back then were women my age. Not a teenager or mom in sight. This phenom did not go teen or twi-mom until the movies came out – thankyouverymuch.
        Cheers, NW

        • WOOHOO! I have a friend. 😀 I’m not a loser anymore, baby. And I’m jealous that your man is cool with your addiction, you’re a lucky lady!

    • Its sooo true that the media puts us ina demogrpahic. Now we know what miley cyrus and Joe Jonas fans go through on a daily basis.

  5. That’s exactly what I’m feeling, I’m in the middle of my twenties and I have a degree and a job and I love reading classics, I love smart movies, so what if I loved Twilight the movie and then the books and then Rob. I was Kristens’ fan before this all happened. True I moved on a bit from Twilight, but I fell more in love with Rob after watching interviews with him, and Kristen especially after watching The Cake Eaters.
    Anyway I feel like I’m not supposed to be a fan because they keep saying it’s for teenagers, I feel ashamed to come out of the closet. That is so “racist” (it’s not the word I was looking for, but English is my 2nd language, hope you get the idea) 20/30 yo everywhere unite!!! There are plenty of us not to be considered, and we can actually pay ourselves for our love for all things Twi.

    • I think the word you’re looking for is stereotype :-).

    • 1. I was a Kirsten fan before, too, and continue to wave the flag against the hate (although since NM a lot of people have come around to my way of thinking about the Stew).

      2. I call it “Twicism.” I wonder if the ACLU would be interested in us?

      • Sorry StotheP – I’m stalking your comments on here!
        The word is bias or prejudice. And I think we all learned from Lizzy Bennett that overcoming our prejudices can lead to a very fulfilling life!

        LOVE Twicism! Many people are very anti-Twimistic without every even reading the books! We shall no longer tolerate the anti Twimitism!

        • Stalk me, please. Send me mix tapes – I love eighties music best. Call me from INSIDE THE HOUSE (don’t worry – I have three guns registered in my name but could not tell you where any of them are – thanks, Mr. totheP). If you kidnap me, PLEASE do it as an homage to Twilight – black Volvo SUV, drive to Forks, call my house and pretend to be Carlisle.

          I know, I know. You are now hitting “unstalk.”

          • I’ll stalk you so hard I’ll make you famous. But every time I tell you to come over to the forum so we can exchange email addys you abandon me. You’re such an Edward. 😦

          • Oh, NOOOOOES! I’ve never seen you ask! Imma come to the forum tomorrow!

      • Thank you ladies very much 🙂 Twicism indeed sounds great! We all would definitely be much better off if people would give up their prejudices, the book became classic for a reason.

  6. Most of the press here also describes it as some silly teen phenomenon. But the recognition for our demographic is growing – hopefully Twilight will end up gaining the same respect Harry Potter did. The university of my hometown even dedicated a literature seminar to Harry Potter – who knows, in a few years…

    I’m suddenly thinking of Sean Penn in Milk saying “Come out, come out! When they realize that they all know at least one of us, things will change!”

    • GAH!! I loved Milk!

  7. Vanity Fair is the gift that keeps on giving! Count Robula – hilar!

    I’m quite happy to be underrepresented as a fan demographic. I want Rob to think his fans are crazy Twimoms or teenage girls, so when he meets me he doesn’t think I’m the type of fangirl who checks a blog about him every day without fail.

    • That’s a very good way of putting it! I agree!

  8. Well, I´m 26, grad student at the best university of my country (and it is very VERY hard to get in)so I guess I not a air head also… well, except off course my “normal” obsession with Rob & Twilight (that most people I know don´t have a clue I have… thank god).

    And there´s a reason I love Twilight, Fanfiction, and you guys…

    PS: heheh my line of study is the genetics of OCD… let´s say that sometimes I wonder if I should study myself LOL

    • It’s still early, but I’m going to go ahead and say that was the best 3 minutes and 2 seconds of my day. That’s Normal.

    • Love that video. And I’m not a big video watcher – they make me oddly uncomfortable normally. But the groups of cute OCD behaviors was great! Thanks for posting!

    • Um….that video and my cup of coffee have awoken my senses this morning…Thank you!!!!

    • DAYUMMMNN. . .

      Good Morning Sunshine. I need to find a way to attach that video to my alarm clock. Wowzers!

    • Great! Really great…..
      Thank you Robert for actually NOT having mercy with ME…
      starring at the screen…
      by having THAT stupid happy smile of LOVE all over my face…
      …I even forgot my post…:-)

    • Well hello babycakes! I’ve seen this before but I don’t mind seeing it over and over again!

      Rob’s so hot anytime he puts something in his mouth, like a drink! Like when he takes a swig from his water bottle, or his coke. AHHHHHHHHH. Rob, you’re really slaying me. I can’t get enough of you. 🙂

      • Yes,…mhhhmmm… Rob is like chocolate!

        • “rob is like chocolate”

          You are my hero!

        • Hmm, chocolate covered Rob would be very irresistible!

          • Death by chocolate…

    • have mercyyyyyyyy

    • yep. best part of my day. hands down. I need a shower….a cold one.

    • just got out of bed, may be heading back now (wink wink)

    • Son of a TWI-MOM! I’m gonna try to stay coherent, here, but forgive me if I fail.

      1. There’s a reason why I try not to watch these videos. I’ve been freezing my ass off all morning, and now here I sit, all hot and bothered and no Mr. totheP in sight.

      2. Are you trying to make me overdose? I keep my addiction in hand with a little Vanity Fair hit here, a little Entertainment Weekly hit there, and it’s like you just freaking ROLLED ROB UP and stuck him in my mouth! (Please do this.)

      3. 29, no kids, two degrees, semi-closeted, would appreciate demographic recognition if only so that we could bypass the Burger King Team Edward water bottles and skip right to the Grey Goose Team Shirtless Volturi Edward flask.

      • You should work for the Summit Marketing team.
        Could you also add Slow Motion Walking Breeze Blowing Through Hair bottle of Merlot?

      • Rolled Rob Up – for some reason that made me think of that stupid trend some years ago of being “Rick Rolled” where someone would send you a serious looking email and you’d end up getting some Rick Astley crap. I think if everyone started Rob Rolling I’d be happy to recieve that kind of spam (in my mouth). Too many innuendos there to even know where to begin. But seriously, that Have Mercy Rob video is one of my all time favourites. I could watch it over and over and over and never tire of it. Gaaaaaaaaaahh.

    • I’m so lame. I just watched that video clip again!

      I don’t know why but since he’s touching his hair so much, perhaps that’s why I had a vision of me washing his hair! Kind of like that Herbal Essences shampoo commercial (orgasm in a bottle), only I’m rubbing his scalp!

