Posted by: Bekah | November 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson’s competition

Dear Rob,
I have a confession. Tonight, I was catching up with a little of this on TV:

Paul Wesley

I'm a vamp who knows how to brood

and last week when looking for a book to take on the plane to LA I came across the book which was made into a movie with the hottest sex scene ever starring this:


I'm British and I won't cock-block you. Best of both worlds

Will I continue to offend Rob with pictures of guys other than him!? Find out after the jump

and a few weeks ago I saw this performing live in concert then snuggled up with my TV to watch this in the best chick flick performance of all time:


I wanna be on your "freebie list," even though your husband says I can't, because I'm on HIS list...

and I recently saw an advertisement for some sort of Trekkie DVD that this starred in:


I make Trekkies cool.... for once...

and being with Moon last week made me remember how much we used to spend our time swooning over this:

Adam Brody

I'm the king of dorks. And your first love. How dare you forget me...

And Rob… I swooned. Over them all. In fact, I texted Moon and said “Um. Catching up on vamp diaries. Paul Wesley might be hotter than Rob.” YIKES. What has gotten into me? Was it the incredible strong drink my hubby made me hoping to entice me into the bedroom (No thanks hunny, I’m just looking at pics of the 5 hottest guys EVER). Or when SPRINTING into the theater for the midnight showing last week following by hoards of New Moon-horny women (and just plain horny guys) did I trip & fall, hit my head and get knocked unconscious and the last 4 days have been an dream my brain has been playing while I’m in a coma?  Maybe, but my text conversation with Moon didn’t end there:

Me: So I’m really feeling Paul Wesley right now, yet, I love Rob more. Is that odd?”
Moon: Paul may be hotter, but I feel Rob’s got more going on upstairs.
: Do you mean downstairs?
: Well, probably that too, but no I mean upstairs- plus we’ve committed ourselves to Rob for almost over a year now and all those things mean true love. Rob’s an old faithful at this point.
: Ah- Rob’s dream- to be compared to a big burst of water in the ground in Wyoming
: Like right now Ryan Reynolds is in The Proposal which is playing in the RV (Side note: I did not add that in for dramatic effect. I had to include it because Moon is traveling in an RV for “The Moon Family National Lampoon’s vacation”) but I don’t care enough to blog about him or fly to events he might be apart of
Me: Sigh (yes I sighed during our text conversation) I’ll admit it- I have feelings for other guys. I have room in my heart for other incredibly attractive celebrities. There I said it. Yet NONE compare to Rob….

What IS that Rob? What sort of spell do you have over me? Why haven’t I started LetterstoPaul yet and why didn’t I try to stalk The ‘Gos when I was at Moon’s house last week, 1 neighborhood over from yours (okay, to be fair… I did yell at her one night and threaten to leave because I wasn’t having a good enough time and hadn’t even run into Ryan Gosling yet… but that was before I saw you two days in a row) And can any of these guys be compared to each other? I mean, Adam Brody is the king of hot dorks. Done. Ryan Gosling? Hottest of the hipsters. Amen. Chris Pine? Well, he’s like that guy who’s on the crew team at college and lives in the frat house, but is a REALLY good time when your artsy, hot Shakespeare playwright wanna-be boyfriend (enter James McAvoy) gets all angsty on you. And Paul Wesley is that mysterious new guy that you never really get to know but have really hot daydreams about… and you? Rob you are….

Rob Pattinson

Wouldn't want anyone to know we just did it in the broom closet...

Gah… you’re you. I don’t know why you’re hotter in person than in pictures or on camera. I don’t know why when you say 2nd-hand embarrassing things it makes me heart you more. I don’t know why I decided to blog about you instead of any of the other eligible guys… I just did. Now leave me alone.. that picture of you officially ruined the nice Paul Wesley distraction I had going for me.

Sigh, (yes, a literary sigh)

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  1. Everything you say is so true. I also sometimes look at other celebrities (James McAvoy ia one of my faves too). But I always come back to Rob. The look at others may last one movie, one pic… but Rob – It’s blogs, youtube vids, fanfic stories, picture searches, interviews, magazines…. ok I am getting carried away. Anyways- Rob is so much more. His quirky ways always draw us back in and of course that VF pic doesn’t hurt!! Long live oue Rob Love!

  2. I agree it’s hard to pin it down (thatswhatisaid) they are all great blokes but I have never read a blog or left a message on one about anyone else EVER ! what is it – that last picture might sum it up the jaw, the chin, the scruff, the hands – but all those other dudes have them too. He’s got something else that you can’t put into words so I won’t try – thanks bye X

  3. Oh, yes, I totally hear you.
    Ryan Gosling? Gah. The Notebook is like, the best movie ever. That and Love Actually. Duh.
    Adam Brody? Um, Seth Cohen is the shiz. He is way adorkable.
    Paul Wesley ain’t bad but I haven’t seen Vamp Diaries so I still know him as Donny the dude that shot Luke.
    McAvoy has a hot accent, even thought he looks a bit like a hobbit.
    Pine is hawt.

    But it is still always Rob.


    • I watched The Notebook AND Love Actually this weekend. And you’re right, even after all that, it is still always Rob.

      • And for that, you win at life.

  4. We love Rob, and we lust all the others. These other guys come and go, but my love for Rob has been constant for well over a year now. It’s because he’s not just good looking, he’s a sensitive soul, he’s totally humble in face of mass adoration, and, he’s just so normal. I actually could have a pint with him and a good conversation – he doesn’t seem untouchable like a lot of other Hollywood stars, he’s down to Earth.

