Posted by: Bekah | November 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight: Bringing back the good stuff…

Dear Rob,
I’ll be honest, in the past few weeks (err months) I’ve stopped watching most videos of you. I know- I’ve even posted a few Saturday Morning Delights recently, but I only watched enough of the vids to know that they were gonna be good but just couldn’t make myself watch them. However, after seeing you at the premiere and at Ellen this week and then seeing you in that new movie you’re in PLUS a new trailer for Remember Me, I’m really ready excited for Saturday morning delight this week! Plus with all of the above mentioned new appearances, the new videos are hotttttttttt. So sit back, relax and enjoy, um, yourself in some hot new vids


Biel does it again

New Movie= new fan made movies? Yes please!

In all my ignoring new videos of you, I missed out on this one

And helloooooo! Official Remember Me trailer! Next year can’t come soon enough!

Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum, LTT, Twitter


  1. Oooh, I watched the Remember Me trailer last night and I am definitely more interested in it!
    Rob is a total hottie in it! Phwoar!
    And now that I watch Nurse Jackie I realise now that his little sister in it is Jackie’s daughter!
    Lucky little gal, getting to work with Rob AND the totally DILF-y PFach!


    • Hahaha…”more interested” …….
      this is actually so NOT my present condition…..<3<3<3

      • hey robgirl,
        i see, you did not change your nickname, did you?
        What does <3<3<3 mean?
        So, what is your present condition? I guess while watching the remember me trailer you cant breathe anymore and become dizzy? What the hell gives me that idea? 😉

        • Busted honey ! ❤

      • Hey Robgirl!
        What is actually your present condition? I don’t get it. Are you implying that there’s more than Gandhi’s thoughts in the film?

        I love the way he says that but c’mon
        Moon I hope you said that we need a lot of sex Rob in the film at the pre-test screaning.

        • Hey hon…my present condition…how can I explain..
          let’s just say if YOU actually can see the trailer a bit blurry…it’s b/c I battered it!

          • LOL

          • Hon
            I see it a bit blurry but I think it’s because I stared at Rob way toooooo much!!!!!!

  2. Robsession back in full swing. Thanks for the vids. Just as the obsession seemed to be waning, Robward walked across that parking lot again in NM last night and nearly exploded my panties. I actually dreamed about that walk last night.

    • You are a lucky girl, I am soooo jealous, will you go tonite again…hahaha?

      • Yep, going back again tonight for the third time. And again next weekend. I figure since Rob is only in a quarter of the movie, then I need to see it 4 times as much as I did Twilight (which was 5 times). I call it Robmath.

        Makes total sense to me.

        • Absolutely…wish I could go with you ❤
          I love THAT!

  3. I love that ‘Mercy’ video! It sums my Robsession up perfectly, Rob, give me mercy, I can’t take it!

    I was seriously underwhelmed by the Remember Me trailer, not sure if I’ll be parting with my cash when it comes to March (we all know I will really though).

    • Gah! I just watched it again and I still don’t like it! What’s wrong with me?! I thumbsdowned myself for this!

      • I’ll help you with that thumbs down.

        Seriously? Did you go to the theatre number that was written on your ticket? ’cause sometimes that can be tricky and cause you to go to end up in the wrong movie. Jacob… I mean that movie was the shiz!!!

      • Oh noooo. don’t do that…
        you are like Rob, always self-deprecating…
        I will give you a thumb up…
        perhaps you are a bit ill?

        It’s HHH, plz strain yourself a bit! Come on!

  4. The “remember Me’ trailer is great (except maybe for Pierce Brosnan’s attempt at a Brooklyn accent).

    Rob looks so good. I’m going to be weeping in the theater.

    • Pierce Brosnan was in the trailer?…hahaha

      • Yes, and he’s waisting important Rob time

        • Yes, his (PB’s) attempted accent was so bad that it actually distracted me from Rob! that’s quite the feat!

    • Chris Cooper’s in it too! I loved him in American Beauty.

      • I don’t like this Chris Cooper man…he punched my baby!

        • Me too, let’s go and kick his butt!

  5. what a week!!!!!! dear god!!! roberdose at full power!!!!!
    amazing vids girls!!!

    • roberdose! hahahahaha!

  6. The Remember Me trailer is driving me crazy….
    last time I watched it (5 seconds ago….)
    I saw myself nearly going to hit the screen with my head……….bums!
    someone called me…I am not hearing anything!

    Rob-Gaaaandhi….the accent….nooooooooo
    Rob-punching someone….so sexy…WHY?
    Rob-the beautiful face injured…ohhhh….
    Rob-the appetizer…….in a kitchen….
    Rob -nekkid………and kissing HOT……
    Wall sex………….OMG!
    Sorry for behaving like an idiot…squeeeee!

    • OMG!!! soooooooooooo HWAT…want to touch the hiney!!! Shwing, shwing!!!!

      Rob is all kinds of good, for all 5 senses; he should come in a multi-vitamin pack so we can take him once EVRY day!!! yum.

    • OMG!!! soooooooooooo HWAT…want to touch the hiney!!! Shwing, shwing!!!!

      Rob is all kinds of good, for all 5 senses; he should come in a multi-vitamin pack so we can take him once EVRY day!!! yum.