      Now I must hide my face forever!

      • Hair! I used to do hair in the 80’s and thought nothing about talking about Rick Springfield until everyone would tell me to shut up already! Now a healthy scalp massage with Rob would do me so much good I can’t even think! I’ve washed many a head of hair and I can tell you Rob’s would be the best I would ever wash. God I love Natalia’s vids of Rob the girl is freakin’ awsome with the love for Rob! I am a big fan of hers and I don’t even know who she is. I love her vids and this one is so flippin’ cool with the latest Robilicious pics from VF and the other ones in the black/white, w/leather jacket lookin’ like O>>>MM>>>God! A flippin’ God! Really biblically speakin’ Rob may have Angel DNA running rampant through his bod! I mean look at him! *she whines in coherently* He is probably the best looking male on the planet right now or if there is someone more awsomely handsome He needs to email me at and let me see his freakin’ awsome face! Don’t feel bad Southernbelle I watched at least 6 x’s already! I bookmark I watch in the morning before work and after I get home and while I while the hours at my oh-so-hum-drum boring job, I visualize Rob and all the wonder of him…! I don’t care! Life is so short and there just hasn’t been enough love around for me like Robs! It’s free! It’s easy to love him and hey! He doesn’t mind if we ALL love him lots. I think he feels it mentally and spiritually and he grows spiritually and mentally even more awsome absorbing our vibe! He glows whens he’s in front of the cameras like in the latest VF photo shoot. My 8 yr old daughter who has admitted to loving the Jonas bros. more, I know what are ya gonna do?, said one time when we viewed together the Oregon Woodsman, ‘Mama his face is glowing he looks like an Angel!’ also I believe there was a collective ‘Whooaaaa!’ when we saw that one, and up until that point I never told her nor discussed with her my theory about Rob and Angels. She just saw it in the photo. this is the photo of him with Nikki and Kellan in shadow when he was scruffy bearded and long shaggy haired! It’s awsome you guys I wish I had the knowledge to put it up here so you could bask in the Rob glow of it! Here’s to the rest of you Angel believers…research it you professionals. I believe. Or wish it were true alot! 😉

    • WOW I LOVE YOU. I drooled into my keyboard, shared it on Facebook… holy crow? (isn’t that what i’m supposed to say now that i’m an out of the closet twihard?)

    • Yep, this just about sums it up. I’m going to share this on the forum today if that’s ok.

  9. I’m glad you put that little note at the end! I’m a mom and when I first realized that I couldn’t get Rob/ Twi out of my head I tried a certain site that shall remain nameless and it was not for me. At all. Even though it was a site for moms who loved Twilight I didn’t feel that it represented me at all. I don’t define myself only by the fact that I’m a mom. And my love for Rob/Twi really has nothing to do with that.

    I prefer the snark and wit of LTR. We’re all ages , some have kids and some don’t but for me no other Twi-community compares.Thank you, Moon & UC!

    • You did that too?! That “site that shall remain nameless” was also the first sight I found because it sounded so promising, with me being a mom and all. I quickly realized that sarcasm was not well received. I think I was rebuked a couple of times in my posts before I realized I needed to find a more appropriate web site for me.
      They take their Edward and their Twilight a little too seriously.

    • I totally hear you sister. . .

      I am a proud mama of 4 and all things Twilight lover, especially Rob, but I am NO Twi-Mom. My Twilight/Robsession and being a mom are two totally different parts of my life.

      I tend to hide my Twi-Rob obsession well – that is until my children excitedly tell others that I was at the midnight showing of New Moon, I own ALL the books, plus I have both the Edward and Bella doll, that they are not allowed to play with. I must figure out a way to silence them better;o)

      For me, the Twilight Saga, plus Rob, makes me feel young again (not that I am a senior citizen, yet).

      LTT/LTR definitely supply the forum, so I can express my love and/or snarky comments regarding Twilight and Rob. No one else in my life — “get’s it.” It’s like I have my own membership to a “secret society.” Move over Freemasons, LTT/LTR is takin’ over!

    • So true!
      …and I’ll HATE EVERYBODY…
      forever !!!
      who would like to call me ….”MOM”

      my babies…lol

    • I think the final straw for me on that site, was when they made a new rule that you couldn’t post shirtless pictures of the guys just to ogle them.

      Why would someone make up such a ridiculous rule!

      • You know the chick who runs the site is a Mormon, right? So I guess the no ogling rule is in keeping with SM’s no sex rule. Somewhere in the bylaws (or whatever the hell they are) it also says that speaking negatively of the characters, the actors, etc. is frowned upon, as is criticism of their High Priestess, Stephanie Meyer. Cursing also is a no-no, as I remember.

        After I read all that I thought fun to be had here.

        They also count among their ranks some of the loonies who snuck onto the Twilight set.

        • They also get upset when the actors don’t “appreciate” the characters they’re playing. I remember when Rob said something about Edward being “an idiot” and “having issues” because he was a 108 year old virgin. The moms were a little bent out of shape and thought perhaps Rob didn’t quite understand Edward. I thought it was hilarious.

      • Wow for real? Now I want to know which site this is.

    • Woo-Hoo! Let’s all hear it for the women who have children but are NOT “Twi-Moms.”

      Yes, I am a Mom, but ONLY to those creatures who tore their way out of me. I am not a “Soccer-Mom”, “Cheer-Mom”, “Band-Mom” and most of all not a “Twi-Mom.”

      I have a 13 year old daughter who only cares about Justin Bieber and begrudgingly listens (and eye-rolls) to me go on and on about all things Twilight and Rob.

      So where does that leave me??

      My husband is not ignoring me. That is NOT why I have this obsession. I am NOT having a mid-life crises and yearning for my youth. If that were the case, Why not obsess over the Jonas Brothers? or Zac Effron? (I could do the latter)

      To be honest, I have absolutely no idea why this is happening to me.

      Maybe I should put on some “Mom-Jeans,” wear a Twilight-Mom bedazzled tee shirt and carry an Edward tote bag, get in my Honda Odyssey drive to Hot Topic and maybe, just maybe I’ll get interviewed for a news story.

      Otherwise just STFU!

      • I like your admission that “I have absolutely no idea why this is happening to me”. I totally feel the same way. It’s like WTF, I’m a mature, well educated, well read, sucessful woman and I’m totally lost in a lala land of make believe vampires and werewolves, and just slighty (alright it’s more than just slightly) obsessed with a 23 year old BOY!!! I think something’s wrong with me. ANd then I found LTT/R. And the Normality of it all. 😀

        • Me, too! Why is this happening to otherwise sober, intelligent people? Rob said he thought it might be “scent”. I think it like a pheromone/ dopamine receptor kind of thing, not controllable by rational thought.