    And he’s effing GORGEOUS.

    • That’s right – learnt me some HTML!

      • Wanna teach me?? haha.
        I am coding illiterate.

        • you too-i thought that was just me..

    • He is GORGEOUS–learnt me some English!

    • Agreed Shleeeigh. What makes Rob so perfect is that he is not so perfect. He says totally crazy things, dresses terrible at times but just doesn’t care. His handlers can’t keep him reeled and his true personality ends up showing through. And you see he is just an average guy who just happens to be beautiful…that is his appeal.

    • Shleeeigh, I totes love your comments. You always hit the nail on the head (do you really say that in english; I just translated it from german). Well all I wanted to say with this is that your sooooooooooooo right.

      • Thanks! I thumbsupped you but then realise that’s actually a bit sycophantic, but that comment made me feel good because I got thumbsdowned loads yesterday!! “Show me the love!”

      • I wonder how I actually knew that you are a german girl? lol

        • Maybe it was because I make tons of mistakes… ??

          • and because of the ‘You always hit the nail on the head ‘ – thing…

          • and because of the ‘You always hit the nail on the head ‘ – thing…
            Are you from Germany too ??

        • YES! lol

          • YAY! I thought I was the only German here!! I’m Bleriana and live in Munich and you?
            But I bet that I’m the only girl with an albanian origin here right?

          • D-Dorf!<3

  5. Maybe it’s because Rob “looks” like someone who is NOT attainable, but when we hear him speak in interviews and TV shows, he totes sounds like the boy-next-door and attainbale!
    *sigh…I love that man

    • I think that feeling of attainability has a lot to do with his appeal…

      • Mother eff. Meant to thumbs up you, not thumbs down!
        Blame my iPhone.

  6. We love Rob because he’s got the whole package (that’s what she said).

    Come on, would any of these other guys go on the Today Show and make some uncomfortable reference to their mom getting a butt injury during childbirth (I still don’t get that, Rob). That was awkward even for him.

    And what other hot guy is going to talk about coming out with a line of sex toys with his name on them that don’t work.

    Would Paul Wesley admit to pissing in a cup and leaving it in a hotel room? Would he say that a photo taken of some toilet he supposedly used couldn’t be his because the seat was down and it was too clean? Would he go on MTV to accept an award and talk about stuff coming out of his pants?

    We love Rob because he’s hot and gives us so much to talk about with his awkardness.
    Rob is the gift that keeps on giving!

    • So true….plus…and it’s a HUGE plus…he is BEAUTIFUL…all over..!

    • OMG – cracking up right now. I remember all these moments and LMAO!

      Love that man – no one else compares. Although Paul Wesley makes me think twice!

  7. I must admit to my Ryan Gossling obssession shortly after watching The Notebook. It was intense, but nothing to the degree of this Rob full blown mindgasm. There is so much to him.

    Recently Rob was asked what he misses both about London. In a great level of detail he described his favorite bar and his favorite library…. THAT balance combined with those eyes, jaw, fingers, hair, voice…ok you get what I am saying, is what makes him so special. He is the best argument for cloning I’ve yet to see.

    • He misses his fav library?! I’ll give Rob some Libray Rendezvous any day he wants it 🙂


      • i agree 100%. The bar AND the library!! He’s sooooo…????….Rob : )

    • Great, my level of Robsession just went up about 12 notches because it gets me excited that he likes libraries. What the hell is wrong with me?!

  8. So true UC…even I don’t know why…..

    I never ever looked at a celebrity/actor before….like I do with HHH
    I never ever fall in love with one of them…..
    I never ever was on a blog for someone…
    I never ever spend so much time for someone I don’t know in person…(hopefully that will change one day…lol)
    I never ever saved pics, videos, quotes, films,… etc.of somebody…
    I never ever felt like a crazy teenager doing all that stuff…..and not caring of that at all!


    Dear Rob
    I don’t know why these things are happening…
    I guess….YOU and ME.. it’s getting really serious!
    Love you!

    • Dear robgirl86,
      You just wrote what I was thinking!

      The really hard thing is that I’ve always been a one guy at a time kinda gal, so while Rob is in my heart, there’s no room for anyone else 😦

      So Rob, move over darlin’

    • Pretty much the same for me, except for saving videos or photos; that demands too much logistics and organisation.

      But I never had a celebrity crush and most of the times I never really understood the hotness of all these actors who drive people crazy.
      And now I am crazy, abandoning more important real life things so I can keep up with all the interviews, and being in need when there’s nothing new. Oh yes that is pathetic so I decide every day to go into rehab aka do smth involving so I won’t check my phone for Rob news, and then I fall back into it.
      But to me it’s not the character, it’s not even the photos (although…) it’s really him in interviews, him in real life.
      I like the way he dresses, he just needs more clothes. I don’t know where the “he doesn’t dress well’ came out from, I think it’s cultural. In Europe it’s pretty trendy (in a good way) to dress like him, and that includes the beanie.
      And I don’t think he’s awkward at all, he’s just real.

