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The one where we explain Thanksgiving to Robert Pattinson

*It’s time again! Yup, tomorrow another American holiday is upon us and it’s time to explain to Rob why we’re once again gorging on food, taking the day off and generally being lazy. As is our custom here at LTR we’ve called upon a good buddy and fellow patriot to explain this delicious holiday to Rob*

The "real" first thanksgiving: weird hats, weird shoes, white guys, native americans, FOOD

Dear Rob,

Guess what?  It’s time for another American holiday!  Welcome to Thanksgiving, tomorrow is a special day where you get together with family and friends to celebrate all the things you’re thankful for in your life by stuffing your face until you can no longer move.

Just to give you a brief overview, the totally un-PC version of America’s history is that some British folk left England decked out in their finest hats and shoes with giant buckles, and wandered on over to the unknown land that would one day be known as America.  These Brits, known as “Pilgrims,” kind of elbowed their way into land already owned by the natives, and made themselves at home.  After some unrest, the “Native Americans” – which were quite affectionately called “Indians” until we realized that was pretty terrible of us – and the “Pilgrims” arranged a peace treaty, and had a celebratory feast to give thanks for said peace and for a bountiful harvest. 

Wait, something seems awfully familiar here...

Now, I know what you’re thinking: a treaty between the natives and a bunch of white people sounds suspiciously familiar.  But take my word for it – these natives didn’t turn into wolves, and the white people didn’t drink any blood. 

So naturally, over the years, we American’s have completely bastardized that first gathering and have transformed the holiday into a competitive eating event with new traditions.  Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Wake up early and watch a bunch of giant balloons that have absolutely nothing to do with anything maneuver their way through the streets of New York City while listening to asinine commentary by some TV news personality.  If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a few lip-synched performances from some irrelevant musical acts!
  • Turkey stuffed with … well, stuffing (or “dressing”).  It’s bread cubes crammed inside of a bird, basically.  Some people put sausage in it.  And then you eat it all.  Don’t worry, it’s not that strange… Just think, it sounds a little like a fancier version of one of your favorite culinary delights, no?  I promise you it’s even BETTER than that pepperoni Hot Pocket. 
  • Various sides, including sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows just like the Pilgrims would have wanted, cranberry gel fresh from a can like nature intended, rolls sold by a creepy little doughboy that giggles when you touch him, and sometimes vegetables.
  • DESSERT!  There’s nothing more American than apple or pumpkin pie.  That’s a lie – the only thing more American than having one of those is having a giant slice of EACH covered in ice cream and ReddiWip whipped cream.  Note: refrain from taking a shot of whipped cream straight out of the can at the table – it’s usually frowned upon.
  • Football.  No not soccer, American football.  You’re a guy, you’re supposed to like sports.  Just cheer when the other guys cheer and you’ll be fine.  Eventually they’ll all fall asleep on the couch, and you can go back to reading your obscure novel.
  • If someone asks you if you want the wishbone, it’s not an obscure sexual innuendo.  Two people hold either side of the turkey’s wishbone, pull, and whoever ends up with the biggest part of the bone gets a wish.  If you win, might I recommend a wish for “self-cleaning hair” or an “endless array of flannel shirts” – something that’ll come in real handy, none of this “world peace” business.

So what’s in store for Rob this Thanksgiving? Find out after the cut

Don't ask me why the pilgrims had a hoe-down or why one is a nun... it is just iS!

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you’ll be spending the day with Kristen and her family.  You’re probably looking forward to a (much deserved) break from the endless interrogation of all those relentless press people.  But not so fast… See, Thanksgiving is the first of the big holidays where everyone gets together that you haven’t really seen or talked to in a while.  So what does that mean?  You’re going to get interrogated, it just won’t be on camera.  Kristen’s nosy Aunt Millie is totally going to ask you to confirm the truth about Robsten, and Summit’s pre-scripted answers can’t even save you there.  But just know that somewhere in New Jersey, I’ll be getting the third degree on any boys in my life, too.  At least there aren’t any pictures of me holding hands (editors note: ahem, WRIST holding) with someone to contend with…

So enjoy the holiday, Rob.  You certainly have a lot to be thankful for these days, even if everything you’ve got going for you means that you have to put up with complete lunatics on occasion *cough*pattinson pants lady*cough*.  I know your pretty face is on my list of things to be thankful for, though I won’t be admitting that at the dinner table.