          • Yet again The Old One = The Wise One.

      • Jeez you took the words right out of my mouth! You go girl who loves all things Twilight and Rob! I too dont’ believe I’m trying to get back my youth. I just flippin’ love the stories and Robert. He is so beautiful there are no words. I love what he says and his attitude and how he portrays his characters…he’s just about as perfect a being as you can get. I love it because I love it. *Twilight* I love Rob because I love him. I don’t know why either except that I’ve always appreciated beautiful men and hey i’m hetero so that may be a reason. 😉 Have i mentioned that he’s just freakin’ awesome? And special and sweet and happy and makes me want to call him ‘Daddy?’ in my best Marilyn voice? 😉

    • our ‘lash out against twimoms” also has nothing to do with THAT site in particular…. even though I bet you can find a gazillion of the Twimoms we’re talking about there!

    • I think I know which blog you’re talking about. There was another one I used to go to and I used to be censored(my comments) all the time! I mean, I would post stuff like I post here. Am I obscene? I got tired of the constant censoring and all the drama (the robstens and nonstens fought a lot on that site). Anyway, LTR/LTT are my 2 favorites!

      • You are probably the least obscene person here!! I can’t imagine you writing anything so bad it had to be censored.

        And it would drive me crazy to be on a site full of TammyO’s and Nonstens fighting like morons. I hate drama.

      • Wow, don’t know the blog,
        but seems more like a religious cult than a fan blog…
        I understood that these morm.don’t like ANY fun….
        in their lifes/on their side ???
        LOVELY people!
        SB. you actually ARE obscene…obscene sweet! hahaha!

        • I remember making a joke about leaving my DH for Rob and I was told that I needed to remember that “we should all love our husbands” and not be mean. Good Lord!!

          • Wow, i guess that word comes directly from….the pope!lol

          • Warning: you might hate me for this

            I have to confess that is partially my opinion on the books, even it’s stupid to have opinions on things you don’t really know. But how can I read this since it’s 100000000 …pages of things I know I won’t like? So I did a little research and got directly to the porn, I mean why read the whole werewolf thing when you can get directly to Rob porn? I don’t know if I’m too snobbish or too shallow but my first and last reading was the Isle of Esme part. And I was disappointed cause there wasn’t really much porn. I was “inappropriate” I suppose.
            Any thumbs down will be considered normal.

            But I LOVE this place, the tone given by UC &Moon and the people here!!! And for having lurked in some other places, I know it’s so different.

            Moon, will you write smth on all the gigs you’ve been to (cause I know you went, I just know) even it will be most likely about someone just not showing up ? Marcus is still on, but my guess is to look for someone looking totally different, like a drag queen with a beard or smth.

          • Robgirl, some people just speak to the pope, why don’t you accept it? For instance last time I saw him, he wanted me to ask you if you could borrow him the VF december issue.

  10. Wooo! So glad to hear I’m not a Twi-mom lol.
    I’m 23 and have a 3 yr old. Its nice that there’s a distiction.

    Saw New Moon last night! It was good! Obviously it had its not great moments, but all in all, it was better than Twilight!

    At the end of the movie when the screen goes black a little girl in the back row yelled out “Well THAT sucks!” and someone from the front yelled back “Read the book or wait till June!” lol.


    • Ha! A lady behind me said, “What kind of story is that?” when it ended. I laughed and said, “A four-part one.” Silly Twilight Virgins.

  11. And also, being as sleep deprived as I am right now, I looked at the top pic of Rob and thought
    “Count Robula….. Count Chocula? *click* OH! Dracula!”

    – Jamie

  12. Keep banging the drum, Moon !

  13. …the discretionary that we used to spend on SHOES..

    so true…!!!

    I replaced shoes by ROB….and on the one hand it seems to be better (less spending money) , but on the other hand is worse ( Shoes have at least CONTACT with my body…lol)

    Dear Rob
    WE are here
    we are CLOSER to your age than teens and grans
    we are HOT!
    So please take NOTE of THIS!
    Thank you!
    Love you

    P.S. I guess I have to buy some shoes today…lol

    • And I’m sure you didn’t buy any shoes today, not that you didn’t wanted to but you just had to stick to LTR and then rush quickly to blogs and twitter accounts between 2 posts just to be the first to get some new Rob porn. What? This is so NOT how I spend my days. You never see me here 🙂
      So true your shoe philosophy, at least shoes touch our bodies

    • Hahah, you and your shoes! So cute! I have lots of shoes too! My husband once opened the closet and got peppered with boxes of shoes! He was like, “these all look the same!” I said no! This one has sequins, this is leather, this one’s not, this one’s gray, that one’s brown, etc. etc!

      The funny thing is, now I am like only using 2 pairs of shoes. I’m not going to any fancy parties anymore. So everyday’s like either clogs or flat ballerina shoes! Now that’s it’s cold and slippery outside, I’m gonna need boots! So I guess, Robgirl I should go shopping w/ ya!

      On another note, liking Rob is not cheaper than buying shoes! Those magazines cost a fortune, plus CDS, t-shirts, hoodies. These NM/Twilight paraphernalia is not cheap!

      • You are so cool southernbelle I wish I could meet all you guys in person…we need to buy a club just for us TwiRob fans and put up a karoke stage so i can bring my guitar and play to all the vids that we find on YouTube that feature Rob! up on a huge screen not unlike a movie size and just pass out the drinks and watch his movies and laugh and tell jokes and make fun of the stupid site that censors the actors even for criticizing their characters! Jeez! And bring all our shoes we don’t want anymore and clothes and swap the stuff out and play truth or dare and get wasted doing all this fun stuff whaddya think all you twifans of Robs? A convention! Yep! and we’ll vote about whos city we have it in next….cool! And then eventually as the years go by we actually call Rob and talk to him by phone during a live convention like they did for How To Be. He would laugh his ass off! He would love it probably! Hopefully! No Rob twilight paraphenalia is not cheap but then we knew this going into this thing called Robsession…heyyyyy that should be our own name brand perfume. We on this site would only wear it that’s how we would know each other out and about in the world!

        • Wish we could hang out too! But at least we can email, I’m in the forum, you can PM me and I’ll give you my email thru there :-).

  14. I might have been a bit to honest about my “normal” interest in Twilight to my fellow PhD-student at the university… They now view me as a crazy fangirl, especially after I reveald that I read fanfiction. It would be nice to not have to justify my normal behaviour but I have given up…
    To my normal interest in Rob there is no justification, I might actually be a crazy fangirl 🙂

    • Yeah I’ve accidently slipped on the FF admissions too. Whoops. I justify it by telling anyone who makes fun of me that I have a higher education. It makes me look like an asshole, but it works without fail! Also, if they have the higher education, you can just call them a snob. Ta da!

