Posted by: themoonisdown | November 14, 2009

A Saturday Morning Delight with Robert Pattinson – getting right to the point

Dear Rob,

It’s the day before tons of LTR/LTT girls and about a billion Twilight fans begin descending upon my fair city of Los Angeles and I’ve got about 8 gabillion things to do but I just can’t shake the thoughts of you in Remember Me Thursday night, so I just thought I’d go old fashioned and give the gals (and me) what we really want… some unabashed, brazenly hot, totally unshared, smokin’ hot videos of YOU! I’m sure you understand, sometimes you just wanna cut the crap and get right to there point. And today’s one of those days…

Rob, Ray Bans and Muddy Waters go together like peanut butter and jelly, like rama-lama-ding-dong-ke-dinga-de-dinga-dong, like the father the son and the holy ghost, like… well you get it.

*thud* the girls at the LIM community always bring their A game

You know what happens when you do a bad, bad thing, right?

Ok that’s all I can take this morning… back to your regularly scheduled Saturday… if you can make it πŸ™‚

Happy Saturday!

What’s your favorite HOT Rob video?

Go cool off in The Forum
UC brings the Saturday fun times at LTT


  1. I love love love the bad thing video, thank you…

    Dear Rob!
    You did a bad thing to me!
    I love it!
    Please continue unceasingly!
    And…I still need to bang you, so it could end up in a tie!

  2. Rob + ‘Mannish Boy’ = TOO HOT.

  3. Any Rob video is Hot Rob for me!!!
    Sad but true…….sigh wonder what we’ll all be talking swooning about this time next week???

  4. Holy dear sweet baby Jeeee-zus!
    Computer. Melted.
    Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?

  5. Ok. It’s official. I can’t sit still long enough to watch these Rob videos.

    I’m sad. 😦

  6. Oh. My. Gawd.
    The man gets hotter, hotter and then hotter.

    I felt a little dizzy watching those. When my computer paused to finish loading the second one, it was like it snapped me out of a daze. Not sure if I had even blinked.

    This is truly almost embarrassing. Almost. He is so beautiful. It makes me want to cry. LOL

    Happy Saturday

    • So glad I’m not the only that feels that way. It’s practically a religious experience.

  7. the other day my brother-in-law was asking, “what’s so special about that Rob guy anyways”………

    My reply was, “he is sex walking”

    Thanks:: for the proof.

    • True-r words have never been spoken.
      I give this statement an “Amen”

    • I know right that’s a good answer he’s got sex appeal off the charts!!!!

    • He is SEX walking= WIN!!

  8. uh Muddy waters just woke up my husband. He is NOT happy.

    I am….

  9. I wouldn’t be able to get him out of my head either…if I was you…
    Saturday morning videos of Rob are a wonderful thing!

  10. I loved them all I can never get enough of this man so frickin gorgeous!!!!

  11. I love love love the last video. Where can I find all those pictures of him? There are SO many I need to make my screensaver πŸ˜€

  12. I had never seen the Ray Ban video before. As Bella likes to say, “Holy crow!” As I like to say, “Holy hell!” Seriously think I need my blood pressure checked.

  13. Dear JC in heaven, in that bad, bad thing video, Rob with a cigarette in his mouth…I’m done, so done with not having Rob porn in my house, I’m finding that picture and hanging it in every room of my house, at work and, WTF not?, in my car.

  14. So, i’ve been lurking around this website for a while and it really does make me pee my pants with laughter, but an urgent matter has made me decide to speak out… I am soo bored of hearing the same interview questions and the same answers, like many others i know, so, i came up with a boring question and created in my mind the perfect answer for RPattz…

    Interviewer: So, what are the similarities between you and Edward, if any?

    RPattz: Well, not many really, other than we’re both banging Bella…Hard.

    Now if i ever came upon this answer i would literally pee myself so hard my floor would need replacing.
    Jus’ sayin’

    Thanks for the daily laughs

  15. Geezus, I can’t wait for the fan videos after Remember Me comes out. But I seriously don’t know if my heart, or other things, will be able to take it!

  16. Very hot! Very delicious! Another GREAT Rob vid? Check out Robert Pattinson – I don’t really wanna be me no more by Lostimortal2. Sexy and emotional! OK, going to watch the other RayBan vids. Excellent job and now one of my new favorite sights!

  17. Maybe it’s the total media saturation (I can’t watch anymore Rob-erviews and listen to him awkwardly answer the same questions over and over again), maybe it’s the two double caesar’s (bloody mary’s to y’all Americans) I just had before noon, but I saw a pic from a fan event in Madrid (you know, the one where he’s grown out his beard Wolverine-styles) and…I just can’t handle anymore pictures of awkward, hobo, Ray-Ban endorsing, caffeine-induced, frenching-a-stuttering-mullet Rob.

    Oh em bajeezus, I can’t believe I just said that. Is it wrong that I need me some Rob-space? That I actually prefer to watch Taycob and Wolfpack press these days instead? Maybe Rob needs to change it up a bit. Our weblationship is starting to dwindle to mediocrity. I no longer feel normal. 😦

    I’m sorry, Rob. I still love you. I just need some space.

    • “frenching-a-stuttering-mullet”? I have to remember that one!

    • Awww cingee!

      I can’t watch any more Twi media. It just makes feel sad. I skip all the videos on here and if the pics are weird looking, I ignore. 😦

      We can be not normal together.

      • I think I’ve already watched a quarter of the movie with all the spoilers. And as much as I adore and slightly get moist over Rob’s giggles, I just can’t watch any more interviews or see any more bewildered-looking pictures. It’s driving me crazy.

        I think it’s okay to be not normal for a day, right? πŸ™‚

        • Gawd. I hope it’s ok.

          I’ve been not normal for weeks.

          I haven’t even watched any trailers in forever. The twiprude ring and all that true love waits stuff is keeping me in check.

          I even unfollowed Robsessed on twitter. They were annoying me.

          Blasphemy! I know.

  18. 2-nd video, 2:35 – 2:39 – OMG, I died and went to heaven, this guy should be cloned so I could get one for myself…

  19. ‘ Rob, Ray Bans and Muddy Waters go together like peanut butter and jelly’
    I can’t listen to the Blues anymore without picturing Rob in my head. Now is on my computer!

  20. Thank you so much! I can never get enough of Rob! He’s beautiful…all the time.

    • AMEN, I’ll never get tired of watching him, it’s just a quest of time organisation….lol

  21. One of my favorites!

  22. Effing Raybans!!!! GAHHHHH!!!

    Am I the only one who bought $200 prescription Raybans (cuz i’m blind as a bat) JUST cuz Rob wears them?!

    yeahhh… i bet not. *pathetic loser*
    At least my dad wears them, I have an excuse to say ‘like father like daughter’. He was so proud.


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