See, you're already catching on! This is exactly what you do after all that food!

Don’t forget to wear elastic waist pants,

P.S. A special Thanksgiving thanks goes to UC and Moon and the amazing community they’ve built, giving me an outlet for my crazy.  <3’s all around.

Big thanks to HeyyyBrother for explaining Thanksgiving to Rob! Did we miss anything? What part of Thanksgiving should Rob most be looking forward to? If you’ve got a holiday you’d like to explain to Rob please email us!

Special Note: For the rest of this Thankgiving week we will be giving thanks here on LTR and at LTT if you have something you’d like to give thanks for Rob or Twi-related (it can be small or big, short or long. That’s what she said) Feel free to email or tweet us so we can feature you!

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  1. Dear Rob,

    I have pie for you:: come and get it!!


  2. I feel like Rob isn’t 100% prepared for the level of inquiry he’ll get from her family. They will make TMZ and OK magazine look like Reader’s Digest. You just know they’ve realized that Kristen’s ‘acting’ will not carry them as far as Rob’s perfect face and ACTING will.

    Maybe he can just strum a few tunes on the guitar and text his boys and dream of a time when he doesn’t have to stare down Aunt Millie…

  3. On behalf of Rob, thank you for explaining Thanksgiving. I didn’t have any idea either what it was about haha

    • me neither hahaha
      we don’t celebrate it here in brazil…

  4. Dear Rob,
    after eating all that good stuff
    you can come over to relax in my bed..
    I will Thanks-give-to-this…I
    Love you

    P.S. You don’t have to bring with you the obscure novel…I am pretty sure you will have no time for reading!

    • What a perfect way to “work” off all those extra calories.
      Though, he could use a couple of extra pounds.
      So be gentle with him!!!!

    • Hey girlfriend! I had the same thing in mind! 🙂

    • And if he’s already in germany he can come over to me aswell…

  5. Don’t forget the other Thanksgiving tradition- horrendous and frustrating traveling- oh wait, That will seem familiar to Rob after the recent press tour.

    Don’t forget the another tradition- dueling side dishes! The same side dish made in slightly different ways by different members of the family who both insist that you have some of their ‘speciality’ and then make you choose, in front of everyone, which is best. Ahhh, the pleasant holiday memories!

    A Yes on the elastic waist pants!

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Dueling side dishes…WIN!!!!1

      • It happens every year! I think they think its the Pillsbury bake-off or something!

    • my step daughter called me asking how to make deviled eggs….I got defensive. Dueling side dishes are one thing, it’s an altogether different scenario when someone actually solicits your help in usurping on your territory.

  6. ” Kristen’s nosy Aunt Millie is totally going to ask you to confirm the truth about Robsten, and Summit’s pre-scripted answers can’t even save you there.” Hilar! Because you know it’s so true.

    • I imagine Rob at that table with some well-ironed-shirt and rosy cheeks…you know…just for Aunt Millie…
      but then…after a while of good behaving and compliments about the great eating stuff…he surely will tell some great joke..kinda like “Where is your dumpster…? Do you have the Heineken-Thanksgiving-edition? No? Wwwwwhhhyyy? …Is that turkey really dead?”…

      I would pay for seeing that scenario!

      • So true! and can you imagine how awesome (read inappropriate) his bathroom jokes are going to be at the dinner table?! I would so pay a theatre ticket to see 15 mins of Rob sitting at a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by his American girlfriend’s family whom he is trying to impress. Don’t get wrong, he’ll accomplish it, cause he is as charming as genderless liquid sex, but it will still be hilarious.

        • They will LOVE him without exactly knowing WHY…pretty much like us!

      • Dear Rob,

        Please refrain from any good joke involving stuffing or any subject in this style. Don’t worry, you won’t be frustrated, you can spill it all out when we meet for some pints, OK?

  7. Rob,
    My husband should be thankful for you, he just doesn’t know it.
    Thanks for the jawporn, Kat

    • You’re right! Men everywhere should be thankful for all the Rob-related benefits!

      • haha acutal conversation:
        Me: *looks at my background* “He is soooo goodlookin’.”
        Fiance: Why do you always stare at him…oh…that’s a really good picture.

        • Let me guess GQ circa Fall 2008… White shirt?

          • Nope. Vanity Faire.

  8. Dear HeyyyBrother,

    I ❤ you. I don't need to workout today because my abs are now sore from laughing. Thank you for this: "If someone asks you if you want the wishbone, it’s not an obscure sexual innuendo." I'm now going to spend the day thinking of just how I would "wishbone" Rob.