    • My bff has a masters in literature. I tried to introduce her to Twilight and FanFiction…she scoffed and basically told me she ONLY reads classic literature.

      I never knew she was a snob.

      • I love classic literature of all kinds, but anyone who ONLY reads classic is missing out in the same way that anyone who only reads popular, trade-paperbacks is. I have a lit degree. Fanfic? It’s good. Worth putting into a rotation of classic works and modern fiction.

        • I totally agree!

      • Sassysmart,
        Here’s a great article for your bff who thinks she is too good to read Twi. I have a degree in Eng Lit, too and wouldn’t read Twilight, but then I saw the movie and my whole life changed (thanks, Rob). Here’s an article from the Washington Post about what happens to some literary critics who are also feminist when they read Twilight, etc…:


        • That article is so me! I’m one of those people!

      • sassysmart…
        I have a masters in literature too,
        I’m teaching at high school…
        but in my private time I only read fanfic and Micky Mouse…lol
        So I’m a pseudointellectual!
        YEAH, it’s much more fun!

        • …upps I forgot my bible….
          the french one…
          hello minuit passe’…lol

    • I’ll remain in the closet, thank you. I can’t even justify myself to MYSELF.

  15. Two things:

    First, I only love Twilight/New Moon because of Robert Pattinson.* He is the hawtsauce, the awesomeranch, if you will, on my burrito.

    Second, I am a crazy ass Twi-mom. I like to steal cardboard cutouts.** I make crazy ass pants with pictures on them.*** I squeal like a pig when 17 year olds remove articles of clothing.****

    **I don’t steal. What the hell would I do with a cardboard cutout anyway? It would get in the way and I’d throw it out.
    ***False. I don’t know how to make pants, let alone pants with pictures.
    ****False. I don’t squeal. Ever. I can’t understand people who do.

    I’m in a bad mood again.

  16. FTR, I am agreeing with your footnote that just because you happened to have birthed a couple of youngins doesn’t mean you are not in your 20/30s, hot, young and professional. I don’t want to be labelled a Twi-mom just bc I have kids.
    Believe me, I want to bang (or insert other smexy verb) rob behind a dumpster just as much as the next singleton/childless twi-lover. And just because I’m married, doesn’t mean I won’t. Just wanted to clear that up.

    • I’m a Mum, in my late 30’s and I like to think I still have it! I ain’t dead yet 🙂


      • The 30’s ROCK! According to my hubby, a woman “peaks” sexually during their thirtysomethings (RobPorn helps). . . I wish that I would’ve had the knowledge and confidence that I possess now in my 30’s, when I was a teen or twentysomething.

        And Rob behind a dumpster = WIN, WIN!

    • Yeah…
      here’s the great ADVANTAGE of the 20/30smthgs…
      we actually are ALLOWED to bang HHH behind the dumpster…

      it’s LEGAL !!!

      • I Second That!!!!

      • Yay! 🙂 Let’s go find a dumpster now!

  17. I don’t think he really cares. Marketing is built on demographics. The demos tell em that age range is 13-19. Usually movies like his are built around the younger demo. The problem arises when the flick flat out stinks. Both of them did. The acting was marginal at best. Worse than marginal. These folks are eye candy.
    These flicks are designed to make money. That’s it. In trhe end Rob and his buds don’t really care.

    • Robbygee,

      Do me a favor and stop being so damn self-deprecating.

      It’s not hawt.

    • Mobbybee…again

      or you are 12
      or you are 75
      or you are “dämlich” (go and google it, go honey!!!)

      in all three case..
      just one question today…
      aren’t you feelin….I mean…
      …just a bit…
      like the 5th wheel ?


  18. I used to dream about walking in NYC and simply stopping and getting inside of Manolo Blahnik and buy a couple of pair of Manolo’s… (like seriously dreaming)

    Now I dream about walking in NYC and simply stopping in front of the store in the middle of the sidewalk waiting for you… cause you are buying me Manolo’s…

    and no, im not a teen fan, not a twimom, not a twigran, im a working young woman, SATC fan, photography passionate, Rob lover…

    that my dear Rob… that’s how my mind works… 🙂

    • Go sister!
      Carrie Bradshaw rules!!!

      But even if we would meet him…
      I am 100% sure…
      he wouldn’t have a clue about “Manolo’s”

      • LOL! I know! But we can show him how good those shoes would look on us… you know, what you cant explain… you better show!

      • Stephanie Ritz is his Agent…I guarantee he is WELL aware of the awesome Manolo’s/Jimmy’s/Loubies he has managed to put in her closet.

  19. Funny thing is, I don’t think the teens really go for Rob anymore. They’ve switched over to Taylor.
    Don’t get me wrong Taylor is cute, but way too young. I think he actually looks like he’s 15. He looks like the neighborhood kid that you want to rumple his hair and tell him how adorable he is.

    Then there’s Rob. Rob is sexy. Sexy in an “I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-and-go-at-it-on-my-living-room-floor” kind of way.

    Mmmmm . . . . . . . what were we talking about?

    • taylor’s that neighborhood kid who used to put worms on your car and then when you come home to visit for Turkey Day in your mid 20s he’s home from college break and you’re like “um. who are you?” and he says “Look. it’s a worm” and then you remember. then you say ‘wow. you grew up.” and he says “yeah, i can drink now. Wanna hit the local bar tonight? My grandpa is already driving me nuts” so you go to the Heckleville Hotel (pronounced HOE-tel by the locals) to drink $2.50 PBRs and laugh about the good ol’ days when he would slam you with a snowball on your way to school in the morning and you’d scream at him and say you were gonna tell his mom. Then 4 PBRs turn into 6.. then 8 … you play darts. you sing Bon Jovi karaoke to him, then he sings Barry White to you.. then you sing “Decode” by Paramore together because it’s just so random.. then you realize neither one of you can drive home so you walk, laughing and stumbling the whole way…. and he grabs you in the driveway and says “are you gonna tell my mom now?” and kisses you… and you realize this little kid with the snowballs and the worms got really hot and even though he’s 5 years younger than you it doesn’t matter, you’re home for Turkey Day. And Turkey Day is all about sex with your younger neighbors in his twin bed at his parents house. So you do. You get it on on his San Fransisco 49ers flannel sheets in the twin bed at his parents house. Then you fall asleep. Cuz you’re drunk. And the 21ish-something boy wore you out. And when you wake up and sneak out to pee, you run into his Grandpa. And you freak out. But he’s kinda senile and doesn’t realize you just did it with his grandson in his bed with old playboys stashed under the mattress and next to his desk holding his Hess Truck collection…So he offers you a Werthers…….

