Posted by: themoonisdown | November 16, 2009

We’re here and Beardwards back in town


You're BACK! Feel free to bring your boyfriend "Steve" if you want

Dear Rob,

Listen, we’re here, you’re here… let’s make this happen!

UC has been awake for 22 hours, we’ve been out to visit the line of fans in Westwood, we’ve eaten both chicken AND waffles, and we’ve unknowingly tailed Cameron Bright and Kiowa Gordan in Kiowa’s mom’s car, the least you can do while we’re all here in LA is show your face. How about you just happen to meet us for lunch at an In-N-Out of your choice,  and if feeling adventurous wanna meet us for korean tacos at the Kogi truck? You name it, we’re there… Oh and while we wait for your call how about some eye candy for the rest of us?

Um maybe when we meet please try to refrain from any bodily fluids or excrement discussion? I like you and all but that just might be TMI

You don’t know how much it warms my heart to see Beardward back in action. Feel free to keep the scruff for our meeting

Laugh it up pal, but if you see a black coupe following you, just know we got the message and we’re meeting you in that parking lot next to the In-N-Out. You supply the double-doubles we’ll supply the sexy. Believe.

The boys are back in town!

PS stay turned as we aim to bring you all the greatest from New Moon mania in Hollywood this week and forgive any short posts! Oh and seriously DON’T miss LTT today! TRUST.

Can you believe premiere week is FINALLY here?! We’ve about to burst out of our skin. We’ve met some of the LTT/LTR ladies and tons of folks from the fandom. What should we all do together? Any ideas? Where should we take Rob after we’re rob-napped him in a rapist van?

Celebrate in The Forum
Enjoy a dramatic reading at  LTT

the pretty pretty pictures from Robsessed. We wish you were here to enjoy the crazy with us!


  1. The T4 interview was the best one yet. Sure there was TMI (why, oh why are you peeing in a cup in your hotel room Rob?!)

    But it also supplied us with plenty of those candid “Rob Moments” that we have all missed so much.

    Not to mention, he ripped on the wolf pack for their Jorts (although he called them “denim hot pants” which might be even funnier!)

    • Steve Jones is pretty easy on the eyes too – love that interview for fun and mancandy.

    • Dude. That interview is hilar.
      That and the Kristen and DWTS lady and the only interviews I’ve seen from the press junket and they are both so worth it!

    • During the whole interview Rob is making… “big-puppy-dog-eyes”….

      he looks a bit like my little dog, when I TRY to teach him something…….and he doesn’t get it…but enjoys it ANYHOW! ❤

    • That T4 interview is a gold mine of hilarious off-the-cuff comments. Rob you’re a funny funny dude. The Robert Pattinson sex toys that don’t work, the peeing in the cup, the denim hot pants. I love you, truly, I do.

  2. Jealous.
    Trying to get to the London prem of Eclipse next year.
    Cos they can go all through Europe but not down here to lil old Oz? Pissed!

    Anywho. Have fun!!!


    • That is a bit rubbish, it’s not like Australia is a small place to miss!!

  3. Please say hi to Rob for me and thanks for last night (I mean the awsome dream of corse)…..he’ll know what I mean………

    Oh, and thanks UC and Moon for taking one for the team….we all appreciate it!

    • I bet they are up for taking one for the team from Rob.

  4. Once you’ve kidnapped him, can you just take him to bed….that boy needs some sleep 🙂


  5. I wish I was there….le sigh!
    Why oh why cant you tour Asia too?
    All you ladies in LA, have a blast! 😀

    Ps: peeing in a cup in your hotel room??? I almost laughed out loud in class right now and we are discussing the holoucast!

  6. The T4 interview- topics covered/mentioned: digestive problems, adult films, sex toys, messy toilets, ‘beeping’ in a cup and denim hot pants for men. Can this get any better?

    Ladies, thanks for the coverage and have a great ime in LA!

    • Interviews like this remind me of why we love Rob so!
      Taylor seems like an absolute sweetheart. He is certainly media saavy. And for a 17 year old, he is very well spoken. I know people gush over Taylor, but for me, he doesn’t even come close to Rob. You would never get an interview like this from Taylor.

