Posted by: themoonisdown | November 28, 2009

Get A Room! Thankful for a lack of Robsten PDA!

*we continue our weekend of Thanks with a fan letter from Dazzled to Death who share what she’s thankful for*

Nothing to see here... movin right along

Dear Rob,

Of course I’m thankful for you, and for LTR (you have no idea!), but what I’m really thankful for this Thanksgiving is the blessed lack of real, definitive PDAs  by “Robsten” ( I  remain firmly Nonsten-even if it is true (bleh) I don’t want it to be, so there). I pray that no pics emerge of the two of them in a serious liplock or worse-I don’t want to see those beautiful hands fondling the mullet. Of course, if a sex tape comes out, I’m there. I’d pay to see Rob in action, no matter who the spam is that he’s pounding.

So please, Rob, get a room if you feel the need to do any mullet fondling-keep it behind closed doors. Otherwise I might lose my Rob mojo and then I’d be back to cleaning, cooking for my family, reading actual books instead of fanfiction-and I might hate you. I live in a fragile state of denial, so NO PDAs, ok?

Thankfully yours,

Too much PDA? Not enough PDA? Is TammyO out there and thankful enough to participate?

Join us all this weekend as we give thanks for everything in the Rob/Twidom! Share what YOU’RE thankful for in the omments!

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  1. Hahaha…all I read was….SEX TAPE….!!!
    Yes..I am in line too!

    I guess TammyO is right now measuring her blood pressure after reading your nonsten post…

  2. Dear Rob,
    I know you want the world (read Arangano) to know she’s yours so DO IT! DO IT!

  3. PDA is fine by me, considering the fact that she seems to have a serious jaw defect in this photo.

  4. *sniff* I think I’m gonna go have a little cry for a dear twitter friend. She will be sad.

    AND I’m kinda sad in a completely non-creepy sort of way.

    I want smiley Rob regardless of the cost.

  5. “Otherwise I might lose my Rob mojo and then I’d be back to cleaning, cooking for my family, reading actual books instead of fanfiction – and I might hate you.”

    Dazzledtodeath I’m with you on all of the above!!! And I mucho prefer this life 🙂


    • I too am right there with you guys….. So glad to know I’m not alone.

    • same here – right there with you

    • Yes, Dazzled , I am with you here as well.

      I do NOT want to go back to that!

      My family can continue to fend for themselves, thank you very much. They are fine with having cereal for dinner,

      I say keep it in the closet Robsten.

      Rob, you are not dating anyone because you haven’t met me yet. And we all know when that happens, you will fall madly in love with me and despite all the odds, (our huge age difference, the fact that I have 3 kids and a husband) we will make it work and all humanity will love us for finally being together.

      (this certainty of mine is NORMAL right?)

    • Absofuckinglutely! My Robsession means that although I now live in squalor, I am much happier. (A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.) I am never happier than when I’m cyber stalking HHH, and I don’t necessarily need to see any PDA’s regardless of who it is. Denial is a wonderful thing!!

      • I don’t even let people in the house any more. I’ve learned to ignore dust bunnies-a good fanfic is sooo much more fun than cleaning.

      • Cleaning my house is futile anyway, I have a 2 yr old. It’s pretty much pointless. I’d rather spend my time looking at Rob (aside from the wifey/motherly duties of course!)!

        You should see my house now, Santa came in early and my house has wrapping paper, toys, etc all over the place. My mom was here last night and she asked me if hubby doesn’t get mad seeing the place so messy. What’s the point, I clean every night and the next day it’s the same thing. So I agree, a clean house is a sign of a wasted life somewhat.

        • Rob wouldn’t see it…he is used to messy surroundings…so….who cares? lol

          • I must have been unconsciously waiting for Rob forever cause my house has always been more or less of a mess. Rob, I think we’re meant for each other!
            In the meantime I let the BF be in charge of the house things.

          • …and show myself very “grateful” to him.

    • Amen to this!

  6. Dear Rob,

    I could forget the Robsten if you gave me a sex tape. But since I understand your need for privacy, I will only ask you for some very intimate sex moments with me. No one will know.

    • Ohhhh….today YOU are the TRICKY one! lol

      • See how nice I am? I’m willing to compromise. I hope he’ll appreciate it.

  7. First off, I think Rob looks weird in that picture! 🙂

    And second, I feel like when they kiss in Twilight and each time I’ve seen the NM trailers(haven’t seen the movie yet) it seems so real ya know? So I think they’re doing it for real so that was PDA for me. My bubble has been burst a long time ago so I guess that’s why.