      That’s what Taylor is like….

      • OMG!!! I am crying!

        49ers sheets got me. And yes, he is that kid and yes he does like hitting you with his snowballs and worm.

      • Are you speaking from experience?

        • noooooo

          (actually totally not. met an older man at age 19 who stole me from my boyfriend from high school and married him 4 years later)

          • UC, LMAO! Your brain is made of win! SERIOUSLY!

      • I am biting my cheeks so hard trying not to laugh Out Loud at work that I look like Rob doing his Blue Steel.


        Hess truck collection!

      • fantastical. purely. i felt too gross trying to think of current-taylor as hot. especially with his pinchable baby face, parental supervision, and his need for approval of child labor laws.

        however, UC’s way of thinking changes everything. just a few more years, taytay. you will have to do my wig pass/fail test, though. in order to be considered for hot sexability, you need to don a huge, feminine wig (think drag queen). if you look like you would fit in on Friday’s midnight special singing some Tina Turner’s Proud Mary with just some lip gloss… you fail. if you look like a rough, sexy man wearing a woman’s wig (as i know robby rob would), i will rock you. thnx.

      • That was the most awesome description of anything, I’ve ever read. I’m still reeling. I need to read it a few more times.


      • Dear UC,
        if you continue to publish my life stories on the blog i’m going to stop telling you them over lunch. and they were cowboys sheets…. not 49ers sheets. get it right biotch. if they had been 49ers sheets i wouldn’t have been so out of sorts in the morning.

      • AMEN!

      • OMG!! That is brilliant, I can’t stop laughing!!

      • That was so unbelievably awesome. I’m kinda speechless.

      • Why don’t we have Thanksgiving here?

        Cause the guys’ senile grandpas are waiting. Like the one who enters the bathroom and starts chatting about the weather while you’re naked.


      • Hahaah! SO good! You made it sound so believable!

      • luv it unintended! luuuuuuv it and yep that’s who Taylor is alright I was thinkin’ it you’re just sayin’ it! I wonder if Rob’s laughin’ his ass off right now? Maybe Taylor is too! Write more! Tell us who Rob is in that same universe. 😉

    • Yup, the teens have switched to Taylor. All 3x I saw NM they went crazy when Taylor took his shirt off. Rob? Nothing. He’s probably too pasty, not buff enough and looking a little long in the tooth for them.

      That’s ok, I’m still here for you Rob.

      • That’s why they are teens,
        they have NO clue of HOTNESS
        ( I’m refering to jaw-porn,hand-porn,eye-porn..all porn),
        they only can see…

        Good for US! lol

    • Yeah Rob…you’re so sexy, “I want to rip your clothes off!”

    • I ambushed three teens at Thanksgiving, pretending I was just getting their opinions on whether I should watch New Moon or not, and none of them thought Robert Pattinson was that cute. I felt like a clever spy.

  20. Not much to say, since I’m getting really close to 40 (in actual age only, maturity wise, I’m still in my 20s at best) and my younger child turned 6 today.

    So, like all good stereotypes, I guess they start with a grain of truth. But I do always appreciate when you distinguish between Twimoms and Twimilfs.

    • I’m liking the Twi-MILF label. Please use that on me that any day 🙂

      • I agree! I’m totally going to start calling myself a Twimilf. My new favorite word.

      • We have a group in the forum called Twimilfs. It’s been there a while, come and join us!

  21. You guys are going to hate me… The only reason I watched Twilight was Rob (and a morbid curiosity to see how Taylor looked as Jacob. My verdict on that one: too hot to ONLY be 17… wtf is up with that?!).

    In any case, though I’m not a Twilight fan per se, I have read all of the books and I’m extremely enamored with Rob… Oh, and did I mention I’m a 23 year-old with a communications degree living in Canada? It does suck that we’re lumped with pre-pubescent girls, but I’m sure Rob knows not all of his fans are tweens or twimoms. I mean, he’s seen some of us, after all. 😉

    P.S. Was Tammy Twimom a nod to the TammyO? 😉

    • Same here! I am glad I am not the only Rob fan who isn’t a Twilight fan. I read the books only so that I could imagine him. I will see the films just to look at him too.

      It’s embarrassing. I had to read the books only in the privacy of my own home. The thought of strangers smirking at me while reading on the subway or at the dentist’s office was too mortifying. And I will see the movies in disguise. No one must know.

      • You need a secret Twi-buddy. My office-mate and I went to New Moon this past Saturday (she’s my secret Twi-buddy. She doesn’t like the series but we REALLY wanted to watch the film, so we went together). Morbid curiosities aside, it was fun! No one to judge us, really… Just the “real” Twlight fans and us non-fans.

        PS. Rob looked great in tweed. ❤

      • “in disguise” lol
        I still get carded for ciggies and booze so I know I don’t look my age, so I went to the midnite NM showing in skinny jeans, chucks, and a twilight tshirt.
        And I took my mom.
        NO ONE would believe I’m really 27….

  22. I am 30. I am married. I have two children. I love Twilight. I love Rob more. I. AM. NOT. A. TWI MOM! I hate being catagorized as such. I’ve had two people that I know call me a Twi Mom since they found out I have read the books and I have not spoken to them since. I did get into Twilight b/c of Rob, but have since learned to appreciate Stephenie’s fine works of literature (*cough*sarcasm*cough*) as a completely separate thing. If I had to choose between seeing the rest of the Twi movies made or following the rest of Rob’s non Twi career, I definitely choose the latter. But I might have to cheat and watch that hot (it better be) Isle Esme scene when it comes out. I do have an argument, though. I think that VF has definitely picked up on our demographic.

    • Well said.

    • I’m 31, married wtih 2 kids as well. No one better pigeonhole me as a Twi-Mom. I’ll cut them.

  23. Vanity Fair is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Thank you for this post Moon. I also feel that our demographic is hugely underepresented.
    I’m a 20yr old, soon to be university grad, and am sick and tired of being lumped into the “crazy teeny-bopper/fangirl” category because I like Twilight (thankfully no-one knows the full extent of this “normal” obsession).

    Like you said, “Does it make for a better story or perhaps the EASIER story if it’s just some teenagers “going through a phase” or bored housewives who are enamored with the idea of Edward and Bella?”
    It seems that media outlets and the general public, fail to recognise that young, educated, professional women, and non-Twimom-mums can like/love the saga and the actors associated with it. It also seems that these same outlets can’t recognise that not all Twilight/Rob fans are absolutely CRAZY. Maybe the crazies just make better stories, or require less research.

