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LTR Readers are thankful for… Robert Pattinson (duh)

Forum mod Kristin is VERY thankful for this picture... trust me, I know!

Dear Rob-

We asked our readers and Twitter followers to join us in a weekend of Thanks to send in what they were thankful for. Obviously, you were the number one thing but there were tons of other things that people submitting that we want to share with you and the rest of our awesome readers…

One of our awesome forum mods and friends Kristin has submitted this very thorough list:

  • First of all Rob, I’m thankful for your parents. Claire and Dick…ya done good. Your boy, is one in a million.
  • I am thankful for pretty much everything about you. There isn’t one characteristic that I can’t get behind, or on top of, or horizontal for…I’re smart.
  • I am thankful that you smoke. I know, so bad. But, its just so damn sexy when you do it.
  • I am thankful for the goodwill, without them, you would be lost in this world.
  • I am thankful for Heineken, hot pockets, coke products and hard alcohol. Without those things you would have wasted away.
  • I am thankful for your facial hair.
  • I am thankful for your shoe collection. Shiteous Nikes, Docs, and those slippers that you wore that one morning when you decided to go out for a smoke and stand in the parking lots and stretch.
  • I am thankful for how many times my ovaries have spontaeously combusted because of you. Yes, it hurts, but it hurts so good.
  • I am thankful that you have no filter and say what is on your mind. Again, somehow it just makes you hotter.
    and last but not least, I am thankful that you are so hot I get angry. Your stupid face is so pretty and everything you do, every picture you take, everything you say…CAN YOU SEE THE STEAM COMING FROM MY EARS RIGHT NOW?…is hot, sexy, endearing, and everything in between. Even down to your awkward feet.


All week we’ve been asking our Twitter followers to submit tweets of thanks to Rob and Twilight and here’s some of the very best:
Follow the cut to read them

I'm thankful for speghetti Rob

  • What more can I say, I’m thankful for the two little moles hidden behind Rob’s left ear ; ) Cazza x
  • This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for two things: Rob, and God’s greatest gift that keeps on giving: The Vanity Fair shoot. Bounjourjenn
  • Dick & Claire Pattinson – obviously.
  • Bruce Weber and his 5-part picture slideshows of Rob for Vanity Fair. He knows how to put on a good time for us ladies. Krystle
  • Random_Brunette and leaving the best til last I am also thankful for Claire and Dick Pattinson for without them we would not have Rob(ward)
  • RobwardisSEXX I’m thankful for Rob always having the right amount of scruff on his gorgeous face.
  • kelseyconfetti I am thankful for the happy trail. And finger p0rn. And the hair. And the purdy. I would also like to thank his parents.
  • Thankful for the photoshoot that keeps on giving!

    PhyllmeupRob Im thankful that Rob and Twilight reminded me 2 act young & really feel lifes emotions again without guilt. Cheesy enough?

  • leahpopeeah I am thankful for button fly jeans and shiteous Nikes, & finding a common bond between me & my girls! We are the Rob! lol
  • Robert Thomas Pattinson:  so many reasons, so many photos, so many interviews.  Thank you for being you.  If Kristen hasn’t taken the time to be grateful for you/to you (you know what I mean), she doesn’t deserve you.  Drop her, and go for an older woman, who knows what she is doing. Promise me Rob, that you will work on your music in the coming year, we need to hear more.  Enough said.  I am grateful. KatieBird

On this last day of “Weekend of Thanks” (our very cheesy name for our tiny mini break) we just want to remind us all and you of all that we’re thankful for as we begin with Holiday season. Go hug your friend or your Rob pillow and remind them how much you love and are thankful for them!

Moon and UC

If you haven’t already, share your thanks in the comments and then head over to the forum to chit chat!

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. My friend actually got me a Robward pillow case and as I hardly ever do laundry I had to use it. You’re all buying that reason, right? I will go hug it now.

    Rob – what can I say? I’m thankful in advance that you are not irritated with me or call the police when I meet you in your local pub in Barnes over Christmas after I have travelled a couple of hours to get there. Thanks.

    • Ok… I know Rob’s beautiful and all… but the day I purchase linens with someone’s face on it…. will someone just please take me to the woods and put me down?…. pleeeze.

      k, thanks!

      • It actually was a present!

    • You know, there are more than one local pub in Barnes. *chokes*

      • Hell yeah! Hence the pub crawl plan I have…

  2. O.K. Now I am speechless…I made it into two posts.

    Thanks ladies.

    And Rob, if that girl that you are with, isn’t making you happy, you better let me know. She better be thankful…

  3. Rob,
    I’m thankful for British accents. It does something to my soul when you open your mouth..actually just your mouth…wait-I got distracted there.
    Thanks for bringing the sex.
    In total lust with you,
    P.S. I thank Jesus for your constant jawporn

    • LMAO!! “just open your mouth…wait-I got distracted there.” that made me laugh so hard!