      • “Interviews like this remind me of why we love Rob so!” That’s so right! You just can’t predict what he’ll say and its always entertaining!

      • I would say…
        you will never get an interview from ANYONE like this….

        one of the reasons of my Robsession…lol!

        • So true! You could tell in the first few interviews for NM, he was trying to use his media training and give the standard answers. But he could only control himself for so long.
          It was only a matter of time before the “real” Rob was unleashed!!

          • He felt safe in his home fort… away from the clutches of Summit’s scrutiny. This is why he shouldn’t hire a publicist. They would die of a heart attack trying to clean up this stuff.

            Can you only imagine the things he would tweet if he tweeted. Rob not Tweeting is like an 8 foot tall man not playing basketball. There would be so much WIN!

    • Ye, defintely the best interview.

      But about the beep, I think he says “blunt” cause you can hear the “t” at the end even if it dosen’t really make sense why the interviewer was surprised.

      Just know Rob that you can beeeeeeeeeeep with me anytime anywhere, whatever that beep means.

      • Pretty sure he says, “Have a piss in a cup.”

  7. So excited for you, have a great time!

    T4 Interview= my favorite!
    Pretty cute the interviewer…wearing plaid and saying
    “baaabbbyyy” to Rob!

    If you will bring him to the In-and-out-burger, don’t make him eat……..
    “eggs and bacon” (= belly aches=NO sexy time)

    ….and pleeeeeaaase…let him have a shave! THanks!

    • No shaving! I heart “Beardward”!!!

  8. Yay!! This is my favorite Rob. Sexy scruff? Check. Messy clothes? Check. Totally inappropriate discussion? Check, check and check.

    I’m gonna talk to Stephanie and Nick about those sex toys. And I’d pay good money to see Rob in some denim hot pants.

    Anyone know the best way to get in a sandwich between Rob and that interviewer? Cuz yuuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!

  9. You, Rob, In-and-Out — Hope you get to live the dream for all of us 😉

  10. The rapist van-I’m laughing even though I feel like it’s wrong.I’m picturing Rob hogtied and gagged.

    Be gentle with him.

  11. “Denim hot pants,” oh Rob, you crack me up… I rather enjoy when men interview Rob, they don’t ask him the gossipy questions.

    On an unrelated note, UC & Moon, you should come to the South, here you can get chicken and waffles at the same time, together in perfect harmony.

  12. Have fun SKANKS! ;D

    Kisses and hugs to all! And photos please!


  13. Check out back of the In and Out Burger cause my sources tell me he’s waiting for you both by the dumpster!…unshaven…both places…[yep, that’s what she said]…in plaid flannel!

    Tomorrow’s “Letter” better be X-rated! You owe us that much for failure to devulge any of sex plot from “Remember Me”. Redeem yourselves! But use protection…you KNOW where that thang’s been!!!

    • “But use protection…you KNOW where that thang’s been!!!”

      On second thought, you better double-bag it.

  14. i thought he said “puked” in a cup? or was it “pissed”? not sure. either way, he’s so freakin’ adorkable i cant wait to go back to bed and dream about him.
    i also love how he said his sex toys wouldnt work and would not have batteries included.

  15. And from this point on I will be calling you “Those Whores” cause I am a totally jealous beyotch.

    I love you more than I love Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles. Holla ATL!

    • Try “Them Whores” … I know it makes me feel better to be grammatically incorrect when I’m uber-jealous.

    • Hi WHore!

      WHich is different from “Them Whores”

  16. If you came back with stories of an epic LTR/LTT ladies + Rob gangbang, I would have to submit you for sainthood.

    • I second that motion.

  17. “Denim hot pants”~
    Rob, I love you even more now.
    Yes, we’ve seen Kiowa & Cameron, please make an appearance, preferably not by the line of the of the red carpet peeps, but maybe behind a dumpster? We’ll be waiting for ya!