  24. OK—I fall into the 30 something Twi-Mom who maybe (ahem) got married rediculously young and spit out a few kids and now wishes she was looking for brooding Englishmen in her college…but hey, hindsight is 20/20 and I would never change a thing. In the meantime, I will continue to stare at obsess over Rob!

  25. Well, thank God for the disclaimer! Or I would have slit my wrists by now (not really.) I think I just make it into this exclusive demographic by a hair.

    There is a small percentage of brain matter and common sense remaining that indicate to me DAILY that I am too good for all of this. And we have been over this before round these parts, why we obsess, etc.. So I wont regurgitate old sentiment. However, suffice it to say, I do have a ‘thing’ (ahem), for Rob. That, of course, being the understatement of the decade. And the Twi books seriously rocked my socks. This is, and will always be favorite Twi blog, my portal into the crazy…and regardless of age, I ‘get’ each one of you crazy beotches!

    I’m hanging on to my thirties, have two amazing chickitas, and I’d have a MAJOR moral dilemma on my hands if I ever had Rob delivered to me on a silver platter.

    Fact is, you have to make fun of all this shizz for your sanity. Otherwise, I’d just be another thirty something, ‘Mommy’, Professional who reads YA vampire novels, and wants to defile Rob till he cries out for his Mum. 😉 (Heh heh)

    • ….aaaaaand that there’s why I heart you so hard.

    • I do make fun of all this shiz for the sake of my own sanity….but I still want to defile Rob Till he cries out for his Mum. Is that so wrong?

  26. Preach it, Moon!!

  27. I’m so glad you made the distinction. I have kids, but I am NOT a Twimom. Leave my kids out of it! 😉

    I’m pretty much in the Twicloset. A select group of friends know that Rob is on my ‘freebie’ list. None of them know he IS the list. My husband knows I have a Twilight problem, but he doesn’t know that I google him daily or check this blog now like it’s crack.

    I have a degree in literature and every time I pick up a Twilight book to reread it, I can hear my professor’s voice in my head. That’s why I pepper my re-readings with real works of literature. I’m re-reading Madame Bovary right now. Is it wrong that I picture Rob when reading it?

    • Haha, I check this blog like it’s crack, too! LTRaholics Anonymous, anyone?

      • yes yes yes

        And Rob, do you want to be my coke?

    • I’m sure Madame Bovary, the character, is enjoying Twilight and Rob.

    • Hahaha…he IS the list…
      YES! Place 1 to 100…!

      I love how you call it a “Twilight problem”…
      sounds like a serious problem
      I guess Rob could help you to get over it…lol

    • Rob is everyone I read now. He’s Robert Lebrun in The Awakening, He’s the uncle in Turn of the Screw, He’s Count Alexey, He’s Heathcliff; He’s Humbert (LOL!); He’s Captain Wentworth. He better deal with it.

      • I’m so relieved to discover it’s not just me.

        • It’s not.

          I will have to say that Rob can’t be Jamie from Outlander, because he’s all hot and tall and broad shouldered and red-headed and manly man. AND GUH … I need to find those damn books.

          Oh, and Rob’s not the dude from Sun Also Rises cause that guy is missing his peen, and I will NEVER be ok with that scenario.

          • This made me laugh because TSAR is one of my all-time favorite books. He could soooo play that character. But KStew could NEVER be Bret. Never.

        • Me too. Turns out It’s Normal.

          • I watched “Star Trek” last night and kept imagining Rob as Captain Kirk? That’s normal right? Oh the secrets I have to keep these days…

          • Kmountainlion
   know…that’s why
            Captain Kirk’s outfit is really close to Cedrid D. !lol

      • He’s Cherie in Colette’s books and in a movie ( instead of Rupert Friend)

    • I want a freebie 5 list! If I have one, does that mean my boyfriend gets one, too?

  28. The press is too lazy to bother distinguishing between the demographics. Easier just to lump us in to two categories: Teens and “crazy, desperate pathetic” moms who should know better.

  29. I totally understand what you guys are saying beause I have a 26 year old cousin who HATES to be put in the same category as squealing teens.

    But, as an 18 year old twilight fan, I would like to ask you girls isnt it a little unfair of you guys to put all the teens in the same squealing-air headed- loving twilight only because of Rob- wearing Twilight tees category.

    There are some of us here who have a little more self respect than squealing everytime we see anything Twi-related, ya know?

    *steps down from soap box*

  30. Well let’s see. I’m close to 30. I have a college degree. I worked (SAHM right now) in the medical field and I’m a mom and a housewife. I will not be called a TWIMOM! 🙂 I hate that, it makes me feel old. And if you look at my avatar, I could probably pass for 20 yr old or below!

    I guess I don’t really care if we’re repressed, as long as Rob is aware of it here on LTT! That’s all that matters to me. I want him to know that he has a very wide array of fans, as far as the age bracket. I don’t mind if the media says otherwise, they don’t know everything.

    • Hi hon…I would say…most of the media knows
      NOTHING about us and even NOTHING about Rob!!!

      Sad thing that press junket world…
      always the same quotes and boring questions..

      Rob handled it patiently…I would get pissed off…
      but you know…I could do it!
      I am aware of my strong points…
      that’s MY age…lol

  31. Dear Rob,

    I am a young professional with a master’s degree (who used to be professional until spending precious time online to keep up with your interviews and stuff), who was laughing during New Moon (you know with the dangerous Jacob and all) and who only spent 2 cinema tickets on you, one for each movie.
    So I guess I’m not a good client, bad bad fangirl, but I can make it up to you personally, very personally. Until then, could you please cut the “these girls want to marry Edward” crap, because I for instance don’t give a crapsten about marriage or Edward. We really should talk so I can explain you ALL the reasons why I am sooo into you.

    Hoping the reverse would be true,

    PS I will definitely buy the How To Be and Little Ashes DVDs.
    PSS Did I mention I’m not married and don’t have any kids? In case you were wandering.

    • read wondering

    • Hahaha..please…

      after you’ve explained to Rob ALL your life-issues,
      let him do a little “wandering”over to my place,
      so I could explain him EXACTLY how I would change the camera angles from ALL the kissing-scenes (both films!)!

      • …major life issues…

        And I’ll send him, but he might be a bit tired
        …of the trip I mean, of course.

        • I don’t care…
          I have coke enough to make alive both (!) Robs….
          and with coke I mean HOT STUFF…

          …obviously WE 20/30smthgs. are the REAL VAMPIRES…lol

          • I know, I never doubted that.

          • Ok girls, we can share Rob. Since I’m here in the US, I say he stops here first. Then he can fly over to Europe!

          • Southerbelle…this man is as I said…like chocolate…
            but he is NOT a cake! lol

  32. or wandering on this blog.