      • True word! He dresses like many british guys…it’s a bit like Pete Doherty style obviously without ugly Pete Doherty……..I like his clothes very much it’s cool…I am with you I prefer interviews especially in the end when they usually finished the Twilight/New Moon questions….and he says something that Real Rob is shining through!
        …and on my desktop there is a real mess, nothing in order, I am not able…so click and save and click….<3

      • I think we’re all pretty much gonna do anything to see Rob….to be part of what he is! :-). I have had celebrity crushes before but oh man, nothing in comparison to my gargantuan affection for Rob! It’s really embarrassing sometimes. Thank God I’m anonymous here. Maybe I need to change my avatar now!

      • I needed to read this, I have been feeling anxious again due to my overwhelming obseesion and the amount of time I spend fantasizng about Rob. But thats normal,right? I get a knot in my stomach everytime I hear his name and get really jealous of his future wife, whoever that might be. I am too selfish to honestly say that I want him to be happy without me, OMG. I want him to be the tortured soul that endures. Thats normal,right?

        • NORMAL. All of this is normal. And I will continue to say that no matter what because it makes me feel better about myself. And as I look over at my husband and narrow my eyes at him because he’s not Rob, I don’t feel so bad. Cuz it’s normal and I am not alone! lol

    • It’s been just the same for me. I’ve never been the person to go to a concert or anything just to get a glimpse of him. Yet I did it for Rob (went to the fan event in Munich; and it was bizarre I tell you).

  9. That’s some fine competition for Rob you put up there. Maybe add Hugh Jackman to the list – but that’s just my personal preference.

    I contemplated what it is about Rob for at least 2 minutes before commenting… and I really don’t know either. It’s not like we project Edward onto him, because he couldn’t be more different. Maybe it’s his adorkable ways. Maybe it’s the way he cleans up nicely, but wallows in scruff and hobo-ishness the rest of the time.

    I call for a Roblosophy class.

    • I think I like him so much because he seems to be my “type” of guy.
      Oh and did I say like? Yah, I mean love. Duh.

    • Yep. It’s like those scruffy dorky guys who won’t get a lot of female attention, but have sooo much potential. They’re not arrogant and they’ll worship you and be faithful for life for choosing them. All you need to do is restyle a little. Nerdy hotties is disguise are the best!

      Plus, Rob is just hot. And how he acts in interviews it just adds to it. You can’t fight the power of that hotness.

      • Sorry honey…but I have to discuss that…all the scruffy and dorky guys I knew in the past were ONLY scruffy and dorky…I don’t think they had all this potential….seriously…that can’t be a clarification for ROBSESSION…to easy…
        …hhhmmmm…perhaps…he is everytime and everywhere just HIMSELF…an admirable characteristic…..
        PLUS…the BEAUTY and HOTNESS…( I will never forget THAT characteristic!)

    • TBH after seeing the ‘Remember me’ trailer I am almost 100 % sure I love him more as Tyler than as Edward (I know, right?).

  10. Were there pictures of other supposedly hot guys?
    I didn’t notice them. I only saw Rob.

    • AMEN, so did I!<3

      • Me too!

    • there were other guys??

    • Haha, I agree with you totally!

      Every man fades into oblivion—we only have eyes for Rob!

    • Me three!!

    • A THOUSAND thumbs up!

  11. ” the book which was made into a movie with the hottest sex scene ever”

    What movie is that??? I love James M! Like love love… I haven’t seen this movie. Tell me tell me!!!

    Personally…I think Ian Somerhalder is hotter than Paul. Damon is such a naughty boy. I love it.

    • Atonement ? I presume – great book but not seen the film

      • Ah thanks…. I still haven’t seen that movie. I thought that might be it. Sex scene motivating me to be more proactive about seeing it now…..

        Thank you!

        • yep- atonement. it’s hot

        • You should. It took me a minute to figure out what movie Mr. Tumnus was in that had a hot sex scene…then I remembered. Bookcase, standing, silk dress with a slit up to THERE and RAWR!!!! Yes, Mr. Tumnus has SKILLS.

    • Thank you!! Ian Somerhalder!! HELLO!!!!! SO much hotter than Paul Wesley! LOVE the smart ass attitude and the eyes….sigh….Sorry got distracted for a minute!!!

      Another plus is he’s ok with getting buck nekkid for a flick!! 🙂

      • YAY!! Me too. I almost thought I was the only one being attracted to ‘the bad guy’… Ian Somerhalder is the reason I am watching The Vampire Diaries and started reading the books in the first place!
        But nothing can compare to my Twilight obsession!

    • I totally agree. I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries, because it is on before Supernatural, and I am totally into Damen, more than Stephan. I think that Jensen Ackles should be added to the list.

      All of the guys mentioned above, are definitely interesting (Seth is the only reason why I watched the OC), but no one holds a candle to Robert Thomas Pattinson. There are days when I can see exactly why I am “acutely fond” of him, like that picture of Rob buttoning or unbuttoning whatever, because we were just beginning to do it or just finished doing it in the broom closet. I just saw New Moon last night, and am so pleased with most everything that Chris did, that right now I have no words.

  12. Maybe our enduring Rob love is caused by the combo of his ridiculous hot/awkwardness and his casting as Edward? Would I have become aware of his greatness if not for the Twilight connection? I doubt it. Those other guys are smokin hot – I luv me a little vamp diaries – but I have not visited Letter to Vamp Diaries yet (if it even exists).

    So maybe it is just like peanut butter and chocolate. Both are awesome by themselves. But once combined, you have an epic deliciousness unlike any other. Rob + Edward = my own brand of peanut butter cup.