  9. Don’t forget that time-honored tradition of family bickering and uncomfortable conversations. When you refuse to confirm or deny Robsten know that someone will get mad, then someone else will get mad at that person being mad and before you know it you will be in the middle of a heated discussion about which sibling had it worse, who went to rehab, who brought home the most awful boy/girlfrend, and who just got fired from his/her job. When this happens DON’T try to say something funny. Just ask for more potatoes.

    • Wow…. that behavior sounds pretty familiar to me….
      and here in Germany there is NO Thanksgiving at all!
      Poor Rob…he will get red hot ears…I guess!

      • I love when his ears get all red.

    • Hahahaha. “When this happens DON’T try to say something funny.” Thank you for that, this is where I ALWAYS go wrong. No death stares this year, I’m keeping my mouth shut.

    • Too bad Robby has a penchance for word vomit. I’m sure grandma will hear about his deformed sex toy line when he MEANT to ask for more potatos.

      • “No, really Grandma Stewwie! NO batteries and it *barely* sparkles!”

        How I would love to be an audience for that conversation.

        • And it’s NOT to scale.

        • You know gramma is gonna ask him to autograph hers.

          • … and say she didn’t even notice it didn’t have batteries.

    • Ah, yes… the bickering. I have a small family, so you’d think that would mean my low-key holiday gatherings could go over without a hitch, but you would be very very wrong. If Rob came to celebrate Thanksgiving with me, I have a hunch we’d be seeing a lot of this face.

      • I love that face and….
        huge thanks for your great explanations ❤

      • That’s one of my favorite faces.

      • Also, when I lived in NYC my friend used to invite me over for Thanksgiving. It would be me, him, and his mom. And it would still take less than 10 minutes for the family bickering to start. Ahhh.. the holidays..

      • HeyyyBrother… I don’t know how I missed that today’s post was from you, but it just awesome. Thanks for helping our Robbie out with the whole great American pastime of over eating. Srsly though, Turkey has to taste better than it’s Brittish counterpart the rotten pheasant. Eeek!

        • Gah..I am actually feeling bad for the translation of “rotten pheasant”…that came without WARNING!
          I guess that was your answer to the “4th of July quote, when Rob usually sacrafied some americans”…..MAMMA MIA!

      • That face is so awesome, it needs its own name for referencing.
        The WTF Rob?

        • WTF Rob it is!

        • A few days ago I said I got an “O RLY!?” vibe from that pic, but I was totally wrong. It has a “what has been seen cannot be unseen” vibe. And I looooove it.

  10. I’m British, been in the US for 10 years.

    Dear Rob

    Thanksgiving is like a British Christmas dinner.

    The downside – there’s no Queen’s speech, no roasties (usually mash), no sherry, no sausages wrapped in bacon, no bread sauce, no mince pies, no Christmas pudding, no crackers and no presents. If there’s cheese it’s probably served before dinner as an appetizer.

    Your hangover isn’t quite as bad because you haven’t been to Midnight Mass roaring drunk to sing carols at the top of your voice the night before.

    I don’t get the Macy’s parade either.

    On the plus side there are lots of pies, some of them are good. Skip the weird green bean/crunchy onion thing referred to as a casserole. There is nothing casserole-y about it.

    Have fun


    • Green bean casserole is the most vile concoction ever invented.

      • Awww…

        It’s one of my favorites.

        • Mine too!

          • Me, three! Om nom nom!

      • JodiO, I am with you. I grew up with sort of hippie parents, all we had were steamed green beans with a bit of lemon on them. (which I will be making tmw…)

      • you and me are done
        i am cooking 2 of them tomorrow morning

        and my first pumpkin pie. wish me luck

        • Pumpkin pie is a dish I can get behind. Can we at least be frenemies?

      • That’s my favorite!

      • I gave you a thumbs down because I’m totes looking forward to the green bean “casserole.” Hmm, maybe I should make one just to make sure I get some of it.

    • Dear Robert

      What “Just Me” said 🙂

      Turkey, endless food, stuffing your face…….

      It is like a slightly weird/quirky dress rehearsal for Christmas.

      See you in December, London misses you ❤


    • the green bean casserole is one of the most American foods out there – a combination of frozen vegetables, canned mushroom soup and deep fried crunchy onions – it’s like a little slice of heart attack in a dish. And given Rob’s general love of the prepackaged junk food – I think he’d love it!

