Posted by: Bekah | November 26, 2009

Thankful for Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US which means I’m off eating mashed potatoes and tofurkey (I am a vegetarian!), but I didn’t want to run off in my elastic waistband specially-made Pattinson-Turkey pants without first telling you what I’m thankful for today. I could go about this a few different ways- do I go sappy and thank your mom for giving birth to you 23 and 1/2 years and 13 days ago? (I’m not counting) Or do I make you laugh and thank you for existing so that people like the Pattinson Pants lady and TammyO have been introduced into my life? Nah- how about we just keep this simple and I thank you with naked pictures of myself gorgeous pictures!

I’m thankful when you don’t shave

It softens up after a few days...... that's what she said

I’m thankful that Nick can always make you take a shower

Nick- on the prowl for a new dirty up and coming actor to save from perpetual smelliness

Find out if I’m thankful for the Brit pack after the jump

I’m thankful that you don’t really look like this

Catherine Hardwicke's dream Edward- right here

Instead I’m thankful that you look like this

Move over Catherine's version of Edward and make way for UC's version...

I’m thankful you’ll be in a new movie with multiple sex scenes

Wonder if I can pay someone to superimpose my face over Emile's for an entire movie...

I’m thankful you’re a talented musician

Play me Rob

I’m thankful I saw you on the night you looked like this

This is when you were looking MY way!

I’m also thankful for: your health; your British accent; that your parents “did it” 24 years, 3 months and 13 days ago; your refusal to admit you’re dating Kristen, therefore keeping the fantasy of  your singleness alive in my mind; that we live in a time when our two countries aren’t at war (that’d be quite messy- I can’t love a Red Coat); and for your strong, lickable jaw. And- wow- I just read a draft of Moon’s post for LTT today which is completely sappy & sweet and now I feel like a perv, so I’ll end by saying I’m thankful for…. your mind, right… your intelligent mind, that’s why I like you…

Happy Tofurkey Day!

What are you thankful for about Rob?

Images all found on google images. “You can google it”

This weekend, because of the holiday, Moon & I are kinda MIA.  We will be around on & off, but be patient if you have a comment that needs approval- we will take a little longer than usual! Since we’re in and out (that’s what she said) we’ll be posting shorter posts for the next few days- but we have some special thanksgiving themed letters coming your way! All in celebration of the slaughter of cute little birds…!

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  1. I’m thankful Clare and Richard had sex.


    • …at least three times!:-)

      • Exactly! I almost put that in my comment… :>)

      • great math!

    • that’s what everybody is thankful for.

  2. Amen!

    • Boo – that was supposed to be a reply for Rob’s Bitch!

      • It works for all possible statements about Rob. No worries!

  3. I am thankful for all those things you said.
    Happy thanksgiving guys!

  4. Dear Rob:
    Im thankful because you exist. Without you there be no LTR/LTT, therefore there be no amazing new friends around the world.
    Im thankful because you alone manage to bring women all over the word together.
    Im thankful because you make me happy everyday.

    Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans!!!

    • So true! I am holding this flag very high too, not only today!

  5. I am thankful for:

    ~sparkly peen
    ~your youtube videos (especially the one where YOU sing “I was broooooken”)
    ~the fact that you play in other movies that mullsten isn’t in (actually I thank God for that)
    ~the FACT that mullsten is you dirty-grundge-kurt-cobain-phase (you’ll grow out of that like we all did too)
    ~thank you for giving me sweet dreams at night

    …..I’ll think of more…..