  18. I’m here and you guys are here and this has been awesomesauce so far and I cannot wait to see Rob and hang some more with everybody!!! 😀

    • HIIIIII!!!! Take care of JBell and by “take care” I know you know what I mean. Wink wink……But give her pacer water.

  19. Stand in the heart of LA with a case of Heineken and he will come…

    • That’s what I was thinking. I believe they’re making things so complicated for themselves… a case of beer and some pepperoni hot pockets, throw in a bit of plaid, and he’ll come…

      • If you nuke it/uncap it He will cum, er, come.

  20. Jealous!!! Take it easy on Rob in the rapist van. We need to preserve him for future generations.

    I will live vicariously through you lucky ladies. I can’t wait to see pics.


  21. Uh…is that interviewer kinda hot??? ok…what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Rob. We must see him today. It seems only fair for what we have gone thru for him…fish tacos, beer, Pinkberry, Chicken AND Waffles…torture I tell you. You owe me Rob…big time *that’s what she said*

    • I love beer.

  22. I loved it when the interviewer said that somebody had taken pictures of a toilet he’d used and put them on the net. Rob looked slightly morified then the guy said don’t worry it looked clean and that the seat was down. Rob laughs and said if that’s true then it couldn’t be a toilet that he’d used. So cute!!!

    UC & Moon,
    I’d like to offer my driving skills for the Rob-napping. I’ll need about a 24hrs notice to get my butt out to CA and arrange for bail money. So, I’ll just wait for your call?

  23. What should you all do? I would think it is a no-brainer, gather round a dumpster, hold hands and sing We Are The Rob….

    with video of course.

  24. cute interview(er)! i rewinded to hear “pasty old rubbish men” in the (welsh?) accent again.
    cannot believe that rob was just complaining that the sparklepeens available on the market don’t work – no batteries or anything! i shudder to think what the fact that he knows this means.

  25. I think that interviewer may have a small man crush on Rob. And, also may be getting his style ideas from him – plaid and a pinkie ring, someone looked at the Vanity Fair pics.

    • Oh my god! Thanks for saying that. He totes has a crush on Rob and Taylor AND KStew. He flirted with all of them (with Taylor the most, which was weird because they resembled each other and because of the age thing of course)…but I digress.

      I’ve noticed that a bunch of the interviewers have been wearing plaid in their interviews with Rob. What is this, like a “when in Rome….”?

      Lastly, I never plug other blogs, but if you have not seen (RandomActsofRob) JAG’s depiction of Rob’s non-working grotesque sex toy, you are missing out. Be for warned… stomach pain ahead.

      • Oh Steve Jones is the biggest flirt going! He’s notorious here in the UK for being a bit of a manwhore, going out with Pamela Anderson and one fifth of Girls Aloud, as well as getting cosy with Hayden Panettiere earlier this year. Flirt extraordinaire!

        • Totes, don’t forget Halle Berry. But he is lush.

  26. I wonder if the executives at Summit watch these interviews with their head in their hands saying, “Oh Rob, why?” 🙂

    Also, I loved how he got all tangled up with the unintentional “adult film” reference.

  27. I still can’t believe he was talking about his digestive issues and needing a few minutes in the bathroom. On top of that, I can’t believe it made me love him more.

    • This is inexplicable world of Rob. The grosser he is, the more we love him. What the hell is THAT? Its like he found some sort of hygiene loop hole. We are immune to his smells, visuals and are even attracted by it. Scummy Rob FTW!

    • Mmm it doesn’t make me love him more. I’d still do him, obvi, but only if he lets me make him a nice proper dinner. It may be spaghetti, I need to see Remember Me first though.

  28. Double double animal style baby! Eat one for me…or just carry the patties in a bag with you all day (LTT reference).

    I am too excited to hate you today.

    PS Stop stalking people and send more effing pictures.

  29. The flirting continues with KStew:

    Is Kristen flirting when she says what she can do with her tongue?

    Is the interviewer flirting with he tells her how long he can hold his breath?

    Does the implication of that finally hit her when she licks her lip and repeats “Olympian-Size Lungs”

    When he says, I know CPR… is he inviting her to a tonsil hockey match?