  33. As usual Moon says what we’re all thinking. On one hand I do feel ignored by the marketing and press surrounding this “Phenom”. On the other I’m kinda glad that I’m not grouped in with those crazy screamers and the Twimoms who just want to feed and hug him. (So not what I want to do to him.)
    I’m proud to be a part if this group. I have the anonymity to be a lurker if I wish and the choice to “come out” to whomever I want.
    Plus, you guys are the best. You’re all so witty and smart. Makes me feel smarter by association.
    My only fear is that Rob doesn’t know we’re here. But I gots to believe that those “Come sex me” stares are directed towards us. Surely, he wouldn’t be wasting that kind of hotness on the tweeners. Right?

    • Maybe someone came up with the book choice for the VF photoshoot after reading some LTR, or at least acknowledging the existence of a certain (horny) target.

  34. Because of these two SPECIFIC groups I have a hard time even bringing up Twilight/Rob to people. I feel like I have to state my case of not being batshit crazy like THOSE groups. But when I do this I end up sounding exactly like them. I get the glazed eyes and head nod just to make me shut up.

    How do you explain it or tell people without sounding completely off your rocker?

    • You don’t. You shut the hell up about your Normal obsession. Otherwise, you get The Stare. And when you find a fellow Rob/Twi-obsessed (who doesn’t fit into the two aforementioned categories) you hang on to her like the life preserver she is. I have 1 friend like this and we can freely discuss our (ahem) problem without fear of judgment. You have to have 1 friend like this. Or just come to LTR.

    • You can’t help it, you’re always off your rocker! #TRUTH

  35. You are one smart cookie, Moon.

    The only thing I can assume is that the marketers know we’re a bunch of closeted Twilomaniacs and Robaholics who wouldn’t be as likely to buy things like “Wolf Packing Tape” or Bella’s dress, etc. We have minds of our own that aren’t quite as susceptible to those wily marketers.

    But you can’t say they never did anything for us… The Vamp certainly wasn’t maid for the teenyboppers…

  36. im a 23 yr old who loves twilight, and bc of hte crazies for the teenie boppers i have a hard time bringing it up too 😦
    i waited till the wkend AFTER new moon came out just to save my ear drums.. i actually wanted to hear what edward was saying, not just the screaming part. :S

    good job for nailing the spot….

    and thats what she said.

  37. I am a self-professed NPR lovin’, PBS watchin’, vegetarian, animal rights supporter and most things “granola” girl with an advance degree and yes, I question my intelligence daily as I scour the internet for Rob and/or Twilight news. While at Borders, I quickly glance at the Twilight section, *roll my eyes,* and instead head to the more obscure book section (even though I SO want to linger in the Twilight section and drool over Rob’s poster). LTT/LTR reminds me daily that there are intelligent, successful women all over the world with the same obsession as me;o)
    Thank you Moon and UC!

    I had a nice *aha* moment over the weekend. While doing the Turkey Day thing, my daughter announced to my niece and nephew’s fiance that I was at the midnight showing of New Moon. I wanted to hide under the table – 1st hand embarrassment. My niece (twentysomething professional) and my nephew’s fiance (twentysomething medical student) both looked at me and said, “I am so jealous that you have seen it. I can’t wait to go.” My nephew’s fiance then said while rereading New Moon on the plane, she started crying during, “The End.” I felt better surrounded by their self-professed obsession. Comfort in numbers. . .

  38. Hmm, well I like this post. Made me think. See I had kids young (we’ve had this talk before). So…While TECHNICALLY you could classify me as a Twi-Mom. HOWEVER, I’m 26, I do not (and never will) drive a mini-van and you will never catch me in a holiday themed turtleneck. So, I struggle. I don’t want to be the twi-mom, but I’m not a hot and unattached 20 something. So yes, my demographic is never mentioned. ROB, COME ON…give a shout out to 20 something hot moms 🙂
    PS – NO offense if you do any of those things I mentioned above. Mini-vans aren’t that bad, and holiday turtlenecks would be worn by me if they vanity fair outtakes w/ santa hats on or something…

    • i am buying you a holiday themed turtleneck for Christmas
      or perhaps Hanukkah. I have to see what’s on sale

    • Hey, Rob gave a shout out to the Twi-Moms when he was on the Regis and Kelly Show.. he said something like “They say they are Twi-mom’s but they look too young”.. the man is learning how to work a crowd.. or perhaps he always has known how 🙂 Which ever, it made me adore him more 🙂

      He knows that it’s not just teens and twi-moms.. he knows..

      By the way.. I’ve got nothing against Twi-Moms… We all have our place in the fandom!

    • LOL! Kristin, I ♥ you!

  39. Well, if we have learned anything from the media and gossip rags, it’s that outrageous sells. So why in the world would they talk about us – the 20/30 somethings – that don’t make our own Twi-clothes, wear bedazzled Team Edward crowns, etc.? We are way too boring and relatively normal. Do you think if I wrote a sane letter to Lainey Gossip about Twi I’d get posted on her site under fan mail? Hale no. The crazy is way more entertaining.

    But I do agree with you, Moon. When are they going to recognize our demo as a viable marketing group? We’ve got money to spend. I want my Edward Cullen Louboutins!

    • LMAO..YOU made my day…

      …Edward Cullen Louboutins…too funny!

      I guess
      our outcoming will be

      “Remember me” !!! film for teens,Twi-moms,grans!

    • Rob understood it, that’s why he’s going to launch his sex toys line.

      • Hahaha…busted Minuit passe’
        again the “Remember Me” catch…
        I knew it, I mentioned it only FOR YOU…<3

        • buhahahahahahahaha

        • Thanks for the special dedication, I am dying lol

          • Send you an email,
            you got it?

      • I bet you’ll be the first customer Minuit passe! 🙂

        • 🙂
          Oh you know me, I only want to kiss him innocently on the cheek (no I would never turn my head in a tricky move) and then talk only about “highly interesting subjects” that we never ever heard him talk about like how it was shooting the movie…Moreover the thought of taking him behind the dumpster would never cross my mind.

          • Oh yeah definitely…must remain chaste in Rob’s presence!

            He’s a man! You know what he wants! I always say my husband only wants food and sex. The rest is completely optional!

            You know I’m still pondering about how we will “chance” upon Rob in Europe. Then I found out my 25-yr-old brother who knows about my robsession(bless his gigolo heart) that he’s moving to LA. He’s been telling me to hang out w. him there and he and I will find Rob. He made me smile when he said that! 🙂

  40. YESSSS!!! This is what I have been saying all along! This is the exact reason I can not shop at JCPenney. I am not into the junior/slut section and I am not yet ready for the elastic waistband pants!

    I heart Moon and her ability to put my thoughts into words. Srsly, how do you get into my head!!?