    • Thank you for the tuck( it showed me no one is perfect)
      Thank you for making dumpsters sexy
      Thank you for not sayin shiz like spider monkey in real life
      thankz for being the HOTTEST nerd ever
      Thank you for making me realize that if a man doesn’t have at least 3 of your qualities then I’m not interested
      AND THANK YOU for the one day full frontal nakedness that I am sure will come in the future (as long as santa gets that letter and the wishbone thing still works)

      • Bwahahhaa, “(as long as santa gets that letter and the wishbone thing still works)”. I wonder how many wishbones will be torn to that exact wish this weekend

        • I’m thinkin quite a few, I know that I purposely broke it so that I would win and when my hubby asked me what I wished for I said I couldn’t tell or it wouldn’t come true. He said ” HOw long are yuo gonna keep mentally cheating on me with that guy from twilight?” I said….”Don’t know what you’re talking baout..and stop talking about it or it won’t come true.

  6. Thank you Rob for making me think again so much about my life and myself!

    Not funny, but REAL!

    Thinking of more…

    • Ahemmm…thumb down? I didn’t get it…

      Anyway my mom on the phone 2 min.ago
      “Hey darlin, much fun tonite in the theater with THAT Robert PATTERSON guy, which you like so much!” told me ladies, that nearly All mums said that!
      I wasn’t a believer since now!
      I really don’t know if I can be thankful for that!<3

  7. I’m sure that Rob’s a wonderful person, blah blah blah, but what I’m really thankful for is that jaw and those hands.


    I’m also thankful for Vanity Fair. 😀

    • Ditto. God bless Vanity Fair & LTR. I’d be lost without both. Le sigh.

    • Love it…while I made the blabla comment…lol….and don’t forget……………. fingers, hair, eyes, lips, thighs, ass, feet and ALL the rest!

      • Oh yes, Rob’s smoldering eyes. Definitely thankful for those, too! Good call on all the rest!

  8. Dear Rob,
    Thank you for looking so frickin beautiful on the cover of the Entertainment magazine…that was a great gift today!

    Thank you for just being what you are…you know I learned so many new words beginning with “porn..”

    Thanks for being a person who pretends to have flaws although I really can’t see them at all……and last I want to thank you for putting the word “sexy” on a whole another level!

    Love you
    P.S. I am pretty sure you didn’t get it but it’s ok…and don’t get your stomach upset today!<3

  9. I’m thankful that there exist no such thing as mind-readers (esp. when it comes to my s/o, Rob and my boss).

    and for Rob’s hotness V long skinny legs jaw personality. Surely that has to be mentioned as well, because it’s true. In the way saying that sky is blue when someone asks you what the color of grass is, is true. But true nonetheless.

  10. I’m thankful that, technically, you live a two-hour train ride away from me. Which, technically, gives me the option to take your parents hostage and ask for you hott self as ransom. (Ransom… ransom… where have I heard that word before? … ow yeah, I remember) YOU, Rob, should be thankful that your parents apparently don’t show up in the telephone book. (I may or may not have checked that.) Bummer.

    PS: Just joking, in case the FBI or the MI5 is poking around on this site.
    PPS: Dear FBI/MI5 people: what are you doing here during working hours??! Busted!

    • FBI/MI5 people are obviously Rob fan’s. 😉

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans!!!!

    Dear Rob,

    I am thankful for this>>>>

    This is why I love you, annnnnnd what I assume you can do with those fingers. Just keepin it real.

    • Bahaha…I am thankful to you for the link…so funny!

    • I may or may not have been looking it that for the past hour, analyzing every movement. I love him.

    • Thanks for the link, he’s so hilarious! Hahah!

      Love u Rob!

      • Happy Thanksgiving to you! 🙂

    • I love how he analyzes what just made him trip. Yes, Rob, it’s a stair monster.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    I am thankful for my family, friends, my general health and well being blah blah blah!!
    This year I have something else to be thankful for and that is……….His Holy Hotness, RobertFuckingPattinson!!
    Yep, he makes me want to be a better woman!!
    So thanks to Rob. He gives me something to pine over other than my shitty life!!

  13. Rob, I’m thankful that you are yourself. Please stay true, awkward, funny, sexy, musical, happy, lickable …
    And I’m thankful for this blog, which has because of Rob become so important to me.