    • Here! Here! I agree 100%

      The Peanut Butter Cup comment is PERFECT! LOL!

      Mmmmmm…Rob…and PB Cups! Come on!

      • PS – Is it sad that when I re-read my comment I heard “perfect!” just like Kristen/Bella says it about her truck in Twilight? Sigh. I’m pathetic.

        • Um, not pathetic.
          I noticed recently that I seen to have subconsciously developed a run-my-fingers-through-my-hair-when-I-talk habit.
          That’s normal.

          • I’ve noticed that I’ve started to lean down towards people when they speak to me. I’m only 5 9′ so it must be a subconscious Rob imitation.
            Soon I’ll have a fondness for plaid and an irresistible urge to hang out behind dumpsters.

    • I love chocalate and peanut butter. Perfect analogy.

  13. i’m agreeing with all of your choices…but while you were watching vamp diaries…did you happen to see ian somerhalder? cause, uhh, he’s BEAUTIFUL. i almost want to physically cheat on rob with him. gahhhh

    • I don’t want to cheat on Rob… But Ian is one hot hot hot man. I didn’t give you thunmbs down though for comtimplating….
      We’re only human.

      • Ok…so I spelled contemplating and thumbs wrong….
        I’m embarrassed now.
        Give me a thumbs down. It’s ok.

    • yes. he’s hot as well. and hilarious. he was killing me in the 3 episodes i caught up w/ last night.

      but one can only post so many pics of hot guys! and paul is what made me think of this letter idea!

      • Be jealous of me…they film Vamp Diaries down the street. Yet I have not even TRIED to hunt them down.

        • You only got a thumbs down because you haven’t tried…and that is FAIL!!!!!!!!!!! GO get em!

        • Go get them girl! What you’re waiting for??

  14. *sigh* that picture of rob… and all the things I can imagine doing before and after that picture…
    you know know i truly believe he has some sort of spell… something he does when he’s watching the camera… I dunno, makes you forget everything else.
    I don’t remember what celebrities I like before him… that’s even worst that seeing a hot guy and just say: “yeah, he’s pretty but he’s not Rob…” its like, “who the hell did I liked before Rob?” and then I remember some and I got the same conclusion: “yeah, but wasn’t Rob”

  15. Actually none of the guys you mentioned do anything for me..Rob has ruined me. Probably forever. I’ve had many celeb crushes (Jude Law, Johnny Depp, Michael Stipe, Robert Downey Jr. etc.), all of whom I still think are hot and none of whom I’d kick out of bed, but for their sakes I hope none of them are ever in a sinking boat with me and Rob. ‘Cause you know who’d be going over the side. HINT: It’s not me and it’s not Rob.

    Even though I’m slightly depressed because NM craziness is over and Rob’s been seen around NY with a certain mullet at his side, that pic of Rob still gives me butterflies. I am ruined.

    • ME too – totally depressed that NM mania has finished! Now that it has, exactly what reason do Rob and Kristen have to be spending time together? No press, no filiming? I think this is more proof of Robsten than anything else!

      “‘Cause you know who’d be going over the side. HINT: It’s not me and it’s not Rob.” Laugh-out-loud-and-snort funny!!

      • YE….. I guess we have to face the existence of the lucky couple…unless someone here is 14!

      • What do you mean what reason they have to hang out together?
        They have been rehearsing for Braking Dawn, they always say they’re so conscious and perfectionist.

        • What can I say…mmmhmm ..leaning me wide out of the window…I love him…he loves her…look at HIM! I hate to say that…as I said…I am not believing anymore in Santa Claus! They are actually looking like twins….

          • You know I am sure they’re together.
            I was joking with the Braking dawn rehearsals, as if the truth wasn”t so obvious.

          • Touche’ mon cherie!

    • I’m totally ruined too!!
      I used to have a “Top Five”. Now it’s just the top five Robs. (hobo Rob, Rome Rob, NM premiere Rob…)

      • You cracked me up…it’s sound sad…but…girl…it’s a LOVELY thing your TOP 5 !

        • I’m glad someone thinks it’s funny. Everyone around me thinks it’s time for an intervention.

          • Hahaha….Don’t care..that’s normal…love your avatar..just saying!

      • Hahah that’s so good and true! Top five Rob!

    • d2d – “it’s not me and it’s not Rob” made me chuckle out loud.
      So glad we’re not alone in our passion! All perfectly normal.

    • I think Rob is ruining my life since instead of doing important real life stuff (like moving on with my career or looking for a flat to buy or just hanging out with my friends more) I spend hours every day stalking him online or daydreaming. I never thought I would be that pathethic. My name is Minuit Passé and I’m a Robaholic.

  16. I have a confession. I have another celebrity crush that has been ongoing for far longer than my one on Rob. One I AM willing to fly great distances for, blog about, and obsess over online. His name is John Burke Krasinski, and trust me when I say … he has a LOT more going on upstairs than Rob does. Sorry, Rob. But he just got engaged, and somehow, my love dwindled. It wasn’t Emily Blunt’s fault … it was Rob’s. Rob is just fucken magical.

    James McAvoy is so hot that he made me root for Anne Hathaway. That’s hot.

    Also … Jason Bateman. OMG, I might need an Arrested Development marathon today.

    • Lady, I think we’re soulmates. I looooove Jason Bateman and John Krasinski. Yum.