    • amen sister! amen to the jawporn…have you ever seen a more incredible jawbone in your life? I took a lot of a and p in school to become a coder and his is by far the tops of the class…I keep having fantasies of him standing in front of our anatomy class totally nude and barely covered with a sheet on a gurney/stretcher letting everyone admire his form! *how long do ya think that would last before one of us ladies would make every one leave and hold him prisoner for a couple of hours!?/??//* smiles at the thought! imagine the Paula Cole song ‘Feelin’ Love’ playing all of a sudden from no where and him getting that look in his beautiful sex eyes! Just think!!!!!! Class dismissed…his over all beauty is what I’m thankful for and his mind believe it or not. I love the way he thinks and what he thinks about…yeah, yeah, he hasn’t told me personally except you can catch little things he says in interviews and expound on that. oh and by ‘happy trail’ are we talking about the ‘nature trail’ going down his tummy to ….? I’m happy about that oh yes I am so so so happy. and Rob also your voice! OH. When I hear your voice whether you’re singing or just talking, your native british is best, although Edwards voice tingles me, I get all goose pimply and shivery. I FEEL your voice going through me into my chest and my heart chakra…I feel your truth and honesty I guess you would say. so thankful for you Robert….You’re going to do great things and become someone even greater than you are today. And we’re all here to back ya up and scream for more…quietly as we know how screaming can get on your nerves and hurt your oh so sensitive ears. Love you the most Rob. Take care and remember we love you intensely.

  4. Dear Rob,

    I am thankful for your laugh. It is just the cutest thing!! I am thankful for your happy trail, finger porn, jaw porn, those lips, and as my gfs and I laugh (teasingly), which I just love btw, they seem to not understand what you are saying when you sing but they just LOVE your music. I UNDERSTAND what you are singing but my gfs don’t. They just don’t “get” it.

  5. Dear Rob,

    Apart from the moles, oohhhh how my knickers combust everytime I see them, I am thankful to you for injecting some *sugar & spice* into my marital bedroom thoughts! Sssshhhhh, hubby will never ever know why but trust me, if he knew the real reason, he would be thanking you as well 🙂


  6. I’d love to give you all a Hug Of Thanks in RL.

    Just a thought; while listening to the NM soundtrack (on constant repeat) this weeekend it occured to me that Band Of Skulls wrote “Friends” special just for all of us here in this “cyber zone”:

    All my life I’ve been searching for something
    Something I can put my finger on
    Maybe I’ve been living for the weekend
    Maybe I’ve been living for this cyber soul
    Every Friday just about midnight (ok, it’s more like every day just about breakfast time
    All my problems seem to disappear
    Everyone that I miss when I’m distant
    Everybody’s here

    I need love
    Cause only love is true
    I need every wakin’ hour with you
    And my LTT/R friends cause they’re so beautiful
    Yeah my friends they are so beautiful
    They’re my friends

    Love you all.

    • Love it!

    • Yup. So fitting, my friend.

      I am, of course, thankful for everything everyone has mentioned this week. I’m thankful that UC and Moon put so much time and effort into this little corner of the interwebz, so that we may all huddle together and whisper and braid each other’s hair and swap descriptions of what we think it would be like to “do THAT” with Rob. You know, wear plaid.

      I am also so thankful for my husband. Mr. totheP, I know you will never ever read this but thank you for watching football and cooking dinner so I can read fanfic, thank you for going to watch New Moon with me so I don’t have to stand in line by myself, and thank you most of all for turning a blind eye and a deaf ear whenever I slip up and let my Robsession show. You are, as always, The Man (Rob as The Backup Man – just think about it, k?).

      • Oh StotheP…love your post in a special way…lol THANK YOU!

    • Love it too!<3

  7. Read all of the books and love the characters. The films, however, take the saga to the next level, with beautiful stars, great cinematics, cutting edge CGI and a sound track that rocks. Move over the lost boys, the Cullens have arrived!!!

  8. We haven’t Thanksgiving Day here, but who cares…being thankful for all I have in life is everytime a good thing……<3

    Dear Rob
    I am thankful that you obviously don't own a belt!
    Thank you very much for that!
    Love you

    • Yes! Cause that means his jeans are resting so low on his hips….that my friend is so damn sexy! 🙂

      • It is normal that also BF has no longer belts in his wardrobe…he is searching them all the time but can’t find them…..hahaha

    • BTW I love your new avatar! Hot!

      • Thank you, I changed them almost every day because of the enormous choice of Hot pics….
        …thank you Rob for being so photogenic!:-)

        • I haven’t seen this photo yet, I want a big one! I changed mine too.

  9. I am thankful for UC and Moon running this blog and giving us a place to be real fangirls together – regardless of our age, place in life. I am even thankful for TammyO and Florida Lady, not to mention Pattinson Pants Lady & TomStu tee-shirt lady for giving me a bloody good laugh over the last year.