    • “Junior slut section”

      Hey! That’s where I shop(juniors)! Seriously! LOL! And a month ago I was there(JC Penny) shopping for skinny jeans and there was this older lady(maybe in her mid-50s) trying on a really tight boob shirt from the junior section. :-). I suddenly had a fast-forward of my life.

  41. It’s funny, how we feel mis-represented by the media…If you are young without kids, you get represented as a screaming teen, and if you are *ahem* older, and have kids you get mis-represented as a dried up old housewife with some ‘unnatural’ obsession with younger men.

    Both are insulting, obvs.

    But I think the demographic that is represented in the media is the one with the bucks to spend on Twi-merch, and the rest of us are not worth there time, therefore. We ARE saving for our kid’s college, retirement, and microdermabrasion….so I will go to the movie and buy the dvds, and maybe one day own my own mini-Edward, but all that other tie-in stuff? Burger King meals? No, thank you.

    • I agree… and trust me.. I am far from Old, Dried Up or Bored!

      Why must we put each other down.. and catagorize each other? Can’t we just love him and let that be it….



  42. I am 28, smart but funny, married but childless, and have a NORMAL Robsession. Today I am supposed to be packing for our move across state next week. Instead so far I have a)read LTT and LTR b) watched Rob Mercy video twice c) watched Rob Anywhere video twice. And now I am going to d) go dig the cigarettes out of the trash since I quit on Monday and smoke one to come down from my Rob high. Then I will e) slowly close the laptop and take a cold shower so I can actually pack a few boxes before this afternoon when I will f) finish the last three chapters of The Lost Boys I have been saving and pretend when my husband gets home from work that I have been packing since 7am. I’m pretty sure that is totally NORMAL and I wish the press would acknowledge my level of devotion to Rob!

    • You got me when….
      …smoke one to come down from my Rob high….and…
      …slowly close the laptop…

      hahaha, you are like me!
      The same normal Robsession!

      • Totally! This is a truthful play-by-play of how my day is going. I can’t get enough of him. I have been stalking the Internet for a few days now trying to find out where he is and what he’s up to. I feel another Rob drought coming on 😦
        We were in Mexico a few weeks ago and I had to sneak off to the Wi-Fi spot to get my LTT/LTR fix. My husband then took my laptop to check on a tour we were getting ready to take and he was very embarassed to be in public with a computer that has a Rob VF desktop background!

        • That’s normal!
          I got half-nekkid-Rob on it!
          With ALL the spots!lol

  43. The thing is… there are so few of us in that demo. We exist and we flock to this site…but the MAJORITY of the fans are teens and TwiMoms.

    So few of us are in our 20s or 30s without any kids.

    And I’ll even put my neck out there and say, I’m sorry… if you have a kid that is Taylor’s age, you qualify as a Twi-mom.

    *sticks out tongue*

    • 🙂

  44. I see your point, the marketing genius that is Summit hasn’t even tapped into the obvious realm of the 20/30 something’s. Summit has to play The Twilight franchise as they’ve packaged it.

    I think the more important point is that this group of 20/30 something’s, as well as others (yes some of us are 40 something and up, moms and wives, we are also highly educated and even further in our successful careers) have dispensable income to go and see Robert Pattinson in his movies more than once. And I, for one in that large group, have stopped apologizing to everyone one I know for my fascination in this gorgeous and talented young man.

    It’s time we stood up and acknowledged what we are here for. We are here to see “The Twilight Saga” because the books made us feel good, and we liked them enough to want to see them on film. In doing that we have additionally discovered the fine young Mr. Pattinson, and to our great surprise and admiration, he is MOST DEFINATELY more than just another pretty face. And because of that, we are seeing him in “How to Be” and “Little Ashes” more than once, we want him to make more music, we look forward to his other movies, and want to know what he thinks about different aspects of our world and his own life and additionally about him.

    Perhaps if we stopped apologizing for finding a love for something we don’t completely understand, that wasn’t actually marketed to us, and just said, I like it.. it makes me smile… life’s short.. if you have a problem with that… hey.. there’s the door… maybe if we owned it then we would be marketed to…

    Marketing is always to the obvious… Twilight has one last book to film and then .. who knows… we are halfway through the phenomenon… I can’t wait to see what happens next with Rob.. I loved Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn when I read them…. I love that they are being made into movies and because of that I now have a new love.

    I’m 40 something, I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I’m educated, I have a career and kids, I have dispensable income, ……oh and I’m a Robert Pattinson Fan, I will be a fan of his long after the dust of Twilight has settled… don’t expect me to apologize for ANY OF IT.

    **I’ve got to stop bringing this damn soap box everywhere I go 🙂 **

    • Word! Good rant 😉

      • Thanks MoonMommy!!!

  45. Well I’m a 20-somthing, totally gross, completely un-hot mother of two with no redeeming qualities or brain function to speak of. Where do I fit? In between my proudly displayed muffin top and Twilight belt buckle and mom-jean-camel-toe, I like to spend my time watching soaps or staring at the double-wide walls drooling for no apparent reason. I relate to Rob because my nutrition is based solely on mircowaveable preservative rolls, beer and tobacco. And I LOVE to pee in cups and leave it sitting around. My grammar is for shit, so I had my 5 year old type this up for me. She edits.

    • LMAO!

    • Totes LMAO!

    • I think I just peed in a cup. 😀

    • Best comment ever.

    • Rob aka allryans,
      I knew you were lurking somewhere around and were waiting for the moment to reveal yourself into the light.

  46. Thank you! Why are we the hidden demographic?

    Um, er, wait… maybe it’s better this way.

    • I’ll be the hidden demographic … in Rob’s pants!

      • allryans you’re on a roll today!

      • Now that’s a demographic I wouldn’t mind being in (that’s what she said).

  47. LOL Count Robula.

    That was my intellectual input for the day.

  48. Thank you Moonie for clarifying the “Twi-Mom” definition! Love you ladies and the posts! At work (damn work takes up too much of my LTT/LTR time), but will try to post again later….

  49. Ah yes! I appreciate this very true. Us 20-30 somethings must stick together and hopefully one day we’ll get our own “term.” 😉

  50. I feel slightly under represented. I’m a 19 year old sophomore in college. I’m not quite in the 20/30 range yet, I’m not a teeny bopper teen and def not a twimom. I’ve had a few discussions with some of my friends who are fans of Twilight. We don’t get ridiculous. When I try to talk to some of my other friends who aren’t fans they think of me as a crazy fangirl because that’s what they see other girls as. While I’m not completely fangirly all the time, I can talk about it in a calm and intelligent manner. So here I am, Represent!!

    • Kristen?

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