      Can I come over for your AD marathon? Work is lame and I’d rather do that. I’ll bring wine.

    • i love them both too. considered adding them to the list.. but i was going with my ‘guys under 30’ theme (um.. don’t know if james is actually) and i couldn’t find a hot enough pic of john k.

      • He was born in 1979…so you JUST got it. (I imdb’d him to figure out what hot movie you were talking about)

      • I like to think that if you did a list of oldies then Brit actor Richard Armitage would be considered adequate as Robs hot older brother. In a parallel universe it could happen!

      • Look at all the love JohnnyK is getting!!!! Couldn’t find a hot enough pic of John??!?! Forswear it, sight.

        Also, John has photoshoots with The Shins and Death Cab. He gets major points there. And he emotes like nobody’s business. And he turned 30 on October 20th. Seriously, I have an obsession.

        • Oh my God. I am two months older than John Krasinski. I thought he was older.

        • MAJOR points. Major.

          • SUCH a beautiful thing.

      • Was pretty excited when my Google Alert for John Krasinski (yes, that’s right, alongside my Google Alert for Rob and also Nathan Followill) led me back to my beloved Letters to Rob. By the way, Allryans, you also win major points for quoting Romeo & Juliet. Nice one 🙂

    • Oh, I forgot John Krasinski. I used to live for Thursday nights, before Jim and Pam got together. Now that they are The Office isn’t as great as it used to be, but I still love JK.

  17. Also – none of those guy’s jaws come anywhere near Rob jaw-porn.

    • So true.

      • thats what i’m saying. Its his best feature yet! I’d give anything to run my tongue along it : ) I do it to my husband and pretend it’s rob : )

        • That’s totally normal, right?

    • …and hand porn…so important!

  18. helloooooooo chris pine~! <3<3<3

    ive had a crush on him from star trek.. *possibly the only reason why i saw it..)

    damn.. but, at the same time, rob's rob.. he's at a diff level on his own..

    have mercy!

  19. None of them compare to that photo of Rob. However, last week’s episode of the Vamp Diaries was hot. I was glad to see a little sex scene, even if on basic cable.

    And I agree with Moon – Rob probably has more going on upstairs than Paul. But my only assumption is that good looking men never had to be good in bed, so they probably aren’t. In my dreams, Rob is great in bed. In reality? Prolly not. Not yet. He just needs a *slightly* older woman to help him out…

    I never liked dirty, stinky men until Rob. He takes dirty and disheveled to an art form.

  20. You all are so right. What is it about Rob that makes every other beautiful man pale in comparison? I don’t know how many times a week I’m asked to explain my infatuation with a man I’ll never meet.

    It’s not the “Vampire thing” that all the journalists clammer about. I never had a crush on Tom Cruise after “Interview With a Vampire”. And it’s not the Edward connection either. I know the difference between the two. It’s random pictures of Rob that make my heart beat faster not stills of Edward.

    It’s the “ROB” thing. He’s funny, kind, smart, talented, humble, generous and inside and out one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. You can’t really explain it, you just know it when you see/feel it.

    • Thats so true girl. I actually loved him a lot more in Remember me (even though I have only seen the trailer so far)

    • When I saw the first pictures of Edward – they did nothing for me. It was the first picture I saw of Rob that did it. For me, it’s not that he is Edward. It’s all Rob. His smile – his accent – his hands – GAH!

      All my friends tell me I have issues. (just one apparently) But, thank god for you guys on LTR! I’m normal – right?

      • Just as normal as the rest of us!!!!!

  21. McAvoy is hot but I think Lautner may be my new KILF. Please don’t tell the authorities!

    Rob is like Elvis…always the king!

    • KILF? That’s just wrong….and by wrong, I mean hilarious.

  22. I spent more than a few minutes yesterday inhaling pics of Paulex. After months of badmouthing the furrier characters in the Twiverse, I had a wolf moment.

    I hated it. I loved it.

    Yet, despite my brief contemplation about whether he was fully or or only partially nude when standing by that fridge, I returned from my reverie with my Rob goggles still on.

    Robsession is like Highlander. There can be only one.

    • “Robsession is like Highlander. There can be only one.”

      Bahahahah! Amazing truth.

      My bf told me he could understand my major crush on Gerard Butler (circa “300”) because he is big and tough and manly. However, he is totally confounded by my lusting after this British boy. That makes two of us. He just owns me. That is all.

      • Mmm Gerard Butler.
        He’s a different kind of desire than Rob. I call him the epitome of manliness, which means he could be wearing lace, ruffles and makeup and I’d still be all hot and bothered just from looking at him.

        Let us imagine Rob a few years down the line, once he’s matured and seasoned in his manhood….good things come to those who wait.

        • Rob combined with Gerard would give me a heartattack. It’d probably feel really good though… hmm.

        • Rob a few years down the line!!!! Mature!!!! O.M.G. I didn’t think it could get worse, but my mouth has gone dry, my heart is beating faster, good job I’m already sitting down, my knees have turned to jelly!!!!

  23. Can you now do the list of hot guys that Rob will need to start competeing with for hotness? Those OVER 30…like:

    – Alex Skarsgaard
    – Mark Wahlberg (my personal #1 for the last 20 yrs)
    – Johnny Depp
    – Leo DiCaprio
    – Hugh Jackman
    – Billy Burke
    – Lorenzo Lamas*

    *I’m kidding about Lorenzo…ok, sorta.