    I don’t want to see any sex tape, I’d rather leave that to my imagination.

    • are right about the pic..he looks a bit like a cougar with beard, especially the hair kinda like my mum when she forgets the brushes leaving them in her
      …and for the kisses…ALL FAKE…trust name is GRIMM!

      …for the sex tape…I guess there will never be one…you know, her name is Kristen not Paris!

      • I zoomed in that photo and it doesn’t even seem like Rob! What’s wrong with me? LOL. I know I’m all better now you know.

        • It’s him…it’s him…!!!:-)

          • Did u get my email? 🙂 Did u see NM again?

          • It’s late here…I just woke up again…Tomorrow NM the second…I write you tomorrow…can’t get over THAT pic!
            OMG Southernbelle plz give me some consolation! 🙂

  8. Dazzledtodeath – you said it perfectly. As long as there is no irrefutable photographic proof of Robsten, like a real liplock or a hand holding – wrist holding doesn’t count! – I’m happily continuing my plan of denial!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

    • And another reason the wrist holding doesn’t count…
      because while she was holding wrist, HE was holding his hat. There were no interlocking fingers.

  9. Oh I’d love to see PDA pics. That would just mean more images to photoshop my face on and hang on my refrigerator.

    • could photoshop your face AND Rob’s. The possibilities would be endless :).

    • Have you seen the pic today with Nikki putting hand on the Robcrotch?
      I guess that could be my first photoshop experience…lol….d*rty b*tch that Nikkigirl!

      • that’s the pic…creepy…def. more than a wrist holding…

        • OMGosh where do u get these pics from robgirl? LOL.

          • It’s an old pic, but it came out today on that blog! It is weird that I prefer Kristen to a girl which made happen a photo like this?

          • I guess all these hours of daily cyber-stalking pay 🙂

          • minuit passe’….my house is clean….hahaha!

        • OMG – I’ve never seen that pic!! lmao!

          • There is the rumour that someone had stolen the laptop of Nikki…(herself?) and this pic has leaked out…who knows..??? She is a sl*t and Rob is wearing the ugliest shirt ever!Gahhh!

          • Robgirl get over it, you’re a big girl. It’s from the time Rob looked like a gay teen who just came back from a trip to Hawaii (thus the shirt), who cares about it anymore? It’s the mullsten present that’s more depressing. Judging by their serious faces, I’d say it’s photoshoped, but then again, who cares.

          • No..I am a little girl…a little girl in love…lol…and as you said…I really can’t get over that shirt!….and YES it’s photoshoped, the original one was with me..:-)

  10. I’m not Nonsten, but I’m not really Robsten either. However, I was just thinking that if Robsten existed, we should see some evidence of that on screen. And I don’t know about anyone else here, but I felt like all the kissing scenes in New Moon left something to be desired. They could have brought a whole lot more passion into those scenes and you’d think they would inadvertently if they were together in RL. Just some food for thought.

    • I’ve thought about the lack of the Twilight bedroom scene magic in New Moon…that’s normal, right? I’ve only seen it once so far, and I noticed how comfortable they seemed around each other in the classroom scene, as if they were a couple who’s been together for a while, but I wonder if since they actually make out (ahem) on the regular in real life, that same longing isn’t there that was there in the bedroom scene.

      As for the PDA, I’m a Robsten, can’t deny it, and I miss the good ol’ days when he could at least put his arm around her and the Twiworld wouldn’t come a screeching hault! I can’t speak for all Robstens, but the best part about being a Robsten is seeing HIM around HER, especially before everyone was so tuned into it. He just couldn’t help himself and he couldn’t hide it, exhibit A above! It feels like they try extra hard not to show that now…except for when they are in Europe, the walls always seem to come down when they are in Europe! Still hoping we get to see a little of that magic again, because we were definitely cockblocked at the US premiere, and after all the amazing pictures at last year’s premiere UGH!

      • Eek, I’m first hand embarrassed that I posted about Robsten’s “magic”…by “magic” I mean that sparkling look in his eyes, the same look he has in the recent VF Corn on the Cob Rob, Rolling Rock drinking Rob pic. So I guess I have concluded that he has the same reaction to beer as he does to Kristen…

  11. I’m thankful to have this outlet and for feeling somewhat normal here.

    I wanna see it (PDA) all, even if it’s painful and I want Rob to be happy. I always think, if I was involved with him, I’d be so much nicer to him, but maybe he doesn’t want nice, and maybe she is nice to him, but I can’t see it. He seems so vulnerable and I LOVE that about him. Her kind really intimidates me and I can’t be around people who scare me. Rob seems like a big-hearted, deep-thinking lovely person who cares about doing the right thing. I could go on and on…

    I’m ready for PDA but don’t want him to be stalked by TMZ. I loathe TMZ. So EVIL.