      Great comment Just Me!

      • “It’s like a little slice of heart attack in a dish”
        … but you also get to pretend like you’re eating your vegetables for the day!

    • “Dress rehearsal for Christmas” = most accurate description on Thanksgiving I’ve hears in a while.

      Green Bean Casserole is shit in a dish.

    • “No roasties (usually mash)”? Are we talking mashed potatoes here? Because that is a staple in my household. The two musts are turkey and mashed potatoes. It’s not Thanksgiving without those two.
      A couple of years ago I had Thanksgiving with some extended family and my aunt made some sort of sweet potato concoction (not yams) and she said that accounted for the potato.
      I was surrounded by loving family, my life was quite nice, and there was an abundance of food on the table, yet I truly felt as if it was just a dinner and not Thanksgiving all due to lack of mashed potatoes.


      • I am with you!! I had a friend that tried to pass off a scary sweet potato casserole in place of the mashed potatoes!! I was not happy!!

      • Sorry! Mash = Mashed Potatoes.
        I’m a big fan of mashed potatoes but I’m betting Rob would be a roastie kind of guy
        Roasties = Roast Potatoes

        You boil the hell out of peeled and halved potatoes for about 10 minutes. They won’t be done at this point. You then drain off the hot water. Put them back in pan, put lid on and shake the pan like crazy to rough up the outsides of each little potato. Then put the slightly bashed potatoes into a baking tin filled with about 1.5 cups of super hot vegetable oil/butter. Into oven at around 390 degrees. They come out all golden crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. Eaten by about 70-90% of people on a Sunday and a critical part of Christmas dinner.

        I can’t believe I’m writing a recipe on LTR. Sorry. But should Rob ever come visit, you’ll be able to make him some roasties to go with his hot pockets.

    • Sausage wrapped in bacon? That is like the epitome of heart attack…I think I need that.

  11. Soccer is more fun. Give thanks to the Lord for blessing the USA.


      God has smiled upon my prayers.

      • Sweet Jesus, he finally found LTR!!

    • ..for blessing the USA….and La Fiorentina…I love them. I am an italian TIFOSO…!
      Sorry, english soccer is sometimes… I would say… NOT so sucessful, but the soccer-players look always quite sexy…is that counting too?

    • BOBBY GEE!??

  12. This was amazing, HeyyyBrother.

    The only thing that could make it more amazing is the visual of Rob spraying me with said can of whipped cream and then licking it off….

    Ummm… I need a moment.


    • @fang I totally went there, too (well him w/me – not you). Great minds think alike.

  13. You forgot to prepare him for the green bean cassarole! And various options of how to cook a turkey. You have deep fried, baked, roasted, smoked…it’s truly endless. And you failed to warn him of the results of eating said bird…Tryptophan!!

    And since we know that KStew can throw a ball…isn’t tossing a football around in a friendly game of touch football always in order? Seems like something the Stew’s would do. And probably keep 911 on speed dial for when Rob hurts himself. He’s delicate.

    • We did forget about the touch football game where participation is mandatory! You’re right! The testosterone from all the armchair quarterbacks who want to prove how good they are at the game could endanger our Rob!

      What what it that he said about sports in school, that as a goalie, he’d try to catch the ball and his fingers would just bend back and the ball would hit him in the face? NOnono! I don’t want his fingers hurt or his face bruised!!!

    • Very delicate…I think he is more the “table soccer guy”…you know the ones….. one hand on the bar…the other holding beer AND

      • Foosball?

        • YES…that green thing on a table (well grounded on the floor b/c guys are using much energy….teehee..) with the small plastic figures…

          here in Germany there a lots of them….in every good smoky dirty pub!
          Not very sporty the whole thing..but very FUNNY if MEN are tipsy OR more…lol

        • No son of mine is gonna play any foos-ball.

          • It’s ubb da debil.

          • Wit dem GAH-gantuans!

          • Stop. Ladies, STOP. You are making me HURT from laughing, here! Never, never, NEVER again are you to make me think of any combination of Rob and an Adam Sandler movie. It just isn’t right . . . so effing hilarious. Just . . . stop.

          • Guess what?? I like Vicky and she likes me and she let me touch her boobies and I LIKED THEM TOO!!!

          • LMAO! You know the “house-version” of that game is a very popular Christmas gift for little boys…german education…I guess..