    As for Rob? He’s like Faith, you can’t describe it though you try…you just have to feel it. And I think that when we all look at him, we feel it!

    • Alex…..purrrrrrr

      I would like to ammend your list if you don’t mind. I would like to add James Franco because….damn.

    • Nice guys on your list, especially Billy Burke…but when they say something, I never can feel this weird sensation of “proudness + attraction + admiration”…and according to my BF my facial expression everytime this happens seems to be kinda “blissfully happy”…I feel so silly..:-)

  24. “I don’t know why you’re hotter in person than in pictures or on camera.”

    How…HOW is that possible. There is no way he could get any hotter than those VF pics. It’s just not right for God to bestow that much beauty onto one person.

    • Some people are just not photogenic…maybe he’s one of them?

      • yeah…that seems to be a problem for him. All those pics with the lobster bib are just ugly… (read: HEAVY ON THE SARCASM…I wish there was a sarcastic font we could use) inchyways…

        I don’t see how it’s possible that he’s better looking in person. Really. Maybe it’s his pheremones getting to UC that make her feel that way 🙂

        • Yeah, I totally wish for a sarcasm font…cause majority of my posts (including the one you responded to) would be completely that font.

        • Saw the Rob real life two weeks ago in London and TRUST when I say photographs do not cover that amount of pretty. Ever.

          • Ha, I LOVE your name!
            And since you are in the UK and since it’s 5:23 there, I just went to check out The 5:19 Show streaming live, and it’s not available here. I am sad. But not too sad since I will be able to watch it after it’s done airing. Yay!

        • Rob himself said in an interview that he thinks maybe it’s a “scent”!

    • Yeah…someone yesterday said on another blog, that HQ pics are working ONLY for him while every other person looks kinda bad!Perhaps HQ was invented for Rob!There were tons of pics of the Today show, one beautiful as the other, but ONLY Rob looked gorgeous on them ..hahaha

      • Sigh, Rob’s gorgeous all the time. He’s making my head spin right now…or maybe it’s the fever doing that. Darn piggy sniffles.

  25. Oh, and I almost didn’t read the rest of the blog entry after seeing pics of other hot guys on here. I had to scroll down to make sure Rob was included before finishing. That’s Normal.

  26. I completely agree, but must say what has Rob done to us. Just by having a life, he has taken away ours. sigh… I am still in the closet about my robsession and don’t plan on coming out any time soon. I must also thank Rob for everything. He seems like a great person whom I would love to get the honor to meet some day. I see some of these other actors and know that they’re just a pretty face. As you guys have said, Rob is on a different level, has a lot going on upstairs, is extremely down to earth, and always has me at a loss for words. *raises glass* So now I raise my glass for UC and Moon who make it all possible for us to keep our Robsession at a safe level. Thankyou.

  27. I wholeheartedly would support “Letters to Paul”.
    I heart him big time!
    In fact, I’ve declared Thursday’s “Paul Wesley Days” and when VD….um, Vampire Diaries, not the disease, is a repeat or doesn’t come on, I start to get angry and get the shakes! True story.

    • VD…wow that’s an unfortunate acronym.

    • Does anyone know if Vampire Diaries are on this week?? They didn’t show previews after last weeks show.

  28. They’re pretty but no, it’s all about Rob.

    They don’t have his accent or his voice. They can’t master the keyboards, the guitar or sing in a way that makes me melt. They don’t make dorky stories up and giggle like a girl.

    No – it’s all about Rob.

  29. I cant explain it. I pretty much contemplate this during all my waking hours. He’s the last thing I see before i go to bed at night (I bring my laptop to bed and do one final Rob perusal online), and the first face I see in my mind the second I wake up.
    It is NOT like me to be this way, I am educated and rational in life! What the hell kind of spell does this man have??
    This is NOT rational, my feelings for him, but it is “normal”.

    My husband got annoyed with me the other day saying “It’s not normal that you truly have an emotional attachment to these people”. (I just pretend to love Edward and twilight people, he can never know that it has nothing to do with edward, and EVERYTHING to do with ROB!!) In fact, for the new-moon premiere, I didnt go to hot topic and buy a new-moon shirt, I made my own…the front had THE SAME PICTURE posted in todays LRT, and on the back it said “You can have the vampire, just give me Rob!” I wore it proudly, that beautiful bastard.

    • Love love your comment….you are my TodayRobgirl ! I am proud of you (shirt!) and of your fine education and rationality….(while Not telling about the TRUE love…)…so NORMAL, trust me!

    • Honey that’s how I am too. And my husband’s the same. He pretty much gave up on me on this robsession. He’s cool with it but he makes comments like what your husband said.

      I don’t think anything’s wrong with us! :-). We are all normal, educated women(and men)!

    • I’d proudly wear that t-shirt!!!

  30. I no longer care for Rob candids (unless they’re candids of Drunk-Rob). I only want Rob Vanity Fair, GQ or Bazaar outtakes.

    Those pics you posted today are sweat-inducing, UC ;), but the best of them all is Rob. He is mesmerizing…

  31. I saw the new Star Trek because of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. I am not a trekkie, but that movie is so awesome.

  32. My love for Rob is irrational, I have stopped putting rhymes and reason to it a loooooooonnnnnnnnng time ago!

  33. I guess there is one video of the whole press junket, that is kinda the essence of my’s the “Stocking of truth” one…only 53 hot seconds from the beginning to the end…and…

    nobody is like ROB!