    • I have to admit, Kristen looks really beautiful here….!

  30. You are all over there?!?! AHHHH GOOD LUCK LADIES!!! Slap a wet one on him for me if you see him!

    You girls are by far the most hilarious fans he has. He should be honored to meet you smutty, witty ladies!

    *crossing my fingers for you*

    😀 awwww *effing jealous she can barf*

    • @LadyN..
      Agrees.. Robbie is missing out on a lot by not reading LTR and LTT.
      he’d die laughing at all this shiz that Moon/US and the gang put out.
      I think we are the type of crazy fans he’d rather have.

      speaking of crazy’s… , I miss Amanduh’s award winning video’s, Pattinson pants lady fashion statements.. AND TammyO’s amusing (verbal filth spewing)…..

  31. I was there in Battersea Park, London, oh yes I was!! Met them all, autographs, pics. WOW! HHH was glorious in his scruffness! I think I might have died right there!

    • I’m so Jel. So jel, in fact, that I can’t even type full words any more.

    • You are a lucky girl!
      Some details…please…! ❤

    • Were you outside? I think you got a better deal than those who won tickets. I was inside and only got to see Rob and the others through peoples’ armpits as they took mobile phone vids. No chance of photos with or autographs. I’m not complaining tho’. Still got to see HHH in all his loveliness. Le sigh!!

  32. LOVE IT !!!
    The T4 interview was a bit o’ the old Robbie. Thanks mucho for posting it.
    Looks like he did not get any sleep!

    Moon/UC give us the full scoop when you get back or be sure to twitter us while you all are camping and tell us all whats going on and who’s with you at the premier!

    I would have loved to have joined you… but know we are with you in “spirit” and continue to live vircariously (sp?) through your Twilight experiences.

    Maybe Moon can catch/stalk Rob and a bro as they go to a concert in west LA. ???

  33. UC and Moon.

    Im reading about you on!! Oh, big time national press!!!

    All you need is an appearance on Ellen and you’re all set.

    Have fun in LA and know Im here in FL jealous as hell! and waiting for updates. RL sucks, I tell you.

    Say Hi to HHH for me

    • Yes, congrats on the article ladies!

  34. P.S.- Thank you for the Thin Lizzy link. I effing love Thin Lizzy.

  35. All this . . . waiting, is driving me bonkers. If they don’t hook-up with him for at least a handshake we’ll all need therapy later on.

    Come to think of it, many of us [ie: ME] already do!

  36. I hate to say it but KStew is growing on me. I thought she interviewed really well.

    Totes loved Rob’s interview. So adorable, saying all those things he shouldn’t….adult movies…oh yes please !!

    Robsessed all over again!

  37. What did he do in that cup? Pee, sick up or something altogether more unsavoury?


    Still, like you girlies, I love him anyway!

    have fun in LA UC & Moon and look forward to posts tomorrow

  38. OMG! Rob, what the heck!!!!

    I was gone all day and I miss the good stuff!

    He’s so hilarious, no filter! I love his answer, “at least I don’t have to wear hot-denim short pants.” Hahaha, what a stab at Jacob.

    OK I don’t think I want to see the toilet he used…that’s pushing too far!

  39. I don’t have to go around wearing hot-denim short pants to prove myself to anybody that was a awesome answer.

  40. So since Im always just lurking on this site, find me on Twitter!

    How early is everyone going to the 12:01am showings on the 20th?

  41. Uh, is the Forum like really a super-secret site that only the kool kids are invited to? Cuz I clicked on the link both here and today’s LTT and they both took me to a which was most defs NOT a forum of any kind.

  42. I feel like Rob’s jumping on the No-Shave November bandwagon… let’s see how long he lasts! Maybe Kristen will join as well and not shave her legs for a month? Will they braid each others’ beard/leg hair?… the world may never know.

  43. I’m pretty sure he says “if you have a blunt in a cup” not anything about peeing. You can tell by the way it sounds and by reading his lips. And then he says the toilet was too far away to flush it.

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