          • Mama says crocodiles are so ornery because they have all them teeth and no toothbrush.

  14. Please forgive me for my HORRENDOUS mistake of suggesting they were actually holding hands. WRISTS! WRISTS!

    Also, it’s funny how so many people are talking about green bean casserole. I had that in my list of sides originally, but took it out because I didn’t have anything more to say about it than “ew.”

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

    • Yes, the green bean casserole is a polarizing dish, you either love it or hate it!

    • you know why you got a thumbs down.
      don’t hate the green bean casserole

      • I actually assumed it was from a Robsten ‘shiper, but I’m totally a-ok with it being for the ‘cass.

  15. HeyyyBrother – loved your description of Thanksgiving and your advice for Rob. I think you covered all the bases. He’ll do great at Kristen’s house.

    I’m thankful for this great community of like minded crazies!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  16. I’m thankful for the genius that plopped Rob in a beach chair with a book entitled ‘Sex driven people’.

    • I love the closed eyes and look at his foot…how can that be soooo sexy?

      • Nah, it’s a Rob thing. You could recreate that entire scene with Brad Pitt or George Clooney down to the pebble arrangements and it wouldn’t be sexy at all. The man is just liquid sex… It’s his super power. I figured out while waiting in line to see NM. There were girls ages 6 – 70 ish all gushing about him… And let’s not talk about the guys!

        He made plaid sexy for heaven’s sake, by wearing dirty plaid shirts. And can you think of a more prudish woman than Martha Stewart? Yeah… She’s even having dreams about him too… And telling him about it through Kstew. It’s an effing tsunami of liquid sex… Us mere mortals don’t stand a chance.

        • I agree with you about the plaid. Everyone used to hate it, but now where I live its all I ever see. I am 105% sure that Rob has something to do with it. No one but the Brittpack and him can pull it off though. *sigh* 🙂

        • I don’t get why everyone is going on about the plaid. Here it’s been everywhere for least 2 years, most likely 3.
          I also don’t get what’s so surprising about the way he dresses. Except for the fact that he doesn’t have much clothes. I think a French legitimate fashion magazine even wrote an article about his cool style.

      • His feet are always turned inward and I love that about him.

      • It’s freaking sexy!!!!!!!!!!!
        The clarks, no socks and the way he twists his foot!!!!!!!!
        The guy is “liquid sex”.
        I wouldn’t have gone to English classes if I knew that I’ll improve my English here.

  17. Excellent post HeyyyBrother!! You are freaking hilarious …and I, too, am thankful to UC & Moon for giving you an outlet for your crazy 😀

    • Aw, yay! ❤

      And as if you don't see enough of my crazy on twitter…

  18. Happy Thanksgiving Rob!

    HeyyyBrother, your description makes me all maudlin for Christmas – not!! Still got a zillion pressies to buy. Another plaid shirt, a stoli t, or maybe go wild for the plaid converse? Decisions, decisions!

  19. Thank you HeyyyBrother for reminding me that I’m visiting LTR for educational purposes. I can’t believe we miss out on all the fun here.
    “stuffing your face until you can no longer move” sounds really like my kind of gathering (minus the extented family).

    Also Rob, if you feel something creeping up your leg, don’t immediately assume it’s Kristen’s cat or the robotic vacuum cleaner. Make sure Aunt Millie or Granny Stew ain’t sitting across from you at the table first. Trust.

    • Bahahaha…you cracked me up, what an weird crowd under the table….

    • You also need to be sure that KStew’s little cousin isn’t playing house under the table. Those darned kids these days, won’t leave that Edward guy alone. Rob better watch out, her family will all fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him without even knowing the reason.

  20. happy thanksgiving to all the americans 🙂 we had ours last month!

    that pic of rob is hawwwwt !

  21. HeyyyBrother!
    Excellent letter! Rob will be well-prepared at the Stewart’s house.

    Um, that pic of the Pilgrims dancing? Seriously, what is that? I lol’d.

    And i grew up in US and have never understood what the Macy’s parade is all about. I also grew up West Coast so, it may just be beyond me.


    • Nah, I grew up in Jersey and have been to the parade… I still don’t get what it has to do with Thanksgiving, so you’re not alone. But yet it’s still tradition…

      Even stranger is that it’s followed up on TV by some traditional dog show. wtf?