    • Hey girlfriend, can u send me that video? I could use some robfixing right now you know, me being sick and all.

      How are you?

    • I love the little eye “wiggle” when he asked if this was their personal stocking. Gotta luv flirty Rob!

  34. I guess I’m just immune to other guys now, I barely notice them anymore! I don’t think I’m ever get over Rob anytime soon…or ever. He has bewitched me so deeply and I have no chance of ever recovering.

    Rob’s just the perfect package. I know he said that if you meet him, our fantasy would be burst but that’s okay with me. He’s human and no one’s perfect, but he’s perfect enough for me you know? LOL. I love the fact that he’s kind of tactless when he talks and he’s self-deprecating, instead of self-promoting. I like how he acts naive and has no clue how impossibly hot he is. I think that adds more to his global appeal.

    Anyway, like I said before, I’m with Rob for the long haul. I bet we’ll be in our 50’s and I’ll still adore him. 🙂

    • Sorry for my typos, I’m feverish right now!

      • Get well soon… so sweet words for your Roblove! I posted the video…scroll down, hoping it is permitted here…

        • Thank you, you’re a sweetheart! I’ll look.

    • I’m sorry you are sick. Your posts always brighten my day. Feel better!

      • Thanks! 🙂

    • Define perfect. I think Rob is perfect. Not saying that everything the guy does is golden. Just saying that I love to watch him do it!
      I’d love the chance to prove him wrong about meeting him and have it burst our fantasy of him. We already know he has faults and we accept and embrace every one of them.
      Rob, we love you just as you are.

  35. I think a big part of the love for Rob is his adorkableness, which translates into him being real and therefore attainable for some nice, cool girl out there and not just another plastic barbie doll. If we can’t have him, I just want some awesome girl (who loves him for him) that we would all be friends with to have him.

    He’s hot and he doesn’t really understand that himself. He’s the opposite of most super-hot guys, aka NOT a prick. Therefore he doesn’t try to bring “his game” along for everything. He’s just his imperfect self all the time (except photo shoots) and I for one love and appreciate him for that.

    • I think because of New Moon and thinking out that comment, I have just become pro-Robsten.

      • I’m not saying I’m pro-Robsten, but I’m definitely liking the happy that’s been on his beautiful face lately. If it’s Kstew that’s putting it there I’ll have to reconsider my previous “Yucksten” stance.

  36. I would die without guys!

    It’s not like this is a paper I have to write for an English Lit class, but I can’t help putting a lot of thought into why Rob has mesmerized me for months (only saw/read Twilight in JUly 09). I used to love Johnny Depp (Chocolate), but nothing happens to me when I look at him now…nothing. I don’t even know what used to occupy my thoughts before Rob came along.

    I think Rob is so accessible that everyone who hears him talk feels a connection to him. Even though he’s had a cushy upbringing (Harrodian, etc…) he really tries to play that down. He wants to be one of the people and I’m charmed by every word that comes out of his mouth. This is normal, right?

    This is so obvious, but I’ll say it anyway:
    I don’t think I would have become a fanatic about Rob if I’d only seen him in “The Haunted Airman” or “How To Be.” If Rob hadn’t of been Edward I probably wouldn’t be writing this. The Edward character holds so much raw sexual energy. Guess it just brings out my baser instincts and the whole series of books has made me feel alive again, which is all projected onto Rob.

    See video of Leonardo when he was 20 (completely flat compared to Rob’s charm):

    That’s all I got. Thanks for listening.

  37. i’m really having a difficult time with my obsession with paul wesley. i love rob but he does not grace my television set every wednesday. out of sight, out of mind?!

    and have you seen paul minus a shirt? sorry rob, he’s got you beat in that department. however, rob definitely has that distinct scruffy charm and personality, and that makes up for a hell of a lot.

    • Paul minus the shirt totes hot. Not to mention that he actually gets to have sex with his girl (as in last episode)

  38. For the lovely sick southernbelle, get well soon!

    • He is so hot! I need another dose about 4 hours from now :-).

      I thought for sure he was gonna say Kristen. 🙂 LOL.

      OK let’s play this mistletoe thing….who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe. Well I know Rob’s a given but anyone else? 🙂 And don’t say your brother please!


      • I would like to kiss…..YOU…lol

        • Hahah, ok now, I’m already taken! LOL.

          Google Jared Padalecki, see if you will take him as a replacement! Let me know! LOL He was my all-time crush (aside from Leo which is a totally different caliber all-together), when I was pregnant and before I knew Rob existed!

          • At this point the mistletoe has to be a mistletree!
            101. You again…<3
            102. the Jared man
            103. Ashton Kutcher (reserve)

          • Ashton? I didn’t think you’d go for him! Haha! I kind of feel he’s off limits because he’s with a very beautiful cougar! Rawr!

            Let’s just share Rob and Jared, how’s that? Do you get Supernatural in Germany? He’s in that show. And you know, Jared’s been wearing plaid even before we noticed Rob doing it…But of course Rob is my fave.

      • He was thinking of an answer that won’t make KStew have a crisis. Cause I have the feeling she’s the kind of girl to do a scene.

        And I would kiss everbody…as long as I’m getting some. Joking! I don”t kiss anybody these days (except for BF) with the swine flu.

        Get well southernbelle!

        • I think he figured if he named another female actress that the press will just twist it as usual. So I think he picked a good answer :-).