  14. Dear Rob,

    I am thankful that you inspired a blog where people can confess to having “elastic waistband specially-made Pattinson-Turkey pants”. I also thankful that you’ve decided to make the US your home, because although most of us will never meet you, we can still live vicariously through those
    greedy beotches who get to see you 4 times (won’t you share him already UC, Gah!!!). Lasty, I am thankful for liquid sex ways and all the sexy things you do near cameras that end up on interwebs… You have singlehandedly expanded
    the porn industry. These are the many things I appreciate about you
    body…err, I mean personality.

    Finger porn
    Plaid porn
    Button porn (those jeans!!)
    Hair porn
    Lip / lip biting porn
    Corn porn
    Eye / eye effing porn
    Cigi porn
    Henieken porn (basically, anything that goes near your mouth)
    Sexpender porn
    Jaw porn
    Scruff porn
    Dirty Rob porn
    Clean (Oscars?) Rob porn

    • I bought hubby a plaid shirt at Old Navy last night. When he tried it on I said “yeah, I can pretend you’re Rob in that”. He said he’ll wear it if I force him. He’ll wear it.

      • Yeah, I’ve notice an awful lot of plaid in display windows lately. For an authentic Rob plaid experience, place shirt at the bottom of the dirty chlothes hamper for three days, then put it on him.(twss)

    • You wrote what I thought. Thanks Xylem.

  15. I’m thankful for Rob’s sex hair and the many daydreams I may or may not have about touching it or even maybe (or not) pulling it.

    And all of Rob’s people said, “AMEN.”

    • AMEN, sistah.

  16. Dear Rob,

    I am thankful that you decided to live in the public eyes and to share your adorable self with us.
    I hope you do this for a very long time and keep bringing smiles on my face during the day and hot and/or sweet dreams at night.

    Thank you.
    Someone who didn’t think she could have such a long crush outside the loves of her life.

  17. And I am thankful for UC and Moon and their blogs that make my day so often.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all our friends in the US!

  18. I’m thankful for the internet , Twilight,, LTR, ladies hormones , fanfiction.

    Srsly, Rob is BIG because of those things.

    • Oh , Pattinsonlife too.
      Mostly i’m thankful that Rob hate to shave because I love scruffy Rob.

  19. I am thankful to be blessed.

  20. Rob,

    I am thankful for your lack of personal hygiene…because after we do it someday, you will be walking around smelling like our hot sex all DAY long.

  21. I am thankful for natural eyebrows and crooked teeth. I’m thankful for mumbled songs that pull at my very soul. I’m thankful for nervous hair fondles and girly giggles. I’m thankful for clingy tuxedo pants and wet hair in France. I’m thankful for English accents and panty-dropping charm.

    I’m thankful for a legion of women who, when reading those words, know exactly who I’m talking about. I’d buy you all a Heine and a Hot Pocket if I could.

    • A big thumb up..
      I KNOW EXACTLY of WHO are you talkin about…
      thanks for the beer!<3

  22. Thank you Rob for being your gorgeous, adorable, sexy self, for not being changed by all the fame and attention.
    Thank you for brightening my life. Thank you for being the muse for Moon and UC and the whole LTR/LTT sorority.

  23. I could be all…”thanks Rob for your inspiring performances” but really I’m thankful for the jawporn, fingerporn, your fuckhawt accent, the resurgence of my sexlife, doing Kristin now so she is out of your system by the time your reach your prime (God help me then), and just your general adorkableness–which I love!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies!!!!

  24. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, ROBsessed Pattinson. ROBsessed Pattinson said: Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 RT @letter2twilight Happy Thanksgiving from us, Rob & Twilight […]

  25. I am thankul for drunk Rob, lumberjack Rob, sad Rob, goofy Rob and dirty plaid wearing Rob and tux wearing Rob and…

    • ….nothing wearing Rob while sleeping…

      • Is it fantasy or taken from that british interview that I didn’t understand where he was speaking about the birthday suit ?