    • OMg yeah he’s driving me insane! Squee, Rob is so hot! How do u like that ashtray/smoking scene huh? 🙂

      Hey I behave like an idiot too, don’t need to be sorry honey! That’s normal! Rob causes spontaneous ovulation you know! Hahaha!

      So weird my friend told me today that my husband looks like Rob. I was like “what?” Well they have the same skin tone, hair, but really not the same!

  7. “Guess it was just here to tease me.”

    Exactly my feelings, Rob. Exactly.

    • Of all the things I could have said about the trailer, you summed it up perfectly!!! Love it!

    • Thanks for that… I thought he said “teach me”. But that is much funnier!

    • my favorite part!

  8. OH MY…….Remember Me looks great that’s the first time I’ve seen the trailers….
    we get beaten Rob {I know it’s wrong but I sooo loved seeing rob beaten in New Moon},
    we get soul searching Rob,
    we get big brother Rob and
    we get IN BED Rob……when’s March?

  9. After enjoying (lusting after) Taylor’s performance last night, I feel like I am doing the walk of shame waltzing in here. I keep thinking:

    Is Robward going to read my mind and see what I’ve been learning to speak Quielutte, just in case I ever find myself in a kitchen with a werewolf? (btw, if that ever happens, I am so disconnecting the phone in advance)
    。Will I smell like a dog to him?
    。Will he notice that I altered my name?
    。I’ll make it up to you, Rob. I promise to spend some serious time with you this week by watching all your new interviews and Twilight twice this week.

  10. Great post, UC. I don’t know about anyone else, but Biel’s video and the fan-made Remember me video seriously made me want to cry. It’s almost getting too painful to look at this man. I think actually seeing him in Remember Me will kill me, but what a way go, I guess.

    • Biel is the greatest! Thank you sooooo much!
      Your work is ART!

  11. I will ignore all the non-american actors attempting New York accents JUST BECAUSE Rob throws someone over his shoulder and drags them to bed (I’m assuming they are going to bed in the trailer)…
    Rob is going to be the death of me.

    • AMEN!

    • Haha they’re going to bed and having some sexy times!

  12. wow so uc back to robsession now.i know that u already convert just like moon did.for everyone who feel so excited for remember me just after saw the trailer,i warn u plis lower ur expectation from now.i dont want people bashing rob as tyler as they do to edward..once again,just lower ur expectation from now so u can appreciate him more when the movie come out…

  13. First of all, i am NEVER going to get my thesis written as I cant stop f@%&$ing rob in my mind.

    The remember me trailer…..YUM. The WALL! the physically and emotionally broken rob! the bed! and i dont know why, but the short little scene with him riding the bike in his dress shirt! swoon. This trailer makes my mind wander to Dark Edward in Wide Awake. Anyone else have that thought?

    This movie may seriously put me over the edge (though i’m not sure i can get any further than i already am).

    It physically hurts me to watch him. I get short of breath with chest pain, and i’m not even joking (thats normal?? right?? please someone throw me a bone here!)

    • ‘cant stop f@%&$ing rob in my mind’ – bahahaha, I hear ya!

      It’s normal, totally normal! Or if it isn’t, at least you’re not ‘abnormal’ on your own.

      When I saw New Moon Edward walking toward Bella in parking lot, wearing THAT t-shirt and he’s smiley and lovin, my friend turned to me and said ‘breathe’.
      I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t.
      So glad she was on the ball.
      Would have been majorly p*ssed to have fainted any missed anything

      Can’t wait for New Moon round 3

  14. Check out this commentary.

  15. Damn you Robert Pattinson, damn you!
    After many many months of robdiction, of countless hours in the night fantasizing about you and hundreds of licks of my screen, I finally started to recover… Just last week I was thinking about how much more stuff I got done lately and how I can go a whole day without needing to feed on robnews. And then I kinda felt bad about my fading addiction, thinking that I’m not a real fan after all, real fans don’t just get over Robert-Fucking-Pattinson. And then I felt good again, because I just felt normal. And then bad again, because the joy of having Rob deserves a little this-is-not-normal-sacrifice. You get the idea…
    But no need no feel guilty anymore! Just as I was starting to get my life back, you went and got your gorgeous face and your perfect hair and that ridiculously fuckable body of yours and started dangling them in front of me. And that appearance on Ellen just did it: I am now officially more in love with Rob than I’ve ever been. And haven’t even watched the movie yet (Austria gets to see it only tomorrow). And then that trailer, oh that trailer!
    Seems like I won’t be getting over you anytime soon, so I might as well come to peace with the fact that you own my ass for fucking ever. Speaking of that: will you marry me?

  16. Is RobMath all fuzzy?? Love it!

  17. OK, I’m conflicted and need help and advice. (Probable Remember Me spoiler ahead – read with caution)…

    Rob’s performance in Remember Me looks like it will be excellent, plus he looks so incredibly HOT in it (did he really flip that girl over his shoulder to take her to bed?)

    But I sneaked a peek at the “alleged” script for it, and the ending – if true – would just kill me. Anyone have any real scoop on the ending? Would it be so wrong to watch the “good parts” and leave before the last few minutes??
    Help me!

  18. Hey Giseli,

    If you’re out there and you’re reading this:


    Hope you had a day filled with celebration!

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