          Yeah girl, don’t kiss everyone! Swine flu is rampant! My sister’s got it right now too! This is gonna be one interesting Thanksgiving holiday. It’s so weird, a month ago there was a post here about what we want to ask Rob. I posted I want to ask him if he could be my guest on Thanksgiving….hahahha! Good thing it was just a fantasy because darn I wouldn’t want him to be around a bunch of sick people, even if it included me.

  39. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, TSOT. TSOT said: Rob Pattinson vs. UC's hot guys pick: Who wins? (via @letter2twilight) […]

  40. None of these guys do anything to me. I have been very selective in terms of celebrities. I am 29 and there have been only 2 actors that turned me on upto now. I didn’t even find anybody else attractive. Johnny Depp and Rob are the only ones for me. What attracts me to a guy needs more than how good they look. They need to have something special, personal, extra-ordinary… And I hate the guys worshipping themselves or care too much about how they look. A guy who doesn’t give a shit what people think about them is what I am attracted to.

    • I am with you all the way. I didn’t have a crush on Jhonny Depp but I used to think he was the coolest actor ever.

  41. To echo StotheP, there can be only one. Yeah these guys are good-looking or whatever, but they’re not Rob.

    Rob unseated The Clooney as my #1, where he had been comfortably perched for 10 years. I have a feeling (that’s what she said!) that Rob will be enjoying that spot for many years as well.

    I’m glad I didn’t go crazy trying to watch all the NM interviews and such so I will have something to get me through as I count down the days until Remember Me (or until the next time I can sneak off to watch NM again).

    • You are wise to pace yourself on Rob videos. I think I watched everything. Now what am I supposed to do?

      • So true…
        Rob droughts are the sadest thing ever…
        its like putting on 5 pounds in one week…a real disaster……

        • I am so hoping it won’t be a real drought.

  42. God I love Paul Wesley. That man can flash his abs any day of the week. But Rob…I love him more.

  43. You know what else gets me everytime? Rob in slow motion. Who else looks this good simply biting their lip?

    • Ummm thank you. Not doing any work the rest of the day. Just watching slo-mo Rob. Dang you for this, dang you!
      Oh, and thanks again…

    • That was supposed to be his “HOT” facial expression…I love it!

    • This one just cracks me up girls… He looks so funny. What is he even trying to portray? Anyway its funny.
      And then he just laughs again (which makes me so weak…hmmmm… Rob if you only knew what you’re doing to me!!)

  44. I am a 36 year old mother of a 12 year old daughter who spends a good amount of time defending Edward vs. Jacob to my daughter’s friends! (but Edward’s rich & can buy you anything you want after the love fades – what can Jacob do for you?! Gonna go live on the rez with his DAD?)Gee, I can’t believe I actually admitted to that but I definitely give them something to think about! Never before have I been this crazed over something so unobtainable but it doesn’t stop me from fantasizing. Rob’s got some sort of voodoo magic that just puts us all under his spell.

  45. You are so right… I found myself googling Paul Wesley last week with that same fervor as I once had for Rob and couldn’t believe it… I have looked at Rob almost everyday for the past year since I fell so hard for him in Twilight… Is it time to move on?? After seeing New Moon Friday I feel I have had a total epiphany.. Am I REALLY just in love with Edward? After a year of denying this to myself and professing how hot Rob is to everyone, I now see pictures of his “hobo” self and now the “hobo” Kristen with him and instead of saying, “Ah, he is so damn cute,” I think “Eh.” I am on the verge of letting him go-….all those thoughts about meeting him and really knowing him— all dashed to hell. I am 37 years old with a husband and a daughter.. Is it time to let it go??

    • I gave you a thumbs up because I am nearing 37 and I sorta feel creepy with my crush on Rob. But my mother is 11 years older than her husband, so 13 years isn’t big a difference for one harmless celebrity crush, right?

      I have to disagree with you on the hobo look. I think he looks hot either way. But I will say head to toe Gucci at the premiere sent me over the edge. But would we really want him to dress like that 24/7? Prolly not.

      And I know I’ll get a thumbs down for this, but his relationship with KS and his general adoration for her makes me like him more. Seems really honest and emotionally available.

      Am I overthinking this? That’s normal, right? Right?

  46. I just wanted to say that Rob looks so much better in real live and just his presence is intoxicating and that definitly speaks for him. Of course you could argue that I haven’t seen the others so I can’t make a comparison. But if you’d see Rob in real live you’d be totally smitten and miss his presence like the flower misses the sun afterwards (I’m not kidding here… Why do you think girls go to see him more than once in live?)

    (omg that sounds so stalkerish, yet very true…)

    • So jealous that you saw Rob in person! 🙂

    • That’s not stalkerish.

      That’s normal – right?

  47. I must say that Rob is still my Number One!! But, I can always appreciate some hotness! Thanks for the hot boy “cupcakes” today. I needed it.

    I love that your hubs has Ryan on his list too! He should be on everyone’s “freebie” list!

  48. I just watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Jimmy Fallon and wish you guys wrote letters to him. .

  49. Yeah…. It might be fun to make fun of, er, watch Paul Wesley and his abs on tVD… but I drool over his co-star…. Most know him as Boone. I know him as DEAD SEXEH!

    Oh and Rob is tops =]

  50. All hot. Don’t forget Ian Somerhalder and Ryan Reynolds,

    But, none compare to Rob

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