  22. HeyyyBrother~ you are so clever. Loved the Quillette/Cullen treaty photo.

  23. Rob, please forego the elastic waist pants. Just, you know, pop a few of those buttons when it gets uncomfortable in your pants. Then walk around outside (preferably near some pap haunts) and just let that discomfort breathe. BREATHE.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving all! I’m currently in the car w/ my parental units driving to Denver. 8 hrs if fun in the car! Right now Bob Segar is telling me we’ve got tonight and it making me want to be spooning w/ the sparkly one, I can’t help it. Random much?!

    I’m Thankful for UC & Moon for creating this blog and for all my flat mates at the forum. I heart your faces hard!

    • Awwh, we miss you, Jena! Hope you have a good weekend!

    • Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  25. I have many things I’m thankful for. One of them is Rob….because honestly if I don’t have him to fawn over, my life would be so boring right? 🙂 I’d just be a regular Donna Reed housewife and mother, fine but we all need some excitement!

    So Rob thanks for your self-deprecating humor, your hobolicious lifestyle(that I’m pushing for my hubby to do), your gorgeous face and everything else you do. You never fail to amaze me and you make my life so very interesting!

    • Oh honey I just have to say “Amen” know your speech was like a little lovely preech to Rob!
      So true…and Rob…thanks for being what you are…thanks for knowing southernbelle (the Donna Reed woman…I didn’t get it but sounds funny…lol)…and thanks for a lot of things I really CAN’T say on a public american blog 🙂

      So..perhaps Thanksgiving Day is from now on ThanksRob Day too?<3<3<3

      • Hey this is Donna Reed! She passed away in 1986(the year Rob was born!).

        Very motherly, caring, housewife, old-fashioned. Hence, me! See the apron?

        Hey whatever you can’t say here, you can always email it to me you know :-).

        If you’re ever here in the US, you’re more than welcome to come for any holiday here! You’ll love my mixed-raced loud and obnoxious family! We’re like the one in My Big Fat Greek wedding~!

        • first official american invite…can I come over with all my mixed european family?… so that would be like a convention of the United Nation!

          • Hahha yeah the more the merrier! Y’all will be forced to watch football though! Can you deal w/ that? 🙂

            Usually the guys watch that and the women continue to eat/snack while we watch some modeling show.

  26. I forgot to say, thanks Moon and UC for giving us an outlet for our robsession :-). You girls make it so easy! 🙂 Thanks!

    • I second that!! Thanks Moon… Thanks UC… Feel better soon Moon!

  27. Three posts in a row!!!

    I was just staring at that pic of him with his eyes closed and lounging on that chair. I missed it the 1st time but now I noticed his foot was twisted in! Hahah, he’s so adorable. If I was there I’d be so tempted to touch his leg and straighten it! :-).

    And I love the book he’s reading. I wonder what’s his favorite part in the book? 😉

    • No honey, don’t do that, don’t let the MOTHER out of you, remember? you are a HOT girl :-)……let us just put the book away and give him some soft kisses on the eye-lids….mmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmm!

      • Soft kisses on the eyelids? Wow I like the sound of that! Any other ideas?

        Throw that book away Rob, we got stuff for you to do!

      • you’re so innocent robgirl86… when I saw that pic I was definitly thinking of smth else than ‘a soft kiss on his eye-lids’… ifyouknowwhatimsaying(andimsureyoudo)

        • Don’t let robgirl fool you! She’s not that innocent! Haha! She’s got something up her sleeve~

          • You know what my cousin says? Don’t ever trust a girl who’s acting innocent. They are the worst. HAHAHA
            Still waters run deep.

        • I know… I know…that’s my addiction to his beauty…kinda religious devotion…:-)
          ..the porn will come after Tgiving!

  28. My Favorite thing about T-giving is Black Friday shopping the next day! If you’re interested, Rob… we leave the house at 5 am to get our usual parking spot in front of Sears. We can go there first and buy Papa P. a new tie. I bet their turkey ties will be on clearance…

    So funny that Tgiving is a US holiday only- It’s SUCH a big deal here that it’s hilarious that no other country even has a version of it… except Canada… what’s Canadian tgiving like? The same?

    • I would love to have Tgiving here in Europe…perhaps with the globalization someday it will arrive here…
      today I want to say Thank you to YOU and your blog…
      enjoying it today has made me soooo hungry!<3

    • Well in a few years I am so sure it will become european. Cause Halloween already is. Lets just wait a while

    • Maybe we should start acknowledging the UK holidays so Rob knows we’re thinking of him missing them. So many classics:

      5th November – Bonfire Night (a.k.a Guy Fawkes night).