        • Yes, he said he obviously sleeps nekkid….I knew that already…lol

          • Thanks!!!

            All the English words he tought me! Now I have to teach him something in exchange, not that I want to, but you know, it’s all about politeness 🙂

            I’m going to rewatch that interview like a giglling little girl.

          • yep, watched the interview. It was easy to know the answer, but I didn’t even thought of it. Robgirl, you surpass me !

          • ….. that guy is too lazy to put on something for bedtime…:-) I love that and it’s a goodie for our dreams!

          • Gulp! He sleeps naked! Omg :-). Gotta see this interview!

  26. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! 🙂

    I agree with your post completely. Rob doesn’t know it, but he’s enriched my life so much. He gave me laughter and a lot of wonderful pictures to look at. Without him, there won’t be LTR/LTT and I wouldn’t have met some of the wonderful people that I now regularly talk to.

    I love Rob just the way he is: British, hobolocious, self-deprecating, deadpan humor, shiteous shoes, naive and tactless! Please don’t ever change Rob.

    • Uppps…. my Reply isn’t a Reply…:-)

    • @southernbelle
      Happy Thanksgiving !

      Happy Rob day!

      • Thank you very much, I am coming home from seeing NEW MOON…Rob was my fav.!<3

        • Still haven’t seen it. And it’s been here since more than a week! But I’m preserving myself fo more desperate time, or I don’t know, nothing seems good enough after the Robness we had lately.

        • You saw it! You saw HHH! Squee!!!!! I’m so jealous!

      • Thanks Minuit Passe!


  28. I am thankful that the hottest man on the planet can say the following words out of his mouth and somehow we just find him sexier:

    I think from the belt upwards everything is new. Sometimes I really wear my clothes until I can’t stand the smell anymore.

    Why don’t you change your clothes more often then?

    I only have a few things I really like. And I’m always en route, away from washing machines. Why am I even telling you that? Ah, something else, I rarely brush my hair. My dad always wanted to brush my hair when I was little. I hated it. Now I sound like a complete freak. (laughs)

    • What, did I miss something?
      Can you give us the link, cause it sounds promissing.

      Dear Rob,

      You don’t sound like a freak for not brushing your hair. I only brush my hair when I wash it. But I take a couple of showers a day. And change my cloths (mostly cause I need to get to wear all the stuff I buy, but that’s another story) My point is that you just need to improve your personal hygiene and I volunteer to make you love taking a shower or a bath. It’s OK, you can thank me later.

      • It’s the interview from the german INSTYLE this month!

        • Great, thanks!

          I tend to snob magazine interviews since I got used lately to the good stuff: video Rob porn and answers. Have you seen te RM stills?

          • YES great…I have the abbonement for know fashion is my second name…lol

          • I think we’d be great friends in real life. I used to keep all the good fashion and design magazines in my bookcase. You know, like great books.

  29. Great post! I’ve been telling everyone “Happy ThankGodforRobgiving Day!” That’s normal, right??

  30. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I ditto these thanks! I’m thankful for Rob and his genuine self, his inner child, his laugh, his talent, his scruff, his portrayal of Edward, his non-filter, his music, his smile when his eyes squint shut, his ability to not conform to Hollywood BS, and all you LTR lovies!

  31. I’m thankful for Kismet.

    ‘Nuff said.

  32. I’m thankful for robs impregnating stare . . . . I’ve given birth to 7 rapidly developing kids now because of that stare. : )

    oh and i guess any photographer that captures said stare.

  33. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for ruining my days and nights when I don’t get to live my life cause I need to live my dreams, which, as you may guess, revolve around you.
    Thank you for making me regress to my 16 years old time.
    Thank you for making me drool over a guy that I might never really meet (10 seconds fan attention doesn’t count).
    Thank you for making me feel like a hopeless addict, who’s never overdosing.
    Thanks, really!