    • Yes…TMZ is disgusting!
      I guess for Rob and Kristen is valid the proverb…..Opposites attract!
      She has the balls and he has veneration for that.(Robword)
      That shows he is a regular guy, not a dream boy!
      That’s the best part of Robsten, it makes him MORE attainable…lol
      Hello Kristen, that trick is old as the world!:-)

      • robgirl, sounds like u gave up on your quest for Rob! 😦

        • NEVER EVER honey…I am a patient girl…it will not last forever…lol
          I wrote you 2 min. ago. hugs

  12. I am so not ready for PDA. After the wrist-holding, I’m preeeetty sure a tiny part of me died. I want to see Rob happy, but not with someone who interrupts him and repeatedly chastizes him in interviews and on national television. Maybe she’s nice to him behind closed doors, which would make me a little more pro-Robsten. But I haven’t seen any evidence of that, as Kml just said. And now my obsession is starting to fade, which is tragic really. I LIKE reading fanfiction, slowing down my computer with my collection of Rob pics, conversing with like-minded fans, and ignoring douchebags guys because, pfft, they’re really nothing like Rob.

    Why can’t I listen to the tiny delusional voice in my head that says “No. They’re just BFF’s. He really WANTS to ride off into the sunset with one of his luckiest fans”. Maybe they just have a close knit friendship similar to Dawson Creek, circa 1998, where they slept in the same bed and it was completely and entirely platonic (until it wasn’t). ::blinks:: I mean, anything is possible right?

  13. dazzeledtodeath, I think I love you! I feel EXACTLY the same way. Can we be best friends? lol

  14. In Aus we dont celebrate thanks giving but I am thankful also for the lack of Robsten PDA…….that is something I would happily go out and buy a turkey for and do whatever you guys do to it……lol

  15. I’m holding on desperately to Nonsten. I just figure that they’ve spent so much time together filming Twilight, NM & Eclipse over the last two years that maybe they’ve got a little something in common. It doesn’t mean they’re in love or even a couple!
    I’m fed up of every tiny little move they make being psycho-analysed by the press to prove how together they are. Yes they’ve got chemistry, yes they get to kiss etc – in the films – that’s partly what made the films so successful. But. That’s. It.

  16. I used to be Robsten but since all of Kristen’s comments about being team werewolf and calling Rob an idiot on national TV I have totally changed my mind about them. I also think it would be worse if she was nice to him behind closed doors and treated him like crap in public – Rob is who he is, I would think that she would love him for that just like we do!

  17. What I notice about the pic here, Rob is happy! The HAND holding pics – did you see Rob’s face? He was fucking ecstatic! I don’t spend time deciphering bullshit of whether they are/aren’t holding hands, kissing at a concert, blah blah blah, it fucking is what it looks like. And the thing that stands out the most is that in all of these “questionable” PDA accounts, Rob is beaming with joy. Sam Bradley concert, KOL concert, a very windy airport tarmac (holding hat duh!), etc. etc. etc. As a real fan, I love seeing happy Rob, he’s gorgeous and talented, he should not be alone so some loser fan can fantasize about him. She’s a 19 year old gorgeous talented actress and your bashing her, seriously, you ladies are really messed up. And Rob talks about karma, it will come around and bite you all in the ass for sure. And to use his words for fans like you – nutters. I very rarely visit this site because of the mentality here, it just happened to be RT’d tonight – with Rob’s name on this site you should be ashamed to be so critical of someone he obviously holds in very high regard. Now you have someone else to hate on besides Kristen. Have a blast!

  18. wow, alot of those comments make me sick, you’ll go after Rob no matter what the cost. A true fan would respect him & want him happy. it’s people that won’t leave him alone that will drive him away, then where will u get your pics. Yes I agree w/ fame alot of this comes w/ but no one should have to go in hiding for it, this is just gone too far. And how far does no matter what the cost go till he gets killed by a crazy fan or paparrazi… RESPECT ROB!!!!! Oh & ya’ll can add me on your people to hate….

    • we only love hunny. no hate here.

      grab a little bottle. and sing ‘we are the rob’

  19. ok wrote this on the wrong post, but seriously if he’s happy w/ Kristen, people should be happy for them & leave them alone.

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