      Guy Fawkes tried to burn down the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder but was caught. (early sort of failed terrorism). Small children all over the country stuff an old set of clothes with newspaper to make a Guy Fawkes effigy. The stuffed clothing person is put on a large bonfire and burnt to death. Then we eat sausages and light fireworks.

      Seriously – check it out here:

      Coming up sooner is “Boxing Day” which is the 26th December. Something to do with putting money in a box for the poor. But mostly a day to sit around and drink more/eat more chocolate oranges.

  29. @robgirl86 ur kidding right? I mean the fact that you are from Diedorf huh? I live in Augsburg girl!!!
    HAHAHA The world is definitly too small…

    • Lol Bleriana…not Diedorf 🙂 (OMG.. Where is that?)… it’s Düsseldorf, but near anyway…hugs ❤

      • Its some village near Augsburg. Thats why I was all like omg she just lives across the corner. You know Düsseldorf is a bit more away huh.


  30. I am thankful that my husband has not discovered the extent of my acute fondness for Rob!!

    And just so you know, UC and Moon, I am very thankful for LTR! As a SAHM with 4 kids, your blog has helped me keep my sanity. After listening to screaming kiddos and changing dirty diapers, a little escape from reality is very welcome!

    PS. Heyyybrother, you are awesomeness! I am thankful for you too!!
    Happy Turkey Day

    • Amen to that girl. You wrote what was going through my mind.

    • Ditto on the dirty diapers….right now you can add sick toddler and sick mommy to the list! Yes Rob, take me away!!!! Far, far away! An escape from reality is always good, even for a few minutes!

      • Darlin, Rob is NOT David Copperfield…I guess he has his troubles by himself right now! Perhaps he’s wishing to get away from HIS reality by YOU?lol

      • Sick toddlers are no fun! I hope you feel better soon! Rob is the new Calgon. Rob, take me away! 🙂

        • Hahah, I know. My thoughts exactly, Calgon! Hehe!

  31. I am thankful that my hubby did not divorce me after 6 hours of my “happy hands,” squees, sassy comments, and illicit sexual banter directed at the screen when he went with me to see Twilight followed by the midnight showing of NM. He did slump further and further into his seat as the night progressed and I heard him mutter under his breath often, but he stayed. And has not had me committed. Life is good.

    I am thankful for Moon & UC and all you funny pervs. I know I am not alone in my Robsession- thank you and full booby hugs to you all!

  32. Dear Aunt Millie,
    if you taped the Thanksgiving dinner with Rob and post the video on YouTube, I’d be SOO thankful.
    Love, me.

    • *posted
      sorry for the mistake, I got excited imagining Rob telling weird jokes around turkey…ummm…ok.

  33. A couple of other hints, Rob…

    When in doubt, you should, of course, smother everything in gravy. Stuffing, potatoes, turkey…anything you just don’t recognize. Go for it. Your future heart attack will thank you.

    Thanksgiving is, thankfully, the one holiday where you need make no decisions. Apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie is being offered? No problem! It’s perfectly acceptable to look slightly guilty and then say, “May I have a sliver of each?”

    Do not be surprised by the size of the turkey being served. It’s quite normal for a gathering of six to include the presentation of a bird so large that it could easily wipe out the famine of a small nation. This brings on the second-most-favorite-or-despised thing about Thanksgiving … leftovers! Plan to be eating all forms and manner of turkey for the foreseeable future.

    • Any relation to BobbyGee? 🙂

      • LOL … Whoa. A Bucks Fizz reference?? Ha! No. Not related.

  34. Since Rob has himself admitted he only has like 2 pairs of black jeans that he’s always wearing….I guess we should expect to see him walking around with gravy-stained pants after tomorrow. 😀

    • Yeah among other things! Haha.

  35. I wonder if Rob would like to share some Tofurky with us. I’m imagining the hours of hilarity that would ensue trying to explain it to him.

    Rob’s Bitch: “It’s like a Gardenburger, but tastes like a Thanksgiving dish.”

    Rob: “Do you also find that in the garden?”

    Rob’s Bitch: “No”

  36. lol, that made me laugh.
    In Australia, we don’t do thanksgiving so it was good to hear your version of it. Pretty much soudns like an Aussie christmas to me 🙂

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