    But since I’m in all the way, I am thankful for the laughs I have reading LTR, for the Remember Me trailer, for the VF photo shoot, and especially for your great interviews, those where you weren’t talking Twilight, where you were shy or just extremely funny, those where you were being yourself.

    • THAT Remember Me trailer is driving me CRAZY! 🙂

      • I am peeing myself everytime I see you jumping on a post about Remember Me porn Rob. Because I feel the same. I would jump on him. That Remember Me is fucking killing me!!!
        And then, there are the stills!
        And the VF photo with the book and dreamy sleepy Rob and porn foot. I mean c’mon, that is too much! He is fucking with us! All the things that go trough my mind watching that photo! I wonder if someone found his inspiration here when choosing the book and thought it would be a good joke.

        • Girlfriend, Rob is totally working it. He knows what he’s doing to us! Darn you Rob!

          But oh hey, I love you did I tell you that Rob? LOL.

  34. To Rob:
    Yes, yours, my love, is the right human face.
    I in my mind had waited for this long,
    Seeing the false and searching for the true,
    Then found you as a traveller finds a place
    Of welcome suddenly amid the wrong
    Valleys and rocks and twisting roads. But you,
    What shall I call you? A fountain in a waste,
    A well of water in a country dry,
    Or anything that’s honest and good, an eye
    That makes the whole world bright. Your open heart,
    Simple with giving, gives the primal deed,
    The first good world, the blossom, the blowing seed,
    The hearth, the steadfast land, the wandering sea,
    Not beautiful or rare in every part,
    But like yourself, as they were meant to be.
    (Edward Muir)

    Sappy? I know. But I have got my copy of Vanity fair now, and I am kind of overwhelmed with acute fondness. Those eyes are killing me. Not so softly. :-}

  35. hmmm…. I have got nothing to say really. You girls already said everything that needs to be said.
    I on my part did a list of things I am thankful for, too. But my one is about Taylor.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

  36. I’m thankful for finally understanding the true definition of “Sex On Fire”!

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

  37. As “they” say… every day above ground beats the alternative.

    I am thankful for alot of important things… life, health, the ability to do my first 5K race ever and NOT come in last!!! (I am a woman of a “certain” age- which shall go unmentioned here- HA!) I’m thankful that I have the guts to consider another 5K on Jan 1, 2010 and that I’m even thinking i could tackle a half-marathon in April.

    AND, I am thankful for alot of stupid unimportant shizz like a beautiful boy who not only revived my libido in 2009… but brought to mind the idea that I need to “grab my stones” in time for the 2nd half… so I can be the me I’m supposed to be.

    Besides…. how many times does 25 go into 50?
    wait for it
    As many times as you want!

    • I’ll die if that’s a Katt Williams reference!

      • I don’t know who Katt Williams is… but I thought it was pretty funny!

  38. UC, about you feeling like a perv…
    Fact: everyone here wants Rob porn
    Fact: someone else would tell you “Feel dirty. That makes it even better”. And if you know your classics, I’m sure you can guess who I quoted.

  39. I’m thankful that my husband just asked, “do you want to watch ‘How to Be’?”

    Other things I’m thankful for:

    -Rob’s wisdom about relationships (see today). So wise!

    -Rob’s walk

    -Photos of Rob touching his face

    -Mole on Rob’s neck (right side)

    -My ability to imagine how he smells

    -Feeling alive.

    Love you guys…

  40. I want to thank Rob, because LTR/LTT wouldn’t exist without him, and in this world, I discovered that it’s okay to think of ‘sex’, 23 hours a day… and because I feel less guilty being a perv because I know that “I am not alone”… hahahahahahahaha… I love depraved minds…

    It’s like,

    “This isn’t real…This kind of site (yep site) does not exist”
    Rob: It does in my world (does haughty Edward expression)

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