    Oh and it goes without saying, I’m thankful for those long legs and jaw and everything else about Rob.

  10. But….in all this lovely thankfulness I am beginning to feel a heavy Rob drought period….so I would be very very thankful about some news or pics….lol

    Dear Rob
    as I wrote you very lovely love letters it’s up to you to show some thankfulness…
    please move your ass out of that bed and do some walk around!
    Thank you very much
    Love you and miss you 🙂

    P.S. ALONE please!

    • I’m starting to feel the drought too! 😦

      But…….I’m pacing myself and I haven’t even seen all the interviews from the NM promos so I guess I can keep it going for a while.

  11. Am thankful my husband doesn’t know that I sneak Twilight movie quotes into every possible conversation.

    Am thankful “Remember Me” is coming out in March.

    Am thankful to feel so alive which wasn’t the case pre-Twilight.

    Am thankful I can talk about Rob with you guys because my friends don’t get it all. Their loss.

    Am thankful that the books will never change no matter what the directors to the movies. We’d better get a tent scene, leg hitch…out of Eclipse.

    Am just thankful…

    • Yeah amen on the tent scene and leg hitch! I read the leg hitch part over and over again! 😉

    • My friends don’t get my robsession either! They make me feel like a freak and I hate having to use his full name in convos with them. Saying Robert Pattinson seems so formal after all we’ve been through. lol

      • “Saying Robert Pattinson seems so formal after all we’ve been through”
        LMFAO!!!! I have felt that way too and then I get embarrassed when I remember that he has no idea I even exist in this world. lol

  12. I’m thankful that I didn’t realize that Remember Me isn’t out yet and I felt like a bad fangirl for not seeing it.

    This signifies that I have a life sometimes. For this, I am thankful.

    • I haven’t even seen New Moon yet! I’ll see it tomorrow!

  13. Dear Rob,

    You need to concentrate on your music. You know I fall asleep listening to Never Think every night? Your voice is soothing and it relaxes me and give me (Rob)dreams!

    Make a CD and I’ll buy it! I don’t care how and what you put in there, I’ll still buy it!

    I know you’re so busy but I hope you’ll find time to devote to your first love….I meant your music. I’d love to see you play guitar and piano as well. Do you still have your calluses on your fingers from playing?

    Anyway, you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. I love how you’re so kind and always apologizing, as if you have to be sorry for anything!


    • That’s good breeding and fine education…I guess..his parents did a great job! Thank you!

  14. “I am thankful that you have no filter and say what is on your mind. Again, somehow it just makes you hotter. and last but not least, I am thankful that you are so hot I get angry. Your stupid face is so pretty and everything you do, every picture you take, everything you say…CAN YOU SEE THE STEAM COMING FROM MY EARS RIGHT NOW?…is hot, sexy, endearing, and everything in between. Even down to your awkward feet.”
    — Kristin, I couldn’t have said it better. I keep looking for one fault, just ONE, so I can get on with a productive life. Well said, Bravo. . .

    Thanks UC and Moon for all your NORMAL awesomeness and snarky personalities. LTT/LTR is my fav blog. I can’t wait to push the hubby and babes out the door in the morning, so I can grab my java and read LTT/LTR. You totally make waking up easier and well the Rob-Porn helps too.

    One more thing. . . I am thankful that my daughter is no longer a virgin, I mean Twilight virgin. Yes, she finished the book yesterday morning and I was almost brought me to tears. She had the same excitement and anticipation, as her mama had last March. We watched Twilight together this morning, completely uninterrupted quality time between mother and daughter. Does it get sweeter that that???

  15. thankful for his sexy smile & warm eyes. loved new moon & waited for eclipse, my favorite. thank you daughter for introducing me to the books in 2008.

  16. oh my my list of thanks I forgot the happy trail. shame on me. yes….the happy trail. which leads me to a happy hard…never mind… 🙂

    Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend!!

  17. […] LTR Readers are thankful for… Robert Pattinson (duh) Dear Rob- We asked our readers and Twitter followers to join us in a weekend of Thanks to send in what they were […] […]

  18. Im thankful for Rob’s sense of humor, Tom Sturridge, and this pic of rob in heart shaped sunglasses that I was given today:

  19. Dear Rob,

    What were you thinking???

  20. – thankful that you decided to audition for Twilight and not quit acting
    – thank you to my husband for finding my Robsession so amusing and
    – thank you for the addiction that my daughter and I now share …
    — thank you for making Edward more beautiful than I can ever thought possible. (By the way, that walk and smile after parking the Volvo was the death of me. You were beautiful in Twilight but in New Moon, you are a God!!)

    Please, please, please .. cut a cd after next year. You have a beautiful voice.

    I know that we won’t see you around for a while. I dont’ blame you.. You need some peace and quiet. We’ll see you when you promote Remember Me. Until then, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  21. Now its the season to be jolly. New Moon is still making big bucks. Now what?

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